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Chapter 424

Roman Li looked back at her smiling eyes and looked down slowly. She stepped barefoot on the carpet, with half of her calf exposed. Chen Shihan was very uncomfortable when he saw her, and she couldn’t help but shrink her feet backwards, fiercely. Said, “What do you look at?”

Roman Li was not angry either. He withdrew his gaze, looked at her again, playing with the taste, “I have my heart, who do I like? I know that you have a very high vision, who is in your eye?”

Roman Li asked clearly.

Chen Shihan turned and walked to the bed, put on slippers, pretending not to hear.

Chen Qing said that he can’t tell anyone about this now.

That’s why she didn’t answer Roman Li’s words.

Roman Li walked in and closed the door. Chen Shihan glanced at him, and didn’t think there was anything wrong with two people living in the same room. When they were teenagers in junior high school, they drank the same bottle of water.

She sat in front of the dressing table and picked up the comb to comb her hair, and looked at herself in the mirror. She asked Roman Li, “You are looking for me, something?”

“Nothing, can’t I come to you?” Roman Li sat on the corner of the dressing table, looking at Chen Shihan with his arms around his chest, “Who are you after?”

Roman Li continued to ask.

Chen Shihan glanced at him, “Why do you want to know?”

Suddenly she looked at Roman Li warily, squinting her eyes, “Did you know something?”

If he didn’t know at all, how could he keep asking her this question,

“What do I know? Why do you ask?” Roman Li asked with a smile.

Chen Shihan looked at him, looking from the top to the bottom, and from the bottom to the top, “It doesn’t look like your personality.”

Roman Li stared at her affectionately, “Know me so? Wouldn’t you like me?”

Although he is familiar with Roman Li, he has never looked at himself with such a look. Chen Shihan was taken aback, turned his head, and said disdainfully, “Cut, you didn’t wake up in your dream? It’s outside during the day, I like you? Don’t be kidding. Okay? You are not my food.”

Roman Li smiled and said lightly, “You haven’t tasted it, how do you know that I am not your dish?”

Although Chen Shihan was still a girl who had never experienced personnel affairs, she could still understand what he meant. Her face was hot involuntarily. No matter how thick her skin was, she couldn’t be thicker than a man.

“I’m sleepy and want to go to bed, you go quickly.” Chen Shihan issued an order to dismiss the guest. She rolled onto the bed and wrapped herself in a quilt, hiding her head in the quilt.

Roman Li did not leave. He walked to the bed and stood. When the crew was filming, he had a habit of brewing emotions before entering the role.

When he feels that he can enter the role and perform the feeling he wants, then the director will start.

Regardless of the acting skills, it has been affirmed, otherwise it will not become popular.

He felt that when it was about the time, he sat on the side of the bed with a deep tone and hidden emotions that were not easily detectable, “Do you know why I haven’t found a girlfriend?”

Chen Shihan’s eyes were dark, she could hear Roman Li’s voice, but she didn’t say a word.

Although the bed was stuffy, she did not lift the bed.

Roman Li used the volume, he knew Chen Shihan could hear it.

He continued to brew his emotions, maybe the room was too quiet, unlike someone watching on the crew, he was very relaxed and emotional, “I have always liked a girl, so I didn’t find a girlfriend.”

Chen Shihan in the bed held his breath, as if he wanted to hear clearly who the girl he was talking about was.

“She is a little younger than me. She went to a school and saw the other person embarrassed…” His voice became more and more sad, depressed, as if there was endless feelings and nowhere to tell, “For so many years, I I also thought about confession, but I’m too familiar with it, so I can’t open my mouth.”

Chen Shihan was so bored in the bed that she almost couldn’t breathe. I didn’t know if it was because of Roman Li’s words that her heartbeat was inexplicably fast.

Roman Li glanced at the undulating quilt, and continued, “She, she is actually very beautiful…”

Chen Shihan held his breath again and listened carefully to Roman Li’s words, because she was in line with what he said.

Roman Li always liked her?

“It’s just that she has a bad temper and is always self-righteous. It may be because of family reasons. She is always arrogant. Most people don’t look at it. That’s not the point—”

“Roman Li!”

Suddenly, Chen Shihan lifted the quilt, sat on the bed, pointing at Roman Li angrily, “Who do you think is right?!”

Roman Li looked at her, and the corners of his lips curled up slightly, “I said that the girl I like is self-righteous, and I didn’t say that the person I like is you. Why do you check in? Still so excited?”

Chen Shihan, “…”

Her face was flushed like cooked shrimp.

The air was still for a few seconds, and Chen Shihan yelled at him, “Wen Xiaoji, you leave me…”

Her opened lips were suddenly sealed.

Chen Shihan is very arrogant, because she has no man she likes, and she has never been in a relationship, and her first k*ss is still there.

This is her first time…

Her pupils kept shrinking, and soon she realized what Roman Li was doing. She tried to push him away. However, as soon as her hand moved, Roman Li grabbed her and thrust her other hand into her messy and thin. In the sweaty hair, tightly clasped the back of her head, deepening this k*ss…

Chapter 425

Chen Shihan forgot to react, and she remained motionless, with an expression of indifference or astonishment on her face.

