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Chapter 360

Alton Ye frowned when he heard it, but still opened the file. It was the same as Yeiyi’s before. He didn’t know what he saw. Alton Ye’s expression also changed drastically. The content inside was indeed able to shock Alton Ye and others.

“Where did you find this?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

James Yi looked at Alton Ye cautiously, and couldn’t help but step back a few steps. He really didn’t dare to look at Alton Ye’s wink now.

“I snatched it from Ye Zino when I was grabbing Ye Zino. Originally, she wanted to tear it apart, so I snatched it from her hand. It seems that Ye Zino didn’t want you to see these things. “James Yi said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye was holding the document in his hand, looking at the thing in his hand coldly, his eyes sharp.

He really wanted to ask God, why all the misfortunes should fall on Tanya An, why can’t she live happily, all the bad things these days fall on Tanya An’s body.

“Take this file and burn it, who else knows about this?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“We know that Ye Zinuo still has her subordinate, but he is dead, and now there are three of us.” James Yi said cautiously.

“I don’t want the fourth one to know now and burn this file.” Alton Ye threw the file directly to James Yi.

“Yes, the subordinate understands.” James Yi said respectfully.

“Don’t let Tanya know. I am afraid that Tanya can’t stand the blow. Her body has been hit too much these days. I am afraid that it will get worse and worse if this continues.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice. To.

“The subordinates know, what about the madam’s school? Madam did not go to class these days, will her studies be delayed?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“The school has taken leave, and I will help her make up for those vacant courses in the future.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Yes, I will go now.” James Yi said respectfully.

Afterwards, James Yi took the documents in her hand and went to the parking garage below, took out a lighter, lit the documents, and the raging flames instantly burned up. When it burned to the end, James Yi threw it directly on the ground.

Outside the ward, Alton Ye was still sitting on the bench in the hospital, but there were a lot of cigarette butts on the ground, and he knew that he had smoked a lot.

“My God, how many do you smoke? Don’t you want to kill me? I feel that the whole floor smells like smoke. Isn’t it true that I haven’t smoked for a long time? Even if I smoke, it won’t be like this.” The shocked voice reached Alton Ye’s ears.

Alton Ye heard the voice raising his head and looking at Gary Mo who was walking towards him, and threw the cigarette he had finished smoking on the ground.

“In a bad mood.” Alton Ye said hoarsely.

“What’s the matter? Hasn’t my sister-in-law’s health improved? What else is in a bad mood?” Gary Mo asked in a deep voice.

Alton Ye sighed when he heard it, stood up and patted his clothes, walked to the door of Tanya An’s ward, and looked at Tanya An who was lying on the bed with gentle eyes.

“I always feel that since Tanya met me, I have had a lot of bad luck. From the time I met her until now, I don’t know how many times I have been to the hospital. If I didn’t go to the hospital, these things would not happen one after another.” Alton Ye Shen Speaking loudly.

Chapter 361

Gary Mo looked at Alton Ye in surprise, but he had never heard the night Alton say this. Could it be that something happened?

“Alton, what do you mean? You have never said that before?” Gary Mo asked worriedly.

Alton Ye shook his head and smiled, “Nothing?”

Gary Mo looked at Alton Ye anxiously, because he had never seen Alton Ye look like this.

“Alton, how is your sister-in-law?”

“Huh, why are you here?” Gary Mo asked in surprise.

“Why, can’t we come and see my sister-in-law?” Saul Nan said dissatisfiedly.

“No, no, I didn’t say that.” Gary Mo said quickly.

“Stop talking nonsense, how is your sister-in-law’s situation?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“The situation is getting better?” Gary Mo said.

“Why does the Lord still have a sad face?” Andrew asked in a deep voice.

“I don’t know. Alton is in a bad mood. It may be because my sister-in-law is not healthy these days, and then I am very worried.” Gary said in a deep voice.

“My health is not good, but didn’t you say that my sister-in-law’s health has improved?” Saul Nan asked.

“Yes, it’s obviously getting better,” Gary said helplessly.

In fact, even if they were understanding Alton Ye, there were some things Alton Ye would not guess if they didn’t say it, because Alton Ye was careful and would not expose all his true temperament.

Alton Ye watched them guess there, walked to the bench and sat down, raising his head to look at them.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you have to do anything?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“I said if you are so busy that you have forgotten the time, today is already Sunday.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Busy, I’m not busy.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Okay, don’t think we don’t know. You moved everything about the company to the hospital. You send your work to the hospital every night, and then you work in the ward. I’m right.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye looked at Saul Nan with light eyes. Saul Nan narrowed his neck as he watched.

“I’m not tired, I can take care of Tanya better here.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What is not tired? Look at the red blood in your eyes, can you take a good rest.” Andrew said dissatisfiedly.

“Yeah, besides, aren’t there any nurses here? No matter what, Zhang’s mother and family servants are still there.” Gary Mo said.

“I don’t worry about giving it to them.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“not me……”

“Ah!” Gary Mo hadn’t finished speaking, a screaming voice broke the conversation of several men.

Alton Ye heard the screams from the ward and quickly ran into the ward, and when he ran in, he saw Tanya warm hand waving in the air and kicking the quilt with his feet, sleeping very restlessly.

“Tanya, what’s wrong with you in Tanya? I am Alton when I wake up, Tanya.” Alton Ye shouted worriedly.

“Ah! I am not, I am not your daughter.” Tanya An sat up fiercely, still shouting, sweating on his forehead.

“Tanya is a nightmare.” Alton Ye said softly.

Tanya An gasped non-stop, looked at Alton Ye in front of him, stretched out his hand to embrace Alton Ye’s arm, looking scared.

