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Table of Contents

Chapter 397

Only Phillip Zong made her scared and wanted to approach.

Chen Qing patted her daughter’s hand, “Don’t worry, I will be your backing with Dad.”

“Dad, do you really want me to marry Phillip Zong?” Chen Shihan asked.

She is also a person with self-esteem and pride. It is obvious that Phillip Zong’s refusal to call her and forcing him to marry himself will only make him hate himself even more, right?

Chen Qing did not rush to talk to her daughter about her thoughts, but to analyze the pros and cons of this one with her.

“Why did the Zong family and the Wen family get married in the first place?” Chen Qing didn’t want her daughter to answer, because she didn’t know what happened before. “Wen Xian married Zong Qifeng in the first place, but it was a family marriage. Dominating the market, what will be the situation of such two families becoming one family?”

Chen Shihan thought for a while, “True power.”

Such two families work together to help each other and will only stabilize their position.

“In these years, which family’s limelight can surpass the Zong family and the Wen family? Look at the fate of the He family. It was once a famous family. What did it end up?”

Chen Qing snorted coldly, “Three children, two were folded, and they were all folded in Phillip Zong’s hands.”

He looked at his daughter, “Only when we join this base camp can we stand on this land for a long time.”

Chen Shihan understands this, and she also wants to help her father.


Facing Phillip Zong, she was timid.

“You don’t have to worry about anything, and I will pave the way for you.” Chen Qing comforted her daughter, “My daughter is not a timid person. Show your usual domineering power.”

Chen Shihan’s eyebrows were a bit shy, “He is the most attractive man I have ever seen, I really want to be his wife…”

Get his love.

“Will do.”

Chen Qing stroked her daughter’s face, looking at another person in a daze, “What you want, you must strive for it, otherwise, you will only regret it.”

Chen Shihan looked at such a father, a little surprised, “When my father was young, did you have any regrets?”

Usually Chen Qing is a very hard man, after all, he is a man who has been in the army for half his life.

Chen Shihan has never seen his father have such a soft side.

Chen Qing returned to his senses, retracted his hand, and returned to his usual appearance, “If a person lives a lifetime, it will be perfect.”

Chen Shihan took Chen Qing’s arm, “Daddy is so emotional, do you have someone you like when you are young?”

Chen Qing and Chen Shihan’s mother were introduced and met on a blind date, because Chen Shihan’s mother was soft-tempered, and she was obedient to Chen Qing, and she was considered a virtuous wife. As for feelings, she did not have any.

Chen Shihan also knows this.

Before, her mother told her that there was a person in her father’s heart.

He was suddenly so emotional, did he think of the person in his heart?

“Children, ask less about adults.”

“Dad…” Chen Shihan still wanted to ask.

Chen Qing interrupted her, “Stay at home honestly during this time.”

He didn’t want anything out of the ordinary during this time.

Chen Shihan nodded.

Who knows what will happen if Phillip Zong is pressed?

In the bureau.

Ana Lin was locked up in a room and interrogated.

A room with no windows on four walls was lit by a white chandelier. At the rectangular table, two police officers in charge of interrogation were sitting.

“what’s your name?”

Ana Lin was handcuffed and she was sitting on a chair.

She suppressed the stormy waves in her heart and calmly looked at the police officer who was interrogating her.

“Ana Lin.”

“Well, from now on, everything you say will become evidence in court.”

“Why are you killing Horize?”

Ana Lin clenched his hands, “I didn’t.”

“Someone saw you pointing a gun at him. The evidence is solid. Do you still want to deny it?”

“I didn’t kill him.”

Ana Lin couldn’t explain the situation at the time, the gun was in her hand, and Rios He was shot to death. She couldn’t explain.

“You have to think clearly, and you can get a frank and lenient treatment if you tell me honestly. If you insist, wait until the test is over there. Only your fingerprints are on the gun, and you want to deny it.

Ana Lin looked at the general who wrote the record next to him, “You have arranged all of this, why do you pretend to record it?”

The police officer looked up at Ana Lin, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just in a routine procedure. We will make an interrogation record for every suspect.”

What he said was aggravated the three words of the suspect.

These three words pierced her eardrums alive, her mind was dizzy, and the light in front of her eyes was dazzling. She opened her eyes hard to keep herself calm.

“I’m just defending, I didn’t kill anyone!”

“If you didn’t kill him, why shoot him with a gun?”

“I said, I was just defending, I didn’t kill him!”

“As far as we know, Rios He was sentenced for kidnapping together, and the kidnapper was you, right?”

