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Chapter 355

Foster Wen was very reluctant to hear about this woman, always feeling that Wen Xian’s death was indirectly related to her.

You know that when Danna Cheng and Zong Qifeng were together, Wen Xian just gave birth to Phillip Zong.

Later, it was not that he hid the woman Danna Cheng, Wen Xian could spend those years quietly with Zong Qifeng.

Later, Wen Xian found out that he was imprisoned, and he had to let him go. That is to say, Wen Xian was kind, and he couldn’t refuse his sister before letting Danna Cheng out.

Therefore, after Wen Xian died, when Danna Cheng was about to marry Zong Qifeng, he would make what requests, but he did not expect that Danna Cheng would agree.

He still feels that Danna Cheng and Wenxian still feel that Wenxian will be better off.

He is always sad when he thinks of his sister.

He snorted coldly, “They all live in City B, and chance encounters are not common.”

Li Jing helped him sit on the sofa, “She is not alone, with two children, and…”

Li Jing was afraid that she was thinking too much.

“Who else?” Foster Wen stared at her impatiently, how could he still learn to speak only halfway?

“Ana Lin.” Li Jing said.


“Phillip’s wife.”

“She is with Danna Cheng?” Foster Wen asked, squinting.

Li Jing nodded affirmatively, “And the relationship looks good, I heard them talking.”

Foster Wen leaned back and leaned against the sofa, “What did they say?”

Li Jing suddenly looked at Foster Wen with extreme earnestness, “At the beginning, Danna Cheng promised your terms to marry Zong Qifeng. Have you ever thought that she promised to be too refreshing? And, because a man gave up the family inheritance and gave up The qualification to be a woman.”

“What’s so strange about this. She had a relationship with Zong Qifeng a long time ago. It was not as early as I found out. It broke Wen Xian’s marriage long ago, but Wen Xian was kind, and later forced me to let go for her.”

Li Jing shook her head, “You don’t know women too much.”

Maybe Danna Cheng can give up the qualifications of being a woman for a man and never have children for a lifetime, but it’s a bit unreasonable to use her family inheritance in exchange.

“What did you hear?” Foster Wen asked.

“What makes a woman great is not love, not money, but maternal love.”

Once a woman becomes a mother, she can sacrifice a lot.

As the saying goes, mother is just.

Foster Wen frowned, “What the hell do you want to say?” He quickly figured out what, “Do you mean Phillip was born by Danna Cheng? Li Jing, when were you so ridiculous?!”

Foster Wen was very upset. In his heart, Phillip Zong was so good, he was the son of Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng.

His wife suddenly had such thoughts, which made him feel very disgusted.

“I heard Danna Cheng talk about Phillip today. He was saying in the lines that he is his own son, and she called’Phillip.’ Think about it, Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng were not in love at the time. Although Zong Qifeng did not have I like a woman, but Wen Xian has it, will she…”

“No.” Foster Wen obviously didn’t want to believe it.

How could Phillip Zong be born to Danna Cheng?

Simply, don’t be too ridiculous!

“You found the Xiang Yunsha of the Cheng family appeared in the market, Phillip said he solved it, has he given you the answer now?” Li Jing asked.

“He is busy.”

“His wife and Danna Cheng are very close, how do you explain? Even the two children are very affectionate with Danna Cheng. With Phillip’s cleverness, I don’t know.”

Li Jing successfully planted a seed of suspicion in Foster Wen’s heart. On the one hand, she found it absurd, but on the other hand she was a little bit suspicious.

Wen Xian had a boyfriend at the time. At that time, it was for the benefit of the two families to marry Zong Qifeng.

His hands suddenly clenched, “What do you say about this?”

Li Jing pondered for a moment, “Of course I hope not. After all, Phillip is so good, I also hope that he is Wen Xian’s child, but… better, you call him home.”

Foster Wen looked at his wife, “Do you want to…”

“There is only one way to determine if he is Wen Xian’s child, DNA.” Li Jing answered.

