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Chapter 325

Ana Lin ran in the’sky fire’. This was an extraordinary year. A lot of things happened, and everything was beyond her expectation. This year, maybe lucky, maybe bad, full of accidents, full of— -Surprise!

Holding the hands of the two children, she stood in the white sky, looking up at the splendor blooming in the sky.

There was a lot of snow on Phillip Zong’s coat. He stood there, looking at three figures not far away, one large and two small.

This year, is it not surprising to him?

Why not-surprise? !

They had to stay up on New Year’s Eve. They played outside for a long time before returning. They opened the door, and the warmth rushed over their faces. Zong Qifeng and Danna Cheng sat on the sofa and watched TV. The TV shows the Spring Festival Gala, Wanda and the other one. The servant, prepared a lot of fruits and dried fruits, and set a table slowly.

I don’t know if it’s been too long and the dinner was digested. The two children went into the house and ate again while watching TV.

At 12 o’clock, the New Year’s bell rang.

The new year is here.

The two children were too excited to sleep, and they couldn’t wake up the next day.

So on the first day of the new year, the two children spent their lives in bed.

Ana Lin’s birthday is the second day of the junior high.

Daniel bought her a super big cake.

After giving birth to two children, Ana Lin never had her birthday. She experienced severe pain during childbirth and understood that her birthday was a day of suffering for her mother.

So in the past, she would not buy cakes or remind anyone for her birthday every year. She would only buy a gift for Ida Zhuang.

She didn’t expect that Daniel would buy her such a big cake, which had 8 layers, and at the top was a doll in a wedding dress.

That’s right, it’s a doll in a wedding dress. It doesn’t look like a birthday cake, but a wedding cake.

“Does it look good?” Daniel asked.

Ana Lin nodded, “It looks good, but it’s a bit strange.”

Daniel pointed to the doll on top, “Are you saying she is weird?”

Before Ana Lin said yes, he explained it first, “You are a fashion designer and have designed wedding dresses for many people, but you haven’t worn them yourself. I think you wear them again. I think you must wear them best. watch.”

Ana Lin didn’t wear the wedding dress. Daniel heard it from Ida Zhuang.

Once, Ana Lin designed a wedding dress for a client. It was super beautiful. Daniel said, “Mummy will definitely look better on it.”

Ida Zhuang looked sad.

Daniel knocked on the side and realized that when Ana Lin got married, he didn’t even wear the wedding dress.

I can’t contempt Phillip Zong in my heart, miser!

Phillip Zong stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window to answer the phone. It was Keller Shen’s call. The result came out that Randall Lin was not killed suddenly, but was poisoned and consumed nitrite.

“According to the servant’s confession, Ida Zhuang has always personally prepared Randall Lin’s three meals a day. She has the opportunity and motivation. Now Ida Zhuang has been formally detained and is awaiting investigation.”

Phillip Zong cast his gaze over, looking at the picture in the living room, his gaze was deep.

“As a criminal policeman, I cannot tolerate such things. Of course, I know her identity. All I can do is try to make a manslaughter as much as possible, and I will not let her suffer if I am here, Randall Lin Of course there is a mistake, she is breaking the law by doing so, sister-in-law…”

The charges of intentional homicide and manslaughter are very different.

“Keep it secret.” He hasn’t figured out how to tell Ana Lin, now they are so happy, he doesn’t want to disturb them.

Do not want to destroy.

“I see.” Keller Shen said.

Phillip Zong hung up the phone and walked over.

He just heard Daniel’s words, and his eyes fell on the cake doll.



The little girl waved to him, “You attach it, I have a secret to tell you.”

Phillip Zong bent down obediently and leaned his ears towards her.

“The secret is me…”

Her hand behind her back suddenly stretched out and wiped the cake with Phillip Zong’s face.

“The secret is that I want to wipe your face cake, hehe…”

Phillip Zong was stunned for a moment, then picked her up, “Little naughty ghost.”

The little girl smiled happily.

“Aren’t you giving Mommy a gift?” Daniel deliberately, he felt that Phillip Zong had not found out Ana Lin’s birthday.

