Love Knows No Bounds Novel: A Novel Worth Reading

Love Knows no Bounds novel is making a name for itself out there; people who have read it have recommended it to their friends and so on.

This novel is about loss, love, and fears. It tells us, quite delicately, that life gives people all sorts of surprises. While sometimes we see fate smiling at us, on others, we are at the receiving end of the harshness of existence.

This novel is about a girl, who has lost and then found but is on the verge of losing again. She is afraid of attachment yet abandonment makes her even more paranoid.

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Love Knows No Bounds: A Brief Summary:

The story of Love knows No Bound Chinese novels are set in China. The story is about a young girl, Yun Amno, who is met with all sorts of bad luck from the beginning of her life.

She loses her father before she is able to comprehend what it really means to have parents. When she is old enough to know the gravity of relationships, she sees her mother going deeper into the addiction of alcohol.

She, therefore, never gets to see the love of a parent like all the other kids around. But her mother was, still, big support for her – Yun Amno at least had someone to rely on.

But that changes. On a stormy night, she finds out that her mother is dead. Dead in a bar where she has had her share of alcohol which knocked her off of her life.

She is an orphan now, with nowhere to go except wherever she is taken to.

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Yun Ammo’s fate takes a turn After her mother’s unfortunate demise she is taken to a police station where she is all set to depart for an orphanage.

But at that moment, a man in his mid-thirties enters the station and in a serious voice announces that he is going to adopt Yun Amno and become his guardian.

People consider Yun Amno fortunate, for she has found someone who is well-to-do financially, who can take care of her. However, the man is someone with a cold heart, having nothing but contempt for the world around and manners that would leave people hurt.

Anyway, he takes Yun Amno with himself and gives her a room – Yun living all her life in a shabby apartment finds her personal room impressive.

The cold heart of the man starts to melt as Yun Amno starts to grow. With the affectionate smile, and intelligence, Yun, seems to have won over her guardian.

But that is not the case. Yun Amno has been adopted for a purpose of which she has no inkling at all. Will she be able to find out? Or she will be left at the mercy of her guardian? Will the power of love overcome all the other considerations?

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