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Chapter 322

Now I can only hide it from Ana Lin for the time being.

“If you have any progress, please keep me informed.” Phillip Zong glanced at the time, “I’m leaving now.”

Keller Shen said yes.

Phillip Zong stopped at the door.

“You are alone, come home to have New Year’s Eve dinner at night.”

Keller Shen is not from City B, and his family is not here. In previous years, he was not at home to celebrate the New Year. The three of them would gather outside. This year is different. Alan Su is married and has his own home. He also has Ana Lin. With two children, Keller Shen seemed to be lonely because he couldn’t go out on New Year’s Eve.

“it is good.”

Keller Shen smiled, “I thought you were all married and forgot about me.”

Phillip Zong reminded him, “Don’t miss it.”

“I know.”

Phillip Zong walked out of the villa, and there was snow falling outside. The gray coat flew away in the cold wind, and a piece fell gently. On his hair, he pressed the unlock button of the car key, and the car lights flashed. He pulled the car door to get in.

He lowered the window and glanced at the villa that was about to be covered by snow, retracted his eyes, started the car and left.

The car was parked at Zong’s house, with red lanterns hung on the eaves, which was especially dazzling in the snow.

When he walked in, he saw the two children hanging up’firecrackers, fish…’ various decorations symbolizing the New Year. They thought it was fun, so they were very excited.

Zong Qifeng and Danna Cheng followed, fearing that they would accidentally fall.

Wanda came over to catch the clothes he took off.

“Where is she?” Phillip Zong asked.

“In the room.” Wanda answered.

“Sleep all afternoon?” Phillip Zong asked again.

Yu’s mother shook her head, “Go shopping.” She flaunted, “I bought clothes for me. I have never seen such a good girl.”

Speaking of the latter, Wanda choked up.

She had never been married, had no children and no daughters. Although Phillip Zong treated her well and gave her a lot of money, no one had ever bought anything for her.

Phillip Zong patted her shoulder, “I will go up and see her.”

Wanda smiled and said, “Hurry up.”

Upstairs, Ana Lin was sitting in the bay window, holding the square pillow in his arms, holding his chin in both hands and looking at the sleet of snow outside.

She didn’t even feel the door was pushed open.

Phillip Zong came over, putting his hand on her shoulder, “What are you thinking about?”

Ana Lin raised his head. At this moment, Phillip Zong saw that her eyes were a little red, and he stretched out his hand to caress her cheek, “What’s wrong?”

“I miss my mother.” Ana Lin hugged his waist. She actually wanted to go to Lin’s house to see her, but she was afraid of quarreling.

They have been celebrating the New Year together. This is the first time they have not been together for the New Year. She feels uncomfortable.

“Or, I asked to take her over?” Phillip Zong tried to ask.

Ana Lin shook his head, “Forget it, I’m afraid we will have another dispute. Actually, I just can’t figure it out. Randall Lin is a selfish person, she should understand.”

“Don’t think about it, do you want to change clothes, we’re going to eat New Year’s Eve dinner later.” Phillip Zong deliberately diverted her attention.

“By the way, I bought you clothes, can you try to wear them.” She let go of Phillip Zong, came down to put on slippers, opened the bag on the bed, and took out the suit inside. “I think it fits well. You just bought it.”

Phillip Zong’s clothes are all customized abroad. He doesn’t need to go to the mall to buy clothes all year round. There are his sizes there and they will be delivered every season.

He came over, Ana Lin was excited, “Will you try?”

Phillip Zong gave a special hum of face.

Ana Lin took off his clothes and put them on the one she bought. It fits well. In fact, she doesn’t know what size Phillip Zong wears. As a clothing designer, she is extremely sensitive to the structure of the human body. A person’s height and approximate weight can tell what size of clothing is suitable.

She tidyed his neckline, ironed the flat collar meticulously, and bulged her cheeks, “I have never been willing to buy such expensive clothes myself.”

In the past, she only wanted to save money and give it to two children. This was the first time she spent money lavishly, and it was the man who hit the most.

Phillip Zong chuckled, “Then you, do you love me more than you love yourself?”

Did you give him what you couldn’t bear?

Ana Lin pouted, “I regret it, I will return it tomorrow.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

“No retreat.”

