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Chapter 97

She didn’t finish her words, and she was suddenly caught in the back of her head, tyrannically against her lips without leaving a gap, her lips changed shape under his strength, and his flexible and powerful tongue drove straight in, giving her no room for relaxation. , Hooked her backing tongue, and swallowed all of her inch by inch.

Desires grow wild, with overwhelming invasiveness.

As if to eat her into the stomach.


Ana Lin’s heart hit his mouth, beating uncontrollably, beating strongly because of this man.

The only remaining reason, tell her what he is doing.

Knowing it’s impossible, why bother?

He only used one or two percent of the strength to restrain her from moving.

Ana Lin felt a pain in his mouth and bit his messy tongue forcefully.

Phillip Zong’s movements stopped, thinking she was flirting with herself, and bit her lower lip.

Ana Lin took advantage of the neutral position and pushed hard to push him away.

She doesn’t like this.

“Knowing that you and I are impossible, why can’t you hurry up?” A thin layer of mist flashed in her eyes, and her voice changed. “Don’t do this again, it’s not good for anyone.”

She turned her head and wiped the corner of her eye.

Phillip Zong still kept the posture of being pushed away by her, did not move, looked at her quietly, and after a few seconds, he sat back to his position and leaned back.

He lowered the car window, and the fresh air that came in diminished the ambiguity.

He put his arm on the car window and stared at a sycamore tree on the side of the road, the leaves swaying gently with the wind.

He narrowed his eyes. He was an adult and knew why he cared so much about Ana Lin.

“I can’t accept your child. I’m not so generous and not so broad-minded. Go and raise the children born to you and other men. Watching them sway in front of my eyes all day, I’m afraid I will force myself Crazy.” He took a bottle of light spring water on the center console, unscrewed it, and took a sip. He tilted his head up, his neck stretched out a slender curve, and even his sexy Adam’s apple bulged. Resolute and arrogant.

“But I don’t want to let you go and watch you with other men.”

Ana Lin wiped his face vigorously, feeling desperate.

Phillip Zong pulled her, holding her face, and let her look at her, her eyes met, Ana Lin saw her embarrassed in his eyes.

But what Phillip Zong saw in her eyes was crazy, crazy like never before.

He wants this woman.

“We are a well-known husband and wife, your child, I will pay for someone to take care of you.”

“Impossible!” Ana Lin refused quickly.

There is no room for negotiation.

“We can also give birth to a child that belongs to us—”

“Absurd!” Ana Lin broke away from him, “You have never been a parent. You don’t know the importance of children to a mother. To me, they are my life. You want me to give up my life. Ridiculous?”

There was a wave in Phillip Zong’s eyes, “They are so important to you?”


Ana Lin did not hesitate.

He tugged at the neckline, laughing wickedly and arrogantly, “You are right, I have never been a father, you gave me one, let me be a father, let me feel what it feels like. “

Ana Lin no longer knew what words to use to describe him, pulled off the safety belt and pushed the car door down.

This person couldn’t communicate at all. She got out of the car and walked a few steps before she was suddenly stopped and carried on her shoulders. She yelled in fright and slapped him on the back, “What are you doing, let me go quickly.”

Phillip Zong opened the rear door, put her down, then bullied her body down, fixed her restless hand on top of her head, and pinched her chin with the other hand, “You don’t want to, but have you thought about it?” , What if I hide all your children and don’t let you see them? Do you know if I have this ability.”

“You are shameless!” Ana Lin stared at him fiercely.

Phillip Zong was not angry, but smiled, “I don’t mind being more shameless.”

As he said, he held her chin’s hand, stroked it down her chin, skipped her neck, stroked her delicate collarbone, and touched it along her neckline—

Ana Lin shook his head, “Don’t—”

Little by little, his fingers wrapped her roundness and held it in his big palm. I have to say that it feels great.

“How to maintain, huh?” He lowered his head on her lips, bit gently, and said gently.

The blush spread from Ana Lin’s face to the roots of her ears, she was ashamed.

She was shaking all over.


“Do you think it clearly?” He attached, k*ssing her neck with his lips, and said in her ear.

