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Chapter 367

But coincidentally, the DNA comparison between her and Wen Xian showed that the similarity is as high as 99.99. In medicine, they are blood related’mother and child’.

You know, in the eyes of Foster Wen and Li Jing, this comparison belongs to Phillip Zong and Wen Xian.

They didn’t even know that Ana Lin changed the tableware, so they only assumed that the samples they got were Phillip Zong’s.

This result was passed to Foster Wen, which proved that Phillip Zong was Wen Xian’s son. ‘

It can be said that all doubts about Phillip Zong’s identity have been dispelled.

All that is left is that Li Jing sees the close relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng.

Foster Wen still loved Phillip Zong, but he couldn’t accept it. Phillip Zong’s wife and Danna Cheng approached.

To put it simply, Foster Wen has now determined that Phillip Zong is Wen Xiansheng, because everything from collecting Phillip Zong’s samples to testing is done by someone he trusts.

Therefore, I am very confident in this result and can be said to be unwavering.

But what he didn’t expect was that Ana Lin noticed this matter first and exchanged the tableware he and Phillip Zong had used.

Ana Lin’s thinking at the time was that Wen Xian had passed away, and now the only people who could be compared were living, so she exchanged her and Phillip Zong.

Because they collected Phillip Zong’s samples and compared them with Danna Cheng’s. She knew that Danna Cheng and Phillip Zong were in a mother-child relationship, and she would know if Foster Wen compared them.

At that time, she thought that if she exchanged her own with Phillip Zong, she would be compared with Danna Cheng. The test result was definitely not a mother-child relationship. Phillip Zong was Danna Cheng’s son and would not be discovered.

However, Ana Lin did not expect that the samples they collected were compared with the DNA left by Wen Xian during his lifetime.

And it turned out to be a’mother-child’ relationship.

In other words, Ana Lin’s sample and Wen Xian’s DNA were found to be related.

Ana Lin and Wen Xian are related by blood.

But by mistake, no one knows how things are like this.

Foster Wen only identified Phillip Zong as Wenxian’s child.

Now he hates Ana Lin, because she is close to the original mistress, the mistress who destroyed Wen Xian’s marriage.

In his eyes, Ana Lin said indiscriminately, which made him dislike it, and even thought she was not worthy of Phillip Zong.

Therefore, he wanted Phillip Zong and Ana Lin to separate, and he took a fancy to the daughter of a colleague from the same unit.

He is beautiful, and he is very satisfied with his growing up, character and family conditions.

So last time he deliberately asked Phillip Zong to get him the file, just to let him touch the girl.

Phillip Zong’s identity is there, and Ana Lin is now in a hidden marriage, except that he has personally announced Ana Lin’s identity to the company’s employees.

But everyone is also curious.

After all, they did not have a wedding, and there was no sign before.

In the eyes of outsiders, Phillip Zong is still a diamond-level single sweat.

It is the marriage partner of many nobles.

Foster Wen’s colleague, although the Chen family is not a rich family, it is a powerful family.

The genealogy of the Chen family is more powerful than that of the Wen family.

Foster Wen is not for himself but for Phillip Zong, he and the Chen family are married, then his future will only become more and more brilliant.

Moreover, the girl who knows the book and Dali is still very smart, and she is long, mainly, she will not be as close as Ana Lin and Danna Cheng.

There is almost nothing that disagrees with him.

This time Li Jing took the initiative to come to Ana Lin as well as his strategy.

Li Jing came to Ana Lin, Foster Wen also made an appointment with Phillip Zong, of course not only himself, but also a person, Chen Shihan.

His purpose was to create a misunderstanding between Phillip Zong and Ana Lin, so as to separate the two.

Foster Wen’s original plan was that he asked Phillip Zong and Chen Shihan to meet, and Li Jing asked Ana Lin to eat at the same restaurant. Then he would leave Phillip Zong and Chen Shihan as an excuse to let Ana Lin see and let Ana Lin Yan misunderstood the relationship between Phillip Zong and Chen Shihan, creating contradictions and separating them.