Soon Roman Li’s k*ss left her lips, slid to her ears, opened her lips gently, and the heat of breathing spread on the skin near her ears, “I heard my dad say that you want to marry Zong Phillip?”


Something exploded in his ears, Chen Shihan turned his head stiffly to look at him, “You, you, do you know?”

Roman Li gently stroked her cheek, “What’s so good about him? An old man in his thirties. As far as I know, he has a bad personality and is not gentle with women. You said you have picked for so long, how can you look What about him?”

“He doesn’t look like you said, he treats Ana Lin very well…”

“Is it clear to you or me? I have been with him for so many years, don’t I know him? Relying on his own beauty and pretending to be like a person outside, in fact he is very perverted in private and abuses women. “

“Tortured, tortured women?” Chen Shihan was as if she was blasted by five thunders.

Roman Li continued to discredit Phillip Zong without leaving any room. He couldn’t take the opportunity to say bad things about him to help him. If he didn’t dare to say anything, he can say as much as he can now, “What do you think? He manages such a big company.” Can there be no pressure? People become distorted when they are depressed for a long time.”

Chen Shihan blinked, as if there was some truth in it.


Does a character like him really feel abnormal? Then why does Ana Lin still get along with him?

Roman Li saw her thoughts and deliberately squeezed her face, “How could he be so stupid? Do you think he was good to Ana Lin? So why didn’t she announce her identity? Hidden? If not, Ana Lin gave birth to two of his children. He couldn’t bear to run away a long time ago. It was just because there was no other choice but to stay with him for the sake of the children. Let’s say…”

His fingers crossed Chen Shihan’s cheeks, pinched her chin, and let her look at herself, “I am not younger than him, and am I not as good as him?”

Because of the tight relationship, Chen Shihan can clearly see his delicate skin, which is a bit more delicate than women’s. As a popular male star, his face is well maintained, no worse than women’s skin.

Admittedly, he is not ugly.

Soon Chen Shihan reacted, “You said so much, you just don’t want me to marry Phillip Zong? Are you stupid for me?”

Roman Li, “…”

Isn’t this confusing? You must know that he contributed all his mouth. When he filmed the kss scene for the first time, he couldn’t let go. He felt that he didn’t have a girlfriend yet, so it was too bad for him to give the kss to an actress who was a few years older than him. .

At that time, he was cooperating with a well-known domestic director. The films he directed were well received. It is said that he has a perverse personality and dares to do everything as long as he can make a good film. It is said that once the director filmed a scene where the heroine danced a passionate bullfighting dance. The heroine does not know how to dance, so the director asks the teacher to teach him. What’s strange is that he also learns it himself. I heard that he learns better than the heroine in that scene.

Later that movie won the prize, and the host mentioned the scene and asked, “The heroine was filming, but you didn’t make it. Why did you still go to school?”

The director was very calm, “I don’t know how to guide her?”

There was a round of enthusiastic applause below. All the successes were not accidental. They were all sweat and bitterness behind the back. In order to enliven the atmosphere, the director also danced for a while. A man who was only six meters and a little fat, he just did a bullfighting dance. The jump is soft and hot.

Mainly, if he grasps that attitude, he will naturally have that charm.

Funny and surging.

At that time, the director disliked Roman Li’s ink marks and said, “The mouth and mouth are attached to a piece of meat, just like your lips are attached to a piece of meat.” The director also demonstrated, k*ssing the photographer’s mouth with his own mouth, and then Looking at Roman Li and asking, “What does it matter? Isn’t it just meat and meat? It’s over as soon as you close your eyes.”

The photographers were stupid.

Roman Li was also stupid, and touched his own mouth, and then thought to himself, these are two pieces of meat?

I don’t know if it’s been brainwashed. Roman Li still thinks the director’s description is very appropriate. These are two pieces of meat. When he k*ssed Chen Shihan, he thought of the director’s words in his heart, and he was done as soon as he closed his eyes.

It was a k*ss scene.

In fact, he didn’t know. After filming that scene, the director hid and washed his mouth with mineral water. He also said to the photographer, “I will eat less scallions in the future. It’s really f*cking unpleasant and disgusting.”

Photographer, “…”

How wrong was he?

Roman Li continued to brew his emotions, but he didn’t expect that this woman would react very quickly. His beauty tricks were useless.

His countless female fans screamed at his handsomeness, but he didn’t believe it and couldn’t get a Chen Shihan.

“Yes!” His eyes were full of red blood, “I don’t want you to marry anyone, no one, you belong to me!”

At this moment, Roman Li thought to himself that now he is acting in a play of a domineering president.

He pulled Chen Shihan into his arms and stared affectionately into her eyes, “I said so much, don’t you understand my heart?”

Chapter 426

This time Chen Shihan was not immediately bewildered by him, “Are you teasing me? Like me? Don’t you mean that you don’t want me to marry Phillip Zong?”

