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Table of Contents

Chapter 391

The little girl drilled into his arms and called his father affectionately.

Phillip Zong was helpless while enjoying her acting like a baby.

Daniel stood at the door, looking at Phillip Zong and his sister in the living room, he stopped talking, and finally said nothing, turned around and entered the room.

His secret base has been put together, several thousand pieces of small parts, he only spent more than a day, originally wanted to call them to see, but finally did not call.

“Brother, is your secret base finished?” Ruth shouted after seeing her brother’s lost back.

Daniel gave a low mood.

“Can my dad and I watch?”

Daniel’s figure paused slightly, her small stature was straight, “Of course.”

Ruth pulled Phillip Zong over, and the assembled’secret base’ occupies most of the room.

Every detail is piled up carefully.

“Wow.” The little girl’s eyes widened, she didn’t expect it would be so spectacular after finishing.

A small piece of plastic can actually spell out the same picture as on a TV.

Can not help but sigh.

Seeing her sister so heart, Daniel raised her head proudly, proud of her work.

“Brother is great.” Ruth hugged Daniel and k*ssed, “Brother, why are you so good?”

Seeing the little gaze of her sister’s admiration, Daniel smiled and said, “It’s actually very simple. I’ll teach you next time.”

“Thank you, brother.” Ruth smiled, turned around and studied the secret base again, reached out and touched this, and looked at that, I thought my brother was too good.

Put this pile of plastic together so quickly and accurately.

Phillip Zong stood in front of the secret base, with one hand in his pocket, touching his son’s secret base with the other. With such a block, even an adult would take two days at the fastest, and his son’s speed was indeed amazing.

He looked at his son’s face, the corners of his lips slowly raised unconsciously, proud from the heart, such a clever child is his son.

How can you not be proud?

On the other hand, Ana Lin sent Ida Zhuang back. If he is really sick, he can be treated at that time, but before he is sure, he cannot be outside, and being out for too long will not affect Keller Shen well. He arranged it.

“Mom, I will visit you often in the future.” Ana Lin said dumbly.

She thought she was strong enough to show no emotion in front of Ida Zhuang, but she was wrong.

Some feelings cannot be hidden at all.

Just like this moment, watching my mother go to jail.

Her mood is heavy.

There is no way to hide the sadness in my heart.

Ida Zhuang stroked her daughter’s hair and said softly, “I am very pleased to see that you are doing well now. Don’t be sad for me. The way I choose, I think about the consequences. I know this is very selfish, because I didn’t consider you. Forgive me for my selfishness, forgive me for making you sad.”

Ana Lin turned her head and did not dare to look at her, she was afraid that her tears would come out.

“Yanyan, can you promise mom one thing?”

Ana Lin lowered his head and wiped the corner of his eyes before raising his head, “You said.”

“Live with Phillip Zong, raising two children and growing up. I think he treats you very well, and I feel at ease.”

Ana Lin sniffed, “I will.”

Yes, Phillip Zong treats her very well, and her life now is something she had never thought of before.

She had never thought that one day she would be so tempted by a man.

The surprise of life is that you don’t know what kind of person is waiting for you in the future.

“If you want to come, call me anytime.” Keller Shen said.

State-owned and state-owned laws, family rules, he can not bend the law for personal gain.

All he can do is to take care of Ida Zhuang and Ana Lin’s convenience.

Ana Lin understands.

Ida Zhuang asked Ana Lin to go back, “Don’t worry, I’m fine here, let me go out, maybe I will still be upset.”

Ana Lin didn’t move, but watched her being taken away.

In the corridor, Ida Zhuang’s back was thin, and as the sun set, the leaning beam weakened her back.

Ana Lin just looked at her like this, disappearing little by little into her sight.

It seems that if this one disappears, there will be no one.

Ana Lin shouted at her, “Mom.”

Ida Zhuang turned around and smiled at her.