But now Li Jing regrets it, she staggers Ana Lin’s gaze, “I am old, where can I wear such clothes?”

Ana Lin smiled and said, “You are not old, leave the clothes to me.”

She has decided not to please, just because she is kind to Phillip Zong.

She is very willing to treat her and Foster Wen as relatives.

She has no right and position to pursue her previous right or wrong.

This state is the best now.

It was also maintained by Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng.

The smile on Li Jing’s face became more and more unnatural, she grabbed Ana Lin’s hand, “You…”

Li Jing wanted to speak but stopped, she couldn’t speak.

Finally sighed, “Do you know the relationship between Phillip and Danna Cheng?”

Ana Lin’s nerves strained and nodded earnestly, “I know.”

“Know why you are close to her?”

Li Jing still liked Ana Lin.

Except for Danna Cheng which disappointed her, she hardly had to pick anything else.

Had it not been for Foster Wen’s many years of knotty with Danna Cheng, he might not have made such a decisive decision to dismantle Ana Lin and Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin was so flustered, did they know?

She stayed flustered and forced to be calm, “I can’t walk close to her…”

Li Jing sighed again if she hadn’t seen Ana Lin and Danna Cheng together with her own eyes, she would definitely believe Ana Lin.

She said earnestly, “Phillip was born to Wen Xian and the only heir to the clan. His identity needless to say, but he is also Foster Wen’s only nephew, and the only child of Foster Wen’s mother and sister. He took care of him. Needless to say with Guan Ai, but you are different…”

Ana Lin belongs to the Lin family, and the Lin family has broken down, and now she is the only one who has no family advantage.

She was still close to Danna Cheng, but she didn’t agree with Phillip Zong.

This is what makes Li Jing and Foster Wen most disappointed.

If she can see right and wrong, it is impossible to get close to Danna Cheng.

The stone hanging in Ana Lin’s heart was slightly lowered. Listening to Li Jing, it means that Phillip Zong is the birth of Wen Xian?

As long as Foster Wen is not discovered, it is not a big deal for her.

“I know.” Ana Lin vaguely heard what Li Jing meant.

Phillip Zong’s status is precious, but she is different.

When the Lin family was defeated, she could be said to be helpless. Without Phillip Zong’s cover, she was nothing.

She understands.

I just didn’t realize the deeper meaning.

“When I think about it, I have other things, things to eat, I will invite you next time.”

Li Jing couldn’t bear to deceive Ana Lin and let her misunderstand Phillip Zong.

She knew that she was impulsive, and Foster Wen might be angry, but she still couldn’t separate her and Phillip Zong.

Li Jing left in a hurry, and Ana Lin didn’t have time to stay. She could feel that Li Jing didn’t just come to her for dinner, it seemed to have some purpose.

She didn’t know if Li Jing’s goal was achieved.

There was a wave of anxiety in my heart, and my heart was a little flustered, and it was a little bit difficult to breathe.

She stood in front of the French window, clutching her heart, looking down at the crowd on the street.

Think back to every word he and Li Jing said to see if there is anything wrong.

There are not a few words in total, and there seems to be nothing wrong.

But her mood was still inexplicably lost.

It has not been a year since she returned to China, but a lot of things have happened, and almost everything is directly related to her.

Everything is unexpected, good, bad, and uncontrolled.

Slowly she closed her eyes, trying to calm herself down.

In a quiet space, she can even hear her heartbeat clearly, bang, bang…

Suddenly, warmth slowly surrounded her back, she suddenly opened her eyes and turned back…

Chapter 368

Suddenly, warmth slowly surrounded her back, she suddenly opened her eyes, and turned her head…as far as her eyes were, the face she was already familiar with was about to be carved into her bones.

Obviously nothing happened, obviously everything is fine.

