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Chapter 556,

Alan Su looked inside and found that there was indeed a human figure. His nerves were unconsciously tense. When he saw that face clearly, he almost instantly rushed over, grabbed her and shouted hoarsely, “Lena Qin.”

Lena Qin pushed the person away suddenly, and shouted, “Don’t touch me!”

She seems to have not recovered from the previous thrills, she will be nervous, even repelled and panicked when touched by others.

Even if I know that this person is Alan Su.

Whenever she thinks of the naked appearance of the fourth child, she feels that men are disgusting.

Alan Su was pushed off guard. He leaned back and sat on the ground. He could feel her panic and fear. Suddenly, his heart seemed to have broken a hole. He couldn’t breathe no matter how hard he breathed, and he felt that he was about to suffocate to death.

The fourth child was naked, and Lena Qin didn’t have much clothes on his body. His hands were constantly clenched. If he had a knife in his hand at this moment, he would definitely stab the fourth child to death.

If Lena Qin was not violated, how could she be so at a loss?

Alan Su started to do it, calling her cautiously, “Lena Qin, it’s me, I’m Alan Su.”

Lena Qin opened her eyes, her eyes flowed and finally fixed on his bloodshot eyes, “You, how could you…” She wanted to escape and accidentally fell into this hole. How could he appear? Here?

“I’m looking for you.”

Alan Su’s voice was tight, as if choked.

Lena Qin looked at him for two seconds, and said in a distant way, “Thank you.”

Thank him for coming to find himself.

“I don’t need your thanks, I can do anything for you.”

What he said was sincere, even if she was the fourth child… he wouldn’t mind, he wanted to make up for the mistakes he had made before, and he wanted to protect her injured heart.

“Give me a chance, if I don’t do well, can you kick me off at any time?”

He was almost pleading.

Lena Qin hugged herself tightly, her exposed skin was especially cold against the wall, she shrank into the corner, “I still think about how to get up.”

She never let go. After experiencing the last life and death, she no longer wanted to touch her feelings anymore, she just wanted to simply live.

Alan Su didn’t force her to agree immediately. He will behave well in the future. She was right. Now think about how to get out.

He looked around. The hole was not a dead mouth. There was a long line of wide gaps that could pass the body of an adult. He stretched his head and looked out, but found that one was actually a cliff. The wall was smooth and could not support people. Under the trees and vines, there is a vast abyss. He was dumbfounded. If the momentum he just slid off is a little bit stronger, is it possible for him to fall through this gap?

I’m afraid after thinking about it.

He felt it when he fell. The hole was slippery and wide, making it difficult to climb up without an assistant. He tried several times, but none worked.

Cell phone.

Suddenly he remembered his cell phone and contacted Keller Shen and Phillip Zong with his cell phone. He hurriedly touched his pockets. Fortunately, the cell phone did not drop. He was overjoyed and comforted Lena Qin, “Don’t be afraid, my cell phone is still there. I’ll call someone. Save us.”

When speaking, he dialed Keller Shen’s number, but the response to him was that the line was busy. He changed to Phillip Zong’s. The line was still busy. He was a little anxious. No matter the line was busy, he tried to dial the number of the firm’s lawyer, but it was still busy. .

what happened?

“Maybe there is no signal here.”

The mountains here are too deep to receive signals.

Alan Su looked at the signal display on the phone screen and found that there was really no signal, not even a signal.

What to do then?

He stood up and shouted at the entrance of the cave, and there was an echo in the cave, which echoed for a long time.

Alan Su yelled for a while, his voice went hoarse, and no one responded.

He fell to the ground, “They will definitely come to us.”

Lena Qin sat there still without moving, leaning on the rock wall and quietly looking down from the gap, the weeds were verdant, and the darkness was not visible at a glance.

I have seen the term Wanzhang Abyss in the book before, and for the first time I really saw what the Wanzhang Abyss is like.

It is like a huge monster, with its mouth open, it will be swallowed back when it falls.

She took a deep breath, feeling the miracle of nature, and trembling with nowhere to escape at this moment.

Will you just die here?

She smiled, why is it so difficult for her to live well?

