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Chapter 457

Tanya An shook her head when she heard Alton Ye’s flowers. She didn’t blame him for this matter. He treated him very well. If she blamed him for this matter, he would be too stingy.

“No, you don’t need to say I’m sorry, this matter is not your fault, you don’t have to take it on yourself.” Tanya An said with red eyes.

“Tanya, you are lying on the bed these days, and I look at you being tortured. I am really distressed and sad. I really want to bear your pain for you, but I can’t help it, neither is Gary Mo. Knowing what to do, in the end, it was okay. Someone came to find the source of the disease and solved your condition.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An heard so many things said by Alton Ye, and recalled the red things on her body. Her only pity for Jennifer Lin was gone.

“Uncle, is my illness really not AIDS, but I have been responding to what happened these days.” Tanya asked with a drooping face.

Alton Ye heard Tanya An’s words, reached out and rubbed her hair, his face was full of smiles.

“Really, I won’t lie to you. In two days’ time, Gary Mo will get the medical examination report. Then you will know if you look at it.” Alton Ye said softly.

Tanya An watched Alton Ye not speaking, her heart was really messed up now, because there were so many things that happened these days, so she couldn’t digest it for a while.

Thinking about what happened before, Tanya couldn’t help crying again, and Alton Ye quickly reached out to wipe Tanya’s tears when he saw it.

“What’s wrong, baby? Isn’t something uncomfortable again?” Alton Ye asked worriedly.

Tanya shook her head when she sniffed and looked at Alton Ye pretending to be all right.

“It’s okay, I’m fine. I just thought of hearing you and Mr. Long’s conversation at the door just now. I was really sad. I didn’t expect things to turn into this way.” Tanya An choked up.

Alton Ye heard Tanya An put his hand in his arms and patted her on the back. He didn’t want to see Tanya An’s tears. Her tears were very precious, so he himself was not willing to let her cry.

“I’m sorry, I’ve known it for a long time. I knew it when we first met, but I didn’t tell you.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

He really didn’t want to tell her, because he felt that Long Ye was not worthy of being Tanya An’s father, because Tanya An suffered a lot of grievances and injuries when he was a child.

“I can’t believe it. Until now I finally know why Conner Lin treats me differently from Jennifer Lin, but the first time I met Mr. Long, he treated me well in the days after that, but I didn’t go there. I think somewhere.” Tanya said sadly.

“Baby, no matter what you decide, I will support you. Of course, the only thing is that you can’t leave me, otherwise I don’t know what I will do.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya An suddenly laughed when she heard Alton Ye’s words. She had already listened to his words a little better.

“I remember I told you one thing before. If my father abandons me, I will not forgive him. No matter what compensation he makes, if you miss it, you miss it. If you lose it, you lose it. No matter how you save it. It’s all impossible.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

“This is what you said.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Tanya chuckled softly, “Well, this is what I said.”

“Okay, let’s not talk about this now, is it hungry now?” Alton Ye asked softly.

Tanya An heard her bowing her head and reaching out to touch her belly, then looked up at Alton Ye.

“Well, I’m hungry, how do I feel that I have lost a lot of weight.” Tanya An touched her face and said.

Alton Ye squeezed Tanya An’s cheek distressedly when he stretched out his hand, with distress and pity in his face and eyes.

“It’s not a feeling. You have lost more than 90 catties to more than 80 catties, so you have to get fat in the future. You are too skinny now.” Alton Ye said solemnly.

When Tanya An heard Alton Ye’s words, her hair exploded. “Why?” You think my body is not good. I am very thin now, how can you drop it? “

“Okay, everything you said is right, now you can eat something, are you going to starve your stomach?” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“No, I won’t starve my stomach, I still have to live a good life, how can I eat good food after I lose my stomach.” Tanya An clutched his stomach.

Alton Ye heard the light porridge in his hand put it next to Tanya An’s lips, Tanya An saw that he drank it in, eating with relish.

After that, Alton Ye kept feeding Tanya for dinner. It was already half an hour after the meal. Alton Ye cleaned up the leftovers and prepared to let Tanya rest for a while.

“You take a rest first.” Alton Ye said softly.

“No, I have slept for a long time, and said that I don’t want to sleep anymore, so let me watch TV for a while.” Tanya An said pitifully.

Tanya An lives in a VIP ward, so everything inside is readily available, including a small kitchen, a small bathroom, and a small balcony, including a TV.

“Okay, but only for a short while, not more than two hours.”

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye angrily when she heard it, but it’s better to look at it than not to look at it.

