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Table of Contents

Chapter 400

Keller Shen moved and wanted to stand up. I don’t know if his legs are numb after squatting for a long time, or if he is frightened by seeing the blood on his hands. In short, when he stands up, he doesn’t stand firmly and his legs are weak. Fortunately, he leaves the wall. Near, he reached out and stood up against the wall.

He muttered, “My sister-in-law was being interrogated inside, and she was unwell…”

Phillip Zong just stared at his flustered face.

Keller Shen didn’t dare to look into his eyes, so his eyes looked away.

“look at me!”

Phillip Zong stood in the corridor. He was tall and had a fierce aura.

Alan Su stood in front of Keller Shen and explained to him, “If Keller broke in with a gun, even if he didn’t lose his job, he might not escape punishment.”

He didn’t think Keller Shen was wrong.

They all tried their best.

Keller Shen knew what Phillip Zong was angry about, so he brushed away Alan Su.

I just wanted to explain the situation to Phillip Zong, but at this moment, the door of the operating room slid open, and a man in a blue surgical gown walked out of it. He took off his mask and asked, “Who is a family member?”

Phillip Zong stepped forward and said, “It’s me.”

Alan Su and Captain Chen also followed.

Only Keller Shen stood still and dared not move.

He dared not step forward for fear of hearing bad news.

“The patient’s health is too poor and there is a sign of threatened miscarriage. Although it is saved now, he will have to rest in bed three months ago.”

Wait until the fetus is stable before going down.

Phillip Zong is in a calm state, what explodes in his heart, she, she is pregnant?

Ana Lin is pregnant?

His seemingly calm face, in fact, there are countless ripples and excitement in his heart.

His blood is boiling, clamoring every organ of the body.

Captain Chen heard the news and walked aside to call Foster Wen to inform.

“She, how about her?”

He opened his mouth hoarsely, his hand hanging beside him clenched into a fist, his veins violently violently.

“It will be delivered soon.”

As soon as the doctor’s voice fell, the door behind her slid open again, and Ana Lin was pushed out from the hospital bed. She is now in a semi-conscious state.

Phillip Zong walked over quickly and held her hand. Her hand was cold, her palms were very wet, and she was wet in cold sweat.

He held her hand and k*ssed on his lips, unable to express tenderness.

Ana Lin seemed to see Phillip Zong in a daze. Although the outline was not particularly clear, it was him.

She spoke weakly, “I didn’t kill anyone.”

Phillip Zong stroked the messy hair blocking her forehead, rubbing her thumbs back and forth at the corner of her forehead, “I know.”

With such a simple three words, her tears fell involuntarily. She doesn’t need many people to believe her, as long as he believes.

Phillip Zong lowered his head and gently k*ssed the tears in the corner of her eye, repeating the sentence I know.

Ana Lin slowly closed her eyes, and even the blurred outline was invisible. She was so tired that she fell asleep completely.

Standing at the root of the wall, Keller Shen breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, she was fine and the child was still there.

Otherwise, he really didn’t know how to explain to Phillip Zong.

“Send to the ward first. The patient needs to rest, and he needs to be observed in the hospital for a week. If there is no bleeding, he can go home and recuperate.” The doctor said.

Phillip Zong asked Alan Su to arrange the VIP ward, but he kept holding Ana Lin’s hand and never let go.

Ana Lin was sent to the ward, Phillip Zong hugged Ana Lin and put her gently on the bed.

The doctor checked her condition and looked at Phillip Zong after everything was normal and asked, “Are you her husband?”

Phillip Zong is light.

“Your wife’s previous child hurt her body and her foundation is very weak. This time she also saw the red. Fortunately, it was delivered in time. Otherwise, it would be impossible to save the Daluo god. During the rest period, the air must be maintained. Circulation, don’t put too much pressure on the patient and keep her in a happy mood. This will help her to have a fetus. Also, don’t have a married life in these three months.” The doctor ordered.

Phillip Zong’s gaze stayed on Ana Lin’s bloodless face, and he whispered, “I see.”

After explaining the precautions, the doctor left and asked him to call him whenever he had something.

Alan Su paid the fee. When he came up, he inadvertently saw Keller Shen standing in front of the sink. He walked in and saw blood on his hands.

