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Chapter 412

Wanda thought for a while, “It’s about six o’clock.”

She didn’t watch the time at that time. When Phillip Zong called her and asked her to come over, it was five o’clock. She packed up and came to the hospital. It took about half an hour. Phillip Zong told her something. She was in Ana Lin’s bed. I sat for a while before leaving.

Ana Lin looked out the window. She couldn’t go out in this situation, and Phillip Zong never showed up for a day. It must be difficult to deal with this matter.

In fact, she was also a little scared inside, after all, this was an almost unsolvable situation.

“What do you think? Why are you upset?” Wanda asked worriedly, and then said, “You can’t hurt your body now.”

Ana Lin also knew his condition, and even if he was worried, he couldn’t help. The only thing he could do was not to cause trouble to Phillip Zong.

She closed her eyes, “Wanda, you turn off the light and I will sleep for a while.”

The lights are too bright for her to calm down.

Wanda said yes, turned off the light in the room, and soon the light in the room dimmed.

Wanda sat on a chair beside her, “If you are sleeping, call me if you feel uncomfortable, and I will look at you here.”

“Wanda, I’m fine, go take a rest.”

This floor is wrapped up, and the next room can be rested.

Wanda didn’t worry about her alone, “No, you don’t have to worry about me when you sleep, I will squint on the sofa for a while when I am sleepy.”

Wanda was concerned, Ana Lin knew she was doing her own good, so she didn’t say anything again, she closed her eyes and went to sleep.

She was not sleepy at first, and she slept for a little while during the day. She was not sleepy, maybe because she lay down for a long time and fell asleep unknowingly.

It was almost 12 o’clock when Phillip Zong came back, and the room was dark. He turned on the light next to the door, Wanda slept lightly, and woke up when he heard the movement.

She stood up, “Back?”

Phillip Zong gave a faint hum, he walked to the bedside, and Ana Lin fell asleep and woke up.

He unbuttoned his collar, his eyes were looking at Ana Lin, and he asked Wanda, “Is she not reluctant today?”

“I was vomiting badly. I didn’t eat much. The doctor gave a nutrition injection and set up a recipe. The evening was better. I ate a little and didn’t vomit.” Wanda said.

Phillip Zong nodded, he stretched out his hand to touch her cheek, the small face like a goose egg, white and delicate, maybe itchy by Phillip Zong, Ana Lin moved and then her eyelashes trembled, she slowly opened her eyes Dimly, she saw the man standing next to the bed. She moved her body to sit up. Phillip Zong hugged her up, put a pillow behind her, and asked softly, “Did I wake you up?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “I’m a little thirsty.”

Phillip Zong gently put her against the head of the bed, “I’ll pour it for you.”

He walked to the table, his eyes fell casually on the flowers on the windowsill, he glanced at it, and handed the water to Ana Lin, “Who gave the flowers?”

He just asked casually. Roman Li was here today, and there was no one else except him.

Just how can I send roses…

Ana Lin’s action of drinking water, before he could speak, Wanda spoke first, “It’s a gentleman in a wheelchair. He sent it here. It’s very intentional.”

Wanda didn’t know the relationship between Jenkin Bai and Ana Lin, so she didn’t hesitate to speak.

Ana Lin took the cup and looked at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes and couldn’t hear the joy or anger, “He came today?”

Ana Lin told the truth, even if she wanted to conceal it, she couldn’t help it, “Yeah.”

Phillip Zong always minded Jenkin Bai. Ana Lin knew that he would be unhappy and wanted to explain, but found that he could not say anything. After all, nothing happened between her and Jenkin Bai. relationship.

Ana Lin was holding the cup.

“Are you still drinking?” Phillip Zong asked while looking at the cup in her hand.

Ana Lin nodded and said, “Okay.”

He took the cup and put it on the table. Wanda stood aside and dared not say anything. She didn’t know what was wrong with the atmosphere.

“Wanda, go and rest.”

Wanda looked at Ana Lin, and Ana Lin nodded to her before she turned and left the room.

The door of the room closed, and the room became quiet for an instant.

