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Chapter 88

Today Casey He is wearing a pink dress, stepping on white high heels, with delicate makeup painted on her face, and her hair with big waves, leaning on one side and hanging on her chest.

It seemed that he had seen Ana Lin a long time ago, with his hands around his chest, standing at the door looking at her.

Ana Lin didn’t want to conflict with her, not afraid of her, but didn’t want to be entangled, and pulled Lena Qin from the side.

But Casey He didn’t want to let her go like this.

Not her, how could Phillip Zong disengage her?

Ana Lin left there, and she stood there.

“Are you sick?” Lena Qin got angry after being stopped several times.

“You are sick!” Casey He glared at her, her delicate face turned a little distorted because of her anger.

“You are not sick, are you blocking our way?” Lena Qin also stared at her.

Who wouldn’t stare?

“It seems to be Miss He and Miss Lin over there.” Milton Guan drove past here, saw the person standing at the entrance of the hotel arguing, stopped the car, and said to the man in the back seat.

Phillip Zong was reading documents, and there were a few unread documents on his thigh. He was wearing a white shirt, his suit was open, the shirt was loose, and the two buttons on the collar were unbuttoned, showing his slender neck and a looming collarbone. Looks a bit busy, otherwise I’m in the car and still reading documents.

Hearing Milton Guan’s voice, he lowered the car window and looked over there.

Sure enough, it was the two of them.

Phillip Zong glanced at Casey He and his eyes were dark, he closed the document in his hand, did not intend to get off the car, nor did he desire to continue reading the document.

Milton Guan asked cautiously, “Don’t go down and take a look?”

Phillip Zong cast a cold eye, Milton Guan curled his lips, and closed his mouth unwillingly.

Ana Lin gave Lena Qin a hand, “Let’s change another house.”

“Want to go, no way!” Casey He opened her arms to block Ana Lin, but Phillip Zong retired from her engagement, and she was on fire.

This met the culprit, how could she easily let it go?

Ana Lin calmed down his face completely, “Get out of the way!”

Casey He sneered twice, “Get out of the way?” She turned her words, savagely, “Ana Lin, you can’t imagine, you ruined my happiness, ruined my future, how can I let you go? I can’t wait to let you go The corpse was broken into pieces and thrown away to feed the dog.”

“I’m afraid you throw it away to feed the dog, and the dog won’t eat it.” Lena Qin couldn’t see her so mad.


Casey He slapped Lena Qin’s face with a slap, pointing to her nose, “What are you, and you deserve to talk to me?”

Lena Qin was beaten up.

His face was hot and painful.

Ana Lin clenched her hand, the blood flowing backwards all over her body, and the power gathered on her right hand, and she slapped Casey He’s left cheek.


This sound is louder than the sound just now.

She doesn’t want to be entangled, does not mean she is a soft persimmon.

She hit Lena Qin, just hit her!

Casey He’s eyes were almost staring, and she couldn’t believe Ana Lin dared to hit her, “Do you dare to hit me?”

Ana Lin squeezed her hand. Just now, she used a lot of strength, not to mention her hands, even her arms were numb, and her face was extremely calm, “If you don’t offend me, I won’t offend others. You provoke me first, you Is it the daughter of the He family that is great? Everyone is human, and no one is more noble than anyone. If you hit someone, you will naturally suffer retribution.”


“You will get retribution!” Casey He rushed towards her like crazy, “Ana Lin said I want to kill you, I want to kill you—”

The resentment Casey He held in her heart found a breakthrough in Ana Lin, and she was out of control.

It’s like crazy.

“Are you sure you can beat the two of us alone?” Ana Lin was very calm and stood still.

Lena Qin didn’t know when she found a stick, held it in her hand, and stared at Casey He eagerly. As long as she dared to move, she would hit her on the head.

Casey He stopped. Since entering He’s house, who would dare to mess with her?

Was flattered, flattered, when did you experience this kind of loss?

She was very angry.

The body was trembling because of being too angry.

“What are you staring at, are you afraid that your eyes will fall out?” Lena Qin shook the stick and deliberately made a posture to drop it.

Casey He hugged her head in fright.

She just reacted instinctively.

But the look is extremely funny.

“Haha.” Lena Qin laughed at her.

