Entangled Love After Divorce Chapter 415 – 417

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Chapter 415

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and glanced at her, seeming to prove that he did not dislike her. He picked up the bowl of porridge she had left over, took the spoon she had used, took a sip of the porridge and put it in his mouth. Passing the tip of the spoon, he glanced at Ana Lin ambiguously, “This way, can it prove that I didn’t despise you?”

Ana Lin lowered her head and stuffed an egg into her mouth. The place where his tongue had just passed was the place she licked when she was drinking porridge.

Ana Lin lowered her head, she was eating fast and choked with the yolk of the egg.

Phillip Zong poured water to feed her, patted her on the back, “Is it all right?”

Ana Lin shook his head and took a few sips of water to suppress the dryness of the egg yolk.

Phillip Zong rubbed her hair, “I don’t want to fight with you, why do you eat so fast?”

Ana Lin almost blurted out and blamed you, but before she said it, the smell of eggs that had just been pressed down in his stomach rolled up again, and a feeling of nausea hit his heart.


Ana Lin covered her mouth, fearing that she would vomit out if she couldn’t help it.

Phillip Zong panicked for a moment, picked her up and went to the bathroom, letting her lie on the sink.

Ana Lin asked Phillip Zong to let her down. She stood by the sink, and she wanted to vomit very strongly. She didn’t want Phillip Zong to see the filth and pushed him, “You go out.”

Phillip Zong frowned, “You…”

Before his words came out, Ana Lin reached out and closed the door. Phillip Zong didn’t dare to move her, so he had to walk out.

The door clicked shut, followed by Ana Lin’s vomiting…

All the porridge that I had just drunk came out again.

Chapter 416

Phillip Zong stood at the door, his nerves tense, and he didn’t dare to open the door for fear of shocking her.

Full of worry and distress, I can only press my heart.

After a while, he heard the sound of running water from a boiling faucet. Ana Lin took the water and rinsed her mouth, flushing the dirt down in the pool. She stood by the pool and waited for a while. After she didn’t feel like vomiting, she stretched out her hand to open it. door.

The door opened, and she saw Phillip Zong standing at the door, looking at her with worried eyes.

Ana Lin pulled out a smile, “I’m fine, don’t worry, I won’t let you in, I just don’t want you to see the filth…”

She hadn’t spoken yet, and Phillip Zong was hugged into his arms, Ana Lin’s body slammed into his arms, his arms tightly encircled her slender body, and a loving k*ss fell on her. On his hair, his throat was hoarse, “We won’t have children anymore.”

Ana Lin’s face was close to his heart, and she could clearly feel his uneasy emotions. When Daniel and Ruth were in the past, no matter how sad she was, she could only hide and cry secretly by herself. She did not dare to talk to anyone. Say.

She told Ida Zhuang that she was afraid of her worry, so she could only be alone, and kept telling herself to be strong and brave.

Suddenly someone cared and cared so much. She felt that the pain she had suffered before was nothing. She felt that even a bit of sin was worth it. She stretched her hand around his waist and pressed down the sore nasal cavity. She sucked her nose. “Look at what scared you. It’s not a big deal. A woman who is pregnant doesn’t vomit twice.”

Phillip Zong remained silent, just holding her tightly. When she had Daniel and Ruth, he never gave her any help, let alone any care. Even hated her.

She gave birth to two children alone, and was in a foreign country. You can imagine how difficult it is for her.

And he didn’t even know…

“This is also a good way.” In this situation, there is no other way.

Foster Wen and Chen Qing joined forces, and Ana Lin could get her in even if she was pregnant.

At this time, Ida Zhuang was helped by medical staff to walk in.

Keller Shen quickly took over and helped Ida Zhuang walk in.

Phillip Zong looked at the doctor who followed and asked, “How is her condition?”

“All the examinations have been done, and the treatment plan can only be drawn up until the results come out.” The doctor said, he hesitated and stopped, as if he was worried about Zhuangzi, and said, “Let’s take a step to speak.”

Ida Zhuang sat on the bed without speaking, she knew her situation.