Ana Lin pursed her lips, “Take care of yourself, I often come to see you.”

Ida Zhuang said, “Good.”

Keller Shen sent Ida Zhuang in. By the way, he arranged for someone to look at her to have his own, and it was convenient to take care of Ida Zhuang.

Arranged for him to come out, Ana Lin was still standing in the hall. She was leaning against the wall and lowered her head. She didn’t seem to be in a good mood, so Keller Shen walked over quickly.

He didn’t know how to comfort him, and asked softly, “Are you okay?”

Ana Lin looked up, “Are you free? Have a drink with me?”

Keller Shen thought for a while and said, “Okay.”

She feels uncomfortable, and it’s better to sleep when she is drunk, and it’s easier to get things out of her heart.

Keller Shen said, “I drive.”

Ana Lin gave him the car key, and the two went out together.

Keller Shen opened the door to Ana Lin and let Ana Lin go up, then he bypassed the front of the car and got into the driving position and started the car.

“Where are we going?” Keller Shen asked.

Ana Lin was leaning against the car window, not feeling high, her eyes dozed off, “You choose a place, just be quiet.”

“Good.” Keller Shen thought of a quiet place.

He drove the car steadily, and after about ten minutes, the car stopped at a bar.

Keller Shen often comes here, is familiar with the environment here, and meets Ana Lin’s requirements for being quiet.

Keller Shen had wine here, so he walked in with Ana Lin and asked him to bring the wine he had stored.

Arranged for Ana Lin, he said to go to the bathroom, and then walked to the door, he took out his mobile phone, hesitated whether to call Phillip Zong and talk to him.

Ana Lin is in a bad mood, should he tell him, let him come over.

After telling Phillip Zong, Ana Lin would be unhappy.

He has concerns.

After much deliberation, he decided to call Phillip Zong and say something, or wait…she drank too much and he could not explain to Phillip Zong.

He swiped the screen to find Phillip Zong’s number, and when he was about to dial out, someone called him.


Keller Shen looked up and saw Alan Su walking towards this side.

“Sure enough, it’s you, I’m still thinking, it’s my dizziness, why do you have time to come out for a drink?” Alan Su was still carrying the document bag in his hand. He hadn’t taken the lawsuit for a long time before, and after Lena Qin left, he started again. The lawsuit was accepted. Apart from working at the company, I was taking care of the old lady at home. Sometimes I thought about Lena Qin and went out for a drink.

It happened that today, he wanted to come for a drink.

He put his arms around Keller Shen’s neck, “Go and have a drink together.”

Keller Shen looked at him, “I’m afraid, neither of us can do it.”

Alan Su’s eyes widened, “Who else?”

Chapter 392

Keller Shen played a dumb riddle with him, “Guess.”

Alan Su stared at Keller Shen, smiled and said, “Did you talk about your girlfriend? Are you here with your girlfriend today?”

Keller Shen’s face sank instantly. If the object of the joke was someone else, he wouldn’t be angry, but Ana Lin was inside, so this joke should not be made casually.

Alan Su blinked, “You can’t make a joke, I won’t open it, why I’m still angry.”

Keller Shen glanced at him, “There is a sister-in-law inside.”

Alan Su’s expression also changed. Every time he saw or heard Ana Lin, he couldn’t help but think of Lena Qin.

He looked down at the ground, “Then I will go first.”

After Lena Qin left, he was immersed in work and had time to spend time with the old lady at home. He met Ana Lin at the airport that day, but he has never seen him since.

Because Ana Lin is very close to Lena Qin, I think of Lena Qin when I see Ana Lin.

Keller Shen looked at this Alan Su, “Don’t you want to understand?”

Why does it seem to complain about Ana Lin?

“No, I am…”

“Okay, okay, everyone is doing good for you. Come in with me and say hello to my sister-in-law.” Keller Shen hooked Alan Su’s neck and walked in.

