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Chapter 226

Danna Cheng disappeared, and her number has never been reached since the call.

Zong Qifeng went to Mengcheng County to look for her once, and wanted to make it clear, but he didn’t look for her, and her ex-boyfriend Bai Hongfei disappeared.

He gave up, Danna Cheng might have really followed Bai Hongfei away.

What I said before is false.

But Wen Xian did not believe that Danna Cheng would leave like this. How could she abandon her child?

“I believe she is a person.” Wen Xian made a vow.

Zong Qifeng was very disappointed. He didn’t want to speak, he just wanted to be alone. He ignored Wen Xian’s words, but went upstairs alone.

Wen Xian went out with her baby back to Wen’s house.

This matter, she must ask clearly whether Foster Wen did it.

After all, he has this motive.

He didn’t want the relationship between the two families to be separated, and didn’t want her to be unhappy, so he arrested Danna Cheng.

Foster Wen had not yet returned when she returned home.

“Mom, when will my brother be back?”

Mrs. Wen gathered clothes for Wen Xian and took the child in her arms, “You have just returned from the hospital a few days ago, and you are still out of confinement. How can you run out? If you want to see your brother, if you call, he will come to see you. ?”

Wen Xian smiled reluctantly and said, “I miss you and dad too. It’s not cold in the car. I wear thick clothes.”

Mrs. Wen laughed. Her daughter said that she was naturally happy when she thought about her. They all said that the married girls poured out the water, but Wen Xian still thought about them. Can she be upset.

She looked down at the child in her arms, only a few days after she was born, her small face slowly opened up.

Wen Xian followed, “I have grown a few taels in just a few days.”

“The children in this confinement grow fast. After one month, some grow fast and can grow six or seven catties of meat.” Mrs. Wen has two children with experience.

Mrs. Wen was afraid that her daughter would catch a cold, so she let her rest in the room. She lay on the bed worried that Zong Qifeng was at home alone. She called the maid at home and asked her to take good care of Zong Qifeng.

Danna Cheng suddenly disappeared. She could see that it was a big blow to Zong Qifeng.

That’s why she came back to find Foster Wen. She had to make sure whether Danna Cheng was arrested by Foster Wen, or if she really flew away with Bai Hong.

If she was arrested, even if she confessed the facts, she would still be rescued if she is not with Zhuang Ziyi for the rest of her life.

If she really left with Bai Hongfei, then she would stay and take care of Zong Qifeng and the children.

Things started because of her, and she must bear the consequences.

As for Zhuang Ziyi, she can only fail.

Thinking of her gaze on the little baby lying next to her, she stretched out her hand to touch his face, how could she let such a young child without a mother?

Foster Wen did not come back for dinner, Wen Xian became a little anxious, “Is he so busy?”

“He has been running a lot recently.” Mrs. Wen said.

Wen Xian tried to inquire, “Why is he running outside?”

“For work matters, he hasn’t married a wife yet. Besides work, what else can he do?”

Wen Xian wanted to inquire about Foster Wen from her mother’s mouth, and it was so bad, so think about it. If Foster Wen really caught Danna Cheng, how could his parents know?

It must be hidden from them, for fear that they are worried.

In order to see Foster Wen Wenxian staying at home, she couldn’t sleep because of Danna Cheng’s affairs, and waited for Foster Wen to come back.

It was almost ten o’clock when she finally heard the door ring.

She gently lifted the quilt and got out of the bed, for fear of waking the baby on the bed, her movements were light.

Foster Wen hung his clothes in the hallway. Seeing Wen Xian at home, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Why are you still in confinement, why did you come back? I had trouble with Qifeng?”

A mouthful is testing the relationship between Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng.

“I’m fine with him.” Wen Xian walked over and looked at him, “Brother, tell me the truth, did you catch a woman named Danna Cheng?”

After Foster Wen hangs up his clothes, he quickly returns to nature, “Who is Danna Cheng?”

But beating the drum in his heart, does Wen Xian know that Zong Qifeng has a woman outside?

“younger sister……”

“Brother, you know that Kaifeng and I are married in a family. There is no love between us. The child is only for the relationship between the two families. We only want it. He has a woman. I know that I agree. You don’t need to think that I am wronged. I have not been wronged, everything is my own will, if you really catch her, I beg you, you let her go.”