“Okay, since that’s the case, I’ll watch it for a while.” Tanya An turned on the TV after speaking.

Alton Ye looked at Tanya An helplessly, and immediately took the food box to the kitchen for cleaning.

Just after Alton Ye entered the small kitchen, an uninvited guest arrived in the ward. Tanya An saw the visitor and hurried to Alton Ye’s side by stepping on her little feet.

“What’s wrong, baby?” Alton Ye asked worriedly.

Tanya An hid in Alton Ye’s arms, Ye Ming looked up and saw the uninvited guest just now, Alton Ye looked at him coldly, his eyes full of murderous intent.

“What are you doing here? Haven’t you just left?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Why can’t I come here?” Long Ye asked coldly. “This is my place. Come here if you want, or do you have something to do?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

Long Ye had already arrived at the hotel, but when he thought that Tanya An already knew his identity, he hurried back to the hospital without stopping.

Long Ye didn’t answer when he heard Alton Ye’s words. He just turned to look at Tanya An who was hiding in Alton Ye’s arms. At this time, Tanya An looked really fragile. He had known it would be like this. At the beginning, they would not abandon Tanya An’s mother and Tanya An like that.

Chapter 358

Long Ye didn’t answer when he heard Alton Ye’s words. He just turned to look at Tanya An who was hiding in Alton Ye’s arms. At this time, Tanya An looked really fragile. He had known it would be like this. At the beginning, they would not abandon Tanya An’s mother and Tanya An like that.

“Junhan, I am your father, I am your biological father, and that Conner Lin is just your adoptive father.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

Long Ye didn’t think about anything now, but just wanted Tanya An to return to her side, so that she could make up for her well, and let her make up for the bad days before. “Long Ye, please don’t misrecognize relatives here. Only my wife Tanya is here, not your daughter Long Junhan.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Alton Ye, I’m talking to my daughter, and it’s not your turn to interrupt.” Long Ye said coldly.

“Shut up, what qualifications do you have to speak here, who are you, why do you speak here?” Tanya An said in a deep voice, not feeling honored that she is Long Ye’s daughter.

Long Ye looked at Tanya An in shock. He didn’t expect Tanya An to talk to him like this. There was an unspeakable sadness in his heart, but he would not give up.

“Jun Han I…”

“I’m not Long Junhan, I’m Tanya, do you understand?” Tanya interrupted Long Ye’s words loudly.

“Well, Tanya, don’t be angry. Your body has just recovered. I know that all this is my fault. I shouldn’t abandon your mother and daughter for fame and fortune. I hope you can forgive me today.” Long Ye said seriously. Speaking piously.

Tanya An laughed sarcastically when she heard Long Ye’s words, but Alton Ye, who was sitting next to Tanya An, did not speak. Although he did not speak, it did not mean that he did not care.

“Do you think that Tanya would care about your one-acre three-quarter land with me as a backer?” Alton Ye said ironically.

Long Ye didn’t take a cold look at Alton Ye and didn’t speak. He didn’t want to ruin his image in front of Tanya An.

“Tanya, please forgive dad. In the future, dad will give you the best life and won’t make you suffer.” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“You won’t suffer. Mr. Long, what you said is too funny. You should already know what life I have had since I was a child. When I was a child, I had a good life for a few years. , Conner Lin took Juliana He’s mother and daughter into the house.”

“At that time, my mother had been away for a long time. I wondered why Juliana and the others would be nice to me, but I didn’t think about it. The two of them took away everything that originally belonged to me, including Conner Lin’s love for me.”

“Since then, the two of them have done everything possible to calculate me, making Conner Lin very disappointed in me. When I was young, I would try my best to avoid them and want to grow up quickly.”

“While I was hoping and hoping, I finally grew up. After I entered junior high school, I worked on my own ability. Tomorrow I will go to work part-time and part-time job after school. I have to go to the hotel every day. The plate, when winter comes, my hands are frozen like steamed buns.”

Where were you when I longed for the love of my mother and father when I was young? You are living a life of fine clothes and jade food, have you ever thought about how I feel? Have you ever thought about finding a mother? Mom doesn’t know whether it’s alive or dead. Are you worthy of her? “

Tanya An was crying and talking about her previous things, crying out of breath, Alton Ye could only run his hands along Tanya An’s back.

“Don’t be sad baby, you will still have me in the future.” Alton Ye said distressedly.

Tanya An looked at Alton Ye with blurred tears, and suddenly threw himself into Alton Ye’s arms, crying loudly of his grievances.