After being interrupted by Alan Su, he forgot to call Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin was alone in the box. She was barefoot, curled up on the sofa, holding a wine glass in her hand, sipping her mouth.

The two men looked at each other, their eyes didn’t fall on her, they sat aside.

“Sister-in-law.” Alan Su took the initiative to say hello.

Ana Lin raised his eyes and saw two people coming in, “Keller asked you to come?”

Alan Su took a seat on the sofa beside, “No, I met at the door.”

Ana Lin gave a hmm, and did not pursue why they met at the door.

Keller Shen said that he was going to the bathroom, and it was logically impossible for him to appear at the door again, but now Ana Lin was carrying something in his heart, so he didn’t notice anything wrong.

Keller Shen glanced at Alan Su and said nothing.

Alan Su also had something in his heart. Since Lena Qin left, he has been living in repentance, because his procrastination has harmed Lena Qin and lost the child.

He poured wine for Ana Lin, and the thin water hit the rim of the cup, and it sounded as if there was a faint sob from the story.

Ana Lin looked at the filled wine glass, did not serve it, but said, “Lena Qin is fine now, don’t worry.”

Alan Su lowered his head, with a hint of hoarseness in his tone, “Knowing that she is fine, I feel relieved.”

Ana Lin didn’t say too much, after this incident, he should have matured.

“I toast you a glass.” Alan Su held up the wine with both hands and raised it to Ana Lin.

Ana Lin picked up the wine glass and collided with his rim. The sound of the glass collision was clear and loud, breaking the silence of the room.

Alan Su drank it all.

Ana Lin had no choice but to drink only half a cup, enduring the burning sensation caused by the stimulation of his throat by alcohol, and he drank the wine.

The esophagus is hot.

She frowned.

Alan Su realized that Ana Lin seemed to be in a bad mood.

He watched Ana Lin’s cautious temptation, “Sister-in-law, are you in a bad mood?”

Ana Lin held her chin and looked at the candlelight. Yes, she was in a bad mood. She watched Ida Zhuang go in with her own eyes and felt her weight loss.

As a daughter, she ignored Ida Zhuang for too long. After having two children, she focused on her children and work. She paid very little attention to Ida Zhuang.

I always felt that she was still very young, and always felt that her illness was cured, so she let go of her previous knots.

She was wrong, Ida Zhuang’s spirit was good, but the heart hurt Randall Lin caused her was always there.

If she cares for her more time, realizes that her heart is still brooding about the past, and promptly enlightens, she will not embark on this road of no return.

She was not qualified for her daughter.

“Is it because of Phillip?” Alan Su thought that Ana Lin was at odds with Phillip Zong.

Keller Shen glanced at him, “Do you think everyone is like you, so unclear?”

Alan Su was instantly deflated, why should he hit him?

Isn’t it miserable enough for him to lose his lover and his child?

“Can you stop me?” Alan Su almost pleaded.

The thing he can’t stand the most is this.

Keller Shen poured himself a glass of wine, “I punish myself for a glass.”

He poured it down in one breath.

Alan Su pours him again, “The so-called self-punishment is three cups, one cup is not enough.”

Keller Shen, “…”

Can he not drink it?

“If you don’t drink, our brother won’t do it anymore.” Alan Su said harshly.

Keller Shen opened his neckline, “Okay, isn’t it just three cups of self-punishment, can you drink me down?”

Alan Su sat over and continued to pour the wine, “As a brother, I will be with you, is it interesting?”

Keller Shen brought the wine, “Stop f*cking nonsense, drink.”

Ana Lin looked at them, they often quarrel, but the relationship is really good.

Hmm, her stomach was churning badly, she covered her nose and mouth and got up and left the private room.

Alan Su and Keller Shen stopped frolicking.

“Sister-in-law, are you uncomfortable?”

Ana Lin didn’t want to distract them, she shook her head, “I’ll go to the bathroom, you drink yours.”

After that she ran out quickly.

