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Chapter 313

“I won’t come back, saying that there was an announcement. I don’t know what it is. I only know that he is very busy, and I don’t know if he is really running out of time, or if he has no time. In short, I just won’t come back.” There is no gorgeous decoration in the house. It has a relatively simple style. There is no servant in the house but the woman cleans it by herself. Fortunately, the house is not very big.

This woman is Foster Wen’s wife Li Jing. Because of Foster Wen’s identity and the current tight wind, the strict checks on the above, this woman is very low-key, for fear that Foster Wen will cause trouble.

Seemingly hearing the noise, the person sitting on the sofa put away the newspaper and looked over here.

The woman walked over and said, “Everyone is here, and the child looks very likable. You talk, I still have two dishes that I haven’t cooked yet, I’ll go in first.”

Foster Wen waved his hand, “You are busy with you.”

I don’t know if I heard Foster Wen from Danna Cheng’s mouth, so I was very curious. The moment Foster Wen put down the newspaper, Ana Lin looked over.

Because in the house, there is heating, only wearing a sweater, and white hair on the temples. He looks about the same age as Zong Qifeng, but he feels completely different. Maybe he is a soldier, so when he has no expressions, It feels very serious.

But Zong Qifeng is more moderate.

Ana Lin thought in her heart that Zong Qifeng must have an affection with Danna Cheng. Just imagine, if you are with a woman you don’t like, how can you settle down?

At the same time, Foster Wen also looked at Ana Lin. She didn’t deliberately dress up, she has no makeup, but she has good skin and does not affect her comfort at all. Her long black hair is tied into a ponytail, her facial features are clearly presented, and her eyes are clear. She has a very curled nose and red lips. Her facial features are not very prominent, but the combination of such features makes people feel very amazing.

Foster Wen’s eyes flickered slightly, and she saw God for a while.

It was Phillip Zong’s uncle who brought him back from his thoughts, and he waved to the two children, “Come here and let me see.”

Daniel walked over without being shy and bold, not afraid of Foster Wen’s rigid body.

As a soldier, even if he is gentle, he is not as approachable as ordinary people.

Ruth was a little timid, did not dare to start, Phillip Zong touched her head, “Go.”

His strong voice seemed to give the little guy a sense of security, and he plucked up the courage to walk over boldly.

Foster Wen looked at the two children, left and right, and finally nodded, “Okay, okay, okay.”

Foster Wen repeatedly said three good things, which shows how happy the mood is.

“It’s cold outside, isn’t it?” His voice was softer.

“Fortunately, it’s not too cold to sit in the car.” Daniel said.

Foster Wen laughed loudly. Few children are not afraid of him, because the way he doesn’t laugh makes people feel harsh.

His big palm fell on Daniel’s shoulder, touched his bones, and then nodded, “This kid has good muscles and bones.” He looked at Daniel, “Are you interested in going to the army with me?”

At this moment, Li Jing just came out, holding hot coffee in her hand, and glanced at Foster Wen, “Don’t you, you have to be a soldier when you see anyone, isn’t your son scared away by you?”

Thinking of his son Foster Wen snorted coldly.

Li Jing put the coffee on the table, “You all sit down, this is no outsider, don’t be restrained.”

This was mainly for Ana Lin to hear, and Ana Lin smiled politely.

Phillip Zong took her hand and sat down, “She is younger than me.”

The meaning is like saying, don’t mind if she does something bad.

Li Jing was stunned for a moment, then came to understand, smiled and said, “Looks young.”

Like a college student who just graduated.

“Don’t mind, your uncle is such a person, Phillip was also used as a soldier for a few days at that time, but he was the only seedling in the Zong family, and he had to come out to inherit the family business, so he didn’t stay.” Li Jing shot Pat Ana Lin’s hand so that she would not take Foster Wen’s words to heart.

Foster Wen snorted, “What’s so bad about being a soldier? How outstanding was Phillip’s performance at that time? If he didn’t come out, his current achievements would definitely be higher than mine, which is a pity.”

The Zong family is the only seedling of Phillip Zong, no matter how strong Foster Wen is, and then the younger sister’s child. After all, they were surnamed Zong, not Wen.

Foster Wen felt this was a pity.

Now that I see his child, I have thoughts again.

