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Chapter 403

“Don’t worry, Mommy, I will be very obedient and wait for you at home, but if you have anything, you must remember to tell me and don’t let me worry about you.”

Ana Lin’s nose was sore when he heard his son’s words so sensible. I don’t know if his body is weak, and even his mind is not so firm.

She was too scared, afraid that her son would know her situation, and afraid that this matter could not be resolved.

She clenched her fist in one hand, and tried her best to endure her voice, making her voice sound normal, “Xiao Xi, Mommy has something to do. Hang up the phone first.”

“it is good……”

I don’t know if Daniel’s words are finished, Ana Lin has already hung up the phone.

Wanda brought it over, “Should you be hungry?”

Ana Lin didn’t have any appetite at all. Instead, he pressed a stone in his heart, and his heart ached heavily.

She looked at Wanda, “I’m not hungry…”

“How about skipping meals? Besides, your health is so bad now.” Before Ana Lin finished her words, Wanda interrupted her. She was holding a bowl and sitting on the bedside looking at Ana Lin seriously. “The young master told me when he left that I must take care of you. This is the food that the young master sent to you. It is good for your health. You are not alone now. Don’t you think about yourself or the child in your stomach? ?”

Wanda didn’t know Ana Lin’s current situation, she knew that she was lying in bed because she was pregnant and there were signs of threatened abortion.

In her opinion, it must be kept well.

Nothing is important to eat. She is very skinny. If she doesn’t eat anything, what will the baby in her stomach absorb?

“I’m afraid you have a bad appetite, so the food delivered by the young master is very light. You can taste it.” Wanda handed the bowl forward, “I heard that the bird’s nest in this store is from Malaysia. Direct supply, the domestic bird’s nest brushing glue is too serious, and there is no quality at all. Eat some for you and the children in your stomach?”

Hearing Wanda talking about bird’s nest, she thought of the word’saliva’ in her mind. She once saw the formation of bird’s nest, it was the saliva of canary.


She covered her mouth and nose, her stomach was rolling fiercely. She opened the quilt and was about to get out of bed. Wanda was shocked, put down the bowl and held her down, “Wait for me, I will get a basin, you can’t get out of bed. “

Wanda hurried to the bathroom and took out a plastic basin.

Ana Lin spit out sour water. There was nothing in her stomach, but she was very nauseous. After vomiting, she felt better.

Wanda patted her on the back, feeling terribly distressed, “How can you do it like this?”

Ana Lin straightened up, “Give me a glass of water.”

“Okay.” Wanda put down the basin, but she was afraid that she would be disgusted when she saw it. Wanda took the basin and washed her hands before pouring her a glass of water.

“I gargle.” Ana Lin said as Wanda was busy turning around.

Wanda went to the bathroom to rinse the basin and took it out again.

Ana Lin rinsed his mouth, the breath in his mouth was fresher, and the nausea was reduced.

Wanda said worriedly, standing by the bed, “What if you can’t eat anything?”

However, at this time, the door of the ward was pushed open, the doctor walked in, with nurses and assistants by his side, it was time for the rounds, the doctor walked to the bedside and asked Ana Lin about his condition, “Is there any abdominal pain?”

“No.” Ana Lin said.

The doctor looked through the medical record, “Do you know your health condition?”

Ana Lin nodded. When Daniel and Ruth were born, the doctor said her body could not regenerate.

This time, she was also very…accidental.

“Your body is relatively weak. In addition, you have injured your uterus on the fetus. Your current uterine wall is thin and it is easy to miscarriage. If you want to keep this baby, you must stay in bed for the first three months and let the fetal position sit firmly. Then plan the subsequent treatment according to the situation.”

The doctor told her about the situation.

Ana Lin said, “I know, I want to stay.”

Although it wasn’t time to come, she wanted it.

“Well, you will be under observation in the hospital this week. If there is no abdominal pain or redness, you can go home and rest, as long as you come to the hospital for reexamination regularly.”

“I think your body is too thin. You need to eat more and keep your body healthy. This will help you sit in the fetus.”

“She is vomiting badly and she doesn’t want to eat yet.” Yu’s mother interrupted quickly, “There is no anti-vomiting medicine, let her eat something?”

Many pregnant women will have morning sickness. Some are serious and they will take some vitamin tablets to stop vomiting. Ana Lin does not recommend taking medicine for such a situation. “Eat small amounts and eat more light ones. I will let the assistant give you this one. Send me a recipe and follow the instructions above to reduce vomiting.”

Wanda pointed to the bird’s nest on the table, “She can’t eat it so lightly.”

