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Table of Contents

Chapter 421

Roman Li was embarrassed to speak, lying on the sofa without speaking.

Li Jing was anxious, didn’t this deliberately jerk her appetite?

“Speaking, right?” Li Jing almost yelled at him.

Roman Li took Li Jing and sat next to him. He put his arms around Li Jing’s shoulders, “Mom, do you know why I haven’t been looking for a girlfriend?”

“Why?” Li Jing condemned in her heart. If she knew, he would still need to say?

Li Jing was deliberately shy, “Forget it.”

“How can I forget?” Li Jing almost stood up angrily. She looked at her son, “What’s the twist, you are a big man, how are you like a woman, are you still my son?”

Roman Li blinked, why is his tone so Foster Wen?

Is it true that after a long time, the character will be contagious?

“Hurry up, who is it.” Li Jing was a little impatient.

Roman Li was almost annoyed.

Roman Li didn’t hang Li Jing any more. He felt that it was almost the same. When he was really annoyed with Li Jing, he would lose out. He lowered his head and touched his nose. “It’s not someone else, you know, and The relationship between our family is very good, she is a little younger than me…”

Li Jing searched for this information in her mind, and the only thing that echoed was Chen Shihan of the Chen family. They all knew each other and had a good relationship with the family. Chen Shihan was a bit younger than Roman Li…

She opened her eyes wide and looked at her son, a little shocked and a little panicked, “Are you talking about Chen Shihan?”

After all, Foster Wen’s one mind made Chen Shihan marry Phillip Zong.

How can she not panic.

Roman Li looked at Li Jing’s surprised expression and asked, “Can’t I like her?”

Li Jing turned her head, not even daring to look at her son, “It’s not inappropriate.”

“What’s that?” Roman Li asked with a cold face, as if he was hurt by Li Jing’s attitude. “We grew up together as childhood sweethearts, and the relationship between our two families is good, not to mention that she still fits yours. Requirement. I don’t need to say about my family background. You also know that you are definitely right with our family, and you also know Shihan. If you grew up, wouldn’t it be okay if I could marry her?”

When Roman Li came back, he thought about it, he must prevent Foster Wen from dismantling Phillip Zong and Ana Lin.

He certainly can’t help Foster, but he is sure to convince Li Jing, as long as Li Jing makes trouble for his happiness and Foster…

There is still room for change in this matter.

Although this is not the best way, he can do it.

Li Jing never thought that Roman Li hadn’t found a girlfriend for so long because he had hidden Chen Shihan in his heart.

“Why didn’t you say it earlier?” Li Jing said helplessly.

“Is it too late?” Roman Li deliberately didn’t understand why Li Jing was embarrassed, and said deliberately, “Do you think we are inappropriate?”

Li Jing hurriedly explained, “No.”

“What’s that? I have investigated Chen Shihan and now I don’t have a boyfriend. I think it’s a good time for me to confess. So, Mom, are you unwilling to help me?” Roman Li pretended to be disappointed.

Li Jing doesn’t want her son to be with the person she likes, but now Chen Qing and Foster Wen have decided that Chen Shihan will marry Phillip Zong.

Now Roman Li comes out and says he likes Chen Shihan, what can she do?

“Xiao Jing, things are a bit complicated now, and Shi Han has already settled her.” Li Jing was also uncomfortable. The happiness of this son must be more important than anything else.

Her brain was running fast, trying to find a way to stop Foster Wen and Chen Qing, and to leave Chen Shihan to her son.

Roman Li’s eyes darkened, calm?

Is to break the feelings of others and insert yourself?

He sneered in his heart, disdainful of such behavior.

This is not what a gentleman calls.

Roman Li was sad in front of Li Jing. He lowered his head and covered his face with his hands. The voice from his fingers was muffled and made people sound worried. “I clearly investigated that she has no boyfriend. How could it happen? And obviously I met her first…”

Roman Li is a star. He has starred in many televisions. The acting is easy to come by. It is not too simple to lie to Li Jing.

Li Jing comforted her son, “Mom must find a way.”

Suddenly Roman Li raised his head and looked at Li Jing, “Who is she assigned to? Why don’t I know?”