He likes it, not because of the high and low prices of the clothes, but because Ana Lin picked them for him, and he wears them even at roadside stalls.

Ana Lin put the clothes in the bag and said deliberately, “You are not allowed, it’s useless.”

He raised his eyebrows, his eyes gleamed, “Really?”

“Yes…no, it’s not…” At Shang Phillip Zong’s face that was not smiling, she immediately changed her words.

“It’s late.” Before he could say anything, he pulled the person into his arms. Ana Lin refused, “Don’t be fooling around.”

“I was messing around? Huh?” He leaned in and leaned forward, licking his lips against her cheeks.

Ana Lin hurriedly changed his words, “Don’t return, if you like me, I will buy it for you in the future.”

In this way, she may go bankrupt.

“Well, that’s good.” He k*ssed her on the cheek. “Let’s go down.”

“Boom boom——”

At this moment, there was a knock on the door, and it was Wanda, “Master, Grandma, we should set off now.”

Phillip Zong said, knowing it, he let go of Ana Lin and tidyed her hair that had just been messed up by him. Her hair was smooth, waist-length, not dyed, and shiny.

“Don’t let them wait.” Ana Lin said.

The two of them went downstairs. Keller Shen had already come and got along with the two children, so she knew him very well. Ruth was the most excited and pulled him and said, “We have a lot of fireworks, do you want to put them off with me?”

Keller Shen held his cheeks, pretending to think, “Fireworks, are they fun?”

Ruth said innocently, “Of course it’s fun.” She gestured with her hands, “Just like that, swish into the air, and then, with a bang, explode, there will be a big, big, shiny flower. The flowers are beautiful.”

Daniel was covering her eyes from the side, and couldn’t help but complain about her, “You think that Uncle Shen doesn’t know why, he deliberately teased you.”

Ruth blinked, “What are you kidding me about?”

Daniel, “…”

He was completely speechless.

Suddenly Ruth ran towards Ana Lin, who had just come downstairs, and raised her head to coquettishly said, “Mommy, I’m hungry.”

“Let’s go now, the hotel is ready to call.” Danna Cheng picked up Zong Qifeng’s coat and handed it to him, “put it on first.”

Phillip Zong picked up the little girl holding Ana Lin’s legs.

The little girl doesn’t know what’s going on today, she wants Ana Lin to hug, “Mummy hug.”

“No.” Phillip Zong refused.

The little girl was upset, “Why?”

Phillip Zong squinted at Ana Lin, “You see she is so thin, she can’t hold you.”

“Holding, she used to hold me and brother at the same time.” Ruth retorted.

I thought to myself, you don’t know Mommy without me.

“Your mommy is injured and can’t hold you.” Wanda interrupted, thinking of Ana Lin’s shocking bruise on her waist and said, “Is the bathroom upstairs not slippery?”

Chapter 323

Yu’s mother has never been married in her entire life, and she knows about husband and wife, but she doesn’t know how crazy it can be.

All eyes were cast, and so did Phillip Zong, “Are you hurt? Where did you hurt?”

Ana Lin hadn’t spoken yet, so Yu’s mother said, “She slipped in the bath, and there was a bruise on her waist. When she ate, the sweater rolled up. What I saw, if not for me, she would definitely be will not say.”

“Why don’t you go to the hospital?” Danna Cheng asked concerned.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Ana Lin insisted on his normal voice and went to talk to Danna Cheng.

At this moment, she hated to find a place to sew in, not to face anyone.

Phillip Zong thoughtfully, did she fall down last night?

Why doesn’t he know?

“Let’s go, it’s late.” Ana Lin dressed Daniel and deliberately avoided everyone’s topic.

Phillip Zong’s gaze fell on her waist, her eyelashes trembled, as if he wanted to understand the reason.

Danna Cheng was still worried, and approached her and asked in a low voice, “Really all right?”

Ana Lin didn’t raise his head, and replied by putting on shoes for his son, “It’s really okay.”

Danna Cheng saw that Ana Lin didn’t want to talk about this topic.

But my mother didn’t wink. Ana Lin didn’t see that Ana Lin had been avoiding this matter, and asked again, “Is the bathroom upstairs not skid-proof? If you don’t do it, it won’t work, it’s easy to slip.”