Ana Lin looked at him, “Are you angry?”

Phillip Zong answered the question, “Do you like this flower?”

What thought did she put the flowers up?

He took out a rose and looked at it carefully. It was obviously gentle, but Ana Lin felt hairy.

She didn’t do anything to apologize to him. Why was he angry?

Ana Lin deliberately said, “There is no woman who doesn’t like flowers, and I like them too. I looked pretty, so I let Yu’s mother get in.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Ana Lin. Is this angry?

“You like it?”


Snapped! With a bang, Phillip Zong threw the flowers on the windowsill into the trash can.

Ana Lin, “…”

This person…


“You like it, I’ll give it to you.” Phillip Zong walked over to hug her and said warmly, “You accompany me to sleep for a while.”

Ana Lin saw his current languor when she was close. She went in a little bit to make room for him to sleep. He hugged her sideways, and his generous palm touched her back. …

Ana Lin looked at him, “Did he come at the wrong time?”

She is pregnant at this time, which will definitely add pressure to him.

This matter is inherently tricky.

Phillip Zong opened his eyes quickly, staring at her, “What did you say?”

Ana Lin said dumbly, “I shouldn’t be pregnant at this time…”

“What nonsense?” Ana Lin was interrupted before he finished speaking. He lowered his head and k*ssed her mouth, and bit her lips like punishment. Ana Lin took a cold breath in pain. Without leaving his lips, he mumbled, “Do you still dare to talk nonsense?”

It was obviously painful to be bitten on her lips, but her heart was warm. She hugged his head, Phillip Zong’s face was buried in her arms.

“I was very surprised myself. I thought, I really can’t have children anymore. When I know it, I am very happy. Are you happy?” Her voice trembled when she spoke.

For her, it was an accident.

An accident she didn’t expect.

But it was such a beautiful accident.

Phillip Zong didn’t answer her, but put her hand on his heart, his fingers pressed against hers, “It hasn’t been calm until now.”

His chest was hard and hot, and his strong heart beat once and again against the palm of her hand.

Ana Lin smiled, as if all the predicaments now disappeared, and now only she and him.

A world that cannot be disturbed by anyone.

“Do you like boys or girls?” Ana Lin asked slowly.

Phillip Zong said without hesitation, “I like everything you gave birth to.”

Chapter 413

Ana Lin thought for a moment, “If between a boy and a girl, do you have to choose one?”

Phillip Zong raised his head and stared at her, “If I have to choose, I would even like you to give me another daughter.”

Daniel is enough for my son.

The daughter is more intimate, he likes the feeling that Ruth sticks to him.

Compared with daughters, sons and parents are not so caring.

Ana Lin relaxed and found a comfortable position to lie in his arms, “I like sons, and I hope to be a son in this birth.”

Girls are more delicate in their minds, whether in love or in life, they are more likely to get hurt, while men are the same.

Phillip Zong knew that she had such thoughts and it was related to his own experience. He hugged Ana Lin and k*ssed her on the forehead, “Our daughter will not be hurt in any way.”

Ana Lin believed him.

This topic seems to be a little far away, Ana Lin asked, “Why tell Roman Li the matter?”

“Huh?” Phillip Zong frowned slightly, what did he mean?

What did he tell Roman Li?

“What Foster Wen did.” Ana Lin said.

“Does he know?”

“It’s not you…” Ana Lin was alert that something was wrong, if Phillip Zong had told Roman Li, he would not deny it.

Not many people know this, Keller Shen, Alan Su, and even Jenkin Bai are all possible.

“Don’t worry too much.” Phillip Zong patted her on the back, “Go to sleep.”

There is no need to care about Roman Li knowing the inside story. He doesn’t want Roman Li to know about it, but this matter is not small. Even if he can hide it now, he may not be able to hide it later.

He didn’t want Ana Lin to be upset by such a thing. %&(&

“As long as you maintain your health and give birth to my daughter safely, you don’t have to worry about anything else, I will take care of it.”

Ana Lin lowered his eyes, how could this person be a daughter?

