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Chapter 78

Cold, without a trace of voice, like a cold ice cellar, making people tremble.

The salesmen turned their heads to look at the expressionless person in front of them.

“The photo is deleted, otherwise you don’t want to do it here.” Ye Xing said coldly.

Those who heard Ye Xing’s words immediately deleted the photos in their phones.

Ye Xing watched, finally turned and left the store.

the other side.

Tanya An took Rena Ye to a dessert shop in the mall.

Although this is a shopping mall, there are dessert shops and coffee shops in it.

Otherwise, how could this be called the largest and most luxurious mall in Svalborne?

However, if you buy it, you have to get it yourself.

“Sister-in-law, I want to drink it now, do you want to drink it?” Rena Ye asked.

“I want to drink pearl milk tea, I want ice.” Tanya An said with a smile.

“It’s cold. Are you afraid of catching a cold if you drink ice?” Rena Ye said.

“It’s okay, I’m used to it.” Tanya An said with a smile.

Rena Ye looked at Tanya An, and was defeated by Tanya An’s alternative life.

“Wait for me.” Rena Ye said.

“Yeah.” Tanya An nodded.

While Tanya An was sitting there waiting for them, a voice full of irony came.

“Oh, isn’t this Tanya An, why are you here too, can you buy things?”

Tanya An turned her head and saw Lorene looking at her with a smirk.

“It’s up to you whether I can afford it,” Tanya An said calmly.

“Huh, Tanya An, if I were you and did that kind of thing, I would hide in the room and not come out.” Lorene said sarcastically.

Hearing this, Tanya An looked at Lorene in confusion.

“What do you mean? What do you mean?” Tanya An asked.

“Oh, I’m trying to pretend to be confused here. You find someone to teach Jennifer and miscarry Jennifer. Don’t you forget it.” Lorene said sarcastically.

Hearing this, Tanya An stood up abruptly and looked at Lorene.

“What did you say?” Tanya asked in shock.

“What I said is very clear. Now Jennifer is still lying in the hospital. How can I say that you are also her child’s aunt? All this worked.” Lorene said.

Tanya An looked at Lorene, did not speak, and left the dessert shop with her schoolbag.

Lorene looked at Tanya An’s back and smiled successfully.

“Sister-in-law, I…”

Rena Ye looked at the chair Tanya was sitting on, but did not see Tanya.

However, Lorene was found standing there, and immediately stepped forward to question.

“Hey, where is my sister-in-law?” Rena Ye asked.

Lorene looked at Rena Ye, and was about to turn around to leave, but was held by Rena Ye.

“Where is my sister-in-law?” Rena Ye asked coldly.

“I don’t know what else you are talking about, I just passed by here.” Lorene said nervously.

“what happened?”

Rena Ye saw the person and shouted: “Brother, sister-in-law don’t know where they are.”

“What?” Ning Wanyuan said.

Lorene saw Ning Wanyuan and looked at Alton Ye next to him, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Alton Ye put down the things in his hand and walked towards Lorene.

“Where is it warm?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Go to the hospital.” Lorene said in a ghostly manner.

After Alton Ye got the answer, he put down the things in his hand.

“Mom, you and Reena go home first, I will go to find Tanya.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Okay, don’t let my daughter-in-law have an accident.” Ning Wanyuan said.

Alton Ye didn’t answer, turned around and ran out.

Lorene looked at Ning Wanyuan in shock again, and Tanya An was her daughter-in-law.

Lorene couldn’t believe it, and never thought that Master Lingyu was Tanya An’s mother-in-law.

All this is too shocking, then things will be difficult to handle in the future.

“Reena let her leave.” Ning Wanyuan said coldly.

Rena Ye released Lorene’s arm when she heard it.

Lorene looked at Ning Wanyuan and walked forward cautiously.

“Are you Master Lingyu? I am your idol, can you sign me?” Lorene said.

“No.” Ning Wanyuan said coldly.

Facing Ning Wanyuan’s appearance, Lorene smiled awkwardly.