For some reason, she was upset, as if she had been digged out and her chest was empty, trying to find something to fill the gap.

She turned and threw herself into his arms, clasping his thin waist tightly with her hands.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes along her hair and asked softly, “What’s wrong with you?”

He felt that her mood was not right today.

Ana Lin buried his face in his arms, and said dullly, “Let me hold it for a while, then it will be fine.”

She just needs to adjust, and give her a little time to get better soon.

Phillip Zong didn’t speak, but hugged her tightly.

His palm is wide, and the hot palm seems to be able to soothe people’s hearts.

He rubbed her back once, and Ana Lin gradually calmed down in his arms.

She took a moment to raise her head and asked, “Why are you here?”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her forehead, stroked her broken hair blocking her forehead, her voice was low, “Uncle asked me to eat, I will pick you up with me.”

Ana Lin’s eyelashes trembled, and she sensed something was wrong.

Li Jing also came to see her for dinner today, but then changed her mind and hurried away.

Is this one dinner or two dinners?

“Is your aunt calling you?” Ana Lin tried to ask.

“No.” Foster Wen contacted him personally.

Ana Lin suddenly understood why Li Jing suddenly changed and felt that this meal might be a banquet.

But if it is a Hongmen Banquet, who is Foster Wen to deal with?

According to Li Jing, Foster Wen had identified Phillip Zong, so naturally he would not do anything unfavorable to him.

If the target is not Phillip Zong…

She suddenly realized that before Li Jing left, she explained the identity of Phillip Zong, also reminded her of her identity, and also asked about the relationship between her and Danna Cheng.

Could it be that Foster Wen knows the relationship between her and Danna Cheng, this Hongmen feast is for her?

At this moment, she was almost certain of this speculation, and Li Jing suddenly left, perhaps regretting or unbearable.

Her expression was obviously flustered, because she didn’t know how much Foster Wen knew.

I didn’t know that Li Jing’s arrival was just a blindfold and deliberately disturbed her. In fact, Foster Wen already knew the identity of Phillip Zong.

There were more and more guesses in her heart, but no one could give her the answer.

Her arms tightened, “I don’t want to go, nor do I want you to go. Shall we go home?”

Her voice trembled unconsciously, a little hoarse.

Phillip Zong said without hesitation, “Okay.”

His simple, he did not hesitate, his decisiveness made Ana Lin’s fluctuating heart slowly calm, and a wave of warmth spread from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, she felt his feelings, his care.

She held his face, without a word of extra thought, “Do you really like me? You like me, not because I am the mother of Ruth and Daniel, but pure, even without these two children, you are willing with me?”

There was a mist in her eyes.

After living for more than 20 years, I asked a man if he liked him for the first time.

While being nervous, there is more expectation.

She understands that she likes this man.

So she also wanted to know what he meant for herself.

She saw a sentence in a book before, and the more she cared, the more she was afraid of losing.

Does she care about him so much that she is afraid of losing it?

He didn’t answer because, isn’t it just like it?

Suddenly, she panicked and explained indiscriminately, “I…I just asked…”

“I don’t know.” At this time, Phillip Zong interrupted her.

His thick eyelashes were hanging slightly, and a shadow was hidden from the eyelids. His voice was very soft, but very clear, so serious, “I don’t know what my feelings for you are, I only know, I miss you Stay by my side, if I haven’t seen you for too long, I’ll miss you. Sometimes I think you may be poisonous and make me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know if this is a liking. If it doesn’t count, it’s okay. , You are my person when you are born, and you are my ghost when you die.”

As always domineering.

Even expressing your mind is so different.

Ana Lin’s heart could not be peaceful, it was jumping and trembling there, excited by everything that was unpredictable, but it did come, and it was difficult to hold on to it.

“Stupid?” Phillip Zong pinched her little nose and held her in his arms, “I will take you what you want to eat, just the two of us.”

Ana Lin shook his head, “Didn’t Uncle invite us to dinner? How can we not go?”