As his pillow, Li Jing knew him too well and stopped him in time, saying, “Now that Phillip is also this son, he is really going to be a soldier. Who will take care of such a big family business?”

Li Jing is still an old thought, and did not regard Ruth as someone who can inherit the family property, because Ruth is a girl who will marry in the future.

Phillip Zong hugged her daughter on her lap and said, “The same goes for my daughter.”

He does not have the idea that only his son can inherit the family property, and he favors his daughter even more.

If the daughter is interested in the future, one half of the family property will be impartial.

If Daniel is really interested in being a soldier, he can give the family business to his daughter.

“Are you willing to go to the army with me? Carry a gun?” Foster Wen asked Daniel.

“Is it really a gun?” Daniel asked.

Foster Wen patted his chest, “That’s natural.”

“Then I am willing, holding a spear, how cool it is to be straight to the bad guys.” When Daniel spoke, she also made a gesture of holding a gun with her hand.

The small postures are done in a good manner, and Foster Wen is amused and laughed, very happy. He raised his head and glanced at Phillip Zong, “You are still young, you can still ask for one. Give me this.”

Li Jing poured cold water on him, “It’s useful for you, it’s so small now.”

“Then I will wait for him to grow up.” Foster Wen really wanted Daniel to inherit him. At first sight, he liked him very much.

“Okay, let’s all go to the restaurant, the food is ready.” Li Jing stood up and went to the kitchen to serve the food, and Ana Lin stood up, “Let me help.”

Phillip Zong nodded.

“Go to the restaurant.” Foster Wen led Daniel.

The rectangular table surrounded by six chairs is just enough.

Foster Wen sat in the first place and let Daniel sit next to him.

Li Jing in the kitchen looked at Ana Lin, “You don’t need you here. Go and sit down. I’ll finish it soon.”

Ana Lin turned on the faucet to wash his hands, “I am idle and I am idle, so I can help you with it faster.”

When Ana Lin said this, Li Jing couldn’t refuse, so she could only let her get started. Li Jing prepared a lot of dishes, and when they were all served, the table was full.

Foster Wen was in a good mood, and asked Li Jing to bring a wine to drink with Phillip Zong, “Take the bottle of Moutai I collected.”

Li Jing took a look at him, not because he wanted to get the wine, but ridiculed him, “Phillip is the big boss, what wine hasn’t been drunk?”

Foster Wen sighed, “Isn’t this my best wine? Today is very fresh, I am in a good mood, let you get a wine, why is it boring, go get it quickly.”

As if thinking of something, he looked at Phillip Zong and asked, “I don’t know what the names of these two children are.”

Before Phillip Zong could speak, Ruth answered him first, “My name is Ruth and my brother is Daniel.”

Maybe it was because of getting along, the little girl was not as afraid of Foster Wen as she was at the beginning.

Foster Wen’s face suddenly changed.


Chapter 314

These two children are named Lin?

Whose last name is it?

“What’s the matter?” Foster Wen’s tone became serious.

The son follows his father’s surname. This tradition seems to have infiltrated the bone marrow, especially for the previous generation.

At this time, Ana Lin said something to her. Before she put it down, Foster Wen couldn’t wait to ask, “Does the child take your last name?”

He had heard about Phillip Zong’s marriage, but because of Phillip Zong’s rejection at the time, he did not tell him about Ana Lin. He was very busy during that time, so he didn’t know Ana Lin’s identity and background. very clear.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment and didn’t react. Foster Wen’s question came too suddenly.

“It’s a long story. I’m sorry for them. Regarding whoever’s surname is, I think she was born and raised, and it is good to follow her surname.” Phillip Zong naturally saw that Foster Wen was very concerned, even Some are not happy.

He held Ana Lin’s hand in front of Foster Wen and pulled her to sit beside him.

“I was divorced at the time. I didn’t know that she was pregnant. I only found out later…” He did not explain the twists and turns, saying that it was his fault. Now the child’s last name, he will not change.

If you say that there must be someone with his surname, then another one, Ana Lin agreed to him anyway.

Regarding Phillip Zong’s marriage and divorce, he knew a little bit, and he left soon after he got married.

It depends on the age of the child.

“There are three unfilial piety, and no queen is the greatest. Although Xiao Xi has your blood flowing in him, but without your surname, how will his identity be counted in the future? Zong family or Lin family?” Foster Wen still felt that the two children should change their surnames.

