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Chapter 406

Chen Shihan was a little curious about what the surprise Roman Li was talking about, but did not ask, since it was a surprise, it must be something she hadn’t expected.

The two went out of the Wen’s house together. At this moment, a jeep drove over. Chen Qing got out of the car and raised his eyebrows when he saw Roman Li, “Xiao Jing is back?”

Roman Li smiled and nodded.

“Are you going out together?” Chen Qing asked while looking at them.

Chen Shihan nodded, “We haven’t been together for a long time. He invited me out to play.”

During peacetime, he would not interfere with Chen Shihan and Roman Li going out to play together, but not now.

He let people spread the news of Ana Lin’s murder, and now there is a lot of noise outside. It was when Foster Wen put pressure on Phillip Zong, he came back to pick Chen Shihan to the Wen family.

“You can’t go out to play with Xiao Jing today. I have an appointment with your Uncle Wen and I want to go to his house.”

“Go to my house?” Roman Li was a little panicked. He was about to successfully lead Chen Shihan out, but now it seems that he is about to change his mind again.

No, he has to get Chen Shihan out.

“You adults, Shihan and I won’t join in the fun, Shihan, let’s go and play.” Roman Li clasped Chen Shihan’s shoulders and left with his arms around her.

After holding back at home for a few days, Chen Shihan also wants to go out and play.

There was no answer.

“Shihan.” Chen Qing called to her, “Did you not hear what I said?”

Chen Shihan stopped and looked back at him, “Dad.”

“Uncle Chen and I have not seen Shihan for a long time, I just went out to play with her, and waited for me to come back…I still sent her back safely.” When saying this, a thought flashed in Roman Li’s brain.

Can he bring Chen Shihan back safely?

What was the purpose of Phillip Zong asking him to lead Chen Shihan out?

At this moment, Roman Li realized that not only did this matter have something to do with the Chen family, I’m afraid his father knew it too.

“Since Uncle Chen said that he can’t go out, let’s not go. I just decided to go home, so let’s go together.” Roman Li didn’t know anything.

Chen Qing was silent for a while, “Let’s go together then.”

If Roman Li knew about this, he couldn’t manage it. This was Foster Wen’s business.

Chen’s and Wen’s are in a community, and you don’t need to drive a car, and you can walk through a park in the community.

Chen Qing walked in front, and Roman Li walked behind Chen Shihan. He dragged Chen Shihan to slow her down, “What are you doing?”

Roman Li covered her mouth, “Hush!”

Chen Shihan opened his eyes and blinked, seeming to be asking what you are doing?

Roman Li glanced at Chen Qing in front, he didn’t seem to notice.

He lay beside Chen Shihan’s ear, using a voice that only two people could hear, “You tell me honestly, are you plotting something with my dad?”

Chen Shihan turned to look at him, “Didn’t your dad tell you?”

“Say what?”

“What are you whispering?” I don’t know when Chen Qing stopped. He stood there, turning his head to look at the two of them.

Roman Li said quickly, “It’s nothing.”

Chen Qing glanced at him. He knew from the moment he took Chen Shihan to speak. He just didn’t expose it on purpose. But the question he asked Chen Shihan meant that he didn’t know about the conspiracy between them and Foster Wen. Foster Wen didn’t say anything. There must be Foster Wen’s intention. He had heard Foster Wen more than once before that Roman Li and Phillip Zong had a good relationship.

He did not say that he must be afraid that Roman Li would hinder them.

Therefore, he deliberately interrupted, Chen Shihan would definitely feel that Roman Li was not an outsider, so he said it out.

In this way, it may disrupt their plans, after all, they are progressing smoothly.

“Hurry up.” Chen Qingchao’s daughter waved, “Come here, Dad has something to tell you.”

Chen Shihan was shocked that Chen Qing didn’t want her to say this, so she ran over quickly, “Dad.”

“They are all grown-ups, how come they are not stable yet.”

Chen Shihan held his arm and smiled, “Don’t I just walk faster, why is it unstable?”

Chen Qing glanced at her, and given that Roman Li was there, Chen Qing said nothing.

At this time, they walked to Wen’s house.

Roman Li walked to the front and opened the door. There was no one at home. Foster Wen and Li Jing were both in the study. The news was so fierce that Foster Wen naturally knew.

“Who released this?” Li Jing said angrily.

She understood Foster Wen’s thoughts very well. He just wanted Phillip Zong and Ana Lin to separate, and he didn’t want to die.

If this is done, the matter will become serious. If Phillip Zong thought that Foster Wen did it, the misunderstanding would be serious.

Foster Wen is not a fool either, this matter is obvious, either the Chen family or the He family.

He has a close relationship with Chen Qing, and he suspects that the focus is on the He family.