Foster Wen never expected that Wen Xian knew about the relationship between Zong Qifeng and Danna Cheng. She was not jealous? not angry?

“My sister has such a woman, how can you live a good life with Zong Qifeng? How can you cultivate relationships between the two?”

“Brother, I said, you first hand the person to me, I will take care of the rest…”

“I didn’t arrest her. Didn’t she elope with her ex-boyfriend? Why did you ask me to ask someone? Zong Qifeng asked you to come?” Foster Wen sneered.

After listening to Wen Xian’s words, he couldn’t let people go. With her, how could Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian cultivate a relationship?

Since we get married and have children, we must be together.

Whether for the benefit of the family or the children.

“Brother, you really didn’t catch her?” Wen Xian looked at him, trying to find traces of his lying on his face.

Foster Wen looked at her directly, saying, “Yes, I didn’t catch her.”

Who is Foster Wen, who has been in the army, hasn’t seen any battles?

Not to mention Wen Xian’s forcing the question, even if his father Wen Jin is forcing the question, he still parrys him without missing any flaws.

Wen Xian only guessed that he had arrested Danna Cheng, but there was no evidence. He didn’t admit it at the moment, and she had nothing to do.


“It’s late, go to bed early, I’m tired of training for a day, can I take a break?” Foster Wen interrupted her, obviously reluctant to talk more.

Wen Xian pursed her lips, her voice was a bit dry, “Brother, you know that Ziyi was in my heart when I married Kaifeng, so he has a normal person, and I don’t mind. You don’t want to fight for me. If you I really caught her, please, let her go, okay?”

“You have someone in your heart. What are you going to live on? Just forget about the divorce. Why are you afraid of damaging the interests of the two families and insist on being together? Wen Xian, when you are married, you should live your life well. Don’t have crooked minds. Yes, I didn’t catch her.”

After finishing talking, Foster Wen turned her into the room.

Wen Xian stood there, a little messy for a while.

Could it be that her suspicion was wrong?

Foster Wen really didn’t arrest anyone?

But she felt that according to Danna Cheng’s character, she would never reconcile with Bai Hongfei and elope.

She hasn’t seen the child, how could she just disappear like this?

She didn’t believe it, but Foster Wen’s attitude was so determined that she didn’t know what she should do for a while.

She walked back to the room, the baby on the bed woke up and lay on the bed without crying or making trouble, turning around with her eyes open, as if watching the world.

But when the nurse said he couldn’t see far away, she came over and looked down at him.

His eyes were still moving, as if she didn’t seem to notice her.

Sure enough, he was invisible.

Wen Xian picked him up.

Chapter 227

The end of the year finally ushered in the first snow since the beginning of winter.

Overnight, heavy snow covered everything in the sky and the earth, and everywhere, trees and houses looked like snow.

Early in the morning, Wenxian dressed the baby tightly, showing only her nose and eyes. She was afraid that it would be cold outside. Mrs. Wen came in and wanted to see her daughter and grandson. She saw that Wenxian was already dressed and wrinkled. Brows, “What are you doing so early? So cold, why don’t you sleep a little longer?”

“I’m going back before breakfast, I don’t worry about unsealing a person at home.” Wen Xian packed the baby’s milk powder and milk bottles into her bag, carried it on her body, and then picked up the baby.

“Kaifeng is not a kid anymore. He won’t eat if you are not here?” Mrs. Wen was afraid that her daughter would get cold, and the weather outside was cold.

Wen Xian looked up at her mother for a few seconds and said, “Mom, I’m leaving.”

She has asked the driver to wait outside. Mrs. Wen wants to persuade her to stay, don’t rush away, think about her now getting married, the love of husband and wife is also a good thing, so she didn’t want to stay anymore, but put on a mink coat and went out to send her off. .

She turned around and went back to the house when she put the people in the car. Foster Wen got up when she was undressing. I don’t know if the soldiers are more cold-resistant and wearing thin autumn pajamas. He looked at his mother, “It’s early in the morning. Where did you go?”

Seeing her hanging clothes, it was obvious that she came in from outside.

Mrs. Wen smiled, “I will take your sister out.”