“Your car accident was caused by Casey He. If I don’t want her to go to jail, you can’t help it.” He bit her ear and continued to bewildered, “As long as you promise, I will help you, how about?”

Ana Lin closed her eyes in despair, tears sliding down from the corner of her eyes, hidden in her temples.

“I can promise to be with you and not talk about divorce, but I must be with my children, and, if you let me have children for you, I am afraid that you will be disappointed. I hurt my body. I can’t get pregnant anymore, if you promise, I will promise you, you don’t promise—”

“No, how are you?” Phillip Zong’s eyes were covered with scarlet, she couldn’t give birth?

His fingers pressed hard.

Ana Lin frowned painfully, but pressed his lips tightly without making any sound.

“The world is so big, I don’t believe it, there is no place for me, if I can’t escape your palm, what if I give up this life?”

Phillip Zong looked at her for two seconds, and finally relieved.

He didn’t dare to push her too tightly. All he wanted was this woman. He really forced her to death. Where did he go to find Ana Lin.

He gathered her clothes, “You are not allowed to get too close to other men in the future. I want to see you. You must appear in my sight the first time.”


“I’ll take you back.” Phillip Zong got up and tidyed up her messy clothes.

Ana Lin said nothing.

Phillip Zong started the car and left.

The outside scenery receded quickly.

“Will you really help me?” Ana Lin asked, fearing that he would not know what he said, and added, “Help me reverse the case.”

After all, he and Casey He have such a period.

Ana Lin said not sure.

“Yes.” There is no redundant explanation.

He said yes, he would.

Ana Lin leaned against the car window, so be it.

This man is too strong, she can’t resist him.

Now he promised to help himself without being separated from the children, there is nothing wrong.

It is good for her to have his blessing in the country.

Phillip Zong held the steering wheel in one hand, and freed one hand to hold her hand, wrapped in his palm.

“Your hands are so soft.” He curled his lips.

Her fingers are slender, weak and boneless, and as soft as her body. When held in her arms, she will have the impulse that a man should have.

Ana Lin pretended not to hear.

After a while, the car drove to the community.

On the roadside, Ida Zhuang took two children and was stopped by someone. The man was talking to her.

Ida Zhuang was very reluctant to tell him.

But he is very persistent.

When the man’s face turned toward him, Ana Lin could see his appearance clearly.

Chapter 98

Randall Lin?

Why is he here?

Ana Lin pushed the car door quickly, and seemed to think of something when he got out of the car, and looked back at Phillip Zong, “Go back, I’m afraid my mother will be unhappy to see you.”

Phillip Zong also saw the person in front of him. He had filed for divorce before. Ida Zhuang didn’t like him.

Moreover, Randall Lin is also at the moment, it should be inappropriate for him to appear.

He hummed, his gaze fell on the little girl in Ida Zhuang’s arms, with black hair tied up in two braids, a small white face, curved eyebrows and a pair of watery eyes, like a carefully carved doll. , Looks very cute.

His eyes turned to Ana Lin, and his hands clenched the steering wheel unconsciously.

I have to admit that her two children were born very well.

The son is smart and the daughter is so cute.

“Your luck is not too bad.” Although abandoned by his father, there is still a mother, and now there are two lovely children.

“What?” Ana Lin looked at him blankly.

I didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence.

Phillip Zong stretched out her hand and stroked the strand of hair blocking her eyebrows, keeping it behind her ears, “Nothing, go.”

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, then nodded, “I’m leaving.”

She closed the car door and quickly walked towards Ida Zhuang, pulling away Randall Lin who was entangled with her, blocking her in front, glaring at Randall Lin, “What are you doing?”

“Yes–” Randall Lin looked at his daughter, folded his hands on his side, “Dad was wrong.”

Six years ago, there was an accident in the company, Lin Yuhan ran away, and Elvira Shen is still locked in for hurting others.

When he faced difficulties, it was this daughter he had been neglected to help him.

Right and wrong Ana Lin doesn’t want to hold him accountable anymore, but is calm after letting go, “Don’t bother us in the future.”

After she said she picked up her son, Ida Zhuang held Ruth in his arms.