“Do you want to consider this matter?” Li Jing hasn’t slept well in the past two days and is worried about this matter.

Foster Wen heaved a sigh of relief, “There is no turning back when I open the bow. I will never allow a woman who is at odds with Phillip to accompany him.”

Since ancient times, heroes have been saddened by Beauty Pass, and Phillip Zong was obviously bewildered by Ana Lin.

Just like Zong Qifeng was bewildered by Danna Cheng back then.

Chapter 407

In Foster Wen’s heart, Zong Qifeng betrayed Wen Xian, but Phillip Zong couldn’t!

He can’t allow Wen Xian’s son and Danna Cheng to get close!

Li Jing sighed. She knew Foster Wen’s thoughts, but she was worried that the incident would be too violent and hurt her feelings.

“Would you like to ask Lao Chen if he revealed it.” Li Jing asked.

This matter must always be clarified, lest Phillip Zong misunderstand Foster Wen, and he will end up grievances.

Foster Wen pressed her eyebrows, “You go call Lao Chen and we will meet.”

Foster Wen intends to ask, after all, this incident has hurt Ana Lin a lot. Fortunately, Phillip Zong married Ana Lin as a hidden marriage. Not much knows that it will not affect him, otherwise this matter will be true. It was not cleaned up.

Li Jing walked to the door and opened the door. Roman Li was standing at the door and was about to knock on the door. The two met in unison, “Mom.”

“Didn’t you say you won’t be back these few days?” Li Jing asked.

Roman Li smiled and said, “I changed my mind again. By the way, Uncle Chen is here.”

Li Jing turned Roman Li’s shoulder and saw Chen Qing and Chen Shihan behind him. She was going to call out, but now she doesn’t have to call. She took her son out and looked at Chen Qing, “Foster Wen is in the study. You go in, he has something to tell you.”

Chen Qing nodded and understood that Foster Wen might want to tell him something. When he released the news, he thought of a good countermeasure.

“Shihan, you should be mature and steady.” He looked serious and told his daughter, afraid that she would talk nonsense in front of Roman Li.

Chen Shihan understood her father’s intentions, and she nodded, “Daughter knows.”

Chen Qing walked into the study with confidence, closed the door of the study, Foster Wen stood up, pulled a chair for Chen Qing, and sat in front of the window for two days.

“Presumably you have also seen the news on the Internet?” Chen Qing said first.

Foster Wen nodded unabashedly.

“I came to you for this matter.” Chen Qing said again, he looked at Foster Wen with a calm expression, “I did not do this well.”

Foster Wen was stunned. He thought that his family did it. How could it be him?

“Hey, I know that the He family is eager for revenge, so I shouldn’t show you the use of Rios He. I heard that this Rios He really likes Ana Lin, and the He family has resentment against Ana Lin, so he publicized it. , I know about this. At that time, He Wenhuai said, I didn’t take it to heart. I thought he was just talking casually. I didn’t think he would dare to do it…” Chen Qing said very guilty.

Soon his conversation changed, “You and I enlisted in the army at the same time, and now this age is also a year-long acquaintance. I will not hide from you. The thoughts in my heart have reached this point, and we can only push the boat forward.”

Chen Qing was so frank, Foster Wen couldn’t say anything, but he hated the He family in his heart.

Foster Wen looked at Chen Qing, “What do you mean…”

Chen Qing nodded, “Now is the time to put pressure on Phillip.”

Foster Wen hesitated. If Ana Lin was not pregnant, he would not hesitate. At this time Ana Lin was pregnant again, and Phillip Zong was afraid it would be difficult to compromise.

“Why, embarrassed?” Chen Qing looked at Foster Wen’s hesitation and persuaded, “Do you still have a way out? Do I still have a way out? I handed over my beloved only daughter.”

Foster Wen understands that there is no retreat to go.

He can’t live up to Chen Qing.

“I’ll see him later.” Foster Wen clenched his fist.

“Does Xiao Ji’s child know about this?” Chen Qing thought of Roman Li’s sudden visit to the house. He felt that this matter might be strange. He seldom went to the house when he grew up. At this time, he suddenly came to the house and let He felt that something was wrong with this.

That’s why I asked Foster Wen.

Foster Wen shook his head, “I didn’t tell him that he and Phillip are in a very good relationship. He doesn’t return home, and he is free and comfortable outside. Phillip helps him a lot. He k*sses Phillip more than me. “

So he dared not let Roman Li know.

Foster Wen knew it, and thanked him for coming back in time. Fortunately, Chen Shihan didn’t go out with Roman Li. After going out, I don’t know if he can come back.

Chen Qing asked, “If you don’t say it, will Phillip say it?”

