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Chapter 94

“Yeah.” Milton Guan said faintly.

His car is here for maintenance. Today he came here to do errands and drive by himself.

Milton Guan is a regular customer. His cross-country and coupe are all bought by this store.

For old customers, or wealthy customers, the manager is very respectful.

Ana Lin fancyed a seven-seater business car, whether it was the style or the interior, especially the safety index, they all met her requirements very well.

“Excuse me, is there a test drive for this car?” Ana Lin asked.

A few salespeople were sitting on the sofa playing with mobile phones and making phone calls. Upon hearing Ana Lin’s question, a saleswoman said coldly, “No.”

“It’s buying a car, it’s buying gas.” Yu Doudou whispered.

Ana Lin also smiled helplessly.

I can’t spend any money I want, but it’s fresh.

“Your car.” The manager handed over the key. “The car stopped at the door.”

Milton Guan took the key, and when he walked to the door, he saw a figure resembling Ana Lin from the reflection of the glass door. Looking back, he saw Ana Lin talking to Yu Doudou.

Isn’t this the man who harassed her that day?

Why is the relationship between the two looking good today?

“Why don’t we go, let’s see another house, it’s not his family that sells the car.” Yu Doudou approached her and whispered.

“I like this car.” Ana Lin took a fancy to this car.

From the perspective of Milton Guan, Yu Doudou’s actions seemed a bit intimate.

His brows frowned.

I wanted to pull Yu Doudou in the past, but after thinking about it, he didn’t move. Instead, he took out his phone and took a photo and sent it to Phillip Zong.

If he hadn’t understood Phillip Zong’s heart before, then this time he retired his engagement with Casey He, which shows that he cares about Ana Lin.

Would he be angry if he saw Ana Lin and other men so close?

Milton Guan felt more excited the more he thought about it.

Phillip Zong’s jokes are not easy to read.

This is an opportunity, thinking of him pressing the send button.

Then I added another sentence; I was driving in a 4S shop and saw Ana Lin and a man buying a car in the shop, behaving intimately.

After sending, Milton Guan turned the car key and walked out of the store.

Looking back at Ana Lin and Yu Doudou, he smiled, thinking in his heart, what would Phillip Zong look like if he saw the photo?

Looking forward to it.

Milton Guan was in a good mood, got into the car while humming a little song, pressed a button to start, just about to leave, the phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Phillip Zong’s number.

“So soon?” Calling so soon?

Milton Guan cleared his throat and answered the phone, “Zong.”

“Where are you?” There was a hint of anger in his tone.

Seeing her behaving intimately with other men, he only felt suffocated in his heart, unable to get out, depressed and uncomfortable.

“BC4S shop.” Milton Guan told the truth.

“You show me people.” After speaking, he hung up.

Milton Guan sighed and looked at the hung up phone, “Is this angry?”

When he installed his cell phone and wanted to get off the car, he saw Ana Lin and Yu Doudou walking towards the door. They looked like they were about to get out. He sat back in the car again. Phillip Zong asked him to look at the people and they left. How does he explain?

No, he can’t let them go just like that.

When Ana Lin and Yu Doudou came out, he got out of the car and went in through the left door to the manager’s office.

The manager saw Milton Guan stood up quickly and greeted him, “Is there something wrong with the car?”


Milton Guan stretched out his hand, “Come here.”

The manager hurried over.

“You see those two people outside.” Milton Guan pointed to Ana Lin and Yu Doudou outside the window.

The manager nodded, “I see.”

“They were watching the car in your store just now, now you go and leave people in the store.”


The manager is unknown.

Seeing people walk away, Milton Guan coldly said, “Why can’t you do it?”

“Yes.” The manager also took the position of sales manager from ordinary sales.

This is not only rich, but also the people around Phillip Zong who treat him so respectfully.

Such people cannot be offended.

The manager was wink and walked out of the office, almost jogging to chase Ana Lin and Yu Doudou.

“Wait a minute.” The manager called them.

Ana Lin heard someone call to stop and looked back, and saw a man wearing a black suit, looking at him in his 40s, with a beer belly, with a friendly smile on his face.

“Did you just watch the car in our shop?”