He seemed to understand why Keller Shen was so scared just now.

Alan Su covered his shoulders, “It’s okay.”

Keller Shen turned on the faucet and washed away the dry blood on his hands, but he couldn’t forget the wet feeling at the time, Ana Lin was shaking slightly.

He lowered his eyes, pretending to be relaxed, “I’m fine.”

Alan Su took a deep breath, “It’s okay, there may be a tough battle to be fought later.”

As a lawyer, he knows the law very well. Ana Lin is pregnant now, which is beneficial to her. But Ana Lin was suspected of being a murder case, and now all the criticisms are directed at her.

The crime of killing someone with a gun is not light.

Even if the capital crime is unavoidable, the living crime cannot escape.

At the moment of delay, it should be to find evidence that Ana Lin did not kill.

Chapter 401

“I’m afraid it’s not easy, unless Foster Wen let it go.” Keller Shen saw it through. Since Foster Wen decided to do this, he would definitely think that Phillip Zong would turn his face.

Things have reached this point, it is definitely impossible for him to interrupt, otherwise the previous layout will be wasted.

Unless Phillip Zong agreed to his request.

He did it just to force Phillip Zong to submit.

Keller Shen was in a very heavy mood. Ana Lin said that if Phillip Zong really left her because of this situation, what should she do?

He knew that Phillip Zong would definitely not compromise, but even time-occupying would hurt Ana Lin.

Alan Su and Keller Shen returned to the ward. Captain Chen sent someone to guard the hospital door. He was also sitting in the row of chairs.

Alan Su became angry when he saw Captain Chen, and Keller Shen grabbed him, “Don’t be impulsive.”

This Captain Chen is not the key, the key is Foster Wen.

He is only an executor, not a planner.

Keller Shen pulled Alan Su into the house.

The room was very quiet and clean. Ana Lin was still asleep. Phillip Zong sat on the side of the bed, holding her hand in his palm. His cold hand had already warmed to him.

Keller Shen and Alan Su stood by the bed.

“What are you going to do?” Keller Shen suppressed his voice very low, for fear of disturbing Ana Lin.

The neon light from outside the window illuminates half of his face, his thick eyelashes are slightly fanning, he holds Ana Lin’s hand, and rubs the back of her delicate hand with his thumb.

“Keller, do you still have someone who can use it?” His voice was low, without any ups and downs.

Keller Shen said, “Yes.”

And all he can believe.

“Stay at Chen’s house, as long as Chen Shihan shows up, he will be arrested.” This is a dead end. Ana Lin’s charge cannot be eluted, only Foster Wen relaxes.

But obviously, Foster Wen will not let go. He wholeheartedly wants to let himself marry Chen Shihan, but what if Chen Shihan is caught by him?

Can you threaten them?

Want him to marry Chen Shihan?

Keller Shen and Alan Su looked at each other, why is there still something about the Chen family?

Catch Chen Shihan?

Phillip Zong didn’t lie to them either, “They want me to marry her.”

Alan Su was so angry that he couldn’t stop talking, “Foster Wen is he crazy?”

Phillip Zong turned his head to look at him, Alan Su quickly covered his mouth. He was too excited just now and his voice was louder.

“You all go.”

He just wanted to be with her alone.

“I’ll go personally.” Keller Shen knew Phillip Zong’s purpose for doing this, and seizing Chen Shihan became the key. I’m afraid it was the only turning point in this matter.

Alan Su couldn’t get started, “Contact me anytime if I need to do it.”

Keller Shen said, “I know.”

The two went out together.

Captain Chen was still sitting there at the door, seeming to be watching it in person, fearing that Ana Lin would be transferred by Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong would not do this.

Hide Ana Lin to treat the symptoms but not the root cause. If a wanted order is issued, Ana Lin’s charge will be taken seriously.

The door closed, and the room soon became quiet. Phillip Zong lay down on the bed and put her head in his arms. At this moment, the mobile phone in his pocket vibrated.

He frowned, as if he was a little displeased. At this moment someone called him and the phone was connected. Ruth’s soft voice came from there, “Dad.”

Phillip Zong said softly, “Yeah.”

“Have you eaten?” the little girl asked caringly.

