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Chapter 376

She stroked her forehead, feeling that she was too fond of forgetting things. Fortunately, there are towels in the bathroom. When she washes them, let her son go upstairs to get them for her.

Thinking about how to get out of the bathroom, she lay comfortably in the pool for a bath.

After a while she got up, rinsed under the shower, washed her hair, and washed well. She wrapped the bath towel around her body and walked to the dry area. She did not open the door and said to the outside, “Xiao Xi, you help mother go upstairs Can you take pajamas?”

Daniel looked up and looked at the frosted glass door of the bathroom. No figure was visible at all. He asked, “Where is it placed?”

“In the cabinet under the bathroom mirror.” She deliberately put her pajamas in the cabinet in the bathroom. After taking a shower, she can put them on directly, and then come out without wrapping them in bath towels, and then change her pajamas.

“You wait for me to get it.” Daniel put down the tablet, slid off the bed, put on slippers, and ran upstairs. He moved fast, opened the door and walked in. He didn’t notice that there was someone at the door. Someone, he covered his forehead, looked up, and saw Phillip Zong also wearing a gray silk pajamas, just like his.

He blinked, looked down at himself, then looked up at him again.

Phillip Zong squatted down and took away his hand covering his forehead, “Does it hurt?”

There is no red on the forehead.

Daniel shook her head, “It doesn’t hurt.”

He thought for a while and asked, “Is your pajamas made by Mommy too?”

In the past, Mommy only made it for him and his sister.

Phillip Zong didn’t know if Ana Lin did it. He only knew that Ana Lin gave it to him. He always thought he bought it.

He looked at his son’s pajamas with the same material and style as his own and asked, “Is this made by your mommy?”

Daniel nodded, “Mami made most of the clothes that my sister and I wore next to each other.”

She is a fashion designer and knows fabrics well, and the clothing store has flat carts for making clothes, so she wants to make it very convenient.

Daniel looked at Phillip Zong and warned, “You must treat my mommy well.”

Mommy is so kind to him.

The others are not big and the momentum is not small.

Phillip Zong stood up and looked at him condescendingly, “What did you come up for?”

Good for Ana Lin? That is his duty to his own woman. He doesn’t hurt his woman, who hurts?

Use him to warn?

Daniel raised her head, “I’m here to get Mommy’s pajamas, and she will sleep with me today.”

Phillip Zong already knew, but he wasn’t surprised.

On the contrary, it was Daniel’s somewhat ostentatious meaning, as if it meant that you had occupied Mommy for a long time, and now Mommy is going to accompany him.

He patted his son’s little shoulder, smiled without saying a word, turned around and took out Ana Lin’s pajamas, Daniel stretched out his hand, “Give it to me.”

Phillip Zong handed it to him naturally, and Daniel hugged it in his arms, turned and stepped on the stairs downstairs.

Phillip Zong followed him, taking his steps unhurriedly.

Daniel ran to the room and knocked on the bathroom door, “Mummy, I brought it for you.”

Ana Lin was cleaning up the bathroom, putting all the changed clothes in the basket.

When she heard her son’s voice, she did not come over immediately, but told her son to let him hang his clothes on the handle.

Later she opened the door by herself.

Daniel said yes, then hung his clothes on the handle, then climbed onto the bed and continued to look at the tablet, and continued to study the number problems.

Ruth was rolling on the bed with her plush toy, tossing over and over.

In the bathroom, Ana Lin released the water in the pool, and it was almost done. She walked over to get her pajamas. The clothes were placed on the bathroom door handle. She only needed to open a gap where she could reach out. When she was about to withdraw her hand while she was wearing her clothes, she was suddenly grabbed by her wrist. Her nerves tightened. Just when she wanted to ask who it was, she saw the shadow that was leaning forward. She looked up along the gap, and soon she saw something. An angular and familiar face.

She frowned and said in a low voice, “What are you doing?”

Phillip Zong looked down from her face. She had just washed her hair, half-dried, and draped it over her shoulders. She was only wrapped in a white bath towel, and her neck and delicate collarbone were exposed in front of his eyes. Down, a pair of straight and thin legs.

