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Chapter 361

Phillip Zong didn’t make any extra response. He didn’t want to be sensational and didn’t like it, so he pulled the door and got into the car.

Keller Shen put his hand on Alan Su’s shoulder, “I will accompany you to have a drink.”

Alan Su patted him on the shoulder and said, “Okay.”

On the other side, Phillip Zong drove straight to the hospital.

Ana Lin was already sleepy standing at the entrance of the hospital.

At this time, even the place where you need to line up for registration during the day is quiet at the moment.

When Phillip Zong arrived, it was already half an hour later.

Ana Lin saw his car and walked over. Phillip Zong stopped the car and Ana Lin pulled the car door and sat in.

“Where did Alan Su go?” Ana Lin buckled his seat belt and asked.

“Keller Shen is with you.” Phillip Zong said indifferently without squinting.

She was relieved when someone accompanied her to enlighten.

It was past two o’clock now, Ana Lin leaned on the seat and fell asleep without knowing it.

It was too late and she was sleepy.

Phillip Zong lowered the speed of the car and drove smoothly on the horse. After arriving at the villa, he parked the car. At this time, Ana Lin was already asleep, completely unaware, and he was home.

Phillip Zong walked over, opened the car door here, bent in, pressed the seat belt, and hugged her down.

Ana Lin was asleep, and was suddenly moved. She was very impatient, moved her body and murmured. Soon she found a comfortable position in Phillip Zong’s arms and continued to fall asleep.

Phillip Zong hugged her into the house, Danna Cheng got up to drink water at night, and happened to see Phillip Zong coming in with Ana Lin.

She glanced at the time, three o’clock in the night.

“Come back so late?” she asked in a low voice.

Phillip Zong gave a hum, perhaps because living together, like someone very close to him, answered naturally.

Danna Cheng was taken aback for a moment, and then opened his eyes, he, he actually talked to her.

Still so peaceful.

She turned around and put it in without drinking any water. When she was about to push the door in, she seemed to think of something again. She pushed open the door of Zong Qifeng’s room.

At this time, Zong Qifeng was sound asleep.

She bent over and shook him, “You wake up.”

Zong Qifeng slept in a daze, as if he heard someone calling him, he slowly opened his eyes, and through the faint light, he seemed to see Danna Cheng. Shouldn’t she be in Ruth’s room at this time?

How would it appear here?

“What’s the matter?” Zong Qifeng sat up, Danna Cheng was a little helpless, surprised, unexpected, “Jing, Phillip talked to me.”

Zong Qifeng turned on the bedside lamp, the room instantly lit up, and he also woke up.

Know where her excitement comes from.

“What did he say to you?” Zong Qifeng asked.

“I asked him to come back so late, and he responded with a hum.”

Zong Qifeng frowned, because of this, he was so excited that he didn’t sleep in the middle of the night?

“Do you think this is a good development? He will slowly accept me in the future?” Danna Cheng looked forward to a bright future and could get along with Phillip Zong like family and friends.

Zong Qifeng looked at her happy face and was in a daze for two seconds, “Yes.”

Zong Qifeng knew Phillip Zong a little bit, and his knot might not be so easy to open.

And it didn’t give her a substantively good face. Just a response made her so excited.

With Zong Qifeng’s affirmation, her whole body became energetic, “In the future, should I talk to him more?”

Danna Cheng is not tolerant, and she is quite clever. However, she has no ability to think about what happened to Phillip Zong. It has been more than 20 years since he and her have been married. How can the knot of such a long time be solved at once?

Zong Qifeng sighed and waved to her, “Come here.”

Danna Cheng came over and reached the bedside.

Zong Qifeng caressed her old cheek. Once, this face was like a flower and jade, now…

“Years of knots, don’t rush.” ​​There is hope and disappointment.

Zong Qifeng didn’t want her to be disappointed.

Danna Cheng said, “I know.”

In fact, my heart is not calm.

She was taken away by joy.

Zong Qifeng has lived with her for more than 20 years, and he still knows her. At this time, he didn’t listen to him at all.

At this time, I’m afraid she won’t listen to what he said, so let’s wait until she calms down.

Phillip Zong carried Ana Lin up the stairs and entered the room.

Chapter 362

Phillip Zong carried Ana Lin up the stairs and entered the room.

Ana Lin slept deeply, with no trace of waking up. Phillip Zong put her on the bed, and she seemed to know that she was lying on the bed, turned over, and fell into the quilt. Phillip Zong frowned and leaned over. Come down, go see her.

She tilted her head, her palm-sized cheeks as white as porcelain.

Her eyelashes are very long, which hides a shadow when lying down.

His lips are red without a touch, which is indescribable.

He lowered his head to peck at her lips and was violently touched. Ana Lin’s brows were frowning, and she snorted, “Um…”

In a daze, she opened her eyes and saw Phillip Zong’s face close at hand, and she was sleepy. She was not awake and had little strength. On the contrary, she was a bit like a flirtatious push, “I’m sleepy.”

