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Chapter 462

Qiu Linrui leaned on Ivan Han’s shoulder and did not answer Ivan Han’s words. She knew what Ivan Han thought of her, but she couldn’t accept anyone now, because she couldn’t let go of the past. Qiu Linrui reached out to leave Ivan Han’s shoulder and wiped away the tears on her face.

Ivan Han looked at Qiu Linrui a little confused, just looked at Qiu Linrui in confusion, but Qiu Linrui looked at Ivan Han calmly.

“We are not the same, I will return to where I belong.” Qiu Linrui said in a deep voice.

Could it be that after so many years, you still can’t forget that man? “Ivan Han said in a deep voice, holding Qiu Linrui’s shoulder.

“Yes, I can’t forget, how can I forget it.” Qiu Linrui said coldly.

Yes, if a person appears in front of you when you are the most difficult, the most difficult, and the most painful, and he will do everything for you to make you smile and make you happy, even if such a person leaves, he will be deep in that person. It leaves traces deeply and will not disappear for a long time.

“You should learn to let go of the previous things. Now there is a man who is devoted to you. Haven’t you seen it?” Ivan Han said loudly.

“I’m sorry I didn’t…”


Ivan Han knew what Qiu Linrui was going to say next, and directly sealed Qiu Linrui’s lips and k*ssed fiercely. Qiu Linrui continued to struggle.


Qiu Linrui broke free and Ivan Han stretched out his hand and slapped Ivan Han. It can be said that he exhausted all the strength of his body. Qiu Linrui stretched out his hand and rubbed her lips viciously.

Ivan Han turned his head to look at Qiu Linrui with anger in his eyes. Is he asking himself for boring.

“Give me things back and I want to leave here. I don’t want to stay with you for a minute.” Qiu Linrui said coldly.

“Heh! If you want to leave, you have to leave tomorrow. It’s late at night, and someone will come to pick us up tomorrow morning.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“I don’t want to spend the night with a neuropath.” Qiu Linrui said unceremoniously.

“Whatever you say, you must leave early tomorrow morning. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you anymore.” Ivan Han sat on the rock and leaned against the tree next to him.

Qiu Linrui looked at Ivan Han and looked around. Although she had not experienced this experience, but her things were still with him, she couldn’t go. Thinking, Qiu Linrui gritted her teeth and sat on the stone.

In the end, Ivan Han had been sitting on the rock for a long time. He couldn’t sleep even if he wanted him to sleep. Qiu Linrui, who hadn’t rested all night, opened his eyes at dawn and happened to see Ivan Han standing there stretching out.

“Ivan Han can return the things to me, it’s already dawn.” Qiu Linrui said in a deep voice.

Ivan Han heard Qiu Linrui’s voice and turned his head to look at her, without speaking, he stood there looking at her, Qiu Linrui was uncomfortable being seen.

“Hey! Did you hear that?” Qiu Linrui said impatiently.

“You…really want to leave.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Yes, so return the necklace to me.” Qiu Linrui stretched out her hand and said.

“I threw the necklace.” Ivan Han said lightly.

“What! Throw it away!” Qiu Linrui said in shock and anger.

“Yes! Throw it away.” Ivan Han said with a shrug.

Qiu Linrui heard a cold chill all over her body. This thing was the most important thing she kept. In her eyes, it was a priceless treasure. He just threw it away. Qiu Linrui became more angry the more he thought about it, and the more angry he thought about it.

“Ivan Han, you b*stard.” Qiu Linrui strode forward and attacked Ivan Han.

Seeing this, Ivan Han avoided Qiu Linrui’s attack. Afterwards, Qiu Linrui attacked Ivan Han, and they were all fatal attacks, which shows how angry and angry Qiu Linrui is.

“Women should be gentle.” Ivan Han said with a smile.

“I can’t be gentle with you, I just want to kill you now.” Qiu Linrui said, raising her foot again to attack Ivan Han.

When Ivan Han saw this, he quickly avoided, then reached out and patted his chest, almost mentioning his face.

Ivan Han just defended but not attacked, Qiu Linrui seemed to be hit with chicken blood, constantly using big moves, Ivan Han just refused to attack.

“Han, can you fight me? If you don’t fight, get my things back.” Qiu Linrui said coldly.

“How can I find such a big forest?” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“I care how you find it.” Qiu Linrui said coldly.


“Finally found you, Chen.”

Before Ivan Han’s words were finished, a happy voice reached the ears of the two people. When Ivan Han heard the sound, he turned his head and saw Gary Mo and Andrew with a worried look, and a large group of people followed behind him.

“The third and the fifth, you are here.” Ivan Han said with a smile.

