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Chapter 427

Can you not ruin him?

Chen Shihan stroked his chest and fiddled with a button on his neckline, “You like me so much, don’t you want to get me?”

Roman Li, “…”

He, can he go now?

Chen Shihan smiled and raised his chin, “Don’t tell me, you can’t touch me before marriage for my good.”

“Also, really, if we do have a relationship, your reputation will be ruined. For your good, we will wait for the future…”

Chen Shihan pushed him away fiercely and sneered, “Roman Li, do you really treat me as an idiot? See one love one?”

In fact, after Roman Li’s confession, she felt a little throbbing in her heart. Calm down and think about it. Roman Li happened to confess to her when she was about to marry Phillip Zong. Is this coincidence or he wants to prevent her from marrying The strategy for Phillip Zong?

If it weren’t for this juncture, she would definitely consider Roman Li. As far as men are concerned, he is indeed handsome and a big star. As his girlfriend, there will be a lot of his little girls who are jealous of themselves and can satisfy her. The enviable sense of superiority.

Just now she deliberately made such a request to see if Roman Li was sincere or fake, but she did not expect it.

This man, coming to confess to her at this time is purposeful.

“Roman Li, if you love me, you won’t wait until now to confess, dare you? You are not of this character, and your play is over. Should you continue or…” She pointed to the door.

Roman Li’s face twitched, this woman knew he was acting?

Are you just testing him?

He squinted his eyes, “Chen Shihan, how did I find that you have become so annoying? Why do you have to like having a wife?”

Chen Shihan sat down at the end of the bed and glanced at him squintly, “Stop acting? Isn’t Phillip Zong sick? Isn’t it a psychopath? To abuse women, continue to talk about any quirks.”

Roman Li rushed over to choke her neck. Chen Shihan raised his neck and met his hand. Roman Li was really going to be mad by this woman. He couldn’t get rid of this face that was too familiar.

There was still anger in his heart, and his hands held up in the air were tightly clasped together.

Chen Shihan looked at him calmly. At the moment Roman Li rushed over, she was a little scared. Thinking of her being bullied when she was a child, Roman Li rushed to protect her, that fear disappeared.

She dared to pinch him without fear.

“Wen Xiaoji, your star is really not in vain. The acting is really good. I have taken it seriously several times. Don’t bother about marrying Phillip Zong. I will definitely marry him.”

Roman Li stared at her face, “What do you like him?”

Chen Shihan’s thoughts drifted for a few seconds, what do you like about him?

She didn’t know, but she thought she would be happy to be his woman. Roman Li didn’t have that kind of mature male charm.

“Like his identity and status? Like his good looks? Like him being indifferent to all people, only gentle to his own wife? I don’t know, I can’t describe that kind of affection. I know, it’s not right to dismantle others like this But, Roman Li is in charge of all this by your dad. If you want to blame, you should also blame him instead of working on me.”

Roman Li stared at her silently, and said a long time later, “I still like you when I was a kid.”

After speaking, Roman Li turned around and left the room. Chen Shihan sat motionless and muttered, “Everyone changes. How can someone stay the same from childhood to adulthood?”

The most popular saying right now is to fight for it if you like it?

Is it wrong for her to fight for what she likes?

Roman Li did not go home after leaving the Chen family but went directly to Phillip Zong’s company. Long Pang Pang sat on the steps in front of the gate, waiting for Roman Li.

He couldn’t contact Roman Liren, nor did he have any at home. He found everything he needed, but he didn’t find anyone, so he could only come here to kill the mouse.

Because he knew the relationship between Roman Li and Phillip Zong, he chose to blindly hit the mouse here.

However, his ass was about to sit flat, and finally saw Roman Li. Seeing that he was more intimate than seeing his parents, “Where did you two go? I can’t contact you, I’m in a hurry. crazy.”


“Yesterday, I received Perfect Cosmetics and wanted you to be an endorsement, appearance fee…” Long Pang Pang raised his hand and shook his five fingers, “How many do you guess?”

Roman Li gave him a cold look, “I won’t pick up anything, and don’t come to me recently, I’m very busy.”

After finishing talking, he walked over Long Pang Pang’s shoulders into the company. Long Pang Pang was dumbfounded. He didn’t accept the money. He caught up with Roman Li’s footsteps. “I didn’t make a price yet, and they paid 15 million. We might add some more…”

“I said I won’t pick up, didn’t you hear?!” Roman Li was impatient when he was chased.

