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Chapter 223

Danna Cheng was sent to the delivery room.

Zong Qifeng walked around the door anxiously, taking a look inside from time to time, but there was no other voice except Danna Cheng’s cry.

Wen Xian walked over and comforted, “Don’t worry too much,”

Zong Qifeng turned his head and looked at her for a long time, but finally said nothing.

He wanted to smoke a cigarette to relieve his inner tension and anxiety, but when he saw the no-smoking sign on the wall, he forcibly stopped smoking.

This torment lasted for more than 7 hours, because Danna Cheng had a child for the first time, and the opening of the first child’s uterus was relatively slow.


Suddenly, there was a high-pitched voice from the delivery room, followed by a wow, the baby’s cry.

Zong Qifeng’s eyes lit up and said excitedly, “Did she give birth?”

Wen Xian also breathed a sigh of relief and said, “It should be.”

After another ten minutes, the door of the delivery room opened, and the nurse came out with a newborn baby. “The mother gave birth to a boy. She was born at 7:20 a.m. on December 21 and weighed 6 catties and 5 taels.”

Zong Qifeng was looking forward to it, but at this moment, he didn’t know how to describe his feelings. He stood still and didn’t move.

Wen Xian stepped forward to take the child and said, “Thank you.”

“This is what we should do. The parturient will come out later.” After speaking, the nurse returned to the delivery room and closed the door.

Wen Xian looked at the baby in the swaddle with tenderness in his eyebrows. He was really small and very weak. It seemed that as long as she used some force, he would lose his life.

It was also the first time for her to hold a child. She was careful and thought it was amazing. She walked up to Zong Qifeng and said, “Look, he is your child.”

He was still very young, he couldn’t see his appearance, his small face was a little wrinkled, but his hair was particularly dark and dense.

Zong Qifeng lowered his head, his face was tense because of excitement, and his hands trembled slightly, “Give me a hug.”

Wen Xian carefully handed over the baby in her arms, and said, “You are gentle, he is very fragile.”

Originally, Zong Qifeng was nervous, but when she said that, Zong Qifeng became even more nervous.

He took the baby over, throbbing heart, he has a son, he is a father, like a dream, erratic, but very real.

“He is my child.”

Wen Xian smiled and nodded, “Yes, he is your child, with the same blood flowing from him. You are connected by blood, and you are father and son.”

Zong Qifeng raised his head and looked at Wen Xian, “I am able to be a father so quickly, and thank you too.”

Not a satire, not a complaint, but a real thanks.

Everything is not as real as this child came, so as to soothe his reluctance in his heart.

At this moment, he felt that he was letting go.

He looked at the baby in the swaddling baby, but he said to Wen Xian, “I let you be free, and we will get a divorce tomorrow.”

Wen Xian thought, at this moment, he thinks clearly and sees his heart clearly, right?

“I’m so happy, isn’t it?” Wen Xian took a look at him, “If the child is just born, I will get a divorce. My brother will probably kill you.”

Zong Qifeng also laughed, yes, he was overjoyed.

At this time, the door of the delivery room opened, Danna Cheng was pushed out, and the delivery doctor also came out with a smile, “It’s going well. Now the mother is tired and needs rest. Go to the ward.”

“We contacted another hospital and went to live there.” Wen Xian went to hold the baby in Zong Qifeng’s arms, “We don’t have much time.”

Zong Qifeng knew it, and gave her the baby, and then bent over to hug Danna Cheng who was lying on the bed, she felt so tired all night.

The whole body is soft.

This hospital is the place that Danna Cheng has been checking. The location is relatively remote, so I came here just in case someone finds out.

Now they have to go back to the big hospital in the city, Wen Xian can’t’birth’ in such a place.

The weather in the morning was extremely cold. Zong Qifeng took off her coat and wrapped her in Danna Cheng’s body and carried her into the car. Wen Xian also wrapped the baby in her arms and got into the car.

Taking advantage of the small number of people in the morning, they rushed back to the big hospital in the city. They arranged for someone in advance. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Wen Xian carried the child into the ward, creating the illusion that she had just given birth.

Danna Cheng was placed in another ward. Everything was arranged. Zong Qifeng called home and Wen’s family, saying that Wen Xian was born and was a boy.

