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Table of Contents

Chapter 418

Milton Guan said cautiously, “They come, they must be threatening and forcing you.”

Didn’t catch Chen Shihan, see them, is there any way out?

Phillip Zong didn’t explain, but said lightly, “Go ahead.”

Milton Guan stopped and then turned to the office area. It was obvious that he couldn’t help, so he should do what he could.

Phillip Zong pushed the door of the meeting room, and at the moment the door opened, the light reflected from the window shone, and he stood at the door in a black suit.

Foster Wen and Chen Qing were talking while sitting on the black leather sofa. They heard the door ring and looked over at the same time. Phillip Zong faced the light. They could not see his expression, but they could vaguely affirm that this tall figure belonged to Phillip Zong.

The two closed silently.

Phillip Zong stepped in.

Foster Wen spoke first, “Have you figured it out clearly?”

He will be here today, and Chen Qing went to find him, saying that this matter has already been done and that it must be resolved as soon as possible.

Indeed, he first proposed that Chen Shihan marry Phillip Zong.

Chen Qing agreed, and if he turns back, I’m sorry to my friend.

And as Chen Qing said, he has no retreat until now.

Chen Qing received the call and knew that Phillip Zong had reported all the media that broadcast Ana Lin’s murder. He didn’t dare to intervene anymore for fear that Foster Wen would find the clues, so he could only let Foster Wen come and talk to Phillip Zong. Close up.

Talking about it, in fact, it is to make Foster Wen press.

Phillip Zong sat on the sofa with his legs elegantly folded, his eyes faintly falling on Foster Wen, without a trace of emotion.

Foster Wen was taken aback at Shang Phillip Zong’s gaze. Such a faint and distant gaze made him feel uncomfortable. He said many times and said again, “I’m doing it for your own good. What do she and Danna Cheng want to do in a mess? You are her husband. If she thinks about you, she won’t make you embarrassed, don’t you?”

Phillip Zong just listened to him in silence.

Foster Wen thought he was being moved, and continued to work harder, “I have treated you well or badly these years, you know, half of your blood is from the Wen family, will I harm you? Chen Shihan is a bit younger than Xiao Jing and younger. , No matter what you look like, I don’t need to introduce more to the family, you know it, and you are the right one…”

“Ana Lin.” Suddenly Phillip Zong interrupted Foster Wen. He stooped over and put his hands on his knees casually. He stared at Foster Wen deeply, “My wife Ana Lin, she is pregnant, you know. ?”

Foster Wen was speechless, he knew.

Captain Chen called him that day.

He was also very surprised at that time. He didn’t expect Ana Lin to become pregnant at this moment. He was shaken at first, after all, children are very important to parents.

Although he and Roman Li are always at war, he loves him in his heart.

It was Chen Qing who reminded him that Ana Lin’s pregnancy was too coincidental. Why did he get pregnant at this juncture?

Could it be her excuse for wanting to escape the sanctions of the law, or is it a conspiracy that she and Danna Cheng planned together, just to stumble Phillip Zong?

Ana Lin and Danna Cheng walked so close, Chen Qing was fanning the flames on the sidelines again, he believed for eight to nine points, thinking that Ana Lin was pregnant at this time, it was a conspiracy.

Foster Wen struck her neck, “I know, but don’t you think this is too coincidental? When I wanted you to marry Chen Shihan, she accidentally became pregnant at this time?”

Chen Qing didn’t speak from a standpoint, sitting by the side and saying nothing, just observing them silently.

Phillip Zong looked at Foster Wen for a long time, slowly leaning back on the sofa, in an extremely relaxed posture, wanton and unassuming, he glanced at Chen Qing, laughed, “Thank you.”

Chen Qing didn’t want to be an enemy of him, and said with a smile, “I can’t help but your uncle mentioned it.”

Foster Wen indeed mentioned it first.

Phillip Zong smiled without saying a word. If he had no other thoughts, would he be willing to take his daughter in to drip into this muddy water?

Foster Wen was afraid that Phillip Zong would hate Chen Qing, and explained, “I mentioned this first. He only agreed with me because of my face.”

