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Chapter 91


After dinner, the two left the restaurant.

“Where are you going, I will see you off.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “Go home.”

The shop hasn’t been done properly, and she is still receiving the job in country A.

She made an appointment with the customer of the customized wedding dress, look at the picture.

Then, according to the style and material she chooses, she will make clothes.

When Ana Lin said that he was home, Phillip Zong glanced at her sideways, sarcastically, “Your child doesn’t even have a father, so he is home?”

Ana Lin wanted to refute him, he hadn’t yet, but when the words reached her lips, she swallowed again.

If she refuted, she didn’t know what else he was going to say, she glared at him sideways, bent over and sat in the car.

Phillip Zong smiled.

The carriage was too quiet, and the atmosphere was inexplicably embarrassing without speaking.

Ana Lin leaned against the car window, pretending to sleep with his eyes closed.

Her acting skills were not clever, Phillip Zong saw it through at a glance, but didn’t expose her.

About twenty minutes later, Ana Lin pretended to have just woke up and opened her eyes. She counted the time, and it happened that the car arrived at the community.

She rubbed her eyes, pushed the car door, and walked down, “Thank you.”

Thank him for sending her back.

Phillip Zong leaned back and put his hands on the steering wheel casually, “Your thanks are not sincere.”

Ana Lin paused with his hand closing the car door, “What do you mean?”

“If you want to thank me, shouldn’t you invite me up for a cup of tea?” There was a smile on his lips, as if teasing.

Ana Lin was the object of his teasing.

Ana Lin closed the car door with a bang, and said coldly, “I have invited you to have dinner. I have already expressed my sincerity.”

Daniel was so hostile to him, if Ida Zhuang saw him, he would be unhappy.

She was crazy, so she would let him go to her house.

Ruth bit her finger and opened her big round eyes, looking at Ana Lin who was standing on the side of the road, “Which one is Mommy?”

Daniel was thinking, how can I get back the tablet and watch phone from Ana Lin, and when I heard my sister’s words, looked at her, “Where is Mummy?”

Ruth pointed to the gate of the community.

Daniel looked over and saw Ana Lin standing on the side of the road talking to people, with a side face–

Why are you so familiar?

Soon, he recognized that the man who was talking to Ana Lin, wasn’t he the man with the heart?

Why is Mommy still with him?

Daniel pulled her face and stared with deep gaze.

Ruth took his hand, “Brother, what’s wrong with you?”

Daniel snorted coldly, “Ruth, have you seen the man in the car?”

Ruth nodded honestly, “I saw it.”

“He-our father.” Daniel clenched her little hand.

He is Mommy’s ex-husband, and naturally their father.

Ruth blinked her eyes. The name father has never appeared in her world. She just heard other children call him father, she never called.

Suddenly when I heard my brother say that there is a father, I was so excited that he had to run over there, “Dad—”

Daniel took her hand quickly, took her, and covered her mouth, “Shh!”

Ruth struggled, “I’m looking for Dad.”

She did not have the deep thoughts of Daniel.

I just knew that someone was my father, so I wanted to see what her father was like.

“He is not our father.” Daniel said firmly.


Ruth’s thoughts ended, one for a while, another for not, is it right?

Looking at his brother with big ignorant eyes.

It seems to be asking.

“He is our father, but if he abandons Mommy and us, we can’t recognize him as our father.”

Ruth couldn’t understand, her long eyelashes flickered, and she said, “Is it Dad? I want Dad.”

Daniel hugged her sister, “I will definitely find a good father for us and a good man for mommy.”

Ruth, “…”

She could not understand.

Staring not far away, I can only see the man who is profiled, thinking, is that Dad?

What does he look like?

“Have you met Dad?”

Daniel nodded, “I have seen it.”

“Does it look good?” Ruth asked, really wanting to run over and take a look.

Daniel didn’t want to admit it, but Phillip Zong did look good, which was also his distress.

Where can I find a man who is more handsome than him?

“good looking.”

Ruth looked forward to it even more.

“I brought it.” Ida Zhuang walked over with a folding umbrella in his hand. He was taking the two of them to the aquarium today. Only when he got downstairs did he remember that it would rain at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

She went upstairs to get an umbrella.