Long Pangpang stopped and stood there, looking at Roman Li’s back, “Do you think there is such an opportunity to make money every day? An advertisement is fifteen million, and the price is so high, why do people pay so much money? Are there enough fans now? In the entertainment industry, you are mixed with the entertainment industry. There are a few people who can continue to be popular. If you don’t take advantage of this enthusiasm to make a lot of money, why are you obvious? Why on earth do you want Be a star?”

Everyone knows that the entertainment industry is not easy to mix, but everyone is sharpening their heads and drilling in, isn’t it just for money?

He is not interested in money, why should he be a star?

Roman Li stood in the elevator, looking at Fatty Long who was almost desperate, “I am a star because my dad doesn’t like it and it has nothing to do with money. If you feel wronged by me, you can go.”

“I’m not going, I’m waiting for you.” Long Pangpang said firmly. He has been with Roman Li for many years, and he has not treated himself badly. Now that he is gone, he is not enough buddies.

Roman Li made a gesture of a good buddy to him, when the elevator door closed.

Fatty Long turned and left in disappointment.

Fifteen million is gone.

He looked back at the huge reception hall on the first floor of the company. The marble floor was so polished that figures could be poured out. On the golden background of a whole wall of the front desk, the four characters of Wanyue Group were vigorous and powerful, just like a Wolong, majestic.

He sighed, “There is a rich brother who is willful, 15 million? Is it money?”

He walked out, still thinking of the 15 million in his heart, heartache.

An advertising fee.

Only a few minutes of advertising.

“f*ck, money is all paper, wipe paper.”

Roman Li went upstairs because he was anxious, so he pushed open the door of Phillip Zong’s office without knocking. Alan Su, who was talking, turned his head when he heard the noise and saw Roman Li standing at the door.

Keller Shen was also there, sitting next to Alan Su.

Roman Li walked in and closed the door, “You are all here.”

No one spoke at this time, just let him sit.

Alan Su continued, “We can’t find any information about that video on Weibo now, so it’s resolved.”

The investigating media posted an apology and claimed that the video was synthesized and not a real incident.

The hot search for this matter was also withdrawn.

Phillip Zong sat on the solo sofa with the French windows on his back. He leaned back lazily without speaking. Even Roman Li didn’t raise his eyelids when he came in.

Alan Su fell silent after speaking.

A depressive atmosphere permeated the entire office.

It was the silence that Keller Shen broke. “The doctor said it was okay. It was caused by the anger. Now in the hospital, Chen Qing and Li Jing are both here.”

Phillip Zong’s heart still softened, so Keller Shen was asked to see Foster Wen’s situation.

Why did Roman Li hear Keller Shen’s words as if he was talking about Foster Wen?

He tugged at Keller Shen, “Who are you talking about?”

“Don’t you know if your father is in the hospital?” Roman Li is not in the country, so Li Jing should tell him when he is in China.

In order not to find Roman Li, no one at home knew his mobile phone number.

“I’ll take a look.” Noisy and noisy, no matter how stiff, blood is thicker than water, family affection is always there. Hearing he was hospitalized, he still wanted to see the situation. Roman Ligang took two steps and suddenly stopped. When he came down, he lowered his head, “This matter is all my dad’s fault. The older he gets, the more confused he gets.”

“This is your dad…”

“Alan Su.”

When Alan Su couldn’t help complaining about Foster, he was interrupted by a deep bass.

He closed his mouth.

Phillip Zong raised his eyelids and glanced at Alan Su, then turned to Roman Li, “Go.”

This matter has nothing to do with Roman Li.

Roman Li took a deep breath and walked out of the office.

Seeing the closed door, Keller Shen prodded Alan Su with his elbow, “Foster Wen is Foster Wen, Roman Li is Roman Li, what do you tell him, what do you do? Go and have a fight, can you solve the problem?”

“Isn’t I angry? Really, how can I hold on to the things in the past, the things in the previous life, why should people of this generation have to be involved? I think Roman Li is right, Foster Wen is always confused. “Alan Su said angrily.

“Let’s go away.” Phillip Zong stood up, not wanting to hear anything about this matter.

He picked up the suit jacket that had been thrown on the sofa and walked out of the office.

Alan Su and Keller Shen sat still.

“Is there only one way?” Alan Su asked.

