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Chapter 220

Have you ever loved it?

Saying that it is not a lie, she has loved Bai Hongfei, and loved it deeply.

But at this moment she can’t say that, but she is absolutely inhumane, “I have never loved you.”

The tears that had been forbearing also fell at this moment.

Boom, boom, booming muffled thunder rolled and flickered in the sky.

Bai Hongfei’s legs fell soft and he tried his best to support, just to see her, and this side was more uncomfortable than letting him die.

He was totally unconscious, but breathing was difficult…

Roberson Cheng, who was not far away, returned, picked up his head, patted his face vigorously, and pinched him, “Bai Hongfei, wake up…”

Zong Qifeng did not leave immediately, but looked at Danna Cheng, “Go and see?”

Danna Cheng’s tears fell like beads, one after another.

She shook her head, “Let’s go.”

Now that they have made up their minds, they will only suffer more from each other.

“Sure?” Zong Qifeng deliberately asked again, actually testing her determination.

“I’m sure.” Danna Cheng raised her head, staring at him, silently proving how powerful her heart is.

At this moment, Zong Qifeng realized that this weak-looking woman was actually very strong.

He closed the rear door, got in the driving seat and left.

The voice of Roberson Cheng hitting 120 echoed in the air.

When she returned to the hospital, Wen Xian happened to come over. She was sitting in the co-pilot seat of a black car. Next to him was a handsome-looking man. Zong Qifeng didn’t really see it through the windshield, but it was OK. To be sure, this man must be Wen Xian’s sweetheart.

His eyes dimmed.

Wen Xian also saw him and said to the man next to him, “Zi Yi, you go back first.”

Zhuang Ziyi nodded, “Take care of yourself and call me if you have anything to do.”

Wen Xian nodded, pushed the door and got out of the car.

At this time, Zong Qifeng just came down. The two eyes met in the air. After a few seconds, Zong Qifeng retracted his gaze. He turned and opened the door to hug Danna Cheng. He was silent in the process.

Like Danna Cheng, he was in a bad mood.

He stepped up the steps, walked two steps and then stopped suddenly, “You go back, I will take care of her today.”

Wen Xian followed the steps that came up, she looked up, looked at his back, and said for a long time, “Well, she is inconvenient now. Try not to go out and wait for stability…”

“You care so much, why don’t you give birth by yourself?” Suddenly Zong Qifeng interrupted her care.

He looked straight at her, “Is that the one you like just now?”

Wen Xian pursed her lips, “Unsealing, don’t do this…”

Zong Qifeng laughed, “What do you want from me? What do you want from me? My wife has a tryst with other men, can’t I ask?”

Wen Xian red eyes, “I said, before you fell in love with someone, I won’t be nice to him. Today is just a simple meeting. I don’t know I will meet you…”

“I don’t want to listen, you can go.”

After speaking, Zong Kaifeng started again.

Walking through the corridor with lights on and full of the smell of disinfectant water, he soon returned to the ward holding Danna Cheng. The servant cleaned up the room very clean. At the moment, he was arranging flowers.

The doctor said that putting flowers and green plants in the room would help pregnant women calm down because of good air.

So Wen Xian asked her to buy some flowers in the ward.

Seeing them come back, she quickly put down her work and lifted the quilt, “Is this out?”

Zong Qifeng was in a bad mood, didn’t say a word, Danna Cheng was not getting better, there were tears on his face.

Don’t care about the servants at all.

The servant also winked and lifted the quilt back to the side without speaking.

“You go out first, I will call you if I have something.” Zong Qifeng covered Danna Cheng with a quilt.

The servant said yes and went out, and closed the door gently.

Zong Qifeng helped Danna Cheng lie down, “Will it be uncomfortable?”

Danna Cheng shook her head.

Zong Qifeng tucked the quilt for her, lowered his head, very serious.

Danna Cheng looked at him, knowing that he must be uncomfortable, otherwise, he would not question Wen Xian at the door.

I couldn’t help but sympathize with him. What could be better than looking at a woman I like and just pretending to be punishing other men?

“If you feel uncomfortable, look at me, I am worse than you.” Danna Cheng moved her lips slightly, her lips were dry and her voice hoarse.

Zong Qifeng glanced at her, “I’m so bruised and bruised, come to comfort me?”

Danna Cheng pulled at the corners of her lips, showing a far-fetched smile, “Do you think we are also very fate?”


“It’s all so miserable.”

Zong Qifeng, “…”

After staying in the hospital for a week, Danna Cheng was discharged.