His eyes are getting hotter and hotter.

Ana Lin was most afraid of seeing him like this, earning his hands lightly, “Don’t make trouble, both children are there.”

Phillip Zong’s voice was low, “Then you let me in.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She whispered, “I want to change clothes.”

“I know.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Phillip Zong smiled and stretched out her hand to squeeze her cheek, “It’s okay if you don’t let me go in, I also want to sleep below.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Does she have a choice?

Obviously he did it on purpose.

She glanced at him bitterly, “You have already calculated it, do you still need my consent?”

After speaking, she closed the bathroom door.

Phillip Zong was in a good mood when he reached his goal. He turned and walked into the room. Daniel glared at him, fearing that he was here to grab Ana Lin with himself.

Ruth was different. Seeing him, she jumped up on the bed happily, “Dad.” She threw herself into Phillip Zong’s arms, wrapped around him like an octopus, he put his arms around his daughter’s waist and patted with the other. Her ass, “Be honest.”

The little girl wrapped his neck and complained, “You just kssed Mommy, you didn’t kss me.”

After speaking, he put his face to his mouth, “k*ss me too.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed him on the cheek and pinched her nose, “You can bite your mouth at a young age?”

The little girl giggled, hiding in his arms and acting like a baby, “I learned to write a lot of characters, are you going to reward me?”

“What do you want?” Phillip Zong hugged her while lying on the bed, Daniel moved to the side and looked at his sister and Phillip Zong. This is his bed, which was now occupied by these two people.

Ruth tilted her head and thought, “I want a secret Star Wars base.”

Daniel cast his gaze immediately, and he looked at his sister in surprise.

My younger sister likes stuffed toys, or Barbie dolls the most,

Phillip Zong was also surprised. He hugged his daughter, “When did you like these things?”

“I see in the browsing history of my brother, this thing is the most, and the collection is the most, he should like it very much. I want to give it to him, but I have no money.” The little girl nestled in Phillip Zong’s arms, “Dad, you Give it to me, I can give it to my brother.”

Daniel liked it, but let Phillip Zong buy it, and felt that he would be soft on his hands.

“…I don’t want it.” He suppressed desire.

Phillip Zong lay sideways on the bed, half of his face stuck in the quilt. He fiddled with his daughter’s hair, “Your brother doesn’t accept your affection. You can choose another one you like.”

She basically has everything she likes, “Then buy me a little yellow duck doll.”

Daniel was in pain from hearing it.

What do you want a little yellow duck doll for such a good opportunity?

Besides, she already has one.

“Good.” Phillip Zong agreed.

The little girl happily k*ssed him on his face, and the saliva stuck to his face, obviously wet, his eyelashes flapped, and he reached out to wipe the saliva from the corners of his daughter’s lips.

Chapter 377

The little girl grinned, showing a row of white teeth, seeming to enjoy Phillip Zong’s saliva on her.

Ana Lin walked out in pajamas, the wide bed, Phillip Zong occupies most of the position. Daniel, like a poor little bug, nestled on the bedside watching where Phillip Zong and Ruth interacted intimately.

She walked over to hug her son, took off the tablet in his hand and put it on the table, “It’s time to go to bed.”

Daniel sighed slightly. She was able to sleep with her mother for one night. Who knew Ruth would also follow. Now Phillip Zong is also coming. A bed is so wide, how can I sleep?

He just wants to sleep with his mother for one night, why is it so difficult?

“My sister and I slept in the middle.” Daniel suggested.

He thought, Phillip Zong can’t be with Ana Lin when he sleeps with his sister.

Ruth didn’t have the idea of ​​Daniel. As long as he could sleep in the same bed with his parents, he could sleep well, so there was no opinion.

Phillip Zong glanced at his son, did not reveal his careful thoughts, and lay down holding his daughter.

Between the two children sleeping, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin naturally slept on both sides.