Ana Lin nodded.

“Anyone fancy?”

“Yes.” Ana Lin answered honestly.

The manager heaved a sigh of relief, and if he saw something, he would have the opportunity to invite her back to the store again, and smiled and asked, “Did you buy it?”

“We want to buy it, but you don’t sell it.” Yu Doudou said irritably.

“You laughed, we are selling cars, you buy, how could we not sell them.” The manager’s face kept smiling.

Although he is bloated and out of shape, he still speaks very pleasantly.

“Your salesperson doesn’t look down on us.” Yu Doudou pointed to himself and Ana Lin, “Seeing that we don’t seem to be people who can afford cars. Naturally, we don’t need to entertain. We want to find out. Humans care about us. I always heard a sentence before, customers are gods. Today I know that this sentence is wrong. Not all customers are gods. It depends on people. We are not rich gods, so we don’t need to say hello. .”

Yu Doudou was suffocating in his heart, and said everything at the opportunity.

“The first time I met, I wanted to buy a car, but the one who sold the car didn’t sell it. You say it’s fresh?

“What’s this?” The manager’s face sank, very dissatisfied, “I will teach them later.”

The manager put on a smile again, “You saw that car and told me that I will serve you personally. I am the manager of this store. It is my responsibility for not serving well. If you buy a car in the store today, , I give you the biggest discount.”

“All right.” Ana Lin thought for a while, seeing that the manager was quite sincere.

The manager followed Ana Lin and introduced his own car, “Our car is absolutely guaranteed in quality and has a reputation. You can check it online. The annual sales are the top spot.”

Ana Lin smiled.

The manager opened the door and made a please gesture towards Ana Lin, “Xiao Zhan, go and pour two cups of coffee.”

Hearing the manager’s voice, the saleswoman who played with the mobile phone raised her head and saw the two shabby customers who had just left, frowned, “What is the manager doing?”

Some other salesmen raised their heads and glanced, “Perhaps the manager thinks it has potential.”

This salesman has a customer in his hand, who was just talking on the phone. Compared with the soon-to-be-finished business, he still doesn’t look like a rich person with a new customer. The enthusiasm must be the customer who is inclined.

“Cut, they seem to be someone who can afford BC?” The saleswoman curled her lips. “Maybe it’s the manager who looks at that woman’s good looks.

“Sit.” The manager helped pull the chair away.

Xiao Zhang serves coffee.

“Which one do you like?” the manager asked.

“That car.” Yu Doudou pointed to the seven-seater business car near the door.

“There is a test drive here. You can try it. This car has the best safety performance. Each seat has airbags. Many of them are front airbags. This one has front, rear, left and right, and has automatic braking function. When it fails and the road is slippery, it will automatically lock the four wheels and stop the car forcibly.”

Yu Doudou stared, “Didn’t you say you didn’t test drive?”

Chapter 95

The manager glanced at the few salespeople who hadn’t gone out in the rest area over there, frowning tightly, there are customers who are not serving and don’t want to do business?

sh*t in your head?

Seen by the manager, a few salesmen did not see them with their heads down.

“They may have customers on their hands, no time, and no good service. It’s me, the manager, who usually disciplines his subordinates. Please forgive me. I will definitely make up for it, okay?” The manager smiled.

Yu Doudou also wanted to say that Ana Lin held him back, the manager is very good, and he can’t be ignored.

“Cough.” Yu Doudou also felt that she was too excited, and said a little too much.

“I’ll call you to ask when the test drive will come back. This car has been selling well.” The manager picked up the phone and dialed out.

I don’t know what was said over there, the manager has blown up hair.

“Why don’t you drive abroad? Don’t you know if you can’t drive too far in a test drive? You pay for gas?”

The test drives have been driven to the suburbs, and it will take at least an hour to return.

It’s important to let him keep people here. He tried his best. Now he didn’t test drive the car, what would he do?

“Let’s do it, I’ll see it next time.” Ana Lin stood up. It is now past four o’clock. Ida Zhuang will bring them back soon. She must be tired after going out to play. She has to go back to cook and can’t save time. Waste here.

