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Chapter 364

At the door stood a beautiful young woman.

She saw Phillip Zong without a trace of surprise, as if she knew that he would be coming.

It would be strange if it wasn’t him.

“Are you here to get something?” the woman asked with a smile.

In the light of the light, the woman’s complexion is as bright as jade, and her apricot eyes are as bright as the moon when she speaks. When she is soft and tender, she cannot be glamorous.

But in Phillip Zong’s eyes, there was nothing outstanding, she was just a woman.

For such a beautiful woman, he did not have a trace of expression fluctuations, and even his tone of voice was indifferent and alienated, “Yeah.”

The woman smiled and turned sideways, “Come in.”

Phillip Zong frowned slightly, with some doubts in his heart.

He had never seen this woman beside Foster Wen.

Moreover, how could Foster Wen put things on such a young woman?

“My father and Uncle Wen are old friends for many years. The information of the new recruits who were prominent in the last exercise is with my father. Uncle Wen wants to see it, but my father is not free, so let me come here…” the woman explained, “I It’s Chen Shihan. If you have any questions, please call and ask Uncle Wen.”

Chen Shihan said so clearly, Phillip Zong couldn’t say anything, he stepped in.

Chen Shihan closed the door, turned and handed him the paper bag on the table.

When Phillip Zong took over, Chen Shihan did not let go.

She looked at Phillip Zong, “I’m not curious, why did Uncle Wen let me send you the documents? You think, like my dad and Uncle Wen, there are guards around him, and in a unit, there is no need to spend much time. , Use me to meet you to hand over this document.”

Phillip Zong remained calm, his first doubts were here, “Oh? You know?”

“Of course I know. I heard their conversation before Dad asked me to come over.” Chen Shihan sat on the sofa leisurely.

She knew that Phillip Zong would be interested in listening to her.

Phillip Zong nodded slightly. He didn’t want to know what they said, he wanted to know why Foster Wen did it.

She smiled like a flower, “Do you want me to tell you?”

It was obvious that she didn’t want to say it happily.

How proud is Phillip Zong that a woman can handle?

He gave her a faint glance, and then walked out of the room.

The woman didn’t expect that he didn’t ask, got up and walked over, Phillip Zong had already made the elevator down.

She stood at the door and suddenly smiled, “As expected of Phillip Zong.”

As the youngest rich man, he not only has countless wealth, but also has a face that can make many women fascinated.

She was looking forward to the next match between her father and Foster Wen.

Before, she only knew that Phillip Zong was very rich and had a good skin. When I saw it today, the people who originally possessed these people would naturally ooze self-confidence and calmness from their bones, which is so attractive.

Phillip Zong got into the car and returned to the company with things. Chen Shihan’s words left a question mark in his heart.

Foster Wen’s practice today is indeed very strange.

The car was parked in the garage downstairs of the company. When he got off the car, he inadvertently saw the file bag, took it down, and walked up the elevator.

Ding, the elevator opened.

When he stepped down the elevator and passed by the secretary desk, he ordered, “Let Milton Guan come to my office.”

After speaking, he pushed open the door of the office and walked in, put the bag of papers on the desk casually, he pulled off the neckline, and Milton Guan walked in.

He pointed to the document on the table and asked him to send it to Wen Qian.

Milton Guan said yes. When he took the file and walked to the door, Phillip Zong stopped him, “Hold on.”

Milton Guan stopped and stood at the door, looking at Phillip Zong, waiting for his next words.

Phillip Zong pondered for a moment, “You can check if there is anything unusual about the Wen family recently.”

Milton Guan knew about the relationship between Phillip Zong and there.

How could you suddenly investigate Wen’s family?

Milton Guan cautiously probed, “Is it investigating Foster Wen?”

Phillip Zong raised his hand to unbutton the cuff, “Is it not clear enough? Or do you want to know something?”

“No, no.” Milton Guan hurriedly exited the office with a smiling face.

Shutting the office door, Milton Guan stood at the door, glanced at the file in his hand, and then at the closed door. How did he find that Phillip Zong today seemed unhappy.