If you don’t enter the tiger’s lair, you won’t be a tiger.

She wanted to see what Foster Wen wanted to do.

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows slightly and asked, “Are all women so fickle?”

Ana Lin pretended to be serious, tilted his head, and nodded seriously, “I think so, so you have to be kind to me, maybe I changed that day…”

Phillip Zong stopped, Ana Lin raised his head, why didn’t this person leave?


Phillip Zong squinted at her, he was not angry, but…threatening!

“You dare to change, I will break your leg.” He pretended to be fierce.

Ana Lin stretched his eyebrows and smiled, tightening his arm.

Walking out of the store, Phillip Zong’s car stopped on the side of the road. They walked over. After getting in the car, Phillip Zong Phillip leaned over and buckled her seat belt.

Ana Lin straightened his back, “My aunt came to the store today.”

With a click of the seat belt buckle, he raised his head to meet her gaze.

Ana Lin looked at him, “She originally came to ask me to eat, but then she said that something happened and left in a hurry. I don’t know if it was a dinner with uncle.”

Phillip Zong squinted his eyes slightly, his eyes were moving.

From the last time Foster Wen asked him to go to the hotel to get any documents, he felt that there was something in it.

“She also specifically told me…”

Ana Lin paused deliberately.


Chapter 369

Ana Lin did not pick out Li Jing’s intentions, but deliberately said, “She said, you are the proud child of heaven, and I am nothing. She seems to be telling me that I am not suitable for you. After all, I am not prominent. There is no countless wealth in the family background. We are not the right family when we are together.”

She thought in her heart that she did not have these, I am afraid that she would not have them in this life, the only thing she could do was stand beside him.

Advancing and retreating together, we share adversities.

Phillip Zong glanced at her, said nothing, sat back in his position and started the car.

Ana Lin turned to look at him, “Are you nothing to say?”

He didn’t squint, his eyes were low and the dark tide surged. If he had just thought that Foster Wen might have something to hide from him, then he could be sure first.

If you really want to ask him to have dinner with Ana Lin, it is enough to tell him all alone.

There is no need for Li Jing to go to Ana Lin’s clothing store.

Moreover, as far as he can remember, it seems that the person responsible for contacting him is Li Jing every time. Although Foster Wen is close to him, he rarely calls to contact him.

It’s not that he is unwilling to contact, but after a long time, he likes Li Jing to do it for him.

But this time, he took the initiative to contact him twice in a row.

This is enough to explain the problem, plus, Ana Lin said that something is wrong with his emotions, something must have happened.

Ana Lin probably knows a little about this, but he doesn’t know how much he knows.

“No one can interfere with my business.”

Foster Wen is not good either!

He clearly stated his attitude, as long as he likes it, no one can stop him!

Ana Lin took the initiative to lean over and rested on his shoulders, “Do you believe in fate?”

“Don’t believe it.” He only believed in himself.

Ana Lin looked up at him and said seriously, “I believe it.” %&(&

“Don’t you think we are very fate?”

On the wrong night, I thought that there would be no intersection in this life. I never thought that the other party was the object of my own baby k*ss.

What a wonderful fate.

Phillip Zong put out a hand to embrace her, the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and his white teeth were shining brightly, “You are right.”

Ana Lin glanced at him, “Perfuse me?”

Phillip Zong held her hand against her chest, and smiled slightly, “Heaven and Earth Conscience.”

Ana Lin said that he didn’t want to talk with him. She really wanted to say that she might not have been able to talk about him.

He was shameless, almost as few as the ruffian.

The car stopped at the restaurant Foster Wen said.

Chinese restaurant.

Foster Wen’s personality is relatively old-fashioned, and he can’t eat Western food. The restaurants he chooses are basically the places in City B that have better Chinese food.

This restaurant is one of them. In order to bring a different experience to the guests, the restaurant’s decoration style is unique, with a Chinese frame, modern details, black suits for the male waiter, and a cheongsam for the waitress. The two stand together especially Harmonious match.

