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Chapter 388

She didn’t say anything, but felt very warm in her heart. When she needed someone to comfort her, there was someone by her side to give her strength.

She raised her lips and smiled at him.

After more than 20 minutes, the car stopped at the B city prison.

The surrounding area was empty, and a fortress-like courtyard rose from the ground, and the big iron gate was tall and wide.

The last time Ana Lin came to see Ida Zhuang, she had not been officially executed.

Standing at the door, Ana Lin’s heart trembled involuntarily, her mother was locked in it, and people who came out from here had a black spot on their resumes.

Even if it comes out, it is a person with a criminal record and will be discriminated against by people in society.

Phillip Zong stood beside her, holding her cold hand, “Go, go in.”

Ana Lin nodded and said yes.

Keller Shen stood at the guard and waited for them. They walked over, and Keller Shen greeted them a few steps outside, and then took them in, because Keller Shen had arranged first and they were not blocked.

Keller Shen arranged Ida Zhuang in an independent reception room with no one guarding him, so it was suitable to meet Ana Lin alone.

Going through the corridor and stepping through the iron doors on the first floor, they went to the lower room.

Keller Shen said, “People are inside.”

Ana Lin took a deep breath. During the time she walked here, she had adjusted her mood. She looked at Phillip Zong, “I’m fine, I want to see her alone.”

Phillip Zong’s lips pressed tightly, and he let go of her hand, “I am waiting for you at the door.”

Ana Lin said that she knew, she walked to the door, took a deep breath, and pushed the door open.

Inside the house, a white energy-saving lamp was hung from the ceiling, the white walls were painted in the square rooms, and a rectangular table was placed in the middle. Ida Zhuang was sitting behind the table.

Seeing Ana Lin, she raised her head.

Seeing Ida Zhuang’s moments, Ana Lin’s heart suddenly stagnated, she became thinner and darker, and her face was covered with the traces of time.

Ana Lin used to think that Ida Zhuang was still very young, but this time she saw Ida Zhuang again and obviously felt that she was old.

Ida Zhuang smiled, “Are you here?”

Ana Lin came over and sat on the chair at the table, facing Ida Zhuang. She looked at Ida Zhuang’s face, “I miss you.”

Ida Zhuang’s tears thought that this sentence suddenly fell out.

She bowed her head and wiped her tears. She also missed Ana Lin and the two children. He watched them grow up a little bit and never separated.

This is the first time I haven’t seen them in so long.

“I heard that you are sick.” Ana Lin thought that she would not be able to control her emotions when she saw her. As a result, she was stronger than she expected.

She didn’t cry loudly in front of Ida Zhuang.

Ida Zhuang wiped away the tears from his face, “It’s okay, I know my own body.”

“But you don’t look good. Go to the hospital with me for a check.”

“Hey, I’m really fine, I just want to…cough, cough—” A series of coughs interrupted what she was about to say.

Ida Zhuang covered his lips.

Ana Lin said firmly, “Today we will go to the hospital.”

Every time Ida Zhuang coughs, Zhen’s heart hurts. She relaxes for a while, “Before I go to the hospital, I want to see Xiao Xi and Ruth.”

She knows her own body, although she has not been to the hospital to confirm it, she can obviously feel that her body is not as good as each day.

She knew that she was afraid…

To say that she has any regrets in this life, she did not see the two children grow up.

Ana Lin agreed, “I will let Keller Shen make arrangements, and I will take you to see them both today.”

Speaking, she pulled the chair away and stood up, she opened the door, and Keller Shen and Phillip Zong stood in the corridor talking.

It seems that it is about the arrest of the deputy mayor, and the relevant personnel have been arrested.

“Don’t worry, no one can come out and make waves.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong was afraid that someone might retaliate. Although he had made people erase all traces of Daniel, the woman had gone to Ana Lin before she was caught.

The woman didn’t know that the video was uploaded by Daniel, but it happened because of the confrontation with Ana Lin.

That’s why I went to Ana Lin to try to get revenge.

Who knew that Ana Lin was very calm and wanted to call the police. She had to hide first. She didn’t expect the police to find her hiding place so quickly.