“Leave quickly, or I will call the security guard.” Rena Ye said coldly.

“Don’t don’t don’t, I’m going, I’ll leave here immediately.” Lorene said in a flustered manner.

Lorene picked up her bag, turned and left here.

The moment he turned around, his hand held his bag tightly.

“Mom, let’s go back first.” Rena Ye said. 160;

“Yeah.” Ning Wanyuan nodded.

the other side.

Tanya An took a taxi to the hospital and looked for Jennifer Lin’s ward.

Although she severed the relationship with the Lin family, the miscarriage of Jennifer Lin is not her business, she must ask clearly.

“Sister nurse, please ask, which ward is Jennifer Lin in?” Tanya An panted and said.

“Oh, just turn left in the fifth room ahead.” The nurse said with a smile.

“Thank you.” Tanya An said politely.

“You’re welcome,” the nurse said.

Tanya An knew Jennifer Lin’s ward, and when she trot to the door of her ward, she heard the sound inside.

“Conner Lin, I don’t care, Tanya An caused Jennifer to have a miscarriage. You must call the police.” Juliana He said loudly.

“Pity my unborn grandson.” Soho said.

“Okay.” Yan Nanliang said impatiently.

“When are you, my daughter is like this, you still care about your grandson.” Juliana He said.

“I didn’t mean that.” SoHo said.

“Mom, go back and make some soup for Jennifer first.” Paul Yan said.

“Okay, I’ll go back now.” SoHo said.

Tanya An saw that SoHo was about to come out, hiding aside, and knocking on the door after SoHo left.

“Come in.” Juliana He said.

When a few people saw Tanya An, Juliana He began to play tricks.


“Tanya An, you little bitch, you are looking for someone to cause my daughter to have a miscarriage. What is your heart?” Juliana He said.

“Okay, don’t bother Jennifer to rest.” Conner Lin said.

Tanya covered her face and looked at Jennifer Lin on the bed.

“I think you have misunderstood. I didn’t find someone to harm Jennifer Lin.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“You are lying, you hate Lanlan for stealing Paul, so you are holding a grudge and want to find someone to avenge Jennifer, why are you so cruel.” Juliana He said.

“Auntie, the matter has not been investigated, it may not be Tanya.” Paul Yan said.

“Paul,” Jennifer Lin shouted.

“Lanlan, you are awake.” Juliana He said.

“My family, how do you deal with this matter?” Yan Nanliang asked.

Conner Lin turned his head and looked at Tanya An fiercely.

“Say, why are you doing this to Jennifer? If you don’t tell me, I will immediately send you to the police station.” Conner Lin said coldly.

“I think you don’t want to live anymore.”

A murderous word spread to everyone in the ward.

Chapter 79

A murderous word spread to everyone in the ward.

When everyone turned their heads, they saw Alton Ye walk into the ward with all his hostility.

Seeing Alton Ye, Tanya An ran to Alton Ye’s side, clutching the corner of his clothes with a small hand.

“This gentleman, this is our family affair, you should leave as soon as possible.” Yan Nanliang said coldly.

“Tanya, today you have to give me money and the police station will explain clearly.” Conner Lin said in a deep voice.

“What are you talking about, now immediately send her to the police station.” Juliana He said loudly.

“Tanya, did you do it?” Paul Yan asked in a deep voice.

“Tanya An, you bitch, what on earth are you going to do? You killed my child,” Jennifer Lin said loudly.

“Jennifer, calm down, if it’s not Tanya.” Paul Yan said in a deep voice.

Jennifer Lin looked at Paul Yan, but he didn’t expect that he would still help Tanya An speak.

“Paul Yan, you can see clearly that it is Tanya An, a bitch, why do you still help her and why?” Jennifer Lin shouted out of control.

Jennifer Lin turned to look at Tanya, lifted the quilt and walked down.

“Tanya An, you bitch, you return my child to me, I won’t let you go, I will kill you.” Jennifer Lin shouted loudly.