Foster Wen also wanted to buy a peace of mind, and to verify that Phillip Zong was Wen Xian’s child, he was relieved.

His arm was injured and it was not convenient to call. He asked Li Jing to call, “Just say I have something to do with him.”

Li Jing did not pick up the phone, but stayed beside him, her expression more serious than before.

She shook her husband’s hand, “Your car accident may not be an accident…”

Foster Wen frowned, “If you think too much, there are still people who can harm me.”

He thinks he has never done any bad things, except for Danna Cheng and Bai Hongfei under house arrest.

Besides, it was Danna Cheng’s fault at that time. As a junior, she should be punished if she broke the marriage of others.

Li Jing shook her head, “It was not an accident, it was done by a person named Jenkin Bai. And Danna Cheng and Ana Lin knew it, and Phillip knew it too.”

Speaking of this, Li Jing was still very comforted, “Phillip seems to avenge you, but I don’t know, who is this Bai Hongfei? Did you offend someone?”

“You also listened to them?” Foster Wen asked.

Li Jing nodded honestly.

Jenkin Bai?

Foster Wen suddenly realized that his surname was Bai, could it be someone from Bai Hongfei who came to him for revenge after learning about the events of the year?

“I’ll check it, and…” The next sentence he didn’t say was actually about Xiangyunsha, so he wanted to figure it out.

“You call Phillip.” Foster Wen said seriously.

Li Jing shook his hand, “Don’t show your flaws, Phillip is too smart, just in case he doubts it.”

“I know.” Foster Wen said solemnly.

Li Jing picked up the phone and dialed Phillip Zong’s number.

Wanyue Group.

Ana Lin and Danna Cheng separated and she came to the company to find Phillip Zong.

Let him arrange the hospital.

Phillip Zong made a phone call and got a good connection. It was easy to find a good hospital.

A phone call.

“The last two days.” Phillip Zong was standing at the desk, Ana Lin hugged his waist from behind, his face pressed against his back.

“Don’t worry, I have arranged it here, you just have to send people over.”

Phillip Zong held the weak boneless fingers clasped around his waist, “Okay, I will treat you another day.”

After saying something over there, Phillip Zong answered the phone and hung up.

He turned to look at Ana Lin, “Do you know what your son did?”

Ana Lin blinked. She was with her son today and didn’t see what he was doing.

Phillip Zong curled his lips, “Didn’t watch the news?”

Because of Lena Qin’s affairs, she was not in the mood so she didn’t pay attention. When Phillip Zong said, she took out her mobile phone.

Then I saw it, an overwhelming video screen.

There are over 10 million likes in comments.

It can be seen how hot it is.

All the screens on which Lu Yuan’s wife was being stripped were covered.

All replaced by this video.

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “This is not…”

Chapter 356

Ana Lin opened his eyes wide, “Isn’t this the parent of the little girl in the kindergarten?”

Soon Ana Lin understood, she tilted her head to look at Phillip Zong, “He made this video, and did he upload it?”

Phillip Zong couldn’t comment, “Your son, don’t you understand?”

Ana Lin was speechless, yes, her son has this ability.

She looked at Phillip Zong with some worry, “Will it cause trouble? After all, the other party has an identity.”

Phillip Zong said in a light manner, “People are not afraid of shadow crookedness.”

If the deputy mayor is upright and honest, and he is not afraid of being investigated, if he is indiscriminate, does not set an example, does something illegal and is found, then he deserves the crime.

No matter what the calculation, he felt that his son was doing the right thing.

But just by looking at the domineering look of the woman on the screen, you can tell.

As far as he knows, the wife of the deputy mayor is not so young, let alone such a small child.

I am afraid……

Ana Lin sighed, who did this son follow, so she worried her.

She thinks it is better for children to be simple.

He was just 6 years old, and he looked like an adult, not knowing whether it was good or bad.

Phillip Zong pinched her little nose, “Are you afraid?”

Ana Lin stared at him, she didn’t want her son to stab him.