She lay on the side of the sink, all the tumbling in her stomach rushed out, and she spat out.

After vomiting, her stomach feels better, and she feels a lot more awake.

She turned on the faucet, took the water, rinsed her mouth, and washed her face.

She looked up, saw herself in the mirror, curled her lips, and smiled. She told herself in her heart that there was still a lot of time in the future. She had to take good care of Ida Zhuang and her two children.

She dried her face, and went back to tell Alan Su and Keller Shen that she should go back.

As we walked through the corridor, a man with a peaked cap walked towards him. His tone was frighteningly cold, “Yes.”

Ana Lin raised his head, and under the dim light, a familiar figure stood not far from her.

The small space is full of cold air.

Ana Lin instinctively took two steps back, “Who are you?”

The man was wearing a peaked cap, the brim of the hat was so low that she could not see his face.

“Who are you?” Ana Lin’s voice also became cold.

“I don’t know you anymore?” When speaking, the man took off his hat and revealed his entire face, his brows and eyes exuding a cold breath.

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “Is it you?”

She looked at him warily, shouldn’t he be inside? How come out?

He approached step by step, “Is it strange, how come I am here? Instead of being locked up in prison?”

Ana Lin suppressed the panic in his heart, “Don’t come over!”

Ha ha……

A series of dark smiles are horrifying.

Chapter 393

Rios He’s footsteps did not stop, constantly approaching her.

Ana Lin kept stepping back, his face faded with fright, like a piece of white paper that was not stained with color.

How can he come out?

It is difficult to breathe when a heart touches my throat.

“Are you surprised to see me?” Rios He smiled gloomily.

Such Horize is even more gloomy than when she kidnapped her.

Ana Lin suppressed the panic in his heart and said calmly, “Don’t come over, I’ll take a step forward. Did I call someone?”

“Haha.” Rios He laughed loudly, seeming to tell Ana Lin that he is not afraid of people.

Ana Lin took advantage of his inattention, went to dig out his pockets and found that the phone had fallen in the private room, behind the toilet, there was no way out.

She looked at Rios He, “What do you want to do?”

Rios He smiled, “Do you know? Casey He is dead.”

Ana Lin only heard that she was locked in, how could she die?

“It was Phillip Zong who deliberately framed her to kill. She couldn’t stand the days of being without freedom and being squeezed, so she committed suicide in it.” Rios He bared her teeth and looked terrifying. Is it miserable to become the laughing stock of people in City B after dinner?”

“These are all made by you. No one is forcing you. If you do more injustice, you will kill yourself. You should understand this sentence!” Ana Lin looked around, trying to find something to defend himself, except for the flower pot on the wall. Nothing else.

“Yanyan, you are really cruel, you are really cruel to me, do you have no responsibility?” He approached again, step by step…, “If you are good with me and don’t seduce Phillip Zong, he will marry my sister. , A happy ending, but you, guilty of being mean, are going to seduce a man! Or the man who seduce my sister! It’s all because of you that changed the appearance of all this perfect trajectory!”

He was only two steps away from her.

Ana Lin could no longer sit and wait for death, she tried to escape from the gap on the side, but when she moved, Rios He rushed over and grabbed her.

Ana Lin shouted, “Shen Pei…well!”

When she wanted to call someone, Rios He covered her mouth.

Her pupils shrank sharply, full of panic.

“What are you afraid of?” Rios He approached her ear, “I won’t hurt you, why are you so afraid of me?”

Ana Lin couldn’t control herself, and her whole body was shaking.

Choked in his palm, begging, hope he can let himself go.

He k*ssed her neck, Ana Lin’s whole body became stiff, and her stomach churned again, she wanted to vomit.


“I touched you and made you so sick?” Rios He became more and more ferocious.

“Yes, I am sick.”

Her voice was dull through his palm.