This is a fact.


“Could it be that you held a grudge and he kidnapped you, so you hurt the killer?”

Ana Lin bends down and feels very stuffy, she rushes up with a feeling of nausea, she wants to vomit, she closed her eyes and looked extremely uncomfortable, “No.”

Chapter 398

“Don’t make a fool of yourself. Now all the evidence points to you. Until the investigation is clear, it is impossible to let you go.” The interrogating police officer saw her uncomfortably, thinking she wanted to avoid interrogation or was an excuse for being unwell. Trying to be released on bail.

She cannot be released on bail in her current situation.

Ana Lin was uncomfortable and didn’t want to speak.

The police officer in charge of the record patted the people around him, “Stop the interrogation and send to the infirmary.”

“You can’t go in, it’s being interrogated inside.”

There was a commotion at the door.

Keller Shen was familiar with this place, he just broke in with a gun.

“Keller Shen, do you know what you are doing?” The police officer in charge of the interrogation looked at Keller Shen.

Keller Shen’s gaze cast him coldly, without paying too much attention to it. He dared to break in, naturally thinking of the consequences. As long as he didn’t really hurt people, he would be dismissed in a big deal, no big deal.

His eyes fell on Ana Lin, “Sister-in-law, are you okay?”

Ana Lin shook her head, but betrayed her weakly.

Keller Shen walked over quickly and helped her up, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Ana Lin nodded, wondering if it was because of drinking, his stomach was uncomfortable, and now the lower abdomen was also accompanied by pain.

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Keller Shen helped her, and Captain Chen came and blocked their way.

“Ms. Lin is a criminal suspect now and cannot be taken away.”

“Get out!” Keller Shen pointed a gun at him, violently, “Get out of the way immediately! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude to you!”

Captain Chen was not frightened, but took a step forward and put his forehead against Keller Shen’s gun. He expected that Keller Shen would not shoot.

“Captain Shen has not been convicted of Ms. Lin’s crime. It is still in the inspection stage. If you go with you today, I am afraid it will be even more disadvantageous to her. Captain Shen can ignore his own future, can he also ignore Miss Lin’s life and death?”

Ana Lin grabbed Keller Shen’s arm and pressed his gun. She couldn’t let Keller Shen get in.

“I’m fine. Although I’m being investigated, I won’t care about my life or death. You go first.”


“But what, if I let you go, you just leave, what’s the advantage of getting yourself in?” Ana Lin interrupted him.

The matter is very clear, this matter is directed at her.

It’s useless for Keller Shen to be so troubled.

It’s no use taking her out.

As long as there is no evidence in this case that she did not kill, she can’t get rid of the consequences of this incident.

“But your current body.” Keller Shen worried.

Ana Lin shook her head, her forehead was already covered with fine beads of sweat, her lips were dry and white, and she might not be able to stand if she hadn’t stood by Keller Shen.

“Give someone to me, and I’ll send her to the hospital.” Captain Chen is only in charge of the case. Ana Lin’s importance, he knows, he will not put her in danger.

Keller Shen looked at Captain Chen.

“The case has not yet been tried, and Miss Lin’s crime has not been convicted. She is uncomfortable and unreasonable. We will not ignore it, but Captain Shen, so stalemate with me will only delay the treatment of Miss Lin. time.”

Keller Shen knew that Captain Chen made sense.

Now she can’t take Ana Lin away at all, even if it is taken away, and the case is still open, she can still be arrested.

At this time, Ana Lin’s legs softened and his whole body fell.

Keller Shen quickly caught her with eyesight and quickly picked her up.

He looked at Captain Chen, “I will take her to the hospital, you and me, I will not take her away.”

Captain Chen nodded, “I’m going to drive.”

Alan Su waited anxiously at the door, waiting for Keller Shen to bring people out. Keller Shen was a person in the bureau. Even if he broke in, he would make mistakes, not breaking the law, but he was different, breaking in was breaking the law.

He discussed with Keller Shen, he was waiting outside, and Keller Shen went in to rob people.

It’s been a while since he went in and he hasn’t come out, he is anxious.

Just when Alan Su couldn’t wait and was about to break in, Keller Shen walked out holding Ana Lin.

Ana Lin was taken out, what happened?

Alan Su ran over, “What’s the matter, what’s wrong with my sister-in-law?”

“If there is no time to explain, go to the hospital first.” Keller Shen said anxiously.

“I’m going to drive.”

Alan Su hurried to open the car door.