Phillip Zong leaned his head back on the sofa, with the tip of his tongue rolled over his front teeth, “You are so intentional, I don’t accept it. On the contrary, I don’t know what is good or bad. I don’t want to send it to the door. I’m afraid I will be called a fool.”

Chen Qing’s face was not pretty.

Foster Wen also changed his face slightly. It was obvious that Phillip Zong’s words were not good to hear, and he was insinuating that Chen Shihan was sent to the door, not for nothing.

Foster Wen said in a deep voice, “Shihan is a member of the Chen family. I have grown up since I was a child. The cultivation and pattern are not comparable to those of ordinary women…”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to hear this, his face was dark, “I promised to marry Chen Shihan, but…”

His face grew deeper and deeper, staring at Foster Wen, his voice was harsh and cold, “I want this thing to be as clean as it never happened.”

Foster Wen didn’t expect Phillip Zong to agree. He was still thinking about how to convince him. Now that’s it, he smiled and said, “Of course, as long as you marry Shihan, the police will announce this. It has nothing to do with Ana Lin, and the evidence is attached to prove that she did not kill.”

Chapter 419

It was planned at the time that there will be evidence for Ana Lin’s conviction, as will evidence for eluting suspicions.

When the incident happened, someone stood in the corner and photographed the whole process. Ana Lin shot Rios He. It was Ana Lin who was panicked and had a strong sense of self-protection. He shot Rios He. That shot was not required. After Rios He’s life was taken, Rios He took Ana Lin’s hand and fired two shots at himself before he was killed.

In the video circulating on the Internet, Ana Lin shot Rios He, which was edited. The first half was when Ana Lin fired the first shot at Rios He. There is no picture of Rios He entangled with Ana Lin. It cut directly to Rios He who was covered in blood. lie on the floor.

This gives people the vision that Ana Lin shot him to death.

This complete video is in Foster Wen’s hands. Chen Qing secretly copied it from Foster Wen’s computer and found someone to edit it and post it online.

The complete presentation of this video can prove that Ana Lin did not kill, she only fired a shot in self-defense.

Phillip Zong was not satisfied with this answer, he smiled, “You framed a woman to kill, and now you want to wipe out all the harm with a fluttering sentence, is this too unfair?”

Foster Wen frowned. He didn’t expect that he would still be dissatisfied. “What else do you want?”

Phillip Zong leaned back lazily, saying, “The requirements are not high, everyone involved in this matter, apologize to her.”

Foster Wen became hot in an instant. This incident was caused by him. It is natural to apologize for him to bear the brunt. He never expected Phillip Zong to make such a request.

Let him apologize to Ana Lin?

Foster Wen couldn’t accept it at all.

He hasn’t bowed his head to anyone in his life.

“Impossible!” Foster Wen refused.

Chen Qing did not expect that Phillip Zong would let Foster Wen apologize to Ana Lin.

This is ridiculous!

“Your uncle is an elder…”

“There is no age difference between right and wrong. Does the law only sanction young people, and the elderly don’t need sanctions for breaking the law?” Phillip Zong interrupted Chen Qing and laughed. “Officials, especially those with status like you, can do whatever they want? “

Chen Qing closed his mouth, he was still in power, and never dared to say anything in front of Phillip Zong.

Those who can get to this position are not fools. Be cautious in words and deeds.

Foster Wen’s face flushed red. He had always thought that women and men were never equal, but now Phillip Zong asked him to apologize to Ana Lin?

“Phillip, you made me apologize because of a woman?” The wrinkles around Foster Wen’s eyes grew deeper and deeper.

Phillip Zong still smiled, but the smile was not half emotional, “I’m afraid you can’t help it.”

Foster Wen and Chen Qing both changed their faces, and Foster Wen was even more ugly, “Phillip, what do you mean?”

Phillip Zong stood up, brushed the dust off the sleeves, and said meaningfully, “It’s not just you who will conspiracy and trickery. It’s really going to cause trouble. I’m afraid you are inferior to me.”

Being an official is also beautiful and powerful, but there are also many weaknesses.

