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Chapter 370

Phillip Zong lowered his eyebrows slightly, and there was a hint of excitement hidden in his eyes.

Is she doing this because she is jealous?

You can only be jealous if you like someone very much.

Chen Shihan felt unsustainable on her face. She was a veritable daughter of a famous family. How many people were flattering and flattering, even the girlfriends and friends around her were all around her.

No one has ever given her face so much.

She suppressed her emotions, “Is Mrs. Zong unhappy?”

Ana Lin replied fluently, “I don’t know, what does Miss Chen mean, why am I unhappy? Could it be that Miss Chen did something that thought I would be unhappy? However, according to Ms. Chen’s family background, I think absolutely not. Do something unconventional and unpleasant, right?”

Ana Lin has a pure and harmless face. After Chen Shihan saw her, she felt that she was a little white rabbit. It would be easy to stimulate her. He never thought…

It’s a little white rabbit that can bite.

The smile on Chen Shihan’s face could no longer be maintained, and it was ugly.

This also went beyond Foster Wen’s expectation. Ana Lin always behaved quite well every time he went to Wen’s house, she looked like a woman at home.

He thought Chen Shihan would be able to deal with it, but never thought…

He came out to make a round, “Well, today I will treat you, don’t make trouble.”

He called the waiter to order, and he handed the menu to Chen Shihan, “Order whatever you want.”

He opened the menu and ordered a few dishes that Phillip Zong liked more, deliberately leaving Ana Lin aside.

Chen Shihan finally got the game back. She glanced at Ana Lin without a trace, hooked her lips, what if she was clever?

Foster Wen did not like her, and made it clear that she hoped she would leave Phillip Zong.

That day, she heard Foster Wen call her father, saying that Foster Wen wanted Phillip Zong and Ana Lin to divorce.

She was still surprised, when did Phillip Zong get married?

Her father was not surprised, Foster Wen should have revealed it to him before.

Later Foster Wen said that she wanted her to marry Phillip Zong. After weighing the pros and cons, her father agreed to Foster Wen’s proposal.

No one knew about the hidden marriage between Phillip Zong and Ana Lin, and the marriage to the Zong family was not only the Zong family.

There are writers.

This huge circle of interests, besides, Phillip Zong is young and promising, and his daughter won’t suffer a loss after marrying.

It’s a good deal no matter what.

At first, Chen Shihan was opposed. She promised to go to the hotel to deliver the documents in order to explain the situation after seeing Phillip Zong.

After the contact, she felt different from what she saw on TV.

I used to know that he was rich and good-looking.

After the contact, I discovered that he is not only handsome, but also the aura honed in the wind and waves, and the precipitation of the years makes him more and more masculine.

Under curiosity, Chen Shihan decided to agree to his father and Foster Wen’s proposal.

She is like to see if this man is really so determined, with a beautiful woman in her arms, she can remain unmoved.

She admitted that she was no worse than Ana Lin’s words.

Chen Shihan deliberately ordered a lot of dishes loudly, some of which she likes to eat, and some not.

Just to have face in front of Ana Lin.

“Anything else?” the waiter asked.

Chen Shihan handed over the menu and said, “No, that’s it. Try to serve as soon as possible.”

“Okay.” When the waiter respectfully put away the menu and turned around to let the back chef prepare the dishes, Phillip Zong stopped him.

“What else do you need?” The waiter stopped and stood beside Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong took a sip of water from the water cup without even lifting his eyelids. When he put down the water cup, he said faintly, “Add a sweet and sour fish and cook with shad.”

The Yangtze River Shad is very famous and is praised as the No. 1 of the Yangtze River Sanxian. In ancient times, it was also used as a tribute. The taste is very delicious and the meat is tender.

“Egg yolk pumpkin, pot of meat…”

He raised his eyes and looked at the waiter, “My wife likes sweets. Does your restaurant have special sweet dishes?”

As a qualified waiter in a restaurant, he knows his own dishes very well.

“Dishes include sweet and sour short ribs, shredded cabbage, cola chicken wings, and desserts such as milk cubes, candied bananas, blueberry yam. These are sweet and a little sour.” The waiter recommended.

“Then these.” Phillip Zong said lightly.

“Okay, I will serve you food as soon as possible.” After speaking, the waiter bowed respectfully and then exited the private room.

During the period of living with Ana Lin, she knows a lot about her taste, and she prefers a bit sweet cuisine.

And it is the kind of physique that makes people jealous.

Ana Lin glanced sideways at him, but in the end she said nothing, she retracted her gaze and looked at the water glass in front of her.

On the opposite side, Foster Wen and Chen Shihan looked very ugly.

The most annoying is Chen Shihan. She wanted to embarrass Ana Lin, but she didn’t expect Phillip Zong to maintain such a maintenance…

Her hands on her lap were clasped tightly together.