She was a little funny, “What if it’s a son?”

“No.” Phillip Zong said affirmatively, and then said again, “If you are a son, you will give birth to me again.”

He thought that Ana Lin could give birth to this one, and he would definitely give birth to another.

Ana Lin, “…”

“Hey, don’t think about going to bed.” Phillip Zong buckled her head in his arms and hugged her.

Ana Lin raised his head, and the first thing that caught his eye was his firm chin, his fair skin and green stubble, he should have not rested in these two days.

She lay quietly in his arms.

Before long, Phillip Zong let out a uniform breathing sound, and Ana Lin knew that he was tired, so he raised his head and k*ssed his chin, then slept in his arms.

It may be that the pregnant woman was lethargic, and fell asleep not long after lying in his arms.

The silent night was exceptionally calm, as if the waves of the day did not exist.

At 5 o’clock, Phillip Zong was awakened by the ringing of the vibrating cell phone. He was afraid that Ana Lin would be noisy. He got off the bed with a slight movement and took his cell phone to the balcony to answer the call.

“whats the matter?”

Milton Guan’s voice came from over there, “Ida Zhuang’s inspection result is out.”

Before the time has come, the results will come out so soon?

Thinking of what Milton Guan said last time, his jaw tightened subconsciously, “Say.”

Milton Guan hesitated over there, still holding the test result in his hand, he looked at the doctor and asked again, “Are you sure?”

The doctor said very positively, “Yes.”

It’s late.

The inspection will not be wrong.

This is the most authoritative hospital.

Milton Guan can only tell the truth, “The doctor is sure, late.”

The news is very bad, Ana Lin’s physical condition, if you know about Ida Zhuang…

He could not continue to think further.

He pressed his eyebrows, “Don’t leak this news.”

Milton Guan said, “I understand.”

It is the doctor who knows this. As long as the hospital does not block the news, it is impossible for Ana Lin to know.

He knew about Ida Zhuang’s physical condition, and he couldn’t pretend to be ignorant, not to mention that she was Ana Lin’s mother. He took a moment to call Keller Shen and asked her to take Ida Zhuang out for treatment, no matter how late, It’s still early days, try your best to treat.

When Ida Zhuang is sick, it is time to apply for treatment. Keller Shen said he knew, “I will handle it.”

At this time, Ida Zhuang’s business happened again, and Keller Shen felt very heavy.

Here Chen Shihan seemed to know that someone was going to catch her. He didn’t show up at all. He didn’t have any chance. He confessed the matter of guarding Chen Shihan to his subordinates, and then went to deal with Ida Zhuang’s affairs.

In the ward, Ana Lin moved her body and found that there was no one around her, and her eyelashes trembled slightly. After a while, she opened her eyes slowly, and there was no one around her. She lay down and wanted to get up to go to the bathroom and sit down. When I got up, I found Phillip Zong standing on the balcony.

He was wearing a white shirt, wrinkled, and his slender legs stood straight. Even though his clothes were not so decent, he still couldn’t cover his upright posture.

Phillip Zong hung up the phone and stood for a while before coming in. He was stunned for a second when he saw Ana Lin was already awake, and when he was still looking at him, he quickly reacted, stepped forward, and asked softly, “Wake up.” Up?”

Ana Lin nodded, “Who are you talking on the phone?”

When Ana Lin woke up, Phillip Zong had hung up, and she did not hear who Phillip Zong was talking to.

“Company business.” Phillip Zong said casually.

He smoothed her messy hair from sleeping, “Hungry?”

Ana Lin shook her head. She thought to herself that there are few things that call the company at this time, and it should be her business.

She knew that Phillip Zong didn’t tell the truth, but she didn’t know that this matter was not related to herself, but to Ida Zhuang.

“You call Wanda.” Ana Lin said.

She wanted to go to the bathroom, but in front of Phillip Zong, she felt a little embarrassed.

Phillip Zong thought she was unwell, “I’ll call a doctor.”

“No.” Ana Lin blurted out, “I’m fine.”

“Huh?” Phillip Zong twisted his eyebrows, if it’s okay, why call Wanda.

