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Chapter 352

They couldn’t get in the intensive care unit and could only look through the glass. Lena Qin was still in a coma, her face was very tightly wrapped, only her eyes were exposed.

Next to it is the body testing equipment, which is beeping.

Alan Su was lying on the glass, looking very uncomfortable, there was no sound, Ana Lin could only see him shrugging shoulders.

“This incident surprised me. Not long after we met, she said that she wanted to leave and find a quiet place to give birth to the child… Unexpectedly, something like this would happen.” Ana Lin’s voice was soft.

Alan Su’s hand on the glass was clenched into a fist. He sobbed, “It’s my fault…”

“What’s the use of knowing that I was wrong now?” Ana Lin knew that he shouldn’t be irritated anymore at this time, but she still felt that she had to make it clear to him.

“If you are still in this state, even if Lena Qin will forgive you, I won’t allow it. You should think carefully about where you are wrong.” After Ana Lin turned and went out, she felt uncomfortable.

Appearance is a sign of a person, even if you can undergo plastic surgery, it is not the same.

She used to have a lot of sunshine and had a very happy time. Since being with Alan Su, she has not been happy for a few days.

Now it hurts like this.

Ana Lin felt sorry for Lena Qin.

Phillip Zong walked over, reached out and pinned the broken hair that was blocking her forehead behind her ears, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin nodded, now Lena Qin is still in a coma, and she can’t do anything here.

Before leaving, Ana Lin went to the doctor and asked, “When will she wake up?”

Ana Lin wanted to come when she wanted to, lest she knew that her situation could not be accepted, and there was not even a person around her who could enlighten her.

“After 12 hours, I should wake up.” The doctor said.

Ana Lin knew that 12 hours later, at about 5 o’clock tomorrow morning, she said thank you before walking out of the doctor’s office.

He Phillip Zong returned home. She didn’t eat dinner and shut herself in the room. Phillip Zong walked in with a glass of pure milk.

She was lying on the bed in a sweater and Phillip Zong was sitting by the bed. In fact, he didn’t like her being upset because of other people’s affairs.

“Fell asleep?”

Ana Lin didn’t fall asleep, but didn’t want to talk, she heard it when Phillip Zong pushed the door in.

“I know you didn’t sleep, get up and drink hot milk.”

Ana Lin turned over and looked at him.

She couldn’t tell her own mood, it was a little messy.

Phillip Zong chuckled, “Looking at me like this, do you think I’m pretty?”

Ana Lin looked at him carefully. He looked good. His skin was fair, his facial features were distinct, his deep eyes, and occasionally a gentle smile, could drown people.

But when he was cold, it felt completely different.

Ana Lin’s depressed mood was slightly relieved, she sat up, and Phillip Zong handed her the milk.

She took it and took a sip, “Alan Su…is this the character?”

Very indecisive about feelings.

Phillip Zong pondered for a while and said, “No.”

In fact, he was still very clear, but he overturned the boat about Liu Feifei.

I was very concerned about Liu Feifei’s departure before, maybe because Liu Feifei suddenly appeared, he was confused.

Ana Lin pursed her lips, as if thinking something, Phillip Zong reminded her, “Drink the milk.”

Ana Lin didn’t finish the drink right away, but picked up the phone, and regularly, she would get up early in the morning to go to the hospital.

At night, Ana Lin slept in Phillip Zong’s arms, not knowing if it was because he was more at ease by his side, and soon fell asleep.

She was awakened by the alarm clock.

Thinking that Lena Qin was in the hospital, she quickly sobered up and wanted to get out of bed. Phillip Zongzong lived behind her waist, her voice was hoarse when she woke up, “Why are you going?”

“I’m going to the hospital, the doctor said Lena Qin will wake up at five o’clock, I have to go and see.” In fact, she was afraid. Lena Qin was excited about Alan Su, so she went there early.

“It’s still early, accompany me to sleep more.” Phillip Zong dragged her into the bed, and Ana Lin pushed him, “Don’t make trouble, she is disfigured, I’m afraid she won’t think about it, and there is no one around. I still have something to do and want to ask you for help.”