Randall Lin caught up, “Yes.”

“You are continuing to struggle, did I call the police?” Ana Lin sneered.

Randall Lin looked at Daniel in her arms, eyes a little red, “Is this your child?”

“Yes.” Ana Lin said impatiently.

“It looks good, whatever you want.” Randall Lin stomped, “I don’t mean anything else, I just saw your mother today—”

As he said, he glanced at Ida Zhuang, “I just know you are back, and you can find me whenever you need to.”

He hurriedly took out a business card from his pocket and handed it to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin didn’t answer.

Randall Lin looked embarrassed, “Well, just treat me as a friend, what if my place is useful?”

Ana Lin looked at him.

In the past few years, he has grown a lot older, and his temples have gray hair. She left suddenly that year, and he didn’t know how he got through the plight at that time.

Ana Lin reached out and took it.

Randall Lin smiled and hurriedly stepped aside to make way for Ana Lin.

His actions seemed so humble, like a kid who had done something wrong, cautiously just trying to save.

To say that there is no feeling at all, that is deceiving.

This is her father, the biological father.

The same blood as his was flowing in her body.

“Pretend to be.” Zhuang Ziyan pulled Ana Lin, “Go, don’t be fooled by his performance.”

Ida Zhuang only hated Randall Lin.

Never forgive.

Ana Lin turned around with a touch of melancholy, and followed Ida Zhuang back.

Entering the corridor, Ana Lin asked, “How did you meet him?”

“I took them out of the aquarium. When I was waiting for the bus on the side of the road, I ran into him and talked to me and asked if the two children belonged to you. I didn’t want to care about him and took a taxi back. I didn’t expect him to follow Come back.” When Ida Zhuang said Randall Lin, there was no smile on his face, only hatred.

Ana Lin knew how deeply Randall Lin had hurt Ida Zhuang, but did not persuade her, because she also had lumps in her heart.

Over the years, with children by her side, her thoughts have been spent on the two children. She has been relieved a lot about the past.

Elvira Shen entered, and his beloved daughter betrayed him.

He is also considered retribution.

“You are not allowed to contact him in the future.” Ida Zhuang confessed, fearing that Ana Lin would see Lin Guo feel relieved.

“Innocently abandoned us and let you marry—”

“Mom, stop talking.” Ana Lin interrupted her, and the two children were listening.

Ida Zhuang was shocked, and hurriedly closed his mouth, rubbing Ruth’s hair, “Is Ruth scared by grandma?”

Ruth shook her head. She didn’t understand what grandma was talking about, but she knew that grandma didn’t seem to like that grandpa.

Daniel knew, he heard it very clearly.

That is grandma’s husband, mother’s father, and his grandfather.

But he did something, and grandma was unwilling to forgive him.

“It’s getting late, should you be hungry?” Ana Lin asked.

Ruth nodded her head vigorously, “I want to eat pizza.”

This little guy is the happiest, thinking about nothing, as long as he eats and has fun.

“Okay, eat pizza today.” Ana Lin stretched out her hand to pinch her daughter’s face, “In our house, Ruth is the boss.”

“What about me?” Daniel asked.

“Well, Xiao Xi’s second child.” Ana Lin said sternly.

Daniel was not convinced, “Why? Obviously I am the brother.”

“Then tell me, do you know what’s wrong?”


Daniel shut up immediately, wondering why she hasn’t forgotten?

With a little regret in my heart, I just asked her why.

Daniel has the feeling of lifting a rock and hitting her in the foot.

After entering the room, Ana Lin put on shoes for the two of them at the door. Ida Zhuang was in a bad mood and entered the room.

Ana Lin looked at her back and knew that Ida Zhuang suddenly felt so depressed. Maybe he missed Xin Qi.

Since having these two children, she has been busy helping her take care of the children. She is very busy every day and doesn’t have much time to think about the previous things. Seeing Randall Lin today, I am afraid that she will think of the previous things again.

Ana Lin took the two children to the living room and took out their mobile phones, “What taste do you want?”

“Durian flavor.” Ruth grabbed Ana Lin’s arm and acted like a baby, “I want to eat durian flavor.”