“Ana Lin said that I won’t let you go!” Casey He was so angry that she almost yelled out of hysterics.


Ana Lin sneered.

Let it go?

When did she let it go?

“Casey He, you caused my mother to be mentally ill and caused me to have a car accident. You almost killed my life. You are soft, do you want to let it go?” She was hesitating. Casey He is Rios He’s younger sister and really wants to deal with her. I feel sorry for Rios He.

After all, Rios He cares about this sister very much.

But the hatred for her by her appearance is so deep that she will never let go. She can harm herself once, and she can have a second and a third time.

Now she is different from before, and the two children are her weakness.

Who knows if Casey He gets crazy and will harm her child?

At this moment, Ana Lin firmly established the car accident and his brother’s suicide case in the same year when Yu Doudou reversed the case.

I am afraid that only by punishing Casey He to the law can her world be completely quiet.

Casey He stunned for a moment and squinted, “Do you know that I did the car accident back then?”

For so many years, no one knows what happened back then.

“If you want people to know it, you can’t do it yourself.” Ana Lin said every word.

“My brother told you?” She only told Rios He about this matter.

She felt betrayed by the whole world, and Phillip Zong didn’t want her anymore. Even the brother who loved her very much would tell her his secrets because of this woman.

Ana Lin’s heart trembled suddenly. He, Rios He knew that she was responsible for the car accident that year?

But he clearly said that it was an accident.

Did he say that on purpose for his sister?

Suddenly Ana Lin thought of Rios He’s abnormality that day. He said, if, in the future, you find that I am not that good, would you hate me?

Did he have a lot of thoughts that day, and he was referring to this matter?

Ana Lin’s silence fell into Casey He’s eyes and became an acquiescence.

“Ha ha, ha ha ha —” Casey He laughed wildly, tears streaming out of her laughter, “false feelings, all false feelings.”

She wondered why Rize was really good to her.

Never thought that her weight is not as good as this woman.

What is so good about her?

Why do you like her?

Lena Qin was frightened by Casey He’s appearance, and whispered, “Sister Lin, isn’t she going crazy?”

Ana Lin shook his head.

“Ana Lin.”

Suddenly Casey He closed her voice and stared at Ana Lin, her eyes seemed to be poisoned. Just looking at her can kill her with the poison, “Ana Lin, let’s wait and see!”

She is now a daughter of the He family, are you afraid that she won’t have a chance to kill her?

Used to have.

There will be more in the future.

“I’m waiting.” Ana Lin’s back was straight, surpassing Casey He in momentum.

Casey He knew that if she continued to consume it, she had no chance to make a profit, so she had to go first and make another plan.

She was careless and underestimated Ana Lin.

Only let himself end in such a awkward end.

When she walked down the steps, she was about to drive, and she saw the man coming here, her eyes lit up, and she ran towards him, “Ah Hao—”

Chapter 89

Seeing Phillip Zong, Casey He almost rushed over, trying to hug him with her arms open.

Phillip Zong opened her body sideways, her speed was too fast, and she couldn’t hold her foot even when she threw herself empty, and she hurriedly fell forward several steps, her ankle smashed.

“Ah—” with a cry of exclamation, his legs softened and fell down.

Milton Guan stood aside, there was a chance to hold her, but did not reach out.

When she hadn’t become a family member before, she was kind to Milton Guan. After all, Milton Guan was someone Phillip Zong trusted, and she was willing to spend some time on Milton Guan.

However, after entering the He family, she became the daughter of the He family, putting on airs in front of Milton Guan again and again.

Milton Guan was uncomfortable and didn’t like her before.

Now she is the eldest daughter.

He is just an assistant, not a person of the world.

Casey He fell to the ground, her knees were torn and her carefully made hair was messed up, she looked very embarrassed.

She looked up at Phillip Zong, “Ahhao——”

She could not accept his indifference and ignorance.

He loved her deeply.

His current attitude was a sense of frustration that made her fall from the clouds to hell.

She couldn’t accept it.

Looking at the man standing in front of him tremblingly, “Ah Hao——”

Tears rolled in her eyes, aggrieved and pleased.

Phillip Zong walked to her, squatted down, and stretched out her hand to brush away the messy hair blocking her cheeks.

