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Chapter 75

It seems that this matter is nothing at all, I don’t care at all.

“Little sister-in-law was miserable by you.” Gary Mo said.

“Why?” Andrew asked.

“Think about it, the little sister-in-law is not spoiled in her family, you are still getting her off, and her family can’t find the little sister-in-law to settle the account.” Gary said in a deep voice.

“What are you afraid of, isn’t there a boss?” Andrew said with a smile.

“You.” Gary Mo said helplessly.

“Okay, let’s go.” Andrew said.

“Yeah.” Gary Mo nodded.

After the two left, they went back to their own homes.

the next day.

Jennifer Lin woke up from the hospital bed and could not get out of the grief of losing her child.

“Jennifer, mom made you a little chicken soup and drink it while it’s hot.” Juliana He said distressedly.

“Where is Mama Paul?” Jennifer Lin asked hoarsely.

“She stayed in the corridor of the hospital for one night, I let him go back to rest first.” Juliana He said.

Jennifer Lin was lying on the bed, looking at the ceiling, with sad eyes.

“Mom, it was the bitch Tanya An who killed my child.” Jennifer Lin said with hatred.

Juliana He stroked Jennifer Lin’s hair with distress and affection.

“Mom knows that my mother will definitely not let go of that bitch.” Juliana He said coldly.

“Where is Dad?” Jennifer Lin asked.

“Your father went to find that bitch. Don’t worry, we will sue her this time.” Juliana He said.




Suddenly a sweet cell phone rang.

“Hello, hello.” Jennifer Lin said hoarsely.

“You are Jennifer Lin, Miss Lin.” The woman said in a deep voice.

“Yes, it’s me, are you?” Jennifer Lin asked.

“I’m Ling Yu, do I have time now? I want to meet you and have a chat.” Ling Yu said in a deep voice.

Jennifer Lin looked at the phone in shock, but didn’t expect Ling Yu to contact her.

“Yes, I have time now.” Jennifer Lin said.

“Well, let’s meet at that place last time. I’m leaving after ten o’clock, so you should come over now.” Ling Yu said in a deep voice.

“Okay, I’ll go right away.” Jennifer Lin said excitedly.

Jennifer Lin hung up the phone and immediately got up from the bed.

“Hiss.” Jennifer Lin shouted in pain.

“Oh, Jennifer, what are you doing?” Juliana He said.

“Mom, I have something I have to go out.” Jennifer Lin said firmly.

“Don’t you know that you just had a miscarriage? If you do not recuperate, your body will end up with the root of the disease.” Juliana He said.

“Mom, if Master Lingyu accepts me as a disciple this time, then my chance of becoming famous in the future will be simple.” Jennifer Lin said in a deep voice.

Juliana He looked at her daughter and knew that her daughter wanted to pursue the position of a famous designer.

“Mom is with you.” Juliana He said.

“No need.” Jennifer Lin said impatiently.

“Ok…well, be careful yourself.” Juliana He said.

Jennifer Lin changed her clothes carefully, Juliana He stopped a taxi for her, and Jennifer Lin went to the Yexuan Palace.

At this time, Ling Yu was sitting there drinking coffee in the Night Jade Palace.

Lingyu was still the same as the day before yesterday, wearing a white women’s suit, which looked very capable.

With a touch of makeup, she still can’t hide her noble temperament.

Ling Yu loves suits very much. Whether attending events or going out, she always wears a small suit.

“Master Ling Yu.”

Lingyu heard the sound and turned to look at Jennifer Lin who was walking towards him, with contempt in his eyes.

Since Alton Ye told her about Tanya An, Lingyu knew that the person in front of him was a bit hateful.

“Here,” Lingyu said coldly.

“Master Lingyu, I don’t know what you have done with me?” Jennifer Lin asked in a deep voice.

Jennifer Lin was discharged from the hospital without authorization, her face was still very pale.

“It’s interesting to pretend to be someone else designing the manuscript.” Lingyu said in a deep voice.

As soon as Lingyu’s words came out, Jennifer Lin’s face was paler than before, alive as if she had applied a hundred layers of foundation.

“Ling…Master Lingyu, I don’t…I don’t understand you…what are you talking about.” Jennifer Lin stammered.

“Hmph, find someone to inquire about my news, deliberately send me a text message, and then come over and directly say that you drew the design manuscript.” Ling Yu said coldly.

Jennifer Lin tugged at the corners of her clothes awkwardly with both hands, not daring to look directly at Ling Yu.

Because the current Lingyu aura is too strong.

“Hmph, someone like you is my apprentice, so I don’t have to think about it.” Lingyu said coldly.

“Master Lingyu, please give me another chance.” Jennifer Lin pleaded.

“Hmph, don’t even think about it, I will still find the real owner of this manuscript. You are just like you and want to be a top designer. It’s just whimsical.” Ling Yu said sarcastically.