When they walked over, the greeter at the door immediately opened the door and assumed a pleased gesture.

After entering the door, a male waiter in a black suit and tie came over and said, “Is there an appointment?”

Phillip Zong nodded slightly, “Look for Mr. Wen.”

“Please follow me.” The male waiter knew that this was the private room to the guests, politely and respectfully walked to the front to lead the way.

When he reached the door of the private room, he stood aside, “This is the room.”

Ana Lin grabbed Phillip Zong’s arm tightly, facing Foster Wen, she suddenly became a little nervous.

Phillip Zong got his hand over the back of her hand, took her hand, wrapped it in his arms, and said in a low voice, “I am there.”

Ana Lin pressed his lips tightly and nodded gently.

The door of the private room was pushed open. In the spacious private room, Foster Wen was in the middle, beside him was a very beautiful woman.

The two people were talking, and they seemed to be talking happily, with smiles on their faces.

The door was pushed open, and they looked at the door at the same time.

The woman’s gaze first fell on Phillip Zong’s body, and then Ana Lin.

The moment Foster Wen saw Ana Lin also came, the smile on his face slowly sank, replaced by a serious and cold face.

His expression has changed so much, it is impossible for Phillip Zong not to notice.

His eyes flickered, and he quickly covered it, and he walked in with Ana Lin.

Chen Shihan was very enthusiastic, “I just talked about you with Uncle Wen?”

Ana Lin glanced at Chen Shihan. Maybe they were all women, so she knew women better. She obviously felt that this woman was deliberately getting close to them, especially Phillip Zong.

“I don’t know what we are talking about?” Ana Lin asked with a smile.

“You are Mrs. Zong?” Chen Shihan replied, “You are really young and beautiful.”

Chen Shihan speaks very well.

Ana Lin maintained a decent smile, “I have passed the award, and I am not young anymore. The children are all six years old, and you are still younger.”

The corner of Chen Shihan’s eyes twitched slightly. Foster Wen told her that Phillip Zong was married, but it was a hidden marriage. Why did he even have a child?

Foster Wen originally wanted to talk to Chen Shihan, but he didn’t have time yet.

Foster Wen patted Chen Shihan on the shoulder. The two did not speak, but made an eye contact.

He seemed to be saying that he would tell her about this.

Foster Wen was upset and angry that Li Jing hadn’t done a good job, but he had no choice but to come.

The reason why he didn’t clearly tell Phillip Zong to divorce Ana Lin, because he could see that Phillip Zong cares about Ana Lin.

I remember the first time I went to Wen’s house, he maintained it everywhere, even the last names of the two children did not care.

He knew a little bit about Phillip Zong’s character, so he didn’t dare to tell Phillip Zong that as long as Phillip Zong disagreed, he would have nothing to do.

By then it would be too late for him to want to move anything.

Because as long as he moves, Phillip Zong will know that he did it.

Now I can only secretly get Ana Lin away.


It’s a big deal.

He would never allow it, Phillip Zong’s pillow man and Danna Cheng had one mind!

“Let me introduce, this is my colleague’s daughter, Chen Shihan.” Foster Wen looked at Phillip Zong and said deliberately, “Have you seen it at the hotel that day?”

Ana Lin’s heart thumped suddenly.

Phillip Zong met this woman, or was he in the hotel?

“Uncle Wen, you don’t need to introduce it. Phillip Zong is in City B, and no one in the country doesn’t know, right? Besides, we have met…”

When she was speaking, her gaze skipped Ana Lin’s face inadvertently.

Ana Lin’s hand under the table was clenched together, her palms were sweating finely, and her face was extremely calm. “What Ms. Chen said is that there are many people who know him, and don’t know you. It’s strange.”

Chen Shihan was choked, the smile on his face was slightly unnatural.

Phillip Zong turned his head slightly to look over, remembering that she was so witty the first time she confronted her.

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