No matter what the reason, he couldn’t persuade him to follow his mother’s surname.

Phillip Zong held Ana Lin’s hand tighter, rubbing the back of her hand with his fingers, and Ana Lin turned to look at him.

He didn’t look at her, he only left her with an angular profile face. Looking at it from this angle, his eyelashes were so clear.

His voice was very soft and solemn, “We are a husband and wife, we don’t distinguish between you and me.”

Foster Wen was angry, “You…”

“What did your dad say?” Zong Qifeng said about this.

Zong Qifeng knew more about the ins and outs of this incident than Foster, so he didn’t say much about the child’s surname.

After all these years, Ana Lin raised them alone. If Ana Lin is willing to change their surnames in the future, he is naturally very happy. If he doesn’t want it, he won’t force it.

“He’s always confused, and the one who is confused by that woman is irrelevant.” Foster Wen was angry when he mentioned Zong Qifeng, or he never let go of the matter of marrying Danna Cheng shortly after Wen Xian’s death.

Ana Lin’s body tightened suddenly, and she knew exactly who the woman in Foster Wen’s mouth was.

Phillip Zong felt the changes in her body, and probably knew why she had such emotions in his heart.

Is her relationship with Danna so close already?

Will you be nervous when people mention it?

“For so many years, I don’t want to say much about the previous things. I know you are also very repulsive, but there is one thing, I must tell you.” Foster Wen straightened his face, “Back when your dad could marry her, yes She promised me one condition, but I found out that she might have broken the contract…”

“Eat first, what do you have to say after the meal, OK, what about the previous things?” Li Jing put the wine in front of him.

Foster Wen thought about it, but Phillip Zong didn’t come often. He said that he might not even have an appetite for dinner. He said to Li Jing, “Listen to you, pour me some wine.”

Li Jing smiled and poured him a glass, and then filled the glass in front of Phillip Zong.

“Happy today, you drink two more glasses with your uncle.” Li Jing said with a smile.

Phillip Zong nodded.

Ana Lin was a little absent-minded sitting next to him. What Foster Wen hadn’t finished just now was definitely what Danna Cheng called to tell her.

After so many years, why is he still holding on to it?

Moreover, Wenxian led this matter alone, but now Danna Cheng was asked to pay for it.

She felt it was unfair.

Danna Cheng sacrificed too much.

“Usually nothing, bring the children to play.” Li Jing served Ana Lin soup. The men drank alcohol, and they would eat if they didn’t drink. “I don’t know what you like to eat. I don’t know if this meal suits your appetite.”

Li Jing’s voice interrupted Ana Lin’s thoughts. She quickly returned to her senses and said with a smile, “I’m not picky, these are good.”

“Then you, you are welcome, just treat this as home.”

“it is good.”

Li Jing is very considerate and keeps picking vegetables for her children.

Foster Wen didn’t mention Danna Cheng’s affairs at the dinner table, and chatted with Phillip Zong about the current situation, about politics, the development trend at home and abroad.

“We don’t understand their topics either.” Li Jing gave Ana Lin some dishes, “They talked about them, we eat.”

Ana Lin smiled and gave a polite hmm, but she was nervous. She didn’t know what would happen after Phillip Zong knew that Xiang Yunsha was the Cheng family’s business.

Because he knew very well that she had mastered the technique of making Xiangyun Sha.

With his wisdom, he must be able to think that this incident will be related to what happened in Baicheng.

She was afraid of it and couldn’t keep it from.

She felt contradictory. On the one hand, she wanted to let Phillip Zong know, and she didn’t want him to know on the other. She wanted to let him know because she didn’t want him to have regrets in this life. If she didn’t know who her biological mother was, how sad would it be?

I don’t want him to know, because I don’t want Danna Cheng’s pain and tolerance for so many years to be wasted.

After dinner, Foster Wen asked Phillip Zong to go to the study with him. She and the children were in the living room. Li Jing turned on the TV to the two children, fearing that they would be bored.

She cut the fruit and put it on the table, “Eat fruit.” Li Jing greeted the two children.

Ruth pouted her small mouth and said sweetly, “I’m full.”

When she was speaking, she touched her belly, and Li Jing was amused by the little girl, “Come and feel the belly bulge.”

It is probably itchy, the little girl giggled.

