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Table of Contents

Chapter 382

What can’t you do if you have money?

He wants to be a star, he wants to act in a TV series, can attract investment, and it is not difficult to get a role in the show.

Ana Lin took a deep breath.

Roman Li subverted her three views.

How rebellious is this kid to make himself a popular star in order to piss his father?

Such a teacher, she didn’t dare to continue to let her son follow him, and later learn to be as rebellious as him, that would not be worth the gain.

She thought so in her heart, but she didn’t show it on her face.

On the other side, after Milton Guan answered Ana Lin’s call, Phillip Zong called to the office.

Milton Guan can stay with Phillip Zong for so long, which shows how smart he is.

Before Phillip Zong asked, he started talking, and his mouth was sweet, knowing what Phillip Zong wanted to hear, “Your wife called me last time and asked me to check Roman Li’s residence.”

Phillip Zong’s eyebrows are slightly raised, Ana Lin is checking Roman Li?

“I just told her Roman Li’s address. I should have seen people by now?” Milton Guan was a little uncertain whether Phillip Zong was happy or unhappy.

He was cautious, “You didn’t tell her who Roman Li is?”

What Phillip Zong cares about is not these, what he cares about is why Ana Lin would take the initiative to find Roman Li.

“I see.” Phillip Zong waved his hand, Milton Guan bowed his head and exited.

He picked up the phone and dialed a series of cell phone numbers.

In the carriage, because Roman Li and Ana Lin were handcuffed together, his mobile phone rang and he couldn’t hold it easily. His mobile phone was in the pocket of his jacket. Because of the deep pocket, his hand was not easy to reach in, but this side was far away. Ana Lin is near.

He blinked his black eyes, “Will you help me hold it?”

Ana Lin glanced at him and took it out for him, “I also want to ask you to do me a favor.” %&(&

She took the opportunity to say her request.

She never knew how to speak.

Roman Li glanced at the caller ID of the mobile phone, his eyelids collapsed, and he seemed to be in awe of this person at the same time.

He looked at Ana Lin, “Wait until I finish answering the phone.”

Ana Lin nodded.

He pressed the answer button and didn’t wait for someone to speak, he spoke first, smiling, “Why did you think of calling me?”

Usually, I need to take the initiative to contact him.

He rarely takes the initiative to contact himself.

Calling him such abruptly, his heart beats up, and he hasn’t caused any trouble recently.

“Where are the people?”

Roman Li looked out the window, but couldn’t see where he was, and asked the fat dragon who drove Xiang, “Where are we now?”

“I found you a new place to live, Tongling Road can’t live anymore…”

“I ask you where we are!”

Phillip Zong pinched the bridge of his nose very impatiently, “Come to the company.”

He hung up after speaking.

Roman Li blinked. Why was he unhappy listening to this voice?

But for Phillip Zong’s order, he didn’t dare not listen.

Long Pangpang can only change his course, “Go to my brother’s company.”

Pang Pang Long followed Roman Li, naturally knowing who his brother was, and he turned around at the intersection ahead.

He installed his phone and turned to look at Ana Lin, “What can I do for you? Can I teach Xiaoxi? Don’t worry about that…”

“No.” Ana Lin hurriedly interrupted him. She didn’t dare to give her son to him to teach. She used to think that what he taught Daniel was too mature, but now she knows that the teacher is not reliable.

“You know what I do, right.” Ana Lin mentioned tactfully. Roman Li was also a smart person who guessed her thoughts at a glance, and said with a smile, “Do you also need to find his endorsement for clothing stores like you?”

Ana Lin explained, “The clothing store has always been mainly women. Now I want to open up the male market. I know that you are now a popular celebrity and you have a lot of endorsement fees. It depends on the fact that we know how to be so destined. , You give me a discount, what do you think?”

Roman Li touched his nose. He had always liked Daniel’s child. He was also familiar with Ana Lin and had a good impression. It was not easy to know that she took two children by herself.

Among the women he knows, Ana Lin is regarded as the one he likes most. She is beautiful, independent and strong, and he admires her very much.

“What’s the relationship between you and Zhan, there will be a discount if you open your mouth, do you know the current worth of our Zhan?” Fatty Long interrupted in front.

Roman Li did not speak. He thought that Roman Li knew Ana Lin not good enough to talk about the price, so he interrupted.

Ana Lin knows that it must be expensive to find a popular star, and he also has a little understanding.

She also didn’t want to make Roman Li’s bargain, nor did she not give money. She could also bargain when buying things. She just made her own cost lower.

She smiled, “Then how much endorsement fee do you need if you ask him to endorse?”