“My sister-in-law is nothing but nightmares, don’t be too scared.” Andrew said.

“Ah! What do you want to do, don’t lean over.” Tanya said loudly.

Everyone in Andrew looked at Tanya An in shock, and didn’t know what was going on. He didn’t expect Tanya An to react like this. It seemed that he was surprised, otherwise, how could he meet acquaintances like this.

The 362

Alton Ye looked at them blankly. In fact, these are no secrets. It doesn’t matter if you tell them. The reason why you didn’t tell them before is that you don’t want them to worry, but I didn’t expect Tanya An to suffer from such a condition. , But she must be cured anyway.

“Alton, just talk about it. We just want to know what happened.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Yes, is there any secret you can’t tell us.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

Alton Ye shook his head helplessly when he saw them, and looked at them, “Since you want to know, I will tell you.”

“Say quickly.” Gary Mo urged.

Alton Ye looked at them. I told Ivan Han and the others about the things in the hospital these days. Several people looked at Alton Ye in shock. Among them, Andrew and Gary Mo could put an egg in with their mouths open.

“How could this happen?” Ivan Han said incredulously.

“No wonder my sister-in-law is like this, what should the sister-in-law do in the future?” Saul Nan said.

“What should I do? Is my sister-in-law still short of money to see a doctor?” Gary Mo patted Andrew’s head.

“No wonder my sister-in-law just got better and changed like this.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“Tanya was allergic to drugs in the past, how is it now?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

When Gary Mo heard Alton Ye mention this, his face became serious.

“My sister-in-law’s condition is basically good now, but there will be some scars on her body, but I will use the ointment and it will disappear.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice.

“Can you leave the hospital?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“It’s not impossible if you leave the hospital. Try to cooperate with our hospital as much as possible, otherwise it will get worse and worse.” Gary said in a deep voice.

“I know, since the previous condition has been cured, I will take her back to see.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“What about my sister-in-law’s studies?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“Why, don’t you know Alton’s academic performance? Is it still a problem to teach a sister-in-law?” Andrew said in a deep voice.

“That is, you are too underestimated.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“Since this is the case, I will go through the discharge procedures for you myself.” Gary Mo said with a serious face.

“Yeah!” Alton Ye nodded.

“I said the third child, why are you so anxious? Are you staying in the hospital for enough these days and want to go out and see the colorful world.” Ivan Han said with a light smile.

“No, don’t talk nonsense.” Gary Mo said quickly.

“Tsk tusk, what to pretend, don’t you we still understand?” Andrew said with a curled mouth.

“That is, for someone like you, we should let you stay in the hospital.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Okay, let Xiao Wu go through the discharge procedures.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Andrew didn’t refuse when he heard it, but instead nodded and turned and left this floor.

“Lord, what should we do in the next days?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

Alton Ye turned to look at Tanya An’s ward, and then turned to look at Ivan Han and the others.

“I didn’t regard this claustrophobia as an incurable disease. In my eyes, it is nothing. I just want her to be well. I will take care of her more in the future until the claustrophobia is completely resolved. “Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

“Lord, the main treatment methods for claustrophobia are psychotherapy and medication. The two complement each other and are indispensable. Since the last time we talked about psychotherapy, medication is also indispensable. At present, the treatment of claustrophobia is on the market. There are a dazzling array of medicines available everywhere. The claustrophobic patients and their families don’t know which medicine works best and has the least side effects, so they often choose the wrong medicine, which aggravates the condition and leads to serious consequences.” Gary Mo said in a deep voice. Speaking of.

“I know, but with you, a powerful doctor, what am I afraid of?” Alton Ye said with a light smile.

“Oh, I didn’t expect you to praise me for an unprecedented time.” Gary said proudly.

“The third child, don’t be narcissistic.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Cut, I will be off work soon, I will not be with you anymore,” Gary Mo said.

“Where are you going?” Saul Nan asked quickly.

Gary Mo heard the smirk and walked to Saul Nan’s side and put his hand on Saul Nan’s shoulder.

“Why, I’m afraid I was abducted, and no one will warm you up in the future.” Gary Mo said with a smile.

When Saul Nan heard the face change drastically, he quickly reached out and pushed Gary Mo aside, and patted his hand in disgust.

“Don’t you know that you are disgusting?” Saul Nan said in a deep voice.

“I’m disgusting, right?” Gary Mo turned to look at Alton Ye innocently.

Alton Ye saw Gary Mo’s innocent eyes and looked at Gary Mo coldly without saying a word. Gary Mo’s heart was instantly hit by 100,000 points.

“Be scolded.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Cut, anyway, my sister-in-law will be discharged from the hospital after a while, and I will be evacuated now. I have smelled too much unpleasant disinfectant smell these days, I have to get rid of the smell.” Gary said disgustingly.

“Hey, don’t you want to have a drink later?” Saul Nan asked in a deep voice.

“Don’t drink, don’t drink, I have important things to do now.” Gary Mo smiled after talking and turned around and left.

“Hey! Please pay attention to me, be careful and kill you, others have crushed you.” Saul Nan teased behind Gary Mo.

Gary Mo stopped when he heard Saul Nan’s teasing, and turned his head a little.

“That’s all in the past. In the days to come, I will treat my significant other seriously, and then spend the rest of my life happily, and today is a very important day, so I can’t go without me.” Gary smiled and left after speaking.

Gary Mo’s words were like throwing a bomb. Everyone who bombed was caught off guard and didn’t know how.

“What’s wrong with the third child? How do you feel that you have changed?” Ivan Han asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, I have found it too.” Saul Nan said.

“Okay, just stop here, and then we will all go together.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

“Forget it, it should be good for him to find some clues.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Gary Mo has been in the hospital these days and never went out.

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