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Table of Contents

Chapter 394

The new Captain Chen was not so easy to dismiss. He glanced at Ana Lin and was still in shock. He smiled and said to Keller Shen, “Team Shen, are you a fool? You shot him? The gun will be on her. In your hand?”

“She picked it up.” Keller Shen is still trying his best to excuse Ana Lin.

“She picked it up, that’s better, the law will give her a fair.” He paused on purpose and said with a smile, “I hope you can get your fingerprints on the gun to justify her.”

Instead, he gave an order, “Take people away.”

Keller Shen and Alan Su looked at each other. They didn’t have any words, but they had a tacit understanding. Keller Shen smashed into the police officer in the way, and Alan Su pulled Ana Lin and tried to rush out.

Captain Chen seemed to have been prepared for a long time. When Keller Shen and Alan Su made the move, seven or eight people came in from outside, blocking the corridor tightly.

Alan Su couldn’t take people away at all.

Ana Lin Rios He rushed over with the gun in her hand and shot himself at him, Ana Lin was frightened.

She asked herself that she was not a timid and weak person, but seeing Rios He fall to the ground covered in blood, she was indeed shocked.

After regaining consciousness, the gun in her hand fell, and with a snap, she was also sober.

Seeing everything now, she could probably guess one, two, three.

Captain Chen gave another order, “Take people away.”

In order to prevent Keller Shen and Alan Su from moving again, five or six people surrounded the two of them.

Captain Chen picked up the gun that fell to the ground with gloves and put it in a plastic bag.

He glanced at Keller Shen, who wanted to move but could not move, and shook the bag in his hand, “This is evidence.”

Keller Shen narrowed his eyes and wanted to be hard regardless of the consequences.

Ana Lin noticed his thoughts and shook his head at him. This is obviously a good situation. If the two of them come hard, they will also get in with themselves, and they will not be able to take her away.

“Call him.” She said calmly.

Keller Shen immediately took out his mobile phone, and Mr. Chen glanced at him. He could catch Ana Lin, but he couldn’t control Keller Shen’s contacts. All he had to do now was to take the person back.

Clan family.

Roman Li walked around in the living room, looking at Daniel and Ruth sitting on the sofa.

Still muttering, “Why didn’t I find out before?”

They turned out to be Phillip Zong’s children.

Knowing the relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong, he couldn’t sit still at home, so he wanted to confirm it.


This is the fact.

“Teacher, what’s the matter with you?” Daniel didn’t know. So, he has been here for half an hour and has been watching him and his sister. He still makes chirps from time to time. Why is it like a devil?

Roman Li sat in front of Daniel, “You kid tell me the truth, have you been hiding things from me?”

Daniel said truthfully, “No.”


Roman Li obviously didn’t believe it.

“The teacher said that children cannot lie, so what I said is true.”

Roman Li still had confidence in Daniel.

“Teacher believes in you. From now on, I will cover you.” Roman Li and Daniel hugged him like good buddies, “Take me to your room.”

Danna Cheng was already preparing dinner. Roman Li didn’t come to the old house before. It wasn’t Phillip Zong who lived in. He would not come if he wanted to.

Out of courtesy Danna Cheng said, “Stay for dinner together at night.”

Roman Li didn’t say a word.

In the past, Phillip Zong and Danna Cheng had a stiff relationship, and Foster Wen and her were even more incompatible, so his attitude towards Danna Cheng was also very cold.

During the days that Ruth spent here, she had feelings with Danna Cheng. She saw her being coldly treated. She slipped off the sofa and ran over to hold Danna Cheng’s legs. “Grandma, what are you going to do for me? eat?”

Danna Cheng picked her up, “What do you want to eat? I’ll make it for you.”

The little girl tilted her head, as if she didn’t know what to eat for a while.

Danna Cheng hugged her and sat on the sofa, “think slowly.”