The voice was a hoarse, soft, soft, unspeakable temptation from just waking up.

Phillip Zong didn’t leave her lips, and gave a vague hum.

His k*ss was not heavy, but it was very warm, and Ana Lin could obviously feel his heavy breathing.

I became nervous involuntarily, and even the sleepiness was dispelled a lot.

Phillip Zong was too strong and domineering in that respect, every time, she was exhausted by tossing.

“Phillip…I’m really sleepy.” She said cautiously.

Phillip Zong allowed his lips and asked vaguely, “What do you call me?”

Ana Lin’s mind was dizzy. Without realizing what he wanted to hear for a while, he answered casually, “Call you Phillip?”

She thought to herself, should he call him Phillip Zong with his first name and last name?


Suddenly, she felt a chill on her body and the skirt was torn apart. She hurriedly wanted to cover it. However, Phillip Zong was quicker, grabbed her two hands, pressed them on the bed, and looked at her in a leaning posture. Full of threats, “Say it again, what do you call me?”

Ana Lin said tremblingly, “Old…husband?”

His eyebrows were raised, and they seemed to be shining, like stars and moons, radiant, and the corners of his lips were slightly raised, very happy.

Ana Lin knew that he was in a good mood and took the initiative to approach him and act like a baby, “I want to sleep.”

Phillip Zong k*ssed her eye sockets, itchy, Ana Lin closed his eyes.

Phillip Zong smiled, rubbing her hair, “Go to sleep.”

Ana Lin proactively k*ssed him on the cheek in order to please him, “I’m asleep.”

Phillip Zong was happily like a young boy with a newfound love.

But Ana Lin, who was about to fall asleep, didn’t see it.

Phillip Zong took off her shoes, her feet were white and small.

Ana Lin was not asleep yet, his touch was a little itchy, but he didn’t move. She enjoyed this moment, Phillip Zong’s’serving’.

Before she knew it, the corners of her lips rose slightly.

She heard the sound of Phillip Zong going to the bathroom to take a bath. She gradually fell asleep. Before she fell asleep, she felt the mattress behind her sink deep. Soon, a strong arm hugged her, and her strong, hot chest pressed against her. With his back too close, he could clearly smell the fragrance of the shower gel on his body.

She went to sleep in this atmosphere. She woke up late in the morning, it was almost nine o’clock. She slept too late last night, so she didn’t wake up in the morning.

Usually at this time, Phillip Zong has already gone to the company, but did not leave today, she sat up and asked, “Don’t you need to go to the company today?”

Phillip Zong stood in front of the full-length mirror, wearing a tie, and took a moment to look at her, “The arrangements are over there, and Lena Qin can leave today.”

Ana Lin got off the bed, threw himself behind him, hugged him from behind, and pressed his face against his back, “Thank you.”

Without squinting, Phillip Zong continued to adjust his neckline, and asked, “How do you thank me?”

Ana Lin turned to him and stretched out his hand to fix his tie, “I will leave it to me in the future.”

She is a costume designer herself, so she can handle such things.

Tie the tie and button up the suit button.

She smoothed the neckline of her suit and was very satisfied with her masterpiece.

She took a step back and admired him. He was thin and wide, his waist was very narrow, there was no fat, and he matched the strong line of his hips, and he was even and straight.

The dangling lights on the ceiling are in a line with Phillip Zong’s straight body, noble and unruly. His biggest capital to lure a woman is power, wealth and appearance.

I have to admit that a successful man has a good face and his charm is really great.

Phillip Zong was pleased by her appreciation, and asked with a smile, “Are you satisfied with me?”

Ana Lin pretended to be extremely serious, and she nodded solemnly, “It’s okay.”


Why does it sound unsatisfactory?

Ana Lin hooked his neck, raised his head and k*ssed his chin, “I like it very much.”

She can’t admit it, she really likes this man.

Phillip Zong smiled and put his arms around her slender waist, “Don’t you change your clothes?”

Ana Lin nodded quickly, Lena Qin’s matter was important.

She said something and waited for me, then people took the clothes and rushed into the bathroom, washed and dressed, then she walked out.

Phillip Zong has already arranged it, and now only needs to send Lena Qin on the plane.

In the hospital, when Phillip Zong received the call from there, he asked Milton Guan to go to the hospital to deal with Lena Qin’s affairs. When they came, Milton Guan had already arranged.

Lena Qin was followed by the medical staff in the hospital, and after being sent there, they came back.

The car, the single frame, and the entourage were arranged one by one. As soon as they came in, Milton Guan walked over and asked, “All arrangements have been made. You can leave for the airport at any time.”

Ana Lin asked, “What time is the plane.”

“Charter flights, time can be arranged by yourself.” Milton Guan replied.

Ana Lin opened his mouth, but was at a loss for a while, “It’s arranged, let’s go.”

Lena Qin’s treatment should be done sooner rather than later.

Milton Guan said yes.

It took only half an hour from Ana Lin to the hospital to send Lena Qin to the airport.