“It’s fighting against evil, corruption and bribery. This time, he can be regarded as hitting the gun. It will not be light.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong stood straight, and a long shadow was cast by a light.

They did not find Ana Lin coming out.

She stood at the door, “Keller Shen.”

The two looked back at the same time.

She closed the door and walked over.

“I want to ask you to do me a favor.” She looked at Keller Shen.

Keller Shen said without hesitation, “You said.”

“I want to take her out.” Ana Lin can’t bring two children here to meet Ida Zhuang.

Moreover, she also needs to take Ida Zhuang to the hospital for an examination.

Ida Zhuang’s face turned yellow, not serious.

She worried about Ida Zhuang’s body.

Keller Shen’s arrangement this time was for Ana Lin to persuade Ida Zhuang to go to the hospital for treatment, and naturally arranged her to go out.

“Now you can take her away.” Keller Shen said.

Ana Lin said sincerely, “Thank you.”

from inner heart.

“Sister-in-law is polite.” Keller Shen said with a smile.

Given the relationship between him and Phillip Zong, this is not a matter at all.

Lin Xiyan brought Ida Zhuang out on the same day. She called Danna Cheng at home and asked if her two children were at home.

She was afraid that Danna Cheng would take the people out, so they went back to fight.

“At home, do you want to see them?” Danna Cheng asked.

Ana Lin said, “I will bring my mother back to see them.”

Danna Cheng knew what happened to Ida Zhuang, “Don’t worry, I will arrange it.”

Ana Lin answered and hung up.

It didn’t take long for the car to meet the family.

Ida Zhuang knew about Phillip Zong’s villa and came to Zong’s house for the first time.

She always feels uncomfortable with her current status as Sin. Ana Lin walked over and took her arm, “This is your children’s home, don’t be restrained.”

Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter and Phillip Zong who was standing next to her. Her eyes were moist. She smiled, “Thank you.”

Thank you for giving Ana Lin a home.

Phillip Zong didn’t show much expression, he reached out his hand and stroked the strand of hair Ana Lin was blocking his forehead, “I should thank you and give my daughter to me.”

Ana Lin looked at him and smiled.

She likes to see him tenderly.

Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter’s smiling face, relieved and not worried.

Her relationship with Phillip Zong seems to be very good.

Her wish for the rest of her life is nothing more than that Ana Lin finds a good home and her two children grow up healthy.

At this time, the door of the villa opened and Danna Cheng walked out, “You go in, I have arranged everything, there are no extra people in the house.”

Zong Qifeng and the servant have already spent money, and now there are two children in the house.

Ida Zhuang really doesn’t want to see too many people at this time, after all, her identity…

Unexpectedly, Danna Cheng arranged it so well.

“Thank you.”

“No thanks, they are all in the family, not talking about two families.” Danna Cheng looked at Ida Zhuang, “I should thank you for raising such a good daughter.”

Chapter 389

Give her daughter to Phillip Zong.

Also gave birth to children for Phillip Zong.

Ida Zhuang is younger than Danna Cheng, but it seems that she is much older. Ida Zhuang didn’t find a good home when she was young, and suffered a lot. When she came back, she chose to embark on a path of no return.

When Danna Cheng was young, it didn’t go well, but after marrying Zong Qifeng, she was at least well taken care of.

She is happier than Ida Zhuang.

Now that her son is married and has children and daughters, she has no regrets for the rest of her life.

“Come in, they don’t have to wait any longer.” Cheng Yu said thoughtfully.

At this time Ida Zhuang should really want to see the two children soon.

Ana Lin also agreed, “Mom, let’s go in.”

Ida Zhuang nodded.

Danna Cheng did not follow in, but went out alone. Ida Zhuang and the two children met once. It was not easy to think about, after all, she was not a free body.

For the first time, Phillip Zong saw Danna Cheng head-on.

She does not seem to be without merit.

She was wrong because she shouldn’t marry Zong Qifeng untimely.

He withdrew his gaze.