Li Jing lowered her eyes, “I don’t know, I just listened to Madam Chen.”

Li Jing knows the relationship between Roman Li and Phillip Zong. If she said it, Roman Li would be shocked. In fact, she also has selfish intentions, afraid that Roman Li knew that Foster Wen wanted to marry Chen Shihan to Phillip Zong, so he would withdraw by himself.

According to his relationship with Phillip Zong, he can really do that, she doesn’t want to suffer her son.

Roman Li looked at Li Jing steadily. In fact, he wanted to know what Li Jing’s attitude towards Foster Wen wanted to marry Chen Shihan to Phillip Zong, and whether she would take this opportunity to confess to him, but Li Jing did not confess.

He was somewhat disappointed. The notion that Li Jing or Foster Wen had instilled in him since childhood was, “Although you and Phillip have two surnames, you are brothers and we are all a family.”

This kind of thinking has long been ingrained, but the person who once said these things to him has changed.

Are they still a family?

Chapter 422

Roman Li lowered his head in loss.

Li Jing thought he was depressed because of Chen Shihan.

In order to comfort her son, Li Jing hugged her son, “Although things are complicated, I will definitely fight for you.”

Roman Li turned to look at Li Jing, his eyes sinking and finally said nothing.

Li Jing thought left and right, how stubborn Foster Wen was and how much she cared about her dead sister, she knew in her heart that she wanted to let Foster Wen relax, fearing it would be impossible, and now she could only start with Chen Shihan and Madam Chen.

Li Jing thought for a while, she looked at her son seriously, “If you were to see Chen Shihan, how sure are you about her?”


He has no interest in Chen Shihan at all, okay?

Where is the certainty?

If you are interested, it would have been done long ago. Can you wait till now?

But he can’t talk to Li Jing like that, otherwise he won’t show up. He pretended to be uncertain and hesitant, “Half confidence.”

Li Jing immediately decided, “Half the chance is fine, I will go to Chen’s house now and bring Chen Shihan to our house.”

This way Roman Li would have the opportunity to confess to her.

If Roman Lineng and Chen Shihan were together, Foster Wen would not be able to force Phillip Zong to marry Chen Shihan. She knew better than Foster Wen that Phillip Zong would not marry Chen Shihan. Even if Ana Lin agreed to marry, it would not be good in the end. result.

Li Jing actually didn’t want to hide from her son, but she had some worries. In the end, she said nothing, got up and changed her clothes and went out.

As a mother she is selfish.

In the same community as the Chen family, Li Jing quickly walked to the door of Chen’s house. When she was about to go to knock on the door, the mobile phone in her pocket rang.

She took out her mobile phone to answer the call.

Chen Qing’s anxious voice came over, “Is it Li Jing?”

Li Jing heard Chen Qing’s voice and said, “It’s me.”

“Hurry up and come to the Second People’s Hospital. Foster Wen has passed out and has just been sent to the rescue room…”

Li Jing’s brain buzzed, Foster Wen passed out? Rescue now? She panicked and didn’t know whether to walk forward or backward, the phone in her hand was still talking.

“Li Jing, are you listening to me?”

Li Jing returned to her senses and said, “I heard it, I heard it, I’ll pass it.”

For most of his life, Li Jing has feelings for Foster Wen. Besides being stubborn, Foster Wen will not be gentle or romantic, but he is a qualified husband. He is sincere in dealing with the relationship between husband and wife.

He was born as a soldier and had a strong body. He had physical examination twice a year. He was in very good health, with no problems at all. How could he suddenly pass out and be admitted to the hospital?

Li Jing stopped a taxi at the gate of the community to go to the hospital, and completely left behind the promise of Roman Li.

Now my mind is full of Foster Wen.

I was worried that something would happen to him. After all, he was in good health and suddenly went to the hospital. What happened was too sudden and too shocking.

Soon the car stopped at the hospital. Li Jing pushed the door in a panic and got out of the car. The driver called her, “Hey, you haven’t paid yet.”

Li Jing just remembered, she turned around and walked back and took out one hundred yuan and handed it to the driver, “Sorry, I have forgotten something urgent.”