He shrugged his shoulders. These are not what he should worry about, so hurry up and do the things Phillip Zong confessed to him.

While calling, he walked up the elevator and downstairs with the documents.

On the other side, Ana Lin went to the store and called all the people in the store for a meeting.

It’s useless for her to design very good clothes. The so-called smell of wine is also afraid of deep alleys.

It must be worn by well-known people to have the effect of publicity.

Allen pressed his chin, thinking it was simple, “I think Mr. Zong is fine.”


Ana Lin frowned, Phillip Zong’s clothes were all formal, and, let him tell people everywhere that the clothes he wore were made by her?

Think about it, how funny he is to advertise for clothing.

Moreover, she did not want to rely on Phillip Zong.

“No.” She refused decisively.

Allen laughed and joked, “I’m not willing to chant.”

Ana Lin smiled, not angry, she was satisfied with her current state and the relationship with Phillip Zong.

“It is a popular star that can have a publicity effect.” Allen said.

Ana Lin thought so too, but she didn’t want to find a female star.

Their designs have always been women as the market and rarely design menswear. This time, she wants to open up menswear.

“Roman Li is a popular little fresh meat, but the appearance fee for him will not be low.” Allen said.

Ana Lin usually doesn’t chase stars, and doesn’t know much about these, and she may not be very popular, as long as her temperament must meet her positioning.

“Allen, we will design two styles by ourselves, and finally we will finalize a flagship. As for the spokesperson, I will choose.”

Allen said, “Okay.”

“During this time, everyone may have to work hard.” After designing it and making it, and the quality has to be passed, it must be overtime.

Everyone has no complaints, the store’s benefits are improved, and their income can also be raised, so they are naturally willing to work overtime.

At the end of the meeting, Ana Lin shut herself in the office. She had an idea for a long time, so she was prepared.

She has already drawn a design drawing, and now she has to choose a male star that matches his temperament.

Of course, to be popular, the appearance fee is high and the publicity is also high.

In the long term, she thinks that male celebrities mainly promote menswear, but most of the fans of male celebrities are women, which can also bring in extra guests.

She searched the internet for the male celebrities’ information, and the first thing she showed was the Roman Li mentioned by Allen.

The boy’s handsome face is as round and perfect as the beautiful boy Naxos in ancient Greek myths and legends. He has a pair of deep and mysterious eyes like the night sky.

Ana Lin has a keen interest in him.

Then browsed his personal introduction.

Chapter 365

Then browsed his personal introduction.

Chinese name: 李战

English name: SeanXiao

Sex: Male

Height: 180

Weight: 56 kg

Constellation: Libra

Roman Li, born in City B on October 5, 1992, is an actor and singer.

In 2015, he participated in the talent show as a contestant and won the third place in Hello, Youth].

In March 2016, starred in the network self-made drama You are my life].

In 2017, Roman Li came to the fore by playing Han Tianyu in You in the Distance]. On May 28, 2018, he played Oh! Dear] It has been broadcasted on TV video, and it has been broadcasted more than 500 million views. He is also liked by the public because of his protagonist Yu Chengze.

【Oh! Dear] With 15 billion broadcasts, Roman Li also became a hit with this drama.

Become the most popular male artist doing my part.

Ana Lin is holding his chin, this veritable little fresh meat of Roman Li is already very popular before he is 30 years old.

Everything needs an eye, she feels that this Roman Li fits her requirements very well.

It was finalized on the spot and decided to find him.

She took out her mobile phone and called Milton Guan. She needed Milton Guan to help her investigate the agency where Roman Li worked.

She talked about the rest by herself.

At this time, Milton Guan had just arrived at his work unit, and the phone in his pocket suddenly rang before the document was sent to Foster Wen. He took out the phone and answered it. %&(&

“You help me find someone.”

Milton Guan was taken aback. Phillip Zong just asked him to check Foster. Ana Lin called him again and asked him to check people. Did the couple discuss it?

“Who do you want me to check for you?” Milton Guan asked.