Hearing what his son said, Ana Lin had a little expectation in his heart.

Phillip Zong pondered for a while and said, “Not prepared.”

Daniel suddenly pulled her face down, “Don’t think my mommy has to be you.”

Ana Lin was also a little disappointed, but thinking about people like him, he probably wouldn’t prepare gifts for others. She would find it strange if they were prepared.

Phillip Zong looked at Ana Lin and chuckled, “Who dares to ask her?”

Who dares to ask, he stripped someone off.

“Okay, okay.” Ana Lin took the two children to wash their faces and hands, wherever they got cream.

“I still want it.” Ruth was reluctant to wash.

“I’ll wash her later.” Wanda walked away and said.

Ana Lin thought about it for a while, and the only thing she could do was this. She had cream on her body, so she went upstairs to get a clean one. There was no one in the room. She found the clothes from the cabinet, stood in front of the cabinet, and stained her body. Cream’s clothes were taken off. I didn’t know that she had just come up, and Phillip Zong also followed.

Phillip Zong opened the door and saw her naked to the waist, the bruise on her waist had not completely faded away, her skin was white, and that piece was especially obvious. Soon she put on a sweater to block his vision.

Ana Lin tidied her neckline and turned around and saw Phillip Zong standing at the door. Her first reaction was to ask, “When did you come up?”

“I came up when you came up?” He deliberately used a rhetorical question.

Ana Lin frowned. In other words, did he see it when she changed her clothes?

Although the two have been close, but thinking about undressing in front of him just now, I still feel a little shy in my heart.

Phillip Zong walked in, closed the door, looked at her reddish face, picked up a strand of her hair and twisted it between her fingers, “Blush?”

“No.” Ana Lin turned his head.

“Don’t be shy, besides, where did I not see you?”

This man!

Ana Lin glared at him, “Can you make a face?”

“I won’t let you suffer.” He stretched out his long arms, buckled her into his arms, and leaned against her ears with a very soft voice, “At night, I will let you see me.” Before Ana Lin had a seizure, his hands Was stuffed into a box, “What is this?”

Ana Lin lowered his head and raised his hand. It was a blue velvet box, not big, diamond-shaped, without extra decoration, simple and generous.

“open to take a look.”

Ana Lin blinked, and couldn’t believe it, “Give me it?”

He is serious.

Ana Lin opened it under Phillip Zong’s scorching eyes, and inside lay a huge diamond ring, oval and pink.

A veritable pigeon egg.

“Pink Star?”

This time it was Phillip Zong’s turn to be surprised, “You know?”

“I saw it at the Century Jewelry Auction. It was named the Pink Star. It was an oval shaped pink diamond. It was bought by a famous domestic jewelry tycoon at a high price of US$71.2 million in 2017. In your hands?”

Chapter 326

This time Phillip Zong was surprised, he looked at Ana Lin.

Before Phillip Zong asked, she smiled and said, “Do you want to ask how I know it so much? Actually, I went to that auction.”

She didn’t go to buy, but just wanted to see that this was the final item of the auction that day.

As a fashion designer, she needs a lot of inspiration and collection.

Phillip Zong thought about it. When the Century Jewelry Auction ended three years ago, he saw a back image that looked very much like her. When he chased it, the people were gone. There were so many people at the time that he couldn’t find it. , Let Milton Guan adjust the related monitoring, but unfortunately, the monitoring that day broke down.

In other words, he was not dazzling that day, she was her back!

Ana Lin suddenly realized that he looked at Phillip Zong without blinking, “Did you buy it?”

She laughed, how could she forget that Phillip Zong is a businessman.

Ever since De Beers advertised for diamonds in 1947, “Diamonds are forever, a circumstance”, diamonds have become a symbol of “love”.

You must have a diamond ring when you get married, which means that you love me, “Diamonds are forever, and a diamond is always passed on.” It means that the marriage of two people is forever.

Love I want to buy me diamonds, to prove that your love is harder than diamonds. After a stone is endowed with the value of’love’, it becomes priceless, and it has also brought tremendous hype to it. Of wealth.