The taxi driver was also easy to talk, smiled and said, “I understand.”

There is nothing good to rush to the hospital.

The driver handed the recovered change out the window, and Li Jing said, “No need to find it.” Then he hurried into the hospital.

The driver looked at the money in his hand and smiled, put it in his wallet and started the car to leave.

Foster Wen hadn’t come out when Li Jing walked to the door of the emergency room, and Chen Qing sat on the bench alone and waited.

Li Jing speeded up his pace, but before anyone arrived, the sound came first, “What’s the matter? He has been in good health, how could he pass out?”

Chen Qing stood up from the bench and watched the anxious Li Jing uttered a word to comfort him, “Don’t worry.”

“How can I not be in a hurry?” Li Jing couldn’t control her emotions. This person was sent to the emergency room. How could she not be in a hurry?

“You told me how did he pass out? He has always been in good health.”

There is no way to hide this. Li Jing will want to know sooner or later, and Chen Qing did not hide it. “Today I went to see Phillip Zong with Foster Wen. It was still about him going to my house. Phillip Zong agreed, but To draw a line with the literary family, Foster Wen will be in a coma if he is anxious.”

Foster Wen cares more about Phillip Zong. Li Jing knows very well that Phillip Zong has to draw a line now. Foster Wen will not accept it. She can understand, but… Phillip Zong promised to marry Chen Shihan?

At this time Li Jing remembered what she had promised Roman Li.

What should we do now?

She took out her mobile phone to call her son. Roman Li was unwilling to contact her home, and Li Jing did not have his mobile phone number, so she dialed the home landline number.

The call was through but no one answered.

Roman Li went to Chen’s house without waiting for Li Jing for a long time, and never met Li Jing in Chen’s house.

“Your mother didn’t come here? How about you call her?” Madam Chen said truthfully.

Roman Li smiled, “Actually, there is nothing urgent to find her. By the way, is Shihan at home?”

Mrs. Chen said, “It’s here.”

She gave up her position and let Roman Li in. Mrs. Chen liked Roman Li. She felt that she was about the same age as Chen Shihan and had a similar family. The two grew up together and knew the bottom line.

She looked at Roman Li, “Xiao Ji, tell me, do you like my Hanhan?”

Recently, he came a little bit frequently. He always came to Chen Shihan. This time he said he came to Li Jing, but in the end he asked Chen Shihan. In Mrs. Chen’s eyes, he said that he came to Li Jing as an excuse. The main purpose was Close to Chen Shihan.

Roman Li was stunned for a moment, but he didn’t expect Madam Chen to suddenly ask such a question.

Chapter 423

“I was abrupt.” After asking, Madam Chen also felt that she was too straightforward. “Did it scare you?”

Roman Li shook his head, but looked at Madam Chen with a serious expression, “Is my performance so obvious?”

Madam Chen didn’t realize what he meant for a while, and said after a while, “You, do you really like my Hanhan?”

Roman Li scratched his head, looking a little shy, “Did you make you laugh?”

Madam Chen waved her hand quickly and said, “No, no, I’m not an old antique, you and Hanhan should have fallen in love at this age.”

Roman Li has never looked for a girlfriend, and Chen Shihan has never looked for a girlfriend because of his vision.

Roman Li suddenly expressed her mind today, and Madam Chen did not feel abrupt, but felt that this was the fate of Roman Li and Chen Shihan.

Roman Li did not expect that Madam Chen would approve of him and Chen Shihan so much.

Didn’t she know that Chen Qing wanted Chen Shihan to marry Phillip Zong?

Madam Chen smiled, “Hanhan is upstairs, go ahead, you know which room is her anyway.”

Chen Qing didn’t tell his wife, because of such things, he didn’t think he needed his wife to know, but Mrs. Chen knew about it.

Of course it was not Chen Qing who told her, nor Chen Shihan, but Chen Shihan and Chen Qing, she heard.

But she did not want her daughter to marry Phillip Zong.

Chen Qing kept saying that he wanted Chen Shihan to marry Phillip Zong for the Chen family, but she knew that he had other ideas.

This is a secret hidden in Chen Qing’s heart.