Pang Pang Long turned his head to look at Roman Li, seeming to be asking how much money is appropriate.

Roman Li sighed, he stared at Fatty Long, “You are crazy about money, why did I treat you badly?”

Ana Lin was dumbfounded, which was totally incompatible with his pictogram in public.

Obviously there are two styles of painting.

Long is fat and stupefied, what’s the situation? Isn’t he just silent when he wants the price?

He spoke for him, why is it still his fault?

“You are the boss, you have the final say.” Long Pang Pang was very helpless with Roman Li, he was so self-willed.

Although he is an agent, he has to discuss with him what activities he wants to take. If he is unwilling, they won’t take it no matter how high the price is.

Ana Lin didn’t know what Roman Li meant. Although she wanted to ask Roman Li to speak for herself, she couldn’t force others to know him.

“The business is not there, the favor is there, if you don’t accept it, it doesn’t matter…”

“Besides me, can you find someone more handsome than me?” Roman Li interrupted her.

Ana Lin laughed, how could he speak so loudly?

He looks good, but he is too young and lacks a calm breath.

Such handsomeness is not attractive.

At least not to attract her.

Of course, with so many fans, he must still have many advantages, such as being handsome.

“Then your price…” Ana Lin found the car parked in the underground parking lot of Wanyue Group.

She only talked to Roman Li, not paying attention to the direction of the car.

She looked down at the hand that she and Roman Li were holding together, frowning, “What are you doing here?”

Roman Li was also helpless, but since Phillip Zong spoke, he did not dare not come.

“I don’t want endorsement fees, you accompany me to meet someone.”

Ana Lin’s mind turned fast, and he just told Long Pangpang that he was going to see his brother.

But it was Wanyue Group that came.

Does his brother work in Wanyue Group?

She didn’t think about Phillip Zong at all. Phillip Zong was alone and had no brother.

She didn’t even think about Wen’s family, that Wen’s children should be named Wen.

She didn’t even know that Roman Li was a stage name and his real name was Wen Xiaoji.

The last time Phillip Zong announced his relationship with her in public, people in the company knew a little bit about her identity. What do others think when she ran into the company with a man like this?

What does Phillip Zong think?

Chapter 383

Ana Lin refused decisively, “Even if you don’t agree to endorse me, I won’t be able to go in with you.”

Roman Li raised his hand, “Do you think you have other choices?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“I don’t care, no matter what, I can’t follow you in.” Ana Lin’s attitude was firm.

Roman Li was puzzled. He didn’t ask her to do anything against her conscience and law. He just went to see someone. Why was she so repulsive?

“Is there someone you know in this?” Roman Li asked tentatively, “Is there someone you don’t want to see?”

I just know him, the friendship is not too deep, and I don’t want to talk about myself with him.

She staggered the gaze that Roman Li cast. “I just don’t want to show up in people’s sight with handcuffs. I don’t know. I thought I had broken any law.”

Roman Li was stunned for a moment, looked down at the handcuffs on his wrists, and frowned deeply. This was the first time he was calculated.

But it was already like this, and he couldn’t help it.

Although it is embarrassing and even misleading to appear in front of people like this.

“This person is very important to me. If you don’t go, what should I do?” Roman Li also felt helpless.

He had an idea, “You don’t want to meet people, I will give you my equipment.”

When he said that, he handed the glasses to Ana Lin and asked Fatty Long to give Ana Lin a mask.

Ana Lin, “…”

“No way, I have to see this person.” His attitude was very firm, as if Ana Lin didn’t agree, she dragged the person up.

In desperation, Ana Lin could only agree.

Put on a mask and glasses, and took a look in the rearview mirror of the car to make sure that he couldn’t see his face at all.

She looked at Roman Li, “It’s true that you said you helped me speak for free?”

The endorsement fee is indeed a lot of money. It is not that she is stingy and wants to make him cheap, but he said it himself.

It is not true that she will not give anything at all, and she will give it a little when the time comes. After all, people are on the front line, and the appearance fee is not low. She promotes herself and cannot treat others badly.

Roman Li looked at her very seriously, “As long as you accompany me in, I’ll be your endorsement for free, can you trust me?”

Ana Lin nodded, “I don’t make you cheap. I have checked it out like you. It is obvious that an endorsement starts at least one million. We will start at the starting price. If you give me a discount, I will accept your love.”

Roman Li smiled, “So clear?”

“As the saying goes, my brothers will settle accounts, and I won’t let you suffer.” Ana Lin said frankly.

Friendship is friendship, and business is business and cannot be confused.