Jennifer Lin bit her lower lip tightly and couldn’t believe it.

Ling Yu looked at Jennifer Lin with disgust in her eyes.

She hated the kind of hypocritical people all her life.

They want to worship her as a teacher, but just to become famous one day and get the attention of millions of people.

For her, it is not important to be famous at all, what is important is how to treat the industry.

Now that you have chosen this line, you must be responsible for them. You can never become a top designer just by thinking of becoming famous.

Ling Yu was not wasting time, leaving the Night Jade Palace with a bag.

After Lingyu walked far away, Jennifer Lin couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Ah.” Jennifer Lin screamed.


Jennifer Lin swept everything on the table to the ground.

The guests in the Night Jade Palace watched, thinking that Jennifer Lin was here to mess around.

“Why is Tanya An? Whatever is good, it belongs to you. You killed my child, and now you take this away. I swear that I will not kill in this life. I swear not to be a man.” Jennifer Lin said viciously.

“Miss, are you okay?” asked the manager of the Night Jade Palace.

“Afraid I can’t afford to lose your money?” Jennifer Lin said loudly.

Jennifer Lin picked up the bag, took out a wad of banknotes from the bag, and threw it directly on the manager.

“This lady can afford it.” Jennifer Lin shouted loudly.

Jennifer Lin stumbled and ran out.

Because the body did not recover well, he fainted on the ground as soon as he walked out.

“Jennifer, don’t scare your mother when you wake up.” Juliana He said.

Juliana He didn’t worry about Jennifer Lin coming out, so she kept following her secretly.

Juliana He asked the driver to help Jennifer Lin in the car and drove to the previous hospital immediately. Juliana He was worried all the way.

Chapter 76

Juliana He asked the driver to help Jennifer Lin in the car and drove to the previous hospital immediately. Juliana He was worried all the way.

the other side.

Ling Yu sat in the car and took out his cell phone to call his son.

“Hey, son, mom, I have already taught that woman a lesson.” Ling Yu said with a smile.

“Then I would like to thank you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Are you in the company now?” Ling Yu asked.

“Today is the weekend, I will be with my wife at home.” Alton Ye said.

“Yo yo yo, see if you have a wife,” Ling Yu said.

“Is there anything else? I’ll hang up when I’m fine. I have to cook Tanya.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

When Lingyu heard Alton Ye’s words, she really doubted whether it was her own.

Suddenly thinking of something, a sly flash in his eyes.

“Okay, okay, mom, I don’t care about you, I have to hang up beforehand.” Ling Yu said.

Alton Ye looked at the phone, shook his head helplessly, and turned around to continue busying himself.

The housekeeper and Zhang Ma looked at Alton Ye, who was busy in the kitchen, with kind smiles on their faces.

Today, Alton Ye suddenly said that he would cook his own breakfast for Tanya An, and they almost fell to the ground in fright.

Over the years, they have never seen Ming Alton go to the kitchen overnight.

Alton helped Tanya An make fried poached eggs, sandwiches, xiaolongbao, crystal shrimp dumplings and preserved egg and lean meat porridge.

Among them, the crystal shrimp dumplings were specially learned by Alton Ye, and Tanya An did not know about it.

“Sir, do I need to wake up Madam.” Madam Zhang said with a smile.

“No, you should go out and work first.” Alton Ye said indifferently.

“Yes.” The butler respectfully said.

Alton Ye untied his apron, took an elegant step, and walked towards the bedroom.

In the room at this time, Tanya An was immersed in sleep.

Alton Ye walked in and saw Tanya An’s sleeping position, so he could only shook his head helplessly.

Tanya An sleeps particularly dishonestly, either kicking on the quilt or falling asleep in all directions.

Fortunately, the room is very warm, otherwise you have to catch a cold.

Alton Ye walked to the bed lightly, looked at Tanya An who was pushed out and wrapped into a silkworm chrysalis, and smiled dozingly.

Slowly lifted the quilt, looking at Tanya An’s pouting mouth, I really wanted to make a k*ss.

“Baby, get up to eat.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Well, sleep for a while.” Tanya An said lazily.

“I made breakfast for you, hurry up and eat.” Alton Ye said softly.

“I want to sleep.” Tanya An said.

Alton Ye looked at the way Tanya was lying in bed, and a wicked smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He lowered his head and k*ssed Tanya and puffed his mouth.

Tanya An only felt that she was about to breathe, and finally opened her eyes.

Seeing Alton Ye k*ssing himself, his big eyes flickered at him.

Alton Ye left Tanya An’s lips and looked at her dozingly.

“Wake up.” Alton Ye said spoilingly.

“Uncle, you take advantage of me again.” Tanya An said with her mouth flat.

“Who made you get up?” Alton Ye said.

“Huh.” Tanya An proudly.