A little bit of trouble may be investigated.

Phillip Zong really confronted them regardless of the consequences, and he was really confused.

Chen Qing didn’t dare to say a word. Although he and Phillip Zong are one generation behind him, his aura is not weaker than him and Wenqian. The calmness of strategizing really makes him admire. It is indeed a personal thing. To have today’s status does not come in a vacuum.

Foster Wen trembled all over, and couldn’t tell whether it was angry or annoyed. In short, it was not what it should be under normal circumstances.

He stared at Phillip Zong’s back, his hands clenched tightly.

Suddenly, Phillip Zong, who came to the door, stopped. He stood straight, but did not turn around. No one could see his expression. “Forgot to say, this negotiation room is equipped with an invisible camera.”

Both Chen Qing and Foster Wen were shocked and couldn’t help but widen their eyes. In other words, their conversation was recorded?

Chen Qing was okay. He didn’t say anything out of the ordinary. In the conversation between Foster Wen and Phillip Zong, there was a lot of information. For example, Ana Lin was innocent. How did this innocence come about?

Does Foster Wen use his power to justify sinners?

Favoring the law is also the weakness of their status. Once they are passed on, there must be a lot of speculation, and the impact can be imagined.

Foster Wen can think of what Chen Qing can think of.

“But rest assured, I won’t let it leak out.” Phillip Zong turned around slowly, looking at Foster Wen, his face never showed a half expression, “This is the last love between us.”

Foster Wen has treated him well these years. He is also a human, flesh and blood. Especially after being with Ana Lin, he cherishes his family even more.

After all, Foster Wen is his uncle, not to miss Wen Xian who died, but also to think about the family affection for so many years.

This is his last kindness to Foster Wen.

It was also the last touch between them.

Foster Wen naturally understood the meaning of his words.

Is this to draw a line with him?

Eun cut off righteousness?

Foster Wen’s eyes became muddy, and even looking at Phillip Zong’s appearance, she couldn’t see clearly, and wanted him to be well.

After Wen Xian passed away, he always treated Phillip Zong as a family member of Wen Xian, but he…

Anxiously, Foster Wen only felt that his eyes were getting darker and darker.

“Foster Wen——” Chen Qing supported Foster Wen and asked worriedly, “What’s wrong with you?”

Foster Wen’s eyes were completely dark, and he fainted.

Chen Qing panicked, hurriedly took out his mobile phone and said eagerly, “Hold on, I’ll call.”

Phillip Zong stood at the door, watching everything coldly, and did not offer a helping hand, but turned away indifferently.

“Phillip Zong, he is your uncle, do you really want to die?”

Chapter 420

Chen Qing shouted at Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong’s footsteps did not stop, and he walked simply. When Foster Wen decided to do this, he should think that their relationship would end here.

This is the inevitable result.

He could not tolerate an uncle who only wanted to separate him and Ana Lin.

Even if he had also cared about the relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng, as Ana Lin said, perhaps Danna Cheng was at fault, but it was not bad. Thinking this way does not mean that he is willing to accept Danna Cheng. He will never accept Danna Cheng in his life. All he can do is not to accept, not to approach, and keep his previous attitude.

He couldn’t make Wenxian underground uneasy.

When Phillip Zong walked into the office, the elevator door opened, and several medical staff came out, “Where is the patient?”

Chen Qing heard the voice and shouted, “Here, here.”

The door of the office closed, blocking out outside sounds.

Foster Wen was carried down on a stretcher by medical staff, and Chen Qing followed.

The ambulance stopped under the building.

On the other side, in front of Wen’s house, Roman Li stood in front of the door. The images flashing in his mind were Daniel’s immature face and bright eyes. I remember that when I saw him for the first time, he was a little older and stood by An adult next to him, without any timidity, raised his head and asked, “Are you also a student here?”

Roman Li felt very strange at the time, how could there be such a small child in the school?

This is a university, not a kindergarten.

At that time, Roman Li thought he was funny, so he squatted down and looked at him, “Listen to you, as if you were a student here.”

He looked down at Daniel’s crotch, “Do you still wear diapers?”