It’s not just the remaining reason, she’s going to leave.

When she left, she really gave in. No, she has never been so embarrassed by Chen Shihan.

She must not admit defeat.

She has a prominent family background and Foster Wen’s support, but she can’t beat a woman who has nothing?

Thinking of this, Chen Shihan raised his head proudly.

The confidence given by the background made her exude a confident temperament.

It didn’t take long for the private room to open the door, and waitresses in cheongsam stood in a row and put them on the table one by one.

Soon, the huge dining table was occupied by a variety of delicious dishes.

Foster Wen originally planned to wait for Phillip Zong to come, so he left under the pretext of creating an opportunity for Chen Shihan and Phillip Zong to contact.

Now that Ana Lin is here, he dared not leave, fearing that Chen Shihan would not be able to deal with it, and that Chen Shihan would not stay in front of Phillip Zong and show his feet.

This meal has its own thoughts, and even the delicious food on this large table is overshadowed.

Occasionally there is a crisp sound of chopsticks touching the plate.

Chen Shihan was chewing food in his mouth, but his eyes were fixed on Ana Lin.

To say who eats the best at this table is Ana Lin.

The dishes that Phillip Zong ordered were all placed in front of Ana Lin, and Phillip Zong didn’t eat a few bites himself, but was just picking up vegetables for her.

Treat her and Foster Wen as dead?

It doesn’t care about outsiders.

“Really can’t tell, Mrs. Zong and Mrs. Zong have such a good relationship. I am an outsider like an electric light bulb. It doesn’t matter if I stay or not.” Chen Shihan said neither.

Phillip Zong put down his chopsticks and raised his head.

Ana Lin grabbed his hand from under the table, Phillip Zong looked over, she smiled back, and Chen Shihan could deal with it without his words.

Since she is his wife, it is more appropriate to deal with thoughtful women.

Chapter 371

“Miss Chen laughed, how can outsiders see through other people’s feelings? Besides, you are not a grandson. You can’t see it because you have golden eyes. Moreover, Miss Chen is the protagonist of this meal.” Ana Lin laughed Yi Yingying, throw the topic back without any effort.

Chen Shihan said without a smile, “How come I am the protagonist, shouldn’t it be you?”

Ana Lin swallowed the food in his mouth without rush and said, “Phillip and I are husband and wife. This is my uncle. In my family, only Ms. Chen is the guest, isn’t it?”

The smile on Chen Shihan’s face can no longer hold.

Ana Lin pretended not to see it, and continued, “Since ancient times, the guests are the big ones, and the guests at the table, isn’t Miss Chen the protagonist today?”

She is not a mean person, but in the face of provocative people, she will never be merciless!

Because she knew from a long time ago that the weaker you are, others will only have an inch when you are bullied.

Since entering, Chen Shihan deliberately said something, trying to provoke the relationship between her and Phillip Zong.

She didn’t know when Chen Shihan met in the hotel.

At the same time, she was also uncertain and uneasy.

However, she knew that if she showed it right away, it would only make people doubt her relationship with Phillip Zong.

She would like to ask Phillip Zong privately about such things.

I will never question or doubt in front of others.

Chen Shihan’s face was blue and white, as ugly as it was.

Finally, without being stretched, he stood up from the chair with a rub, “What a clever tongue!”

Ana Lin still smiled, “Miss Chen praised, I’m just seeking truth from facts, why are you angry?”

“Uncle Wen, I’m full.” Chen Shihan grabbed the bag and rushed out of the private room.

She felt that Ana Lin made her ugly.

She continued to stay, only to make people look at jokes.

She grew up so embarrassed for the first time.

Foster Wen’s face became heavy and heavy, “She is the guest I invited. What do you always say and sting?”

Ana Lin just wanted to open her mouth, Phillip Zong held her hand instead, “Go to the car and wait for me.”

He has something to say to Foster Wen.

Ana Lin hesitated, not because he didn’t want to leave, but because he was worried about Phillip Zong.

She didn’t know what he was going to say to Foster Wen, because she didn’t know, she hesitated.

I’m afraid they will make unpleasantness.

She still wants to maintain the relationship between Foster Wen and Phillip Zong.

“I just lost my square inch and made Miss Chen upset…”

“Go first.” Phillip Zong interrupted her in a deep voice.

Whose fault is, he has his own measure.

She didn’t have to apologize for anyone.

She is right, and she has no obligation!

Ana Lin pursed her lips, her abilities are really limited and she can’t control the development of this matter.

She stood up and pulled the chair away and walked out of the private room.

Soon the private room became quiet.

Phillip Zong wiped his hands, dropped his napkin on the table, and leaned back on the chair.