“I don’t forgive him, I don’t forgive him, he is not my father.” Tanya An cried and said.

“Well, he is not your father.” Alton Ye said distressedly.

When Long Ye heard Tanya An’s words, his whole body was stiff. He didn’t know that Tanya An had suffered so much. Suddenly, he felt more guilty for Tanya An. He was not a competent father.

“Tanya, I am sorry for you. You can do whatever you want me to do, as long as you forgive me.” Long Ye said guiltily.

Hearing Long Ye’s words, Tanya An came out of Alton Ye’s arms, his eyes cried red and looked very distressing.

“Listen well, even if you give me Jinshan Yinshan, no matter how you make up for me or what you give me, even if it is your life, I will never forgive you in this life, I want you to live deeply in guilt “Tanya An said coldly.

When Long Ye heard Tanya An’s words, he almost fainted and fell to the ground. Fortunately, Long Zixuan was supporting him behind him.

“Miss, please forgive Mr., Mr. is already deeply guilty of what happened at the beginning, and he really wants to make up for his previous mistakes.” Long Zixuan couldn’t help but say.

“Hmph, I said I wouldn’t be the same, you guys leave here quickly, I don’t want to see you.” Tanya An said coldly.

When Long Zixuan heard Tanya An’s words, he turned to look at Long Ye’s face as if he was a teenager.

“Miss, sir, he really loves you very much, this time you are ill, it was your husband who saved you.” Long Zixuan said in a deep voice.

“So what, since he saved me, then we will write off, and no one will know anyone in the future.” Tanya An said in a deep voice.

As soon as Tanya An said this, Long Ye and Long Zixuan looked at Tanya An in shock. They didn’t expect Tanya An to say this, thinking that as long as Long Ye saved Tanya An, Tanya An would forgive him. .

“Tanya, don’t you really forgive me?” Long Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yes, no matter in the future or in the future, I will not forgive you, because you abandoned my mother and me for your own personal yu. I believe that my mother will not forgive you either.” Tanya said blankly. .

Long Ye couldn’t say anything when he heard Tanya An’s words, but the expression on his face betrayed him. His heart was very painful and sad, and his only baby girl would not forgive him.

Long Ye smiled bitterly when he thought about it. It turned out that not all things in this world can be bought with money, and those things are not worthwhile.

Long Ye looked at Tanya An, turned around, and left the ward reluctantly, when Long Zixuan saw Long Ye catch up quickly.

Tanya An watched Long Ye leave, her sad tears flowed out no longer, Alton Ye reached out to wipe Tanya’s tears, Tanya took advantage of the trend and threw herself into Alton Ye’s arms. She really didn’t. Know what to do, should I forgive him.

Chapter 359

Tanya An watched Long Ye leave, her sad tears flowed out no longer, Alton Ye reached out to wipe Tanya’s tears, Tanya took advantage of the trend and threw herself into Alton Ye’s arms. She really didn’t. Know what to do, should I forgive him.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand to stroke Tanya An’s back, tears flowing down like a broken pearl, I don’t know if he was tired of crying, and fell asleep directly in Alton Ye’s arms.

Alton Ye carefully put Tanya An on the bed, like a peerless treasure, covered Tanya An with a quilt, and reached out to wipe away the tears from the corner of Tanya An’s eyes, with gentle movements.

Alton Ye sat next to Tanya for a long time, until a call made Alton Ye leave the ward.

“Hey! What’s the matter?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“Master, I have found Ye Zinuo’s hiding place, do you want to catch her now?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Why, your ears are deaf, or I didn’t explain clearly, at all costs, no matter what means to get her back to me.” Alton Ye growled.

“Yes, I’ll get Ye Zinuo back right away.” James Yi said respectfully.

Alton Ye heard that the phone was cut off, his eyes were bloodthirsty and he looked forward, his whole body exuding cold hostility.


At this time, Ye Zinuo, who was arrested by Alton Ye, hid in a small room, which was on a mountain and was already in dilapidated condition.

“Miss, how are you now?” Wuhen asked in a deep voice.

“Huh! How do you think I am now? I have nowhere to hide, hiding in a shabby place, and I can’t even eat a decent meal.” Ye Zinuo said coldly.

When Wuhen heard Ye Zinuo’s words, she knelt on one knee and said, “The young lady is incompetent. Let you suffer in such a place.”

Ye Zinuo coldly looked at Wuhen on the ground, and directly slammed a cup on Wuhen’s shoulder, and Wuhen snorted.