Ana Lin turned over, face to face with him, holding his face.

“Is it good?” Ana Lin asked before he could speak.

Ana Lin frowned, “I’m serious.”

“Am I not serious?”

Ana Lin, “…”

She took the initiative to kss his lips. In the morning, he had some blue stubble on his chin, which was a bit pierced, but it didn’t hurt. Her kss was very light, and it ended at once.

Phillip Zong frowned. He half-squinted his eyes as if he was dissatisfied with the k*ss. He turned over and Ana Lin pressed his chest, “I want you to help me find a good cosmetic surgeon.”

Although she hasn’t seen Lena Qin yet, she knows Lena Qin very well. Lena Qin definitely doesn’t want Alan Su to intervene in this matter. To be precise, she shouldn’t want to have anything to do with Alan Su. Now she doesn’t even have the only involvement.

Phillip Zong looked down at her against her hand, and whispered, “Okay, put your hand down.”

Ana Lin’s heart was beating fast, there was no light in the room, only an orange bedside lamp was on, which made the atmosphere a little more charming.

His chest was hot, she still felt hot through the silky fabric, her fingers curled up involuntarily, Phillip Zong lowered her head and poked her lips, and laughed, “Why are you so shy?”

It’s been so long and she still blushes from time to time.

After the incident, Phillip Zong dressed her and took her to the hospital.

It was almost six o’clock when she arrived at the hospital, and it was already bright. Since being with Phillip Zong, she has hardly worn low-necked clothes. He always likes to make traces on her body.

Ana Lin was wearing a black windbreaker with a floral dress inside, with a bow tie obliquely at the neckline to block the red print on his neck.

She got off the car with her bag, “You don’t have to wait for me. If I go back, I will take a taxi.”

Phillip Zong said, “Call me if you have something to do.”

Ana Lin said yes, watching Phillip Zong drive away, she turned and walked into the hospital.

When she arrived, Alan Su was already there, and it seemed that she hadn’t been back, and she was still wearing that suit.

“Stayed here all night?” Ana Lin came over with a bag.

Alan Su lowered his head, “Returned.”

Arranged for the old lady, the two people who sent the old lady off the ship seemed unwilling to get life in lawsuits, so the old lady was sent back to the hospital. The old lady’s illness needed to be recuperated. He arranged for the old lady to go home. The maid takes care of it and is also convenient.

Ana Lin asked, “Is the person awake?”

Alan Su raised his head fiercely and looked at Ana Lin, his eyes seemed to be rendered by red paint, and his voice was dumb, “She doesn’t want to see me.”

Ana Lin knew that it was not unexpected, so Lena Qin was already awake?

“I’ll go see her.” Ana Lin looked at his uncomfortable look, moved a little bit of compassion, and patted his shoulder, “You are a man, Lena Qin is more difficult than you.”

Few people can accept the shock of losing a child and disfigured.

Chapter 353

“Rather than being decadent, it’s better to think about how to make up.” Ana Lin said deliberately, not wanting to see him go on like this, regretting it is useless and can’t change anything.

The hardest thing to buy in the world is regret medicine.

Alan Su raised his head and looked at Ana Lin, “What should I do now?”

He was really messed up, he didn’t know what else he could do, and all he thought about was the scene when he saw Lena Qin’s face hurt.

He can’t get rid of it.

“You go and clean yourself first, I’ll watch Lena Qin here,” Ana Lin said.

Alan Su hesitated, “If she wants to see me, what should I do if I am away?”

“Do you think she would want to see you?” If she hadn’t been disfigured, maybe she would like to see him, but now, Lena Qin would definitely not see him.

It was like if this happened to her, she would definitely not want Phillip Zong to see it.

This is the same mood.

“You are not atonement, but torturing yourself. Do you think you can be forgiven by doing this?”

Alan Su grabbed Ana Lin’s sleeves in a panic, “Then what should I do? How can I get her forgiveness?”

“Forgive?” Ana Lin mocked, “If it were you, what would you have done?”

Alan Su was speechless, if it were him, he would not forgive it.