If Foster Wen’s attitude made him just skeptical before, then after this meal, he was sure.

“Do you have an opinion on her?” His voice was low.

He respects Foster Wen.

He wants the people he cares to live in peace.

However, now there seems to be an accident.

Foster Wen didn’t seem to hate Ana Lin before…

His body leaned in a more relaxed position.

Foster Wen did not answer directly, but said, “Come with me for a drink.”

He let the waiter in and pour them wine.

Phillip Zong gave face and had a drink.

Foster Wen put down his glass, he wanted to talk to Phillip Zongming.

Seeing his attitude towards Ana Lin today, he even dare not say it clearly.

“Shihan’s father and I are colleagues and good friends. I happened to meet her in the hotel today and called her together. That’s why I didn’t tell you that I am not unhappy. Is it because of this?” Foster Wen Deliberately diverted the subject.

Don’t talk to Ana Lin.

Who is Phillip Zong, how could he fail to see Foster Wen’s intentions.

He doesn’t care what Foster Wen thinks, but he wants to tell him his attitude.

He poured a glass of wine into the glass in front of him, then took it up and drank it.

When the cup was put down, the sound of the glass hitting the table top was crisp and loud, “She and I…were married very short and divorced quickly. She is by no means the best woman I have ever seen, but my favorite.”

He raised his eyes to look at Foster Wen, “I was shocked to know that he had conceived two children for me, and it was-and unexpected.” He didn’t want to say more about the twists and turns.

“She is my wife. I think a man who can’t maintain his own woman is a waste. Are you right?”

Foster Wen understands Phillip Zong, he is telling his position.

If he really has friction with Ana Lin in the future, he will stand on Ana Lin’s side.

“Phillip, I am your uncle, these years…”

“I always knew.” Phillip Zong interrupted him, knowing that Foster Wen would definitely give him an emotional card.

So he deliberately interrupted and took his stand again, “I know, I have never forgotten, and I have never doubted… I was taught by my uncle to protect the people I care about. I will definitely not fail.”

He had never doubted before, but now…

Foster Wen opened his mouth, but couldn’t say a word. This was what he said to Phillip Zong.

“You have to believe that I do everything for your own good. Your mother’s name is Wenxian, and my name is Foster. We are a compatriot. You are her only child. Can I harm you?” Foster Wen was heartbroken. He slapped the palm of his hand heavily on the table, “It wasn’t Danna Cheng, your mother might not die.”

His resentment towards Danna Cheng has not faded even after these years.

Instead, it is getting deeper and deeper.

Phillip Zong’s eyes narrowed slightly, and he caught the end of Foster Wen’s sentence.

Danna Cheng.

His change in Ana Lin is related to Danna Cheng?

He knew the relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng, so…today’s dinner, Chen Shihan met when he got the documents.

All this was intentional.

His purpose is to separate him from Ana Lin and to be good with Chen Shihan?

He closed his eyes, and felt that-extremely absurd!

“The past is over. I hope you take care of yourself. It’s not early today. I will return first.”

Phillip Zong stood up and left, the private room.


When Phillip Zong walked to the door, Foster Wen stopped him, “Are you angry today?”

Phillip Zong stopped, turned his back to Foster Wen and did not look back, “Yes, I am angry. I am angry that you connected with an outsider to run her. I have two children. If I let their mother be harmed, I cannot give them. Explain, uncle is a father, and I should understand how I feel.”

He left without looking back.

Foster Wen was speechless.

Although he had many complaints about his disobedient son, he would absolutely not tolerate whoever dared to bully.

He closed his eyes, feeling that it was difficult to dismantle Phillip Zong and Ana Lin.

Why didn’t Li Jing manage Ana Lin today?

Otherwise, Phillip Zong may not be able to spot the clues, and express his attitude in front of him.

After paying the bill, Foster Wen walked out of the hotel, and a jeep parked at the door drove over. The guard came down and opened the door for Foster Wen, “Go back?”

Foster Wen gave a slightly tired hmm and bent into the car.

After more than 20 minutes, the car stopped at the door of the house, the guard came down to pull the car door, Foster Wen walked down, “You get off work.”

“What time will I pick you up in the morning?” the guard asked.

“Old time.” After Foster Wen walked into the courtyard, Li Jing at home was waiting for him.

Because of Ana Lin’s affairs, she wanted to discuss with Foster Wen.

Chapter 372

Foster Wen entered the door, and Li Jing came over to get him slippers.

Foster Wen stood still and asked, “What’s the matter today?”

“Come in first.” This is not something that can be said clearly in one sentence. Li Jing put the slippers on his feet.

Foster Wen snorted coldly, but he wanted to hear her explanation.

Isn’t it a simple matter to have a meal?