At this moment, she suddenly understood who her son had followed.

Isn’t it the man in front of me?

The strength of this black belly is exactly the same.

“Are you white Jenkin?” Ana Lin asked, but in an affirmative tone.

His eyes didn’t seem to have the slightest ups and downs, but there was still a stormy sea, “Are you questioning me?”

Ana Lin slowed down, “I’m just asking, not questioning. When he did this, it was indeed the uncle who made the mistake first…”

“So you are still begging for him?” Phillip Zong interrupted her.

Ana Lin shut up, she found that everything she said could be distorted by him.

“I have nothing to do with him, why do you talk with stings?” Ana Lin was also a little angry, she didn’t like being suspected.

I don’t like being guessed.

He is always so innuendo, which makes people very uncomfortable.

Phillip Zong leaned back slightly, stretched out her hand to pinch her chin, and rubbed the skin of her chin with her fingertips. “You know that I don’t like your relationship with him, but I want to mention it to test my patience. ?”

Ana Lin, “…”

She closed her lips tightly.

This man…


At this time, Phillip Zong’s cell phone rang on the table.

He glanced back and saw that the caller ID was Wen Jia.

At the same time Ana Lin also saw it.

Eyes met, Phillip Zong released her and answered the phone.

Soon there came Li Jing’s voice, “Phillip, are you free? Your uncle wants to see you.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin, humming.

Foster Wen had a car accident, and now he still has injuries on his body, so he should have seen it.

“Well, I’ll prepare your dinner.” Li Jing finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Phillip Zong put down his phone and looked at Ana Lin, “Come with me.”

“Go to Wen’s house?” Ana Lin tried to ask.

Phillip Zong nodded.

Ana Lin hesitated, but Phillip Zong didn’t give her time to answer, so he picked up the suit jacket and pulled her towards the door.

Ana Lin made a profit, “This is the company.”

Phillip Zong ignored it. What happened to the company here? Can’t he hold his wife’s hand?

Sure enough, Phillip Zong took her out of the office, and the staff who were still busy in the office immediately cast strange glances.

You know, Phillip Zong is still unmarried in name.

At the beginning, Ana Lin was married in a hidden marriage, and there were only a few people who knew the inside story. There was a Baibaizhuwei before, and then Casey He, a daughter of the He family. Everyone thought that they would cultivate a righteous result, and as a result, they died without a problem.

Except for Bai Zhuwei, no one has seen it before. Phillip Zong took the initiative to hold a woman’s hand.

No wonder everyone is curious. In their hearts, Phillip Zong is still the golden bachelor in their hearts. Suddenly, there is a girlfriend, so everyone is very curious about this woman who suddenly took Phillip Zong.

I wonder if she used beauty or talent to conquer Phillip Zong.

Ana Lin was uncomfortable with this kind of scrutiny. She lowered her head and complained about Phillip Zong’s behavior. When she led her to the crowd, she was looked at like a rare animal, and she was very awkward.

She was in a daze, but she didn’t notice that Phillip Zong stopped, and hit his back with pain. Ana Lin covered her forehead and raised her head. At this time, Phillip Zong had already turned and looked at her.

She blinked, her thick curled eyelashes trembling, before she had time to ask why he had to stop, suddenly she was stopped by him in front of all the staff in the high-level office area.

Ana Lin was inexplicably flustered. She raised her eyes and looked at him. The dangling lights on the ceiling formed a line with Zong Phillipxin’s long and straight body, noble and unruly, “She, my wife.”


Ana Lin’s head exploded.

There was also a moment of sorrow, and asked boldly, “Zong Zong, when did you get married?”

Why is there no wind?

“Yeah, I haven’t even eaten wedding candy.”

“It’s too strict to hide it.”

Everyone complained.

Phillip Zong hugged Ana Lin’s waist and squeezed into his arms, “My wife is thin-skinned and is not suitable for you to talk about her, wedding drink, rush Minger, and make up for everyone.”

