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Stealing Your Heart is a Chinese Novel that articulates the struggles of a young girl. From being abandoned by her father to have to spend night with a stranger, the girl faces every possible tribulation of life.

The story starts when the heroin’s father cheats on her mother and abandons them. He sends both mother and daughter to a faraway land. While they were kicked out of their house, Lin Xinyan’s mother was pregnant. Soon Lin Xinyan’s mother gives birth to a boy who gets diagnosed with Autism. This adds to their problems and the family suffers more.

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To meet their expenses, young Lin Xinyan and her mother have to do odd jobs. Somehow, they manage to earn their livelihood and they were managing to live happily together. Soon, the happiness of the trio disappears as they meet a deadly accident.

Lin Xinayan’s brother and mother get severely injured and they get hospitalized. The female lead character was the only person left behind to bear the medical expenses in order to save their lives. Being penniless, she had to take a tough decision. She knew it was quite impossible to earn the medical expenses in very short time span with just ways so she decides to sell her body for a night.

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She decides to sleep with a guy in order to save the lives of her precious ones. This was the most difficult decision of her life to make but she had no other option. After spending the night she takes the money and rushes towards the hospital.

As soon as she reached the hospital, she heard the devastating news of her brother’s death. Now, her only hope was her bed-ridden mother so she bears all the expenses to get her mother to life. Somehow her mother gets well and the duo gets back to their normal life. Though it wasn’t easy for them to compensate for the loss of their beloved family member, they had to bear this pain.

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While they were spending their lives peacefully, Xinyan’s father appears and asks her to marry a guy whom she was betrothed in childhood. He also claims that the guy she has to marry is physically challenged and unable to carry forward the generation line.

Xinyan’s mother was not happy with her husband’s decision but Xinyan accepts it with certain conditions. As she was preparing to get married, she realizes that she is pregnant with the guy she spent night with. Yet again , the poor girl falls into a whirlpool of troubles.

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As she was planning to get married, she gets to know that the guy she is going to marry has a longtime affair with his secretary. Coincidently, this secretary was the lady who arranged a pure girl for him when he was abroad and was bit by a venomous snake so he had to vent the heat on someone.

The secretary never wants him to get married to anyone. Will she try to get rid of Lin Xinyan and her child? What is Lin going to face now? Will the so-called crippled man accept her?

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As the novel moves forward chapter by chapter, the trials get intensified and the female lead faces complex situations. In the story, there also are people who show the man difference between compulsion and desire. Will the relationship be successful or not? Will Lin Xinyan be able to prove her innocence? To get answers to all these questions, enjoy the read online and that for free.

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