Can this be done well?

He walked in in slippers and sat on the sofa, “Let’s talk, what’s the matter?”

Li Jing sat in the lower position. She had been thinking about it for a long time. After returning from the clothing store, she started thinking about how to talk to Foster Wen.

But, really want to say, she didn’t know how to open her mouth.

“You are talking!” Foster Wen was a little impatient.

“I think that kid is fine, I can’t bear to…” Li Jing said such a sentence for a long time.

Foster Wen’s forehead blue veins violently, suppressing her voice, “So you didn’t ask her out?”

Li Jing looked at him, “Yes, you should know Phillip Zong’s character. Once he knows that you do things, his relationship with you will definitely deteriorate. Don’t you care about his attitude towards you?”

Li Jing understands Foster Wen and he cares about Phillip Zong.

She even knew that 80% of the emotion of caring was because of Wenxian.

“I think we told Phillip Zongming about this matter, let him talk about Ana Lin you, we don’t want to interfere in this matter…”

“Do you know that Ana Lin will make Xiangyunsha?” Foster Wen was really impatient and interrupted Li Jing.

Doesn’t he know what she said?

Haven’t you thought about it?

Li Jing was taken aback, Ana Lin would make incense cloud yarn?

Isn’t that a craft handed down from the Cheng family? How could he teach Ana Lin?

“Who did you listen to?” Li Jing asked incredulously.

Foster Wen sighed solemnly, “I sent it to Baicheng to find out. Don’t I know the pros and cons of this? How smart is Phillip, doesn’t he know that Ana Lin can make incense cloud yarn? Or do you think Ana Lin? He can learn this without telling him, he has no idea?”

Li Jing opened her eyes wide, “Do you mean he knows?”

Foster Wen is now certain that Phillip Zong knows.

He didn’t dislike Ana Lin because of which woman he really liked, and Ana Lin gave him two such lovely children.

Even if he felt uncomfortable in his heart, he would not blame or resent Ana Lin.

After knowing this, he made up his mind to dismantle Ana Lin and Phillip Zong.

He couldn’t bear it, Phillip Zong’s pillow was close to Danna Cheng.

“Then, what should I do now?” Li Jing thought that as long as he had a showdown with Phillip Zong, let him convince Ana Lin to stay away from Danna Cheng.

But now it seems a bit complicated.

Phillip Zong knew the relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng, but he didn’t pursue it.

Foster Wen sneered, “Is he still him? For that woman, they all lived in the old house.”

Foster Wen’s chest rose and fell quickly.

Because I was so angry.

Li Jing grabbed him and said, “Don’t be angry, you’re getting angry.”

He looked at Li Jing, “If I don’t stop him, he will forget who his biological mother is. I will never allow Danna Cheng to take Wenxian’s son!”

He was very angry.

In his eyes, Danna had already snatched Zong Qifeng from Wen Xian.

Now he absolutely can’t accept it, Wen Xian’s son accepts this woman Danna Cheng!

This is his untouchable bottom line!

Li Jing knew that there was no room for relaxation.

Sighed, Foster Wen was stubborn, this is his heart disease, and he hasn’t let go of it all these years.

She swallowed the words of persuasion, and she could only support her husband in this situation.

“This time, I’m sorry, I was soft-hearted and couldn’t bear it for a while, and ruined your plan…”

“It’s okay.” Foster Wen narrowed his eyes, this matter must be discussed long-term.

Today, Phillip Zong’s attitude clearly found a clue, he had no chance to start.

Phillip Zong would definitely be prepared.

If he wants to do it, he must hit it with one hit!

No hurry, there is still time around.

On the other side, Phillip Zong walked out of the restaurant and got on the car. Ana Lin was sitting in the passenger seat and waiting for him.

“Did you drink?” Phillip Zong smelled it as soon as she came up.

“One point.” Phillip Zong pulled the collar of the car shirt and unbuttoned two buttons.

Ana Lin didn’t ask anything, pushed the door to get out of the car and walked to his side, “You come down and I will drive.”

Phillip Zong curled his lips, “Don’t worry about me?”

Ana Lin took the car key very seriously, “Drinking and not driving, don’t you know?”

Phillip Zong looked at her serious face and said with a smile, “I’m not drunk.”

“That won’t work either.” Ana Lin’s attitude was very firm.

Phillip Zong was very cooperative to get out of the car and get into the co-pilot position. He leaned against her ear and said as if drunk or not, “My wife is right.”

Ana Lin withdrew from his body, started the car, and gave him a faint glance, “Did you have such a sweet mouth?”

When Phillip Zong heard it, something was wrong.

No matter how you hear this, there is something in it.

“Let’s say, when did you meet that Miss Chen at the hotel, and what did you do?”

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