Ana Lin touched the pigeon egg in the brocade box, curled his lips, “No traitor, no business.”

She is not familiar with Wansheng’s business and does not know how much business Phillip Zong has developed.

“Are you talking about me?” He bound her waist from behind, “put it on and have a look.”

Ana Lin refused, “I’m afraid of being robbed.”

This thing is too garish on the hand. and. Such pigeon eggs are really not suitable for her slender fingers.

“Huh?” He made a sound from his chest, her arms tightened, her back was forced to touch his heart, and she could clearly feel his strong heartbeat.

Phillip Zong took the ring out of the brocade box and put it on her hand. The diamond was very big. Ana Lin’s fingers were too thin and the ring was a bit big. He took it off and put it on her middle finger. It was still a bit big. Putting on her index finger, barely able to wear it, he frowned, “Why are your fingers so thin?”

Ana Lin smiled, “It’s not that my fingers are too thin, but that this ring doesn’t suit me.”

Phillip Zong was silent for a while and said, “Then I will find a craftsman to make a necklace?”

Ana Lin, “…”

“I don’t want it.” This makes everything glaring.

She also buys some jewellery, which are small and exquisite. She has also participated in many fashion parties. As a fashion designer, she is very sensitive to fashion.

He chewed on her neck and asked vaguely, “Nothing?”

Ana Lin’s heart trembled, she bit her lip, “Nothing.”

Phillip Zong paused, and the bite heavier seemed to be punishment. Ana Lin snorted with pain.

He didn’t move her because she used to excuse her backache last night. He did do it that day, but once a day, she agreed.

He smirked in her long hair, “Twice today to make up for yesterday’s.”

“Zong Jing…huh.”

Before she finished her words, he turned her waist and a half, and ya fell on the bed.

Phillip Zong grabbed the hem of her dress, pulled it up, and tried to take it off, “Don’t wear such clothes in the future.”

Not easy to take off.

It is best to have a button, which is easier to take off.

Ana Lin breathed quickly, clutching the sheets under him with tense hands.

Seeing her nervous flushing face, Phillip Zong squeezed her chin, looked at her face from left to right, and smiled under her eyes. It was a long time, disgusting and teasing, “Why is it so ugly?”

Ana Lin glared at him, “I am ugly, then you still…” Sleeping with me, she was embarrassed to say the two words.

His grandfather, a madman of eight generations of ancestors, “There is no way, you can’t change it, you can only do it.”

His laughter was deep, with an imperceptible tenderness and pampering.


At this moment, Ana Lin’s mobile phone on the table suddenly vibrated. Ana Lin turned to look at it. She just wanted to reach for it, but Phillip Zong got it first.

“Let me see who it is.” Ana Lin said quickly, afraid that he would die.

There is no name number.

Phillip Zong didn’t want her to end the call at this time, and she hung up after saying something that was definitely an advertisement.

Ana Lin, “…”

Although it is an unnamed number, it is not necessarily a nuisance call.

However, within a minute after he died, he rang again.

Ana Lin reacted quickly this time. She got her mobile phone first, and she answered the call. A female voice came over there, “Are you Miss Lin?”

Ana Lin said, “I am.”

“The clothes you asked me to send, I can’t help you deliver them. Do you have time to come to the store to take the clothes?”

“Why can’t you send it over?” Ana Lin asked.

Could it be that her address was wrong?

“The villa was sealed off. I heard from the people around that there were dead people inside. The police have already intervened…”

Ana Lin could no longer hear the waiter’s voice behind, and the blood on his face receded inch by inch, dead?


She shrinks in fear, will it be Ida Zhuang?

“What’s the matter with you?” Phillip Zong frowned, holding her bloodless face.

“I, my mother may have something wrong.” Her voice trembled uncontrollably.

Tears fluttered in his eyes.

Phillip Zong’s heart sank, and immediately went to take the phone in her hand. He wanted to know who made the call.

However, at this moment, Ana Lin got up like crazy and rushed out.