“Good.” Ana Lin joined the order and looked at Daniel, “Where is Xiaoxi?”

“Cheese.” Daniel looked at Ana Lin, “Mummy likes to eat.”

Ana Lin looked up at his son, “Why, you want to bribe me? Don’t think to please me, I won’t pursue it. If you don’t admit your mistakes, things won’t be given to you.”

Daniel sighed, it was so dull, it was pierced at once.

Ana Lin ordered a pizza, put down his phone, “Xiao Xi, take your sister to play in the living room, I will go to the room to see your grandmother.”

“it is good.”

Daniel is very cute.

Just thinking about when Ana Lin can return the things to him.

“Mummy, can I drink a glass of juice first?” He was a little thirsty.

“Wait.” Ana Lin went to the kitchen and poured two glasses. The juice at home was squeezed by himself without additives, and he drank healthy.

After serving the juice to the two children, Ana Lin went to Ida Zhuang’s room.

She held the handle, twisted, and gently pushed open the door, and she saw–

Chapter 99

She held the handle, twisted, and gently pushed open the door, and she saw Ida Zhuangg sitting on the side of the bed, sobbing softly.

Ana Lin walked in and closed the door. Hearing the movement, Ida Zhuang quickly wiped his face, “Aren’t you looking at the two of them outside, why are you coming in?”

“I’ll see you.” Ana Lin stretched out his hand to hug her, “Mom, we don’t think about the past, okay?”

Her face rested on Ida Zhuang’s shoulders, “I will support you when you are old, and when I am old, let Daniel support me…”

“What are you talking about?” Ida Zhuang patted Ana Lin on the back, “You are still young, and Doctor He is really good.”

Ana Lin scratched his hair for fear that Ida Zhuang would say such a thing.



Ana Lin knew what Ida Zhuang was going to say. She originally planned to accept Rios He, but now she might not be able to.

If she went to investigate the car accident that year, it would be impossible with Rios He.

“Mom, Rios He’s mother called me.”

“What?” Ida Zhuang was surprised, holding his daughter by the shoulder, looking at her, “What is she looking for you for?”

Ana Lin pursed her lips and wanted her to dispel her thoughts, so she told the truth, “It was six years ago when he saw me and Rios He together, thinking that we were in a relationship, and specifically looking for me, saying that I was not suitable for him. His background needs to be matched with his identity and background.”

Ida Zhuang opened his mouth and said nothing for a long time.

Finally, the tears fell again.

“Mom, why are you crying again?” Ana Lin reached out and wiped her tears.

Finally diverted her attention.

Why are you crying again.

“Can you feel uncomfortable?” Ida Zhuang felt uncomfortable when he thought of her daughter being sought by others. “If, you didn’t do it for me back then–“

“Mom, let’s not talk about the previous things, okay?” Ana Lin knew what she was worried about, and patiently explained to her, “I don’t like Rios He. Even if I’m with him, I won’t be happy, Mom. …”

Ana Lin shook her hand, “You want me to be happy, right?”

“Of course.” Ida Zhuang wanted to make his daughter happy in his dreams.

She is so young, there should be a good man to love her.

“Do you believe me?”

“Believe.” Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter, “You are the best in my heart.”

She looked at her daughter and walked to the present little by little, where she had suffered and suffered, and now she has her own career.

In her heart, her daughter is the best.

“If you believe me, don’t worry about my marriage. The boat will go straight to the bridge.” Ana Lin took the opportunity to persuade Ida Zhuang.

She didn’t want Ida Zhuang to take her marriage as a matter of mind and read it every day.

She is under pressure, and Ida Zhuang is also under pressure.

I always feel like this is because of her.

“Mom, you think I’m only 24 years old, very young, and there is still a long way to go. Maybe I will meet a man who doesn’t care that I gave birth to a child, and is willing to take care of Xiao Xi and Ruth with me.”

Ida Zhuang was not sure, “Will you really meet?”

Who said the rest of the matter clearly?

“Maybe there is? You always read, and I also have pressure in my heart. I can’t find someone casually. That person must be able to accept Xiao Xi and Ruth, otherwise, I won’t consider it.” Ana Lin is also today. I want to talk to Ida Zhuang.