“Grandma.” Ruth was a little wronged. Her elder brother had already seen her father. She hadn’t seen her yet, so she felt wronged.

Finally, I had a chance to see what my father was like, but my brother didn’t let her see.


“What’s the matter?” Ida Zhuang picked her up.


As soon as Ruth spoke, I heard Daniel shout, “Mummy.”

Then interrupted her.

Ana Lin walked over, saw Ida Zhuang carrying a bag on his body, and asked, “Would you like to go out?”

“I want to take them to the aquarium. It’s always bad to stay at home.”

Ana Lin reached out to pick up her daughter, “How to get there, take the subway?”

It is too inconvenient to take the two children on the subway.

Ida Zhuang said, “Take a taxi. It is not convenient for the subway to take the two of them to transfer.”

Ana Lin walked to the side of the road, “I can’t go with you. I still have some work. When I have time, I will check out the car and buy one. This will make it easier to travel.”

“You are busy with you, I can take care of the two of them.” Ida Zhuang reached out to hug Ruth.

Ruth didn’t let Zhuang Zi hug and didn’t know what was wrong. She was inexplicably wronged, and she hugged Ana Lin’s neck, soft and waxy, “Mummy.”

“What’s wrong?” Ana Lin looked at her daughter and touched her hair, “Do you want Mommy to take you?”

Ruth shook her head, “No, my brother said–“

“Ruth, don’t you want to watch the dolphin show? If you don’t go, we won’t be able to see it. My brother promised you to buy you a dolphin plush pillow with the new year’s money. Do you want it?” Daniel deliberately interrupted my sister. .

He didn’t want Ana Lin to know, he knew who their father was.

Mommy didn’t say, she definitely didn’t want them to know.

Ruth stared at her brother, “Are you really buying it for me?”

Ruth was innocent, but Daniel ran away.

“Buy it.” Daniel said firmly.

“Then I still want a lollipop.” Ruth smiled.

Daniel looked at Ana Lin, “Well, you have to ask Mommy not to let you eat.”

Ruth pouted her mouth, Mommy always said that eating sugar is bad for his teeth, and Mommy would definitely not let him eat it.

The little girl became wronged again.

Ana Lin k*ssed her daughter’s face, “You are allowed to eat one today.”

Ruth immediately beamed her eyes, “Really?”

“Really.” Ana Lin replied affirmatively.

“Mummy, can I have one too?” Daniel raised his head.

“It’s okay.” Ana Lin knelt down and hugged his son.

There are two little guys who are very obedient, Ida Zhuang took them to the aquarium, and Ana Lin returned home to work.

Casey He returned home with full of anger.

Rios He has stopped going to work in the hospital and is learning to do business with He Ruixing.

It’s not that the family business is deeply rooted, I’m afraid it will all fail.

The He family has arrived in Rios He’s generation. Both of the brothers have no business acumen. Rios He loves doctors in mind. He Ruixing is better. He has been in shopping malls for many years and has some abilities, but it is difficult to make the He family once more brilliant. .

Can only barely maintain.

Seeing his sister’s red eyes, Rios He put down the papers his brother gave him and stood up from the sofa, “You, how did you do this?”

Chapter 92

Casey He hates him thinking of betraying herself.

Is his love for her fake?

Why betray her?

Casey He stood at the door, shaking, “Brother—”

When Rios He walked over, he saw her knee hurt and frowned tightly, “Have you fought with someone?”

How else can it be like this?

Casey He shook her head, she looked at Rios He, “Brother, is your love for me fake?”

“How come.” Rios He really loved her. She was lost back then and had something to do with him. Over the years, he has been living in self-blame, and finally found her back.

The guilt for her, the heartache for her.

Never adulterated.

“Haha—” Casey He laughed, but the smile was clean in the next second, leaving only hysterics, “If you love me, how can you betray me, betray me for a woman?!”

“What are you talking about?” Rios He was confused when he heard, “Hurry into the house.”

He pulled his sister who was almost out of control. He Wenhuai was not very happy because of her divorce, and the atmosphere at home was particularly dull and depressing.

If He Wenhuai hears her noisy, anger is inevitable.

