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Chapter 409

Jenkin Bai looked up, and when he saw Roman Lishi, he quietly concealed all his emotions.

When he investigated Foster Wen, he knew that Foster Wen had a son who was a popular star. He was also surprised at that time. He didn’t expect Foster Wen’s son to become a star.

“I am Miss Lin’s friend.” Jenkin Bai said lightly.

Roman Li nodded. It turned out to be someone who knew Ana Lin. He must have read the news and came to visit her specially, right?

In this way, they are still acquaintances.

“You go to the report, just say Roman Lihe…what is your name?” Roman Li asked.

“Jenkin Bai.”

The person guarding the door did not inform or let them in.

“What do you mean?” Roman Li looked very upset.

“The above commanded that no one is allowed in.”

Roman Li, “…”

He didn’t want Phillip Zong to know that he came to see Ana Lin, but now it seems that he can’t get in without calling him.

He was a little tangled.

Jenkin Bai must not be able to enter, but now that Roman Li is there, he has the opportunity to go in with Roman Li. He looked up at Roman Li, “Can’t you also enter?”

Roman Li did not say a word.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t enter, or he didn’t know how to tell Phillip Zong that what he had allowed himself to do was unsuccessful, and now he was in the hospital without knowing it, he would definitely be unhappy.

“I’ve come here, what a pity not to try?” Jenkin Bai urged Roman Li to call Phillip Zong to fight for the chance to get in.

Roman Li thought about it, he was already in the hospital now, and he seemed a bit unwilling to leave just like that.

So he took out his cell phone and called Phillip Zong, he walked aside.

While the call was busy, Roman Li frowned, so he had to hang up and was about to call again later.

However, before he could call out, Phillip Zong’s phone number came in. He was talking with Keller Shen just now, saying that Roman Li did not lead Chen Shihan out.

When the phone was connected, Roman Li immediately shouted, “Brother…”

“what happened?”

Roman Li opened his mouth, wanting to say about his in the hospital, and swallowed it again.

“I was almost successful. I met Chen Qing and he took Chen Shihan back.” Roman Li said briefly.

He didn’t say that he knew of this matter and Foster Wen participated in the inside story.

Phillip Zong is standing on the top floor of the building at the moment, standing in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows, overlooking the bustling city.

“I’m sorry…” Roman Li felt very uncomfortable. He didn’t know what to do, whether to help Phillip Zong deal with Foster, or help Foster deal with Phillip Zong.

He didn’t want either.

But now Dead Foster and Phillip Zong are right.

He didn’t know how to get to the point of entering the sky.

Don’t know how to solve it.

He was contradictory and at a loss.

Also very flustered.

Phillip Zong’s face was tightly stretched.

Chen Qing thought deeply, and it was normal for Roman Li not to bring Chen Shihan out, but in this way, he would not have a bargaining chip. Regarding Ana Lin, he could only stand on the passive side.

It’s not that there is no chance, but…

He slowly closed his eyes, covering all entangled emotions.

“Brother, I’m in the hospital now, I want to see my sister-in-law, can I?” Roman Li asked cautiously.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes sharply, how could he go to the hospital?

“I won’t disturb her, so I’ll take a look at her for Xiao Xi.” Roman Li reacted quickly, using Daniel as a shield, otherwise he was afraid that Phillip Zong would be angry, after all, he came to the hospital without Phillip Zong’s consent.

“Don’t stay for long, she is not in good health.” Phillip Zong instructed.

Roman Li said, “I know, just look at her and leave.”

Roman Li gave the phone to the person guarding the door, only to hear him say that I know, so he returned the phone to Roman Li, the phone screen already showed that the call was over.

“You go in.” The man gave up his position.

Jenkin Bai followed Roman Li and went inside and was stopped again.

“You can’t enter.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t rush, “We are together, so why should I call Phillip Zong?”

The person guarding the door hesitated, this person dared to call Phillip Zong’s name.

Roman Li looked back at Jenkin Bai, “Do you really know my sister-in-law?”

