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Chapter 379

Milton Guan shuddered and whispered directly in his heart, who, when calling him at this time, he took out his phone in Phillip Zong’s sharp eyes, and saw the display on it, and he felt like a heavy release.

There are hundreds of executives sitting below, all looking at Milton Guan. The company has regulations that mobile phones must be muted during the meeting.

Milton Guan straightened his waist and answered the phone.

Ana Lin swallowed the food in his mouth and said to the phone, “What happened to what you asked me to check?”

Milton Guan didn’t remember for a while, what did she ask him to check?

Ana Lin put down his chopsticks, “I asked you to help me check the brokerage company where Roman Li is located. Have you forgotten it or did you not check it?”

Milton Guan suddenly realized that it was Ana Lin’s call that he could not do this in front of the company’s executives, listening to the phone, and taking up time for meetings.

He looked at Phillip Zong and turned the screen of his mobile phone towards him so that he could see the caller ID.

Milton Guan’s remark to Ana Lin is, “Mrs. President”

Phillip Zong frowned, did not scold him, let him go out to pick him up.

Milton Guan said with a smile, so good.

Before Milton Guan could answer, Ana Lin was a little impatient, “Are you busy?”

“Not busy, not busy.” Milton Guan closed the door of the meeting.

Find a quiet place with no people, “You hung up too fast last time. I didn’t say too much. Roman Li didn’t sign a brokerage company. There was only one broker beside him.”

Ana Lin’s brow furrowed deeper, “Can you find someone else?”

“He just returned to China a few days ago and now lives at No. 108, Tongling West Road.” Milton Guan said.

Ana Lin was satisfied, “Yeah.”

“Wait.” Just when Ana Lin was about to hang up, Milton Guan stopped her, “Do you know Roman Li?”

Ana Lin told the truth, “I don’t know.”

“Then why are you looking for him?”

“Work needs, why, can’t it?” Ana Lin felt that Milton Guan seemed to be asking too much.

“You, don’t you know his identity?” Milton Guan asked tentatively.

Ana Lin became interested, “What is his identity?”

Milton Guan opened his mouth and just wanted to talk, but he felt that he shouldn’t have said this.

“You’ll know when the time comes.” Milton Guan hung up after speaking.

Ana Lin didn’t know, it means that she definitely didn’t talk to Phillip Zong about looking for Roman Li, otherwise, he needed to check his address.

Ana Lin looked at the phone, a little bit dumbfounded, this person only said half of what he said?

Aroused people’s interest, and stopped talking?

It’s fun?

She put down her mobile phone, went out after dinner, sat in the car, and navigated with her mobile phone to 108 Tongling West Road. She didn’t know the road and could only rely on navigation.

She drove the car along the navigation in this direction. The closer she got to the destination, the more remote she was. She couldn’t help but muttered, “Is the place where the big star lives so biased?”

The houses on both sides of the street are very old, there is occasionally a small shop, and there are no pedestrians on the road and occasionally there are people who are also getting older.

Most of this community lives in elderly people. She looked at this Roman Li from Baidu. Not only was she a popular star, but she was also young. How could she live in such an old community?

Besides, stars like him shouldn’t be short of money, right?

Ana Lin suspected that Milton Guan’s news to him was false.

Just when she was about to give up, she saw the house number 108. She noticed a young man dangling in front of this building with a peaked cap and a camera in his arms. It was obvious that she wanted to be a reporter taking a sneak shot.

Ana Lin stopped the car, looking like this, she was afraid she would not see Roman Liren, right?

Now she somewhat understood why this Roman Li lived in such a community, and the purpose was to put aside the reporters.

She looked up through the car window. The floor was not very high, about fifteen or six. There were a lot of clothes hanging on the window, underwear and panties, floating in front of the window, there was no image at all.

Ana Lin put her chin on, thinking in her heart, how could she see this Roman Li?

Seeing this, even if she knocks on the door, no one will open the door for her.

Maybe think of her as a paparazzi reporter.


Just as Ana Lin was racking his brains to find a way to see Roman Li, the door opened. A man wearing a black mask, wearing casual clothes, with a hat over his head, covering most of his face, he could barely see. Come out of him.

She was caught off guard by the commotion, and she blocked the door without seeing the person coming out of it.

Most of them are girls, holding signs in their hands, Roman Li, I love you] Roman Li, my husband] and so on, screaming in their mouths, repeating the two words over and over again, “Roman Li”

Ana Lin saw the star chasing scene for the first time.

She used to watch the news and watched the “people and seas” and thought they were all fake. Now, she finds that this is crazier than what she saw on TV.

There was only one fat man beside Roman Li, with pigtails on his head, a backpack on his body, and glasses. He wanted to protect Roman Li, but there were too many people.

