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Table of Contents

Chapter 385

Roman Li asked himself whether he was afraid of his father or his mother, so he hit Phillip Zong in his heart.

When he was young, Phillip Zong was always the one who helped him. He didn’t know what brother feeling was when he was young. He only knew that he liked to follow him.

Later, when he grew up, he became more in awe of him.

He can do whatever he wants, without Phillip Zong’s support, he cannot go today.

“I was wrong.” He admitted his mistake quickly, still curious about the relationship between him and Ana Lin.

“Brother, what is your relationship with Ana Lin? You look familiar.” Roman Li smiled.

Even if Phillip Zong is not happy at the moment, he can’t do anything to him, right?

Phillip Zong replied, “How do you know her?”

The relationship between Roman Li and Ana Lin did not look like they had met for the first time.

Too familiar.

Roman Li replied without thinking, “Don’t you know that I am a teacher in AC, or you got me in. I am her son’s teacher, so I met.”

Ana Lin stood by and looked away. At this moment, she probably guessed the identity of Roman Li.

Zongjia definitely has no younger brother.

There is only Wen Jia, Foster Wen has a son who can compete with Roman Li.

As for why it is called Roman Li, she thinks it should be a stage name. After all, many celebrities hope to be popular, so they will find a fortune teller to choose a stage name.

Roman Li approached Phillip Zong and said in a low voice, “Don’t look young, this woman already has two dolls. Brother, you and me honestly, how did you know her? You didn’t develop feelings with her that shouldn’t be developed. ?”

Although Roman Li liked Daniel’s boy and also appreciated Ana Lin, his relationship with Phillip Zong was not only a family relationship, but a deeper affection and brotherhood. His heart was biased towards Phillip Zong.

In his heart, Ana Lin had a child and was not worthy of Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong left him lightly.

I was also surprised at this relationship.

What a coincidence.

Roman Li panicked, “Brother, speak up.”


At this time, the door of the office was knocked, interrupting Roman Li and breaking the delicate atmosphere of the room.

Phillip Zong glanced at the time. At this time, it was probably Keller Shen who came over, and he said to come in.

The door of the office was pushed open. Keller Shen carried a bunch of keys in his hand, and asked as soon as he entered the door, “Who was tortured…”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Roman Li and Ana Lin.

He walked in and looked at Ana Lin and Roman Li up and down. What was the situation?

“Sister-in-law, what are you doing?” Keller Shen asked.

Before Ana Lin had time to speak, Roman Li’s eyes widened and his brows wrinkled, “Who is your sister-in-law?”

Keller Shen looked at him like a fool, “Is there a second woman in this room?”

Roman Li knew that there were two good friends with Phillip Zong, one was Alan Su and the other was Keller Shen.

But Phillip Zong’s age is the oldest.

Keller Shen is second and Alan Su is the youngest.

His name is sister-in-law?

Roman Li couldn’t figure it out, and was afraid to understand, wouldn’t it be Phillip Zong and Ana Lin watching together?

Does he know Ana Lin’s situation?

Don’t be fooled by her young appearance.

“Keller Shen, quickly unlock the handcuffs for me.” Except for Phillip Zong, he is no brother.

Keller Shen deliberately refused to open, and said, “If you call me, I will open it for you.”

He knew Roman Li’s temperament, so he deliberately teased him.

Roman Li drooped his face, his original handsome face was now shrouded in seriousness, “I have very important things, please help me open it quickly.”

He wanted to talk to Phillip Zong alone, so close to Ana Lin, he didn’t say anything at all, because what he wanted to talk to Phillip Zong was Ana Lin.

Keller Shen glanced at his anxious look, but didn’t continue to tease him, walked over and looked at the model of the handcuffs carefully. He found the corresponding key and opened the handcuffs.

As soon as he was free, Roman Li blasted Keller Shen out and closed the office door.

Keller Shen stood at the door with a dazed expression, “What’s the situation?”

Ana Lin was not very surprised. This would make Roman Li sure to tell Phillip Zong about her again.