After Phillip Zong processed the documents sent by Milton Guan in the study, he took a look at the time and picked up the phone on the table to call Ana Lin. It has been so long, he should have finished sending Ida Zhuang, and it is time to come back.

His number has not yet been dialed out, Keller Shen’s call came in, and he answered the call.

Keller Shen’s hurried voice came over immediately, “It’s not good, my sister-in-law was taken away.”

Phillip Zong’s hand holding the phone squeezed tightly, “What’s the matter?”

It’s not clear in one sentence or two sentences on the phone, “See you in the bureau.”

Phillip Zong hung up the phone, picked up the coat on the back of the chair and went out.

Seeing Phillip Zong going out, Ruth asked, “Is Dad going out?”

Phillip Zong looked at his daughter and smiled at her, “Daddy has something to do, I want to go out and come back soon.”

The little girl nodded like garlic, and smiled sweetly at him.

This smile filled Phillip Zong’s heart, he walked over and dropped a k*ss on his daughter’s forehead, rubbing her soft hair.

Danna Cheng saw that it was late now, “Will you come back for dinner?”

Phillip Zong walked in a hurry. He didn’t hear Danna Cheng’s voice. He got in the car and quickly started the car and drove towards the game.

He drove fast, and it didn’t take long to get there.

Alan Su and Keller Shen walked around the door like a headless fly. Seeing Phillip Zong’s car coming in, the two of them immediately greeted him.

Phillip Zong pushed the door and got out of the car. He was wearing a white shirt with half-strong small arms wrapped around his sleeves. The placket and back were wrinkled. His back was leaning against the back of the chair in the study. In front of him, his daughter daunted him.

He said in a deep voice, “What the hell is going on?”

Alan Su didn’t have the courage to say.

This matter is obviously not trivial.

“It’s our fault.” Alan Su lowered his head.

They did not protect her.

Phillip Zong was impatient and sternly said, “I’m asking you, who caught her?”

Now is not the time to be held accountable, but he has to be clear about what happens.

Keller Shen stepped forward, hoarsely, “People in the game.”

Phillip Zong’s patience has reached its limit, the blue veins on his forehead faintly protrude, “Say!”

Keller Shen was brave and courageous, “After the sister-in-law sent Ida Zhuang, she should have watched her mother go in and felt uncomfortable, so she asked me to accompany her for a drink. I agreed. We went to a very quiet bar. During the period, she said to go to the bathroom… …It didn’t take long for Alan Su and I to hear the gunshots. After running out, we saw Rios He rushing towards his sister-in-law. We didn’t have time to stop. Two more gunshots followed. Rios He was dead, and the sister-in-law was holding a gun… “

Rios He?

“Isn’t he looking at yours?” How can he come out?

Keller Shen continued, “A few minutes after Rios He fell, a lot of police rushed in. Obviously they were premeditated, otherwise they wouldn’t arrive so in time. As for Rios He, the characters behind it must be difficult to come out.”

Chapter 395

His roots are not shallow, and many of his own people have been operating in these years.

It is conceivable to be able to fish out Rios He.

Phillip Zong’s eyes narrowed, he seemed to have guesses in his heart, but this answer…

He closed his eyes, stabilized his emotions, and walked in. He first needs to see her, at least to know if she is good now and if she is scared.

Keller Shen followed in, “We may not see it today.”

He couldn’t get in at all in this case.

Phillip Zong paused, “Who is in charge of this case?”

Before he finished his words, Captain Chen came to this side.

Seeing Phillip Zong, he was not surprised at all, “Zong, there is no one to see now. If you want to see, I’m afraid I will go to the Wen’s house.”

Keller Shen opened his eyes wide, and Alan Su was also taken aback, Wen Jia?

Does this matter have anything to do with the Wen family?

The corners of Phillip Zong’s lips were pressed tightly, and all the stormy waves were covered in an instant.

Given such a big game, it is not easy to get Ana Lin out.