The doctor took a look and said to Ana Lin, “You can eat a little bit of this. The taste is very light and easy to absorb, and the bird’s nest has sialic acid, which is very helpful for the fetus’s neurodevelopment…”


Ana Lin felt sick when he heard that saliva was used to eat.

She couldn’t control herself.

Wanda hurried to get the basin, this time Ana Lin just retched and did not vomit.

The doctor looked at Ana Lin’s situation, “I’ll prescribe you some nutrition injections.”

Such dry vomiting is obviously empty in the stomach.

“Okay.” Wanda said, it definitely won’t work without eating like this.

“Get more rest,” the doctor ordered.

Ana Lin said yes.

Not long after the doctor left, a nurse came to give Ana Lin an injection, and the doctor gave her a day’s injection, mainly relying on food.

Wanyue Group.

Roman Li and Zong Qifeng went to the company and broke into Phillip Zong’s office without knocking the door.

As a result, there was no one in it. He led Alan Su in the public relations department to draft the prosecution documents.

The news spread overnight, obviously some people did it deliberately.

Obviously this is Foster Wen putting pressure on him again.

“There is a navy army.” Posts and comments everywhere, and the words are very offensive, they all refer to Ana Lin for killing people, saying that she has a gun, disrupting public order, shooting and killing people, and it is unforgivable, etc… …

It is useless to clean up these media. These keyboard guys are also the culprit behind the rapid development of things.

Phillip Zong also thought about it, this kind of thing can only be cut through the mess quickly, killing the chicken to show the monkey and deterring those Internet people who listen to the wind and rain!

“Find a few outstanding ones, find their ID, and sue them.”

“Finding ID may find professionals.” This involves personal privacy and requires technical personnel.

At this time, the closed door was suddenly pushed open, and Roman Li stood at the door, “Leave it to me about finding someone.”

Not only does he have a good-looking skin, he is not in vain in AC.

He walked in, pulled a chair away, took the laptop of the person next to him, and started his play.

First, he locked three more active accounts…

Chapter 404

They have an orderly division of labor and everything is progressing smoothly within the plan.

“You come out, I have something to tell you.” After speaking, Zong Qifeng turned and walked out. He walked into the reception room. The spacious room was illuminated by the light coming in from the window. Zong Qifeng stood holding his hand. By the window.

“What’s the matter?” He turned his head to look at his son, “You have offended someone?”

This is obviously not what would happen under normal circumstances.

Unless artificially.

Zong Qifeng was once a character, but now he is only retiring, but it does not mean that his IQ has also deteriorated.

Phillip Zong also stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, facing the light. He was still the pleated shirt from yesterday, his cuffs were pulled up to his arms, his hands were folded in his pockets, and he stood straight.

His eyes didn’t fluctuate at all, his indifferent and hard features were gorgeous and veneer, and the coldness that came out of his bones made people unable to retreat three feet.

Zong Qifeng knew he hadn’t solved the estrangement in his heart, and said in a deep voice, “Is there anything I can help?”

When it comes to human lives, it is no small matter.

He did not disregard Phillip Zong’s indifference, and it was important to solve the immediate matter now.

“No.” Phillip Zong said lightly, “You go back.”

After saying that he turned to leave, Zong Qifeng stopped him, “Do you know who did it?”

Phillip Zong stopped for a while, and finally said nothing, “Xiao Xi and Ruth, take care of me.”

After he finished speaking, he stepped up again, and Zong Qifeng stopped him again, “Two children, don’t worry about many things. Don’t just look at the surface. When this matter is over, I have something to tell you.”

Phillip Zong probably guessed in his heart what he might be saying, isn’t the thorn between their father and son Danna Cheng?

“talk later.”

Phillip Zong stepped out of the reception room. Just now Zong Qifeng chose to be here because it was quiet. He had just walked into the office area of ​​the Public Relations Department. The cell phone in his pocket rang, and it was Keller Shen who came in.

“Chen Shihan doesn’t go out at all, we have to find a way to lead her out.” Keller Shen said.

That day, Chen Shihan heard Chen Qing say that she should not go out if there is nothing to do. She remembered it in her heart. At this time, she is sensitive. She doesn’t want to be out of trouble. She usually doesn’t come out at home, and occasionally comes down only in the community park.

Keller Shen couldn’t find a chance to catch her. His family and Foster Wen’s are in the same community, and the security is very good. If Chen Shi can’t get out of the community, he can’t catch her.

“Why don’t you ask her to meet?” Keller Shen suggested. He knew that it would be bad for Phillip Zong to see Chen Shihan at this time, but now is a critical moment. If you don’t catch Chen Shihan and threaten Foster Wen and Chen Qing, they will only continue to use Ana Lin. Yan forced Phillip Zong to marry Chen Shihan.