“It’s all because of that bitch Tanya An and that old woman, that old woman is ruthless and unjust. I kicked me when I used it up and broke all my capital chains. It made me live like a mouse on the street.” Ye Ziwuhen said coldly.

“Miss, this is what you asked me to check. It has been found out, please check it out.” Wuhen said respectfully.

Ye Zi Wuhen heard that Wuhen took the data in her own hand and opened the data quickly.

Ye Zi Wuhen looked at the content above, not knowing what she saw, a grinning smile appeared on her face.

“Hahaha, hahaha, this old woman I finally caught your handle, this time I will ruin you, even if I can’t let you step down, I will let you lose what you have now.” Ye Ziwu Hen said with a grim face.

“Miss, but we can’t go out now, otherwise we will be discovered.” Wuhen said worriedly.

“Who can find such a place in the wilderness, will go out today anyway.” Ye Zi said coldly.


Just as Ye Zi Wuhen finished speaking, the dilapidated door was kicked open in an instant.

Ye Zinuo and Wuhen looked out the door in shock. When they saw the incoming person clearly, Ye Zinuo’s first reaction was to run, but they couldn’t run anyway, because James Yi had already surrounded them.

Wuhen looked at Ye Zinuo and rushed forward vigorously. For a while, the guards in front of him fell to the ground.

The scene was chaotic for a while, Wuhen held James Yi and turned to look at Ye Zinuo with a flustered expression.

“Miss, run away.” Wuhen roared loudly.

“No, you come back to me Wuhen, I want you to go with me.” Ye Zinuo said loudly.

“Miss, go!” Wuhen roared loudly.

“Come here, get that woman up for me, and you will be sentenced to death if you fail to catch it.” James Yi said harshly.

In fact, even if Wuhen stopped them, Ye Zinuo wouldn’t be out of tune, because this was Alton Ye’s territory.

James Yi kicked Wuhen coldly away, and Wuhen fell to the ground, but stood up instantly again, trying to attack him again.

Bang bang bang!

A guard next to him saw that he directly picked up his own gun and shot it directly at Wuhen. The shot was accurate. Wuhen was shot three times in his body, and his eyes were filled with unwillingness to die.

For a killer, this method of death is really a shame.

“Wuhen.” Ye Zinuo screamed loudly.

Ye Zinuo’s voice fell, and several guards surrounded Ye Zinuo one after another. Ye Zinuo looked at what they thought of, and hurriedly tore the information in his hand.

But I didn’t expect that Ye Zinuo was about to tear up the information, and James Yi quickly kicked Ye Zinuo to grab the information in her hand.

“Give it back to me, give it back to me, give it back to me, ah! Give it back to me at night, that is my thing.” Ye Zinuo shouted loudly.

James Yi looked at Ye Zinuo’s nervousness, then looked down at the information in her hand, opened the information, looked at the contents inside, and her face changed drastically. Then she put the information in the file bag and looked at Ye Zi coldly. promise.

“Take her back first.” James Yi said coldly.

“Yes.” The dark guards said in unison.

Afterwards, everyone threw Ye Zinuo directly on the car, looking at Wuhen on the ground, and squatting down in front of Wuhen.

“You were originally a talent, but you followed an incompetent master.” James Yi said coldly.

James Yi stood up and left this place. The moment he walked out of the thatched hut, the thatched hut instantly caught fire, and a torch burned it clean.

The news that Ye Zinuo caught Ye Zinuo was told to Alton Ye. After Alton Ye heard it, he took Ye Zinuo directly into the base.

James Yi ordered the dark guard to bring Ye Zinuo into that place, and then drove to the hospital by himself. , He has very important things to tell Alton Ye.

When James Yi came to the hospital, it was almost dark. James Yi walked into the floor where Alton Ye was located. As soon as he got there, he saw Alton Ye sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette.

James Yi saw striding towards Alton Ye to walk over, “Master, I have something to tell you.”

Alton Ye heard the cigarette butt in his hand thrown under his feet, and then stamped it out with his toes.

“Master, are you okay?” James Yi asked worriedly.

James Yi looked at James Yi worriedly. These days since his wife entered the hospital, Alton Ye has never been to the company again, and moved all his work to the hospital.

“I’m fine, just say anything if you have anything.”

James Yi looked at Alton Ye and carefully handed him the file bag in his hand. Alton Ye saw that he reached out and took it, “What is this?”

“Master, you should watch it yourself.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye frowned when he heard it, but still opened the file. It was the same as Yeiyi’s before. He didn’t know what he saw. Alton Ye’s expression also changed drastically. The content inside was indeed able to shock Alton Ye and others.

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