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Chapter 373

Facing Ana Lin’s questioning, Phillip Zong was not in a hurry to explain, but leaned on the seat of the car with a drunk look. He half-squinted, as if he hadn’t heard, “Huh?”

Ana Lin pursed his lips, “He wants to match you with that woman?”

This time Ana Lin was not called Uncle Foster Wen.

His actions today touched her bottom line.

Phillip Zong moved his body, leaning on his body wantonly, “Maybe.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Suddenly, Ana Lin’s car drove to the side of the road and stopped. She turned to look at him, “You have nothing to say to me?”

Phillip Zong slowly raised his eyelids, met her angry eyes, and deliberately asked with a low smile, “Say what?”

Ana Lin feels a little distressed. She doesn’t want much. In terms of feelings, she hopes that each other can trust each other.

She is willing to believe him.

However, given that you are responsible for this relationship, should you explain it to her?

She really wants to maintain this relationship, but…

She retracted her gaze, the car died out, “You can drive back.”

She felt that she needed to calm down and stay in the same room with him, fearing that she would be unable to control her emotions.

She got out of the car, closed the door and walked along the sidewalk.

She raised her head, trying to wake herself up with the breeze.

Phillip Zong got out of the car and chased him, grabbing her wrist, “Where are you going?”

Ana Lin tried to shake him off, but he held it too tightly.

“I want to be alone, can you?” She exhausted her remaining sanity and whispered.

“Are you jealous?”

“No.” Ana Lin denied quickly.

“Then why are you angry?”

“I am not angry.”

“you have.”

Ana Lin looked at him, a black suit, set off his upright body from top to bottom. At this moment, no one could see a trace of emotion on his face.

He really didn’t care, really didn’t know why she was?

“Yes, I’m angry.” Ana Lin lit his chest, “You know what, I cherish the relationship with you, not just because of the two children, because here…”

She increased her strength to poke the position of his heart, “Because there is your position here, I really want to trust you and the relationship between us. Do you know? Your attitude makes me very uneasy, very uncomfortable, and very scared , I am afraid that this relationship is an illusion that I have imagined. I have seen Ida Zhuang’s failed marriage. I am walking on thin ice with my feelings, but for you, I want to give and maintain. Now I find that all this may be just me Wishful thinking, Phillip Zong, don’t pretend to be nice to me anymore, end it, this is not what I want!”

She shook off his hand with all her strength, she just wanted to leave quickly and continue to face him, she was afraid that she would lose control even more.

She didn’t want to let herself become a resentful woman, but at this moment, she had become a resentful woman.

Phillip Zong stepped forward and hugged him, Ana Lin punched and kicked him indiscriminately, “Let go of me, let me go…”

Phillip Zong grabbed her restless hands, pressed her heart, “Don’t make trouble.”

He grew up so big that he didn’t explain it to anyone.

He is neither good nor disdainful.

I think yes, no, no, yes, no, no.

“If I explain, I will prove that I didn’t do anything to sorry you?”

His black eyes were as deep as a bottomless lake.

Ana Lin was taken aback for a moment, then opened his eyes wide, what does he mean?

Her lips trembled involuntarily.

“Speaking of which, if you don’t explain, you must betray you?”

Phillip Zong dragged the back of her head on her palm, “I am very happy to hear you say these things.”

Ana Lin’s eyes didn’t know when there was a layer of water, and she stubbornly opened her eyes wide.

“I have never done anything to be sorry for you. I only like a woman, she has no prominent background, she does not have a high degree of education, she is not the best woman I have ever seen, but this is the kind of her who broke into My heart. Sometimes I am inexplicable, how can I like such a woman?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“In your eyes, am I just so useless?”

“Who said you are worthless?”

Ana Lin’s eyes flickered, “Then what do you think of me?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes moved down from her face, her neck, her chest, and her eyes fixed on her lower abdomen…

Ana Lin’s face became hot, and she started to move, “Hurry up and let me go, I want to go home.”

Phillip Zong clasped the hand of her head, slid down her palm and rubbed her back, and finally landed on her waist. As soon as the arm was tightened, Ana Lin’s body immediately fitted him tightly and seamlessly.