“Done.” Danna Cheng said, and they are all made of good anti-slip materials, so they won’t fall down in theory. Ana Lin fell, which may be an accident.

Danna Cheng did not think elsewhere.

Wanda was puzzled, how can she fall since it is slip resistant?

“Well, let’s all go out.” Zong Qifeng shouted.

Everyone put on their coats and walked out of the room one after another. The wind screamed outside, stepping on the snow, creaking.

Ruth didn’t let Ana Lin hug, and lay obediently in Phillip Zong’s arms.

Maybe it was taken by the snow, it was already dark, but it was still very bright.

Several cars drove out of the villa one after another.

The white roads are criss-crossed with tire marks.

The place was sealed by Zong Qi and was large enough to accommodate 20 people. In the past, when Phillip Zong did not come back for the New Year, the servants and drivers in the family would serve the table. The people who stayed at home every day were the same as those in his own family.

And it looks lively like that.

This year, Zong Qifeng is very happy. He can’t remember how long it has been since New Year’s Eve with Phillip Zong.

A group of people took their seats, and the waiter walked in and asked if he wanted to serve food now.

Before Zong Qifeng spoke, Ruth said, “Go on, I’m hungry.”

After all, it is a child, the waiter smiled and looked at Zong Qifeng for advice.

Zong Qifeng waved his hand, “Listen to my granddaughter.”

The waiter said okay, and then exited the private room, but after a while, the waiters filed together and filled the huge turntable table with delicious food.

Ruth is about to drool, “Wow, it smells so good, I want to eat it.”

She can’t wait to taste it.

“Before eating, I have a few words to say.” Zong Qifeng suddenly said, and he asked Danna Cheng to take out what he had prepared.

“In the first six years, I didn’t know. I had grandchildren and didn’t take care of them. I am very sorry. Of course, I have to thank Ana Lin who gave birth to them and raised them.”

Zong Qifeng motioned for the waiter to pour the wine. The waiter was winking, holding the flask in his hand, walked to Ana Lin’s side and filled her up.

“The first cup, I respect you.” Zong Qifeng toasted.

Ana Lin was apprehensive. She held the wine glass with both hands and stood up, “You are serious. These are things I have done voluntarily without complaint. I dare not take your wine. I am a junior. I should respect you.”

Ana Lin did his job first, and poured a glass of white wine in one breath. It was so spicy that it burned with fire in his throat.

She covered her lips, “I am not good at drinking.”

Phillip Zong picks up vegetables for her, “Eat a mouthful of vegetables and press down.”

Zong Qifeng waved her to sit down.

Ana Lin took the vegetable that Phillip Zong married her into his mouth, chewed it roughly and swallowed it.

Zong Qifeng was in a good mood and was very satisfied with this daughter-in-law. It was she who made Phillip Zong willing to go home, and she gave birth to two lovely children to the Zong family.

He took out two file bags from Danna Cheng, “This is my share in the company. I divided it into two, one for Xiao Xi and one for Ruth.”

The company was handed over to Phillip Zong to manage, and he still had shares in his hand, and now he gave it to both children.

Ana Lin stood up again, “They are still young and can’t collect such valuable things.”

Zong Qifeng couldn’t refuse, “I gave this to my two children. I have already signed the document. Now they are still young, you will keep it for them.”

Zong Qifeng handed the folder to Ana Lin, but Ana Lin really didn’t dare to accept it, “This…”

“Why don’t you dislike it?” Zong Qifeng pretended to be angry. This was half of Wansheng’s shares, and there was no temptation to her.

Zong Qifeng nodded secretly in his heart, and the people who could accompany Phillip Zong’s side could be steady and could withstand the temptation, so that he could be completely relieved.

“No, it’s just that the two children are still young and don’t need these. I understand and appreciate your intentions. This is too heavy for them. I really can’t be the master for them.” Ana Lin still does not Dare to take it, half Wansheng.

She took it. Half of Wansheng belonged to two children. They said they belonged to two children. They were only six years old. I am afraid that they don’t know what these are. As a guardian, she has the right to save for the two children.

Because of this, she cannot accept it.

If the two children grow up, he will give them, she will not stop them, after all, they are both of the family’s blood.