“Lanlan, calm down.” Paul Yan pulled Jennifer Lin.

Tanya An looked at Jennifer Lin speechlessly, why didn’t she do something she did, but she had to rely on her.

“Uncle, let’s go, they are really unreasonable, and I didn’t make her like it.” Tanya An said with a flat mouth.

“Good.” Alton Ye said softly.

Juliana He watched Tanya An and the others about to leave, and immediately stopped them.

“Mom, call the police, I want to sue her for murder.” Jennifer Lin shouted.

“My family, you call the police, I don’t have such a vicious daughter.” Conner Lin said coldly.

“Good.” Yan Nanliang said in a deep voice.

Yan Nanliang took out his cell phone to call the police. After all, his first grandson was gone.

“Dad, don’t call the police.” Paul Yan pleaded.

“What are you doing, your son started to die, and now you still defend this woman.” Yan Nanliang said loudly.

“Dad, how could Tanya harm Jennifer,” Paul Yan said.

“Paul, how could you be like this? It is your child who is dead. Why do you want to protect Tanya An, a bitch, is it still impossible to forget her?” Jennifer Lin shouted loudly.

“Jennifer, don’t get excited.” Juliana He soothed.

“Jennifer, you think too much.” Paul Yan said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye and Tanya An stood there, watching them argue.

“If you want to call the police, you can report it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Uncle what are you talking about? I killed her child like that again.” Tanya An said aggrievedly.

“Trust me, nothing will happen.” Alton Ye said softly.

Juliana He looked at the phone in Yan Nanliang’s phone and hid it.

Juliana He directly hit 110 in front of everyone.

“Hey, is it 110? We have a murderer here, come here quickly.” Juliana He said.

“Conner Lin, don’t you really believe me? You really thought I was looking for someone to harm her child.” Tanya An asked in a deep voice.

“Don’t tell me, you hate Lanlan and Paul’s engagement, what else can you say.” Conner Lin said angrily.

“Is it Paul Yan’s child? It’s really hard to tell.” Tanya whispered.

“Tanya An, you are talking nonsense, this kid is obviously Paul, why are you so vicious.” Jennifer Lin said.

“What I said is not necessarily.” Tanya said innocently.

Alton Ye looked down at Tanya An, his eyes became helpless and indulgent.

Paul Yan and Yan Nanliang and his son on the side listened, and their faces were obviously green.

“Paul, don’t believe that bitch Tanya An’s words, this child really belongs to you.” Jennifer Lin said.

“Paul Yan, if you dare to doubt Jennifer, I will never end with you.” Juliana He said loudly.

“Can you keep your voice down? This is the hospital, not the place where you quarreled.” said a nurse.

“Oh, sorry.” Tanya An said.

“Miss, please clean your mouth, otherwise I don’t mind tearing your mouth.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“I’m going to say, isn’t she just a bitch? After seduce Paul, didn’t she find you the golden master again, and she is still a shameless golden master.” Juliana He said sarcastically.

Tanya An heard Juliana He’s words and stepped forward, reaching out and pushing Juliana He.

Juliana He was pushed and almost fell, but fortunately, Conner Lin supported her.

“Oh, you little bitch, you dare to push me.” Juliana He scolded.

“Who made your mother scold the uncle?” Tanya An said with her cheeks bulging.

Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s words, but felt that it felt good to be protected by Tanya An, and his heart suddenly became soft.

“My husband, why is your daughter so rude.” Yan Nanliang said.

“It’s spoiled by me, you dare to have an opinion.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Heh, isn’t it just a nouveau riche? What qualifications do you have to shout in front of me?” Yan Nanliang said sarcastically.

Alton Ye laughed disdainfully when he heard Yan Nanliang’s sarcastic words.

“In your eyes, the upstart only has money, but no rights and status.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Isn’t it, just a yellow-haired kid.” Yan Nanliang said.

“Dad.” Paul Yan shouted.

“Since you talk like this, then I really have to practice it for you.” Alton Ye said and took out his mobile phone.