Roman Li didn’t give up, looked at her with wounded eyes, slowly let go of her, and took two steps back, pulling away from her, sliding his apple up and down, his throat hoarse, “You think I’m joking, then I’m just kidding. If I can’t say anything today, you have never heard it.”

After speaking, he turned and left. When he grabbed the doorknob with his hand, he stopped without turning his head and said in a low voice, “I didn’t lie to you if Phillip Zong was sick. I hope you are good. Your person is not me, and I want you to be happy. If you don’t know that you want to marry Phillip Zong, I’m afraid I haven’t the courage to say those things in my heart…”

Roman Li was immediately disgusted by himself. His face was sullenly distorted. He turned his back to Chen Shihan and she could not see. He continued to disgust himself, “I really hope you are happy. Find a good man. Seriously. , If you want to marry Phillip Zong, even on the day of your wedding, I will stop you. I definitely can’t watch you jump into the fire pit. I heard the sentence when I was in school, the hero is sad for the beauty gate. I was very disdainful at that time. I didn’t know until I realized my feelings for you. It turned out to be deep in love. Don’t say I told you Phillip Zong’s privacy irrespective of the feelings. What if you let me break a rib for you?”

Women are all sentimental, and Chen Shihan is the same. With Roman Li’s affectionate confession, she was a little confused.

“Take care of yourself.” After speaking, Roman Li opened the door, he deliberately moved quickly, not giving Chen Shihan a chance to think.

Under the impact of spirit, people are most likely to make irrational behaviors.

However, Roman Li’s mental tactics succeeded. At the moment he was about to leave, Chen Shihan ran over and hugged his waist, “You, are you true?”

Roman Li pretended to be angry, breaking her hand, “Except for Phillip Zong’s twisted heart, everything else I said is false!”

Chen Shihan hugged him and said, “You said you like me, I heard it, you don’t want to regret it, you even told me the abnormal things in Phillip Zong’s heart, you must be sincere to me, in fact, you are pretty good-looking. That’s…”

Roman Li, “?”

“Forget it, no matter what, thank you for telling me so much.”

Roman Li turned around and held her shoulders, “What is it that you say clearly?”

“You are too tender, I almost feel a little bit.” Chen Shihan said bluntly.

Roman Li’s eyes twitched, is he tender?

Where is it tender?

“You, tell me clearly? Where is it tender?”

Chen Shihan walked to the bed and sat down and sighed, “Even if Phillip Zong has such problems, I will marry her.”

Roman Li, “…”

His performance so hard is of no use in the end?

“Chen Shihan, are you crazy?” Roman Li can’t pretend, why is this woman so difficult?

With his looks, how many little girls have been confused, but she still has no feelings?

Roman Li had never been so frustrated before, and he was angrily, “I lost to you, the big deal, I will grab the marriage, f*ck, if I can’t stop you from marrying Phillip Zong, I am not Roman Li!”

At this moment Roman Lixin really thought so, no matter what, he couldn’t let Chen Shihan marry Phillip Zong.

Otherwise, what should Ana Lin do? What about Daniel and Ruth?

However, Roman Li’s ruthless remark fell in Chen Shihan’s ears, but he would rather be desperate to prevent her from jumping into Phillip Zong’s fire pit, and he was so moved.

A man was desperate for her, he looked ruthless, so charming.

There was a little light in Chen Shihan’s eyes, “Will you really do that?”

Roman Li grinned, “I will definitely do that, no one can stop me, I will definitely make the wedding upside down!”

Chen Shihan looked at him, “I didn’t expect that you love me, you have reached the point of madness. I know that Phillip Zong doesn’t like me, and I also wavered, but my dad wants me to marry into the Zong family, so I…”

Roman Li, “…”

what’s the situation?

Love her crazy?


Why is it so disgusting?

Leave it alone, Chen Shihan just let it go.

He came over, “You really don’t want to marry?”

“But I have no other way to choose.” Chen Shihan helplessly spread his hands.

Roman Li’s brains were running fast, and soon he thought of a good plan. If he and Chen Shihan were in front of the two parents and said that he would be together, would this…

It seems that Foster Wen and Chen Qing will definitely not agree?

In this way, they can also force Phillip Zong to marry Chen Shihan.

what should I do?


Take Chen Shihan away?

Hey, this works.

When Roman Li just wanted to speak, Chen Shihan said, “My dad has high hopes for me. I can’t let him disappoint me. The only way is…”

Her face was slightly flushed, a little shy.

Roman Li wants to take a step back inexplicably, how does it feel that it is not a good thing?

“The only way?”

“We are uncooking rice and cooking mature rice. When the time comes, the two families can only agree with us. After all, we…” Chen Shihan leaned in his arms and said lowly, “If we have another child, they will be very willing. We are together.”

Chen Shihan thought happily, Roman Li has so many little fans, but now he wants to belong to him, those little fans know, I wonder if they will be jealous of her.

Roman Li, “…”

A million grass mud horses ran over Roman Li’s head.

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