Captain Chen asked someone to drive a police car over, and he looked at Keller Shen, “Still in my car.”

Alan Su’s expression changed instantly, and he came up and grabbed Captain Chen by the collar.

“Okay.” Keller Shen stopped him, “it is important to send my sister-in-law to the hospital now.”

Alan Su was unwilling to let him go.

He carried Ana Lin into the car, and Captain Chen sat in the passenger seat and quickly drove out.

“What about him?” Ana Lin’s voice was very vain.

Keller Shen hugged her, not knowing what posture she would need to be more comfortable, “I have gone to Wen’s house, I am afraid that this matter cannot be separated from Foster Wen.”

Keller Shen knows the relationship between Phillip Zong and Foster Wen, this time…

Ana Lin didn’t know, her eyelashes trembled slightly, and she was covered with a thin layer of water.

Hoarse, “He will be embarrassed.”

Chapter 399

Keller Shen knew that Phillip Zong would definitely be embarrassed, but he also understood his temper.

“Don’t think about it so much.” Keller Shen didn’t know what he could say to comfort her.

Ana Lin opened her eyes, looking at the beam of light passing quickly through the window, colorful, dazzling her eyes and fascinated her mind.

“Sister-in-law, you shouldn’t say something, I also think you shouldn’t walk too close to Danna Cheng.”

This is probably the cause of Foster Wen’s annoyance.

He couldn’t understand why a person like Xiang Ana Lin would do such an irrational thing, which made Phillip Zong embarrassed, and he still angered Wenqi.

Ana Lin did not explain, because she promised that the process was beautiful.

“Are you in pain?” Keller Shen was a little flustered, she felt sweat all over Ana Lin.

Ana Lin shook his head, this kind of pain is sometimes strong, sometimes mild, but not so painful now.

Soon after arriving at the hospital, Keller Shen hugged her and got out of the car and rushed to the emergency room. The doctor asked Keller Shen to put her down, “You all go outside and wait.”

Keller Shen took a shot, only to find that the sticky feeling he thought was sweat in the car turned out to be blood.

He went to see Ana Lin, who was lying on the hospital bed, and his body was red.

He is stupid, what is going on?

The doctor understood what was going on at a glance and asked the assistant to prepare for the operation, “You all go outside and wait.”

Keller Shen didn’t move, and Captain Chen took him out of the clinic.

At this time, Alan Su hurriedly ran from the other side of the corridor.

He drove the car following Captain Chen and was blocked by another car on the road, so he arrived late.

“You let me calm down.” Keller Shen interrupted Alan Su, his mind was blank for a moment, how could there be blood?

He squatted in the corner and looked at the blood on his hands. He had never had a female friend, but he was an adult. In this situation… generally there is only one possibility.

His neck straightened, his apple slid up and down.


However, at this time, the phone in his pocket rang.

Phillip Zong called him when he left Wen’s house.

Looking at the name displayed on the phone screen, Keller Shen was afraid to press the answer button.

He swallowed, pressed the answer button, and put the phone to his ear, “I’m in the hospital.”

“Huh?” Phillip Zong frowned.

“… My sister-in-law is unwell, and was taken to the hospital.”

“What hospital?”

Keller Shen lowered his head, he looked at the vague shadows pouring out of the ground, his throat was dry and tight, hoarse, “I’m sorry.”


Keller Shen was upset and blamed himself. He didn’t know how to face Phillip Zong and kept apologizing to him.

“I ask you what hospital she is in!”

Phillip Zong was angry.

Alan Su walked over to take off the phone in Keller Shen’s hand, walked to the side to answer, and told Phillip Zong what hospital they were in now.

After hanging up the phone, he walked over and looked at Keller Shen, “What’s wrong with you? Is the sister-in-law in a bad condition?”

That’s why I dare not talk to Phillip Zong?

Keller Shen clenched his fists with both hands, and said each word, “Don’t talk to me, let me calm down.”

Alan Su didn’t say a word again, and stuffed the phone into his pocket.

Stand aside and wait quietly.

After about ten minutes, a figure appeared at the end of the corridor. There was no expression on his handsome and cold face, and endless waves were brewing with his piercing black eyes.

The aura was too strong, and the people who passed by him couldn’t help but put aside.

He just walked calmly to some heavy steps, and walked around.

Alan Su greeted him.

When Keller Shen heard Alan Su’s name Phillip Zong, he knew he was coming.

He squatted and didn’t move, nor looked up.

He slowly raised his head until a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in his sight.

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