“I met Roman Li before. He didn’t seem to know the current relationship between Phillip and me, so he was shocked to learn that we knew each other and the name he heard from your mouth…”

Keller Shen knew, “Then let’s do it on the sofa for a while.”

Ana Lin nodded.

In the office, Roman Li locked the door behind him.

Phillip Zong didn’t stop his behavior just now, just waiting to see what he had to say.

Roman Li’s mind was a little confused, and some could not react.

He paused for a while before he asked, “Keller Shen just called Ana Lin’s sister-in-law, what’s the matter?”

Phillip Zong casually leaned against the edge of the table. He copied his pocket with one hand, and with the other hand unbuttoned the shirt. He said faintly, “You have to call that too.”

The corners of Roman Li’s mouth twitched. The subtext of this sentence is, is he related to her?

“You, you…” Roman Li inhaled deeply, “Do you know her?!”

“Yes, she looks young and looks pretty. To be honest, I don’t hate her, and I appreciate it, but she is not for you…”

“Why not suitable for me?” Phillip Zong interrupted him, staring at him lightly.

“She has two children, both…” Roman Li gestured with his hands, “I am all six years old this year, six years old.” He emphasized the age of the children.

“Moreover, I heard her son say that they don’t have a father, she is a single mother.”


Roman Lifu, where is his smart brother?

Don’t you understand?

“Her child does not have a father, how can I explain it? It’s nothing more than that when she was young, she was not careful in her private life, or she was divorced, and then her boyfriend ran away when she became pregnant. In short, she had a man and gave birth. My child, how can a woman like this match you, how can I be my sister-in-law?”

In Roman Li’s eyes, a woman who can match Phillip Zong, even if she does not have outstanding talents, does not have the identity to stand with him, at least has a pure body.

What does Ana Lin have?

Nothing at all.

“She is definitely not suitable for you.” Roman Li is categorical.

If Ana Lin had no living children, no men, it would not be so difficult to count the family.

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, thick eyelashes covering all emotions, and asked faintly, “What if I just like it?”

Roman Li’s eyes widened. Is this crazy, or are all the women dead?

“You find a woman who has given birth to a child, my uncle…” Halfway through the conversation, Roman Li stopped. Phillip Zong made the decision, and Zong Qifeng couldn’t interfere.

“She has given birth to a child, and you want to be a stepfather for her two dolls? Brother, this is not like your style. How rare is it for you to even accept her child?”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes, “If I said, those two children belong to me.”

Chapter 386

Roman Li was silly.

Ana Lin’s child belongs to him?

how can that be possible?

Just kidding.

“This joke is not funny at all.” Roman Li looked straight, “Brother, don’t tease me.”

It would be incredible if it was true.

Phillip Zong looked more serious than him, “Do I want to make a joke?”

Roman Li’s face changed and changed, “Xiao Xi is your son?”

He is confused, how is this possible?

Daniel is the son of Phillip Zong, which means that Ana Lin’s man…

He looked at Phillip Zong, his pupils constricted.

In other words, Ana Lin said it was him.

He swallowed. Daniel is six years old. In other words, he and Ana Lin said he was better seven years ago. Wasn’t Bai Zhuwei beside him at that time?

How did he and Ana Lin get together?

Suddenly, as if he was trying to understand something, his eyes widened. He abandoned Casey He because of Ana Lin.

That’s why I got engaged, and I have to retire.

Maybe there are emotional entanglements he doesn’t know about, but it must be like this.

Ana Lin had given birth to him, and if he went to marry another woman, the children Ana Lin gave birth to him would not become illegitimate children.

After thinking about it, Roman Li did not find it difficult to accept, after all, Ana Lin’s man was Phillip Zong.

But there is one thing I can’t figure out.

According to the news he heard from Daniel’s mouth, he has no father, not who the father is.

I have been living abroad for those years.

Does Phillip Zong know?

“Brother, Ana Lin is taking two children abroad, do you know?” Roman Li asked cautiously.