After all, if Roman Li knew about this, it would not do any harm to Phillip Zong, and it would make Roman Li stand on his side if he took advantage of it.

Foster Wen replied very positively, “Phillip wouldn’t say it.”

He expected that Phillip Zong would not embarrass Roman Li and tell Roman Li what he did.

Chen Qing nodded and didn’t know how to say it. Now it is better not to be known to too many people, and he does not want multiple obstacles. He stood up, “I will go back today.”

Foster Wen said, “I will send you to you.”

The two walked out of the study together. In the living room, Li Jing just cut the fruit and put it on the coffee table. He saw them come out and said, “Stay for lunch.”

“No, the family should be ready.” Chen Qing looked at her daughter, “Shihan, we should go.”

Chen Shihan stood up and followed Chen Qing away.

Roman Li did not hold back his curiosity, he was very cold, and with a questioning tone, “What are you plotting?!”

Just now Chen Qing went to the study. He copied Chen Shihan’s words in the living room. This time Chen Shihan was not as simple as when he was in the Chen family. Chen Shihan didn’t say anything he asked. Obviously there was something to hide.

Foster Wen was very unhappy, “What is your attitude?”

“I have a very good attitude. It’s you. What are you doing sneakily with Uncle Chen?” Roman Li had a guess in his heart, but he didn’t want to admit that Ana Lin’s affairs were so serious. Without this ability, even if you want to do it, you have to think about the Zong Family and the Wen Family.

But now…

Phillip Zong asked him to quote Chen Shihan, and Chen Qing and Foster Wen had a secret conversation. It seemed wrong and complicated, but it was actually very simple. It was Chen Qing and Foster Wen who did this. Phillip Zong asked him to quote Chen Shihan. Threaten them.

The only thing he didn’t know was why Foster Wen and Chen Qing did this.

Foster Wen frowned deeply, disgusted with his son’s words, sneaky?

“Bastard! Uncle Chen and I are talking about official business, why do you have to report it to you? Your boss is so young that you don’t even know the word respect? my country is a country of etiquette. Look at you, do you know what etiquette is? , Star? In ancient times, he was an actor, still complacent and shameless!”

Roman Li heard the blue veins jump on his forehead, and his fists clenched.

Li Jing was shocked when she heard it, and she quickly grabbed her son, “Xiao Jing, don’t be angry, your dad has this temper.”

Roman Li sneered. He pointed to Foster Wen, “When did he see me? What I did, which one did what he wanted? Is it an actor? I have to do it, and I have to be the best in China. Red actor! I think what he can do with me!”

“Xiao Jing, how can you talk to your dad like this?” Li Jing pulled him, “He is your dad, don’t be so stubborn, noisy when you meet, and noisy when you meet, do you still look like a father and son?”

There were tears in Li Jing’s eyes, and her heart was very sad. How could these be father and son? They were enemies.

Chapter 408

“If I could choose, I wouldn’t choose him to be my dad!” After Roman Li said, shaking off Li Jing’s hand, he ran out of the house.

Li Jing sat on the sofa and cried. She also complained to Foster Wen, “Your son is so old, and your words are too ugly. It’s me and I am also angry. You have been busy since he was born. You were not at home as many days as you were in the army. When he was a child, he was like a child without a father. When he grows up, if you say a word, let him be a soldier. If he doesn’t want to go, you can do it. Can he listen to you? Are you sitting like a father? You always say that he is rebellious, and you don’t want to think about why he rebelled against you so much.”

The more Li Jing said, the more aggrieved, and she was also aggrieved. She is a woman who manages this family. Her husband is a straight man of steel and will never be gentle. That’s fine. She is a son. When two people meet, they make noise. This place still looks like a home.

Li Jing was crying, her tears falling straight.

Foster Wen grumbled, “How old are you, why are you still crying? What do people see like?”

Suddenly, Li Jing stood up, “I just cried, and I will go to the community to cry immediately, so that everyone can see it and shame your face!”

“Unreasonable!” Foster Wen turned around angrily to leave.

Li Jing called him, “Foster Wen, let me tell you, if you quarrel with your son in the future, I will divorce you!”

Foster Wen was stunned. In the past decades of marrying Li Jing, she has been diligent and conscientious, never disobeyed him, let alone said divorce.

“Are you crazy?”

“Yes, I am crazy, driven by you. I have been with you for decades. Have I asked you anything? I just want to make my family look like a family. No matter what you do, I will support you. , Never said a word, but have you been tolerant to me? Have you considered my feelings?” Li Jing burst into tears, telling the grievances she had suffered over the years, “I’m pregnant, you are by my side How many days? I went to the hospital for an examination. I had leg cramps at night and couldn’t sleep when I was a month old. I turned over and over again. My husband, my child’s father, never cared about him.”