Looking closely at her face, it seems that she wants to spy on her heart through her features.

“Ah Hao—”

“Don’t call me.” He interrupted Casey He’s address to him.

Casey He was startled, and she couldn’t accept this fact.

“How much did you hide from me?” His voice was extremely low, as if suppressing something.

Casey He’s mind went back and forth, as if a movie was playing back, thinking about the meaning of Phillip Zong’s words.

Suddenly her pupils shrank sharply, did he hear her conversation with Ana Lin?

“I didn’t.” She denied immediately.

“Nothing?” Phillip Zong sneered.

She had saved him before and trusted her, and found that some of her careful thoughts had not been investigated, and he was unwilling to investigate many things.

There is a little bit of love.

But she can always refresh his knowledge of her.

The self-directed and self-acted deception, even Ana Lin’s car accident that year, was her handwriting.

He had looked down upon her before, thinking she was just a little cautious, but he didn’t think that she had such a vicious heart.

“I didn’t—I didn’t harm Ana Lin, she, she talked nonsense.” Casey He burst into tears and reached out to grab Phillip Zong’s arm, “Aha, you have to believe me.”

He just fixed his gaze on her face, frozen for a few seconds, and his cold lips condensed into a straight line. He didn’t speak, but broke her hand.

Casey He didn’t want to loosen it, but Phillip Zong’s strength was too great, and she had little room for struggle and was easily broken.

“Ah Hao.” Casey He hugged his leg, “I really don’t, believe me, if there is a mistake, it is also because I love you, is it wrong to love you?”

Ha ha.

Phillip Zong sneered, as if laughing at himself, his voice was very soft, “You are right, it is me who is wrong.”

Shouldn’t take responsibility as love.

“No, no.” Casey He shook her head desperately, “You’re right, I’m right, it’s her who is wrong!”

She turned her head and pointed angrily at Ana Lin who was standing on the steps, “It’s all her, she’s a b*tch!”

“You are…”

Lena Qin wanted to return her mouth, but Ana Lin stopped her, and there was no need to argue with her tongue.

What she fears most now is just fear of losing Phillip Zong.

Snake hits seven inches, Phillip Zong is her seven inches.

Ana Lin stepped on high heels, stepped down the steps, and walked towards Phillip Zong step by step. She stretched out the hair around her ears, eye-catching like silk, and put her hand on Phillip Zong’s shoulder, with a soft voice. Yelled, “husband.”

Ana Lin feels nauseous, this name is really bad.

Anyway, the divorce certificate was not issued, so she was not screaming at random.

Mainly to be able to piss Casey He.

Look, Casey He’s face flushed with anger, like cooked shrimp.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes slightly and looked at Ana Lin’s arms on his shoulders. Her arms were slender and her skin was fair. If she was too close, he could see the soft hairs on her arms.

For the first time, Ana Lin took the initiative to approach him.

Still such an intimate title.

There was a bit of joy in his heart.

It is not excluded that Ana Lin calls him that.

He knew that she did it on purpose, but did not push away.

Let her lean on herself.

“Don’t put gold on your face!” Casey He was completely irritated by Ana Lin’s husband.

Get up to fight Ana Lin, “You b*tch, you are not allowed to touch Ah Hao.”

As soon as her hand was about to fall, Phillip Zong grabbed her wrist.

When his eyes met, Casey He was stunned by the coldness in his eyes.

She had never seen such a temperamental emotion in Phillip Zong’s eyes.


“Milton Guan.” Phillip Zong shook her hand away.

Milton Guan understood, stepped forward to hold her.

How could Casey He be willing to be pulled by Milton Guan, watching Ana Lin and Phillip Zong get so close.

“Milton Guan, you let me go!” Casey He didn’t care about anything, she just wanted to switch Jin’s hand to pull Ana Lin away.

She must not touch him!

Phillip Zong belongs to her.

No one can touch it!

“Miss He, is this shameless?” Milton Guan frowned.

“Milton Guan, how old are you? Can you control me?” she growled.

Phillip Zong was too lazy to entangle him, and gave a light command, “You handle it.” He took Ana Lin away.

“Ah Hao–” Seeing Zong Phillip was about to leave, Casey He was completely panicked.