The manager is sweating on his head. What can I do? He looked at the office, Milton Guan sat on a chair with Erlang’s legs tilted, and looked at this side through the window.

The manager felt helpless, and the service was not satisfactory at first. Now that he hasn’t test drive, what can he say?

The manager handed over his business card, “Then next time you come, call me and I will entertain you.”

Ana Lin took it, “Okay.”

The manager sent them out.

When he walked to the parking lot at Doudou, he drove Ana Lin the door, “I didn’t expect the manager of this store to be so amiable.”

Compared to those sales, it’s not all good.

Ana Lin had no expression on his face, and felt that the manager was overly enthusiastic.

At this time, another car stopped next to their car, and Ana Lin took a casual look. As a result, he saw the man getting out of the car.

He stood in the front of the car against the wind, his black trousers wrapped his slender legs, and the shirt on his upper body was loose. He appeared here at the moment, looking like he was taking a break.

He looked cold and stared at her for an instant.

Ana Lin was surprised, how could he appear here?

He has no shortage of cars.

There are several cars in the garage of the villa, all of which are limited editions. I haven’t seen how he drives them. Maybe men like cars, even if they don’t open them, they have to buy them.

Phillip Zong glanced over Yu Doudou who was driving Ana Lin’s car door, and then fixed on Ana Lin, staring at her, the stormy waves set off by his pupils, and dense bloodshots stretched from the corner of his eyes and gathered to the center.

Ana Lin shrank inexplicably, she had never seen him so violent in such calm silence.

“You, why did you come here?” His tone changed without knowing where, and his speech was incoherent.

“Come down.” He pulled his lips.

Ana Lin sat still and said, “What are you going to say, say it here.”

He was clearly angry, and she didn’t want to contact him now.

Phillip Zong narrowed his eyes, “Are you sure?”


Threats, naked threats.

Ana Lin glared at him.

Did she mess with him?

As soon as we met, she owed him money?

Yu Doudou sensed Ana Lin’s rejection, and came over, “Would you like to help?”

Phillip Zong strode forward and pulled away from Doudou, hitting his face with a punch with his backhand, in front of him, so close?

Yu Doudou was caught off guard by being beaten, and backed a few steps, there was a salty smell in his mouth, he wiped the corners of his lips, and there was blood on the back of his hand.

He raised his head and looked at the man who hit him.

His head was a little stunned. In the memory, he had no contact with this person, but when he looked familiar, he seemed to have seen him somewhere. Suddenly Yu Doudou remembered where he had seen him.

He is a frequent visitor to financial news.

The youngest rich man.

But did he offend him?

Can you bully anyone if you have money?

Yu Doudou clenched his hands.

Ana Lin never expected that he would suddenly do something, and quickly went down to look at Yu Doudou, his mouth was broken and blood was oozing.

“Are you all right?” Ana Lin asked concerned.

Yu Doudou shook his head.

Ana Lin turned and stared at Phillip Zong, “Are you crazy? Why do you do it for no reason?”

“We haven’t gotten the divorce certificate yet, so you still my wife, cuddling with other men, when I am blind?”

“What are you talking about?” Ana Lin frowned, confused.

Who did she hug?

“You can make it clear.” Ana Lin also coldened her face, there can be no one by her side.

He is too domineering.

Milton Guan, who was hiding from the side, walked over, took out his phone, and handed the photo he took to Ana Lin, “My car is maintained here, and when I pass by, I drove away by myself, but I saw you and…”

He pointed to Yu Doudou, “I just took a picture.”

Ana Lin stared at the photo with a gloomy face, because she knew that Yu Doudou was talking to her at the time, but Milton Guan’s angle looked like Yu Doudou had k*ssed her face.

Said coldly, “The angle is good.”

Milton Guan gasped. What does it mean that he grasped the angle well? He saw that it was like this.

Their movements seem to be too loud, attracting a lot of people to watch. Phillip Zong’s identity is well known to everyone. In order to avoid any scandals, Milton Guan proposed to go first, “This is not a place to talk.”

Ana Lin didn’t want to be entangled in front of so many people either.

“I know there is a place.” Milton Guan said.