Phillip Zong said for Ana Lin that the incense of the Zong family was not strong. Zong Qifeng’s generation was two brothers, and Zong Qifeng had an older brother, but he disappeared when he was a teenager. Looking back, it was Zong Qifeng’s father’s generation, but there were two brothers. Zong Qifeng’s father was the eldest and the second child, that is, Zong Qifeng’s uncle, who was not good at doing business and opened two branches for him, but both closed down. Up.

Later, he also knew that he was not that piece of material, so he quit, holding the shares of Wansheng in his hand, he only divided the money and did not work.

Later, he did have a son, who belonged to the generation of He Zong Qifeng. According to his blood, he could share half of Wansheng’s shares.

But by the way, he was unable to give birth, and he had a deadly sperm syndrome in his womb. He spent a lot of money for this disease. I went to look around and didn’t look good later. He was a few years younger than Zong Qifeng and is still alive now, but because of his own health. The temperament is relatively withdrawn, and he never interacts with Zong Qifeng.

He still has 20% of the shares.

The rest is 50% in Zong Qifeng’s hands and 30% in Phillip Zong’s hands.

The 20% scattered outside is almost useless. The only use is to divide 20% of the property. The company’s annual profit is also credited to his account at 20%.

Although there are no offspring, but this life is not for nothing. When he was young, he was also chic. Although he is not young anymore, he still has money in his hands and can still play.

Phillip Zong picked Ana Lin with vegetables, “Don’t worry, put it away.”

Ana Lin murmured, “Aren’t you afraid that I will take your place?”

Her voice was very low, but Phillip Zong still heard it. He leaned over and used a volume that only she could hear, “I will give it to you.”

Chapter 324

Ana Lin’s face blushed.

If Ana Lin is willing, she can really take away Phillip Zong’s position, after all, she holds 50% of the shares in her hand.

Danna Cheng also prepared gifts for the two children. Unlike Zong Qifeng, it is not money, but a heart.

She personally went to Huanan Temple to ask for peace and blessing, and hoped that the two children would grow up healthy and healthy without any disease or disaster.

Danna Cheng personally hung it on their necks. The lucky bag was made of yellow silk with embroidered patterns, which should be of the Buddhist type.

This is not superstition, but a sustenance.

Hanging on a red string, the two children are happy.

“Today is New Year’s Eve, and I can’t be empty-handed.” Keller Shen also prepared gifts for the two children, Hetian jade pendants, “I don’t know jade either, but I heard that this one is good. When I bought jade, the boss Tell me, men wear Guanyin and women wear Buddha, I don’t understand what this means.”

He gave Avalokitesvara to Daniel, and Big-bellied Buddha to Ruth. The little girl opened the red velvet box. The Big-bellied Buddha inside was beautifully carved. It held the Buddha beads in its hand, grinning, and looked very pleasing.

The little girl liked it very much and touched it with her finger, “Thank you Uncle Shen, I like it very much.”

Keller Shen breathed a sigh of relief, “I’m afraid you don’t like it.”

This is a holiday, the gift is too light and inappropriate, and he can’t afford to give it too expensive, and he is afraid that the child will not like it. When buying this pair of jade pendants, he was still worried for a long time.

Even if the child doesn’t like it, he must give gifts to suit his own needs, but he can’t just give away a stuffed toy. After all, today is New Year’s Eve.

Daniel was also very polite, “Thank you Uncle Shen, I also like it very much.” He grew up abroad and did not understand the domestic Buddhist etiquette. He took the words of Keller Shen just now.

Male doctors wear Guanyin, is it because girls wear men and men wear women? “

Buddha is male, Guanyin is female, he understands that.

The dinner table was quiet for a moment.

Everyone didn’t seem to expect Daniel to say such a sentence suddenly.

Ana Lin rubbed his son’s head, “You can’t understand it this way, you can’t say that, it’s disrespectful.”

“It’s okay, Tong Yan Wuji.” Zong Qifeng waved his hand, “eat.”

Because of Keller Shen’s presence, Phillip Zong and him drank two cups, not many. They didn’t drink at all on this occasion, and it didn’t seem like that.

Both the left and right drivers are there, even if the drink is unconscious, they can be taken home.

There are fireworks outside, and they are banging.

The little girl speeded up her meal, Ana Lin fed her soup, the little girl was also holding the bowl, and frowned Ana Lin, “You slow down, why are you so anxious?”