“Hmm! Are you okay? Are you injured?” Gary Mo asked worriedly.

“It’s okay, they can’t hurt me.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Why is she here?” Andrew asked in a deep voice.

“They tied her and threatened me, I can’t help but die.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Han, you must get my things back for me, otherwise I won’t let you go as a ghost. If you don’t believe me, you can try.” Qiu Linrui passed over them and left.

The surname Han Yi looked at Qiu Linrui’s back and did not speak, not knowing what was thinking.

“Something? What?” Gary Mo asked curiously.

“What are you doing so much? Go back.” Han Yi said irritably.

Gary Mo was worried and Andrew looked at Han Yi’s surname and wondered what the situation was. Who could come and tell him.

“What’s wrong with the minister?” Andrew asked.

“You ask me who should I ask, I’m leaving now.” Gary Mo left after speaking.

Andrew looked helpless and could only leave with Gary Mo. Early this morning, they received a call from Alton Ye saying that Ivan Han was on this mountain, so they rushed over without stopping.

When Ivan Han went out, he no longer saw Qiu Linrui. He stood there, put his hand in his pocket, stretched out his hand, spread his palm, and a delicate necklace appeared in front of him.

The necklace was not thrown at all, and neither of them slept overnight, so how could Ivan Han have a chance to throw it away, but it also showed him how much Qiu Linrui cared.

“What is this? It looks delicate and beautiful, the price must be very expensive?” Gary Mo’s curious voice came.

Ivan Han hurriedly put the necklace in his pocket when she heard Gary Mo’s words. Since she had already told herself to find the necklace, he would look for it, but to see how to find it, Ivan Han did not answer Andrew’s words and strode. Leave and get in your own car.

The 463

Ivan Han hurriedly put the necklace in his pocket when she heard Gary Mo’s words. Since she had already told herself to find the necklace, he would look for it, but to see how to find it, Ivan Han did not answer Andrew’s words and strode. Leave and get in your own car.

Andrew and Gary Mo looked at the back of Ivan Han leaving, puzzled, the two turned to look at each other.

“What’s the situation?” Andrew asked curiously.

“I want to know too, but he doesn’t tell us.” Gary Mo said with a shrug.

“Let’s go, let’s go back quickly, Alton is still waiting at home.” Andrew said.

“Well, let’s go.” Gary Mo said.

The two got into Ivan Han’s car. Ivan Han was looking at the necklace in his hand. The two guys just sat in, and Ivan Han was obviously unhappy.

“Is there no car behind?” Ivan Han said coolly.

“Yes, but they don’t go back to Yuwan with us, so they can only take your car. Is it possible that you have to get us down and then walk back on foot.” Gary said with a whisper.

Ivan Han heard his hand stroked his chin and looked at the two people thoughtfully.

“This is not impossible.” Ivan Han said calmly.

“Don’t don’t don’t, he’s joking, don’t mind, it will take at least two and a half hours to walk back from here.” Andrew said quickly.

“What’s the matter? Don’t leave quickly.” Ivan Han said impatiently.

“Good, good,” Andrew said.

Gary Mo and Andrew obviously felt that Ivan Han was in a bad mood today, so they didn’t dare to mess with him or they would die.

Ivan Han sat in the car without speaking, still holding the necklace in his hand, looking out the window of the car.

The small glass is an indispensable vision in the heart: novelty, yearning, hope, helplessness, feelings are all gathered. Heart, nowhere to escape. The scenery outside the car window is so short and beautiful, so ethereal and remote. Maybe, within reach, maybe, no trace of water. But when those momentary things cross the apex of your heart, if you are there, will you feel that life is not static and solidified, but a flowing process?

Next, the tree was gone. Outside the window, there is greenery. It rushed to the front, filled with the breath of green grass.

Those large tracts of wild flowers bloom quietly, swaying in the wind, if you can still hear the sound of the flowers blooming, you can smell the breath of the earth, and at that moment, I saw a bird flying by, spreading wings, Contains full of hope and a comfortable state of mind.

This is a journey filled with poetry. In the passage of time, the most beautiful spring will always be performed. And we, again and again, with joyful eyes, to look at, to feel, to fantasize about the unchanging beauty in our hearts.

Life is the same. The years of youth are always the most beautiful. Throughout the years, those young days and young flowers will always be a clear spring in the heart: quiet, slow, and never stop.

The sky is gloomy, but Ivan Han’s heart is also empty, feeling as if the whole world has abandoned him. Loneliness, loneliness, loss and helplessness.

Ivan Han’s heart shouldn’t be happy at this moment. Although he has escaped a fight, he has some extremely sad journeys in his heart.