“Otherwise, what am I doing here? Besides, can my legs and feet hurt her?” Jenkin Bai pretended to be too wronged and angry.

“Let him come in with me, we will leave soon.” Roman Li looked at the humanity guarding the door.

The man hesitated, and finally let go, “Go in.”

Jenkin Bai sighed in relief.

He turned his wheelchair to keep up with Roman Li.

Passing through the corridor, this floor was all wrapped up, and it was very quiet without anyone coming in or out. Soon they found Ana Lin’s ward in the innermost position.

Ana Lin was still lying on the bed with the nutrition injection prescribed by the doctor. Wanda looked at her, for fear that she might have a problem if she didn’t pay attention.

Ana Lin said several times to tell her not to be so cautious, but she didn’t listen, and she said, “You are not alone now. Master asked me to take care of you because he trusts me and I can’t let you have any problems. .”

Ana Lin had no choice but to let her stare at her like a child.


At this time, the door of the room was knocked, and Wanda was agitated. She looked at Ana Lin, “Is the young master here?”

Ana Lin was also a little nervous, she was confused last night, before she could see his expression clearly.

She had hoped that she would become pregnant, and she hoped that Phillip Zong could watch their child’s birth with his own eyes and let him realize that he had made up for the shortcomings he had lost in Daniel and Ruth.

She put her hand under the quilt, clutched the sheet tightly, and stared at the door.

Wanda opened the door and just wanted to talk. She frowned when she saw Roman Li and a man in a wheelchair. She knew Roman Li, but who was in the wheelchair?

“Where is my sister-in-law?” Roman Li said first.

Wanda hesitated, “This is…”

“My sister-in-law’s friend came to see her specially.” Roman Li said.

Jenkin Bai looked into the room through the gap. The ward was very large and spacious. A whole wall of floor-to-ceiling windows made the room sunny. He could only see the foot of the bed, and did not see Ana Lin.

“Okay.” They were all put in, they should have known each other, and Wanda turned aside to let them in.

Ana Lin heard the sound at the door, knowing that it was not Phillip Zong, and he was relieved when he was lost.

She hadn’t figured out what mood she would use to face Phillip Zong.

“Sister-in-law.” Roman Li screamed heavily.

Ana Lin held up a smile, “Come in and do it.”

Roman Li pulled a chair and sat by the bed. He was silent for a long time, as if thinking about something.

“No matter what, I will definitely be on your side.” He can’t let Foster Wen be so nonsense. For whatever reason, frame Ana Lin to kill, this trick is too cruel.

If you go in, it will be a life-long blemish. In the future, Daniel and Ruth will also be pointed out that they have a murderer’s mother.

Chapter 410

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment, and quickly realized what he was referring to. He knew so quickly that, to her surprise, after all, Foster Wen was his father. According to Phillip Zong’s personality, he probably wouldn’t tell him.

“It’s none of your business, you don’t have to be embarrassed.” Ana Lin didn’t want to ask him to stand on someone’s side. He could stand on the outside without helping anyone.

Even if he was on Foster Wen’s side, she wouldn’t have complaints, it was his father over there.

Roman Li stood up and walked to the window, Ana Lin could think that he might be embarrassed because of this, but Foster Wen would not, he would never consider his feelings.

His father…

Roman Li didn’t want to think about Foster Wen, in addition to letting him down, he still let him down.

“You told my brother that I can use my place, just speak up.” After speaking, Roman Li turned around and seemed to think of something. He stopped and turned to look at Ana Lin, “Is your body better?”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “It’s much better, don’t worry.”

“That’s good, otherwise I can’t explain to my brother or Xiao Xi.” After all, Ana Lin had this disaster because of Foster Wen. Even if he has a bad relationship with Foster Wen, Foster Wen is his father. The facts cannot be changed.

Ana Lin sighed, why should the grievances of the last life involve this generation?

She has no words to comfort Roman Li, the only thing she can do is to relax him, “If you are bored at home, you can stay abroad for a while.”

In this way, this matter can be avoided, and there is no need to worry about it.