Phillip Zong followed the doctor and said, “The patient’s condition is not optimistic. If she has a strong desire to survive, there are some drugs that can be treated now. The process may be long, but the harm to the human body is not It’s so big, it should be no problem to live for a few years, if she…I think her attitude is relatively negative.”

Doctors are not afraid of the patient’s illness, but the patient will give up and have no desire to survive.

“Thank you, I see. Her treatment will trouble you.” Phillip Zong said slowly, Ida Zhuang would have such an attitude. I am afraid that seeing Randall Lin die, her hatred has been let go, and her desire to live is not great. Up.

This doctor is very young and has studied abroad for many years. He specializes in terminal illness. Looking young, but very strong, he pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose and said, “This is what a doctor should do, and the dean also specially After taking care of it, we will definitely do our best.”

He paused, “I have other patients, so I will leave first.”

Phillip Zong nodded. After the doctor left, he stood in the corridor and did not return to the ward. Instead, he bowed his head and pinched his eyebrows. Ida Zhuang’s attitude made him uncomfortable.

She died of her son, and now avenged Randall Lin by killing Randall Lin, but did she not think about Ana Lin?

Ana Lin is also her daughter. After following her a lot of hardships, she is relieved. Have you ever thought about what will happen to Ana Lin?

Phillip Zong felt that Ida Zhuang was too selfish, thinking only about himself, not for his daughter.

He let out a heavy sigh, then turned and walked into the ward.

Ida Zhuang’s complexion was yellow, her figure was thin, her eyes were sunken, and she was dim and godless. Seeing Phillip Zong walk in, she pulled out a smile, “Thank you, you didn’t let Yanyan know.”

Phillip Zong looked at her, “Do you still care about her?”

Ida Zhuang was stunned for a moment, as if he didn’t expect that Phillip Zong would suddenly say such a sentence, “She… is my daughter, of course I care.”

Chapter 417

Although Phillip Zong is dissatisfied with Ida Zhuang’s negative attitude, he can’t disrespect her because she is Ana Lin’s mother. “If you still care about her, cooperate with the doctor for treatment and stay with her for a few more years. Don’t make her sad. .”

“She is doing well now…”

“If her mother dies, can she still be so good?” Phillip Zong interrupted her and asked.

Ida Zhuang opened his mouth and swallowed almost blurted out.

“I hope you can live well for her.” After saying that, Phillip Zong turned and left the ward.

Keller Shen glanced at Phillip Zong’s back. He probably knew what the doctor might say to him. He comforted Ida Zhuang, “He’s busy lately and he has a lot of things. Don’t mind, but he’s right. For his daughter, We must actively cooperate with the treatment and spend more years with her daughter. I think auntie thinks the same way, right?”

Ida Zhuang said nothing. Indeed, she now feels that it doesn’t matter whether she is alive or dying. She has already reported her son’s hatred.

As for Ana Lin who had suffered a lot with her in the past, but Phillip Zong treated her very well now, and she should have a good time in the future, and she has no regrets.

“I’m tired.” Ida Zhuang didn’t want to say more.

Keller Shen naturally knew that she was giving an order to chase away a guest. He was an outsider and had no choice but to leave first.

There is a nurse here, and Ida Zhuang has someone to take care of it, so Keller Shen just left.

Phillip Zong left the hospital and went to the company. After stopping the car, he received a call from Alan Su.

Regarding the online video of Ana Lin’s murder, it has been controlled. Several media that posted this video have been held accountable. If the police did not give evidence, they first came to the conclusion that it constituted civil liability for spreading rumors. Those who specifically attacked Ana Lin in the message area were also accused in court.

“The results will come out today.” Alan Su vowed.

Phillip Zong was very satisfied with this speed. He stepped into the hall and “must ask them to apologize in public and issue a statement.”

“I know, the court will start soon, I’ll hang up first.” Alan Su’s voice came over there.

Phillip Zong took off the phone and Milton Guan hurried over.

“Foster Wen and Chen Qing are here.”

Phillip Zong didn’t seem to be surprised. He walked calmly. He walked into the elevator, Milton Guan followed into the elevator, and stood beside him, “Now they are in the reception room, can you see?”

Phillip Zong curled his lips, pulled out a cold smile, and asked, “Why didn’t I see?”

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