At this moment, the elevator door opened, Milton Guan walked out, saw Phillip Zong hugging Ana Lin, and was taken aback for a moment. Just when he wanted to say hello, Phillip Zong asked him and walked into the elevator.

“Assistant Guan.” Everyone gathered around, “Zong Zong is married, do you know?”


Milton Guan turned his head and wanted to go to Phillip Zong. When he wanted to say something, it turned out that he was left with two cold doors.

The elevator has already closed.

“Assistant Guan, you are talking.” Everyone dragged him. Usually he was the closest to Phillip Zong. He knew best.

Milton Guan stood there blankly, can he speak?

“Assistant Guan, is it true that Zong Zong said that the girl is his wife just now?”


Milton Guan blinked and Ana Lin looked young, but he was already 25, and the child was six years old.

“Assistant Guan, what do you think, but to answer us, is President Zong really married?”

Milton Guan nodded, “Yes, President Zong is already married, and the young lady just now is his wife.”

Phillip Zong said it himself, so he was not afraid.

“When did it happen, why didn’t we hear any wind?”

Close Jin’s eyes narrowed, “The big boss gets married, do you still have to report it to you?”

“Go to work, do what you should do.”

Milton Guan began to give orders.

I reluctantly leaned over to inquire about the situation, “Which daughter is Mrs. Zong? Why haven’t you heard of the number one?”

Milton Guan raised his eyebrows, “Why, do I have to be from which family’s daughter to enter the Zong Family?”

Chapter 357

When the person heard, “Zong Zong’s wife is an ordinary person?”

The man obviously couldn’t believe it, he thought it was incredible.

The woman Phillip Zong liked is the girl of ordinary people?

“Does Mr. Zong’s wife have something amazing?” the man asked implicitly, “Is there anything extraordinary?”

No wonder everyone didn’t believe that Phillip Zong married an ordinary woman.

Let’s take a look at Phillip Zong’s own conditions. The youngest rich man in China is tall, handsome, and worthy of the name. Rich people pay attention to the right person and the strong team.

In reality, there are basically no stories about Curie on TV. Cinderella flies on a branch and becomes a phoenix, unless that Cinderella is very good, or there is something extraordinary in that respect.

Otherwise, it will not be fancy.

In reality, Cinderella marries a wealthy family.

Milton Guan squinted at the man, “Is there anything better than others? You should ask Mr. Zong, how do I know if the boss’s wife is any better than an outsider?”

The man stalked and laughed slyly, “Don’t dare.”

Originally, he wanted to ask if the boss’s wife was very capable, but when Milton Guan said that, it seemed that the matter he asked was very private and a bit ambiguous.

Milton Guan pretended to be nonchalant, “If you dare not, just go to work.”

In fact, he was afraid of these people, so he asked if he didn’t play anymore, he said what he shouldn’t say.

After all, the story between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong can really be described as’twisted’.

It was obvious that Milton Guan was reluctant to disclose details, and they asked for nothing.

Everyone dispersed in twos and threes, and there was a lot of speculation in private. After all, with Phillip Zong’s own conditions, he should not find a bad one.

However, according to Milton Guan’s disclosure, this girl is not a famous daughter. So, if she can be favored by Phillip Zong, and can let Phillip Zong announce her identity in front of people in the entire office area, we can see that Phillip Zong I recognize her very much.

Even Casey He before, he did not like this, and announced in front of so many people in the company.

Just admit the love relationship with Casey He.

Recognition and announcement, the two seem to be the same, but the difference is still very big.

Allowing a man with identity and wealth to personally announce his relationship with a woman can only show that he loves that woman in his heart.

“I can’t believe it. Zong is married. That girl has two brushes.”

“Yeah, that’s what it looks like. I can seduce the big boss away. No two brushes really can’t do it.” Someone agreed.

“What does it mean to be long?” A male colleague teased the female colleague who was talking. “People are so much more attractive than Secretary Bai before, and they have been to the company before. Have you ever been the boss of the boss? It’s much more approachable than the white secretary. Don’t think that if you marry the boss, you will be jealous. Is it that difficult to admit that others are beautiful?”