Roman Li smiled, “I won’t leave.”

He cannot go at this time.

He glanced at Jenkin Bai. He hadn’t said a word since he came in. He sat in a wheelchair and kept looking at Ana Lin. Roman Li asked, “Is he your friend?”

Ana Lin nodded.

Roman Li was relieved, it was good that Ana Lin knew him, otherwise he would not bring in insignificant people and interrupt Ana Lin’s rest.

“I’m going back first.” Roman Li wondered, is there any way to turn this matter into a jade?

He didn’t want Foster Wen and Phillip Zong to become enemies.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin replied lightly.

After Roman Li left, Jenkin Bai rolled his wheelchair and approached her.

Her face was very bad, and Jenkin Bai was very worried in her heart, “Why didn’t you tell me something like this?”

Ana Lin didn’t want to discuss this matter with Jenkin Bai, and deliberately changed the subject, “Why haven’t you returned?”

“Foster Wen framed you, right?”

Jenkin Bai didn’t stop, “Ana Lin, is this a trivial matter?”

“The size of this matter doesn’t matter to you. Don’t interfere. Go back to your Baicheng. This is muddy water. It’s difficult to get out of it anymore.” Ana Lin was almost bitter.

Foster Wen wants Phillip Zong to marry the girl from the Chen family. The Chen family is not an ordinary family. They will promise to have their own abacus. This is not Baicheng, it is not Jenkin Bai’s site, and only the share of being slaughtered by others, why bother?

Jenkin Bai looked at her eyes deeper and deeper, “Are you caring about me?”

Ana Lin looked at him directly, and said frankly, “You saved me, there is always some love, something happened in Baicheng, but it is not your dominance, and my business, you . Can’t get in.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “How do you know I can’t get involved?” His smile deepened, “Don’t you think that this is a good opportunity for me and Phillip Zong to bring down Foster Wen?”

Ana Lin squinted his eyes, “You still refuse to let go.”

“Yes, I won’t let go. My lifelong desire to avenge my adoptive father.” Jenkin Bai paused, especially firm.

Originally, he had decided to leave because of Ana Lin’s words last time, but after this happened, he felt that this was an opportunity. He could not bring down Foster Wen alone, but joining hands with Phillip Zong was not necessary.

After all, Phillip Zong and Foster Wen are now opposites.

They are on the same front.

Ana Lin found that he couldn’t convince him, “I’m tired.”

She didn’t want to discuss this with him anymore, she really felt tired.

Jenkin Bai stretched out his hand to hold her hand. At this moment, the door of the ward opened, and Jenkin Bai’s hand stayed in the air for two seconds and retracted.

The nurse walked over and pulled out the needle for Ana Lin. She told Ana Lin to hold the sterile cotton ball, “press it for a while.”

She received the bottle and passed the recipe that the doctor gave her to her mother. “If you follow the above methods and collocations every day, you will reduce the symptoms of vomiting in pregnant women.”

Wanda nodded, “Okay, trouble you guys.”

Wanda sent the nurse out.

“This is what we should be.” All of the above said hello. The people who treated Ana Lin were all the experts of the hospital, and Phillip Zong went to see the dean in person.

A thunder exploded on Jenkin Bai’s head. Pregnant woman, stop vomiting?

Ana Lin is pregnant?

He wanted to open his mouth to speak, but found that his mouth was stiff.

I couldn’t say anything, and I felt very sad.

She and Phillip Zong had two children, and their relationship was naturally close, but they were still shocked and even found it hard to accept that she was pregnant again.

His throat was dumb, “How long has it been?”

Ana Lin has nothing to hide, “More than a month.”

Jenkin Bai smiled stiffly, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.”

Yu’s mother took the recipe to study, and from time to time she said, “It turns out that cauliflower is green.”

Green cauliflower contains high vitamins. She always thought that cauliflower is the same.

There are more green vegetables in the recipe, because the folic acid contained in green food is also high, there is no need to supplement folic acid specifically, the dietary supplement is easier to absorb, and healthy, every morning, afternoon and evening, and lunch. In addition to the fruit and vegetable mix, every meal has supplements Protein foods, such as shrimp and meat.