Ana Lin was in a trance, felt that she was dreaming a few times, but she did not expect that one day she would be able to go to the star chasing scene to watch the stars.

She was rather expecting to see Roman Li’s real face, whether it was really handsome to the point of crazy.

Now she was a little curious about how this Roman Li would get out, surrounded by so many people, with only one person beside him.

Just as she watched with gusto, her rear door was opened.

“Hurry up and drive.”

Ana Lin turned around and saw a tall man wearing black sunglasses and a black mask on his face, almost covering his entire face.

This image…how does it resemble the Roman Li she saw on Baidu?

She turned around to look at the door, and the crazy fans were still stuck at the door, crazy for Roman Li.

“Who are you?” A big question mark popped out of Ana Lin’s head.

Roman Li pressed down the glasses on the bridge of his nose with his fingers, and saw Ana Lin’s face clearly, “It’s you…”

“Roman Li?” Ana Lin saw his face.

Roman Li put on his glasses, “Take me out of here.”

Ana Lin said nothing and started the car.

It really complied with the old saying, there is nowhere to find a place to break through the iron shoes, and it is all effortless.

“Where are you going?” Ana Lin asked.

“city center.”

There was a fan meeting today, and the preparations were ready over there, so he was sent to the scene.

Before getting into the car, he thought it was the other side who came to pick him up. After seeing Ana Lin, he realized that he had made the wrong car. Anyway, now he has got rid of the fans who blocked him.

He took off his glasses and mask, revealing his entire face.

Black and blue hair, trimmed very individuality, deep eyes, bright as the moon, face like a carved face with distinct features, horns and ridges are unusually beautiful.

He wears a light blue fine checkered lining, his wrists are loosely rolled up, simple and slightly gorgeous, and somewhat indescribably sexy.

The tall nose and moderately thick red lips are now filled with a dizzying smile.

“long time no see.”

Chapter 380

long time no see?

Ana Lin asked, “Are you talking to me?”

“Is there anyone else in the car?” Roman Li curled his lips, his lips were red and his teeth were white, with an expression of interest on his face at the moment.

Ana Lin thought about it carefully in his mind, and indeed he had never seen this face.

Did he admit the wrong person, or did she remember it wrong?

“Have we met?” Ana Lin asked.

Roman Li looked upright and asked tentatively, “You really didn’t recognize me?”

Ana Lin turned her head and looked at this face carefully. It was indeed good-looking, but she really didn’t have an impression. It stands to reason that if she had ever seen such a handsome face, she would not forget it.

At this time, the car drove to the city center, and the largest mall was full of banners, all about Roman Li.

“Fan meeting, right here?” Ana Lin asked.

Roman Li nodded, put on a mask and glasses, “You go in with me.”

Ana Lin thought for a while, and she just wanted to ask this person to be her endorsement. If she was familiar with it, she might be able to get close to it. When she invited him, he couldn’t refuse.

She readily agreed, “Okay.”

Roman Li raised his eyes and glanced at her. The lips under the mask made a big curve, “I’ll make a call.”

A staff member will pick him up here.

He got out of the car rashly, and he might be blocked by crazy fans again.

Ana Lin knew that his status was special and did not raise any objections.

Roman Li took out his cell phone and called and said he had arrived.

“where are you?”

“The door.”


“What kind of car did you make? The person who was sent to pick you up said he didn’t pick you up.”

Roman Li looked up at Ana Lin. He didn’t pay attention to the license plate number when he got on the car.

“What’s your license plate number?”


Roman Li repeated it to the end of the phone, and then hung up.

“We are waiting for the staff over there to pick us up.” Roman Li said helplessly.

I am accustomed to such things.

Ana Lin smiled to express understanding.

It didn’t take long for the window glass to be knocked, and the people who came to pick up Roman Li came.

There was no way to go through the back door, it was blocked by people, and I could only enter from the front.

The security of the mall also has a large number of staff members, blocking the crazy fans together, and finally there is a way to get in.

“Roman Li! Roman Li!”

Ana Lin walked next to Roman Li, getting close to those fans who were obsessed with Roman Li, and couldn’t help but feel cold.

Roman Li is handsome, she has to admit that, but there is no need to be so crazy, right?

If it weren’t for the security and staff to stop them, they would really rush up.

When Roman Lihui appeared in this mall, he signed a contract with the person in charge of the mall. The mall had to pay his appearance fee before he chose to hold a fan meeting here.

The mall is also considering that Roman Li is a popular little fresh meat, and the traffic is naturally a lot. He can not only play a role in publicity, but also bring additional income to the mall. There are so many people here today, more or less will be there. Some shopping malls.

In the past, the main entrance hall of the mall was decorated with various decorations, but now they are all removed and replaced on the stage. Of course, the protagonist is Roman Li.