The door opened and the two children were in the living room. Danna Cheng should have told the two children Ida Zhuang to see them, so they were waiting eagerly.

Seeing Ida Zhuang appear, the two children rushed over at the same time.

“Grandma, I miss you so much.” Two children, one child hugged her leg, rubbing his cheek on her leg.

Ida Zhuang’s eyes were wet, she looked down at the two children and rubbed their heads, “Grandma misses you too.”

The two children were taken care of very well. They seemed to have grown taller, especially Daniel’s small face became more and more like Phillip Zong, very handsome.

And Ruth is a bit like Ana Lin.

She wanted to pick up the two children, and found that she could not hold them anymore when they grew up.

Daniel took her hand, “Grandma, come in quickly.”

Ruth complained, “Why did grandma come to see us so long, did she forget us?”

Ida Zhuang smiled and touched Ruth’s face, “How could grandma forget you? When you were a child, grandma held it and grew up. When you were born, you were only this big.” Ida Zhuang gestured with his hands, “Follow me. It’s like a little cat, now that she’s grown up, grandma can’t hold her anymore.”

Ruth grinned and wrapped her arms around Ida Zhuang, “Grandma always does a lot of what I like to eat, and it’s a bit fleshy.”

She squeezed her cheek big.

Ida Zhuang looked at Ruth’s face, the skin like a porcelain doll, with a sensuality, and a pair of jet-black eyes, big and bright, and very cute.

It can be seen that they are well taken care of.

She looked at the two children deeply, “Grandma is very happy to see you are living so well.”

Ruth nestled in her arms, “It’s a big place, so grandma should come and live with us.”

Ida Zhuang’s heart stagnated, and his heartbeat at that moment slowed by a beat.

If she had not been hated and dizzy, now she can live with the children and watch them grow up.

She didn’t regret seeing Ana Lin crying.

After seeing the two children, she regretted being so impulsive.

She took Ruth Tower into her arms, how she wanted to be with them and watch them grow up.

“Grandma, give you this to eat.” Daniel knew that Ida Zhuang likes bananas, so she peeled one and handed it over.

Ida Zhuang took it and took Daniel in his arms.

She was very sad, but she tried her best to endure, not wanting to cry in front of the child.

Ana Lin stood still at the hallway, looking at Ida Zhuang and her two children, feeling very dull.

Phillip Zong hugged her and rubbed her arms comfortingly, “It will be fine.”

The wrongful injury was sentenced at that time, so within a few years, at the time when the storm was on the cusp, it was impossible for Ida Zhuang not to enter. After a while, a good performance would be commuted, and he would be able to come out in one or two years.

Ana Lin knew that she only prayed that Ida Zhuang would be released from prison in a healthy and healthy manner, and there were still many days left.

She leaned against Phillip Zong’s arms, her face pressed against his chest, and her arms around his waist, “I like you so much.”

For the first time, she expressed her heart so bluntly.

Phillip Zong lowered his head, k*ssed her forehead and rubbed her forehead.

She closed her eyes, enjoying the tenderness of this moment.

From the transparent tiles, Ida Zhuang saw the figures standing together in the hallway, her lips curled up.

She is happy for Ana Lin.

Phillip Zong is mature and stable, has a successful career, and is good to Ana Lin. She is relieved that Ana Lin is with him.

Ida Zhuang stayed with the two children for more than two hours. Ana Lin checked the time and got off work late in the hospital. It was too late today. So she walked over and interrupted Ida Zhuang and the two children, “Come here first today.”

Daniel looked at Ana Lin, “Does grandma have to leave?”

Before Ana Lin had time to say, Ida Zhuang spoke first, “Grandma wants to go to a far place and will not take up time to come back. I came to say goodbye to you when I came to see you today.”

“Can Grandma not go?” Ruth pulled Ida Zhuang’s clothes.

Ida Zhuangg lowered his head to look at Ruth, holding her cheek, and k*ssing her forehead, “Grandma will miss you too, but grandma has to go, just like Ruth is about to go to school, this is a must.”

Ruth didn’t know what it meant, but was reluctant to part with Ida Zhuang, for fear of not seeing her.

