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Chapter 219

When Alton Ye heard Fan Ling’s words, he didn’t know when he took out a dagger and slashed it directly on Fan Ling’s face.

“Ah!” Fan Ling screamed after being cut through the face with a dagger.

“My face, ah, my face.” Fan Ling shouted!

“Does this hurt?” Alton Ye said coldly!

Fan Ling felt a sense of fear at the moment, she was really scared.

“I was wrong, please let me go.”

There was no emotion in Alton Ye’s eyes. Holding the dagger in his hand, once again he ruthlessly scratched Fan Ling’s proud face.


Alton Ye looked at Fan Ling coldly, his hands kept moving.

Ivan Han stood behind Alton Ye and did not step forward. They all felt that Alton Ye’s punishment to Fan Ling was too light.

Alton Ye drew ten knives on Fan Ling’s face, and stayed the night Alton controlled his hand.

Ten knives did not completely disfigure Fan Ling!

Alton Ye looked at Fan Ling coldly, and without turning his head, he ordered Chi Yan behind him.

“Every day from now on, I will scratch her face with a knife. After the scratch, take a mirror to show her. Since she warmed her with her hand, she also pulls out her nails every day.” Alton Ye said coldly and ruthlessly. To!

“Yes.” Chi Yan said respectfully.

Fan Ling looked at Alton Ye in horror, as if seeing a demon, the hideous look on her face would make people rush to fear.

“You kill, kill me if you have the ability.” Fan Ling roared loudly!

“Hmph, killing you, it would be too cheap for you. If she pulls out her fingers, she will start stomping her fingers, starting from her face.” Alton Ye said harshly.

“Yes.” Chi Yan said respectfully.

When Fan Ling heard Alton Ye’s words, the fear in her heart gradually deepened and she fell into the abyss.

Alton Ye walked in front of the two kidnappers. At this time, how regretful the two kidnappers were, they even tied up a big man who could not be offended.

The two have now been beaten completely beyond recognition, and the one who was whipped on his face does not even know his mother!

“Uncle, please let us go. We really didn’t know that we didn’t beat her, we just tied her up.” The boss said with a pained expression.

“Don’t let them die, take good care of them.” Alton Ye said coldly.


Alton Ye looked at them. No matter how to tortured them, he couldn’t calm the anger in his heart.

Alton Ye stretched out his hand towards Chi Yan, Chi Yan saw it, and quickly handed the whip in his hand to Alton Ye respectfully!

“What’s on it?” Alton Ye asked.

“Salt water.” Chi Yan said respectfully.

“I feel more comfortable with some chili water,” Alton Ye said.

The two kidnappers on the side heard Alton Ye’s calm words, so scared they almost peeed their pants.

Sure enough, Chi Yan really did follow Alton Ye’s words and soaked the whip in chili water again.

Mix the chili water and salt water and whipped it on the body. How sour and refreshing the taste should be!

Alton Ye held the whip. Without hesitation, he drew on two people.



Suddenly, the sound of howling ghosts and wolves rang out in the dark.

Alton Ye didn’t know how long he had beaten them, and he didn’t stop until he dissipated the anger in his heart.

He stretched his hand to pull the tie around his neck, letting himself breathe more smoothly.

The two had passed out in pain.

Alton Ye looked at them, threw the whip in his hand to Chi Yan, turned and left!

“Don’t make them feel better, take care of them.” Alton Ye said without looking back.

Chi Yan watched Alton Ye leave, only to loosen his grip just now.

Chi Yan had been worried just now, and the atmosphere did not dare to make a sound.

“The second youngest, the fourth youngest, the fifth youngest, don’t you leave with the master?” Chi Yan asked in a deep voice!

“Did you not see his hostility? I dare not sit in a car with him.” Saul Nan pretended to be terrible.

“Let’s go, or you just wait to go back.” Ivan Han said angrily.

“I know, I know.” Saul Nan thought of something and turned to look at Chi Yan.

“Teach them well and let them die.” Saul Nan said coldly.