Roman Li walked into the hall with crazy shouts and stood on the stage. He took off his sunglasses and mask, revealing his entire face, and there was another crazy shout from the audience.

Ana Lin stood there and looked at Roman Li on the stage. He did have the capital to make fans scream for him. He was tall and handsome. When he stood on stage, he was full of light. He was the only one. The dazzling protagonist.

Nothing can stop his light.

“I am very grateful to everyone for liking me and coming to my meeting.” Roman Li bowed deeply to the fans, “Thank you.”

“In order to thank everyone for your like and support, today, I also have a surprise for everyone.”


Roman Li’s words caused a lot of commotion. Everyone was looking forward to the surprise. Some fans boldly shouted, “What surprise, is it a k*ss for fans?!”

“We don’t want to be surprised, we want you to k*ss us.”

The scene was out of control.

Ana Lin was clearly in it, but he looked like an outsider.

She put her hands around her chest and looked at the crazy picture.

In the bursts of shouts, Roman Li shouted surprises for everyone.

“I will win one among today’s fans, and spend 24 hours with me, inseparable!”

The bottom is completely boiling.

This temptation is too big, even more attractive than getting his k*sses. You have to know that you spend 24 hours with the male god.

“Everyone, please be quiet?” His low voice seemed to be magical, soothing the restless hearts below.

“Whoever hits the flashlight is the lucky one.” The host said the rules of the game, “Everyone is quiet, you are too noisy, you will scare the flash away.”

Everyone wants to get this lucky prize, so they calm down, pray in their hearts which one will win the prize, and then spend 24 hours with the male god.

Maybe these 24 hours can make the male god fall in love with him, and then become the real Mrs. Roman Li.

The flash lights up.

Roman Li whispered to the host.

The host asked in a low voice, “Who?”

Soon, Roman Li’s gaze fell on Ana Lin, “She.”

The host understood and nodded, “I’ll let someone arrange it.”

Then came the tense moment, the flashing light constantly shuttled through the crowd.

The host arranged for Roman Li’s explanation in the background and returned to the stage.

“Let’s count down, stop the flash, whoever stops on, is the lucky one today!”


The atmosphere is getting tense.

“2, 1.”

The last sound fell, and the light shone on Ana Lin who was standing in the corner.

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, and looked left and right. It was a little unexpected. Why did it fall on her?

The host shouted, “I have invited this lucky guy to come on stage.”

Ana Lin wanted to say that she admired Roman Li, but she was really not a fan of him. It was a waste of this benefit to her.

But don’t accept it, as if she despised Roman Li.

She was in a dilemma.

“That fan, isn’t it coming up?” Ana Lin hesitated, the host shouted again.

Roman Li looked at Ana Lin, feeling a little uncomfortable in his heart. He is used to being surrounded by fans, and he also has a sense of pride unconsciously. Ana Lin’s expression is obviously reluctant.

Ana Lin couldn’t refuse this kind of occasion. Refusing was tantamount to refuting Roman Li’s face. She also wanted to hire someone to endorse her clothes, so she could just bite the bullet.

She stepped onto the stage.

Below was another commotion.

Most of them were disappointed, complaining about why they were not selected.

Ana Lin walked onto the stage under various jealous eyes.

The host handed the microphone to her, “When did you like Roman Li and were captured by his character?”

Roman Li stood straight next to him.

She seemed to look forward to her answer.

Chapter 381

Ana Lin checked Roman Li’s famous ambassador, and she could name him on the TV he played, but in reality, she had never watched it.

How does this make her answer?

“I’m nervous, don’t you know what to say?” The host activity atmosphere.

Ana Lin smiled, “It’s really nervous, I’m surprised to be able to stand with my idol.”

Roman Li stood aside, raised his head proudly, satisfied with this answer.

“Then you like his role?” the host asked again.

Ana Lin answered fluently, “I like each of his roles.”

There was a round of applause below.

“Extend your right hand.” The host said to Ana Lin.

She looked at the host, is there any gift to give her? She doesn’t need, “I’m already very happy to have such close contact with my idol Roman Li. As for the gifts, I will not accept them and give them to other fans.”

The host is very adaptable, “This gift can only be given to you alone, hold out your hand.”

Ana Lin opened his mouth, and found that he was not good enough to refuse, so he could only stretch out one hand.

She hadn’t seen clearly what the host was holding, only heard a click, her hand was handcuffed.

Ana Lin was stunned.

At this time, the host’s voice sounded again, “In order to prove that this benefit is not fraudulent, I will handcuff Roman Li and this fan together. Come here 24 hours later and give her the key. What do you think?”

“it is good!”

The following answers are almost unanimous.

Roman Li was also asked by his supporters to stretch out his hand. Roman Li was also a little confused. He didn’t tell him before that he should be handcuffed together.