Keller Shen glanced at him, “Rios He is dead. This is a fact. A case of human life may be uncovered at any time. Foster Wen has not been loosened, Ana Lin will always be the identity of the suspect, unless Foster Wen himself lets go. Obviously impossible. Besides, there is nothing wrong with this method, and it is not really married. As long as Chen Shihan shows her head, I will be sure to catch her. Then…”

They are not the passive side.

Alan Su thought for a while, it can only be this way, and now there is no other way.

Phillip Zong, who was out of the company, drove to the hospital. When passing by a bookstore, he stopped the car, thinking that Ana Lin would be bored in the hospital every day. She is a fashion designer. Buy her a book about this. The book is used to pass the time.

The bookstore has two floors, with a five-meter-wide bookshelf erected in the middle, which runs through from the first floor to the second floor, with a strong fragrance of books.

Each book has a partition. When looking for books on fashion design, he passed by the childcare book area and inadvertently saw a book, “October of Pregnancy”. He took it out and opened it when he was curious.

Chapter 427, he is much more uncomfortable than her

The first part of the catalog is how eggs, sperm and sperm are combined.

He raised his eyebrows slightly. Doesn’t an adult know this kind of thing?

The second part is how the fertilized egg enters the female uterus.

The third chapter, who is the decision to make boys and girls?

The fourth chapter is about the changes of a woman’s body during ten months of pregnancy.

At first I was attracted because the title of the book was Pregnancy October, because Ana Lin was currently pregnant, so he was interested.

I finally saw what he was interested in, and just about to open it, a few women walked over here with the child in their hands. He closed the book cover, went to the checkout counter to pay, and got into the car with the book.

When he arrived at the hospital, he took the book and got off the elevator, walked into the elevator, and went to the ward where Ana Lin was.

It’s quiet here.

The person guarding the door saw the person coming down the elevator, standing straight, “Zong Zong.”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly.

Walking to the door of the ward, Phillip Zong gently opened the door, fearing that Ana Lin was sleeping, and woke her up. The crack in the door was getting bigger and he saw the woman sitting in front of the window.

She was wearing a loose-fitting white silk nightgown without a waist. She was sitting on a chair, showing half of her thin white legs. Her feet were long and beautiful, and even her ankles were beautiful.

The dressing gown is long-sleeved. The cuffs are sewn with a circle of lace as embellishment. The wrists are exposed, and the scissors are in the hands. There is a delicate glass bottle on the table, which has been inserted. flower.

Last time Jenkin Bai sent Hua Phillip Zong to the trash can. When I went to the company, I thought that Ana Lin said that he liked flowers, so he went to the flower shop. Maybe it was because he was a man. Plants don’t pay much attention to it, and even don’t know what the rose represents.

Until the boss in the flower shop introduced him to him, he said that roses represent love.

He remembered that Jenkin Bai gave five flowers, so he asked, “What can five flowers represent?”

The florist said, “The rose represents love, and five means no regrets.”

Phillip Zong snorted coldly, what does Jenkin Bai mean?

Love this Ana Lin without complaint and regret?

Ha ha.

Later-Phillip Zong bought a bunch of lilies because the owner of the florist said, “Lilies are great for a hundred years.”

Well, he wants to get along with Ana Lin for a hundred years.

As for Jenkin Bai, let him go without any regrets!

He was going to the company and didn’t come back. It was delivered by the flower shop. Ana Lin was sleeping at the time, so Yu’s mother put it on the table. Ana Lin only asked Yu’s mother to buy the bottle when she saw it when she woke up. The flowers were inserted. In fact, she did not expect Phillip Zong to buy flowers.

Phillip Zong walked in and stood in front of her, “Do you like it?”

Ana Lin raised her head, her long hair dangled, and when she raised her head, her small face appeared. She was surprised. Phillip Zong was very angry when he lost flowers. Ana Lin felt that he was not the kind of flower that would buy flowers for women. The man was very happy in his heart, a slight smile overflowed from the corner of his lips, “I like it.”

Phillip Zong sneered, “It’s really tacky.”

Ana Lin wanted to be so tacky, would you still give it away?

But the words turned a corner, “I like tacky.”

She stroked the petals with a delicate touch and a faint fragrance.

The neckline of her pajamas is round and the cuffs are decorated with lace, folded and folded several layers, the neckline is a bit big, and the neck and collarbone are exposed.