Punched and kicked Milton Guan, “Let go of me, let me go quickly.”

Milton Guan didn’t loosen the strength in his hand, and didn’t even move. “Miss He calm down, you and Zong have already canceled their engagement—”

“My relationship with Ah Hao, you know what a sh*t, even if the engagement is cancelled, he still loves me.”

Milton Guan thought she was funny.

Love her?

He is an outsider who can tell that Phillip Zong has never loved her in these years.

To her was just the responsibility of that night, and her love for saving him when she was a child.


Don’t be nonsense.


“You are a lunatic, you are a dog, a barking watchdog by Hao!”

Milton Guan’s face sank, and he sneered, “Yes, how can you be noble, the daughter of the He family!”

Milton Guan bit the word Qianjin extremely heavily.

How can a person change even his personality due to the change of identity?

No, she was originally such a person, she just hid her true self before.

Now it’s just showing my nature.

As the saying goes, the country is easy to change and its nature is hard to change.

Seeing Phillip Zong pulling Ana Lin into the car, Milton Guan let go of Casey He.

Give her a cold look.

“Zong Zong would not like a woman like you.”

Casey He was trembling with anger. Seeing Milton Guan was about to leave, she rushed up and grabbed Milton Guan’s hand and bit down.

Milton Guan snorted.


Raise the foot and kick the mad woman away, “You are the dog that can bite.”

Milton Guan glanced at the bleeding back of his hand that he hadn’t bitten, took a bite, and kicked the woman on the ground.

Turned and left.

Casey He lay on the ground, her hands clenched into fists, she was bound to get back today’s insult.

“You let me go.” Ana Lin, who was dragged away, panicked. Just now, she just deliberately wanted to stimulate Casey He.

Phillip Zong didn’t answer, but forced her into the car.

Ana Lin said that he was not at peace.

Phillip Zong caught her moving hands, “Be quiet.”

Ana Lin twisted his body, trying to get rid of his shackles, “Where are you taking me?”

Chapter 90

Phillip Zong’s body leaned over, she involuntarily moved backwards, and there was not much room for her behind the back of the chair.

Soon his sturdy chest was pressed on her body, almost tightly stitched, she could clearly feel his body temperature, and she was stiff and dared not move.

Phillip Zong licked a strand of hair in her ear, leaned her lips against her cheek, and said in a low tone, “After using me, I want to go, don’t you need to pay?”


At this moment, Ana Lin regretted a little and used him to avenge Casey He.

Phillip Zong withdrew slightly and buckled her safety belt. Ana Lin didn’t dare to resist anymore during the whole process.

Because she really took advantage of him.

Phillip Zong withdrew his body, started the car, and drove the car away.

Ana Lin leaned against the car window and brewed in her heart for a while before she said, “Just now, I used you without your consent. I was abrupt. How much do you want?”


Phillip Zong wanted to yell at her, is he short of money?

“I don’t need money.”

Ana Lin didn’t calm down, “Then what kind of remuneration do you want?”

He stared at her sideways, straight, his black eyes had a gentle color, and he was a bit more playful, “Or, the debt, the flesh?”


Ana Lin has only one thought now, run away from him quickly.

She hadn’t noticed before, he was so shameless.

Is it a hooligan?

Phillip Zong smiled and glanced over the corner of her eyes, “Are you scolding me in your heart?”

Ana Lin’s face instantly stretched. Did she just say what was in her heart?

Did he hear?

She stammered and explained, “No, I didn’t scold you.”

Phillip Zong raised the corners of his lips, never talking.

Ana Lin had a guilty conscience, and cautiously wanted to turn this topic off, “Where are we going?”

“I’m hungry.” He didn’t squint.


Ana Lin was sweating and didn’t dare to speak again.

I always feel that everything I say will be distorted by him.

“What do you want?” Phillip Zong glanced sideways at her.

She always felt that her face was not right, and then as if she understood something, she chuckled, “I won’t eat you, eat.”


Ana Lin’s face flushed to the base of her ears, and she just wanted to get crooked.

If you want to be crooked, forget it.

It was also seen.

What this man lost was lost in the Pacific Ocean.

She lowered her head, wishing to find a place to get in.