“Okay, get up for breakfast, I’ll take you out for a day today.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Aren’t you going to work?” Tanya An asked.

When Alton Ye heard it, he stretched out his hand and scratched it intimately, “Today is the weekend.”

“Oh, yes.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Get up quickly.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Good.” Tanya An said.

Tanya An got up smoothly from the bed, ran into the bathroom, brushed his teeth, washed his face and changed clothes. It has been half an hour since he was set.

Tanya sang and walked towards the restaurant downstairs.

Looking up at Alton Ye standing there, Tanya An ran over quickly and suddenly jumped onto Alton Ye.

With her legs crossed on Alton Ye’s waist, Alton Ye also hugged Tanya An tightly to prevent her from falling.

“Uncle, where are we going to play today?” Tanya An asked with a grin.

“There are guests at home.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Guest, who is it?” Tanya An asked in a daze.

“Behind you.” Alton Ye said helplessly.

Tanya An turned her head when she heard Alton Ye’s words, and when she saw someone coming, she suddenly jumped off Alton Ye.

Today, Ning Wanyuan suddenly came to Yuwan, which really shocked the servants of the villa, including Alton Ye.

I didn’t expect my mother to make a surprise attack.

Standing there bewildered, lowered his head and pulled Alton Ye’s clothes corner.

“It’s over, it’s over, this time the uncle’s mother really hates me, what should I do in the future?” Tanya An said with tears in her heart.

However, the next thing made Tanya dumbfounded.

“Oh, this is Tanya, come and let me take a look.” Ning Wanyuan said softly.

Tanya raised her head fiercely, looking at Alton Ye who was standing by and smiling.

“A…Auntie.” Tanya shouted nervously.

“Oh, what is your auntie? Since you are married to our house, of course you call me mother.” Ning Wanyuan said with a smile.

“Mom…Mom.” Tanya An shouted shyly.

Ning Wanyuan looked at Tanya An’s well-behaved, and she was ashamed to know that she had misunderstood her before.

“Tanya, Alton told me all the things before, it’s because my mother is not good, and my mother misunderstood you.” Ning Wanyuan said softly.

“Mom, it doesn’t matter.” Tanya An said sweetly.

“What a sensible and good boy.” Ning Wanyuan said, touching Tanya’s hair.

“Thank you mom.” Tanya An said sweetly.

Ning Wanyuan looked at Tanya An, thinking of something, and suddenly took out a bracelet from her bag.

“Tanya, this bracelet is for you. Mom came in too hasty today, so I will accompany you to go shopping the other day, and I will buy it for you.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Mom, this is too expensive.” Tanya An said.

“Tanya, this is given to you by your mother, so take it.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Thank you mom.” Tanya An said.

“Hey, we haven’t eaten yet, let’s have breakfast first.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Mom, this belongs to the two of us, not yours.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll do it, it will be fine in a while, uncle, accompany mother.” Tanya An said, and ran to the kitchen.

Ning Wanyuan looked at Tanya An’s back with love in her eyes.

“Tanya is a good boy.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Well, she is very kind, I like her very much.” Alton Ye said softly.

Ning Wanyuan looked at her son, feeling very pleased.

“Since you and Tanya are married, it means that you have forgotten the past and will be well with Tanya in the future.” Ning Wanyuan said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye’s face suddenly became gloomy when he heard Ning Wanyuan’s words.

The previous things are over, he doesn’t want to think about it, his only lover now is Tanya An, the only one in this life

Chapter 77

The previous things are over, he doesn’t want to think about it, his only lover now is Tanya An, the only one in this life.

“Mom, this matter will not be mentioned in the future.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Good mother will not mention it in the future, as long as you and Tanya have a good time.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Yeah.” Alton Ye nodded.

Seeing that her son was finally no longer bothered by the past, Ning Wanyuan was also happy.

“Hey, when did you take off the broken mask on your face?” Ning Wanyuan said.

Alton Ye heard it and touched the mask on his face.

“Don’t worry about it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Cut, wear a mask all day, nervous.” Ning Wanyuan vomited.

“I think.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“I won’t tell you, I’m going to see the breakfast my daughter-in-law made for me.” Ning Wanyuan said proudly.

“Breakfast is ready.” Tanya An shouted.

“Oh, daughter-in-law is best. Unlike my son, who is reluctant to make breakfast for his mother.” Ning Wanyuan complained.

“Then I can do it for you in the future.” Tanya An said sweetly.

“Oh, my daughter-in-law is the best. It is useless to raise a son,” Ning Wanyuan said.

Alton Ye looked at his mother and shook his head helplessly.


Suddenly an excited and happy voice came into the restaurant.

“Reena.” Ning Wanyuan shouted.

Rena Ye suddenly plunged into Ning Wanyuan’s arms.