Foster Wen’s expression paused, “She went back so early?”

“I said that I was worried about unsealing. Although the two did not have any feelings when they got married, they look good now. Look at your sister, and you will care about people. I didn’t go back all night. This early morning, I have to go back in the cold wind. “

Foster Wen said nothing, but walked to the table and poured a glass of water, while thinking about Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng.

Wen Jin had fancy Zong Qifeng’s abilities at the beginning, and had to admit that he was the most distinctive among the many rich second generations. In just a few years, he has been in charge of the company alone, and he is still doing well.

He also appreciates that such a man is lucky to be with his sister.

He will never allow anyone to destroy this marriage.

He put down his teacup, “I’m not eating at home.”

After speaking, he returned to the room. Mrs. Wen was not happy, “Is there no time for a meal?”

“I have training.” Foster Wen opened the door and entered the house, isolating everything outside.

After the night of snow, the road was especially slippery.

Wen Xian looked out the window and looked at the beauty that can only be seen in winter. A piece of crystal white is like a kingdom of ice and snow, but she didn’t want to appreciate it. She felt cold in her heart. Just like this ice and snow, there is no temperature to heat up.


The sound of tires rubbing against the ground, accompanied by the driver’s shout, “No, the road is slippery, the car can’t stop…”

Before he could finish his words, the car slid off the road. The driver knew that the road was not sliding fast, but there was no railing on this section of the road and the car slid down the edge of the road.

Wen Xian had never experienced such a thing, and she was in a cold sweat. She didn’t know what to do, so she could only hold the baby in her arms.

Fortunately, the car slid halfway and was held up by a tree. The two ends were suspended in the air, and there was a steep slope below.

“Madam, don’t move.” The driver was also pale, and he was scared just now.

The car is swaying, and it may slide down at any time due to the imbalance of gravity at both ends.

Wen Xian didn’t speak for a long time, and she didn’t even dare to breathe, for fear that the car would slide down.

She held her breath.

“Quickly, call Kaifeng.”

The car would slide down at any time, and she was so flustered, and there was a little baby in her arms, which was too dangerous.

The driver said yes, he hurried to get his mobile phone, but he was picked up after a few rings.

“It’s not good, our car was too slippery on the road, it slipped off the road…”


The driver hadn’t finished speaking, suddenly the little baby in Wen Xian’s arms cried. Wen Xian thought he had hurt him, so she hurried to see him. Even such a slight movement caused the car to lose its balance.

Accompanied by Wen Xian’s screams and the baby’s crying, the car slid down and the white snow rumbling down.

The car rolled down a steep slope.

The driver fainted and Wen Xian didn’t get any better. Her leg was so painful that she didn’t have time to take care of it. Instead, she went to see the crying baby.

When the car turned over, she instinctively protected the child in her arms. In order to prevent the child from being overwhelmed, she stomped on the pressed front seat with her legs, leaving a small space so that the baby would not be crushed. .

I don’t know if it’s hungry, the baby cried so much, Wen Xian stretched out her hand to pat him with difficulty, “Baby, don’t cry…”

The little baby seemed to understand her words and knew the danger at the moment, so he didn’t cry for a moment, and looked around with his big watery eyes.

Wen Xian’s consciousness became more and more blurred, just holding on tightly. She looked at the little baby and laughed hard, thinking in her heart, fortunately, you are fine, otherwise how can I be worthy of your parents.

Pata, there was blood dripping from Wen Xian’s legs. To support the seat she pressed down, her legs were caught in the gap.

Her consciousness was gradually emptied, and when she was about to be unable to hold it, she heard movement.

“I found the car, here…”

“Wen Xian.” When she was unconscious, she seemed to hear Zong Qifeng’s voice and wanted to respond to him, but she couldn’t make a sound. In the end she lost consciousness and passed out into a coma.

When Zong Qifeng saw blood on his son’s face through the car window, his heart tightened and his heart was hooked by iron claws, but when he saw his big round eyes move flexibly, he didn’t cry or make trouble. He landed slightly, thinking he didn’t get hurt.

He stretched out his hand to take his son out, only to find that this small gap was vacated by Wen Xian’s leg support. The blood on the baby’s face dripped from her leg. She was unconscious, Zong Kaifeng’s hands trembled slightly, and after he took out his son, he asked someone to lift the car to save him.