You can also walk on the ground, but you can’t walk more and you need to rest more.

But the space at home is large, and there is a place to walk, which is more comfortable than in the hospital.

Because of her inconvenience, she moved from upstairs to live downstairs, and Wen Xian also lived downstairs.

Zong Qifeng lives upstairs alone.

The relationship between the characters in the family is delicate, but harmonious.

Many times Danna Cheng feels like a surrogate mother.

But think about it, isn’t she a surrogate mother?

Thinking of her curling her lips and smiling bitterly.

“What are you laughing at?” Wen Xian asked when she saw Danna Cheng smiling while folding her clothes.

Danna Cheng was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect her expression to be seen in her eyes.

Danna Cheng said lightly, “I didn’t laugh at anything, just thought of a joke.”

“What’s a joke?” Wen Xian asked casually, just as idle, talking to pass the time.

Danna Cheng was panicking. She didn’t think of a joke at all. When Wen Xian asked her, she was speechless. Fortunately, she reacted quickly and thought of a funny incident when she was a child. “I remember when I was in first grade, Once the teacher asked a question, the question is, who knows how many countries in the world, surprisingly, all the classmates raised their hands, the teacher casually called a classmate to answer, and the classmate replied, “There are two.” The class was still for a while, and the teacher asked again, “Why are there only two? “So the classmate replied, “Z country and foreign countries. “As a result, the class was quiet for another second, and then burst into laughter.”

Wen Xian smiled, “You classmate is so funny.”

Danna Cheng also laughed, and the depression in her heart dissipated a lot.

When Zong Qifeng came back, he saw the two women in the living room talking and laughing very happy. For a moment, he felt that he was the most surplus in this family.

Seeing him come in, the laughter of the two stopped, Wen Xian picked up the folded clothes, “I’ll go and put it in the cabinet.”

Danna Cheng also stood up, “I will help you get some.”

The two got up from the sofa one after the other and entered the room. Zong Qifeng stood in the hallway, frowning at the two women who had left because he saw him come in.

Why are you avoiding him?

Wen Xian is fine.

Even Roberson Cheng was hiding.

Can not help but suffocated.

At dinner in the evening, Wen Xian suddenly asked Danna Cheng, “Do you like boys or girls?”

Chapter 221

Danna Cheng said almost without thinking, “I like girls.”

Boys are too naughty, much gentler than girls. They say that their daughters are the intimate little padded jackets of their parents. This is also reasonable.

Boys are no more delicate than girls.

So she prefers girls.

Bai Hongfei once asked her this question. She also answered a girl. She said, “I must have a daughter in my life.”

However, she never gave birth to a daughter in this life.

Wen Xian picks up food for her, “You like girls, and I like daughters, but I hope you are a boy even more.”

Everyone in the wealthy family hopes that the married daughter-in-law will be able to spread their branches. Although people are now open-minded, men and women are the same, but in this kind of family with huge wealth to inherit, they will require a son.

Danna Cheng also understood what she meant, and lowered her head embarrassedly, “I can’t guarantee this.”

“Stupid you.” Wen Xian was funny, “I just said hope, but I didn’t say you must give birth to a boy.”

This is not the old society in the past, and the responsibility of giving birth to boys and girls rests with the women.

Zong Qifeng put down his chopsticks and got up and left. He was puzzled. He was obviously the father of the child, but he looked at Wen Xian like the father of the child.

He is especially superfluous in this home.

During the meal, they talked and laughed and ignored him completely.

He was very depressed.

Wen Xian and Danna Cheng looked at him at the same time.

“I think he seems to be in a bad mood.” Danna Cheng said.

Wen Xian could see the way, but she didn’t point out, “Maybe it’s work.”

Danna Cheng nodded.

at night.

Zong Qifeng tossed and turned, unable to sleep, got up and went downstairs, just as Danna Cheng got up to drink water. He slowed down and looked at the woman standing at the table. The dim light enveloped her thin body for almost three months, but There is no way to see the pregnancy.

The belly is not at all pregnant.

Danna Cheng didn’t notice anyone standing on the stairs, maybe it was something in her heart, so she didn’t notice.

When she went to bed at night, she received a call from Roberson Cheng, saying that Bai Hongfei was not in danger, so she should not worry.

After confirming that he was okay, Roberson Cheng took the person away.

I am afraid that he will come to trouble Danna Cheng again here.

She felt melancholy in her heart. She took the cup and walked to the French window. The black night, especially quiet, was such an atmosphere that made people feel inexplicably sad.