What can’t you tell him?

Not hungry, is it thirsty?

“I’ll pour you water.” Phillip Zong made his own claim. Ana Lin heard the word water, and his desire to go to the bathroom became stronger.

“I’m not thirsty.” Ana Lin suffocated his face a little red, Phillip Zong stood at the table and looked at her, she stopped talking embarrassingly.

Phillip Zong seemed to have thought of something, walked over and picked her up, “Want to go to the bathroom?”

Ana Lin pursed his lips and said nothing.

Phillip Zong chuckled, “Natural phenomenon, I don’t despise you, not to mention, where hasn’t I seen your body?”

Ana Lin didn’t know if he was ashamed or embarrassed. In short, he was completely red, even his neck was glowing pink.

“You let me down.” Ana Lin bit his lip.

“I’ll take you in.” Phillip Zong ignored her rejection and just put the person on the toilet, “Do you want me to take it off for you?”

Chapter 414

Ana Lin couldn’t bear it!

“get out!”

Phillip Zong tilted his head to look at her, “Annoyed?”

Ana Lin glared at him.

He laughed, “You help me take it off, I want to go too.”

Ana Lin, “…”

How can you be shameless to this level?

Ana Lin deliberately clutched his stomach, “Are you deliberately angry with me?”

Phillip Zong put away his unruly immediately and asked seriously, “Uncomfortable?”

Ana Lin’s voice was soft, weak and uncomfortable, “Well, I am uncomfortable. It’s all because of you. If you make trouble, I’m really angry.”

Phillip Zong knew that she was thin-skinned and didn’t continue to molest her. He walked out of the bathroom and closed the door. He unreasonably asked, “I’ll be waiting for you at the door, so call me.”

Ana Lin nodded.

Phillip Zong closed the door, the ease on his face was not there, his emotions were hidden in front of Ana Lin, but he didn’t want her to think too much.

He took out his cell phone and sent a message to Keller Shen, asking him to arrange Ida Zhuang in this hospital, which is convenient for him to visit and take care of. Ana Lin can’t get out of bed now and won’t run into it.

He was sure Ana Lin said that he would not know.

Moreover, this is the best hospital in the country, so he can’t worry about sending it to other hospitals.

The message was quickly answered, and Keller Shen sent a good] word.

Ana Lin washed his hands and moved to the door to open the door, just in time to see Phillip Zong looking at his mobile phone.

“What are you looking at?” Ana Lin looked at his mobile phone.

Phillip Zong put away the phone and said calmly, “Look at the news.”

Ana Lin said he didn’t doubt that he was there, “really?”

Phillip Zong handed her the phone and smiled, “Or, can you check, is there any beauty in it?”

Ana Lin stared at him, “Do you like to find it or not.”

Phillip Zong knew that she wouldn’t know how to watch, so he deliberately handed it to her, “Really? There may be beautiful women in it. The doctor said that we can’t live a married life for three months. I’m afraid I can’t help it.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“If you find a woman, I will find a man…”

“you dare!”

Before Ana Lin finished speaking, Phillip Zong was cut off in a cold voice.

Phillip Zong picked her up, pretending to be fierce, “If you dare to find a man, I will break your leg.”

Ana Lin murmured, “You were looking for a woman first.”

Xiao Phillip Zong couldn’t hear her voice clearly. When she put her on the bed, she asked, “What did you say?”

Ana Lin immediately changed his words, “I said, I dare not.”

Phillip Zong smiled and k*ssed her on the cheek, “This is good, I am pregnant, where to find a man, besides, where to find a good man like me?”

Ana Lin rolled his eyes, this person is so domineering, only the state officials are allowed to set fires, and the people are not allowed to light the lights.

Phillip Zong glanced at the time, it was almost six o’clock, “Are you hungry?”

Ana Lin lay on the bed, moved, looking for a comfortable position, “Are you eating here?”

Phillip Zong thought for a moment, “Yes.”