Phillip Zong took possession of his body and pressed his lips to her collarbone. His lips were a bit cold, but very soft. The moment they touched her skin, Ana Lin’s body tightened sharply. Immediately, he gently pushed him, and whispered, “Yu’s mother is cleaning the bathroom.”

I’ll see it later, not so good.

Phillip Zong bit a bit of her meat with his teeth, and there was no meat on the collarbone. He fiddled with that bit of skin. Although it didn’t work hard and hurt, Ana Lin hissed and frowned.

Phillip Zong smirked, “At night, let you bite me.”

Ana Lin pushed him, “Don’t make trouble, let me finish it all.”

Wanda was in the bathroom, but he didn’t continue, so he sat down on the sofa and flipped through the book he bought.

Ana Lin glanced at him, and then saw that he actually bought the book and came back to look at it, but he didn’t say anything.

Phillip Zong originally wanted to buy a book for Ana Lin, but he bought a copy for himself and then came back, completely forgetting about buying a book for Ana Lin.

Wanda cleaned the bathroom and walked out. She walked out of the ward with the towel that needed to be washed, and gently closed the door.

When Phillip Zong came back, she heard the voice, and deliberately got it out quickly, leaving room for them.

The ward was very quiet, the content of the book seemed very good, and Phillip Zong was very engaged.

Ana Lin inserted the flowers into the vase. They were very beautiful. She was very satisfied with her masterpiece. She looked at Phillip Zong and asked, “Does it look good?”

“Huh?” Phillip Zong took his gaze out of the book and saw that she had already inserted the flowers. He buckled the book on the sofa and walked over, “Isn’t you tired?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I want to wash my hands.”

Phillip Zong picked her up and went to the bathroom. She washed her hands, and Phillip Zong carried her to bed, “Did you throw up today?”

Ana Lin said no, “Bring me the book and take a look.”

Phillip Zong glanced at her and asked meaningfully, “Really?”

“What can’t you read?” Isn’t it just a book about women’s pregnancy? What can’t be seen.

Phillip Zong’s eyes were dark and unclear, hiding the light. He took the book over, lay down on the bed, and put Ana Lin into his arms, “Let’s watch it together.”

Ana Lin pillowed his shoulder armor, Phillip Zong opened the book.


Ana Lin, “…”

There are also chapters in each article. The article Phillip Zong read is about the changes in a woman’s body during the tenth month of pregnancy. The first chapter is whether a woman can live a married life during pregnancy.

In fact, he didn’t know that there would be pictures in it.

It is not recommended to have a married life in the first three months. Even if it is possible, it can not be intense. After the fetal position is relatively stable after three months, the couple’s life needs to be careful not to squeeze the pregnant woman’s abdomen and which postures will not be pressed To the abdomen of pregnant women, you should take——

Below are many examples.

Various positions.

“Wait for you to stabilize, let’s try these?” Phillip Zong said with great interest.

Ana Lin’s neck was trembling, he was so serious about it, that’s it?

Phillip Zong looked at her ruddy face and pressed her voice, “If you don’t speak, I will take it as your default.”

Ana Lin nestled in his arms, didn’t speak, didn’t know what was going on, he thought…

Before, she didn’t feel that she really needed a husband and wife life. Phillip Zong wouldn’t think about it when she didn’t touch her, but this time she didn’t know what happened, and she would think about it somehow.

She tried to calm herself, hypnotize herself, and let herself sleep.

Phillip Zong looked down at the little woman nestled in his arms like a cat, with a gentle smile on her face.

He turned the pages of the paper. This chapter is about the changes in a woman’s body a few months before pregnancy.

After a woman is pregnant, there will be many changes in her body. Ruf will feel full, lethargy, leg cramps at night, and the areola will gradually darken with the time of pregnancy…

He lowered his head and found that Ana Lin’s breathing was not steady, not as if he was asleep. He put down his book and hugged her sideways, “What’s the matter?”

Ana Lin calmed down a lot, “Nothing, just didn’t fall asleep.”

Phillip Zong’s Adam’s apple turned up and down, he was more uncomfortable than her, but he was restrained by thinking of the doctor’s words in his heart.

He hooked her neckline.

Ana Lin hurriedly covered her hand, “What are you doing?”

He laughed, “Let me see.”