When he was a child, Ida Zhuang hugged a lot and had good feelings.

“Ruth Xiaoxi will listen to her mother from now on.” Ida Zhuangg looked at the two children.

Daniel nodded, “We will take care of Mommy. Don’t worry about Grandma. When I grow up, I will not only honor Mommy, but also provide grandma for the elderly.”

Ida Zhuang smiled, Daniel is still so sophisticated.

She stood up, not willing to accept anything, but sooner or later she had to leave, and the more she stayed, the more uncomfortable.

“Grandma is gone.”

Ruth stood in front of the sofa, her eyes wide open, “Grandma. Remember to come back to see me and brother.”

Ida Zhuang smiled and said, “Okay.”

There was no one in the family, Ana Lin asked Phillip Zong to stay, “I will do it alone.”

Phillip Zong handed her the car key, “Call me if you have something.”

Ana Lin smiled and said yes, she took the car key and went out with Ida Zhuang.

After getting in the car, Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter, “I don’t want to go to the hospital.”

Ana Lin paused with the hand that buckled the seat belt, and then he couldn’t refuse, “No, you must go and see. I think your complexion is not right. I’m worried if you don’t go to see it. Examination will not delay treatment time.”

ZhuangIdalou Ana Lin’s shoulder, “Mom feels very happy to have a daughter like you.”

Ana Lin turned his head to prevent Ida Zhuang from seeing her wet eyes.

She presses a button to start.

Drive the car out, “So you must have a good body, so that you can spend more time with me.”

Ida Zhuang was not talking.

Ana Lin drove the car to the hospital, and as soon as she stopped the car, someone walked towards it.

Chapter 390

“Madam.” Milton Guan helped Ana Lin open the car.

Ana Lin looked at him in surprise and said, “Why are you here?”

“President Zong asked me to come over.” Milton Guan said.

Phillip Zong asked Milton Guan to find someone first, and arranged for Ida Zhuang to see an expert, and there was no need to line up.

“Come with me, I’m all set up.” Milton Guan walked to the front and led the way.

Ana Lin took Ida Zhuang and followed him into the hospital. They did not line up downstairs and went directly to the outpatient clinic. At this time, there were many people in the outpatient clinic. Milton Guan went in and said a few words with the doctor before letting Ida Zhuang jump in. .

Ida Zhuang has limited time outside, so he has to arrange an inspection as soon as possible.

Milton Guan has already contacted the dean, and they are all set up. Just talk to the doctor.

Ida Zhuang was very cooperative, but there was a requirement to be alone in the outpatient room.

Even Ana Lin wouldn’t let it inside.

“Mom, why can’t I be inside?” Ana Lin was puzzled. “Are you hiding something from me?”

“What can I hide from you?” Ida Zhuang looked at his daughter calmly, without a trace of emotion, “Others don’t know who I am now, don’t you know? I just don’t want someone in front of me, otherwise I I can’t tell the doctor about my condition better. I have come to the hospital with you. What else can I hide?”

“I didn’t mean that.” Ana Lin tried to explain.

“Since there isn’t, you just wait for me outside.” Ida Zhuang said lightly, showing no signs of anger, but rather a very uncomfortable expression.

Ana Lin didn’t continue staying, and said that I was waiting for you outside, and then walked out.

Ida Zhuang is now in the body of sin. Ana Lin thought she had a burden in her heart, so she was willing to come out.

The door of the outpatient clinic was closed, Ida Zhuang sat on the chair, she looked at the doctor, “I’m sorry to take up your time.”

The doctor said this is what we should.

“I know my body.” Ida Zhuang was willing to come, but just wanted Ana Lin to feel at ease.

“I have a brother who died of lung cancer.”

The doctor wrote down Ida Zhuang’s statement in the medical record, and then asked, “What about your parents?”

“My dad has.”

So she knew that when her body had a problem, she had a guess.

The doctor looked up at her, “In other words, do you suspect that you have it too?”

Ida Zhuang nodded.

“That was my daughter just now, and I don’t want her to know. No matter what the result is, can you give her a copy of the results of my safe examination.”