“Well, I’m hungry.” Ana Lin said. She was afraid that Phillip Zong would leave late, and worried that he would go out without eating. At this moment in the morning, it was either answering the phone or reading information, showing how busy he was.

Phillip Zong turned to open the door and was about to call Wanda, but when he opened the door, Wanda was about to knock on the door with the lunch box.

She got up at three o’clock in the morning and went home to prepare the meal and deliver it.

“I’ll bring you food and bring you a change of clothes.”

Wanda smiled, holding a lunch box in one hand and a paper bag with clothes in the other.

The clothes Phillip Zong wore yesterday was the same as the day before yesterday. He has never changed. When did he wear such crumpled clothes before.

“There is hot water in the bathroom, so let’s take a shower.” Ana Lin said. She also saw that Phillip Zong hadn’t rested well in the past few days, or even freshened herself.

Phillip Zong turned sideways to let Wanda in. He took over the clothes bag from Mom. When he turned to enter the bathroom, he suddenly stopped. He turned his head and looked at Ana Lin, “You eat first, don’t wait for me.”

Ana Lin said he was hungry, he was afraid that Ana Lin would be hungry.

“I know.” Ana Lin waved his hand.

Wanda put the food on the table and asked Ana Lin, “Are you going to eat now?”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Wait for him.”

Yu’s mother laughed, feeling that they are becoming more and more married and thinking about each other. She said with the excuse, “I’ll see when the doctor will come for rounds.”

After speaking, he walked out of the room, leaving all the space for Phillip Zong and Ana Lin.

Ana Lin looked at the closed door and smiled softly. The doctors always have time when they come to check the ward. She is needed to see wherever they are. Obviously it is an excuse to go out, knowing that she is deliberate, and leaving time for her and Phillip Zong.

The ward is very large, with showers in the toilets, sofas in the windows, wardrobes and tables on the walls, life is very convenient, but it has a strong smell of disinfectant.

Fortunately, she did not dislike this smell.

After taking a bath, Phillip Zong walked out surrounded by a white bath towel. He was naked, wiping his hair while walking over.

Ana Lin looked at him, “Why don’t you wear clothes?”

Just walk out, this is the hospital and not the home.

Phillip Zong heard that Yu’s mother went out, so he didn’t wear it inside. Moreover, this is not a home. The bathroom is separated from wet and dry. The bathroom here is too small to be convenient inside.

Phillip Zong walked over and locked the door of the ward and glanced at her, “Did you see anything?”

Ana Lin knew that he was going to say something bad again, so he glared at him, “Shameless.”

Phillip Zong smiled lightly, mixed with a hint of hoarseness, “I want a face, how can you get pregnant?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“You haven’t seen it before.” Phillip Zong pulled the towel in front of her, and put on the clothes in front of Ana Lin without shy.

Ana Lin covered his face, knowing that he couldn’t speak to him, and didn’t say a word.

A few minutes later, Phillip Zong buttoned his suit and said, “Don’t cover it, you’re ready to wear it.”

Ana Lin let go, he didn’t lie to her.

Phillip Zong brought out the food from his mother and set it on the table on the bed.

Shrimp porridge and vegetable steamed dumplings, fried eggs and broccoli, and some small side dishes.

It is very light, without any condiments, it is the taste of the ingredients themselves.

It matches Ana Lin’s appetite, especially the porridge, which is delicious.

She drank a bowl of porridge quickly, and Phillip Zong handed her his own, “Eat more.”

Wanda didn’t cook it for Phillip Zong alone, she just made an extra recipe for Ana Lin. He came back so late last night. Wanda thought he would definitely have breakfast with Ana Lin in the morning, so Ana Lin I prepared two servings of food.

Ana Lin looked up at him, “It’s delicious, don’t you drink it?”

“I don’t like it.” He took a sip of broccoli in his mouth.

Ana Lin smiled, and handed Phillip Zong the porridge. After half of it, she could eat so much, no matter how delicious it was, she couldn’t eat two bowls.

The rest she pushed to Phillip Zong’s again, “I can’t finish eating.”

Phillip Zong glanced at the porridge in the bowl and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“you dislike me?”

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