Ana Lin looked in the study from time to time, feeling anxious, but did not dare to show it in front of Li Jing.

“What did uncle want to say just now?” Ana Lin tried to get a message from Li Jing’s mouth.

“It’s Danna’s business. They have a good relationship with brothers and sisters. When Wenxian died, he locked herself for three days without eating or drinking. The first time I saw him crying was when Wenxian was leaving, looking at the tough guy. There is also a soft side. He has been caring about Zong Qifeng’s remarriage, and he has a big prejudice against Danna.”

Li Jing married in just before Wen Xian passed away, and Foster Wen didn’t tell her specifically. She didn’t know the inside story very well.

Li Jing sighed, “I haven’t let go of it yet. I persuade him that things have passed for so long. Now everyone is old, don’t pursue it anymore, but he is very hard-tempered, and I don’t count him.”

Ana Lin agreed, “Yeah, it’s been so long, should we let go or we have to let go, too much worry is not good for the body.”

“Who wouldn’t say, but he wouldn’t listen. I think Danna is pretty good. Sometimes I think she is quite pitiful. She has not given birth to a child in her life. How can she be considered a woman if she does not give birth to a child?” Li Jing With emotion.

Chapter 315

Ana Lin looked down. Although she gave birth to Phillip Zong, she missed the time period when she needed the most care and feelings.

Now, Phillip Zong is still not close to her.

Danna Cheng’s life is more than a shortcoming, she is sad and great.

If it were her, she might not have done it.

“Please persuade Phillip to let him not care.” Li Jing sighed, “Actually, I understand this. If my mother passed away within a month, my dad would marry another. I might hate it even more. , Maybe, I can stabbed that woman with a knife. This thing, it doesn’t happen to anyone, who can’t understand it, saying it’s empathy, can you really empathize? No, it’s still a man who can hold on to it these years. Although their relationship is stiff, he did not do anything too much after all. Treating this indifferently is just a stab in the heart. As a wife, you have to enlighten him more.”

Ana Lin hummed softly.

Some things Li Jing said were right. There was no sympathy for this matter, and she couldn’t understand the feelings of people at the time. Only those who had experienced the same could understand that state of mind.

After hearing about Danna Cheng’s affairs, she always looked at the problem from Danna Cheng’s perspective and tried to persuade Phillip Zong.

But she did not look at this matter from Phillip Zong’s perspective.

He didn’t know that Danna Cheng was his mother, he didn’t know the twists and turns, let alone the sacrifices Danna Cheng made for him.

So she should also look at this matter from his perspective.

“I will go back today.”

At this time, the comfortable door opened, and Phillip Zong and Foster Wen walked out back and forth.

“I will send you.” Foster Wen said.

Phillip Zong refused, saying that it was cold outside and the car was outside. They could get on the car when they went out.

Ana Lin saw them come out, got up from the sofa, Phillip Zong walked over, “We’re home.”

Ana Lin nodded.

“It’s still early, why don’t you stay for a while.” Li Jing asked to stay.

“No, it’s not too early now.” Ana Lin urgently wants to know what Foster Wen and Phillip Zong said.

Li Jing said this out of politeness. She could see that Ana Lin really wanted to leave, “Then come often when you have time.”

“I will come here if I have a chance.” Ana Lin put on coats for the two children, and Li Jing came to help. “Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.”

“I will be one year older after the Chinese New Year.” Ruth blinked softly and said softly.

Li Jing was amused, “Yeah, I’ve grown up one year old again. When you grow up, grandma and uncle will be old.”

“Uncle and grandma are not old.” Ruth said.

Li Jing smiled more openly and praised, “This kid can talk.”

At this time Foster Wen came over and handed the child two red envelopes.

“It’s the first time you come here. This is the New Year’s New Year’s money during the meeting. You come and I will give it again.”

“No need.” Ana Lin didn’t think it was great. The red envelope looked very bulging. She could see that although Foster Wen was extremely extreme in Wen Xian’s affairs, he was a good leader with integrity.

“I gave it to my children. Besides, it’s the custom and my heart for the two children to come to my house for the first time.” Foster Wen liked the tone of the superior.

Li Jing also agreed, “Take it away and show the child a joy. I didn’t prepare any gifts for the child.”

Ana Lin asked the child to say thank you to Foster Wen.