Both of them were very happy, but Mrs. Wen Jia knew that her daughter had given birth, but she only informed them after she gave birth. She was a little unhappy, and she told Zong Qifeng on the phone, “Women gave birth, it was a walk through a ghost gate, more than just It’s pain, how can you tell me now?”

After hearing Mrs. Wen’s words, Zong Qifeng squeezed the phone’s hand tightly. He suddenly remembered Danna Cheng’s painful expression.

She is so strong and brave, can’t bear it, can imagine how painful it is.

He thought, he owed that woman.

“Why don’t you speak?” Mrs. Wen’s voice came again.

Zong Qifeng responded quickly, “I was too nervous yesterday and forgot to notify you.”

Thinking that he was also a father for the first time, he was too excited and nervous at the time, and it is possible to forget it, so I didn’t pursue it, “Don’t let her catch a cold, we will go right now.”

Only an hour later, the ward was full of people, children and Wenxian.

“This child looks like an unsealed.”

Mrs. Wen said while holding the baby.

“It’s like our house is unsealed.” Mrs. Zong also agreed.

Wen Xian was lying on the bed, she looked at the noisy people in the room, she couldn’t realize the emotion and expectation of being a mother for the first time, she just pretended to be weak.

“He is still young, how can he tell who he is like.”

Mrs. Zong took Wen Xian’s hand, “You are the hero of our Zong family.” When she spoke, she took out a real estate certificate and a brocade box from her bag.

“It’s not worth the money, this sapphire ring is specially prepared for you by me, and this property is also for you.”

How dare Wenxian accept, “How can I ask for these…”

“You should keep it.” Mrs. Zong forbids her to refuse.

Only then did the child give birth. Mrs. Zong gave the jewelry and the real estate. Mrs. Wen felt comfortable in her eyes.

She is not that rare things, but people have this intention.

Although the two were married, the two children had no feelings and they got married. Wen Xian had a boyfriend before and was persecuted by the family. Later, she agreed, and she married Zong Qifeng. She was still a little worried about the two. Relationship, but now take a look-

She has only been married for only two years, and now that the child is born, their relationship will get better and better. She is happy.

“My family, don’t be polite, have children, as a wife, she should be a daughter-in-law.”

Mrs. Zong laughed, “Wen Xian is capable, and the first child is a son.”

Compared with their enthusiasm and excitement, Zong Qifeng is much colder.

He stood at the window, but thought of Danna Cheng in his heart. She had just given birth and there was no relative by her side.

And here, so much excitement does not belong to her.

A woman who gives birth to a child with her life, but this child does not belong to her, how sad and desolate?

Foster Wen, who was standing next to Mrs. Wen, felt that Zong Qifeng was distracted, and was very upset. Now he is happy with his first son. It would be nice not to set off firecrackers to celebrate, but he was absent-minded?

This is not in line with common sense.

Foster Wen squinted her eyes–

Chapter 224

Zong Qifeng’s behavior made Foster Wen suspicious, so he sent someone to follow Zong Qifeng.

In just three days, those who followed Zong Qifeng discovered his relationship with Danna Cheng.

Wen Xian was accompanied by someone, because Danna Cheng had not seen the child before, and she cried in front of him, saying that she wanted to see the child.

Zong Qifeng promised to show her the baby today. However, Mrs. Wen came and kept holding her. He didn’t have a chance to take it out. He could only say that the company had something to do with the excuse and let her wait another day in Danna Cheng’s ward.

He opened the door of the ward. Danna Cheng had been waiting. Hearing the movement, she immediately got up. Seeing Zong Qifeng who came in, she said excitedly, “Where is the child?”

Zong Qifeng walked over, “I can’t hold it out today, you can wait a little longer.”

The color in Danna Cheng’s eyes disappeared instantly, and she dropped her eyes in disappointment. She just wanted to take a look at her child, even if it was just a glance, why is it so difficult?

She felt painful and her heart ached.

Zong Qifeng couldn’t understand her feelings at the moment, but he knew her feelings. After all, he was just a father.

He walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, put his arm around her shoulders, and comforted, “You have just given birth. You can’t overstate your thoughts. I promise you that I will hold the baby for you.”