Ida Zhuang knew the importance of these two children to her. At the beginning, she didn’t want her own life, but also the children, which shows the importance of the two children to her.

“Okay, I won’t talk about it in the future. When the fate arrives, it may come naturally.” Ida Zhuangg Shun the daughter’s hair, “I won’t give you pressure.”

After Rios He, she also wanted to understand.

In Ana Lin’s situation, even if a man likes her, the other’s family is also a big deal.

Who wants his son to marry a woman with two children?

She understands why Rios He’s mother disagrees. Naturally, their kind of family is to find a right person.

Just her daughter, how innocent.

Ida Zhuang could agree, and Ana Lin felt a lot more relaxed. Being stared at something by Ida Zhuang all day, she was really depressed. She didn’t dare to chat, because she was afraid she would mention it.

it’s good now.

At this time the doorbell rang, and Ana Lin got up, “Maybe the pizza I bought has arrived.”

The door opened, and it turned out to be the takeaway boy in yellow clothes.

“Is it Ana Lin?”


“Please sign for it.”

Ana Lin signed the name on the receipt, took two boxes of pizza into the house and put them on the dining table, “Xiao Xi, Ruth, you go and ask grandma to eat out, and I will pour milk for you.”

“Okay.” Daniel responded and took her sister’s hand to Ida Zhuang’s room.

Ana Lin looked back at his son and smiled.

Ida Zhuang was in a bad mood today, she went to call, Ida Zhuang might not come out to eat, let two call, she would not refuse the two children.

Ana Lin poured the milk, brought it to the table, and placed their plates.

Open the pizza box.

Daniel and Ruth walked out alone, holding Ida Zhuang’s hand.

Ana Lin helped them open the chairs, and she knew that if she let the two children go, Ida Zhuang would definitely come out to eat.

“Ruth wants to eat pizza today, I didn’t cook.”

Ida Zhuang glanced at the table, and two pizzas of this size were enough to eat, “Our Xiaorui is a snack.”

Ruth didn’t know if it was a good thing or a bad thing. She blinked and asked, “What is food?”

“That is, you are good at eating, very good at eating, but you can’t do anything but eat.” Daniel explained to her.

Ruth blinked, “Is that a compliment to me?”


Daniel glanced at her sister and sighed in her heart.

This guy likes to be praised by others all day.

“Wow.” Ruth exclaimed excitedly, “That brother is a big foodie, he can’t do anything but eat.”

Daniel, “…”

Ida Zhuang was amused by the two children, and his depressed mood disappeared.

“Grandma said you are a foodie.” Daniel took a durian-flavored pizza on her sister’s plate.

“Yeah, you are also a foodie, I’m complimenting you.” Ruth took the pizza passed by her brother, opened her mouth and took a bite, and said happily, “It’s delicious.”

Daniel looked at her sister helplessly, and asked Ana Lin, “Mommy, who does my sister go with?”

The air was silent for three seconds.

“You were born to me, of course you follow me.” Ana Lin put the milk in front of his son, “You are not allowed to talk during meals.”

Daniel curled his lips.

After the meal, Ana Lin cleaned up the table, Ruth wrapped Ida Zhuang to take her for a walk, Daniel sneaked into the kitchen, hugged Ana Lin’s legs, and acted like a baby, “Mommy, will you give me the tablet and phone watch? “

“Then tell me, are you wrong?” Ana Lin looked down at his son.

Daniel was discouraged, “Forget it.”

It’s impossible to let him give up the idea of ​​revenge against the ugly man.

Besides, compared to abandoning them, he just made him lose face.

It is them who suffer.

Daniel let go of Ana Lin and ran back to the room.

This guy’s temper doesn’t know who it is.

Ana Lin sighed, put down the cup in his hand, wiped his hands clean, and wanted to talk to Daniel, he was too deeply attached to Phillip Zong.

Makes her a little uneasy.

When she walked to the door of her son’s room, the phone in her pocket suddenly rang. She took out the phone, saw the name displayed on it, and took a deep breath.

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