Phillip Zong replied gently to his daughter, saying, “I have eaten.”

At this time, in the Zong family, Ruth was holding the phone, surrounded by Daniel and Roman Li. Roman Li was talking to her and asked her to ask Phillip Zong, let her ask when he and Ana Lin would return.

For the previous show, I had to find Ana Lin, because tomorrow morning is the 24th hour of the game, and I will open the handcuffs in public.

So he came over today, on the one hand to see the two children, and on the other hand, to discuss the matter with Ana Lin, but, it was so late, and they had not come back yet.

So he used Ruth to call Phillip Zong.

The little girl understood Roman Li’s gestures and said to the phone, “Dad, when will you and Mommy come back?”

Roman Li gave Ruth a thumbs up, too smart.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes to look at the sleeping face in front of him, and whispered, “Dad and your mommy have something to do, so I won’t go back.”

The little girl frowned, why didn’t she come back?

“Are you guys having fun and didn’t take my brother and me on purpose?” the little girl grieved.

Roman Li was also dumbfounded, why didn’t he come back?

Then where does he go to find Ana Lin?

He took the phone in Ruth’s hand, “I told your dad.”

“Brother, why don’t you come back? I’m still at home waiting for you.”

Hearing Roman Li’s voice, Phillip Zong’s voice became even deeper, “Xiao Jing, you will live there these few days.”

Roman Li believed that his two children were at home. He was worried. It happened that Roman Li had been Daniel’s teacher and knew the two children, so he could rest assured.

Roman Li blinked. He could have thought of living in his villa before, but he just didn’t agree and hated him for trouble.

what is it today?

This is not like Phillip Zong’s character.

“Brother, is something wrong? Do you want me to help?”

Chapter 402

“Help me take care of them both.”

This is his request.

Roman Li nodded, “Don’t worry.”


At this time, I don’t know if the voice of Phillip Zong’s words alarmed Ana Lin, and with a scream, her body also moved. Phillip Zong hung up the phone, hugged her and gave her a smooth back, “Hey, it’s okay. Son, go to sleep.”

Ana Lin didn’t know whether he was awake or not. After listening to Phillip Zong’s words, he didn’t move and was nestled in his arms.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, his broad palms fell on her face, her face was also cold, a small ball, the dim light concealed his trembling eyelids, his touch was a bit hesitant, but with pity Gentle, he was afraid he would hurt her with just a touch.

This woman makes him feel uncontrollable and makes his blood boil.

Phillip Zong guarded Ana Lin all night, when it was dark, Phillip Zong received a message from Keller Shen to let him watch the news.

The gun murder case in a bar was screened.

Become the front page headlines, all kinds of rumors, all kinds of speculation, overwhelming.

There was a one-minute video circulating on the Internet. Ana Lin took a gun at Rios He and fired.

The following comments are almost one-sided. They are all talking about killing and paying for life. Some absurdly say that this is love killing, that the man betrayed the woman, so the woman shot him to death.

Various rumors have also gradually emerged.

Let it go, it will only get worse.

Phillip Zong called back, called Wanda to the hospital to take care of Ana Lin, and asked Milton Guan to transfer the company’s security to the hospital. He was afraid that Ana Lin’s affairs in the hospital might be spread out so as not to attract reporters.

Before he catches Chen Shihan, he must at least stabilize the situation, and absolutely cannot allow these unfavorable news to Ana Lin to spread like this.

It will only be more difficult to end at that time.

He returned to the company and asked the company’s public relations department to hold the company’s public relations department accountable for the release of the video. Now the police have not spoken. This video is unproven news. They spread rumors and can prosecute them for spreading rumors and pursue their civil liability. , Their behavior caused personal injury to Ana Lin.

Everyone in the company knew Ana Lin’s identity, and suddenly something like this broke out. Everyone was cautious, for fear of offending Phillip Zong.

Since he came to the company in the morning, he has been issuing various orders.

No one in the entire company dared to discuss this matter, and no one even dared to look at it.

The news was so fierce that Roman Li knew even if he didn’t go out at home. He confiscated all Daniel’s Internet tools for fear that he would see the news.

Now he finally knew why Phillip Zong didn’t come back last night, and asked him to be here.