“You two are going to investigate…” Halfway through Phillip Zong realized that it was too late to let him go to the bar to investigate now. Since the bureau was set up, all the evidence would eventually point to Ana Lin.

His chest was undulating, “Try to see if you can see her.”

After speaking he turned into the car.

The more delay now, the worse it will be for Ana Lin.

He must go to see Foster Wen as soon as possible.

Looking at the car driving away, Alan Su didn’t understand how Foster Wen had anything to do with this incident.

After all, the relationship between Foster Wen and Phillip Zong lies.

Alan Su didn’t know, but Keller Shen knew something. The last time Phillip Zong asked him to help check Foster’s movements, it was mentioned that Foster Wen knew about Ana Lin’s relationship with Danna Cheng.

Foster Wen hates Danna Cheng.

Ana Lin’s approach to her would definitely make Foster Wen unhappy, but it wouldn’t be the case.

There must be some reason why he doesn’t know.

Phillip Zong’s car stopped in front of Wen’s house. He got out of the car and walked in. The door was open, as if waiting for him.

Foster Wen and Chen Qing were playing chess in the living room, and Chen Shihan sat aside to chat with the two.

He single-handedly stunned the demeanor of the audience, like a net, entangled everyone’s sight, he ignored Li Jing who greeted him, and steadily walked towards Foster Wen.

“You came……”

“Say the conditions.” Foster Wen was interrupted before he finished speaking.

He looked at Phillip Zong’s hard face, “I am your uncle.”

He didn’t want that woman’s life, he wanted to see how important this woman is in his heart!

Is it for this woman, he can forget Wenxian!

The atmosphere suddenly became extremely cold, Li Jing tried to persuade, “Phillip, don’t blame your uncle, he is for your good…”

“Say the conditions.” Phillip Zong repeated it again.

Foster Wen was also angry, but he didn’t expect his attitude to be so tough.

Is that woman really so important to him?

So can he accept Danna Cheng for that woman and forget Wenxian’s death?

The more I think about him, the more angry he gets, and his muscles are as tight as frozen ice, cold and hard.

“Okay, okay, okay.” Foster Wen angrily, “she is not suitable for you at all. If you divorce her, marry Shihan, I will let go.”

Phillip Zong’s eyes begged for crimson, his blood was soaked, “What if I don’t agree?”

“You are blinded by lard. I tried the Wenjia, and I will also keep your eyes open to let you see clearly who is around you!”

He looked at Phillip Zong, “How much I loved your mother back then, how much I love you now, that woman did not only give birth to you, what did she do for you? She and Danna Cheng are in trouble, what does she want to do?”

Even now, Foster Wen has not concealed the facts he knew.

“Xiang Yun Sha is the ancestral business of the Cheng family. That woman actually learned it and wants to carry it forward. What does she want to do? Where does she put you?”

Chapter 396

Foster Wen tried to convince Phillip Zong, “Can I harm you?”

“I said my position.”

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes and stared at Foster Wen, and his pupils immediately hid in a dangerous light.

“I don’t need anyone. In the name of being good for me, moving people around me, neither can you!”

“Are you really obsessed with understanding?” Foster Wen clenched his fists with both hands, making a chuckle because of too much force.

Phillip Zong stared at him deeply, “I have always respected you, and it is still the same now. If you let my wife go, I can ignore the previous complaints. If you insist, don’t blame me for turning your face.”

Foster Wen clutched his heart, widening his eyes in disbelief, “You, you can do without me for a woman?”

“She is my wife.” Phillip Zong paused.

“She is your wife, but she and you are not of the same mind!” Foster Wen growled, “You wake up, don’t be deceived.”

“I’m very sober, what am I doing now!” Phillip Zong’s handsome face was full of rigidity.

Phillip Zong turned and left.

Foster Wen looked at his resolute back, and his mood was rolling fiercely, “You can’t save her, there is evidence, everything will point to her.”