“Ah! What’s wrong?”

Gary Mo and Andrew were chatting with each other. Unexpectedly, they were startled by a sudden sound, and Andrew almost pulled out the steering wheel.

“f*ck you are not all the way.” Ivan Han suddenly cursed.

Gary Mo turned his head to look at Andrew in shock, and Andrew also looked surprised.

“What’s wrong with you that minister?” Gary Mo asked cautiously.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Very good, what a shit, you’re so good.” Andrew said in his heart.

“Is anyone offending you? Tell me, I will help you teach him.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Do you dare?” Ivan Han said with a warning tone, looking at Gary Mo with cold eyes.

Gary Mo couldn’t help but shrink his neck when he looked at Ivan Han, “Don’t dare, don’t dare.”

“Humph!” Ivan Han snorted coldly.

Gary Mo stretched out his hand pretending to wipe off his sweat, turned his head to look at Andrew, and Andrew made an action towards Ivan Han, Gary Mo saw that he turned his head and looked at Ivan Han in surprise.

Ivan Han had closed his eyes to rest up his mind at this time, and he looked different from the one who had just started the fire.

“He is in a bad mood today, don’t mess with him.” Andrew told Gary Mo with his lips.

“Of course I know, hurry up and drive your car.”

Andrew glared at Gary Mo when he heard, and finally speeded up the throttle. The limited edition Lamborghini shuttled on the road like a rocket.

After two and a half hours, finally reached the destination.

“Chen, it’s already here.” Andrew said.

“What to shout, I am not blind yet.” Ivan Han said angrily.

Andrew and Gary Mo looked at each other, quickly opened the door and ran in, as if being chased by Gou.

The two ran to the living room. Alton Ye and the others were sitting on the sofa drinking tea and chatting. When Andrew saw this, he rushed forward and took the kettle directly to his mouth.

“You…what’s wrong?” Tanya An asked.

“Yeah, how come you look like you haven’t drank water for a long time.” Jin Xuan said in a deep voice.

“Hey! Don’t you know, the anger of the minister is too big today, he will get angry at both of us at every turn.” Gary Mo said.

“Then you must have upset him, otherwise, why would he be angry with you? Besides, the minister’s temper has always been gentle.” Jin Xuan said in a deep voice.

“Gentle, come on, just him, the youngest gentleman saw a surprise scene just now. After the youngest and I went up the mountain, we also saw something…”

“Ahhhhhhh!” Before Andrew finished speaking, there was a violent cry.

“It hurts, let it go.” Andrew bent down and followed his arm.

When I saw the person who came, my face changed. He stretched out his hand to cover his mouth and did not dare to say anything, tears rolling in his eyes.

“Chen, can you tell me something?” Jin Xuan said in a deep voice.

When Ivan Han heard Andrew’s arm let go, Andrew hurriedly sat beside Alton Ye, clutching his arm.

“What did you see?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“No, no, I didn’t see anything, I saw you asleep on the stone alone.” Andrew said.

Ivan Han nodded in satisfaction, and then sat on the sofa aside, looking at the tea on the table. This is his favorite Taiping Monkey Kui. He picked up a small cup and tasted it, Tanya, Jin Xuan, Andrew He and Gary Mo turned to look at Ivan Han.

Chapter 464

Ivan Han nodded in satisfaction, and then sat on the sofa aside, looking at the tea on the table. This is his favorite Taiping Monkey Kui. He picked up a small cup and tasted it, Tanya, Jin Xuan, Andrew He and Gary Mo turned to look at Ivan Han.

“I’m watching what I do. I’m not even Pingping Anna’s back. You don’t have to look at me like that.” Ivan Han said while drinking tea.

“No, no, it’s just that you don’t seem to be in a good mood.” Andrew said with a smile.

“Very good, I don’t know that I am in a bad mood.” Ivan Han said calmly.

“Okay, you are in a good mood, I made a mistake.” Andrew said helplessly.

Obviously he was in a bad mood, so he had to ying and refused to say it. Of course, Andrew could only complain and complain in his heart, but he didn’t dare to say it.

Alton Ye looked at Ivan Han, then turned to look at Tanya An, “Tanya, you and Jin Xuan will go to the garden to play for a while, I have something to say to them, and Reena will be back in a while.”

“Okay, talk slowly.” After that, Tanya and Jin Xuan left the living room holding hands.

Tonight, Rena had to go to the hospital for a maternity check, so James Yi accompanied Rena Ye to the hospital early in the morning.

Alton Ye didn’t turn his head to look at Ivan Han until Tanya An left.

“Have you seen that person?” Alton Ye asked suddenly.