She is going to find Ida Zhuang.

Phillip Zong chased after him, ignoring the voice on the phone.

She ran out without clothes, and Phillip Zong chased her out from the hanger with her coat.

Pulling her out of control, “I’ll take you there, put your clothes on first.”

“No, I can’t wait any longer, I said that Randall Lin can’t get better, why doesn’t she believe me, if she has anything to do, I will definitely not let Randall Lin go!”

By now, I’m afraid I can’t hide it.

“I’ll take you in the car.” Phillip Zong closed the zipper of the down jacket.

Ana Lin nodded and got into the car quickly.

After Ana Lin got on the bus, Phillip Zong took out his mobile phone and quickly sent a text message to Keller Shen, telling Keller Shen that he would take Ana Lin over, and let him arrange it over there.

Phillip Zong got into the car and started the engine and asked, “Who called?”

“Clothing store, I went to the mall that day and bought a down jacket for my mother. I was afraid that there would be conflicts when I saw her, so I asked the clothing store to help me deliver it, but I just called and said that it could not be delivered. The reason… “

Ana Lin choked up.

In her eyes, Ida Zhuang is a weak person, so she instinctively thought that Ida Zhuang might have been killed.

Tension and fear occupy her whole brain, worried and incoherent, “What to do, what to do…”

Phillip Zong held her hand, “Ida Zhuang was not the one who had the problem.”

Chapter 327

Ana Lin was shocked, “You, how do you know?”

Soon Ana Lin understood, she narrowed her eyes, “Did you know it a long time ago? Just didn’t tell me?”

Phillip Zong held her hand tightly, “Don’t think about it…”

“I didn’t think about it. If you didn’t know, how did you tell me?” After the initial nervousness, her thinking became clearer and clearer now.

Phillip Zong concealed her, there must be a reason to conceal her… a thought smashed into her brain.

Could it be that it was not Ida Zhuang that was involved, it was Randall Lin, but it was related to Ida Zhuang, so Phillip Zong was hiding it from her?

She suddenly wanted to understand one thing, that is, why Ida Zhuang insisted on remarrying Randall Lin. She had a purpose.

Thinking of this, she began to regret not stopping Ida Zhuang.

“When did it happen?” She lowered her eyes.

Phillip Zong was silent for a while, “Year ago.”

That is to say within a few days.

Ana Lin asked again, “Is there any evidence?”

“Randall Lin took too much nitrite. According to the servant’s confession, your mother has been personally cooking for Randall Lin to prepare three meals a day.”

She opened her mouth, but found that she couldn’t say anything, only choked and upset, why didn’t she notice Ida Zhuang’s thoughts earlier.

In the cold wind, Phillip Zong parked the car in the Criminal Police Team of City B.

Keller Shen was waiting at the door in person, and when they saw their car coming in, he walked a few steps forward.

Ana Lin got out of the car and stood at the door, she hesitated.

It was Phillip Zong who came and hugged her, and comforted, “Here is Keller, she will not suffer, don’t worry.”

Ana Lin nodded.

“Go in.” Keller Shen said.

Entering the hall, Keller Shen led them to his office.

Because he arranged to bring Ida Zhuang over.

“I want to say a few words to her alone.” Ana Lin said.

Keller Shen raised his head to look at Phillip Zong, and with his consent, Keller Shen said, “Come in, wait for me to bring her over. No one will come here today.”

This means that she can say anything to Ida Zhuang, and no one will monitor or eavesdrop.

Ana Lin nodded and walked into the office. Keller Shen had cleaned it up, so it was clean and concise.

Ana Lin sat on the sofa. She had no intention of thinking about other things. She just wanted to see Ida Zhuang quickly, and wanted to ask if it was what she thought.

Soon the office door was pushed open, her nerves were tense, and her back was straight, but she did not dare to look back.

Ida Zhuang’s footsteps were also a bit hesitant. Keller Shen poured two glasses of water on the table and whispered, “Don’t worry.”

It doesn’t matter how long they stay.