Phillip Zong’s footsteps stopped, Foster Wen thought he was shaken and continued, “As long as you agree to a divorce, there will be no loss at all. The letter of poetry is not worse than her, and the family background matches you better. I do all this for your good. , Even if you hate me, I can’t look at you, be bewildered by a woman, and can’t tell right from wrong!”

Phillip Zong slowly turned his head, looking at Foster Wen in the depths of the light, silently and without words.

Foster Wen was taken aback, “Phillip…”

Phillip Zong retracted his gaze, walking calmly, he pulled the door and got into the car.

Foster Wen stepped back two steps and fell into a chair.

The expression in his eyes just now was clearly…

He held the handrail tightly.

Chen Qing patted him on the shoulder, “Old man, is this scared?”

Foster Wen turned his head and looked at Chen Qing, “I’m afraid this time I’m driving him to the extreme…”

“Afraid that he and you will die?” Chen Qing continued.

Foster Wen was silent, as if by default.

He wanted to force Phillip Zong to give up Ana Lin, but he was definitely not an enemy with him.

This was not his original intention.

Chen Qing comforted, “If he really cares about that woman, he will compromise.”

Foster Wen eased his mind. Indeed, Phillip Zong did not have any official strength in these years, because he was the official strength of Phillip Zong.

Keller Shen’s ability to run smoothly in the game is due to him.

Even if Phillip Zong had any means, he would not be able to save people.

“With me and you, what are you afraid of?” Chen Qingxiong was confident.

The Chen family of the literary family, it can be said that the three great masters of city B have joined forces to convict a woman.

Murder pays for life.

No matter how strong Phillip Zong is, and no matter how powerful he is, he still has no track before the evidence.

Chen Shihan sat aside, looking at the empty courtyard, a little lost.

He is indeed interested in Phillip Zong, especially when he first faced a stronger force than him, he was still so calm and unhurried.

Even if he was the passive side, he did not show the slightest timidity. The man’s rigidity was calm and calm when encountered.

He is so dazzling and possesses everything a woman desires.

But she also knew that even if Phillip Zong promised, she would not get it, he had such affection for Ana Lin.

“Dad.” She looked at Chen Qing, “This matter…”

“I am here with your Uncle Wen, what are you afraid of?”

Chen Qing squinted and interrupted her daughter.


“We should go back.” Chen Qing interrupted her daughter again.

I was afraid that she would say anything to shake Foster Wen.

Foster Wen’s mood fluctuates greatly now, he sits in the chair and doesn’t move, “I won’t see you off.”

Chen Qing was dressed in uniform. He was more than 50 years old and still very strong. Like Foster Wen, he had been in the army for most of his life.

“The old man take a good rest, this is not like you, young you, who are you afraid of? Why do you become more timid?”

Foster Wen sighed, he was not timid, but afraid of losing.

“He is Wen Xian’s only child…” Foster Wen stopped talking.

Chen Qing’s gaze fluctuated in the depths, and he would restore calmness. The palms of his hands fell heavily on Foster Wen’s shoulders, and he shook his hands firmly, “Call me anytime you have anything.”

After speaking, he stepped out of the literary home, and Chen Shihan followed him.

The adjutant opened the door, he stooped to enter, and Chen Shihan went up immediately, and she closed the door.

“Drive.” Chen Qing ordered.

Soon the car started.

“Dad, why did you interrupt me just now?” Chen Shihan asked.

Chen Qing interrupted her twice, obviously intentionally, and didn’t want her to talk.

Chen Qing closed his eyes and leaned on the back of the chair, not even opening his eyes, “What do you want to say? I want to say you are not married?”

Chen Shihan lowered his head, “He seems to have a good relationship with his wife. He forced him to submit, and he would not love me.”

“Emotions are cultivated.” Chen Qing opened his eyes to look at her daughter, “Is this scared?”

“I…” Chen Shihan was not sure.

It’s not that there have been no men around, there are so many of them, and none of them is because she wants to approach and is afraid.

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