In the end, Ivan Han took Saul Nan’s clothes and left.

After Alton Ye left, he drove straight to the hospital.

“Oh, you can be regarded as coming back. If you don’t come back again, that person will start fighting.” Gary Mo complained.

“Oh, can you still beat him?” Saul Nan said.

Gary Mo’s face became serious when he heard Saul Nan’s words.

He walked to the side of Saul Nan and put his hands on his shoulders, looking very serious.

“Xiao Nanzi, if you keep doing this, you will never be able to catch up with Christina Ye.” Gary Mo said.

“Impossible.” Saul Nan said without hesitation!

“In this way, I have a good way. Do you want to listen?” Gary Mo said with a smile.

“You are so kind?” Saul Nan said in disbelief.

“You are my brother, how could I not care about the life of the brother, but…” Gary Mo said, stroking his chin!

“Fourth, you must not be fooled.” Ivan Han said.

“But what?” Saul Nan asked.

“I can help you chase Christina Ye, but you have to give me your casino.” Gary Mo said.

Gary Mo wanted Saul’s casino for a long time, but Saul Nan never gave it to him.

“No problem, as long as you help me catch Christina Ye, let alone a casino, it is no problem.” Saul Nan said generously.

“Okay, that’s it, let’s go, I’ll go now to help you make suggestions.” Gary Mo turned his head and looked at Alton Ye and the others, “We are gone, and there is nothing wrong with us here.”

Afterwards, Gary Mo took Saul Nan and left.

Ivan Han looked at Gary Mo helplessly and didn’t say anything.

“You all go back first, I can be here alone.” Alton Ye said indifferently.

Ivan Han and Andrew glanced at each other and nodded.

“Well, we have something to call us.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice.

After Ivan Han and the others left, Alton Ye opened the door of the ward and walked in. Tanya An’s pale face was greeted.

Alton Ye sat on the chair beside the bed, holding Tanya An’s little hand, not daring to use force for fear of breaking the wound on her arm.

Alton Ye had self-blame, guilt and full of affection in his eyes.

“Tanya, wake up quickly, I like to see you alive and kicking, like to see you unscrupulous in front of me, and like to act like a baby in front of me.”

What responded to Alton Ye was a sound of even breathing.

Tanya is like a sleeping beauty now, in front of him is the man who loves her, but she is sleeping here.

Alton Ye held Tanya An’s hand and k*ssed her, hoping to wake her up.

Chapter 220

Alton Ye held Tanya An’s hand and k*ssed her, hoping to wake her up.

“Boom boom Knock.”

“Boom boom Knock.”

“Come in.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Alton Ye put Tanya An’s hand into the bed.

Ye Ye walked in and saw Tanya lying on the bed, looking very bad.

“Master, madam, how is she?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Well, how is the investigation going?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

“I found it. She was the last time Fan Ling spoke on the phone. Although the call log was deleted, we chased her back.” James Yi said respectfully.

“Is it the Lin family?” Alton Ye asked coldly.

If it was the Lin family this time, he would not be soft-hearted.

“No, the Lin Group is very quiet recently. Even Jennifer Lin stays at home and is not well-known. After investigation by our people, the results are all here.” James Yi said, handing the information in his hand to Alton Ye.

Alton Ye took the information in his hand overnight, opened it and looked at it, the more he looked, the more hostile Alton Ye was.

“Humph, overwhelming.” Alton Ye said coldly.

“Master, what should I do?” James Yi asked in a deep voice.

“Take the human way to treat the human body.” Alton Ye said coldly.

As soon as Ye heard the words of Alton Ye, he knew what Alton Ye meant.

“Subordinates understand.” James Yi said respectfully.

Alton Ye turned his head to look at Tanya An, hoping that Tanya An would wake up soon.

“You take everything from work to the hospital, as well as my daily necessities. I live here these days.” Alton Ye said in a low voice.

“Yes.” James Yi said.

“Go out.” Alton Ye said coldly.

James Yi looked at what Alton Ye wanted to say, then swallowed again, and had to leave.