Ana Lin did not continue to attack him, and said, “You go back first, I will persuade Lena Qin wherever he goes.”

Alan Su knows the relationship between Ana Lin and Lena Qin, she is willing to speak for herself, hope is still great, he said sincerely, “Thank you sister-in-law.”

Ana Lin didn’t say anything, because she was more inclined to Lena Qin. If Lena Qin did not choose to forgive, she would never persuade.

Dismissed Alan Su, Ana Lin went to the nurse’s desk and asked about meeting Lena Qin. The nurse first asked Lena Qin’s opinion whether or not to see him. Because the patient’s disfigured emotions are easily stimulated by the outside world, they must I asked the patient if he would like to meet.

If they want to meet, they will make arrangements.

Ana Lin waited patiently, and soon the nurse came out from inside, “You go in, but you can’t talk to her too much, try not to exceed ten minutes, her body is relatively weak.”

Ana Lin nodded and said, “I see.”

The nurse took Ana Lin to a dressing room and handed her a dust-proof cover, “You must wear this for intensive care.”

The nurse explained.

Ana Lin took it.

Many people didn’t know how to wear it for the first time. The nurse helped. Soon with the help of the nurse, Ana Lin put on a dustproof suit.

Ana Lin was wrapped tightly and wore dust-proof clothing to prevent bacteria from being brought to the intensive care unit.

“Come in with me.” The nurse said.

Ana Lin followed the nurse into the intensive care unit, and there was a beep from the medical department, and there was almost no other sound, which made people feel mechanical and cold.

“Don’t say it for too long.” The nurse brought the person into the intensive care unit, and the nurse reminded him again, and then left.

Ana Lin stood in front of the door, a little hesitant in her footsteps, and she felt a little uneasy because she didn’t know how to comfort Lena Qin.

If this happened to her, she would be heartbroken.

“Sister Lin, why don’t you come.” Lena Qin’s voice was very weak. She couldn’t see Ana Lin standing at the door, but the nurse had asked her before. The one who could see her was Ana Lin except Alan Su. Said it.

Ana Lin took a deep breath and walked over. She smiled, pretending to be relaxed, “Are you awake?”

Lena Qin said gently.

Ana Lin wanted to shook her hand, but both of her hands were chasing pipes, and she couldn’t start.

“I want to leave here.” Lena Qin said her thoughts.

When the child was gone, her heart died with it.

She wanted to leave this place that made her sad.

She understands her current situation very well, and she can only rely on Ana Lin.

“Your current body…” Ana Lin was willing to help her.

It’s just her current situation, I’m afraid she can’t leave.

Lena Qin’s attitude is very firm, “I am here, my heart cannot be calmed down.”

As long as she is here, Alan Su will definitely come, she does not want to see this person.

She just wanted to escape, escape everything here.

“Sister Lin, help me, I have no one to ask.” Lena Qin was a little excited, and wanted to reach out to touch Ana Lin, Ana Lin quickly held her arm and said, “I promise you, but you I have to give me time to arrange it.”

Lena Qin nodded, “Thank you…”

“Fool, between us, what else do you say thank you.” Ana Lin’s nose was a bit sore, she was very tightly wrapped, only her eyes were exposed.

Lena Qin disguised herself as calm, and Ana Lin still felt her sadness.

All she can do is to agree to all Lena Qin’s requirements. As for Alan Su, leave it to time.

If they have fate, Alan Su really loves her, there will always be a chance to reconcile.

If not, it can only show that they have no destiny.

Whose life hasn’t passed away yet?

It’s just that the traces left by this passer-by are deep and shallow.

Lena Qin knew that this matter could not be rushed, but she was determined to leave, “I want to leave as soon as possible.”

“Give me three days.” If you want to take her out of here, you must first arrange a place where you can treat her, and the hospital must also make arrangements.

It takes time to do this.

Lena Qin said, “Okay.”

Within three days of her acceptance, she knew where she was going, and she had to arrange Ana Lin to arrange it. She was very grateful.