Alton Ye’s eyes looked at them gloomily.

“Hey, it’s me.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Master.” James Yi said respectfully.

“The Yan Group doesn’t want to stay in Longcheng, so you can solve it easily.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Understand, the subordinate will do it now.” James Yi said respectfully.

Because Alton Ye had been staring at the Yan Group before, and he had already mastered it very clearly.

Yan Nanliang looked at Alton Ye and laughed ironically.

He is also one of the best in Longcheng, and no one dared to touch him yet.

In Longcheng, many companies are rushing to cooperate with him. He will cooperate with what he likes, and will not pay attention to them at all.

But there is a company that he will cooperate with, and he has to nod and bow his head.

“Young people don’t speak too arrogantly, otherwise they will be ashamed.” Yan Nanliang said sarcastically.

“Bah, uncle is amazing.” Tanya An praised.

Alton Ye lowered his head and stretched out his hands to rub Tanya’s hair.

“Oh uncle, don’t rub my hair. I have said it many times.” Tanya An said with a pouting mouth.

“Well, let’s sit here first, and there will be a good show later.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Yeah.” Tanya An nodded.

Alton Ye and Tanya An sat on the sofa beside them, and people on both sides waited.

Chapter 80

Alton Ye and Tanya An sat on the sofa beside them, and people on both sides waited.

Jingle Bell

Jingle Bell

Just as Alton Ye and Tanya An just sat down, a ringing of cell phones rang.

“Hello.” Yan Nanliang said in a deep voice.

“The chairman is not well, there was a big deal just now, you feel like you are back now.” The secretary said anxiously.

Yan Nanliang stood up abruptly when he heard the assistant’s words.

“What did you say?” Yan Nanliang said loudly.

“Something happened to the company, and I don’t know who it is. I have talked about the company’s tax evasion and other things. Chairman, you should come back first.” The secretary said.

“Okay, I’ll go back soon.” Yan Nanliang said in a deep voice.

All this is incredible.

Yan Nanliang hung up the phone and turned to look at Alton Ye who was sitting aside.

Alton Ye turned his head and met his gaze.

“Something happened to the company.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“You did it.” Yan Nanliang said affirmatively.

“What, dad, what happened to the company?” Paul Yan asked.

“I want to go back to the company now.” Yan Nanliang said.

“I’m with you.” Paul Yan said.

“Paul, don’t leave, can’t you stay with me?” Jennifer Lin shouted loudly.

“Forget it, you should stay here.” Yan Nanliang said.

Yan Nanliang turned and left, but he did not dare to look at Alton Ye.

Paul Yan looked at his father’s back and turned to look at Alton Ye.

“Is it what you did to our company?” Paul Yan asked.

“So what.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Conner Lin looked at Alton Ye in shock, thinking hard about Alton Ye’s identity.

In his impression. Apart from that company, Svalborne seems to have no other company to acquire.

Thinking of there, Conner Lin looked at Alton Ye in horror.

Alton Ye looked at Conner Lin’s gaze, presumably he already knew it, and a faint smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Conner Lin is not a fool, looking at Alton Ye’s appearance, he knew that he was right.

Dong dong dong

When everyone turned their heads, they saw several policemen standing at the door.

“Hello, we are the police.” He showed his police card.

Juliana He saw the police and ran forward immediately.

“Comrade police, this is the woman. She found someone to kill my daughter, and the child in her stomach is gone. You must arrest her.” Juliana He cried.

“Okay, stand aside.” Conner Lin said.

“Comrade police, you must deal with it impartially, she killed my child.” Jennifer Lin said.

“Comrade police, you must check this out.” Paul Yan said in a deep voice.

Several policemen looked at Juliana He and the others, and turned to Tanya An.

“You are Miss Tanyan?” the policeman asked.

“Well, it’s me, police uncle, you must have misunderstood, how could I be such an obedient child to kill my sister’s child?” Tanya An said innocently.