Alton Ye walked to the bed and sat down again, holding Tanya An’s hand.

“Tanya, wake up quickly. If you don’t wake up again, I won’t give you your coming-of-age ceremony.”

“Baby Tanya, don’t you want to see what I look like? You wake up, and I will leave to show you when you wake up, OK!

Alton Ye put Tanya An’s hand on his face.

the other side.

Inside the presidential suite in the top hotel in Svalborne.

“Miss, things didn’t work out,” said a cold voice.

The woman sitting in the seat by the window, fiddling with her nails, wearing a big red dressing gown, with loose hair.

“I knew it would end like this.” Ye Zinuo said calmly.

“Will she tell us?” Wuhen said in a deep voice!

“No, I didn’t intend to use this chess piece all the time!” Ye Zinuo said calmly.

“Yes, by the way, my wife called me just now and asked you how things are going?” Wuhen asked cautiously.


Just after Wuhen’s words were said, Ye Zinuo swept the things in front of him to the ground, angrily appeared on his face.

Moreover, the wine glass in his hand fell directly on Wuhen’s forehead, and immediately, Wuhen’s forehead was bloody.

Seeing her own lady angry, Wuhen couldn’t help but step back, not caring about the wound on her forehead.

“Miss, calm down.” Wuhen said in a deep voice.

“Huh, I know how to urge you all day long.” Ye Zinuo said coldly.

“How do you go back then?” Wuhen asked.

“Just say it’s still being processed.” Ye Zinuo said impatiently.

“Yes, the subordinates understand.” Wuhen said respectfully.

Ye Zinuo looked up at the wound on Wuhen’s forehead, put on her slippers, and walked to Wuhen’s side.

“Wuhen, will you be angry if I treat you this way?” Ye Zinuo’s face showed an innocent look.

Wuhen watched Ye Zinuo approaching herself, and couldn’t help but step back.

“Of course not.” Wuhen said in a deep voice.

“Really, in that case, go out and treat the wound.” Ye Zinuo said in a deep voice.

“Yes.” Wuhen said respectfully.

After speaking, Wuhen turned and left the suite.

Ye Zinuo turned around and leaned back on the couch.

“This time you are fortune-telling.” Ye Zinuo said softly, making people unable to see her emotions.

Tanya had an accident this time, and I don’t know who leaked the wind.

“Hello, I’m Tanya An’s teacher. I heard that she was injured and was hospitalized. I will come and see her.” Chen Borui, who was holding something in his hand, said in a deep voice.

“Sorry, my father has ordered that no one except him can enter.” James Yi said coldly.

Chen Borui was standing outside the ward, and others wouldn’t let him in, so he couldn’t ying in.

“In that case, you can give her things for me.” Chen Borui said with a light smile.

“Leave it to me.” James Yi said with his hand out.

Chen Borui handed what was in his hands to James Yi and left.

After James Yi saw Chen Borui leaving, he walked into the ward.

“Master, this is from my wife’s teacher.” James Yi said in a deep voice.

“Throw it away.” Alton Ye said without raising his head.

“Yes.” James Yi said.

“Well, I have finished approving today’s documents, you can bring them back.” Alton Ye said in a deep voice.

Everything passed very quickly, five days have passed in a blink of an eye, but Tanya still showed no sign of waking up, which made Alton Ye furious.


“The surname is Mo, I will give you one more day. If Tanya can’t wake up anymore, this table will be your end in a day.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Gary Mo bit his finger in fear, and looked at the shattered table in front of him, shaking all over.

After Alton Ye finished speaking, he turned and walked to the noisy Tanya An ward.

Mo Qian humblely watched Alton Ye leave, patted his chest, and turned to look at Ivan Han and Saul Nan pitifully.

“What should I do?” Mo Qian said pitifully.

“Cold.” Ivan Han and Saul Nan said at the same time.

When Mo Qianhu heard what they said, his handsome face collapsed.

“The surname is Nan, I helped you so much yesterday, you didn’t even care about me.” Mo Qian said with gritted teeth.