“I can’t bear it anymore.” Danna Cheng didn’t want to cry, but couldn’t help it. The child grew up in her belly. After ten months, they had feelings. She didn’t want to give her child to Wen Xian.

Zong Qifeng sighed slightly, “It’s too late.”

Everything is too late. Now everyone knows that the child was born to Wen Xian, “Actually, it’s fine. After a while, I will divorce Wen Xian and the child will stay in the clan’s family. When we get married, you can watch every day. To him.”

Danna Cheng nodded, even if she and Zong Qifeng are not in love, but they have children in common, it is good to be able to stay with them for a lifetime.

“I heard that crying during confinement is not good for your eyes.” Zong Qifeng wiped her tears–

Damn it! With a loud noise, the door of the ward was suddenly kicked open, and the two looked at the door almost at the same time.

Foster Wen stood at the door angrily. He didn’t believe him when he heard the report from his subordinates. After all, Wen Xian had just given birth to a son to Zong Qifeng. How could he have derailed?

But just now, his subordinates reported to him that it was Zong Qifeng who came to see the woman again. To find out, he drove up. Unexpectedly, the picture he saw was Zong Qifeng hugging the woman.

In other words, Zong Qifeng really cheated. During Wenxian’s confinement period, did he hang out with this woman?

The more he thought about it, the more anger he got, he almost rushed forward, grabbing Zong Qifeng’s collar, “Wen Xian is still in confinement, but you…”

His gaze turned to Danna Cheng who was sitting on the bed. There were still tears on her face. In Foster Wen’s eyes, this was Xiao San’s way to grab a man’s heart.

Foster Wen’s heart fluctuated rapidly, and her face was distorted with too much anger, “Zong Qifeng, are you worthy of Wen Xian?”

Zong Qifeng didn’t move, but said, “You have misunderstood, it has nothing to do with her…”

“So far you are still defending this junior?” It is not the only remaining reason that tells him that if Zong Qifeng is injured, Wen Xian will find that he will definitely beat Zong Qifeng!

Nianzai’s sister is still in confinement, and she doesn’t want to let her know that this is a bolt from the blue.

The two originally had an interest relationship. Now that they have children, they are even more involved. Even if Zong Qifeng derails, the marriage will not be easy to leave, which will have a great impact on the two families, and it will be bad for the children.

He suppressed his anger, “Leave this woman and go back to live with Wenxian. If you dare to get involved with her, I will never let you go!”

Foster Wen pushed people away.

Walked to the bed and looked at Danna Cheng condescendingly, “If you still want to face, you still want to live, be more interesting, and leave Zong Qifeng, do you understand what I mean?”

Zong Qifeng pulled at the neckline, “Are you going to come at me, don’t scare a woman.”

Foster Wen clenched his fists, is he still protecting this woman by this time?

“Don’t think I don’t dare to be like you, annoy me…”

“I know.” Zong Qifeng raised his eyelids, “Big Brother is now the most proud time in life. There are some means, but you can’t move her.”


Foster Wen has a hideous face.

“Do you still want to live with Wen Xian?” Foster Wen felt that Zong Qifeng was crazy, for a woman, “What about your brain?”

Foster Wen felt that he was struck by lightning, a woman, did he even want a wife and children?

“You are not for a woman, a man who doesn’t bear the responsibility, has this woman poured you ecstasy?” Foster Wen roared.

He felt that Zong Qifeng was bewildered by this woman, and lost his reason and calm at the moment.

At this moment he couldn’t be impulsive, and he started to make trouble. Wen Xian would be very sad if he knew.

He resisted his anger, “You are calm and calm. Let’s talk about this in two days. Don’t let Wen Xian know that she is weak now. For the sake of your newborn child, be calm and calm.”

After Foster Wen walked out of the ward, he didn’t really calm down, but sent someone to investigate Danna Cheng.

His only sister, her husband cheated while she was in confinement. How could he be calm?

The man who dared to pry his sister didn’t want to live anymore!

Danna Cheng clutched the sheets. From Foster Wen’s words, she probably guessed his identity. She looked at Zong Qifeng anxiously, “What should I do now?”

Zong Qifeng didn’t panic, he looked at Danna Cheng seriously, “That’s good, take this opportunity to divorce Wen Xian.”

Then marry her in.