His cheek is against hers, and if there is no lip pecking at her earlobe, “I said you are good at birth, why are you blushing?”

“I didn’t blush.” ​​Ana Lin said stiffly, his eyes just like that…

“Is that blind?”

“Yeah. You are blind.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“I’m ugly, I don’t have money, and I’m not good. You still hug me like this. What is it that you are not blind?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

So I was waiting for him here.

“You are ugly, you have no money, you are not good, but I like it.”

Ana Lin refused, “Who believes in you.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her lips, and Ana Lin struggled to bite her.


Ana Lin hurts, and the intensity of the struggle is obviously smaller. He has to get into the feet, hooking her tongue to entangle, and forcibly dragging her hand into his shirt, pressing against his heart, vaguely, “I will give you my heart .”

Ana Lin was inexplicably sad, and said dullly, “All I want is to trust each other.”

“I know.”

Phillip Zong let go of her and k*ssed the corner of her eye, “He may know the relationship between you and Danna Cheng.”

Ana Lin’s thoughts didn’t turn around. It took a few seconds before he realized what she was talking about, and nodded in agreement, “I think so too.”

Otherwise, Foster Wen’s attitude will not change so quickly.

This was what Phillip Zong was worried about, and it still happened.

He needs to know how much Foster Wen knows.

He put the car key into Ana Lin’s hand, “You go back first.”

“How about you?” she asked.

But it soon became clear what he might be doing.

He needs to know how much Foster Wen knew about this matter, and how did he know it.

Ana Lin took the car key and walked towards the car. Phillip Zong stood by the road and called Keller Shen.

Ana Lin turned around, “Come back early.”

Phillip Zong said yes.

She then opened the door and got on the car. She started the car, and the wheels slowly slid to the road.

She looked at him through the car window.

Phillip Zong held the phone, his eyes met her in the air, “I’m on Yintai Road, you come to pick me up.”

Soon, his vision was cut off, and Ana Lin could only look at him through the rearview mirror.

His figure is getting smaller and smaller.

Until she couldn’t see her, he took his eyes back and drove intently.

When the car drove to the corner of the villa, a black figure suddenly emerged from the dark, and Ana Lin quickly stepped on the brake.


The tires rubbed against the ground and made a harsh sound.

Chapter 374

When the car stopped, Ana Lin saw clearly what the dark shadow was.

She threw herself on the hood of the car, crying.

Ana Lin was a little confused.

“You come down to me!” The woman pointed to Ana Lin with a hideous face, like a hungry beast.

Ana Lin looked at the woman’s face, his mind was running fast, and he quickly recognized the woman. Isn’t this the woman who was very domineering in the kindergarten that day?

How could you stop her car?

Soon Ana Lin thought of the key. She took out her mobile phone and checked the latest news. The news came over all the time. Because of the video uploaded by Daniel, the deputy mayor of City B was investigated. This investigation was not critical…

She quickly browsed, embezzled and accepted bribes, kept her mistress…

Various illegal acts.


“b*tch woman, open the door quickly.” The woman didn’t know when she ran to the car window, knocked hard on the glass window, trying to knock on the broken glass to catch Ana Lin.

Ana Lin held her mind and faced the woman’s madness, she calmly pressed the phone page to the dial interface and pressed 110…

The woman saw Ana Lin’s phone screen and said, “I will never let you go!”

After speaking, the woman ran out.

Ana Lin quickly finished dialing, and she quickly started the car and left.

Back at home, Danna Cheng taught Ruth to write in the living room. The little girl was very talented. She had never been to kindergarten before. The first time she wrote, she was very neat and was able to teach.

But Danna Cheng was so excited. Ana Lin waved as soon as she entered the door, “Come here quickly.”

Ana Lin put down the car key and walked over.

“Look at the words written by your daughter.” Danna Cheng said. %&(&

Ana Lin bent over and saw the word “Tian” on the grid, which read, gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. Horizontally upright, with a decent appearance, the little girl raised her head to look at Ana Lin, blinking brightly, waiting for her to praise herself.