Roman Li was thinking about how to go out, just when he saw Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng were going out, Roman Li called them, “You see the news, right?”

Danna Cheng nodded, and now they were about to go to Phillip Zong to ask clearly what was going on.

“You stay at home and take care of Ruth and Xiao Xi. I will go to my brother. You can’t help him. Now helping him take care of the two children is helping him. I know a little about the Internet. I should be able to Do him a little favor, now I’m going to find him.”

Danna Cheng thought for a while, and felt that what Roman Li said was reasonable. She might not be able to help much if she went to Phillip Zong. The two children cannot be taken care of.

He looked at Zong Qifeng, “You go with him, I will stay and take care of the two children.”

Zong Qifeng nodded, “Call me whenever you have anything.”

Danna Cheng said I know.

Roman Li took the car key, “I’m driving.”

“What’s wrong with you?” Daniel saw that everyone’s expressions were very wrong.

Danna Cheng came over to coax him, “Your father’s company has something that can’t be dealt with, which caused some conflicts. They went to see the situation. You have to believe that your father can handle it.”

Danna Cheng deliberately said that it was something in Phillip Zong’s company. Daniel is different from Ruth. This child is very careful. If you tell him nothing happened, he will not believe it.

“Why didn’t Mommy come back?” Ruth asked this.

Daniel sat aside, her eyes down, if it was just a company business, why would uncle confiscated his tablet?

Danna Cheng hugged Ruth, “Your father’s company has something, and your mommy must be accompany him to handle things.”

“Then how can my brother and I help Dad and Mommy?” the little girl looked at Danna Cheng innocently.

Danna Cheng touched the girl’s face, “As long as you stay at home and don’t cause them trouble, you are doing them a favor.”

The little girl nodded, nestled in Danna Cheng’s arms and said, “I won’t cause trouble to Dad and Mommy, I’m obedient.”

Danna Cheng put her arms around her and followed her hair, “Ruth is a good boy.”

Daniel’s mood is not high, “Grandma, I’m back to the room.”

“Xiao Xi…”

“I’m okay, my secret base in the room accidentally touched a piece last night, I will fight it together.”

Danna Cheng hugged Ruth, “I and Ruth will help you bottle it together.”

“No, no.” Daniel waved her hand quickly, “I can do it myself.”

After speaking, he quickly ran into the room and locked the door behind him. He was afraid that Danna Cheng would follow up because his secret base had not been scattered at all.

He leaned against the door, saw the phone he had thrown beside his pillow, and quickly ran to pick it up. He dialed Ana Lin’s phone. When Ana Lin’s phone was at the police station, he was taken away for inspection. Give it back to her.

She came out of the operation and the nurse put her on the table in the ward.

With Daniel’s beating, the phone on the table rang, and Ana Lin, who had been sleeping again, was awakened.

Wanda was afraid of interrupting Ana Lin’s rest. Just when she walked over to take the phone, Ana Lin turned her head and looked over, “Give me the phone.”

Wanda glanced at the phone display, it was Daniel’s name, she handed it to Ana Lin.

She moved her body to sit up, Wanda came over to help her and put a pillow on her back, “You can’t move around now.”

Ana Lin didn’t say a word, and silently pressed the answer button.

“Mummy.” Daniel was a little excited.

He thought it would not get through.

Ana Lin’s voice is still a bit weak, she tries to calm down her tone as much as possible, “Xiao Xi.”

“Where are you now? Are you in Dad’s company? Grandma said, something happened to Dad’s company, is it true that you are with him?” Daniel had a series of questions.

Ana Lin’s hand touched the other side of the bed. The temperature there was no longer there, Phillip Zong should have left early.

“Yes, you want to listen to your grandma, don’t go anywhere at home, you know?” She doesn’t know if Danna Cheng knows now, but if she can coax Daniel like this, it means that she probably already knows.

Otherwise, she would not coax Daniel like this.

“Mummy, when will you come back, I miss you.” Daniel was lying on the bedside. He didn’t know what was wrong, so he suddenly felt so uncomfortable and wanted to see her.

Ana Lin held the phone and her voice became hoarse involuntarily, “Little Xi, mommy will go back to see you soon.”

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