“This will hurt the relationship between the two families…”

Zong Qifeng moved his lips. “It hurts if you hurt, but if you have a child as a bond, you won’t become an enemy. At most, you complain about me.”

Danna Cheng pursed her lips, and she didn’t know what she could say at this point.

“I’m afraid it’s unsafe here. I’ll find another place for you.” Zong Qifeng was also afraid that Foster Wen would trouble her.

Wen Xian is so good, her brother shouldn’t be the kind of person who can hurt human lives, “He is powerful, and he can’t really kill me…”

“He and Wen Xian have a very good relationship. Now I misunderstand that you are my junior, and he will definitely be against you for his sister.” Zong Qifeng knows Foster Wen and Wen Xian’s relationship.

The two brothers and sisters of the Wen family have a good relationship.

He walked to the bed and covered her with a quilt. “You should rest first, don’t catch the cold. He should not come back right away. I will go to Wenxian and discuss with her about the divorce. Don’t worry, don’t worry, the child is very Okay, I will see it.”

Danna Cheng nodded, “Be careful yourself, I think he seems to be very skilled.”

“A soldier, I look bluffing, he won’t really do it, besides, I’m not stupid, standing so that he can’t fight back.” Zong Qifeng patted her, “Sleep, I will deal with it. Up.”

Danna Cheng nodded.

Zong Qifeng closed the door of the ward and went back. Mrs. Wen also left. Only the maid who took care of Wen Xian, the child was sleeping well in the crib. At this time, the baby was sleeping all the time except for eating or lasa.

Wen Xian saw that his face was not good, and asked, “What’s wrong with you, looking unhappy, is something wrong with Danna?”

Chapter 225

Zong Qifeng asked the servant to go out. After the servant left, he looked at Wen Xian and said, “Your brother found Danna and thought she was my junior and was very angry.”

Wen Xian sat up with Ji Ling, “He didn’t hurt her, right?”

Knowing her brother’s temper and loving her, she would definitely hate Danna Cheng, so she would do anything extraordinary to her.

“It’s okay, it’s just that her existence must be hidden.”

Wen Xian breathed a sigh of relief, and she was fine. If Foster Wen did something, how could she be worthy of Danna Cheng. Although she promised to be Zong Qifeng’s woman and give birth to children because of the money, she was also involuntary. I have been together for nearly a year, and I know a little about her, she is a good woman.

“What do you want to do?” Wen Xian could see that Zong Qifeng had something to say.

“Taking this opportunity, let’s get a divorce.”

After the divorce, Wen Xian naturally thought, still a little worried, “This is not good for you.”

After all, it was a derailment, and he became the wrong party. Then, the family will definitely blame him.

“This is the end of the matter, there is no way out. With this child, no matter how annoyed I am, I can’t behave.

The Wen family is angry that he made a mistake, but this child belongs to him and Wen Xian, even if the Wen family is angry, they can’t really do anything to him.

Wen Xian thought about it, and felt that there was no other way to go now, “That’s just wrong for you.”

“Why do you say this at this time.” Zong Qifeng is very calm at the moment, and ending this absurd relationship may not be a good thing for him.

Divorced Wenxian and married Danna Cheng. The children belonged to the two of them. They can take care of the children growing up.

“If you make up your mind, then do as you say.” Wen Xian took a deep breath and glanced into the crib. “It is his blessing to have a mother by his side.”

Status is useless for a baby, the company of the mother is the best.

Discuss with Wen Xian. When Wen Xian was about to call home, the door of the ward was pushed open and Foster Wen walked in.

He pretended to be fine, and asked Zong Qifeng with his eyes, “You didn’t say anything in front of Wen Xian, did you?”

He didn’t want Wen Xian to know that Zong Qifeng had a woman outside.

“Brother, why are you here?”

Wen Xian was a little flustered, so she came down and took the child into her arms, fearing that he would know what would hurt the child.

However, her actions fell in Foster Wen’s eyes, it was her love for her children, and she had to treat her children well regardless of her physical discomfort.

He looked at Zong Qifeng, “I have something to tell you. Come out with me.”

“If you have anything to say, just say it here.” Wen Xian knew that Foster Wen’s current peace was pretending, and she didn’t know if calling Zong Qifeng out would be harmful to him.