Lena Qin was lying on a single shelf, carried by someone, and followed by the doctor. Ana Lin escorted her to the boarding gate, “I will see you when I have time.”

Lena Qin said yes, but she didn’t say anything of gratitude, because she felt that thank you two words could not express her inner feelings.

“Cultivate well and everything will be fine.” Ana Lin shook her hand, “I am waiting for you to come back and help me manage the clothing store.”

“Yeah.” Lena Qin answered.

There were tears in her eyes.

Lena Qin was carried on the plane, and it didn’t take long before Ana Lin saw the plane taking off.

In an inconspicuous corner of the airport hall, two big men stood, one with a serious expression and the other with a sad expression.

It wasn’t that Keller Shen was pulling, Alan Su rushed forward.

He watched Lena Qin leave, but he was helpless.

There is no uncomfortable feeling that can describe his mood.

He knows, knows, that it’s the best mood for Lena Qin not to appear.

However, he himself is full of regrets.

He had only seen her once since she was rescued. It was still when she was in a coma, and then when she woke up, he didn’t even have a chance to talk to her.

Lena Qin didn’t want to see her.

He suddenly rushed to Ana Lin.

When Lena Qin left, Keller Shen relaxed his vigilance, but unexpectedly he ran out.

He was afraid that Alan Su would say something outrageous to Ana Lin because of Lena Qin’s departure, so he hurried to catch up, “Alan Su!”

Chapter 363

Alan Su didn’t have the urge. She didn’t want to question anything, but just wanted to ask Ana Lin where Lena Qin went and when he might recover, so that he was prepared.

From yesterday to now, Keller Shen has been with him.

He wants to understand. Whether he wants to redeem his sins or repent, he always has to wait until Lena Qin’s body recovers. If he must ask Lena Qin to forgive him now, it will only increase her troubles and affect her recovery. Now his only The wish is that Lena Qin can restore her body and appearance.

“I’m very awake.” Alan Su gave a wry smile. He looked at Keller Shen who was chasing him, his palms fell heavily on his shoulders, without much words.

A look between men is enough.

Keller Shen also held his shoulders and comforted, “If you can think clearly, I’m relieved.”

Alan Su these days is really worrying, and now he can think about it clearly and feel relieved.

“Sister-in-law.” Alan Su’s voice was a little low, and he felt guilty in front of Ana Lin.

Ana Lin looked at him and knew that he probably wanted to understand, and said, “Don’t worry, after she is healed, I will definitely tell you where he is.”

Alan Su nodded and said okay, he solemnly called Ana Lin’s sister-in-law, “She will ask you.”

“Don’t worry, I will take good care of her.” Ana Lin knew that Alan Su wanted to understand, and he was relieved a lot.

“During this time, adjust yourself.” Ana Lin said meaningfully.

Alan Su understood what Ana Lin meant and said, “Liu Feifei is my first love. She suddenly appeared, and my heart was flustered. This allowed her to take advantage of the loophole and have the opportunity to hurt Lena Qin. I know, all of this I made it myself, and when she gets better, I must repent like her.”

Ana Lin did not want to interfere with their emotional affairs.

Feelings are a matter for two people, and outsiders can only suggest, not make any decisions.

“Wait for her, you talk to yourself.” Ana Lin said, “Let’s go.”

She still wants to go back to the store, so it’s time for Phillip Zong to go back to the company.

Walking out of the airport, Phillip Zong pulled the car door and let Ana Lin get in the car, “Go to the company?”

Ana Lin got in the car and buckled the seat belt, and said, “No, I will go to the store.”

Originally, she wanted to make a fuss on Xiangyun Sha, but, because of Foster Wen’s affairs, she could only temporarily let it go.

The business in the store can only barely be maintained, and now she needs a dazzling work to bring ELO in City B back to the public eye.

Since the store opened, some things have happened to her, and she hasn’t been managed very much. If she doesn’t want to save it anymore, it may affect ELO’s reputation.

The car stopped in front of the store, and when Ana Lin opened the door and got out of the car, Phillip Zong’s cell phone rang.

She turned her head, “You answer the phone and I will go to the store.”

Wen’s number is displayed on the screen of the mobile phone. Usually only Foster Wen is looking for him. He looks at Ana Lin, “I will pick you up from get off work at night.”

Ana Lin smiled and said yes, then turned and walked into the store.

Phillip Zong answered the phone, but his eyes were on the slender figure walking into the door.

“Phillip, are you free to do me a favor?” Foster Wen’s voice came.

Foster Wen rarely asked Phillip Zong to do anything for him. This was the first time he opened his mouth, and Phillip Zong would naturally not refuse.

“You said.”

“You help me to the Dorsett Hotel, Room 808, find someone to help me get something, you only need to mention my name to the person inside, and she will know what it is.”

It’s also a coincidence that the Dorsett Hotel is on his way back to the company. Generally, he will ask Milton Guan to help him with such things.

Because he was on the way, he went by himself.

When he got there, he found room 808 and rang the doorbell.

Soon, the door opened.

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