Casey He was almost forced into the house by Rios He.

“Sit down first, and I’ll get you some medicine. The inflammation on your knee will be anti-inflammatory, otherwise you will get an infection.”

Casey He seemed to be incomprehensible, sitting still, staring somewhere without focusing.

She thought that if she became the daughter of the He family, she could be with Phillip Zong, possess a noble identity, an enviable lover, and love her brother.

There are no regrets in her life.

But not at all.

Everything has changed. She has a noble status but does not own Phillip Zong. Even Rios He’s love for her will be divided by that woman.

Ana Lin destroyed her love and affection.

Her hand sank into the bedding and tightened little by little, and the back of her hand was violent, showing how angry she was.

Rios He came in carrying the medicine box and squatted in front of her to clean up her knee injuries, fearing that she would hurt, very light and gentle.

“Brother.” Casey He lowered her eyes, “Are you so gentle with Ana Lin?”

Casey He today is surprisingly abnormal.

“What are you trying to say?” Rios He put down the anti-inflammatory water in his hand and decided to have a good talk with her.

“Lin Lin, this world is not just Phillip Zong a man. You don’t have to hang on a tree. On your terms, you can find a good one—”

“Ana Lin is not the only woman in this world, so why do you like her?” Casey He interrupted before he finished speaking.

Rios He could not find an excuse to refute.

Yes, when he persuaded his sister, he forgot his persistence.

“Brother, you can betray your sister for the woman you like. Your love is really great.”

Casey He mentioned this sentence repeatedly, and he had to pay attention to it, “Linlin, have you seen her?”

“Yes.” Casey He did not deny.

Rios He frowned, “You just said that I betrayed you, what do you mean?”

Is it related to Ana Lin?

“Ask me?” Casey He laughed mockingly, “You don’t know what you do yourself?”

“I don’t know, I never hurt you at all.” He has a clear conscience to this sister.

It was discovered that Phillip Zong was the man that night. He selfishly didn’t want Ana Lin to know. Later, when he learned that she was his sister and liked Phillip Zong, he even more deeply hid this secret in his heart.

Even looking at Ana Lin’s two children without fathers, he did not say.

Now she accused him and betrayed her.

Rios He was disappointed and sad.

Casey He’s words hurt his heart too much.

“There hasn’t been any harm. How did you tell Ana Lin that I did the car accident six years ago?” Casey He didn’t believe him.

“She, she knows that you did the car accident six years ago?” Rios He couldn’t believe it, and Ana Lin knew something he didn’t want her to know.

After all, the person who killed her was his sister.

If she knew it, it would definitely affect his relationship with her.

Casey He sneered, “Don’t pretend to be unbelievable. This matter has been around for six years. Only you and I knew about the death of the person who knew about it. Could it be that I should tell her by myself?”

Rios He stiffened for a moment and murmured, “I really didn’t tell her.”

He was flustered that Ana Lin knew.

Will you be angry with him?

He fell onto the sofa.

She just indicated that she would accept him, but at this moment she knew about the car accident.

He did not dare to continue thinking.

Casey He looked at his decadent appearance and frowned slightly, “Isn’t that what you said?”

Rios He smiled bitterly, “Why should I lie to you?”

“Then how did she know?” Casey He couldn’t understand it. After all, not many people knew about this matter, and the only insider died.

The only people who know now are she and Rios He, not Rios He, and she didn’t say that how did Ana Lin know about the car accident?

“You have a good rest.” Rios He stood up, he needs to be quiet, what should he do if he sees Ana Lin.

How to explain this matter.

“Brother.” Casey He hugged him from behind, her face pressed against his back, “Brother, your boss is not young anymore, and I am not a seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl, we are not young anymore, you help me, for us ——”

She likes Phillip Zong, and he likes Ana Lin, as long as he marries Ana Lin, she can be with Phillip Zong.

“How can I help you?” Rios He smiled bitterly, he couldn’t protect himself. How can I help her?

“I said last time, you think about it.”