“I want to set off fireworks.” The little girl wanted to eat quickly, and answered her without raising her head.

Ana Lin touched her hair, “Then don’t worry about it. With so many of us, you can eat well by yourself, and you can’t put it alone, right?”

The little girl thought for a while, it seemed like this, she was not fun to put it alone, it was only fun if everyone had fun together.

She slid down from the chair, urging them one by one, “Hurry up, eat quickly, I want to set off fireworks, you all eat quickly, don’t let me wait too long.”

Keller Shen was amused, “With so many dishes, I have to eat it for 20 minutes even if I take a bite.”

The little girl blinked, “Then you will eat the fish in front of your eyes.”

Keller Shen, “…”

“No.” He clamped a crab bun, “I have to eat, and I don’t like fish.”

The little girl blinked and said, “If you eat too much, you will get fat. Fatty can’t find a girlfriend. Look at Uncle Su. They are all done with Aunt Lena Qin. Who are you good with? Who wants to be with a fat guy? “

Suddenly there was silence on the dining table, and then the hall roared with laughter.

Keller Shen felt that the crab rolls in his mouth were difficult to swallow, so why didn’t it taste?

He put down his chopsticks, “Stop eating.”

He doesn’t even have a girlfriend, and he will become fat after eating, and he will not find a girlfriend.

Daniel picks up vegetables for Keller Shen, “Uncle Shen, you should eat it.”

Keller Shen touched Daniel’s head, “Xiao Xi is still sensible and knows how to get me food.”

Daniel stuck a piece of braised pork in his mouth and mumbled, “Even if you are not fat and you can’t find a girlfriend, you might as well eat it.”

Keller Shen, “…”


The New Year’s Eve dinner ended with joyful laughter. After leaving the hotel, the car drove to a vast area because Ruth wanted to set off fireworks.

The trunk is ready, big and small, all kinds.

The little girl was very happy.

Keller Shen first ordered two “little stars” for her, because they looked like stars when they exploded, so let’s take this name.

She gave Ana Lin one, “Mommy, Mommy will give you this one.”

The fireworks dazzled the little girl’s face.

Ana Lin stooped to take it, and then the little girl ran away again. She was wearing snow boots and was covered with a lot of snow.

Phillip Zong stood shoulder to shoulder with her, and in the distance Keller Shen led them with the enlarged fireworks.

“This is the first time they celebrate the New Year in China, and they don’t set off fireworks abroad.” Ana Lin’s mouth also smiled as he watched the children happy.

Phillip Zong took her shoulders and asked, “Are you happy?”

“Happy, but not perfect.” Because Ida Zhuang was not there, this was the first Chinese New Year, and she was not by her side.

She was a little uncomfortable.

There is still a little regret.

Because this year, she found a father for the two children, but she did not spend this reunion year with them, because she was absent, the reunion did not seem so perfect.

Phillip Zong clearly felt her depression, deliberately buried her head in her coat, “When did you fall, why don’t I know? I’ll see if the fall was serious.” When speaking, he stretched out his hand. Go into her overcoat and tuck her sweater.

Ana Lin was shocked and pushed him hard. I don’t know if it was because of her too much force, or because Phillip Zong deliberately, or because he slipped under his feet. The moment Ana Lin pushed him, his body Leaning back and falling down, he grabbed Ana Lin’s hand and pulled her down together.


Ana Lin’s instinctive scream, fearing to disturb Keller Shen and the child, she immediately stopped.

Phillip Zong’s back touched the ground first. As he fell down, his coat was opened and Ana Lin fell on his chest.

Ana Lin wanted to stand up, he pulled hard, Ana Lin fell down again, he pressed her head, raised his head slightly, and k*ssed her lips.

Her long hair slid down, covering the faces of the two of them. His k*ss was deep, it was obviously ice and snow, and his body was so hot.

His other hand rubbed her back through the sweater.

Ana Lin struggled.

“Don’t move.” He relaxed a little and said softly, “I’ll be lighter in the future.”

At this moment, huh! With a bang, a fireball rushed into the sky and exploded loudly. It was deafening, like a huge and gorgeous umbrella, shrouded in a shining light, it was so beautiful.

Ana Lin pretended not to hear, and took advantage of the moment he watched the fireworks, got up and ran away.

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