Foster Wen stood stunned, Li Jing was so gaffey and said so much in front of him once.

No matter how hard the heart is, it is made of flesh and blood, and Foster Wen’s heart fluctuates.

He admitted that he had been busy with his career when he was young and had not cared enough about his family.

It’s impossible for you to make him admit his mistake.

He has such a temperament, he may realize that he is wrong, you let him bow his head to coax you, and say sorry to you, but he can’t do it.

Foster Wen came over and wiped Li Jing’s tears with the paper, “Okay.”

Li Jing twisted her body and said nothing.

Foster Wen sighed, “At this age, do you want me to coax you?”

Li Jing’s tears were even more fierce.

This person is so straightforward. He never doubted the feelings of Li Jing. He guessed that the pig would go up to the tree. He would not derail, but he didn’t understand gentleness.

Having lived for more than half of his life, Li Jing knows his temper very well. She couldn’t help but sigh. It should be hard for him to say that divorce scares him. Can a divorce be true?

But the grievance in my heart is also true.

No woman does not desire to be loved.

She is the same, she is just an ordinary woman.

She pushed Foster Wen away, turned and entered the room.

Foster Wen stood in the living room, neither going in nor retreating.

He didn’t know what to do.

Growing up like this, I don’t know what to do for the first time.

He sighed deeply and sat on the sofa.

Did not go to Phillip Zong.

Roman Li left the Wen family, instead of looking for Phillip Zong, he went to Alan Su.

At this time, Alan Su had drafted the indictment and was about to go to the court. Alan Su happened to stop him.

“Alan Su, can I say a few words to you?”

“No time.” Alan Su refused decisively. He is very busy now and has no time to talk with him.

Regardless of Roman Li, he dragged Alan Su to a place where there was no one. Alan Su glared at him, “I am very busy now, don’t make trouble.”

Roman Li continued to move forward, taking the time to say, “I’m not making trouble.”

Alan Su saw that he was really anxious, so he followed him.

When he walked to the greenery, Roman Li stopped in a quiet place. He looked at Alan Su seriously, “You said, who is trying to frame his sister-in-law?”

Alan Su frowned and asked, “Don’t you know?”

In his mind, Roman Li as a son shouldn’t know what Foster Wen did.

Roman Li squinted, “Is it my dad?”

He was uncertain and hesitant, of course he didn’t want this matter to have anything to do with Foster Wen.

However, Alan Su’s answer gave him a blow, “You know you still ask me?”

Roman Li didn’t recover for a few seconds, how could this be?

Why did Foster Wen do this?

“Hey, are you okay?” Alan Su patted Roman Li on the shoulder, “I have to go, I have business.” Alan Su turned around, as if thinking of something, turning around and looking at Roman Li, “If you have time, , Just go back and persuade your dad, if you can’t sit down and discuss something, you have to hurt your feelings.”

Roman Li snorted coldly, “He is the only one who is the only one who can listen to him?”

Alan Su could not help Roman Li knowing this at a glance. His palm fell heavily on Roman Li’s shoulder, “Take care.”

With his father on one side and Phillip Zong on the other, he must be more uncomfortable now than anyone else.

After speaking, Alan Su walked away quickly.

“Alan Su, do you know where I can meet my sister-in-law?” Now he wants to see Ana Lin, not knowing how she is now.

Alan Su just wanted to say, and quickly closed his voice, “I don’t know.”

Now that Ana Lin’s physical condition is not suitable to be disturbed, Phillip Zong knew that he certainly didn’t want him to disturb Ana Lin’s rest.

Alan Su clearly knew that Roman Li blocked his way, “If you don’t tell me, I won’t let you go.”

Alan Su looked at him, “Why are you still like a child?”

Roman Li ignored him, and Alan Su didn’t say anything, he blocked his way.

Alan Su had nothing to do with him, “I tell you, you are not allowed to tell your brother, I told you.”

Roman Li said, “I know.”

In the end, Alan Su told Roman Li where Ana Lin was, and Roman Li let him go.

Roman Li separated from Alan Su and went straight to the hospital where Ana Lin was.

He parked the car and walked in. The floor where Ana Lin lived was sealed off.

People outside cannot enter at all.

There are police officers and people arranged by Phillip Zong. Every entrance and exit is guarded.

“I’m Miss Lin’s friend, please inform me. She will definitely meet me.” Jenkin Bai was sitting in a wheelchair. Ana Lin’s news was so violent, of course he knew it too, but found Lin. It took some time for Xin Yan to be where he is now.

Roman Li, who was far away, saw someone being stopped at the entrance. He approached and looked at Jenkin Bai, a completely unknown face, “Who are you?”

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