Ana Lin, “…”

His voice was hoarse, but it was covered by laughter, “The book says it will change, let me see if yours has changed…”

Chapter 428

Ana Lin swallowed and suppressed the thought, but he hooked it out inexplicably. Her whole body was uncomfortable, and her face was slightly hot.

Phillip Zong seemed to perceive her throbbing, his fingers poked up from the hem of her nightdress, his hands were flexible and endowed with some kind of magic that could provoke people’s expectations. The place he wandered caused her to shudder Chen. Her lips opened a gap involuntarily, panting…

The clothes were opened by him. Ana Lin has been in the ward. Today, she took a bath and didn’t wear her inside. She is still young now, and there is no change in color or powder.

He asked hoarsely, “Will it change?”

Ana Lin turned to look at him, stretched out his hand to touch his face, his voice was faint, “It will become ugly.”

When she was pregnant with Daniel and Ruth, they changed very quickly in the next few months, turning into dark gray.

“I don’t dislike what it becomes.”

Phillip Zong grabbed her hand touching her face, squeezed her palm and pressed it on the pillow, and he held the pink cherry.

This part of the woman is especially sensitive, her body arched involuntarily to cater to him.

The remaining reason told her that they couldn’t… continue to only make it more uncomfortable.

She murmured, “The doctor said no…”

Phillip Zong raised his head from her chest, k*ssed her lips, and said hoarsely, “You don’t know how much I want you to be comfortable.”

The physical needs did not decrease, but became stronger and stronger. She turned her head and said, “You stay away from me.”

If two people hold this way, they can’t extinguish the fire at all, and if they do this, they might not be able to control it…

Phillip Zong was also trying his best to endure, pulling down her skirt, turning over to lie flat on the bed, neither of them spoke, just lying quietly.

The clock on the wall kept walking, and time kept passing by.

After about ten minutes, Ana Lin broke the silence first, “Is it resolved?”

She deliberately talked about this topic to completely extinguish the atmosphere.

“Have you blamed me in your heart? If I didn’t get close to Danna Cheng, I wouldn’t have caused such a big trouble.” Listening to Danna Cheng’s remarks about the past, Ana Lin knew that Foster Wen had a deep affection for Wen Xian. , But she didn’t expect that Foster Wen could be crazy to this point.

“I haven’t complained, I didn’t understand at first, but I know, you have your thoughts.” Phillip Zong’s voice returned to calm, without the previous hoarseness.

Ana Lin turned sideways and buried his head in his arms, “Did you know? I like you, I want to…” Take care of the person you can’t take care of.

Phillip Zong pressed his inner joy, “Are you confessing to me?”

Ana Lin said, “I think so.”

He turned sideways, took her head out of his arms, and looked at her face.

Ana Lin flapped his eyelashes, “It hasn’t been resolved yet, is it?”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her forehead and held the person in her arms, “Alright, you can rest in peace, don’t worry about things outside, don’t worry about what you hear, those may be expedients, you just have to believe me A person.”

He said that something would happen later, and she didn’t know what.

“I believe you.”

Phillip Zong thought it was funny again, pretending to be relaxed and soothing the atmosphere, and didn’t want such a topic to make her worry, “Believe me so, are you afraid that I will run away with other women?”

Ana Lin pinched the meat on his waist, “You dare to run and maimed your leg.”

Ana Lin started hard, and Phillip Zong frowned in pain, “It’s disabled, you can support me.”

“Well, I raise you, I can’t let my child have no dad.”

One day, maybe she would really do that, even if she could only lie in bed, that would be the father of her children.

Complete home.

Phillip Zong hugged her arms and folded, “If you don’t run, you will be the only one in this life. When I am alive, I will lie on a bed and I will have a coffin after death. I am so much older than you. I must die first. Don’t forget to tell Children, put me and you together.”

Ana Lin looked up at him, “Say some unlucky things. If you die first, I’ll find a handsome old man…”

Phillip Zong dismissed it, “You can’t find an old man who is more handsome than me.”

“The ugly ones will do.” Ana Lin retreated and asked for second place.

“Whoever dares to ask for you, I will drag him to hell.” Phillip Zong said fiercely.

Ana Lin, “…”

It seemed that the conversation was too far away, and the two of them didn’t mention that matter again. At night, Yu’s mother knocked on the door with the food container. Phillip Zong got up from the bed and opened the door. Yu’s mother smiled and walked in, “You should be hungry ?”