“Mom, I miss you so much, why are you coming back now?” Rena Ye complained.

“Okay, okay, mother won’t leave anymore.” Ning Wanyuan said distressedly.

Over the years, Ning Wanyuan was outside and rarely called them.

Saying that I don’t want to miss it is impossible.

“Really.” Rena Ye left Ning Wanyuan’s embrace.

“Really, your brother has a wife, so I won’t leave. I will live here in the future.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Okay mom.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Not good.” Alton Ye said suddenly.

“Why?” the three people asked in unison.

“There is no why, don’t you all have your own house?” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

For a jewelry designer like Ning Wanyuan, having a house of his own is simply a small case.

Not to mention Rena Ye, a tall dessert shop that he opened has a lot of income every day.

“Brother, Mom finally came back, living together lively, do you think it is sister-in-law?” Rena Ye said, turning her eyes to Tanya.

“Uncle, my mother moved here, it will be very lively, you can let mother and the others move in.” Tanya blinked and said.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An helplessly, and reached out and rubbed the top of her head.

“Okay.” Alton Ye said.

“Oye, I knew my sister-in-law was the best.” Rena Ye said with a smile.

“Tanya, since you don’t have to go to class today, my mother will take you out shopping.” Ning Wanyuan said with a smile.

“Okay.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Alton Ye looked at a few of them, and felt that the days to come would be more lively.

“Oh, by the way, let’s make time to meet your parents.” Ning Wanyuan said.

Tanya looked down at the instep when she heard her face pale.

“Mom.” Alton Ye shouted displeasedly.

Walked to Tanya An, and put his arms around Tanya An’s shoulders.

“Uh, aren’t we going to go shopping, let’s go quickly.” Rena Ye said.

Ning Wanyuan instantly knew that she had said the wrong thing, and immediately pulled Tanya’s hand.

“Well, we won’t say anything today. Mom will take you crazy shopping.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Yeah.” Tanya An nodded.

After the group is ready, head to the largest and most luxurious shopping mall in Longcheng.

Tonight Ming Alton plans to be a bodyguard, help them get things and pay by credit card.

Because of Alton Ye, all eyes in the mall were on their group.

“Hey, come and take a look at this dress.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Hello everyone, this dress is this year’s limited edition, and only this one.” The salesperson introduced.

“Mom, this dress is really beautiful.” Rena Ye said.

“What do you think of Tanya?” Ning Wanyuan asked with a smile.

“It looks good.” Tanya An said sweetly.

“Okay, just wrap her up for me. I want to give it to my daughter-in-law.” Ning Wanyuan said with a smile.

“Okay, please wait a moment.” The salesman said with a smile.

Rena Ye looked at her mother dissatisfied.

“Mom, you are too partial. Since you came in, you have bought me one or two clothes and a lot for my sister-in-law.” Rena Ye complained.

“This is my meeting gift for my daughter-in-law.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Thank you mom.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Hello, your clothes are wrapped. Is it cash or credit card?” the salesperson asked politely.

Ning Wanyuan heard this and turned to look at Alton Ye standing there.

“Son, swipe your card.” Ning Wanyuan said.

Alton Ye put down the things in his hand, took out his wallet, opened it, and took out a black gold card.

The salesperson was almost dumbfounded when he saw it.

Carefully picking up the black gold card in Ming Alton’s hand for the night, as if heavier than holding a stone.

The black gold card is a representative of the world’s symbolic rights, and there are less than ten in total.

After the salesman got it right, Vinono gave the black gold card to Alton Ye.

“Let’s go, you can carry these clothes for your son.” Ning Wanyuan said.

“Brother, come on.” Rena Ye said, still not forgetting to make a cheering gesture.

Seeing Alton Ye carrying so many things, Tanya An felt pain in an instant.

“Uncle, let me get some for you.” Tanya An said.

Tanya An said that, Alton Ye felt sweet in his heart.

“It’s okay, this little stuff doesn’t tire me, so you and your mother will buy it hard. No matter what you buy, you still have your husband’s cash machine.” Alton Ye said spoilingly.

“Hehehe, I know the uncle is the best.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“Brother, haven’t you seen a single dog here?” Rena Ye said.

“Let’s go.” Tanya An took Rena Ye’s hand and ran out.

Only Ning Wanyuan and Alton Ye were left behind.

“Let’s go.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yeah.” Ning Wanyuan nodded.

Just after Alton Ye and Ning Wanyuan left, the salesperson selling clothes suddenly went gossiping.

“Wow, that’s amazing, black gold card.”

“Yeah, I really envy them.”

“That man is really cool. Although he can’t see his face, his temperament cannot be ignored.”

“I took a photo secretly just now.”


When several people were discussing Alton Ye, suddenly only a dark shadow flashed.

“Photo deleted.”

Cold, without a trace of voice, like a cold ice cellar, making people tremble.

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