In the first 20 years, she never thought that one day she would be embarrassed like this.

Never thought that her 20th birthday had become a huge turning point in her life.

Suddenly living in a city she had never seen before, she had the most intimate relationship in the world.

She looked up at the sky. Tonight, there were no stars in the sky, and even the moon hid. She smiled faintly. The smile was beautiful but full of bitterness, “God, you gave me a big day. A joke.”

“It’s because of the sudden addition of a person like me in your life that makes you feel terrible, so you feel emotional here?”

The low male voice is especially clear in the quiet night.

Danna Cheng turned around and saw the man standing behind her. He was wearing a black silk bathrobe and had a slender figure. Because the light was a little dark, she couldn’t see his expression clearly.

“You, why haven’t you slept yet?” Danna Cheng was at a loss, unexpectedly he would hear herself talking.

Zong Qifeng walked over, stood next to her in front of the French window, and said lightly, “Aren’t you asleep?”

Danna Cheng also looked out the window, “I woke up and got up to drink water, not that I didn’t sleep.”

“It seems that your emotions are just emotions, and you can sleep peacefully, which proves that you can let go.”

Zong Kaifeng was quite surprised at this point.

You just broke up with your boyfriend, shouldn’t you be sad?

Danna Cheng glanced sideways at him, and quickly withdrew his gaze, “Because I know my situation very well, and I know that we will not go back to the past. If we continue to struggle, we will only hurt each other more deeply. So instead of softhearted comfort, it is better to cut the mess with a knife. Let go, let go.”

Her resolute decision made Zong Qifeng appreciate how many people were trapped by love, and how many people were dying for love.

Her free and easy, her clean and neat, how many people can do it?

Zong Qifeng looked at her, “In the future, remember one thing.”

“What’s the matter?” Danna Cheng looked at him inexplicably, thinking he was a little strange tonight.

As for what was strange, she couldn’t tell.

“Remember, I am the father of the child in your womb. You can’t ignore my existence.” After speaking, he turned upstairs.

Danna Cheng, “…”

What does he mean?

The door of the east bedroom was quietly closed when Zong Qifeng went upstairs.

Wen Xian lived in that room.

She didn’t sleep well, she could hear a little movement, and her sleep was shallow. When Danna Cheng got up, she woke up.

After hearing Zong Qifeng’s voice, she got up.

Seeing their interaction, the corners of his lips raised slightly.

She felt that Zong Qifeng’s gaze had fallen on Danna Cheng.

Many good feelings start with attention.

Maybe he doesn’t know it himself, but the action is already being done.

Time flies, Danna Cheng is eight months pregnant in the blink of an eye.

Wen Xian also pretends to be a pregnant woman.

Apart from a credible servant, there are almost no extra people in the family. Even Wanda who followed Wen Xian, Wen Xian also kept her secret, and distracted her during pregnancy.

Everything is going according to her plan, very smoothly.

Today is the day of the pregnancy test. She is not a real pregnant woman, so she did not go to the hospital, but went to the shopping mall to prepare supplies for Danna Cheng’s about to be born.

But Danna Cheng is a real pregnant woman and needs to go for a regular birth check. It happened that Zong Qifeng was free today, so she didn’t go, leaving room for the two of them.

When fetal heart rate is monitored, you can hear the beating sound of the fetal heart, whistling, whistling, whistling…

This was the first time Zong Qifeng heard it, and he couldn’t help feeling a little excited.

When Danna Cheng looked at him at a loss, the corners of her lips raised, “Does it feel amazing?”

Zong Qifeng nodded.

“It was amazing the first time I heard it, and life was amazing. I remember the first time I felt fetal movement when I was almost five months old. I was so excited that I didn’t sleep all night…”

Zong Qifeng blinked, his dark pupils gushing out of surprise, “Will the fetus move in the abdomen?”

Why didn’t she tell him?

Let him experience it too?

At this time, the nurse couldn’t see it, and looked at Danna Cheng and said, “You are selfish with this. How can you prevent the prospective father from communicating with the fetus?”

The nurse found it strange that she hadn’t seen it before, and a prospective father didn’t even know the movement of a pregnant woman.

Danna Cheng’s face was distressed.

Zong Qifeng put the responsibility on himself, “I am too busy at work and I have neglected her…”

“No matter how busy you are, you can’t care less about your wife. After all, you are the father of your child. She gave birth to your child, not someone else’s.”