Ana Lin rubbed her hair and dropped a k*ss on her forehead, “My daughter is the best and the smartest.”

Ana Lin exaggerated and wrote more vigorously.

Ana Lin dragged Danna Cheng’s skirt and whispered, “Mom, you come in with me.”

Danna Cheng nodded, and she said softly to her granddaughter, “Please write well, I will pour you juice.”

The little girl wrote seriously, without lifting her head, she replied, “Okay.”

Danna Cheng followed Ana Lin into the house.

The door of the room closed, and Ana Lin said straightforwardly, “These days, take a few people with you when you go out.”

That woman will show up today, maybe it’s obvious too. If you don’t see her, maybe you will transfer the resentment to the child.

We still have to take precautions early.

Otherwise, she is uneasy.

Danna Cheng didn’t know about this, and asked, “Is something serious?”

Ana Lin brewed for a while, “Have you not watched the news recently?”

Danna Cheng shook her head. Since the two children live here, her mind is on the children. When the children go to kindergarten, she studies food at home, and then waits for them to come back from school and cook them for them.

On weekends, I have to take the two of them to the zoo and the Aquarium amusement park. The schedule is very full and there is no time to watch the news.

After hearing Ana Lin’s words, she felt that this matter was 80% related to the current news. She turned on the phone and read hot searches. Soon, she saw the news of the deputy mayor.

Danna Cheng looked up…

Ana Lin nodded, “This video of the deputy mayor was sent by Daniel.”

Danna Cheng grew her eyes, “It was the last time…”

Last time the kindergarten teacher called the parents, she knew that the two children had quarreled with others in the kindergarten.

The details are not clear.

Ana Lin explained to her, “The little girl who clashed with Ruth last time may be the illegitimate child of the deputy mayor…”

Danna Cheng quickly understood the key. The child is the illegitimate daughter of the deputy mayor, so isn’t the child’s mother the mistress?

Because of the video uploaded by Daniel, the deputy mayor was under investigation. Now that the deputy mayor has been under investigation for multiple violations, the woman becomes angry and angry?

“Don’t worry.” Danna Cheng knows that she will take precautions accordingly.

Ana Lin nodded, “Too much trouble, don’t go to kindergarten these days.”

When the dust settled on this matter, everyone who should go in was arrested. If this matter was over, go again, otherwise she would not be at ease with the two children in the kindergarten.

Danna Cheng said yes, “I taught them the same at home.” After saying this, Danna Cheng thought of Daniel, “Xiao Xi, this child, has not wanted to go to kindergarten for a long time. He is still a child, and he thinks the children in the kindergarten are naive. , But fortunately, it didn’t take long before they could all go to elementary school.”

Daniel is mature, Ana Lin knows.

Speaking of Daniel, Danna Cheng said, “Go and see him, and stay in the room as soon as you come back these days.”

Ana Lin nodded, she opened the door and went out.

At the door of Daniel’s room, she knocked on the door.

There was no sound inside, she twisted the handle, the door was not locked, she gently pressed the lock down and opened, she pushed open the door, there was a light yellow bedside lamp in the room, Daniel was lying on the bedside, What I was looking at, I was fascinated, even without hearing someone knocking on the door, Ana Lin walked over lightly.

There are dense numbers of digital data displayed on his tablet.

These Ana Lin words can’t understand.

She gently called her son, “Xiao Xi.”

Daniel found out that someone had entered the room. He turned around and saw Ana Lin and shouted, “Mummy.”

Ana Lin smiled, “What is Xiao Xi doing so seriously, I didn’t even hear it when I came in?”

Daniel smiled, “The AC teacher sent me a number problem for me to solve. I find it very interesting.”

He pointed out to Ana Lin enthusiastically, “Look, mom, what is the law of these numbers?”

Ana Lin didn’t call these numbers and shook her head. She couldn’t understand them.

“Look.” Daniel pointed out a slash, “The numbers above are all composite numbers, while the horizontal lines are singular numbers. They are all regular. It is easy to figure out their answers just by looking for a clear pattern.”

When it comes to the field he is good at, Daniel’s face always flashes this light.