Ruth couldn’t sleep, she touched Phillip Zong’s body with her little hand. She used to slept with Ana Lin’s chest. Later, she slept with Danna Cheng. This problem should have been lost.

She doesn’t have to touch to sleep, but her hands will be dishonest.

Her little hands, fleshy and soft, rubbed against Phillip Zong’s body. His heart panicked and grabbed his daughter’s hand, “Be honest.”

The little girl blinked, “Daddy’s meat is so hard.”

Whether it’s Ana Lin or Danna Cheng’s is soft, only Dad’s is not soft at all.

Phillip Zong was speechless about his daughter’s evaluation.

“Go to sleep, don’t say anything unnutritious.” Daniel patted her sister on the back.

Ruth curled her lips, “I didn’t talk to you either, I was talking to dad.”

“Well, you are not allowed to speak or sleep.” Ana Lin said solemnly.

For Ana Lin’s words, the two little guys still obeyed, closing their mouths and not speaking.

But he didn’t fall asleep quickly, and it took about an hour before he fell asleep slowly.

Ana Lin didn’t fall asleep, she was carrying something in her heart.

Regarding the basket that Daniel stabbed, she didn’t know if Phillip Zong knew, he hadn’t found time to tell him when he came home late.

After a while, she saw that the two children were asleep, and she whispered, “Are you asleep?”

Phillip Zong happened to not sleep, so he hummed.

Ana Lin lifted the quilt and got off the bed gently, “I have something to tell you, let’s go outside.”

Ruth’s small head rested on his arm, Phillip Zong gently placed her daughter’s head on the pillow, got up and got out of bed and followed Ana Lin out of the bedroom.

Ana Lin poured a glass of water into the living room, “Do you want it?”

“No.” Phillip Zong leaned on the sofa in her pajamas, looking at her, “What do you want to tell me?”

“When I came back today, I met someone.” She sat down beside Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong’s eyes narrowed, as if he knew who was looking for her.

Ana Lin looked at his expression, “Do you know who it is?”

How can he not care about what his son does.

He hummed slightly, “Don’t worry.”

Many people have been sent to look for this woman. She can’t even get out of City B now, and catch her sooner or later.

“Did you hurt you?” Phillip Zong brushed her long hair, Ana Lin took a sip of water and put the water glass on the table, “No.”

“I’m afraid she will hurt her two children. I told my mother to tell her not to take her two children to kindergarten these days. If you have someone, call them both.” She was afraid that the woman would do something crazy.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, “I will arrange.”

Ana Lin leaned into his arms, resting his head on his shoulders, “Does Foster Wen know?”

“No evidence yet.” Although they all guessed that way, Foster Wen did these things because he knew the relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong.

But they have no evidence to prove that Foster Wen knew, how did he know, was it artificial or…

Ana Lin sighed slightly, “I don’t want you to be embarrassed, but I can’t tell you the reason. This is what I promised her. If it is really because of my relationship with her, Foster Wen is so deliberately trying to break us up. I was surprised and at a loss. If I could, I would sit down and explain to him or keep a distance from her…”

Just meet in private.

She was also careless, Phillip Zong reminded her before.

She also knew that Foster Wen must have a knot with Danna Cheng, because Wen Xian did not hesitate to know the law for breaking the law, and kept Bai Hongfei and Danna Cheng for so long.

Now that Wen Xian is dead, Foster Wen probably only hates Danna Cheng.

From his perspective, Phillip Zong is his sister’s only child. How could he allow Phillip Zong’s wife to get along with Danna Cheng.

He must be thinking that Phillip Zong’s wife should be attentive to Phillip Zong and should not have anything to do with Danna Cheng.

But, how did he know that she and Danna Cheng had a good relationship?

Ana Lin remembered the meeting with Danna Cheng outside, she suddenly sat upright, “Could it be the last time I met Danna Cheng outside and he saw it?”

They live in the villa, which means that they are willing to live in the same room with Danna Cheng.

It is not difficult for Foster Wen to explore the relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng.

“Leave this to me.” Phillip Zong put her in his arms, “do what you want to do whatever you want.”