“Fix it, you will give the rest.” At this time, Roman Li successfully obtained the IDs of the activists, and left the rest to Alan Su.

He is in charge of the law, and he knows best what to put on these people.

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and said that on Roman Li who had just spoken, Ana Lin’s physical condition is not good, and she is still pregnant.

He couldn’t do it himself to quote Chen Shihan.

But Roman Li can. Foster Wen and Chen Qing did not enter together. They were married and had children before and after. Chen Shihan was only one year younger than Roman Li. In addition, the relationship between Foster Wen and Chen Qing has been very good. Roman Li and Chen Shihan are also familiar.

Roman Li is fully capable of this task.

“Xiao Jing.” Phillip Zong called him, “You come to the office with me.”

Roman Li is naturally meaningless. He happened to have something to ask Phillip Zong. How could such a thing happen?

Who on earth did it?

Roman Li followed Phillip Zong to the office. Before the door was closed, he couldn’t wait to ask, “Who framed my sister-in-law?”

Phillip Zong turned his back to him, let alone answering his question.

Letting him know will only make him dilemma.

“You do me a favor.”

Roman Li is bound to say, “Brother, just say it, as long as I can help.”

He turned to look at Roman Li, “You know Chen Shihan.”

Roman Li nodded without any doubt. What does this have to do with Chen Shihan?

Why is this so messy?

“Does this have anything to do with the Chen family?” Roman Li couldn’t help asking.

“You don’t need to know this, you just have to bring Chen Shihan out to me.”

Tell him about Chen Shihan’s role, and Roman Li naturally knows the ins and outs of this matter.

Roman Li felt that Phillip Zong didn’t want him to know. He looked at Phillip Zong for a few seconds, then turned and left, “I’ll lead her out.”

Since Phillip Zong didn’t want him to know, then he asked.

Just do what he confesses to him.

He took the elevator to the underground parking lot, pressed the unlock button, and pulled the door to get into the car. At this time, his cell phone rang, and it was Long Pang Pang looking for him.

He has to go to the mall now, the game is not over yet.

Fatty Long let him go with Ana Lin.

“I don’t have time.” Roman Li pressed the speakerphone and dropped the phone in the position of the co-pilot.

He drove out of the garage.

“You can’t come if you don’t come.” Although this is a game, it also contains the contract. Failure to complete it will result in liquidated damages.

“You have to get it, but also…”

“I said I don’t have time, don’t you understand?” Roman Li grabbed the phone and hung up.

He just put down the phone and it rang again, he grabbed it and pressed the answer button, and shouted over there, “You can solve it yourself!”

After speaking, Roman Li turned off his cell phone, fearing that Fatty Long would continue to call on his cell phone.

He drove quickly to Chen’s house.

The two live close together. He and Chen Shihan are still in the same school. When they were young, Chen Shihan followed him and called his brother every day.

He parked the car on the side of the road and walked over to knock on the door. Only Chen Shihan and Madam Chen were at home, Chen Qing was not there. It was Mrs. Chen that opened the door for Roman Li.

“Xiao Jing, when did you return to China?” Madam Roman Li Chen asked enthusiastically.

Roman Li smiled, “It didn’t take long to come back.”

“Come in quickly.” Madam Chen let the position open and walked in towards Roman Li, closed the door and Madam Chen also walked in, “You, you have a bad temper, you have to get angry with your dad. After all, you are still his son, come back more often. Look at him.”

The two families speak acquaintedly and straightforwardly.

“Is there water?”

Roman Li didn’t want to hear this. He was an adult and he knew what he was doing.

Madam Chen patted her thigh, “Look at me patronizing and talking to you, but I forgot to ask if you are thirsty, what would you like to drink?”

“Boiled water is all right.” Roman Li sat on the sofa, glanced at the second floor, entered the subject, and asked tentatively, “Why haven’t you seen Shihan, is she at home? It feels like I haven’t seen her in a long time.”

Mrs. Chen poured the water, “Shihan is upstairs, she’s been very honest these past two days, and she didn’t go out to play with friends.”

“Oh.” Roman Li raised his eyebrows inadvertently, as he was at home, he was sure to fool people out.

“Drink water.” Madam Chen handed him the water.

Roman Li took it over, “What does she do at home every day? Isn’t she bored?”

Chapter 405

“Who knows, this kid…” Mrs. Chen quickly realized that Roman Li said this as if he wanted to see Chen Shihan. He and Chen Shihan were about the same age and had known each other since childhood. They were childhood sweethearts, and they knew everything. In Mrs. Chen’s opinion Roman Li and Chen Shihan are very suitable.

She also grew up watching Roman Li.

Realizing that he might want to see Chen Shihan, she turned a corner when she reached her lips, “I’ll call her down, you young people have something to say together.”