Alan Su wanted to lean in, but was afraid of her rejection, and asked a certain distance away from her, “Are you okay?”

Lena Qin turned to look at him and said, “I’m fine.”

Alan Su wanted to talk to her very much, but he didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t find a good breakthrough after struggling for a long time. He could only sit so quietly. The light in the cave became darker and darker. He felt the coolness in this place. In the deep mountains and old forests, there is no sun at all, especially the holes at both ends and the special wind.

He even felt cold in his shirt and trousers. What’s more, Lena Qin was so thin and his legs were almost naked. He raised his hand and started to unbutton his shirt.

Lena Qin withdrew back, watching him warily, “What are you doing?”

Alan Su paused and explained hurriedly, “Don’t be afraid, I don’t mean anything else. I think you should be cold. I will take off your clothes for you to wear.”

Lena Qin immediately refused, “No need.”

“I really don’t mean anything else…” “I said, I don’t need it!”

Lena Qin emphasized again.

Alan Su just looked at her like this, feeling very hurt inside, “Do I really hate you so much?”

Lena Qin turned her head, “I just don’t want to see you naked, I will be very sick.”

Alan Su lowered his head and looked at himself, there was really nothing else in the shirt when he took off his shirt, and his upper body was naked.

He hurriedly buttoned the button, “I’m sorry, I didn’t care about your feelings, I will pay attention next time.”

Lena Qin didn’t speak, and Alan Su didn’t know what to say, so she just sat like this until the cave was completely dark and dark and could not see anything.

When there is light, I don’t feel it. After it’s completely dark, it seems that there are a lot of bugs and so on.

Alan Su took out the phone. He was afraid of a girl in Lena Qin, so he turned on the flashlight in the phone.

He just wanted to pass the phone to Lena Qin, only to find that she had a lot of injuries on her legs and dried blood stains on her feet. Only then did he discover that she was not wearing shoes. Although there was light in the hole before, it was not bright. It is very dim light.

He desperately wanted to reach out and touch, but soon realized her rejection, hurriedly retracted his hand, and whispered, “You are injured.”

Lena Qin said lightly, “A little injury, it’s okay.”

The hot pain has already passed, and my legs are numb and I can’t feel the pain.

She walked barefoot in such a mountain, and she could imagine how badly she was hurt.

Alan Su leaned against the wall and lowered his eyes, “I used to be complacent and felt that I was great. At this moment, I knew how useless I was. I kept trying to save you, but even with the most basic protection, I Can’t do it, it always hurts you a lot.”

Chapter 557

“You don’t need to blame yourself like this, and I won’t take your affection.”

Lena Qin still looked cold, and never gave Alan Su a warm expression from beginning to end.

Alan Su pursed her lips and looked at her for a long time before opening her lips, “I don’t need you to appreciate it, I just want to do what I want to do.”

Lena Qin turned his gaze away, not speaking.

Alan Su also fell silent.

There was no light in the cave, but the sky outside was not so dark that people could not be seen, but in the evening, the sun went down.

Keller Shen and Phillip Zong did not find them.

“This mountain is high and dense, I think it is difficult to find people with the two of us alone, and I don’t know if they will be in danger. I called for a long time and no one responded.”

Keller Shen worried.

This mountain is so high, I don’t know if there are animals like beasts in the forest. As long as Alan Su doesn’t run far, he can definitely hear his voice.

But there was no trace at all, so I was a little worried.

Phillip Zong seemed to see Keller Shen’s thoughts and said, “I haven’t heard of any wild animals here. Call someone to come.”

It is more difficult to search until dark.

Keller Shen and Phillip Zong withdrew from Linzi. In Linzilin, there was no cell phone signal and he couldn’t get through to Alan Su.

After leaving the forest, he tried to play twice again, but it still couldn’t be connected. He had to call someone to search, hoping to find Alan Su and Lena Qin before the sun set.

He looked at Phillip Zong, “Why don’t you go back first, here I am staring?”

Phillip Zong glanced at the time and said, “Wait a little longer.”

Lena Qin didn’t find him, and now he didn’t even see Alan Su. How could he talk to Ana Lin when he returned?