Not to slaughter people just because of acquaintance, feelings are not like that.

She is not a person who likes to make money either.

One is one, two is two, make it clear that it will not cause unnecessary misunderstandings, and it will not be embarrassing to meet in the future.

Roman Li said, “Okay, let’s get off.” He pushed the door with one hand, and Ana Lin followed.

The handcuffs were dazzling and ugly.

Roman Li let Long Chubby take off his coat and cover it, “You are waiting for me in the car.”

Fatty Long nodded.

Not everyone can enter here, and Roman Li is not afraid of being recognized.

He is very familiar with this place. He took Ana Lin to make the elevator. After getting on the elevator, Ana Lin frowned when he saw the number of floors he pressed. Who is the person he wants to meet?

“my brother.”

“An executive of Wanyue Group?” Ana Lin asked.

Roman Li turned to look at her, “Have you heard of Phillip Zong?”

Ana Lin took a breath, she looked up at Roman Li, her eyes twitched involuntarily, “You mean, is he your brother?”

Roman Li sighed, feeling helpless, “Have you heard of him?”

Ana Lin couldn’t respond a little, what’s the situation?

who is he?

Roman Li?

“Phillip Zong, you should be able to see him on a lot of financial impurities. An old man in his 30s who is about to run to the fourth place loves to put on an iceberg face all day long. I often think he is abnormal. You say a normal man. Shouldn’t he marry a wife and have children at this age? Even if he doesn’t marry a wife, at his worth, should there be a few lovers around him? He is like an abstinence monk.”

Roman Li only knew about Phillip Zong and Casey He. He was surprised when he canceled the marriage contract. He always thought that Phillip Zong loved her very much. After all, he only admitted to her as a woman. After the marriage contract was cancelled, he felt that Phillip Zong might not love her. .

If you really love a woman, how can you divorce after announcing the news of the engagement?

After he retired, he never heard of a woman beside him.

He is very busy, flying around half of the time, filming, participating in shows, receiving commercials, and half of the time abroad, hiding in school when he is not receiving scripts, putting on glasses, cutting off his hair, and being a free and easy university teacher.

The relationship with Foster Wen was tense. He didn’t like to go home, so he called Li Jing and asked for warmth. He said he was safe, and he didn’t deliberately inquire about Phillip Zong.

In his eyes, Phillip Zong is just the same, in addition to making money and growing well, he has no fun at all.

Ana Lin, “…”

“In your eyes, is he such a person?”

Roman Li thought for a while and nodded seriously, “He is a person who has no joy in life. What use is there to make so much money?”

Which rich man does not keep a few beautiful women for fun?

Chapter 384

Ana Lin asked in a low voice, “Is it true that a rich person must have a few women to be considered normal?”

“No, you said that this person has seven emotions and six desires, and no matter how bad he is, he has to have physical needs. He didn’t have a fiancé earlier, and I didn’t know why he dumped him. I didn’t see him having other women.” Roman Li came over and whispered, “I have read an article before. It said that a man who hasn’t vented for a long time, or can’t get physical relief, is easily distorted in his heart. He has a bad temper. I guess this Because of this, when you see him later, don’t be afraid, I’m the one who has everything.”

With a sound of “ding!”, the elevator door opened.

Ana Lin wanted to ask, “Who are you?” But before he had time, the elevator door had been opened. This floor was full of senior officials, and Phillip Zong’s office was also located here.

When the elevator doors open, you can feel the tense working atmosphere.

Ana Lin hesitated, she never thought that the person Roman Li would take her to was actually Phillip Zong.

She couldn’t imagine what Phillip Zong would look like when he saw her.

Ana Lin’s hesitation, in the eyes of Roman Li, he felt that she was scared, so he comforted him, “With me, don’t be afraid, go.”

Ana Lin hasn’t responded yet, and Roman Li has already pulled her down the elevator.

At this time, someone took the documents to the elevator and saw Roman Li leading a tightly wrapped woman, giving him a strange look.

Everyone in the company knew Roman Li’s identity, but didn’t dare to publicize it. Phillip Zong had spoken.

“What do you look at?” Roman Li cast a glance at Ana Lin’s man.

The man smiled, “Did you find a girlfriend?”

Roman Li was taken aback for a moment, then smiled lightly, “Yes.”

Ana Lin’s eyes twitched.

The man didn’t talk to each other anymore, just looked at Ana Lin curiously.

Ana Lin wore Roman Li’s big black glasses and a mask, covering almost all the facial features. No one can recognize who she is unless she is very familiar with her.

The elevator door closed, blocking the person’s sight of Ana Lin.