Phillip Zong’s eyes fell on her pink cheeks, and the corners of her lips curled up.

Soon he parked the car in front of a restaurant.

Ana Lin glanced out of the car window, a Chinese restaurant.

She unfastened her seat belt and pushed down the car door. Phillip Zong stood at the front of the car and waited for her, “This family’s Chinese food is good.”

Ana Lin gave a faint hmm, and didn’t dare to fall on him.

As if thinking of something again, she suddenly raised her head, “This meal, please.”

Phillip Zong came over, put his arm on her shoulder, learned her posture, and said ambiguously, “A meal is like sending me?”

The breath of his words was blowing the hair around her ears.

Seems to be molested.

Ana Lin turned his face slightly, with regret in his heart.

If she knew the result long ago, she would never provoke Casey He for revenge.

She has the feeling of shooting herself in the foot.

He is so angry with Casey He.

But what about herself?

Decreased to be molested by him.

“I borrowed your name. One meal is enough.” Ana Lin pressed his shoulder, without support, Phillip Zong’s arm had to be lowered.

“Let’s go.”

Ana Lin stepped in first.

She found herself on the passive side in front of Phillip Zong.

She can’t keep doing this.

Otherwise, if he is holding this matter, it will be endless.

She must seize the initiative.


Phillip Zong stared at that thin back, touched the corner of his lips, and smiled.

Entering the restaurant, Ana Lin chose a position by the window and sat down.

Phillip Zong walked in and sat opposite Ana Lin.

The waiter came with the menu and passed it.

Ana Lin took it and handed it to Phillip Zong, “I haven’t been here before, and I don’t know what special dishes are there. You can order it.”

Phillip Zong glanced at her and knew what she was paying attention to. He didn’t get through. He took the menu, ordered a few special dishes, and closed the menu, “That’s it.”

The waiter took the menu and said, “Okay, please wait less and will serve you as soon as possible.”

The waiter retired.

While waiting for the time to be served, Phillip Zong propped his forehead with one hand and looked around Ana Lin’s face back and forth.

Ana Lin was uncomfortable being seen, and reached out his hand to touch his face, “Is there anything on my face?”


“Then what are you looking at?”

“good looking.”


Ana Lin staggered his gaze, “boring.”

After a while, the waiter brought the dishes.

It is indeed a special dish, the dishes Ana Lin has never eaten, look very appetizing, and don’t know how it tastes.

Phillip Zong served her a bowl of soup, “Try this.”

I didn’t see any ingredients in the soup, it was just thick and white with a delicate fragrance.

Originally, I was going to have a meal with Lena Qin, but I met Casey He, which took a lot of time. At this moment, her stomach was really hungry.

Especially when I smell the fragrance of the soup, I have a great appetite.

She took a spoon and put it in her mouth. It was very fresh and creamy.

“Is it delicious?” Phillip Zong looked at her expression.

Ana Lin nodded, “It’s delicious.”

The taste is really good.

“And this.” Phillip Zong picked up a piece of shrimp cake and put it on her dinner plate.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes and drank the soup.

She is not used to Phillip Zong’s good and caring.

She lost her appetite.

Hesitated inwardly.

“Why divorce?”

Is it really because of her as Danna said?

Phillip Zong drank his mouth water, “Why do you suddenly ask this?”

Ana Lin looked up at him, “I want to know.”

Phillip Zong put down the water cup slowly and glanced at her, “If it is not suitable, we will withdraw. How can there be so many reasons?”

There will be disappointment if there is expectation.


How could it be because of her?

She laughed at herself.

Laugh at your own wishful thinking.

Laugh, knowing that it’s impossible, I have to look forward to it.

“Miss He has been with Mr. Zong for so long, and she said she would abandon it, she is really ruthless.

Phillip Zong was chewing on the shrimp cake, once, he put down his chopsticks, as if thinking about something.

After a while, he slowly asked, “What did you call me just now?”

“Mr. Zong.” Ana Lin answered almost subconsciously.

He made a serious comment, “I don’t like this title.”

“Then, Zong?” Ana Lin changed one.

“not good too.”


He took another piece of white jade-like shrimp cake and put it in his mouth, chewing slowly, his lips moved slightly, “I think it’s better to call it husband.”

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