Keller Shen did not reluctantly, and found a place to do it, waiting for someone to come.

Because the way up the mountain was too tortuous, people came a little late. It was already an hour later. There were a total of a dozen people, all tall and burly, camouflage uniforms, heroic, and well-equipped. Keller Shen said he was going up the mountain. The lighting is prepared.

Keller Shen followed them up the mountain. At this time, the sky was already dark. They entered the mountain, alarmed the birds and beasts living in the forest at night, and threw a commotion.

More than a dozen people were divided into six teams, two people as a team. The leader was with Keller Shen. While looking for someone, the leader said to Keller Shen, “The night is the most difficult to find, the sight is too bad, and there are traps up to us. You talk about people. It’s gone here, and I think I’ve fallen into a trap.”

Keller Shen brushed away the branches blocking the road and turned to look at the leader, “There are still traps in the mountains?”

The leader said, “Someone set up traps on the mountain to spread game.”

Keller Shen frowned and glanced under his feet, afraid that he would step on a trap or other trap.

The team leader joked, “Is there something that Deputy Bureau Shen is afraid of?

The more officials became bigger, the courage became smaller and smaller. “

Keller Shen smiled and said, “Be careful and cautious can make the Wannian Ship, I dare not relax for a moment. The bigger the official, the greater the responsibility.”

“Song Ju takes you seriously. It seems that after Song Ju retires, he will push you up. I heard that Song Ju wants you to be his son-in-law?”

The leader asked with a smile.

Keller Shen colded his face, “Don’t talk nonsense!”

He respected Song Ju, but he had never thought about other things, and he didn’t want others to spread such boundless things.

It doesn’t matter if he is a man, it would be bad if it affects Song Ju’s daughter.

“Don’t talk about this in the future.”

Keller Shen said solemnly.

The team leader will also look at his face and hurriedly said, “I am talking nonsense. How can I say nonsense for the second time.”

Keller Shen stopped talking, looked around, he began to worry, and now there is no clue, and I don’t know if he can find it today.

After three hours of searching, no one was found. Keller Shen first withdrew to join Phillip Zong’s round and told him the situation in the mountains.

“It is very difficult to search at night.

There are too few places to illuminate, and you have to beware of sliding down the steep slope. I think you should go back first. If there is a clue, I will contact you immediately. The fourth child has been taken away. I will probably see the news tomorrow. You have to take the initiative to find you, you have to deal with him, here is left to me, we can not all spend here. “

At that time, the police called a reporter to make the matter bigger. Such news in the temple might cause quite a stir.

There has been a lot of attention, which means that the police need to explain. Now he has the right to investigate Gu Bei in an open manner.

Check him down and see if he is still rampant! Phillip Zong pondered for a moment, then nodded, “You be careful.”

Keller Shen nodded.

Phillip Zong drove back.

When he drove back to the villa at half past ten, he opened the door and saw Ana Lin standing in front of the entrance waiting for him.

Ana Lin hasn’t slept, been waiting for him, she walked over when the car lights were on, looked behind him, “Are you alone?”

When Phillip Zong walked in, he just wanted to reach out and hug her. When he thought that he had gone into the mountain and his body was not clean, he withdrew his hand, “Go in and say.”

Ana Lin looked down in disappointment, and he must have not rescued Lena Qin, otherwise Lena Qin would not have a place to live here, he would definitely come here, now he is alone, and there is no shadow of Lena Qin at all.

“She escaped from Gu Bei’s hands. We are looking for her. We haven’t found her yet. She should be hiding somewhere. As long as she is not in Gu Bei’s hands, there will be no danger. Don’t worry.”

He did not say specific details, for fear that Ana Lin was worried.


She turned to look at him with scrutiny, as if to make sure he was lying.

Phillip Zong frankly faced Ana Lin’s gaze, he could still hold on to this matter, “Of course, can this lie?

I came back so late to look for her. She might be someone who is afraid of Gu Bei and dare not come out. The more so, the safer she is. “

Ana Lin nodded, but still couldn’t let go of the heart.

She shook Phillip Zong’s hand, “Lena Qin will be arrested by Gu Bei, most of the reason is because of me, he came at me from the beginning, maybe because I went to Baicheng, they arrested Lena Qin.”