Roman Li took Ana Lin to the door of Phillip Zong’s office, raised his hand and knocked on the door, without giving Ana Lin any time to think.

Soon a deep voice came from the door, “Come in.”

When Roman Li opened the door and was about to walk in, he found that Ana Lin’s other hand, which was not handcuffed, was clasped on the door frame and he did not want to come in.

Roman Li frowned and had already arrived at this place. She had to go if she didn’t.

Roman Li grabbed the hand that was handcuffed with her, pulled her hard, and led her to the door.

Standing in front of the French windows, Phillip Zong was slender, with a narrow waist and just right shoulder width. His cuffs were curled up, revealing his small, strong arms.

“What are you looking for?” Roman Li said first.

Phillip Zong turned around slowly.

The light coming in behind the floor-to-ceiling windows dangled Ana Lin’s sight. She couldn’t really understand Phillip Zong’s expression, but she was very nervous.

She clenched her hands involuntarily, not knowing how to say something strange happened to her.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he walked over.

The footsteps stopped in front of Ana Lin.

Roman Li smiled and said, “This is my girlfriend.”

Without this excuse, how could he explain, bring a woman by himself? And also’holding hands’.

“Really?” Phillip Zong’s gaze skipped the hands that they were holding together.

“Of course, otherwise, how could I bring it.” Roman Li still smiled, “You asked me to come, what is it?”

Phillip Zong did not answer, but was very interested in his girlfriend.

Ana Lin was like a thorn on his back, wanting to speak, but he didn’t know how to speak, and what to say after speaking.

Her mind is messed up.

“She is allergic, so…” Roman Li thought that Phillip Zong was surprised that Ana Lin had wrapped himself up so tightly, so he explained.

Phillip Zong ignored Roman Li, but raised his hand to grab the glasses on Ana Lin’s face.

Roman Li pulled Ana Lin back, “She has serious allergies and her face is ugly. Don’t look at it. You weren’t a gossip before. What happened today?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes were deep, staring directly at Ana Lin, “Do you take it out yourself, or should I take it for you?”

Although he did not see Ana Lin’s face, his figure and feelings told him that this woman was Ana Lin.

Ana Lin’s heart tightened sharply. She raised her hand and took off her glasses and mask. Before Phillip Zong could ask questions, she explained first, “I asked Roman Li to ask him to speak for me, so I accidentally went to his At the fan meeting, by accident, I participated in a show with him, and it turned out…”

Ana Lin was like a kid who did something wrong at this time.

Phillip Zong closed his eyes, his brain hurts.

This is trying to piss him off.

How old are you?

“Wait.” Roman Li on the side was a little confused, “You know?”

Looking at Ana Lin’s appearance is acquaintance, and seeing Phillip Zong’s expression is like acquaintance.

“You are just looking for him to endorse?” Phillip Zong asked.

Ana Lin nodded truthfully.

“Do you know who he is?”

Ana Lin shook his head again.

From her appearance, I didn’t know that Roman Li was Foster Wen’s son. At first he heard Milton Guan say that Ana Lin was asking about Roman Li’s residence. He thought it was because of Foster Wen.

“f*ck, do you really know each other?” Roman Li seemed to have discovered some incredible secret, “How did you know each other?”

He can’t figure it out.

Although he hasn’t been Daniel’s teacher for long, he knows that Daniel has been living in country A.

Ana Lin and Phillip Zong know each other.

What is their relationship?

Roman Li had many questions in his mind.

“What is your relationship and how did you meet?”

Phillip Zong ignored him, staring at the hands they were holding together.

“Handcuffed.” Ana Lin explained quickly, and tore off her clothes to let him see that she was not going to hold hands with Roman Li, but the handcuffs caught them.

Phillip Zong frowned.

“You answer me.” Roman Li was going crazy with curiosity.

Phillip Zong cast a cold look, and Roman Li immediately shut up.

I was so curious that I didn’t dare to ask again.

Phillip Zong walked to the desk and dialed Keller Shen. He was familiar with handcuffs, and there must be a way to find him if he wanted to unlock it.

Keller Shen was surprised, “Handcuffs? Who was caught?”

“I’m waiting for you at the company.” Phillip Zong didn’t explain, in short, he asked him to come over and remove the handcuffs.

Keller Shen, “…”

Phillip Zong hung up the phone and turned to look at the two people standing together. He had a terrible headache.


“Shut up!” Phillip Zong said, “Is it fun? How old are you, huh?”

Roman Li scratched his head, “I was really careless this time. I was calculated. Who knew they would play such a weird game.”

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