“Thank you, grandpa, uncle.” The two children said in unison.

“Okay, okay.” Foster Wen touched Daniel’s head, “eat well and grow taller, so that he can go to the army with his grandfather uncle.”

“Hmm.” Daniel nodded vigorously, seemingly really interested in being a soldier.

Li Jing and Foster Wen stood at the door watching them.

Soon the car drove out, and Ana Lin was sitting next to Phillip Zong, and she could smell the faint smell of alcohol on his body.

Ana Lin couldn’t help it after all, and asked, “What did you say in the study?”

Phillip Zong seemed to expect that she would ask, but he didn’t expect that she would ask so impatiently.

He leaned back and looked at her calmly.

Ana Lin was looking hairy and blinked, “What are you doing looking at me like this? Shouldn’t I ask?”


Ana Lin felt a little bit in his heart.

Seeing Ana Lin’s discolored face, Phillip Zong sighed and took her into his arms.

“I’ll tell you when I get home.”

Ana Lin was in his arms, thought for a moment, and said, “I’m sorry, I have always advised you to accept Danna, but I have never considered your feelings.”

Phillip Zong lowered his eyes, a little surprised and a little delighted, and pushed hard into his arms.

“Do you want to change their surnames?” Ana Lin asked suddenly.

She had heard from Keller Shen before that the two children should be changed back to their surnames. At the time, she didn’t take it to heart. This time Foster Wen had such a big reaction, she thought, maybe it was right to change back.

After all, she is already accepting this man and accepting this family.

“Why change?” Phillip Zong didn’t think this was a problem.

“No, they belong to the Lin family?” Ana Lin actually didn’t want their surname to be Lin. She had no choice.

“We are yours and have nothing to do with the Lin family.” Phillip Zong always felt that their surname was Lin, they were the children of the Lin family. In his opinion, these two children belonged to Ana Lin. She was pregnant in October, little by little. Raising them, no one is qualified to replace them.

Ana Lin grabbed his collar, “We are now a husband and wife, and the children follow my surname, what do outsiders think?” She deliberately teased him, “Do people think you are the son-in-law? That’s why the children follow my surname. ?”

“Naughty.” He smiled hoarsely, and k*ssed her earlobe, “I am willing to marry you.”

Ana Lin quickly pulled away, there was a driver in front of him, and he did not shy away.

He smiled more intensely.


It was afternoon when Lena Qin woke up.

“Hungry?” Alan Su changed into clean clothes and went back to the hospital. Seeing that she hadn’t woken up, he kept guarding her.

He didn’t even go to buy food at noon. The maid at home burned it and delivered it. The old lady was not used to the food outside.

Lena Qin slept for a long time and her head was a little faint. She got up from the sofa, sat there, and regained her energy after a while. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Alan Su, her mind became clear, and she was about to leave. Later, the old lady had a brain congestion, and she followed to the hospital…

She got off the sofa, “I should go.”

Alan Su squeezed his hand, deliberately pretending not to hear, “You slept for a long time, aren’t you hungry?”

Lena Qin shook her head, “No.” She looked up at him, “Let’s… let’s do it.”

Is this woman so ruthless?

Alan Su stood up, spreading his hands, “You can go, but if you sleep with me, I have to pay for my mental damage.”

Lena Qin, “…”

Her face changed instantly.

Still as always the ruffian!

“How much do you want?” Lena Qin went to find the bag and took out her wallet.

Alan Su smiled, “How much do you think I’m worth?”

He thought for a while, “Five hundred thousand.”

He felt that Lena Qin couldn’t pay so much money, and if she couldn’t pay, he had reason to keep her.

“You are not worth that much money when you are’Golden Branches and Yuye’!” Lena Qin almost cursed, why didn’t you rob.

Surviving reason told her that this was a hospital, and it was very impolite to do that, so she didn’t shout out.

He couldn’t keep her soft at all, this woman had a hard heart.

He smashed the jar and said, “Whether it’s worth so much, you should know very well, I just stay at this price and can’t afford it, so I will continue to be a husband and wife with me.”

Lena Qin angrily smiled, took out a card from her wallet and threw it on Sanda’s face, “Don’t show up in front of me again!”

Alan Su was a little dumbfounded, she could not figure it out.

She is just Ana Lin’s assistant, how can she still have so many deposits?

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