Ana Lin had only asked Phillip Zong to find a plastic surgery doctor for her. Now I am afraid that he will help arrange the hospital for Lena Qin. Not only can she give Lena Qin plastic surgery, but she can also recuperate.

“The doctor said that you are very weak and you can’t talk too much. You have a good rest. I will arrange it. I am here. Don’t worry. I know you don’t want Alan Su, right? I won’t tell him. , I will arrange to pick you up.”

Lena Qin said, her voice was very low.

“Everything will be fine.” Ana Lin comforted.

At this time, the nurse came in to remind Ana Lin that the time was up, and Ana Lin assured her, “I will try my best to arrange it as soon as possible, and promise me that during this time, I will not think about it, take care of my body, and wait for me to pick you up. .”

“it is good.”

Ana Lin left the intensive care unit, took off her dust-proof clothing and walked out of the hospital. She stood in front of the hospital and took a taxi to go to the company to find Phillip Zong and arrange Lena Qin’s affairs. She had to rely on Phillip Zong, and her contacts were limited.

The hospital had a lot of people and there were a lot of taxis. Soon she stopped the car and opened the car door to get in.

“Where to go?” the taxi driver asked.

Ana Lin just wanted to talk when the mobile phone in her bag rang. She took out her mobile phone and the caller ID showed Danna Cheng. She said to the driver, “Go to Wanyue.” After speaking, she pressed the answer button.

“Are you free now?” Danna Cheng’s voice came.

Ana Lin said, “Yes, is there something?”

“I’m waiting for you at the ro dessert shop.” Danna Cheng didn’t say anything, and hung up the phone after speaking.

Ana Lin looked at the phone and thought that Danna Cheng would not be looking for her, so she said to the driver, “Don’t go to Wanyue, go to the dessert shop.”

Chapter 354

The driver changed his lane.

Ana Lin sat quietly, but thought about Lena Qin’s affairs. If Lena Qin was sent away, Alan Su would definitely find her.

But she was very supportive of Lena Qin, no matter what Alan Su said, she would not betray Lena Qin.

After experiencing this incident, he should have matured in emotional matters. Both of them need time to calm down and deal with this relationship.

She made up her mind, and her heart to send Lena Qin away became more determined.

At this moment, the driver drove the car to the ro dessert shop.

She paid to get off the car.

Across the glass window, Ana Lin saw Danna Cheng and her two children sitting by the window eating cakes. She opened the glass door and walked in.

“Mummy.” Daniel saw her come in and greeted her.

Danna Cheng turned her head, saw her, smiled, “The non-tata here is delicious, I ordered one for you.”

Ana Lin sat down and said thank you.

Danna Cheng smiled, “Thank you for what else to say to me, it seems like it’s not a big deal.”

Ana Lin smiled back, and took a spoonful of non-tata to his mouth. It had a strong milk fragrance, but it was not greasy and not very sweet. It had the smell of milk and cream, and it tasted very good.

The desserts here are very famous, and there is an amusement park in the back, which is very suitable for bringing children.

After eating dessert, Ruth pulled Daniel, “Brother, you accompany me to play.”

Daniel sighed helplessly, as if there was no way for her sister, so she could only agree, “Okay.”

Danna Cheng asked the driver to follow, “You look at them both.”

The driver nodded and followed the two little guys into the playground.

Through the glass, you can see it when you sit here.

Ana Lin took a sip of the juice and asked, “Is there something to come to me?”

“It’s okay, I can’t find you yet?” Danna Cheng felt that they hadn’t spoken together during this period. Taking advantage of this weekend, it was rare for her to bring her two children out to play, so she called Ana Lin over.

Ana Lin smiled and said, “No.”

Normally Danna Cheng would have something to ask her, so she asked.

Through the glass, Danna Cheng watched the two children playing happily inside, and raised the corners of her lips. “Before, I never thought that there would be such a day when I could live with Phillip and his The children get along so harmoniously. Although I am a mother, I have also been deprived of the right to be a mother. I really appreciate you.”

Danna Cheng took Ana Lin’s hand, “Thank you for allowing me to live with Phillip and two children.”