At that time, only Ida Zhuang was the one who took care of Ana Lin. Ana Lin had a job and had a daughter. They didn’t hire a servant. Life could only be passed, but it was not easy.

If Phillip Zong knew but didn’t give help and care, would he still be a human?

After all, the child belongs to him.

If you don’t know, it’s even stranger.

Could it be that Ana Lin was born?

This is not a good topic for Phillip Zong.

Regarding the birth of the two children, he did not know, and it was even more regrettable that he had not participated in their lives before the age of five.

Phillip Zong stood up straight, “You should go back and see your dad.”

After speaking, he walked to the office door and opened the door.

Ana Lin was talking to Keller Shen on the sofa.

She doesn’t look very good.

Because I talked about Ida Zhuang.

After that day, she never went to see Ida Zhuang.

She was afraid to face it.

I blamed myself for not finding out earlier that she and Randall Lin remarried because of revenge, so I went in.

“When did this happen?”

Keller Shen said that Ida Zhuang was in poor health, and he asked her to go to the hospital and she did not want to go for an examination.

“I’m sorry that I ignored it. I heard from the person on duty that it has been a while.” Shen Pei said with some self-blame.

“It’s none of your business.” Ana Lin knew that Keller Shen had his own job, and it was impossible to look at Ida Zhuang all the time. Besides, Ida Zhuang was much more relaxed in it with him managing the relationship.

At least he didn’t dare to bully her.

“Go and see her when you have time, and persuade her to go to the hospital. The staff on duty said that she had a severe cough, and she often coughed more than ten or twenty times a night, and all the people in the dormitory complained and complained that she was disturbing people to rest. I just asked someone to change her into a single room.”

There was no single room inside. At first, the room Keller Shen arranged for Ida Zhuang was only three people. It was the least crowded room. At that time, he wanted to arrange a single room for Ida Zhuang, but at that time the room was tight and could not be arranged.

Ana Lin lowered his head, with a thin layer of water on his eyelashes, “You help me arrange, I want to see her today.”

She worried about Ida Zhuang’s body.

After a few years, she still has a long free life after she comes out, and she still has a lot of time to take care of Ida Zhuang.

Keller Shen said rest assured to leave it to me.

Seeing Phillip Zong approaching, Keller Shen turned aside the topic and talked about Daniel stabbing Lou Zi.

During this period of time because of this incident, there was a lot of excitement.

He said, “The lover of the deputy mayor has been caught.”

Phillip Zong sat down beside Ana Lin, “Where did you catch the person?”

“A private house, the real estate bought to her before, has now been sealed, and all relevant personnel have been arrested.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong nodded and turned to Ana Lin. He obviously felt that her mood was very bad.

He asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

Roman Li, who came out from inside, came over and interjected quickly, “Brother, can I go where you live? I want to see Xiao Xi.”

He didn’t know the relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong, and he said that Phillip Zong was not very good in front of Ana Lin.

He thought Ana Lin was unhappy because of those words.

He was afraid that Ana Lin would tell Phillip Zong.

So come and chip in.

Phillip Zong squinted at him, seeming to see through his mind at a glance.

Roman Li instantly admitted, “I didn’t mean it.”

He sighed, “I didn’t know her relationship with you, so I said something about you, but it’s actually not a bad thing. I said you are dedicated, you are young and handsome, and you are good-tempered, right?”

Roman Li was nervous, and even looked at Ana Lin with pleading eyes.

Ana Lin was pretending to have Ida Zhuang’s affairs in his heart, and did not listen to what Roman Li was talking about, just a faint hum.

Roman Li breathed a sigh of relief, but it was okay.

He patted his chest.

Keller Shen interrupted on the side, “Looking at your appearance, it seems that you have done something wrong.”

“What nonsense are you talking about.” Roman Li sat next to Keller Shen, and put his shoulders on his back, “Do you have any spare room?”

Keller Shen looked at him warily, “What are you doing?”

Roman Li was wronged, “I have no place to live.”