Ana Lin just wanted to get in Yu Doudou’s car, but Phillip Zong grabbed his wrist and stuffed the person into his car.

She wanted to resist, but saw Phillip Zong’s warning eyes, “It’s no good to be honest, you want to fight with me here?”

Ana Lin’s face was almost distorted, there was no one, she was about to quarrel with him.

Who is making trouble?

He comes up indiscriminately and beats people, and has the face to say that she is making trouble?

She resisted the anger in her heart and sat still.

The place is a property in Milton. It was renovated, but he did not live. Someone came to clean it regularly. The place was very clean, mainly quiet, and it was suitable for talking about things.

A group of people entered the house, Milton Guan let Yu Doudou sit on the sofa, “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

Phillip Zong grasped Ana Lin’s hand, leaned on the low cabinet beside him, lowered his head and looked at it carefully, kneading and playing in his hand.

As if her hand was something rare, she could see the flowers.

Ana Lin wanted to break away, but just as soon as he moved, he grabbed it, “Don’t move.”

Yu Doudou blinked, what do you want him to say?

He looked at Ana Lin for help.

“Tell them what is your relationship with me.” Ana Lin couldn’t escape Phillip Zong’s restraint, so he could only let him, but his face was facing out of the window, not looking at him.

Yu Doudou said honestly, “Miss Lin and I have a cooperative relationship.”

Milton Guan felt fresh and asked, “What are you cooperating with?”

Chapter 96

Yu Doudou glanced at Ana Lin who was standing by the window before saying, “We have a common enemy.”


Milton Guan found it more interesting, bent over and approached Doudou, “Let’s listen.”

Phillip Zong, who used Ana Lin’s hand as a toy, still lowered his head, but when Yu Doudou said that he and Ana Lin had a common enemy, his eyelashes trembled slightly.

The thumb rubbed the back of her hand once and again.

It’s not complicated or complicated to say, it’s also complicated to say it’s complicated, and it’s not clear in one sentence or two sentences.

Yu Doudou thought for a while, “Let’s start from the beginning. The first time I met with Miss Lin, I was doing business. She had a great reaction when she saw me. She seemed to know me, but I didn’t know her…”

Yu Doudou recounted the process of his meeting with Ana Lin, “My brother died six years ago. Before he died, he was bought by someone to drive a truck and he deliberately hit a person. After the collision, he pretended to be an accident. “Speaking of this, he lifted up and looked at Ana Lin, “Miss Lin was the one who was hit at the time. She was dead. The taxi driver died and she was seriously injured.”

Ana Lin’s fingers curled slightly, and a layer of cold sweat oozes from his palm. Yu Doudou’s words tore apart the pain she had endured.

There are fragments embedded in her back, and the position is still in the tail vertebrae. If there is no operation, it may compress the nerves and make it paralyzed and unable to walk. But the operation requires anesthesia. As a pregnant woman, she cannot be anesthetized.

Hit will affect the child in the stomach.

She wants to keep the baby, and she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a wheelchair.

Besides, she can’t be paralyzed. If she gives birth to a child, who knows how to take care of it?

Who will take care of Ida Zhuang when he is old?

She cannot be paralyzed either.

She couldn’t do it without children, she was reluctant to bear it, and even more reluctant to know it was a pair of twins.

When they’rooted and sprouted’ in her belly, they were connected to flesh and blood, blood.

She is there, they are.

It is impossible to give up.

Finally, the only option is to operate without anesthesia.

The pain of cutting the flesh, she would still feel numb when she thought of it, as if she was experiencing the heart-piercing pain again.

She fainted with pain for a while, but the pregnant woman should not faint, and she must stay awake, otherwise it will be harmful to the child.

Anyone who has given birth to a child knows that anesthesia is also a half-body anesthesia, and the mind is clear.

There is a reason to stay awake with her.

She didn’t want to think about it, if she wanted to forget, but the pain was hidden in her memory and could not be erased.

Once someone mentioned it, she would remember it clearly.

Just like this moment, obviously has passed, and six years have passed, but the heart-wrenching pain will continue to come in waves, like the tide of the Qiantang River coming to her, wave after wave.

She suddenly clenched her hands.