“This is what I should do.” Ana Lin said melancholy, “You have missed a lot, and no matter how much you have now, it is only to make up for, but how can the missed beauty make up for it?”

Danna Cheng shook her head, “Now I am very satisfied.”

She is satisfied with the current state of life, the sense of belonging as a family together, she often illusion, Phillip Zong put down everything before and live with her peacefully.

“Jenkin Bai has been in trouble recently.” Danna Cheng said suddenly. She turned to look at Ana Lin, “You told Phillip, Foster Wen did what he did about the car accident?”

Ana Lin nodded, “I didn’t hide him.”

He is too keen.

Ana Lin knew that once Phillip Zong knew it was Jenkin Bai’s hand to Wen, he would definitely not let him go easily.

After all, this is City B, Phillip Zong’s site, it is easy to fix him.

At the back of their seat, a woman sat with her back facing them. This woman was Li Jing. She also came to this store for dessert. She came early, and when Danna Cheng brought her two children, she Just want to go.

Because of Foster Wen’s relationship with Danna Cheng, she didn’t intend to say hello. When she was about to leave them behind, she heard Danna Cheng call Ana Lin.

So she sat down again.

She knows the relationship between Phillip Zong and Danna Cheng. As his wife, how could Ana Lin and Danna Cheng get close?

She sat there waiting for Ana Lin to come over with curiosity, only to hear their conversation.

Foster Wen’s car accident turned out to be man-made, and her heart trembled fiercely.

And Danna Cheng and Ana Lin both knew.

Who is this Jenkin Bai?

Li Jing was full of resentment, that the accident was caused by someone deliberately.

She was scared to death at the time, but fortunately she was not life-threatening and only injured her arm.

She secretly looked back at Danna Cheng, her address to Phillip Zong seemed to be very cordial, and it was more like a mother’s tone to her child.

When Danna Cheng was able to marry Zong Qifeng, she agreed to Foster Wen, using the Cheng family’s ancestral business as a condition of exchange, and that he could not have children with Zong Qifeng.

Does she treat Phillip Zong as her own child?

She is also a mother herself, no matter how kind, it is difficult for her to treat other people’s children as her own.

Danna Cheng’s tone just now clearly regarded Phillip Zong as his son.

Now think about it carefully, how courage Danna Cheng was at the beginning, and only when Duo Ai Zong Kaifeng can even ignore the family inheritance, he must marry?

Thinking about it now, it seems that love alone cannot make a person give up family and be a complete woman.

It is a pity that a woman does not have children for a lifetime.

If Phillip Zong is her child…

She didn’t dare to continue thinking about how many secrets were hidden in it.

She continued to listen by drinking water.

Later, they didn’t say anything about Phillip Zong. The topic was all about the two children. Li Jing felt that she might no longer hear anything of value, so she left through the back door.

After leaving the dessert shop, she immediately called Foster Wen.

“When are you coming back?” Her voice was a little anxious.

The doctor asked him to stay in peace, but he couldn’t stay in the hospital, saying that he hurt his arm and didn’t get in the way to walk, so he was discharged.

He had just watched the exercise and received a call from Li Jing when he returned to the office. Li Jing is still a very stable person, and rarely calls him in such anxiousness. He unbuttoned the collar of his uniform, took a look at the time, and said. , “About five o’clock, is your son causing trouble again?”

Generally, Li Jing is so anxious. In all likelihood, it is because their son has nothing but his son to make her anxious.

“No, you’ll talk about it when you come back, remember to come back early, I’ll wait for you.” After saying that, Li Jing hung up the phone and stopped the car to go home.

Foster Wen looked at the hung up phone, put it down, frowning, isn’t it because of her son that she is so anxious?

Foster Wen was worried, and went home before five o’clock. Li Jing was waiting for him at home.

Seeing him coming in, Li Jing walked over and helped him take off his coat. “The doctor said he would let you rest. Even if you are injured, you can’t stop.”

Foster Wen glanced at her and answered the question, “What do you want to tell me.”

“Today I went to ro’s dessert shop and met Danna Cheng…”

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