The husband and wife of these years, how could she not be aware of her husband’s concerns.

Roman Li was stunned. He didn’t expect that Madam Chen would be so open, so he took the initiative to let him go to Chen Shihan’s room to find her.


Roman Li was a little unsure whether Madam Chen said so, she was really sincere to test him.

“Look at you, I watched you grow up, can I still trust you?” Madam Chen smiled.

Roman Li nodded, “Then I will go to Shihan.”

Madam Chen waved her hand. She watched Roman Li go upstairs. Her eyes flashed slightly. She would not let Chen Qing treat her daughter as a consignment to marry Phillip Zong.

She was worried about how to stop Chen Qing, now it’s alright, Roman Li appeared just right.

Roman Li walked to the second floor and glanced over Mrs. Chen’s face inadvertently. Because the two families have a good relationship and move around frequently, Mrs. Chen is a virtuous wife in the impression, but the relationship does not seem to be warm, and can only be regarded as respectful as guests.

Madam Chen never said anything to Chen Qing. She took the initiative to contact Chen Shihan, and she certainly didn’t know that Chen Qing wanted Chen Shihan to marry Phillip Zong.

After all, this matter hasn’t been settled yet, neither Chen Qing nor Foster Wen will yell everywhere to let people know.

Perhaps Chen Qing wanted to wait until the matter was settled before telling her.

But think about it, Mrs. Chen doesn’t know, otherwise he might not be able to approach Chen Shihan so easily.

Walking to the door of Chen Shihan’s bedroom, Roman Li raised his hand and knocked on the door. Chen Shihan was still wearing pajamas. Because Chen Qing refused to let her go out, she did not get up. At this time, Mrs. Chen usually came up to give her fruit, and she lay down. She did not move, her white legs were folded, her nightdress was rubbed to the base of her thighs, which could cover her private parts. Her feet were swaying in the air, her head rested on the edge of the bed, and her long hair straightened down. There was no outsider at home. Also more casual, she looked at the phone and said, “Come in.”


The door was gently pushed open, Chen Shihan still looked ignorant, his eyes still on the phone screen, “Mom, are there pineapples at home?”

Suddenly she wanted to eat something sweet and sour. The weather was getting hotter and hotter. It would be even better if she could chill.

Roman Li stood at the door, staring at her swaying legs, without saying a word, he leaned against the door and looked at her quietly.

Because the two grew up together, they both knew her very well, so after they grew up, he didn’t go to see her carefully.

Although her face was unclear, Roman Li knew that this was not the little girl who followed him before.

Chen Shihan couldn’t hear Mrs. Chen’s voice for a long time, and frowned, “Mom?”

With the sound, she looked up at the door to open.

She lay on the edge of the bed and looked up at the door. It was not her mother that appeared in her eyes. Although Roman Li was upside down in her sight, she quickly reacted and turned around hurriedly. I blocked my thighs with the skirt of my pajamas, and said in a flustered manner, “You, why did you come up?”

Roman Li leaned against the door and said with a smile, “You are only blocking now, don’t you think it’s too late? I’ve been watching it for a long time…”

Before he could finish his words, Chen Shihan threw a pillow over, “Go away!”

Roman Li didn’t move, but grabbed the pillow and continued to look at her, “I didn’t find it before, but you are actually pretty.”

Chen Shihan is naturally happy to be praised for being beautiful. No woman does not like men to call herself beautiful.

She raised her head, “You just found out?”

Roman Li hugged the pillow, looked at her face carefully, made a thoughtful gesture, and gave a soft hum.

Chen Shihan grabbed her long hair and straightened her pajamas. She was wearing a lotus-colored silk pajamas with a suspender on the inside and a long-sleeved pajamas on the outside. The same silk, because there is no belt, at this moment It lay loosely on her shoulders, her neck and collarbone, all exposed.

Roman Li’s gaze cast over and fell on her neck. Chen Shihan gathered his nightgown and tied his belt around his waist. “Looking at me like this, do you think about me?”

She got off the bed and walked up to Roman Li. She seemed to be in a good mood. She smiled and said, “You have no chance, I already have my heart.”

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