As long as the residence is known to the fans, there must be a’lurking’ in front of his door. He dare not live it, for fear that his privacy will be taken out.

“No.” Keller Shen refused decisively. He liked quietness. As a public figure, Roman Li had many fans. He was afraid that he would be implicated by Roman Li.

He also wants a quiet and safe life.

But I don’t want to be blocked or riotous.

Keller Shen stood up, “Sister-in-law, I will arrange to call you.”

Ana Lin nodded and said yes.

Keller Shen was afraid that Roman Li would entangle him, so he decided to go first.

Phillip Zong probably guessed why Ana Lin was upset, and reached out to hold her hand, “I will accompany you.”

Ana Lin turned her head and looked at him. At this moment, she really needed someone to accompany her, she said yes.

Roman Li blinked, once felt that he had hallucinations.

He had never seen Phillip Zong treat a woman so tenderly, even Casey He did not have such meticulous care and tenderness.

“That, I’ll go first.” Roman Li stood up.

Phillip Zong’s gaze cast over.

Roman Li flinched in fright, perhaps he had done something wrong and had a guilty conscience.

Phillip Zong’s look made him scared.

Chapter 387

“You should go home.”

Roman Li thought that Phillip Zong would reprimand him, but only let him go home.

The breath in my heart relieved a lot.

“Okay, good.” Roman Li smiled from the heart.

He really hasn’t been home for a long time, it’s time to go back and have a look.

Foster Wen said it was his father, and he should go back to see Li Jing.

Roman Li looked at Ana Lin, he wanted to say something, he wanted to explain what he said in the elevator, but Phillip Zong was there, he couldn’t explain it well, just think about it, and there will be opportunities later.

Fortunately, he agreed to Ana Lin’s endorsement, and he didn’t charge for appearances, otherwise it would be even more embarrassing.

He sighed in his heart that this world is too small.

Ana Lin and Phillip Zong?

Roman Li smiled, walked into the elevator, and met the man he met when he came.

He saw Roman Li alone and asked, “Where is your girlfriend?”

Roman Li glared at him fiercely, “Does your eye see that I have a girlfriend?”

“I can see it with both eyes, and you are still holding hands, showing a very good relationship.” The man said without thinking.

Roman Li’s expression became even more fierce, “You talk nonsense again, I’ll goug your eyes.”

The man was astonished. He thought that Roman Li was joking when he was angry. The fierceness at this moment didn’t look like a fake. Why did this man change his face so quickly?

Roman Li was afraid of making a misunderstanding, and this person was spreading it in the company.

After all, Ana Lin’s identity…

Before, he was unobtrusive without knowing, but now he can’t make such a joke.

When Pang Pang Long saw Roman Li come back alone, he blinked, “Why are you alone?”

How do you open the handcuffs?

Roman Li didn’t explain, he pulled the door and got in the car, “Go home.”

Long Pangpang knew that Roman Li and Foster Wen had a bad relationship, and he didn’t know what he meant by going home. He cautiously tested, “Pain to Wen’s house?”

Roman Li raised his eyes, his handsome face stretched out savagely, “How many homes do I have, eh?”

Long Pangpang knew about his character, didn’t know him, started the car and drove out.

Back to Wen’s house, he just drove towards Wen’s house.

With his business left, I am not afraid of paparazzi reporters anymore.

The community where the Wen family lives cannot be entered by outsiders, and the law and order is very good.

On the other side, Phillip Zong and Ana Lin returned to the office. The secretary brought in two glasses of water. Ana Lin held one of them and took a sip, “Roman Li is Foster Wen’s son?”

Ask questions at any time, but in a positive tone.

Phillip Zong said lightly.

Ana Lin looked down, this was really a coincidence.

“I didn’t expect Xiao Xi’s teacher to be related to you.” Ana Lin said with emotion that this world is so small.

Going around are people in a circle.

Phillip Zong hugged her, “What did he say to you?”