She had been thinking about this at home. Not long after those photos appeared before her eyes, Lena Qin was arrested, which was obviously done by herself.

And the goal at the beginning was obviously her.

She was the one who caused Lena Qin. If Lena Qin had anything to do, she would blame herself and feel uncomfortable.

Phillip Zong understands her feelings, and now he can’t give her any promises, comforting her to say something marginal. If something goes wrong, she will be more difficult to accept, so he deliberately changed the subject, “I haven’t eaten yet. “

Ana Lin looked at him, “I haven’t eaten for a day?”

He hummed.

“I’ll make you something, what do you want to eat?”

Ana Lin asked.


At the end he added another sentence, “Tomato and egg noodles.”

The first time he ate Ana Lin’s cooking was tomato egg noodles.

Suddenly miss the smell.

Ana Lin glanced at him and said, “I’ll do it for you.”

He hummed.

“That one……”

Chapter 558

Suddenly Ana Lin stopped him and wanted to ask about Alan Su’s situation, but he didn’t ask for it, thinking about making him something to eat. He hadn’t eaten for a day, so he was definitely hungry.


Phillip Zong looked back at her.

“It’s nothing, you go change your clothes.”

Ana Lin pulled his lips and gave him a slight smile.

Phillip Zong could see that she had something to ask, and he guessed what she was asking, but he didn’t expose it, and didn’t want to discuss it. It would be useless if people didn’t find it.

He went upstairs, Ana Lin walked into the kitchen, because she and her two children came back. In the afternoon, Yu’s mother went to the supermarket and bought a lot of things. The whole refrigerator was filled. She opened the refrigerator and looked up and down, and finally took it. Out the meat and green peppers, a little greens and tomatoes.

She washed all the vegetables and boiled water when cutting them, which saved time.

The lean meat is sliced ​​into thin slices and seasoned with starch and eggs. The meat marinated in this way is particularly tender. She cuts green peppers and tomatoes when marinating the meat.

Upstairs, Phillip Zong took a bath and changed into pajamas. The silk texture is soft and smooth. Although long-sleeved trousers are not sultry, he stepped on white indoor slippers and walked down, and went to the children’s room to see the two children. Both children were asleep at this time, and the villa was quiet except for a slight noise in the kitchen.

He walked over and stood in the dining room, and he could see the busy slender back in the kitchen. He didn’t move, just watched so quietly. He liked this feeling very much, and his heart was warm.

In fact, the life he wants is very simple. That’s it. His children and his wife are all around. When he comes home one day outside, there is such a person waiting for him.

She doesn’t need to know too much, as long as she is willing to give him a bowl by herself.

When Ana Lin was underneath, she was suddenly hugged from behind, and she turned her nose over his face. He had just taken a bath, and he smelled of fresh shower gel.

She gave him a light elbow, “Go out and wait a while, it will be better soon.”

Phillip Zong’s arms circled her waist, palms covered her belly and gently stroked, bending her upper body and chin against her shoulders and said, “I’m watching you do it.”

Ana Lin glared at him irritably, “You hold me like this, it’s a hindrance.”

“I do not care.”

He is about to hold.

Ana Lin sighed and was speechless to this person, “My craft is not as good as Mom’s, so you can just eat.”

“As long as you make it yourself, it’s delicious to me.”

She k*ssed her on the cheek while speaking.

Ana Lin didn’t have time to watch him. When the noodles were about to be cooked, she put the lettuce off and turned off the heat. Phillip Zong held her in this way, which really restricted her movement. She patiently said to him, “Stop making trouble, okay?

Can I go outside and wait for dinner? “

Phillip Zong let go, but did not go out, but pulled her aside, “I’m here to Sheng.”

He opened the cupboard and took out a small bowl. Just as he was about to serve the noodles, Ana Lin asked aloud, “Are you sure you want to use this bowl?”

Phillip Zong looked down and felt that there was nothing wrong with him, “Isn’t this bowl used for eating?”

What’s wrong?