“I can’t go back, I have to make a call and let the family take it over.” Wanda’s heart is all on Ana Lin’s body.

I’m afraid she can’t eat and throws up again.

Ana Lin has become accustomed to mom’s care and caution.

Jenkin Bai felt that her heart was bored, “I’m leaving now, you have a good rest.”

Ana Lin said, “Then I won’t see you off.”

Jenkin Bai smiled and said, “It’s important for you to maintain your body. If you don’t send me away, I can go out as well.”

When Jenkin Bai came out of the hospital, the whole person was still floating. He always felt that this happened too suddenly.

Gao Gao followed him, “Don’t you go back?”

He waved his hand, and now he needed to be quiet, the plateau had to push him along the roadside, walking aimlessly.

There are many shops on the roadside outside the hospital, selling food, fruit, and flower shops.

He looked at the fresh, delicate and blooming flowers in the flower shop, and they exuded their unique charm through the glass. Jenkin Bai stopped the plateau and said, “You can buy me a bunch of… roses.”

Chapter 411

The plateau froze for a moment, who would buy roses for?

Everyone knows that the rose represents love. Soon he seemed to think of something, some of which were not worthy for Jenkin Bai, “Miss Lin, married, why are you so persistent?”

Jenkin Bai raised his head, his face was not worried, “My personal matter, when is it your turn to comment?”

The plateau bowed his head, “I’m sorry.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t want to pursue it either, but he didn’t like other people’s interference with him, “I will buy it myself, and you push me over.”

“Yes.” The plateau bowed his head.

Across the road, the plateau pushed Jenkin Bai into the flower shop, and the unique fragrance of flowers wafted through the face. There were many flowers and various fragrances intertwined to form another unique flavor.

Spend some time the boss came over and greeted the guests, “What do you need?”

Jenkin Bai didn’t pay any attention, but rolled the wheelchair and walked towards the place where the roses were placed. The roses appeared red, like fire and clouds, and they were extremely beautiful.

The florist owner quickly realized what flowers he wanted to buy, and immediately walked over, “Excuse me, how many do you need?”

Jenkin Bai said lightly, “Help me wrap five.”

The flower shop owner was taken aback, and then smiled and said, “Okay, please wait a moment.”

Speaking of Huadian, the owner chose five beautiful and blooming roses, filled the gaps with white pearl plums, and the white embellishments made the red roses more gorgeous. The owner chose light-colored paper and wrapped the roses. The boss is very skilled, and the flowers are exquisite and beautiful.

“Here you are.” The boss of Huadian offered Hua both hands.

Jenkin Bai took it and put it on his legs. He lowered his eyes and gently stroked the petals, before faintly instructing, “Highland, pay.”

“A total of 380 yuan.” Huadian boss said.

The plateau told him 400 that he didn’t need to look for it, and then pushed Jenkin Bai away from Huadian.

“Go to the hospital?” Gao Gao asked.

You won’t buy this flower and go home to see it for yourself, right?

Jenkin Bai hummed softly.

Gao Gao sighed, except that Jenkin Bai could not walk, in his eyes everything else in Jenkin Bai was perfect.

How could such a man care about a married woman?

As long as he is willing, what kind of woman does not have, why bother with a married woman?

The plateau didn’t understand or understand.

But I dare not say, I can only think silently in my heart.

It’s not worth it for Jenkin Bai.

Back to the hospital again, the person guarding the door looked at him strangely, didn’t they all leave? Why are you back again?

“I will leave the flowers to her.” Jenkin Bai said.

The person guarding the door was a little embarrassed.

The above commanded that no one can come and go casually, he has just entered once.

At this time, Yu’s mother came out to throw the trash and saw Jenkin Bai who was blocked by the door walking by. It seemed strange how Jenkin Bai went and returned.

So he came over and asked, “What else do you have?”

Jenkin Bai handed the flowers to Wanda, “Give it to her for me.”