Ana Lin did feel hungry. She leaned against the bed and said, “What are you eating today.”

She doesn’t seem to have heavy food every day, and she is a little looking forward to eating every day. She stays in the ward all day, as if isolated from the world, and sleeps when she eats.

Yu’s mother put the food box on the table with a smile, and said confidently, “It will suit your appetite.” According to the doctor’s advice and following the recipe, Ana Lin really didn’t vomit much, and the more I have more appetite.

The vegetarian dishes this time include shredded cabbage, egg yolk pumpkin, stir-fried spinach, yellow croaker soup, and white jade tofu, all served in delicate small dishes.

Wanda turned her head and looked at Phillip Zong, who was standing on the bedside, “I heard people say that pregnant women look at beautiful things more, and the babies they give birth are also beautiful, so I bought this small dinner plate specially.” Chopsticks and spoons are all matching. , The patterns on the top are painted manually, and the glaze is baked with a special process.

Phillip Zong copied his pockets with both hands, and his shirt was wrinkled. He glanced at Ana Lin and said, “You have to be careful, or you can follow her and decide what ugliness is.”

Wanda knew that Phillip Zong was talking and laughing, and smiled happily.

Ana Lin stared at him, he was ugly.

Wanda arranged all the dishes, “wash your hands and eat.”

Phillip Zong walked over and took Ana Lin to the bathroom to wash her hands, then put her on a chair, he sat opposite her and served her soup, “Drink the soup first.”

Eat soup first for appetizers.

Ana Lin took a sip with a spoon. Basically, she didn’t put any condiments in what she ate. It was the taste of the ingredients themselves, which was very light, and the fish soup was thick and white and very fresh.

After Wanda had eaten it, she removed the sheets on the bed and replaced them with clean sheets. The sheets and quilts on the bed were changed every day. The weather was a bit hot. Ana Lin’s body cannot catch cold and the air conditioner is not turned on. Sometimes she She would sweat a little, and Wanda was afraid that she would be uncomfortable, so she changed every day for fear that she would be uncomfortable.

She tidied the bed, took out the changed one, and then came in. Ana Lin and Phillip Zong had already finished their meal. She packed the dishes and put them into the lunch box, “I will go back tonight and come here tomorrow morning?”

Phillip Zong is here, I guess she won’t be used here at night.

“Yeah.” He hummed, took his clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Yu’s mother was carrying the food container, and she saw him go to take a bath and then put the food container down, “I clean the bathroom before leaving. There should be no water in the bathroom, otherwise it will be slippery when I go to the bathroom at night.”

There is no separation between wet and dry in the bathroom here. Yu’s mother is very careful, even if the bathroom is slip resistant, she is afraid of accidents.

Phillip Zong knew what Wanda was worried about, and said, “I’ll do it.”

Wanda looked at him in surprise, “When have you done such a thing? And you must not do it well.”

Phillip Zong felt that Wanda despised him too much, didn’t it just wipe the floor dry, what’s the problem?

“Wanda, you go back to rest and let him wipe.” Ana Lin also wanted to see how Phillip Zong wiped the floor.

She was looking forward to it.

Wanda felt that these two people were becoming more and more like a husband and wife, and she smiled and said, “Then I will go.” Carrying the food box, she left.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, as if he knew what she was thinking, “I know more skills, you will find out later.”

Ana Lin smiled without saying a word.

Phillip Zong went into the bathroom to take a shower. About half an hour later, the sound of water stopped. He walked out wearing a bathrobe and wiping his wet hair. Ana Lin lay on the bed and looked at him with his cheek supported.

He came over and pinched her cheek, “Peek at me taking a shower?”

Ana Lin didn’t answer his words and reminded, “The water inside must be wiped clean.”

Phillip Zong felt that Ana Lin was looking down on him. Like Wanda, he felt that he could not do well. He was the president of the group and talked about hundreds of millions of billions of billions of projects. Now he looks down on him?

He threw the towel for wiping his hair on the table, then walked into the bathroom and looked around. There was no mop at all, and a few towels hung underneath. His brows were slightly frowned, whether it was a company or a domestic servant cleaning. The floor was mopped with a mop. Why is there no such thing here? Do you need a towel?

He took a piece and threw it on the ground and wiped it. The water did not suck into the towel, and it was still the same after a few wipes.