Ana Lin sighed, removed the bowl in his hand, and gave him a science popularization by the way, “This is a rice bowl. The noodle bowl should be used to serve the noodles. The noodle bowl is large enough to hold the soup. The rice bowl is too small to hold. How much, the noodles won’t come out in the pot, it will be lumpy after a long time, so this is the most suitable.”

She took out a white glazed bowl from another cabinet and handed it to Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong looked up at her and took it with a smile. He served the noodles, and Ana Lin brought the two fried dishes to the table, scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried pork slices with green peppers, and put lettuce on the clear noodle soup.

She pulled the chair and sat down, Phillip Zong put her face on the table, and sat down opposite her, “Do you want to eat?”

Ana Lin shook his head. Phillip Zong was already familiar with the way to eat tomato and egg noodles. Without Ana Lin telling him, he would mix the tomatoes and the noodles.

“I think it’s possible to cook tomatoes and noodles together.”

It’s so much easier, it’s too much trouble. You have to fry the tomatoes and eggs before mixing them into the noodles.

Ana Lin propped his chin and did not refute him, but said, “Then I will do it for you next time.”

The reason for eating like this is that after the tomatoes are fried, they will fry out the juice that belongs to the tomatoes. Not only the color is good, but also the flavor is strong. When they are cooked together in the noodles, the tomatoes can also be cooked badly, but the taste will be much weaker.

Phillip Zong took a piece of meat and put it in his mouth. The meat was very tender, and the smell of marinated meat was completely gone. He raised his eyes, “Have you learned how to cook?”

Ana Lin nodded, “I used to make tomato and egg noodles. With the two of them, I will take the time to learn some simple dishes, and I will make them myself when I have time.”

After having children, she has the idea of ​​learning how to cook. She feels that it is a very happy thing to prepare three meals for her children by herself, but she has to work, so she can only do it when she spends time with them.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes lightly. He hadn’t participated in the past six years. He would feel disappointed when he heard her talk about the past.

He glanced at the clock on the wall and asked, “Are you sleepy?”

Ana Lin is indeed a little sleepy, and has not been asleep since being woken up by Yu’s mother.

“You go to bed first.”

Phillip Zong saw that she was sleepy and couldn’t bear to let her wait here.

Ana Lin hesitated, stood up and said, “Then I will go upstairs first, and put the bowl in the sink after eating.”

“I see, go up.”

Phillip Zong interrupted her.

Ana Lin went upstairs, she had already taken a shower, and soon fell asleep after lying on the bed, even Phillip Zong came up unaware.

It’s just that in her sleep, she felt someone hugging her from behind, and she knew who it was subconsciously, so she slept at ease.

Keller Shen led people to search into the second half of the night, but still no one was found. The hole where Alan Su and Lena Qin slid down was particularly secretive, and the hole was very deep, and they couldn’t hear any movement on it, unless it was a great movement. .

One night, Alan Su’s cell phone ran out of power, and the two stayed in a cave. No one spoke that night.

The sun rose, and there was light in the cave. Alan Su went to see Lena Qin, only to see her closing her eyes and leaning against the stone wall. Alan Su thought she was asleep and did not dare to make a sound.

But after a long time, Lena Qin still did not open her eyes, Alan Su tried to call her, “Lena Qin?”

No one responded.

He called again, “Lena Qin?”

Still no one responded. He frowned and moved slowly, reaching out to touch her, “Lena Qin…” The touches that touched her body were all hot, Alan Su hurriedly probed her forehead. It’s very hot. I don’t know when the fever occurred. Now even if I don’t use a thermometer to try it, I know that she has a high fever.

Her lips were dry and peeled off. Alan Su hugged her and patted her on the cheek. She didn’t respond when she shouted. She was already burnt and unconscious. Alan Su anxiously yelled towards the entrance of the cave, hoping to attract people’s attention. , Save them up.

When she shouted that her voice was hoarse, and no one responded, Lena Qin dumbly heard Alan Su’s voice. She wanted to open her eyes but didn’t have the strength. She was so thirsty and cold.

“Water, water…” Her voice was as faint as a mosquito and flies. Alan Su didn’t hear her, and only when her ears were close to her did she hear what she was saying.

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