Ana Lin’s face pressed against his heart, “Okay.”

When she got things done in the clothing store, she went to see Lena Qin to see how she recovered.

The doctor would send her a message every day, telling her about Lena Qin’s condition. Now her injuries are almost recovered, and she has undergone two minor operations on her face. To restore her appearance, she will have to perform many operations.

“How is Alan Su?” she asked.

Alan Su has never appeared since sending Lena Qin away.

Alan Su is now living a two-point-one-line life, home and office.

In addition to working hard is to go home to take care of grandma.

I didn’t like to go home before, and I liked to play outside. Now I don’t go to the places I used to go again.

What happened to Lena Qin was a big blow to him.

Ana Lin thinks this is a good thing, “He should grow up.”

Because of him, Lena Qin has suffered so much. If he still can’t figure out things as before, then he really won’t be saved.

Phillip Zong squeezed her cheek, “I’m so worried.”

Ana Lin slapped his hand, “It hurts.”

“It hurts there?” He deliberately pressed against her neck, biting and biting. “Is it here?”

Ana Lin pushed him, “Don’t make trouble, this is the living room.”

Chapter 378

Let people see it later.

Wanda and another servant, as well as Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng, live in this building. If they wake up at night…

Phillip Zong buried her neck with a smirk, “Is it OK to go back to the room?”

Ana Lin looked at the swaying shadow of the tree outside the window, her vision was a little blurry, she gave a vague hum, the voice was very low, but Phillip Zong heard it very clearly.

He clasped her waist, dragged her ass, and picked her up from the sofa. Ana Lin hooked his neck and actively k*ssed his lips.

There was no light in the living room, only a ray of moonlight leaning in from the window. Phillip Zong responded to her k*ss while holding her upstairs.

The door of the room on the second floor was pushed back, and Ana Lin returned rationally, “The two children are still below…”

“I’ll hold you down later.”


His fingers pressed against her opened lips, and his fingertips ran over her soft lips. He was condescending, and the moonlight that came in illuminated half of his face, and his fingers slipped into her clothes. Ling, finally stayed in her heart’s position, “Here, you can only think of me.”

He took possession of his sturdy chest against her, his arms wrapped around her waist, his lips k*ssed her hair and her ears, his fingers flexibly unbuttoned her pajamas.

Ana Lin trembled under him.

Facing him, Ana Lin never prevailed.

Even if you start to take the initiative, you will end up with the passive side.

In that respect, he is as domineering and bossy as always.

Later, Ana Lin was drowsy, and she was too tired to be tossed with him. She was so tired that she didn’t know when she fell asleep, and she didn’t know if Phillip Zong hugged her down and fell into a fascination late at night. She heard the door opening when she was thirsty, and she was about to open her eyes. She opened her eyes and unexpectedly found that there was a lamp in the room. The light beam was dim, and a shadowy mottle was spread over the low table against the wall. Above, the dark red sofa was stacked with a black shadow, and the shadow swayed in the dim beam of light, returning to silence.

Ana Lin rubbed his eyes and saw clearly who the person was.

“Why don’t you sleep?”

Phillip Zong put down his phone and walked over, “Wake up?”

Ana Lin frowned slightly, “Thirsty.”

He was silent for two seconds, and poured a glass of water toward her at the table. He walked fast and lightly, for fear of shocking her panic. The fuzzy outline gradually became clear. The glass of water was fed to her lips. She was mechanical The warm water passed through the throat, which relieved a lot of dry mouth.

“Do you want more?” he asked softly.

Ana Lin shook his head and looked up to see the time, only to find that it was already half past five, and it turned out that it was almost dawn.

“Have you stayed up?” she asked.

“Sleep for a while.” After the incident, he hugged her to sleep for a while, and then was awakened by the sound of the mobile phone message. It was a message sent to him by Milton Guan. He found out that Foster Wen had sent someone to Baicheng.

It is basically certain that Foster Wen knows the relationship between Ana Lin and Danna Cheng.