Rios He became more presumptuous, holding her indiscriminately k*ssing, Ana Lin struggled, but the strength of men and women is so great that she is not Rios He’s opponent at all.

While struggling, she found that Rios He had something on her waist.

She touched her hand and it was a gun.

She held the muzzle against Rios He, “You move again, I shot?”

Rios He paused for a while, then smiled, “You don’t have the guts to shoot.”

He continued to tear her clothes.

Ana Lin’s nerves are terribly tense, her brain is blank, she has only one thought, she can’t let Rios He touch herself, no!


With a bang, he fired.

Rios He didn’t seem surprised. He looked down at his abdomen, his clothes soaked with blood.

He looked at Ana Lin and smiled, “I know what kindergarten your children are in, and I will catch them and torture them severely.”

The two children are her untouchable bottom line, and she will never allow anyone to hurt her child.

“you dare!”

“You dare to shoot at me, I will not dare to catch them?” Rios He clutched his abdomen, sweating on his head, his voice was not as strong as before, but was already very weak.

Ana Lin’s eyes were red, and the gun was still aimed at him, but he didn’t pull the trigger again.

At this time, the door of the private room opened. It seemed that the sound of the gunshot just started alarming the people in the bar. Keller Shen and Alan Su also walked out. When they saw Ana Lin holding a gun, they felt bad at the same time and walked quickly. Come.

“sister in law……”

At this moment, Rios He rushed to Ana Lin again, grabbed her hand, and shot herself twice.



Rios He looked at Ana Lin with a smile, he couldn’t stand anymore, and crashed down.

The bright red blood spread to the ground.

Ana Lin hadn’t recovered from the gunshot just now, she was shaking with the gun in her hand.

“Rios He?” Keller Shen was shocked to see the man who fell on the ground. Rios He was kept in the room watching him, and he couldn’t get out at all. His ability to get out proved that the people who fished him were not small.

“No, Alan Su, hurry up and take my sister-in-law.”

Keller Shen feared that this might be a conspiracy against Ana Lin.

Alan Su said yes, he stepped over Rios He’s body and grabbed Ana Lin’s hand, “Sister-in-law, let’s go.”

Just as Alan Su was about to drag Ana Lin away, a group of uniformed policemen swarmed at the door.

“Someone reported that someone shot and killed someone here.”

The captain led by this group of police came out.

Keller Shen squinted his eyes. From the gunshot to the present, within a few minutes, even if someone calls the police, it is impossible to come so soon, right?

If he was still guessing before, then he can be sure now that this is a conspiracy against Ana Lin.

His brain was running fast, Rios He took Ana Lin’s hand and shot at him, what was his purpose?

Framed Ana Lin to kill?

Thinking of this possibility, then the gun became the key. Keller Shen wanted to grab the gun in Ana Lin’s hand and destroy the evidence, but he was stopped just as he thought about coming over.

“Captain Shen, this is my case. It’s not your turn to intervene.” The other party’s attitude was very tough, and the response was quick. Obviously, arrangements were made early in the morning.

The leading police captain raised his hand, “Take the suspect back.”

Alan Su stood in front of Ana Lin, “Who dare to move?”

The police captain came over and confronted Alan Su, “I will enforce the law impartially, what do you want to do? Believe it or not, I will punish you for a crime of obstructing official duties?!”

Alan Su was not timid, even if he was convicted, he would never let them take Ana Lin away.

Keller Shen gave Alan Su a wink. In this case, they couldn’t take Ana Lin away. They could only come hard. He entangled these people and let Alan Su take the opportunity to take Ana Lin away.

“Team Chen.” Keller Shen knew this person.

It now appears that he was brought up not by accident.

There is a backing behind.

No one in the game didn’t know the relationship between him and Phillip Zong. If he even dared to move if he knew it, it proved that the forces behind him were very powerful.

“The dead one is my prisoner. He escaped from prison and I shot and killed him. Is there anything wrong?” Keller Shen took the matter to himself.

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