“But I am not a doctor.” Saul Nan spread his hands.

Mo Qian sat on the chair, he really figured out a way.

Alton Ye came to the door of the ward and saw Ruan Qingchen and Milsa Ruan.

“What are you doing?” Alton Ye said coldly.

Ruan Qingchen turned to look at Alton Ye, strode forward, pulling Alton Ye’s collar!

“Since Alton Ye can’t make Tanya wake up, then I will take her to the United States. Don’t think about getting close to Da in the future.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

Alton Ye looked at Ruan Qingchen coldly and kicked Ruan Qingchen away mercilessly.


Ruan Qingchen fell on the wall, Alton Ye exhausted his strength.

“Brother.” Milsa Ruan shouted.

Alton Ye looked at Ruan Qingchen with scarlet eyes, with killing in his eyes, and the hostility emanating from his body made people shudder.

“My people, I don’t need you to manage.”

Ruan Qingchen clutched his stomach and looked at Alton Ye with a cold face.


When the two people were in a stalemate, there was a harsh scream from the ward. Alton Ye heard it and hurried to the ward.

Chapter 221

When the two people were in a stalemate, there was a harsh scream from the ward. Alton Ye heard it and hurried to the ward.

The few people outside the ward saw the situation and ignored them, and ran directly into the ward.

Alton Ye ran into the ward and saw Tanya An sitting there with empty eyes, still panting, looking like she had a terrible nightmare.

Alton Ye hurried to the side of An’s novel, hugged Tanya An, let her lean in his arms!

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, don’t be afraid.” Alton Ye coaxed softly.

Tanya looked up and saw Alton Ye right in front of her, and she was fine.


Suddenly, Tanya cried loudly, crying loudly, as if to vent all the grievances and fears.

“I thought I would never see you again, I was really scared.” Tanya cried and said.

Alton Ye k*ssed Tanya An’s hair in distress when he heard Tanya An’s words.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m by your side now.” Alton Ye said in a choked voice.

When Tanya An heard Alton Ye’s comforting words, instead of stopping, she cried even harder.

Alton Ye has been holding Tanya to comfort her.

Ruan Qingchen and Milsa Ruan looked at them, and they just stood there without stepping forward.

Milsa Ruan saw Tanya finally wake up, she was speechless with excitement, tears in her eyes.

Ruan Qingchen looked at Tanya An’s appearance and held her hands tightly.

“I’m here, I’m here.”

Everyone stepped aside and asked Mo Qian to walk in and check Tanya.

Mo Qianxu heard James Yi say that Tanya was awake, and ran over quickly, followed by Ivan Han and Saul Nan.

“Sister-in-law, you finally woke up, or I will be killed by Alton.” Mo Qian said exaggeratedly.

Alton Ye heard Mo Qian’s words and shot him sharply, Gary Mo shut up immediately.

“Let’s show Tanya.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Later, Alton Ye flattened Tanya An and asked Mo Qian to check.

During this period, Tanya An kept pulling Alton Ye’s clothes, and did not let go for a moment.

“There is nothing serious, but I still have to continue to stay in the hospital for observation, after all, the injury is also very serious.” Mo Qian said in a deep voice.

“Tanya, it’s all my fault.” Milsa Ruan ran to Tanya.

“It’s okay.” Tanya said weakly.

“If it weren’t for me to let you out at work, you wouldn’t be kidnapped.” Milsa Ruan reproached herself.

“I didn’t blame you.” Tanya An said with a chuckle.

“Well, you all go out, Tanya needs to rest.” Alton Ye said coldly.

Milsa Ruan heard Alton Ye’s words and had to stand up. Ruan Qingchen looked at Alton Ye’s appearance and wanted to have an attack, but Milsa Ruan pulled it out.

Alton Ye helped Tanya cover the quilt, and just turned around, but Tanya grabbed his hand.

“Don’t go, don’t leave me alone.” Tanya An cried.

Alton Ye turned around to help Tanya An pin the hair on his forehead behind.