Ana Lin couldn’t help but smiled, “Soak the towel, wring it out and wipe it off and it will absorb water. If it doesn’t, it won’t. You have to be strong.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

He stood up, didn’t wipe it, and spread the towels on the ground so that it would not slip.

Ana Lin, “…”

This man is really headstrong.

Phillip Zong went to bed and hugged her, “Sleep, don’t think about my jokes all day long.”

Ana Lin nestled in his arms with peace of mind, thinking that everyone has areas that he is not good at. It is normal for him not to do housework. What he is good at should be how to put money into his pocket.

Ana Lin slept very deep that night. When he woke up, Phillip Zong was already up, with the bathroom door open. He stood in front of the mirror, buttoning his suit.

Ana Lin blocked his eyes, there was light in the room, and he just woke up and couldn’t adapt to the light.

It took a while for her to open her eyes normally.

Phillip Zong came over, “Wake up? Are you hungry? Wanda should be here soon.”

“Are you leaving now?” Ana Lin saw that he was already dressed.

“It’s equal to mother coming, I’ll leave.” There can’t be no one here.

Ana Lin moved his body to get up, Phillip Zong hugged her, and there was a noise at the door.

“You can’t enter.”

There are many footsteps, and they are getting closer.

With a loud noise, the door of the ward was slammed open.

The person guarding the door lowered his head, “We can’t stop it.”

Chapter 429

The man came here with all the uniforms and body, as if they had made enough preparations. The few people at the door would definitely not be able to stop them. Phillip Zong covered Ana Lin with a quilt, stood upright, and the light in his eyes was fierce and fierce, “You Go down.”

The man at the door stepped back.

The visitor made an official statement and showed an arrest warrant, “We enforce the law impartially. Miss Lin is suspected of a murder case and wants to return to the police station for investigation.”

Phillip Zong walked over, and the momentum he honed in dealing with various characters all the year round was like an overwhelming net.

The man holding the arrest warrant swallowed, but did not move. No one knew Phillip Zong’s identity. He was the same, but he enforced the law impartially. In ancient times, princes committed the same crimes as common people, not to mention that everyone is equal now. society.

He comforted himself that there was nothing to be afraid of, and he pretended to be calm, “We also enforce the law impartially, and I would like to ask Mr. Zong for his convenience.”

The person here is not Captain Chen, but a face.

He lowered his eyes and glanced at the man who had been arrested in his hand, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he said in a hurry, “Fairly enforce the law? If this is convenient, I won’t give it?”

The man scratched his neck and clearly wanted to show that he was a policeman, but when he said it, there was no deterrent at all, and he even retreated a little. “It is a crime to hinder official duties.”

“That’s good.” Phillip Zong stretched out his hand, “Crap me, I will go back with you to investigate.”

Obviously this group of people are not from Foster Wen and Chen Qing, he wants to see who else is.

The man was a little panicked. He was ordered to only catch Ana Lin. He really didn’t dare to catch this man. He didn’t even dare to touch him. Handcuff him?

Phillip Zong opened the two buttons on the neckline with one hand. “If you are embarrassed, you can let the person who gave you this order come. I have always had a bad habit of holding grudges. I don’t have much power, but I have money. You said, how much is a life worth?”

The man frightened his legs and stammered, “Buying, buying murder is also illegal…”

Phillip Zongyun sneered lightly, like syllables from his chest, gloomy, “The crime is based on evidence, do you have it? Don’t break the law one by one. If you get tired of listening, should you catch me or call me? Your boss is coming?”

The figure seemed to be in a dilemma.

Ana Lin protects his stomach with both hands, and there is no sound. Phillip Zong has not told her what happened now. If the situation is unknown, she can’t intervene, let alone add chaos to Phillip Zong. The only thing she can do is do anything. Don’t do it, leave everything to him.

Obviously, a group of people on the other side blocked the door of the ward, but no one dared to move.

The man thought again and again, “I’ll make a call.”

He walked to the stairwell, checked around to make sure there was no one, then took out his cell phone and dialed out.