Ana Lin was at the bedside, holding her son in her arms, “Don’t you want to go to kindergarten?”

Daniel nodded honestly, “Too naive, the teacher coaxed me like a child.”

Ana Lin k*ssed his cheek and hugged his son tightly, “Then, where do you want to go to study?”

Daniel lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes flickered, and whispered, “I still want to go to AC.”

Ana Lin didn’t want his son to go, but he was still young and he was only half a class in AC.

“Xiao Xi, you are talented, but you are still very young. If you have not walked the way you should go now, you may regret it later. Every stage has fun at every stage. If you have not experienced it, you will The memory of the missing piece, that piece is blank. When you need to fill in the content, you didn’t fill it in. If you want to go, I am definitely supporting you. As long as you have good grades, you can skip grades in either elementary or middle school. I stayed in elementary school, middle school and high school for a few years, and the process is gone. At that time, when you have grown up, you can take the whole class in AC. Isn’t it better?”

Daniel thought about it carefully, and it was the truth.

“Mommy, I listen to you.” Daniel leaned in her arms, “Mommy.”


Ana Lin looked down at his son.

Daniel smiled, “Do you know? My teacher has come to City B.”

Ana Lin’s expression was a bit surprised, “That teacher from AC?”

Daniel nodded, “He has another identity.”

Chapter 375

Ana Lin asked subconsciously, “What identity?”

“Secret.” Daniel asked her a mystery, very mysterious.

Ana Lin didn’t take it to heart either. Daniel and the teacher who took him are also teachers and friends. There are a lot of little secrets between the two. Although he is sometimes very confused, his care for Daniel is not fake.

“Mummy, can you sleep with me tonight?” Daniel put her arms around her neck and acted like a baby.

Ana Lin said yes.

“Will he be jealous?” Daniel blinked.

Ana Lin frowned, “Who?”

“Dad.” Daniel called Phillip Zong, not as smooth as Ruth called.

He has been sensible since he was not around since he was a child, and suddenly he called this way, and he was always a little uncomfortable.

Ana Lin held her son’s face and squeezed, her delicate face changed its shape in her palm, “You are my son, I want to hug my son to sleep, who dares to have an opinion?”


Daniel’s nest secretly smiled in Ana Lin’s arms.

In the evening, after dinner, Ruth heard that Ana Lin was going to sleep with Daniel, and she was reluctant to sleep with them.

She held Ana Lin’s legs without loosening, and acted like a baby, “Mommy, I don’t care, I want you to sleep with you. You can’t be partial and sleep alone with your brother.”

Ana Lin stooped to pick up her daughter and said, “Okay, mommy will sleep with you today.”

The little girl laughed happily, and said with a bit of resentment, “Mummy hasn’t held me to sleep for a long time. She told me a story, but she was taken over by her father alone.”

Danna Cheng came out of the kitchen with the cut fruit, and heard Ruth’s voice, which was deeper than her resentment, “Didn’t I tell you a story?”

The little girl said clearly, “You said it, and my mom said it was mommy. It’s different.”

Danna Cheng is kind to her. She is willing to talk to Danna Cheng, but she has a deeper feeling for Ana Lin. When she was a child, Ana Lin told her stories every day.

She still k*ssed Ana Lin from the bottom of her heart.

“Why is it different?” Danna Cheng teased her deliberately.

Of course she knows that no one can replace a child’s love for his mother.

The little girl pouted and thought for a long time and said, “I was born to my mom, not you.”

At this time, Phillip Zong opened the door and came in. He happened to hear his daughter’s words, with a smile on his face.

“Dad.” The little girl was about to come down on two legs. Ana Lin bent over and put her on the ground. When the girl touched her feet, she ran towards Phillip Zong and called her father excitedly.

With a suit jacket on Phillip Zong’s arm, Ana Lin walked over and took the jacket he handed over and hung it on the hanger.

He stooped to pick up the daughter who leaped over, trying to touch her face, but he didn’t fall down thinking that he had come back from the outside without washing his hands.

“Dad, Mommy said that he would hug me and sleep with my brother today.” The little girl flaunted.