Roman Li smiled, naturally feeling good.

He originally came to Chen Shihan.

Mrs. Chen went upstairs, and Chen Shihan was sitting at the dressing table and personally browsing all the news of Phillip Zong in these years, most of which were financial channels.


Madam Chen opened the door and walked in, “Shihan…”

Chen Shihan closed the computer and looked at her mother, “Mom, why don’t you knock on the door when you come in.”

“I forgot.” Madam Chen glanced at the computer she closed, “What are you looking at?”

“I didn’t see anything.” Chen Shihan put the computer in the drawer, “Are you looking for something to do with me?”

“Xiao Jing came to play with you.” Madam Chen said.

Chen Shihan’s expression paused, “Wen Xiaoji is back?”

Mrs. Chen nodded, “It is said that as soon as I came back, I came to play with you, Shihan…”

“Mom.” Chen Shihan made an ON gesture to her.

Chen Shihan knew what she wanted to say.

I just wanted her and Roman Li to be good, saying that Roman Li was suitable for her.

Chen Qing wants her to marry Phillip Zong, Mrs. Chen doesn’t know yet.

Chen Shihan stood up and walked towards the door.

Mrs. Chen didn’t give up and said, “Shihan, our family and the Wen family are very close to each other…”

“Mom.” Chen Shihan interrupted her mother, she was a little impatient, “I don’t like him, don’t say we are suitable, or have you matched us?”

Mrs. Chen couldn’t understand that Roman Li grew up well, and the family conditions were self-evident. Why was she unwilling?

“Shihan, when a girl marries, isn’t it just to find a family that knows the roots and has a good family character? We and your Uncle Wen’s house are both right. Why don’t you think about it?”

Chen Shihan really didn’t want to be nagged by his mother anymore. She looked at her mother and said, “Mom, I have someone I like.”

“Who is it?” Madam Chen was surprised. Chen Shihan had a high-sightedness. There were many suitors around her who were rejected by her. Now there are people who like her, she is very curious.

Chen Shihan typed a dumb riddle for her, “You will know then.”

After speaking, she was wearing slippers on her feet and stepped down the stairs.

“When did you come back?” Chen Shihan asked with a smile when he saw Roman Li sitting on the sofa downstairs.

Roman Li looked up at her, “It hasn’t been long since I came back.”

Chen Shihan did it on the sofa, took an apple from the fruit plate and gnawed, “Why do you think of me looking at me?”

“We haven’t seen each other for a long time?”

Chen Shihan thought for a while, as if it was, “It’s been two years. Last time you saw you during Chinese New Year. You haven’t come back for Chinese New Year in the past two years.”

“Time flies so fast, you are a big girl in a blink of an eye, do you have a boyfriend?”

When Roman Li asked her that you have a boyfriend, Phillip Zong’s face flashed in her mind. The apples in her mouth seemed to be sweeter. She smiled, “Yes.”

“Oh, your eyes are always high, who can be in your eyes?” Chen Shihan was picky. He had heard Li Jing say that someone had introduced her to her blind date before, and she went straight away without even saving the face of the matchmaker. The ugliness of parents.

In fact, it’s not ugly, that is, she looks ordinary and has a good family. She doesn’t save any face.

Chen Shihan looked at Roman Li for a few seconds, “You know.”

“I know? Who?” Roman Li became a little curious. He didn’t have many friends, didn’t know many people, and didn’t remember her age.

Madam Chen stretched her ears, and wanted to hear who.

“I won’t tell you now, you will know when the time comes, and then…” She didn’t say the second half.

If she really married Phillip Zong. Roman Li had to call her sister-in-law.

Instead of her being called Brother Roman Li.

This generation has changed.

“It’s quite mysterious?” Roman Li entered the topic. Although he was curious about her boyfriend, he did not forget the business. “If you have time, let’s go out together hi hi?”

Chen Shihan looked at him contemptuously, “I have time at any time, but you, can you go and play? Are you afraid of being recognized? You are now a big star.”

Roman Li glanced at her, “The celebrity is not a human, so I don’t need to eat or sleep? I want to play, so I’m not afraid of being recognized.”

Chen Shihan smiled, “Well, wait for me, I’ll change my clothes.”

Roman Li said, “I’ll wait for you.”

Chen Shihan went upstairs. About ten minutes later, she changed into a beautiful dress and went downstairs.

Roman Li stood up, “Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?” Chen Shihan asked.

Roman Li glanced at her, and a strange emotion quickly flashed across his eyes, “You’ll know when you arrive.”

“Are you going to surprise me?” Chen Shihan asked with a smile.

Roman Li looked at her, his eyes narrowed slightly, “I think so.”

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