Now, even if he wants to regret it, it won’t work.

He could only reach out and let the host to hand him over.

“Timing begins!”

In other words, counting from this moment, coming here after 24 hours and opening the handcuffs will end the game.

Ana Lin only treats this as for people to see. It should be opened afterwards, so she didn’t panic. He walked down according to the process, and there were constant shouts of fans from behind. Some even called Ana Lin to help them. k*ss Roman Li.

Roman Li also thought that he would be able to untie it later, so as soon as he left the public’s sight, he spoke, “Can you open it for us now?”

The host shook his head, “That’s it, 24 hours later.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“I told me that there was this item before.” Roman Li was angry, not because he was angered by chaining him and Ana Lin together, but because he was angry without telling him in advance.

“It’s written in the contract, haven’t you read it carefully?”

Roman Li, “…”

He really didn’t take a closer look.

I usually read the contract carefully when I receive advertisements or something. This time I didn’t read the contract carefully because of the lack of formal publicity.

He gritted his teeth, simply that this woman is not an outsider, he can accept it, so be it.

Ana Lin didn’t want to be handcuffed all the time. She was still with a man for 24 hours. How could she go home and bring him home?

Phillip Zong knew, he must be angry.

He is so possessive.

“No, you have to open it for me.” Ana Lin couldn’t accept such a thing. How did she go to the bathroom in these 24 hours? How do you go out to meet people?

People who don’t know thought she made some mistakes.

She would never accept this being handcuffed.

“Sorry, there is nothing I can do. Let’s see you in 24 hours.” After finishing speaking, the host left, leaving Ana Lin and Roman Li, as well as Roman Li’s agent Long Fatty who rushed over.

Because he is fat, Roman Li calls him that.

He also expressed helplessness about this matter, “We were careless and let them dig a hole in the contract.”

Ana Lin thought he was innocent, so why was he caught?

“Things are already like this, but fortunately, the time is not very long. Drink a cup of tea and the time to watch a movie is almost the same.” Long Pang Pang saw that Ana Lin was unwilling to persuade him. Here you are, you are really lucky.”

Ana Lin didn’t smile, yes, she was lucky.

She was tortured without knowing the situation, and it took 24 hours.

Roman Li was unhappy about Ana Lin’s rejection, and said lightly, “Let’s go, this is not a place to talk.”

In order not to be in a hurry and the paparazzi to find them, Fatty Long arranged a car for them and left the underground garage.

Sitting in the car, Roman Li looked at Ana Lin, “You really don’t recognize me?”

Ana Lin shook his head, murmured the crime in his heart, they really didn’t know each other.

“Pang Fat, give me my equipment.” Roman Li stretched out his hand towards Long Fatty.

Long Pangpang parked the car on the side of the road and took a box from the trunk to him.

Roman Li opened the box with his other uncuffed hand, took out the comb inside to loosen his hair, and put on a pair of black round glasses.

“Can you recognize it?” He looked at Ana Lin and asked.

Ana Lin was dumbfounded, how could this, this look, look like Daniel’s teacher in AC?

“You, you, are you my son’s teacher?” Ana Lin couldn’t connect such two different people.

“Well, otherwise, how would I recognize you?” Roman Li fiddled with his combed hair.

Ana Lin was completely silly.

This is not a world at all, not a person of a personality, how could they be the same person?

“You look different in personality, but in fact, it’s just a little different in appearance.” Roman Li spoke to her in the tone of the teacher.

Ana Lin believed it this time.

It’s this voice. Every time I meet with this teacher, he uses this tone. He doesn’t rush or slow, and his rhythmic sentences make people sound very knowledgeable.

“Didn’t Xiao Xi tell you?” Roman Li asked.

Before he came back, he talked to Daniel on the phone and told him his secret.

He told Daniel not to tell anyone, in fact, he wanted to test Daniel’s laxity.

“No.” Ana Lin remembered half of his son’s words that day. It turned out that this was the secret he said.

Roman Li was very satisfied with this little guy, but he really didn’t say anything.

Ana Lin now somewhat understands why Daniel is so mature, and sometimes does things that don’t make sense.

With such a teacher who is not tuned, how can there be students with tune?

“What is your preference? To be a teacher or to be a star?” Ana Lin wanted to know, which one of these two contrasting professions he liked.

Roman Li pondered for a moment, “Being a star is to piss my dad, and being a teacher is a hobby.”

Ana Lin, “…”

She was speechless, this explanation.

To be a star in order to piss your dad?

This reason…

But I have to admit that he has two brushes, it’s not easy to be red.

What’s more handsome in the entertainment industry is that it’s definitely not enough to rely on your face.

Roman Li leaned back in his chair, looking a little lazy, “I can go to this day because I have a rich brother.”

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