Phillip Zong raised his eyebrows slightly and cast his gaze, Ana Lin didn’t see it, and went to the sofa to sit down and eat fruit.

Phillip Zong put her daughter on the sofa and washed her hands.

When he came out, Danna Cheng asked concerned, “Have you had dinner?”

He didn’t raise his eyes to look here, and gave a faint hum.

Danna Cheng was already satisfied with this way of getting along. When she asked, he would answer instead of the previous non-response.

She took off her apron and went into the study.

Leave all the space to them.

Phillip Zong sat on the sofa, took her daughter over, and sat on his lap, entwining the broken hair around her ear with her fingers, “Who did you say you gave birth to?”

The little girl said without thinking, “Mummy gave birth to it.”

“Then you know, your mommy can’t give birth alone?”

Ruth blinked her eyes and didn’t understand. She tilted her head and thought, but still couldn’t figure it out. She was born from Mommy.

“I was born to Mommy.” He also emphasized, “Mummy was born all alone.”

“Don’t believe me, go and ask your mommy, can she give birth to you without me.” Between his eyebrows, there was a somewhat bohemian smile.

Ana Lin was aside, eating the cherry tomatoes in his mouth and almost spit it out.

How did the little girl understand the twists and turns here, and she innocently asked Ana Lin, “Mommy, I was born by you, right? I have nothing to do with Dad?”

Ana Lin glared at Phillip Zong, this man…

She picked up her daughter, “Mommy will take a bath for you.”

Phillip Zong also stood up and followed them.

Ana Lin looked back at him, “I’m going to bathe my daughter, do you want to follow?”

“I’m standing at the door and waiting, waiting for you to wash her, and wash me too.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Can you still ask for a face?

She almost broke out.

Phillip Zong came over, k*ssed her on the cheek, and then turned upstairs.

Ana Lin, “…”

Ruth blinked and was a little unhappy. Dad kssed Mommy, why didn’t he kss him?

Daniel went into the house after eating. At this moment, she had already taken a shower herself. She was wearing grey silk pajamas. She was sitting on the head of the bed with her legs crossed, the tablet on top, and her head down. Study number problems.

Hearing the sound and looking up, he saw Ana Lin holding his sister and sighed slightly, as if she expected her sister to know that Ana Lin was sleeping with him, and she would definitely pester to be with them.

“Do you think I’m not pleasing to your eyes?” Ruth raised her head.

Daniel showed a big smile, “How come, how can I not welcome my sister?”

The little girl smiled and put her arms around Ana Lin, “Mommy, let’s take a bath.”

Daniel shook his head, wondering when this child will grow up.

Ana Lin saw it and emphasized, “She is your sister and a child.”

It was Daniel who matured prematurely, not that Ruth was naive.

Ana Lin took her daughter to the bathroom and put a pool of hot water. She tried the water temperature and it felt almost right. She turned around and wanted to undress her daughter. As a result, she sat on a small stool and took off her clothes. All right.

White and tender like a porcelain doll, Ana Lin hugged her into the pool, and the little girl was swimming in the pool, “Mummy, I can swim here.”

Ana Lin took her daughter, “Don’t move, I will wash your hair.”

The little girl is not honest, “Mommy, you can wash it with me.”

“When you wash it, I will wash it again.” Ana Lin said.

Children like to play in the water, and it is comfortable to take a hot bath. They are not honest in the pool, and they move around and get water everywhere.

Give Ruth a good bath, Ana Lin’s body is soaked.

She wrapped her daughter in a bath towel and carried her to the dry area to change to her pajamas. The bathroom was separated from wet and dry, and spacious and very convenient.

Ruth and Daniel’s pajamas are made by herself for her children. The materials are very comfortable, but the color is different. Ruth’s is goose yellow, which takes advantage of her complexion. Ruth wears very cute.

She blow-dry her daughter’s hair, put her slippers on, and let her go out to play.

She had to wash and take a bath, and her body was wet. In addition to her daughter’s dishonesty, she sweated a lot and felt uncomfortable if she did not wash.

She took off her clothes and went into the pool, only to remember that in the bathroom downstairs, she didn’t put her pajamas.

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