This male colleague silenced all unconvinced female colleagues.

“Hey, I don’t know, how did this girl and the big boss get to know each other, why did they get the person away. I thought I still had a chance.”

“Go away, you and I don’t even look down on you.”

The female colleague slapped him, “You look down on me, I still look down on you.”

Milton Guan became angry, “You want to say, do you want me to call the big boss and ask him to come back to explain to you one by one?!”

Just as Ana Lin thought, once her body is known, there will definitely be many guesses.

After all, there was no warning before.

His sudden announcement must arouse everyone’s curiosity.

If you know the existence of Daniel and Ruth, I am afraid there will be more guesses.

Ana Lin stared at Phillip Zong in the underground garage of the company building.

“Why don’t you get my consent, that’s it, don’t you know, I’m not ready yet?”

Phillip Zong put one hand on the car door, bent his back slightly, looking at Ana Lin, “Am I wrong?”

“I’m not saying that you are wrong, at least you have to tell me first, so that I have a heart to prepare, you are like this, I am very embarrassed, now who in your company, I don’t know what to say about me secretly.” Ana Lin Yan helped his forehead, feeling very helpless.

Phillip Zong laughed, and he raised his hand to pinch her little nose, “What are you afraid of? What about me? Besides, you have been sleeping with me for so long, shouldn’t you give me an identity?”

Ana Lin’s face instantly blushed, this person, where is this? Don’t leave a door to nothing.

Phillip Zong took the initiative to show weakness, put her arms in the car, “We should go.”

Ana Lin stared at him, how could he be so shameless? Such a rogue appearance can only be seen by her, and the truth allows his employees to see.

“Don’t worry, you can’t die. At most, you will pay a tooth for a tooth.” Phillip Zong said suddenly.

Ana Lin didn’t react for a long time, and it took a long time before she understood what he meant.

Ana Lin looked at him silently, this black belly is exactly the same as Daniel, worthy of a father and son.

Knowing that Jenkin Bai’s life is not in danger, she was relieved.

At this time, their car also drove to Wen’s house.

Phillip Zong stopped the car and walked down. Ana Lin pushed the door. He stretched out his hand. Ana Lin looked up at him and put his hand into his palm.

He took Ana Lin’s hand, helped her down, and then closed the car door.

“Let’s go.”

This is not the first time, knowing that Li Jing is quite approachable and not so restrained.

Go to the door Phillip Zong and ring the doorbell.

Soon the door opened, and Li Jing saw them smiling and greeted, “Come in quickly.”

Ana Lin took the initiative to say hello and followed Phillip Zong in.

With a bandage hanging on Foster Wen’s hand, he was sitting on the sofa with a newspaper in one hand. In fact, in this era, there are not many people who can read newspapers with them. Most of them are holding their mobile phones.

No one has so much patience to read the newspaper.

Just Foster Wen, have this patience.

Hearing the movement, he put down the newspaper and looked at the visitor.

Phillip Zong asked, “Is it better?”

Foster Wen waved, “Don’t guard against things, minor injuries.”

Phillip Zong sat down on the sofa, “Call me over, is there anything?”

Except when he takes the initiative to come over during New Years and holidays, Foster Wen usually calls him over, and he will be called only if there is something to do.

That’s why he asked.

Foster Wen’s expression was faint, and he quickly returned to nature, pretending to be angry and said, “I miss you? Why, your mother is not here, you dislike me?”

Phillip Zong smiled and said no.

“Let’s go, let’s talk while eating, your aunt has prepared the food.” Foster Wen stood up and walked into the restaurant first.

Phillip Zong walked in from behind holding Ana Lin’s hand.

Li Jing was busy bringing food to the table from the kitchen.

Ana Lin stood up, “I’ll help you with it.”

Li Jing waved her hand, “No, it will be fine soon, you sit down.”

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