“Women can’t listen to conversations between men.” Foster Wen glanced at her sister, “Why, you can’t borrow your husband?”

“No, brother…”

“Oh, well, just a two-sentence thing, just stay there.” Foster Wen patted her sister on the shoulder.

But she was still uneasy.

Zong Qifeng gave her a relieved look, “It’s okay, elder brother may have something to tell me, I don’t want you to worry about it.”


“Alright.” Foster Wen’s patience was polished, and Wen Xian interrupted.

“I’m waiting for you outside the house.” Foster Wen walked out of the ward after finishing speaking.

“Don’t worry.” After saying two words, Zong Qifeng followed. At this time, he wanted to hear what Foster Wen could say.

The two walked to the end of the corridor and entered the stairwell. It was quiet here. Foster Wen opened his mouth first, “You didn’t talk to Wen Xian, did you?”

Zong Qifeng shook his head and said no.

“That’s good. From the perspective of the child, we still have to live with her.” Foster Wen was not irritable at first, but now he is calm.

“I investigated that woman.” Foster Wen leaned against the wall, “not from City B, or from Mengcheng County, just a woman from the county seat. It’s not worthy of your attention. Live with my sister.”

Zong Qifeng frowned in a cold tone, “Are you investigating her?”

“It’s just a woman, it’s nothing more than a good length, family conditions are not too bad, but something happened, you gave her a sum of money, she will be your lover.”

The investigator did not figure out whether the person who gave Danna Cheng the money was a woman or a man. They only said that Danna Cheng came to City B after receiving a sum of money.

Foster Wen definitely believed that the money was given by Zong Qifeng.

After all, their relationship now…

He is not surprised. It is not uncommon for a rich man to spend a little time. For the benefit of the family and the happiness of his younger sister, this woman must not exist.

Zong Qifeng narrowed his eyes, always feeling that something was wrong, Foster Wen was too calm.

“What did you do to her?”

“I don’t know what you said, but, treat my sister well…”

Before Foster Wen had finished speaking, Zong Qifeng walked out quickly and pushed open the door of Danna Cheng’s room. It was empty and there was no one inside.

He looked back at Foster Wen who was following him, “Did you move her?”

Foster Wen walked over, looked at the empty room, spread his hands, and said, “Where are you? You ask me?”

He looked at Zong Qifeng, “You didn’t hide the person, and then came and beat him, saying that I caught the person?”

Foster Wen never admits that he caught Danna Cheng.

Zong Qifeng grabbed Foster Wen by the collar out of control, “Say, what have you done to her?”

“Zong Qifeng, what evidence do you have that I arrested her? And who knows if you hid her in order to protect her, saying that I arrested her?”

Foster Wen pushed him away, “Maybe she left alone, anyway, I didn’t catch her, I didn’t have that time.”

Zong Qifeng glanced at him and walked into the room. The only place in the room that can hide people is the bathroom. There is no one in the room. There are no signs of fighting in the room and no signs of struggling on the bed. On the surface of all this, Danna Cheng may not have been affected. The person was forcibly taken away.

But, what about her?

She has no friends or relatives in city B.

“Why, really disappeared?” Foster Wen leaned against the door, a quick mockery flashed across his eyes.

Zong Qifeng ignored him.

At this time, his cell phone rang, and he took out his cell phone, and the screen showed Danna Cheng’s name. At that time, Danna Cheng hadn’t made any production. To facilitate contact, they saved each other’s mobile phone numbers.

He quickly answered the phone, “Where are you?”

“I’m leaving, don’t come to me.”

Zong Qifeng’s hand hanging beside him suddenly clenched into a fist, “What did you say?”

“I don’t love you, how can I marry you?”

Zong Qifeng’s heart sank to the bottom, holding the phone, “Tell me where you are? I’ll look for you, and we will make it clear in person.”

“I—I found out that I still love my ex-boyfriend, he doesn’t dislike me, I…”

Zong Qifeng squeezed the phone in his hand, trying to crush it with force.

“I do not believe……”

“I have followed him, what’s the point of not believing it?”

Zong Qifeng stayed in place, as if the soul had gone out of his body, she obviously agreed to him.

she left?

Followed her ex boyfriend?

Did she lie to him what she promised him?

Foster Wen glanced at him, curled his lips and turned to leave the room.

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