“Yes, yes, what you said is.” The man who is vigorous and resolute in the mall, at this moment, in front of the nurse, is like a kid who has done wrong things.

After doing a good check, Zong Qifeng helped her out of the hospital. He asked Danna Cheng to stand at the door and wait, “I’ll drive over.”

Danna Cheng nodded.

Zong Qifeng walked to the car, pressed the unlock button of the car key, the car lights turned on, he pulled the car door, and when he was about to start the car, the mobile phone in his pocket rang, and he took out the mobile phone with Wen Xian’s name displayed on it. , His eyes flickered, and then he pressed the answer button.

Her voice was very low, “Have you finished the inspection?”

“Well, I’m about to go back.”

“Don’t come back.”

Chapter 222

Zong Qifeng frowned and asked, “Did something happen?”

“My brother is here, it is cold outside, you take her to the hotel to rest, and when my brother leaves, you will come back.” At this moment Wen Xian hid in the bathroom and called him.

When she came back from shopping, Foster Wen was already at home.

The moment she saw him, she almost didn’t stretch herself. Fortunately, Danna Cheng was not there, otherwise this matter would have to be discovered.

“I know.”

Wen Xian hung up after hearing the response over there. Fortunately, she took a deep breath and looked at her belly in the mirror. There was nothing wrong with it before she opened the bathroom door.

She complained, “You come, why don’t you tell me in advance.”

Foster Wen leaned on the sofa, he was strong and tall, and he was amazing even if he didn’t say a word.

He looked at his sister, “What you said, I came to see my sister, so I still have to make a report in advance? But isn’t today the day for your pregnancy test? Why did you go to the mall?”

As he spoke, he glanced at the bags on the sofa.

Wen Xian came over, sat on the sofa, and asked the servant to pour water for Wen, “I went to the mall after I came back from the pregnancy checkup. No, the baby is about to be born. I will prepare some clothes. By the way, today Why are you here?”

Foster Wen asked the driver to take down the things in the trunk, “Mom asked me to bring them for you and my little nephew. Before they were born, they had already attracted the attention of everyone in the family.”

Soon the driver came in. The two hands were full, the children’s food and clothing, and Wen Xian’s body supplement. The driver didn’t take it all at once, and took it again.

Wen Xian was also surprised, “That thing.”

“Aren’t they all for your children?” Foster Wen glanced at her abdomen as she spoke, reaching out to touch it.

But when Wen Xian slapped her hands, she was startled in a cold sweat, but she didn’t expect Foster Wen to suddenly want to touch her belly.

After all, it’s fake, and you have to show it in a mold.

Fortunately, she responded quickly.

Foster Wen coughed slightly to cover up his embarrassment. His younger sister was getting older and married, so he could not touch her casually.

“I see you come back alone, didn’t Kaifeng go to the hospital with you?”

Foster Wen was a little unhappy. This younger sister was pregnant, and as her husband, he cared about it from time to time, not to mention that it was close to the due date, and there was no one around him.

“He is busy at work…”

“Is the job important, or the child important?”

Wen Xian was interrupted by Foster Wen before finishing saying, “Is it not clear which one is more important?”

Wen Xian also wanted to explain that Foster Wen already impatiently took out his cell phone and called Zong Qifeng.

The call was soon connected. When he was about to question, Wen Xian snatched the phone and hung up, “You don’t need to worry about my business.”

Foster Wen furrowed his brows deeply, stunned, and looked at his sister in disappointment. He was doing her good, fearing that Zong Qifeng would bully her, but she…

“Well, I won’t worry about your business in the future.” Foster Wen stood up.

Wen Xian was also surprised that what she said was a bit hurtful, after all, it was her brother who cared about her.

She shouldn’t make him sad.

“Brother, sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

Foster Wen took the hat from the driver, and when he heard Wen Xian’s words, he paused and put it on, “If he bullies you, call me.”

After speaking, he walked out in a swagger.

After all, she is her own sister, even if she is really angry just now, she can’t be ignored.

Wen Xian ran out, caught up with him, and hugged him from behind, “Brother, I may have prenatal depression and I am in a bad mood, so don’t be angry with me. I didn’t mean it just now, knowing that you care about me.”

Foster Wen frowned and pulled her away, “What body are you, I don’t know in my heart? Still running?”

“I forgot…”

“Forget what? Forgot to be pregnant?” Foster Wen felt that she had heard the joke, and that she had forgotten that she was pregnant, so she stretched out her nose and scratched her nose. “In your belly, but the first child of the Zong family is also the first child of the Wen family. One, you must protect me, always remember, next time I see you so reckless, I will beat you.”