The doctor did not dare to call the shots, so he had to agree first, “Yes.”

“Then I will give you an examination form.” The doctor bowed his head and wrote down the items to be examined on the various examination forms.

“I will check now, when will the results come out?” Ida Zhuang asked.

The doctor calculated it, because she suspected that she was cancer, so she had to check a lot, and some of the results were slower, but considering the above relationship, it should be able to speed up her, so at least, “a week at least.”

“No matter what the result is, please give my daughter a copy of the result I’m fine.” Ida Zhuang ordered it again, afraid the doctor would forget it.

The doctor nodded again, and handed her the pre-written order, “Go for a checkup.”

Ida Zhuang took it and nodded, “Thank you.”

She opened the car door and walked out, and Ana Lin was waiting for her at the door.

Seeing Ida Zhuang coming out, she walked over quickly.

Ida Zhuang smiled lightly, “The doctor said that there should be nothing serious, just go for a checkup. Let’s go, you go with me.”

Ana Lin said yes.

Milton Guan followed, because it has already been set up, and the inspection is also prioritized. First go for the blood draw and film…

It took more than two hours to check it round.

After checking, just wait for the result.

“You go back first, and I will check the list and get it.” Milton Guan said.

Ana Lin thought for a while, Milton Guan is familiar here, and he got the same result.

“That’s OK, let’s go back first.”

Ana Lin took Ida Zhuang back.

When Milton Guan was about to get the test sheet that was available today, the outpatient doctor who had seen Ida Zhuang found Milton Guan.

She dared not hide it.

“I want to talk to you about the patient just now.”

Milton Guan stood still, “You said.”

“The patient suspected her cancer. Both her father and her brother had a history of this disease, and her brother passed away because of this disease. She is also highly likely to be inherited.” The doctor said.

“Can this kind of inheritance be determined?” Milton Guan asked solemnly.

The doctor replied solemnly, “If she is, then hereditary is extremely high.”

Milton Guan said he knew.

Now he understands why Ida Zhuang dismissed Ana Lin.

“Also, she just asked me to hide her daughter…”

“I know, I will deal with it.” Milton Guan said.

“That’s good.” The doctor turned around, “I have a lot of patients. I’m leaving now.”

“Thank you.” Milton Guan said.

The doctor waved his hands, put his hands in the pockets of the white coat, and walked towards the clinic room.

Milton Guan walked to the stairwell. There were no people in this place and it was quiet. He called Phillip Zong.

No matter what the result is, he must inform Phillip Zong to know.

Phillip Zong sat back on the sofa, and Ruth sat facing him in his arms, with two small hands around his neck, talking to him.

“Dad, when grandma comes back, can she live here too?”

The little girl, tilted her head, looked very serious.

Phillip Zong pinched her little nose, “I listen to you.”

“Then I will let my grandmother live with me so that I can be with everyone. I am the happiest child in the world.”

At this time, Phillip Zong’s cell phone rang.

He held his daughter in one hand and took out his mobile phone with the other hand. Milton Guan’s name was displayed on it. He pressed the answer button and held it to his ear.

“My wife has taken Ida Zhuang away.” Milton Guan said as soon as the call was connected.

Phillip Zong gave a light hum.

“Ida Zhuang…” Milton Guan didn’t know what to say, and organized a speech. “Her family has a cancer inheritance. If she is also cancer, the family inheritance is very high. Mrs. She…”

If it is hereditary, Ana Lin, Ana Lin’s child…

Phillip Zong squeezed the phone abruptly, and the corners of his eyes stretched. The news was unexpected.

His voice was low, “I see.”

It is not the worst result. If Ida Zhuang is not, it may not be hereditary.

Let’s wait for the results to come out.

When the phone was hung up, Phillip Zong threw the phone aside, hooked her daughter’s chin with her index finger, and carefully examined her appearance. She had a pair of shining eyes, bright and clear, bright like stars, and white cheeks, like a porcelain doll. Handsome and cute.

He k*ssed his daughter’s forehead and embraced her.

She is like an angel, and God will not cruelly deprive them of their health.


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