“You nonsense, you obviously hate me, hate me for taking Paul away.” Jennifer Lin said.

“Comrade police, my daughter must not have done this, you still have to find out.” Conner Lin said suddenly.

Except for Alton Ye, the rest of the others were stunned.

“Don’t worry, we will find out.” Policeman 2 said.

“Conner Lin, what nonsense are you talking about, your daughter has become like this, and you still speak for that little bitch.” Juliana He said sputteringly.

“Dad, Tanya An killed my child, why are you still defending her?” Jennifer Lin shouted out of control.

“Enough, you all shut up.” Conner Lin said loudly.

Paul Yan stood there without speaking, just looking at the police.

“Well, don’t talk about it, let’s go to the police station with us first.” Police Three said.

“Uncle Police, you really misunderstood.” Tanya An said.

“Miss Tanyan, if you have anything to talk to the police station in advance,” the policeman said.

“I think you dare to take her away.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Several policemen looked at Alton Ye. The first time they came in, they saw Alton Ye.

They had also seen many people, but when they saw Alton Ye, they were shocked by the king’s aura emanating from him.

“This gentleman, please don’t interfere with official duties.” Police Three said.

Alton Ye looked at them ironically and took out his cell phone.

“Okay, since you are so ignorant, I will call to tell you the chief.” Alton Ye said.

Alton Ye did what he said and dialed the director’s cell phone number with his cell phone.

“Hey, this is the police station.”

“Director Kang.” Alton Ye shouted in a deep voice.

Director Kang Kaisheng heard the voice, and he straightened up immediately.

“Ye… Ye Shao.” Kang Kaisheng shouted nervously.

Kang Kaisheng didn’t know where he had offended Alton Ye this time, his voice was tense and flattering.

He hadn’t forgotten that, just a year ago, he didn’t know who reported it, saying that there was an arms deal in the night.

The arms trade is a big deal, so Kang Kaisheng personally took people to the night.

When they kicked in, they were stunned by the scene before them.

Seeing the person trading with Alton Ye, Kang Kaisheng almost peeed his pants.

Alton Ye had always hated trading when people broke in, and directly ordered his men to beat his men into a terrible way.

Unexpectedly, the person who traded with Alton Ye apologized to Alton Ye since he nodded and bowed.

Kang Kaisheng looked at all that, but never thought that the high-ranking president would actually behave in a humble attitude towards such a person.

“It seems that you haven’t forgotten me.” Alton Ye said calmly.

“Dare not dare.” Kang Kaisheng said in a low tone.

“Yeah.” Alton Ye nodded.

“I don’t know what’s the matter with Ye Shao calling?” Kang Kaisheng asked tremblingly.

“In this way, your subordinates are too naive, saying that my wife is a murderer and are about to take my wife away.” Alton Ye said calmly.

Although Alton Ye said calmly, every sentence contained infinite killing.

Kang Kaisheng was obviously shocked when he heard this. He didn’t expect such a monstrous person to get married.

“Ye… Ye Shao must have misunderstood. How could Madam Ye be the murderer.” Kang Kaisheng broke into a cold sweat.

“Really, then you can talk to them yourself.” Alton Ye said, handing the phone to the policeman.

The police took the phone carefully.

Just now they thought that Alton Ye was just doing it, but they didn’t expect that he would actually fight.

“Hey, Chief, someone here reports that someone is looking for someone to kill the child in her stomach.” The police said.

“fck you fcking shit, hurry up and give me the f*ck back.” Kang Kaisheng scolded.

“The director is…”

“But what the hell is it, you don’t know the offending person, and you don’t know how to die, hurry back.” Kang Kaisheng said.

“Yes, yes, we will go back soon.” the police said.

When the police looked at Alton Ye, Alton Ye looked at him with a smile, making him panic.

Alton Ye took a cell phone from the police.

“Director Kang, I will remember this time.” Alton Ye’s plain words were murderous.

When Kang Kaisheng heard Alton Ye’s words, cold sweat broke out in the back in the cold winter.

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