Foster Wen pretended to be fierce.

Wen Xian knew that her brother loved her and cared about her.

Flew into his arms coquettishly, and hugged him, “Brother.”

Foster Wen squeezed her face, his hands as a soldier were strong, Wen Xian shouted, “It hurts, it hurts…”

“I didn’t work hard.”

“You tried hard, and I won’t be able to tear my face off by you.” Wen Xian rubbed her face, her cheek a little red.

Foster Wen kneaded distressedly, “My brother may have his hands lighter next time.” He sighed, “I’m almost a mother. You’re still acting like a baby. Isn’t it childish?”

“I’ll be a mother again, even if I’m a grandma, it’s your sister.”

Foster Wen is speechless, thinking about this is the truth.

No matter how old he is, he is also his little sister.

Wen Xian escorted her brother into the car, Foster Wen bent over and sat in the car, and looked back at her sister, “Go back, the weather is cold, wear more clothes, take care of yourself, something is wrong Call anytime.”

Wen Xian nodded.

She watched Foster Wen’s car leave, and when she turned to enter the house, she heard…


She turned around and saw Zhuang Ziyi standing on the opposite side of the road, dressed in casual clothes, handsome and handsome.

The wind was a bit strong and messed up his hair.

Wen Xian was taken aback for a moment. After reacting, she looked around and walked quickly over, “Why are you here?”

“Miss you.” He curled his lips and smiled especially nicely.

Wen Xian stared at him, “When you come later, let me know in advance.”

Zhuang Ziyi stretched out his hand and hugged her in his arms, “We are obviously lovers, you love me, and I love you, why is it so hard to meet up?”

Wen Xian patted him on the back, “Wait…”

Wait until Danna Cheng gives birth to a child, and wait until Zong Qifeng sees his heart clearly.

She can leave, walk far away with him, leave everything here, and live their lives.

“How long to wait?” Zhuang Ziyi asked.

“Up to one year.”

She didn’t know whether Zong Qifeng said that Danna Cheng had given birth to a child and let her go, but one year was enough for him to see his heart clearly.

At that time, she can leave smoothly and without guilt.

“Go back.” Wen Xian let go of him.

“I still want to see you again.” Zhuang Ziyi held her hand.

Wen Xian looked serious, “This is in front of the Zong’s villa. It is not good for me and for him to be seen.”

Zhuang Ziyi also knew, lowered his head and k*ssed her lips, “I will wait for you for so long.”

Turn around and leave after speaking.

Wen Xian stood at the door, looked at him, waved to him, “Drive slowly.”

Zhuang Ziyi lowered the window, “Go in, it’s cold outside.”

Wen Xian gathered her coat and turned to enter the house.

The weather is getting colder and colder, and the wind is getting more stern in December.

On December 20, when the New Year was approaching, the lights in the Zong Family Villa were on at night.

Danna Cheng felt the pain. In order not to be noticed that the civet cat changed the prince, none of them informed anyone and took Danna Cheng to the hospital overnight.

Planning to wait until the child was born, Wen Xian held the child and announced that she had given birth.

In this way, you can hide from the sky.

Zong Qifeng drove, Wen Xian hugged the painful and sweaty woman behind her. She comforted Danna Cheng, “You can bear it again, and you will be at the hospital soon.”

She has never given birth to a child. I don’t know. Even if she gets to the hospital, she will have to go through the labor pains.

A person as strong as she can’t stand the pain that is higher than a while, like something tearing her bones and flesh, “It hurts, I hurt.”

With her slender fingers, she firmly grasped the seat, her lips trembling, “Am I going to die?”

“No, no.” Wen Xian didn’t know her pain and couldn’t understand it. People who hadn’t experienced it would not be able to empathize.

She could see that Danna Cheng was uncomfortable, and her heart picked up, “Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, we are all here, we are all with you.”

Zong Qifeng also looked back from time to time, and his heart also mentioned his throat.

Soon, the car stopped at the entrance of the hospital, Wen Xian got off the car, opened the door, and was about to go to help Danna Cheng when Zong Qifeng asked her to get up.

She was stunned for a moment before reacting, and quickly stepped aside. Zong Qifeng stooped to hug the person out of the carriage, and Danna Cheng grabbed his collar, “It hurts, I hurt, it hurts…”

Zong Qifeng didn’t know how to comfort her, and he was also very nervous, so he could only hold it hard and comfort her silently.

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