“The brokerage company where Roman Li is located.” Ana Lin said.

Milton Guan was completely messed up.

One needs to check other people’s Laozi, the other wants to check people’s children.

This couple is really not a normal understanding.

Roman Li’s original name was Wen Xiaoji, the son of Foster Wen and Li Jing, and changed his name to Roman Li after becoming a star.

Very few people knew about this, and Milton Guan knew about it because of his relationship with Phillip Zong.

“He doesn’t have a brokerage company.” Roman Li did not sign a contract with the brokerage company, and there was only one broker around him.

“What do you want to do with him?” Milton Guan asked.

Ana Lin didn’t lie to him either, “Endorsement, can you get his contact information?”

She asked.

Milton Guan replied affirmatively, “Yes.”


Ana Lin’s room door was knocked, and then the reception door downstairs pushed. She stood at the door, “Someone is looking for you downstairs.”

Ana Lin nodded her head and said she knew it. She said to the person on the other end of the phone, “Find the contact information and send it to me. I have something to do now. Hang up first.”

Ana Lin hung up the phone and put down the phone, stood up, “Did he say who he is?”

“No, but he is in a wheelchair.”

Ana Lin’s expression stopped, sitting in a wheelchair. Among the people she knew, she couldn’t find a second wheelchair.

There is no one else except Jenkin Bai.

Ana Lin asked the receptionist to pour two glasses of water to the reception room, and then went down.

Jenkin Bai was sitting in a wheelchair with his back facing the stairs. He seemed to hear the sound of footsteps. When he turned the wheelchair, he saw Ana Lin coming down from the stairs.

Ana Lin also saw his face clearly, with gauze on the upper right corner of his forehead, and there were some bruises under his eyes.

She knew what was going on in her heart.

Without asking, she stepped down the stairs.

Jenkin Bai looked at her with a bit of loss hidden in his eyes, “Don’t you care how I got hurt?”

He is lost, Ana Lin will tell Phillip Zong about Foster Wen’s car accident.

If Ana Lin didn’t say anything, he was sure that Phillip Zong couldn’t find out that he did it for a while.

The two knew well.

Ana Lin deliberately pretended not to understand, and only asked if he was seriously injured.

“Can’t die.” Jenkin Bai said lightly.

Ana Lin could hear him angry.

She sighed slightly, she had persuaded him to leave, he wanted to stay here.

Ana Lin sat on the sofa and poured two glasses of water over. She picked up one and pushed the other to Jenkin Bai, “Drink some water to put out the fire.”

Jenkin Bai did not serve the cup, but looked at Ana Lin very seriously, “Can you tell me that you took the initiative to say, or did he find any clues, you have to…”

“I took the initiative.” Ana Lin interrupted him, looking at him seriously, “He is the father of my child, my husband, and I should not hide him.”

This is what she said in her heart. Although she was also tangled at the time, but more often, she wanted to be honest with Phillip Zong.

She doesn’t conceal to the other party or lie to the other party. She feels that in a relationship, both have to pay to have a good result.

Not to mention the special relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

Sometimes she would think that Phillip Zong was with her because of the two children, but she was fascinated by the affection she occasionally showed.

She likes Phillip Zong and wants to live steadily with him.

If possible, she is willing to give birth to him again, just physically…

Jenkin Bai felt that her chest was very tight, and she felt painful.

He actually knew it a long time ago, but he couldn’t help but ask. As expected, he ended up disappointed.

He suppressed the bitterness in his heart and smiled bitterly, “You really ignore my life and death.”

“I know, he has a sense of measure.” She has been around Phillip Zong for so long, knowing his temperament, he is not an impulsive person, of course he is not a disadvantaged person.

“Haha—” Jenkin Bai laughed, “Are you so sure?”

“I know him.” A word made him speechless.


What a precious word, especially between husband and wife.

Jenkin Bai suppressed his emotions, “I don’t know. When he knows that the person he has always respected is actually his enemy, what will he look like.”

Ana Lin’s face changed instantly, what did he mean?