“I’m not going, I’ll bring you something to eat.” Alton Ye said softly.

Unexpectedly, Tanya An kept shaking his head, refusing to let Alton Ye leave, Alton Ye was helpless.

“Qiu, what can Tanya eat now?” Alton Ye asked in a deep voice.

“Of course it’s light.” Gary Mo said.

“Go and tell Mom Zhang to do it.” Alton Ye said coldly!

“Yes.” Ye left as soon as he finished speaking.

Alton Ye sat on the chair, holding Tanya An’s hand.

“I’m not going, I’ll be here with you, go to sleep.” Alton Ye said softly.

“Well, you must not leave.” Tanya An said.

“Yeah.” Alton Ye nodded.

Seeing Alton Ye nodded, Tanya An closed his eyes and rested.

Ivan Han, Gary Mo and Saul Nan left the room knowingly.

“My sister-in-law wakes up and tells her that I will come to see her tomorrow. If there is something in my company, I will go back first.” Ivan Han said in a deep voice!

“Then I will go too.” Saul Nan said in a deep voice!

“Hey, all gone.” Gary Mo said.

After Ivan Han and Saul Nan left, Gary Mo walked over to Milsa Ruan and Ruan Qingchen who were sitting in the chairs!

“Hey, why don’t you go back?” Gary Mo asked.

“What’s your business?” Ruan Qingchen said coldly!

“Why it’s not my business, but inside is my sister-in-law.” Gary Mo deliberately bit the word sister-in-law very hard.

When Ruan Qingchen heard Gary Mo’s words, his face was pale.

“The surname is Mo, be careful I demolish your hospital.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

“If you dismantle my hospital, if you dismantle my hospital, I will build the hospital in your Nguyen clan group, which saves a lot of money.” Gary said with a smile.

“Has anyone told you that you are shameless.” Ruan Qingchen gritted his teeth and said.

When Gary Mo heard Ruan Qingchen’s words, he supported his chin with one hand and pretended to think.

“It seems not.” Gary Mo said with his eyes open.

Ruan Qingchen looked at Gary Mo and really wanted to beat him up.

“Okay, don’t bother you.” Milsa Ruan couldn’t help but said.

“It’s not that I want to quarrel, you, brother with facial paralysis.” Gary Mo said.

“Brother, or let’s go back first. Tanya has already rested anyway. Let’s come and see her tomorrow.” Milsa Ruan said in a deep voice.

When Ruan Qingchen heard what Milsa Ruan said, he looked up in the ward, then turned to look at Gary Mo coldly.

“Please tell the person inside, this time I will definitely take Tanya away. She will only invite constant trouble and danger by following that person.” Ruan Qingchen said coldly.

Milsa Ruan looked at her brother in surprise, but she didn’t expect her brother to let go!

When Gary Mo heard Ruan Qingchen’s words, his originally laughing face turned gloomy and his eyes became fierce.

“Really, if you have that ability.” Gary Mo said harshly.

Milsa Ruan didn’t want to watch it, pulling her brother to leave.

“Walk slowly, don’t give it away.” Gary Mo said calmly!

After Milsa Ruan and Ruan Qingchen left, this floor seemed to be quiet a lot.

In order to allow Tanya An to cultivate well, Alton Ye wrapped up this floor of the hospital as soon as he entered the hospital.

Except for cleaning and nurses, don’t get in.

Gary Mo watched everyone go and wanted to go to his own business.

“Gary Mo, roll in!”

Gary Mo felt helpless when he heard this voice.

Xin said, you can’t call my name properly.

Gary Mo finally ran into the ward at the fastest speed!

“No, don’t leave me, mother, mother don’t leave.”

“Tanya keeps talking in dreams, and can’t wake up even when I call.” Alton Ye said worriedly.

Upon seeing this, Gary Mo became serious and hurriedly walked towards Tanya An.

“No, no, don’t come over, mother, mother don’t leave Tanya.”

Tanya looked painful, her brows furrowed and her little head kept swinging.

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