He is deliberately trying to find him a woman, guessing, because Ana Lin and Danna Cheng’s relationship is not as good as his intention, will…

Ana Lin was a little sober, Phillip Zong put down her in the water cup building, her pajamas were open, and everything he saw was the marks left by him. He sat on the bed and buttoned her.

Ana Lin looked down at his hand, his fingers were long and distinct, and his nails were neatly trimmed and clean.

Her voice was a little hoarse, she didn’t know if it was because she just woke up, or something else, “Miss Chen, she’s pretty long.”

Phillip Zong’s hand paused, raised her eyes, her eyes met, and she smiled, “You said that you are also a normal man, you have seven emotions and six desires, and your desire for women is normal.”

Her heart was uneasy, and she herself didn’t know what was wrong with her, just thinking that if one day Phillip Zong sleeps with another woman, she will be uncomfortable and unacceptable.

“You will… and other women…”

Phillip Zong pushed a strand of her hair, pretending not to understand her, “How about other women?”

Ana Lin glared at him, “You know what I mean.”

“I don’t know.” He continued to pretend to be crazy.

Ana Lin gritted his teeth, “Will you cheat?”

Phillip Zong was lost in thought, as if this question was difficult to answer.

Ana Lin frowned. Just when she was about to get angry with his attitude, Phillip Zong lightly k*ssed her lips, “If you don’t want me to find another woman, just feed me.”

Ana Lin stared at his face, stayed silent for a few seconds, rushed over unexpectedly, and bit his shoulder, “If you betray me, I will kill you.”

Phillip Zong didn’t move, he didn’t even frown his brows, his lips smiled, “I won’t give you a chance to kill me.”

He grabbed her body, rolled over and pressed the person down, “To die, die on you.”

“Zong Jing…hao.”

When Ana Lin woke up again in the morning, it was almost ten o’clock. There was no one on the other side of the bed, and even the temperature was gone, so he should have left early.

She held her forehead and cursed Phillip Zong thousands of times in her heart.

She saw how the two children explained that she slept with them obviously last night, and as a result, she slept upstairs.

Phillip Zong would really give her a problem.

She woke up, there was still a strong sticky feeling under her body. She dragged her tired body into the bathroom. In the mirror, her body was covered with marks. He unconsciously got it up, or he deliberately made it hurt. It looked shocking now, but it didn’t hurt much.

She unconsciously stretched out her hand to touch her abdomen, and was with Phillip Zong. They didn’t have contraception. After so long, she really didn’t get pregnant.

Before, she didn’t think it had anything to do with being unable to have children, but now, she is a little bit lost.

In her heart, she was expecting Phillip Zong to know how she was pregnant.

When there used to be Daniel and Ruth, he didn’t know that he was born wrong and missed their growth.

She sighed slightly, cheered up, and went into the shower room to wash her body.

She cleaned up and went downstairs.

It is estimated that she told Danna Cheng yesterday that the two children did not go to kindergarten on Friday. They were both at home.

Daniel didn’t play with his number problems in the room, but played with a lot of Lego parts in the living room.

Ana Lin walked down and read the box next to it that said, Star Wars Secret Base.

Yesterday, after listening to his daughter, Phillip Zong sent a message to Milton Guan and asked him to buy a set and send it to him. Milton Guan was very efficient and delivered it early in the morning.

Daniel was indulging in the fun of fighting for the secret base, and had long forgotten why Ana Lin didn’t sleep in the room.

But Ruth was so coaxing, Phillip Zong hugged her, and there was no explanation, and they forgot to pursue it.

Ana Lin originally didn’t know how to tell the two children, but now she was relieved.

“Should you be hungry?” Wanda smiled and brought out the food reserved for her, “Hurry up and eat something.”

Ana Lin was indeed hungry, and his stomach groaned.

She sat at the dining table to eat, and he picked up the phone to call Milton Guan.

At this time Milton Guan was standing in the conference room, and Phillip Zong was in a meeting.

Suddenly his cell phone rang, interrupting Phillip Zong who was talking.

His eyes shot over coldly.

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