Does he know?

The past was wiped out very cleanly, only a few people in the past knew that Jenkin Bai couldn’t find out so quickly.

She looked at Jenkin Bai calmly, “What do you mean? I don’t understand what you are talking about.”

Jenkin Bai smiled, “Don’t you really know?”

What he lacks now is the evidence.

Bai Hongfei’s wish before his death was to let him marry Danna Cheng’s daughter, that is to say, Danna Cheng was born and raised.

However, there is a mystery now.

What about her baby?

Ana Lin put down the tea cup in his hand, and when he raised his head, he looked at Jenkin Bai, “How would I know?”

In short, she just doesn’t admit to knowing.

Jenkin Bai smiled, “I think it won’t be long before the truth becomes clear.”

Foster Wen asked him to investigate Xiangyunsha’s affairs in Baicheng, and he knew immediately, after all, Baicheng was his site.

So when Foster Wen’s people investigated Xiang Yunsha’s affairs, he also deliberately let people throw some rumors, saying that Danna Cheng had been born and raised.

Foster Wen is the person involved. If he knows about Danna Cheng’s birth and rearing, he will definitely investigate in depth. Then…

Chapter 366

He wanted to see how long this secret could be hidden.

Ana Lin narrowed his eyes slightly, no wonder Li Jing put away the bowls and chopsticks used by Phillip Zong the last time he went to the Wen’s house.

Now, she knew where the problem was, it turned out that Jenkin Bai was behind the scenes.

“So it was you!” Ana Lin’s voice was obviously colder.

This time, she really misunderstood.

Foster Wen would suspect that it was because Li Jing heard her conversation with Danna Cheng.

Foster Wen sent to investigate the person who has not returned yet.

So this matter has nothing to do with Jenkin Bai.

But now Ana Lin has misunderstood.

It’s not that Ana Lin was unhappy, it was Jenkin Bai who wanted to uncover the secret of the past.

“What good is this for you?” Ana Lin looked at him coldly.

At Ana Lin’s cold eyes, Jenkin Bai was taken aback. For the first time, Ana Lin looked at him with such a look.

My chest is tight.

He didn’t show too much on the surface, and the cloud said lightly, “You know, why ask knowingly?”

If Phillip Zong was Danna Cheng’s son, he knew that Danna Cheng was imprisoned by Foster Wen.

The relationship between Phillip Zong and Foster Wen will definitely break.

At that time, Jenkin Bai would like to avenge Bai Hongfei again, without Phillip Zong’s blocking, he might even join Jenkin Bai to deal with Foster Wen.

Ana Lin understood Jenkin Bai’s idea.

But in this way, he is also selfish.

“If you want revenge, use your own ability to dig other people’s pain points. It’s not the work of a gentleman.” Ana Lin didn’t want this secret to be revealed either.

It’s in a good state now.

She clenched her hands tightly, Foster Wen had already suspected, and now she was investigating Phillip Zong’s identity. She worried that the tableware she exchanged could not stop Foster Wen.

What can be done now is to tell Jenkin Bai not to intervene in this matter, and that is, his roots in Baicheng are deep. If he does something to the people sent by Foster Wen, or stops it, people who want to come to Foster Wen will not be able to find out. what.

She looked at Jenkin Bai, earnestly and sincerely, “Just as I beg you, don’t go to the muddy waters of this lake. Foster Wen made a mistake. Sooner or later, he will receive retribution. Why rush?”

Jenkin Bai chuckled lightly, “Do you believe that in this world, there are good things for good and evil for evil?”

“Why don’t you believe it?” Ana Lin answered immediately.

Jenkin Bai stared deeply at Ana Lin, holding the handrails in his hands, and constantly clenching tightly, his palms were sweating.

“I can promise you, not because I let go of my determination to avenge my adoptive father, but because I don’t want to watch you sleep and eat because of this matter.”

After speaking, he turned his wheelchair and walked outside the door.

He still chose Ana Lin.

He didn’t want her to do this thing hard, and he didn’t want her to worry about it.