Ivan Han heard that he put down the tea in his hand and sat upright looking at Alton Ye.

“No, only important people around him came out, and he was looking at me in a certain room, but he refused to come out.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Damn it, don’t hide if you have the ability,” Gary Mo said.

“Then we still have to investigate.” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“No, I have already thought of a way. Although I don’t know whether it is feasible or not, it is better to try it.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What way?” several people asked in unison.

Alton Ye stood up and walked towards Ivan Han with a serious expression. Looking at Alton Ye at this time, Ivan Han didn’t know what he was going to do, and instinctively sat behind the sofa.

“Lord, I didn’t make you angry.” Ivan Han said nervously.

“Who said you made me angry?” After Alton Ye stretched out his hand to hold Ivan Han’s collar, Ivan Han leaned forward, then lowered his head and said something in Ivan Han’s ear.

“Ah! Just use this method!” Ivan Han asked in surprise.

Ivan Han didn’t mean that Alton Ye’s method was too good, but he felt that his method was too common and simple. He didn’t need to use his brain at all. He really doubted whether they could believe it.

After Alton Ye finished speaking, sitting in his original position, Ivan Han looked at Alton Ye and couldn’t believe Alton Ye’s idea.

“Put away your surprised expression.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“But… that… he… them.” Ivan Han stammered and couldn’t tell.

Gary Mo and Andrew looked at Alton Ye and Ivan Han curiously, wondering what Alton Ye said to Ivan Han and why he had such an expression.

“Alton, what did you tell the minister?” Gary Mo asked curiously.

“This is a secret.” Alton Ye said mysteriously.

“Can’t you talk to us?” Andrew turned his head and looked at Ivan Han after he said, “Chen, you tell us, what did Alton tell you?”

Ivan Han turned his head back to look at Andrew and the others, with a faint smile on his lips.

“Since Alton doesn’t tell you, then I can’t tell you anymore. It won’t be good if you mess up.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“If you don’t tell, don’t tell, you think we are like knowing, anyway we will know at that time.” Andrew said angrily.

Ivan Han didn’t finish when he heard, but turned his head to look at Alton Ye. Alton Ye had a calm expression on his face. He seemed to be quite sure about this matter, but this method was a bit too risky.

“we are back.”

A brisk and bright voice came into the living room, and several people turned their heads. It turned out that it was Tanya and Rena Ye who came back.

“Oh! I was so exhausted today, I didn’t expect so many people to go to the checkup.” Rena Ye said.

“What, you didn’t go to my hospital?” Gary Mo asked in surprise.

“Go, but I didn’t go through the back door. I just queued up like an ordinary person. Besides, it’s not easy for those people to line up.” Rena Ye said in a deep voice.

“Is the baby behaved in the stomach?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“Good, good, the doctor said it’s healthy.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Don’t worry about Reena’s affairs. These few of them are all accompanied, but you don’t have one.” Tanya An said with a smile.


“Don’t change the subject.” Tanya An pointed at Ivan Han.

“Yes, don’t change the subject, we want to hear what you think.” Gary Mo smiled smirkly.

“I agree with my sister-in-law.” Andrew said.

“Then I want to listen too.” Rena Ye said quickly.

“Chen, since everyone wants to listen, then you can talk about it.” Jin Xuan said with a smile.

Ivan Han looked up at them with curious expressions, and couldn’t help sighing. What did he say, he couldn’t change how he said it, and there was no such thing.

Tanya An looked at Ivan Han expectantly, and Ivan Han was unnaturally seen.

“Isn’t that the fourth child yet, so why are you entangled with me?” Ivan Han said while drinking tea.

“No, the fourth child may not be alone now.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“What!” Ivan Han said in surprise, almost spitting out the tea he had drunk in his mouth.

“The fourth chase Christiana is about to break through, so continue talking about you.” Andrew said in a deep voice.


Jingle Bell.

Jingle Bell.

Ivan Han just wanted to open his mouth to speak, a telephone rang, and it was Ivan Han’s mobile phone, Ivan Han heard it as if he had seen a savior, and quickly took out the phone.

“The phone rang.” Ivan Han pointed to the phone and said with a smile.

Several people saw Ivan Han’s cell phone, it was his phone, so they watched Ivan Han answer the call.

“Hello! What’s the matter?” Ivan Han asked coldly.

I don’t know what the person on the phone said, Ivan Han’s expression turned not so good.

“I see, I will go back now.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Ivan Han hung up and sat there for a while, Gary Mo and the others looked at Ivan Han and looked a little worried. This is completely different from what they were just now. Could something have happened? Everyone became serious. , Approached Ivan Han to see how he was,

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