At this moment, in a private room in a tea room with excellent privacy, there is a set of purple clay pots on the tea table. He Wenhuai is very skillful in washing tea and making tea. After pouring two dishes, he pours them into the first-class purple clay tea cup. After pour it out, he squeezes it with one hand. Holding the bottom of the cup in one hand, he placed the teacup in front of Chen Qing, “There is nothing to be afraid of in the current situation of my He family. I have three children in total. Two of them were folded in Phillip Zong’s hands. Without this sigh, now Brother Chen is willing to find me to join hands. I am very grateful. With my own strength, I have nothing to fight back. As long as I can help, Brother Chen, if you speak, even if you do everything. I do not hesitate, this is my sincerity, I will use tea instead of wine and toast you a cup.”

Chen Qing held his hand, He Wenhuai was much older in the past two years, and his temples had more gray hair. It would not be good for anyone to lose two children in a row.

“It’s a big deal to say that.” Chen Qingduan said cup of tea, “I should respect you.”

He Wenhuai smiled bitterly, “I am not the me I used to be, so how can you respect me?”

The reputation he has always maintained has long since been in disarray. What happened to Casey He and Rios He, the topic of pastime after many people’s tea, He’s family is worse than every day.

The people who used to visit incessantly no longer exist, and the house is withered. Who else will look at him?

What do others say about him?

What kind of father is he who can’t protect his own children?

Chen Qing patted him on the shoulder, “I know, it’s not that you are not capable, but that the Zong family and the literary family are too powerful. To tell you the truth, I am also afraid.”

Foster Wen was ill, and he shook Phillip Zong’s mind. He knew that if he had to wait for Foster Wen to get well with this matter, he would be cold, and everything he did before was wasted.

He can’t let this matter halfway.

So I took the initiative to find He Wenhuai.

“I heard that your daughter was divorced because of Ana Lin?” Chen Qing deliberately attributed everything to Ana Lin. Phillip Zong was his son-in-law candidate. As for Ana Lin, it became superfluous.

He is just using the He family to achieve his own goals. He Wenhuai probably doesn’t know that Chen Qing wants to marry his daughter to Phillip Zong.

Until now, I thought Chen Qing was really afraid of the Zongwen family.

Although Chen Qing’s current rank is not low, he does not have the deep roots of the Wen family. Foster Wen has real power in his hands, and there is a clan family. He is afraid that the Chen family will end up with the He family.

So take the initiative to find him to join forces, he and Phillip Zong are enemies of murder.

He Wenhuai sighed, “I was thinking of marrying the Zong family, so I embraced the big tree of the Wen family and the Zong family. I never thought that this woman would suddenly appear. Not only did it disturb the marriage of the two families, but my son was also overwhelmed. At last……”

He Wenhuai sighed again.

“Fortunately, now we have a chance…” Chen Qing exchanged a look with him.

He Wenhuai said, “Yes, now I am waiting for the good news over there. As long as she enters, I will never let her out again. I must have her pay for the lives of my daughter and son!”

Chen Qingyang leaned on the chair. The mahogany chair was carved with delicate patterns. He tapped his fingers gently on the armrest, as if waiting for the good news.

At this time, He Wenhuai’s cell phone on the table rang, and Chen Qing looked over.

He Wenhuai also glanced at him, picked up the phone, and pressed the answer button.

Soon there was a voice, “Phillip Zong is blocking, we can’t catch anyone.”

He Wenhuai’s expression changed, “You are a public official with an arrest warrant. Why should he not let you arrest someone?”

“He… let me torture him, and said… let the people behind me go.”

He Wenhuai’s face turned pale, and the hands holding the phone were shaking. Chen Qing heard the voice over there, patted He Wenhuai, looked at him and said, “If you can’t catch anyone this time, we won’t have a chance next time. Taking advantage of Phillip Zong’s unprepared situation, he didn’t even have this opportunity. He took some people, but only a few guards in the hospital, and he took enough people to catch them.”

“Do you mean it hard?” He Wenhuai asked.

“Is there any other way? The catch of Ana Lin is the handle, even if Phillip Zong knows that you did it later, he will not dare to do anything to you…”

“It’s us.” He Wenhuai reminded, “Although I am out, but it is your hand to get the arrest warrant.”

They are grasshoppers on a rope, don’t try to separate them.

The He family had cultivated his own people when they were very prosperous, but there was a literary family and a Chen family in city B, and his people never had the chance to get ahead.

Without Chen Qing, he wouldn’t even get an arrest warrant.

Chen Qing chuckled, “Mistakenly speaking, don’t worry, you and I are on the same boat.”

He Wenhuai glanced at him and made up his mind, and said to the phone, “What are you doing with so many people? Today, I must catch them!”

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