The matter of revenge, sooner or later, there will be a chance, and he is still young. The so-called gentleman’s revenge is not too late for ten years.

Ana Lin was also very uncomfortable. She faintly felt that even if Jenkin Bai did not mix up, this matter would have to be revealed sooner or later.

She looked at Jenkin Bai’s back and said sincerely, “Thank you.”

No matter what, if he doesn’t get rid of it, there is still the possibility of concealing this matter.

Jenkin Bai walked to the door, with his back facing Ana Lin, “I don’t want to say thank you, but I know you may not be able to give me if I want anything else. If you really want to thank me, you owe me A favor—”

Ana Lin promised at the door, “Well, if it’s useful to me in the future, just open the mouth, as long as I can do it, I will never refuse.”

Jenkin Bai’s eyebrows were slightly bent, and he smiled, “I won’t suffer if you say that.”

Jenkin Bai walked out of the clothing store, and pushed him into the car on the plateau at the door.

Ana Lin sat on the sofa and did not move. She looked at the phone on the table, wanted to contact Li Jing, and wanted to test her tone.

But she was afraid that calling Li Jing rashly would cause suspicion.

Now she is in a dilemma.

I don’t know how to do it for a while.

She sighed. When she got up and wanted to go upstairs, a shadow filled the door. When she turned her head, she saw Li Jing walking in with her handbag.

Ana Lin stopped, turned around and greeted with a smile, “Why are you here?”

Li Jing smiled and took a look around in the reception hall. Because it was a custom-made clothing store, there were a lot of models in front of the glass windows, wearing exquisite dresses and wedding dresses, each of which was very beautiful and unique.

Li Jing got married early, and Foster Wen was an antique, and her thinking was relatively old. When she married Li Jing, she was not allowed to wear a wedding dress. At that time, there were few Chinese dresses. At that time, the wedding was completed in a cheongsam and Foster Wen.

Women have a dream of white yarn in their hearts, but now it can only be a pity.

Li Jing retracted her gaze, “Your uncle is not at home, and I am the only one at home. I am thinking about coming to you to have a meal with me.”

Ana Lin promised, she just wanted to catch her breath, but she didn’t expect Li Jing to come by herself.

“You don’t think I take your time?” Li Jing said with a smile.

Ana Lin said no, “I’m glad you can think of me.”

Since entering, Li Jing’s eyes have never left the clothes in the hall, her eyes are bright, and she seems to appreciate these clothes.

Ana Lin was squinting to see that she admired these costumes, and took the initiative to walk over, holding her arm, “I will show you around.”

Li Jing smiled and said yes.

The clothes in the window on the first floor are all non-purchasable items and are used in the designer’s self-display area.

Guests can refer to these clothes to select designers to help them design clothes.

Of course, many people come for a certain designer.

Li Jing reached out and touched the wedding dress in the window. The gauze was soft and smooth and felt very comfortable in her hand.

“What kind of material is this, it’s very comfortable to touch.”

Li Jing didn’t study these, so she asked casually.

This kind of material was withdrawn from the fabric market in Xiangyun yarn. After improvement, the anti-xiangyun yarn material is very close to Xiangyun yarn. The only drawback is that it will wrinkle. Xiangyun yarn does not appear to be wrinkled. There is a medium milk. Silky, this fabric is still almost as good as the fragrant cloud yarn.

“Do you like this material? I can use this material to make you a dress. What style do you like? I think you should be suitable for this.”

She pointed to a dress. Now the weather is getting warmer. You can also wear a jacket outside, and it’s not conservative.

She could see that Li Jing is a very conservative person.

Li Jing smiled, and she couldn’t bear it.

This time she came, not simply looking for Ana Lin for dinner.

It was her and Foster Wen’s strategy.

Ana Lin guessed wrong.

The samples they obtained Phillip Zong were not compared with Danna Cheng, but with the DNA left by Wen Xian during his lifetime.

However, Ana Lin replaced Phillip Zong’s with his own, so it was Ana Lin who compared the DNA left by Wen Xian during his lifetime.

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