Phillip Zong clearly felt her abnormality. He raised her eyes and saw the hair on her ear temples, wet with sweat, she was nervous and afraid.

Like being entangled in some terrible memory, falling into fear.

He stretched out his hand to hug her into his arms and stroked her back with a generous palm, “Don’t be afraid.”

Ana Lin closed his eyes and buried his face in his chest.

His breathing and his strong chest seemed to soothe people’s hearts, Ana Lin slowly calmed down.

For the first time, she showed such a weak side in front of him.

Phillip Zong’s thoughts moved slightly and he hugged her tighter, his lips pressed against the hair on top of her head.

“Because my brother and the person who bought my brother to hit Miss Lin are the same person, we have enemies in common. Today, we reached a cooperation, which is naturally a cooperative relationship. Miss Lin and I have met three times. This time, she needed to buy a car. She just returned to China and was unfamiliar, so let me take her. That’s it.”

Milton Guan touched his nose and glanced at Phillip Zong secretly.

At this moment, he was comforting Ana Lin and didn’t even look at him.

He quietly breathed a sigh of relief and asked, “Do you know who that person is?”

Yu Doudou nodded honestly, “I know, it’s a woman, from the He family, with some identity background. It is not easy for us to reverse the case.”

He family?

Milton Guan licked his lips, “Is it the Hejia Xianxing Group?”

Yu Doudou nodded, “Casey He.”

When Ana Lin said that it was his family, Yu Doudou almost knew who it was.

The He family has two sons, and it was a sensation when the missing daughter was retrieved a few years ago.

The room suddenly became quiet.

There is only a light breathing.

Yu Doudou secretly took aim at Jin Jin and asked in a low voice, “Why did he hit me?”

Milton Guan, “…”

This was because of him, not because he wanted to see Phillip Zong’s jokes. If he didn’t figure it out, just send him a photo and Yu Doudou would not be beaten.

Is this Yu Doudou a fool?

I can’t see it yet, because I’m jealous.

Can’t see that other men are close to Ana Lin.

Looking at Milton Guan’s expression, Yu Doudou seemed to understand.

But how wrong he was, that was, he took Ana Lin to see the car and was punched in vain.

Feeling aggrieved, he whispered, “Can you bully people if you have money?”

Phillip Zong seems to be laid-back and it’s nothing to do with him, but he can hear everything Yu Doudou says.

Casey He.

“What compensation do you want?” Phillip Zong said lightly.

He was not bullying others, but he didn’t like men being too close to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin realized that he didn’t know when he was leaning in Phillip Zong’s arms, his face turned red, and he quickly withdrew from his arms.

She glanced at her watch pretendingly, “It’s getting late, I should go back.”

Yu Doudou also stood up, “Or, give me some money?”

After all, he was beaten, and compensation is due.

Besides, Phillip Zong is not short of money.

He can’t get Yiquan for nothing, right?

Phillip Zong put his arms around Ana Lin’s shoulders, “I will send you.”

Ana Lin wanted to refuse, Phillip Zong buckled her shoulders tighter, “I borrowed my chest from you, why, want to cross the river to tear down the bridge?”

Ana Lin realized that he had never beaten him, so he sighed and let him hold his arms.

When the road passed Doudou, Phillip Zong did not squint, but the warning was full, “She is a married woman. Stay away from her. Tell Milton Guan how much it costs.”

After speaking, he hugged Ana Lin and left.

Sitting in the car, Phillip Zong buckled her seat belt.

Ana Lin lowered his eyes and looked at him, “Don’t you think you have affected my life?”

“I didn’t think it.” He said righteously, and didn’t think he was wrong.

“I am not your private property, I have my life circle, it is very bad for you to be like this.” Ana Lin said that he didn’t want this to happen again.

“We are a husband and wife, aren’t you my personal belongings?”

“We are not husband and wife.”



Ana Lin said suddenly.

It was because she didn’t go to apply for the certificate at the beginning, and now it is his handle, holding this to affect her life.

“You talked to Milton Guan about the matter, and got the certificate–“

She didn’t finish her words, she was suddenly held back of her head and pressed her lips tyrannically-

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