Daniel immediately exploded, “You only wear diapers.”

The little guy yelled at him.

The face was bulging and angry.

Later he learned that this little guy came in specially because he was young and would not come to class like other students. It was only because he was too talented that the principal agreed to him to come to the school.

At that time he was very curious, Daniel’s parents, how could this child be so smart? Later he learned that Daniel was a child from a single-parent family. He also had a younger sister. There were only two women in the family. One was responsible for taking care of them and the other was responsible for making money to support the family.

He was surprised at that time. He did not expect Daniel to be a child from a single-parent family. He was smart and sensible, aroused likes, and loved him. Not having a father is always a pity…

After learning about Daniel’s family, he admired Ana Lin for supporting a family alone and educating his two children very well.

He is full of curiosity and sympathy for this family, that’s why he is so caring about Daniel. The two have become familiar with each other over time, and the relationship is getting better and better.

However, he never thought that he turned out to be Phillip Zong’s child.

The world is so big and so small.

After his thoughts returned, he firmed up his idea, that is, to stop Foster Wen’s irrational behavior, no matter what the reason, he can’t break up the family.

It is not easy for this family to be complete.

He raised his hand and knocked on the door. After a while, Li Jing opened the door.

Seeing that it was Roman Li, Li Jing hugged her son, “You can leave without contacting me. I don’t know I am worried about you.”

Seeing her son Li Jing wanted to cry.

My throat became hoarse, “You and your dad are angry, don’t you want me?”

Li Jing felt uncomfortable.

Roman Li hugged her and patted her on the back, “You are my mother, I don’t want a daughter-in-law, I have to ask you.”

Li Jing cried and laughed, slapped her son, “What nonsense, by the way, do you have a girlfriend?”

Roman Li’s expression condensed slightly, and he quickly returned to nature. He smiled and said, “I have someone I like, but I don’t know how others like me.”

“Who? Don’t I know?” Li Jing was a little excited, and Roman Li mentioned the three words girlfriend in front of her for the first time.

There is no parent who doesn’t care about children’s lifelong events.

Li Jing is the same.

Roman Li deliberately sold Guanzi, “Don’t let me go in? Just thinking about my daughter-in-law? Besides, I like people, and they may not like me.”

Li Jing glared, her son is an idol star, a fan of many girls, and a dream lover of thousands of girls, “My son is so handsome, who doesn’t like it?”

In the eyes of parents, their children are the best, and Li Jing feels that way at this moment.

I think Roman Li is the most handsome man in the world.

There is no woman he is not worthy of.

Roman Li hugged Li Jing and walked into the room. He looked around. Li Jing knew who he was looking at and said, “Don’t worry, he is not here. Chen Qing came to him. The two stayed in the study for more than half an hour and left. Up.”

“Where did you go?” Roman Li asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t ask.” She hasn’t talked to Foster Wen since that day.

She knew Foster Wen went out and didn’t ask him.

But she knew that going out with Chen Qing must have something to do with Phillip Zong.

Now I am afraid there is only one thing that can make him care.

Foster Wen decided she could not interfere, but her son was hers and she could talk about finding a girlfriend, “Tell me honestly, who do you like?”

Li Jing watched him grind and chirp, and felt that this girl is definitely not a good girl, otherwise he would not be so hesitating, thinking of his career, Li Jing gave him a shot, “You have violated your dad to become a star . But your girlfriend must never find insiders.”

Nowadays, female stars wear open chests and open backs for the sake of eyeballs, and they also say that the chest is the career line…

Not to mention that Foster Wen will definitely object, and she can’t accept such a woman as a daughter-in-law, because the body has been seen by people all over the country.

She can’t afford to lose that person.

Their families, no matter how they have to find a well-known family of girls, girls from this kind of family, even if they are not outstanding, but they are a hundred times better than those female celebrities who rely on their faces and flesh.

Roman Li looked at the excited Li Jing and said slowly, “Not a female celebrity, let alone an insider, or family.”

Li Jing’s heart suddenly brightened, and she forced him to ask, “Who is that? Tell me quickly and make me happy too.”

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