Fearing that he would refuse, Casey He said hurriedly, “Don’t rush to refuse me. Think about it. It’s impossible for you to want Ana Lin to fall in love with you purely. You must know it yourself. The only way is you and her. Having a relationship makes her have to be with you. Women are all emotional animals. When the body belongs to you, she must have feelings for you in her heart. When you marry her, I can be with Phillip Zong. I Marrying Phillip Zong is equivalent to marrying the two families, and father will be happy. We kill three birds with one stone, why not do it?”

Rios He did not let go, he really liked Ana Lin.

Knowing her, not one or two years, but the love of the past ten years, how can we use such a dirty means to tarnish her, tarnish the emotions of this experience.

“You have seen the situation at home. Both you and your brother are not very good at doing business. Dad is getting older. This time Dad misses me and Phillip Zong so much. Isn’t that why the family will think about it for the future? You really want to look at He’s family. Withered slowly?” Casey He continued to persuade.

“That won’t work either.” He still refused to agree.

Although he is older than Ana Lin, Ana Lin is the first woman he likes.

He didn’t want to destroy this beautiful memory.

Casey He released him and took a step back, showing disappointment in him.

“My happiness and the future of the family are not as important to you as that woman?” She asked in a strong tone, “You have enjoyed the honor brought by the family, but you have not done anything. For so many years, you You have been living abroad and doing what you want to do. Mom and Dad are left to you, but what have you done for them?”

Rios He’s body was stiff, she was right, he hadn’t done anything.


Chapter 93

“Stop talking.” Rios He interrupted her.

His heart was extremely contradictory, and he had to say that Casey He’s words hit the softest part of his heart.

He has never made any contribution to the family business, and He Ruixing is doing it all.

He enjoyed the social status brought to him by the family, but he did not do anything for the family.

“Let me consider it.” Rios He lowered his head.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for your good news.” Casey He didn’t persecute him all the time.

Because he agreed to consider it, there are already signs of it.

After all, he clearly refused last time.

“But don’t take too long, it’s not good for you or me.”

Rios He didn’t speak, and walked away.

Ana Lin closed the chat software and finalized the styles and fabric materials with the guests. Now they have been made by country A, because the custom dresses or wedding dresses are all handmade.

The shop here is not ready yet, it can only be made in country A.

She closed the computer and rubbed her eyebrows. She thought of the inconvenience of Ida Zhuang’s traveling with her two children, and wanted to buy a car, thinking of the phone she had left for her by taking out Doudou from her pocket.

She dialed the number and was connected quickly.


Doudou’s voice came over there.

“Hello, this is Ana Lin.”

“Oh, oh, I heard it.”

“Do you have time?”


“I want to see the car, but I haven’t been in China for many years and I am not familiar with it. If you have time, can you please take me there.”

“Okay, give it half an hour to your community.”

“Okay, then I will wait for you.”

After hanging up the phone, Ana Lin saved his number.

For half an hour, and still some time, she went to take a shower, changed her skirt, put on pants and a T-shirt, and waited to see the car. If it was a test drive, it was inconvenient to get on and off the car.

She cleaned up, and Yu Doudou also arrived.

She locked the door and went downstairs.

Yu Doudou waited at the gate of the community and saw her coming out and helped her open the back door.

“Thank you.” Ana Lin smiled, “You are too polite, I can open it myself.”

“It’s okay.” Yu Doudou smiled and walked to the front to sit in the driving seat. He glanced back at Ana Lin, “What price do you want to buy?”

Ana Lin thought for a while, “The safety performance is good, and the price is between 300,000 and 500,000.”

Yu Doudou smashed his mouth, “You are quite rich.”

Ana Lin coughed slightly, “It’s okay.”

She has saved some money over the years. She has a property abroad and sold her car abroad.

Yu Doudou wanted to ask her if she thought about it, but she didn’t ask. If she thinks well, she will definitely tell herself, always asking, for fear of her being annoying.

Ana Lin saw that his hesitation had stopped.

When she didn’t see Casey He, she wanted to see that Rios He’s face would not be pursued, but after meeting Casey He, she knew that even if she didn’t want to pursue it, I’m afraid Casey He would not let her go.

Their beams were formed very early.

It must be impossible to turn the fighting into jade silk.

“Doudo, can I call you that?” Ana Lin asked.

“Yes.” This is his name.