Wanda was very happy to take it. Such a beautiful flower makes people feel good. If it is inserted in the ward, it will definitely add a lot of vitality. Ana Lin can’t get out of bed. Looking at such a beautiful flower, you may be in a good mood. It will be fine, Wanda smiled and said, “I thank you for the young lady. She is not in good health now, so I won’t invite you in. The doctor asked her to rest.”

Jenkin Bai confessed, “Take care of her, please.”

Let Gao Gao hand out a business card to Wanda, “If you have any needs, you can contact me for help.”

Wanda hesitated for a moment, as if someone handed it over to herself, it was not polite to not accept it, and he seemed to be familiar with Ana Lin, Wanda took it, “Then I will go back first, she can’t be in the ward alone. .”

Jenkin Bai nodded.

Wanda returned to the ward with the flowers. Ana Lin was lying on the bed drowsy. She seemed to see Wanda coming in with something. She opened her eyes and saw that Wanda was holding a bouquet of roses. After a moment of wonder, “Where did the flowers come from?”

Could it be that Phillip Zong bought it?

“The gentleman in the wheelchair just sent it.” Wanda found a glass bottle and was about to put the flower in it.

Ana Lin turned sideways, his eyelashes moved, too, and Phillip Zong was not someone who could do such things.

She smiled bitterly, laughing that she was abnormal today.

I always miss him inexplicably.

In the white ward, a bunch of red flowers were inserted, adding a lot of color, giving the cold ward a breath of life.

Wanda smiled and wanted to talk to Ana Lin. This time she turned around and found that she had closed her eyes. She didn’t know if she was asleep, and Wanda didn’t dare to disturb her.

In the evening, the maid at home brought food. Wanda called back and Danna Cheng picked it up. Danna Cheng thought it was Zong Qifeng, but it was Wanda. Wanda had been taking care of Phillip Zong and she was trusted by Phillip Zong. She called and said Need to deliver food at home, nothing else.

Regarding Ana Lin’s pregnancy, if Danna Cheng knew about Ana Lin’s pregnancy, Phillip Zong decided.

Wanda knew Phillip Zong’s attitude towards Danna Cheng.

So I didn’t talk too much.

Danna Cheng asked why he had to deliver food and did it as required. Wanda prevaricates and said that Ana Lin is not feeling well and likes light food.

Danna Cheng didn’t ask any more, after all, Ana Lin’s condition is normal without appetite.

It was just a little worried, but thinking that Zong Qifeng would go to Phillip Zong to solve the matter, he let go of his heart and did not continue to ask.

They are all cooked according to what Wanda said, with balanced nutrition and color and fragrance. Ana Lin ate some, not much. But, it was eaten, Wanda was very happy, “As long as I can eat something. .”

Appetite will gradually improve afterwards.

Ana Lin glanced at the time it was seven o’clock in the evening, and Phillip Zong never came back.

Wanda cleaned up the dishes and chopsticks. She leaned against the bedside, her eyes fell on the bunch of roses placed in front of the window inadvertently. They opened just right, and she half-squinted her eyes in a daze.

Yu’s mother packed up the dishes and chopsticks and came in. Seeing Ana Lin in a daze, she asked, “Is it beautiful?”

Ana Lin looked up at Wanda and smiled, without speaking.

“Wanda, do you know what flower this is?” Ana Lin asked suddenly.

Wanda shook her head, only knowing that the flower is very beautiful, but I really don’t know what it is called.

Ana Lin said lightly, “It’s called a rose.”

Wanda didn’t understand either, only thought the name was pretty good.

“The wheelchair man is quite tasteful.” Wanda said.

Ana Lin was a little bit dumbfounded about Mom’s evaluation.

Roses represent love, Jenkin Bai must know, knowing that she is pregnant, and she gave roses…

She sighed slightly…

“What’s wrong, isn’t the flower given right?” Wanda wondered why Ana Lin sighed.

Ana Lin said, “It’s nothing.” She deliberately changed the subject and asked, “When did he leave in the morning?”

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