It was obvious that Roman Li had a guilty conscience. When Ana Lin’s identity was unknown, he must have said something.

Ana Lin turned her head to look at him. Phillip Zong was too close to her. When she turned her head, her eyelashes shaved his face and itchy lightly. He squatted against her ear, “What did you say about me?”

Ana Lin thought for a while and deliberately said, “He said you are bothered.”


Ana Lin smiled, because Ida Zhuang’s mood improved a lot, “Did he make a mistake?”

He squeezed her waist, Ana Lin’s body slammed into his arms, her heart hurt when she was hit, and she pushed him, but his body was too strong, and his body was like an unshakable Mountain.

His eyes were burning and lingering, “I just want to sleep with you alone.”

Ana Lin, “…”

Her face is hot, this person…

Phillip Zong smiled lightly, bowed her head and pecked her lips, “You know, seeing you blushing makes me happy.”

Ana Lin, “…”

“Don’t believe it, touch it.” Phillip Zong held her hand and placed it on a sensitive area.

Ana Lin was completely messed up, and this person was shameless regardless of occasion.

What did Roman Li say, he doesn’t like women.

Pure nonsense.

It’s almost a pervert.

Ana Lin pushed his face, “Can you make a face?”

Phillip Zong smiled lighter, mixed with a hint of hoarseness, “I gave you my life, what do I need to face?”

Ana Lin’s heartbeat was fast and his face was red.

Phillip Zong k*ssed her neck, “Should we try it in the office?”

Boom, the scorching heat spread from her face to her neck, and she panted, “If you make trouble, I’m angry.”

Her heart was throbbing, and the surviving sanity made her unacceptable, doing that kind of thing in sunny and daytime, and still in his office.

“My mother is sick, I want to see her later.” She said something else on purpose, interrupting the charming atmosphere.

If you continue, maybe you will do something like wiping out the gun.

Sure enough, after Ana Lin’s words, the heat of the atmosphere dropped a few degrees.

Phillip Zong rubbed her hair, “I was upset just because of this?”

Ana Lin nodded.

Phillip Zong hugged her and comforted, “Don’t worry too much, I am here, I will find the best doctor for her.”

Ana Lin lay in his arms.

Her nose is sour, it grows so big, and no matter how much bitter she eats, no one has ever said to her, “I am here.”

Yes, with him, the gentleness he gave her has already indulged her.

She really likes this man.


The phone in Ana Lin’s pocket vibrated.

She stretched out her hand and took out her mobile phone and saw that the number of Keller Shen was displayed on the caller.

The two looked at each other, knowing that Ida Zhuang must have arranged for him to call this time.

Ana Lin answered the phone, and as expected, “I have arranged it. Come here.”

Ana Lin said yes.

When she hung up the phone, before she could speak, Phillip Zong said first, “I will send you there.”

Ana Lin nodded.

Phillip Zong tidyed up the collar that was wrinkled by him. There was nothing wrong with him, Phillip Zong hugged her and walked out of the office.

This is the first time she has appeared in the company since Phillip Zong announced Ana Lin’s identity.

When I didn’t know her identity before, I was curious about her.

Now I am more curious, what kind of woman is this to make Phillip Zong so rare?

The woman who can bring down Phillip Zong must not be easy.

When everyone saw Phillip Zong coming out with her arms around her, they were respectful and a little more inquiring.

“Mrs.” Knowing her identity, it is impossible to be the same as before.

Show respect and definitely say hello.

Ana Lin smiled back, not modest or pretentious, generous and decent.

Some people were brave and said, “Zong, stingy, don’t give us wedding candy.”

Phillip Zong smiled and said, “make it up next time.”

He hugged Ana Lin and walked into the elevator.

Out of the elevator, Phillip Zong drove, Ana Lin sat in the position of the co-pilot, she leaned back in the chair and touched her neck, Ida Zhuang asked Phillip Zong to give her the necklace.

Phillip Zong held the steering wheel all the time, freed his hand, holding her hand.

Ana Lin turned his head and looked over.

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