When someone hears his name is Doudou, they will look at him more and then say, “You are a big man, what is Doudou?”

No way, my parents took it.

“Did you know the background of the woman who harmed your brother?”

Yu Doudou shook his head.

“Have you heard of the He family in city B?”

Yu Doudou nodded, “I know, jewelry started for a hundred years, and it is also one of the richest in City B.”

“If I say that the person who harmed your brother is He’s family, do you still want to reverse the case for your brother?” If it is an ordinary person, it is not easy to reverse an old case many years ago, let alone someone with a background.

It is even more difficult to reverse the case.

If Ana Lin decides to cooperate with him, he must know how firm he is.

After all, this is not an easy way.

Yu Doudou froze for a moment, as if she didn’t expect the woman to have such a background.

He held the steering wheel tightly with his hands, “You can’t shrink back because she is a rich man, and kill you.”

He said firmly.

His brother is guilty, but whether he is alive or dead should be determined by the law.

“Okay, we cooperate.” As expected.

If he has been obsessed with this case for many years, it can be seen that he has firm determination.

Yu Doudou smiled bitterly, “If your relatives don’t care, they don’t deserve to be human.”

While they were talking, the car stopped at the car shop.

“The car dealers are all in this area. You have to look at all brands.”

Ana Lin pushed the car door down and pointed to the first store, “I’ll come in and take a look.”

“Well, I, a person who can’t afford a car, can also watch the car.” Yu Doudou teased herself.

Ana Lin glanced at him, “You are not driving a car?”

“Also, I drive every day.” Although it is a taxi to pull people, it is not a car.

The glass door is sensitive. When someone approaches, it automatically slid open. The salesperson came in to receive, “What style of car do you want to see? Recently we have a good coupe. Would you like to see it?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I want to see seven seats.”

It’s comfortable to sit in with a large space. If you take two children to play, you can also put things.

“This is it.” The salesperson led Ana Lin toward a business seven-seater SUV. “This space is large, and there are activities now. It can be tens of thousands cheaper than usual. It is very cost-effective.”

Yu Doudou sneaked close to Ana Lin, leaning against her ear, “This brand of car has had several oil spills, and the reputation is not good. Why don’t you look at others.”

Ana Lin turned his head to look at him.

He nodded affirmatively.

Ana Lin understood, smiled and said to the salesperson, “I’m sorry, I don’t like the style of this car very much.”

When Ana Lin said that he was dissatisfied and didn’t want to buy it, the salesperson’s expression immediately turned cold. “If you can’t afford it, you can’t afford it. If you say that you don’t like the style, isn’t it expensive?”

Speaking and looking up and down Ana Lin’s clothes, jeans and T-shirt, how old-fashioned.

“How do you talk?” Yu Doudou was very angry.

How come these little people are everywhere?


Ana Lin grabbed him and shook his head at him. There is no need to conflict with her over such a small matter.

Just go to another house.

After leaving the store, Yu Doudou hadn’t calmed down yet, “These days, there is no shortage of villains looking at people in the cracks of the door.”

Ana Lin glanced at him, “Why be angry if you know it’s a villain?”

Yu Doudou thought, “Yes.”

“Well, that brand’s car has a good reputation, and its safety characteristics have passed the test, that is, the price is relatively high.” Yu Doudou pointed to the foreign brand car shop opposite.

Ana Lin thought for a while, “The taller is higher, and you can buy what you like.”

Her car is not an outsider, it is the most important person in her life, and safety is what she values ​​most.

The two walked into the store. This store was different from the previous one, and there were people receiving them. This store, after seeing her and Yu Doudou enter the door, they all sat back at the salesman who was supposed to get up to welcome customers.

Think Ana Lin and Yu Doudou are the kind of people who can’t afford a car.

Ana Lin raised an eyebrow.

Yu Doudou pouted, “This is not as good as the previous one.”

Ana Lin smiled, “Maybe it’s because the car is good, so you don’t have to worry about selling it, and the attitude is colder and it’s nothing.”

Yu Doudou admitted, “This brand of car is indeed good, but the price is also high.”

Any one is millions.

The office door opened, Milton Guan walked in front, and the manager followed him, “I’ll let someone drive your car over.”

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