Ana Lin responded in a low voice, and Keller Shen exited the room and closed the door.

Ida Zhuang stood behind her and called her, “Yes.”

Ana Lin’s hands clenched fiercely, but there was no sound.

Ida Zhuang sighed and walked over.

Ana Lin raised his head, and Ida Zhuang was a little thinner. It should be because of Keller Shen’s relationship, she was not handcuffed, and she looked the same as usual.

She watched Ida Zhuang for a long time.

When she came, she wanted to say a lot, wanted to question, wanted to complain, but the moment she saw her, she couldn’t say anything.

I don’t know where to start.

Ida Zhuang sat opposite her, opened his mouth and apologized, “I’m sorry.”

Because it was her fault, she only thought of herself, not her.

The emotion of enduring broke out at this moment, and Ana Lin sneered first, “I’m sorry, what’s the use? It makes sense if you use this method to compensate yourself…”

“Of course.” Ida Zhuang interrupted her. “He killed my son. Now I send him to see my son. Am I wrong?”

Ana Lin looked at her in shock.

“Actually, since we came back and met him by accident, we started to contact him slowly. I know that he was interested in the relationship between you and Phillip Zong. If you want to cling to this relationship, I took this opportunity to get close to him, she I thought I was the same me before, so cheated, he was stupid!” Ida Zhuang was a little excited when he said this.

Now she still remembers the painful appearance of Randall Lin before he died of the poison. She stood by the bed, watching him dying and struggling, but no one could save him.

“Is it you?” Randall Lin roared with red eyes.

“It’s me.” She looked at him condescendingly, without a trace of temperature, a bit colder than the ice and snow outside, “Where is your confidence, after abandoning and hurting me, can I forgive you?”

“It turns out you want revenge.” Randall Lin was short of breath, as if he would stop breathing in the next second.

Ida Zhuang laughed, “A person like you is not worthy to live. It’s not that you said you don’t have to follow me to endure hardship. I’m sorry for my brother, I didn’t take care of her, I’m sorry for my son. , Even his life was taken away. All this is you, Randall Lin!”

“It wasn’t you who sent me away, you don’t have to follow me to endure hardships, my son will not die, Randall Lin, you have today, you are all on your own!”

Randall Lin’s eyes turned outward, son, what son?

He climbed to the bed and grabbed Ida Zhuang’s clothes. “Son?”

“When you sent away, I was pregnant.” Ida Zhuang paused and looked at Randall Lin, “but because I was stimulated during pregnancy, he is an autistic…”

Thinking of his son’s death, Ida Zhuang’s heart still hurts even now.

It should be said that she has never forgotten the pain of losing her son.

It’s not because of Ana Lin that she will not survive now.

Randall Lin opened his mouth, but couldn’t make a sound. He had a son, but he died?

When sending Ida Zhuang away, Elvira Shen said that she was pregnant and was a son, so he made up his mind to send her away.

He didn’t know that Ida Zhuang was pregnant. Still a son.

At this moment, Randall Lin regretted it.

He is a man and would want a son.

Now Ida Zhuang told him that he had had a son, not the one in Elvira Shen’s belly, he was gone before he was born, but he had come to this world and saw the scenery of this world, and he didn’t know it.

Tiger poison does not eat children, no matter how cruel he is, he is extremely regretful at this moment.

Seeing Randall Lin’s pain, Ida Zhuang smiled, “For the sake of your short life, I will tell you another secret. It’s not your daughter at all.”

Randall Lin stared, she, what did she say, Ana Lin is not his daughter?

“You, you betrayed me…” He was cuckolded early in the morning?

Ida Zhuang deliberately didn’t explain, just to watch him in pain.

“Bane…bane…people.” Randall Lin’s hand suddenly dropped, and he swallowed his last breath. His eyes were still open, unwilling and unwilling to look at him.

Ida Zhuang looked at all this with cold eyes. If her brother had a terminal illness and passed away at a young age, would she use the family business to marry Randall Lin?

She thought that Randall Lin was her beloved, but what she didn’t expect was that he would not be a human at all.

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