Zong Qifeng brought a lot of people, so he quickly rescued Wen Xian and the driver from the car and sent them to the hospital.

None of them are life-threatening, but they are all injured.

Especially Wen Xian’s legs, clamped for too long.

“The patient’s leg injury is more serious. The bone in the middle of the calf has comminuted fractures. If you want to restore the ability to walk, you need surgery and steel plates. Of course, this is very normal, but we will try our best to enable her to walk. It seems normal…”

Zong Qifeng’s heart was rolling fiercely. Although the medical conditions are good now, there is a difference between the steel plate and the original bone.

Moreover, the middle of the calf is a comminuted fracture, which is completely dependent on the steel plate and it is difficult to return to a natural walking state.

He did not expect Wen Xian’s injury to be so severe.

“Do you agree to the operation? If you agree, please sign the operation agreement.” The doctor handed him the operation agreement.

Zong Qifeng took it over and signed the name.

Now it is important to save people first. He has no way to change this matter. He can only do his best to minimize the damage.

“Everything uses the best, to ensure that she can walk, and try not to be too different from ordinary people.”

“We will do our best.” The doctor entered the operating room with the operation consent and asked the assistant to prepare for the work before the operation.

Chapter 228

After the operation, Wen Xian was in a coma for two days before waking up. The first thing was to ask, “What about the child? How is it? Did it hurt?”

Because she slept for too long, her voice was dry and dumb.

Zong Qifeng shook her hand and said, “No, you protected him very well, without any injuries.”

Wen Xian breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at the ceiling, “Fortunately, he is fine, otherwise how can I be worthy of you.”

She didn’t mention Danna Cheng’s name directly, fearing that Zong Qifeng was in a bad mood.

Zong Qifeng lowered his eyes, knowing what Wen Xian was avoiding, he smiled bitterly, “I have never been so embarrassed in my life…”

“Blam me.”

Wen Xian knew that everything happened because of her, “I am too selfish, I just miss myself and ignore you.”

“You’re right, I’m right, and she’s right, just blame fate for making people.”

He patted her hand, “Don’t think about anything, rest assured.”

“I went to my brother, he said he didn’t arrest anyone…”

“Don’t mention it, so be it. If you want to leave, we’ll get divorced when you get better…”

“I will not leave, I will guard you and the baby.” She held Zong Qifeng’s hand backhand, “I can’t let him have no mother…”

Hearing this, Ana Lin cried.

The body seemed to be filled with water of 100 degrees Celsius, rolling.

She can’t judge who is right and who is wrong, everyone has their own position and difficulty.

“What happened later?”

Danna Cheng was calm when she said this, as if the person inside was not her and she had never participated in it.

“Because Wen Xian’s leg was injured, she couldn’t walk…”

“Didn’t the doctor say that you can walk with a steel plate?”

“Yes, it was originally like this, but after the operation, it was discovered that it was probably because her leg was clamped for too long and the nerve was injured. She couldn’t stand up and walk after adding a steel plate. Wen Xian could not walk, Foster Wen Not wanting to let Zong Qifeng separate from her, he kept me and Bai Hongfei locked up. At that time everyone knew that Bai Hongfei and I were lovers, so he made the illusion that we eloped, no one doubted.”


It was many years later, and Phillip Zong was six years old. Wen Xian accidentally heard the dialogue between Foster Wen and Wen Jin, only to realize that Danna Cheng was imprisoned.

It was also because of this incident that Danna Cheng injured her body. When she was captured by Foster Wen that year, not long after she gave birth to Phillip Zong, she was kept in a cold and humid place again. The cold breathed into her body and the injury made her unable to conceive anymore.

Wen Xian didn’t expect Foster Wen to lie to her, even her father Wen Jin knew, she pushed the door open at that time and asked them harshly, “How can you do this?!”

She was extremely angry!

“Wenxian, why are you here?” Foster Wen stood up from the chair and looked at his sister, “We are also doing good for you…”

Wen Xian screamed like crazy, “For my good, can I break the law? Who gives you the right to deprive a person of freedom?!”

“You need to be calm and calm.” Foster Wen said with a sullen face, “Isn’t it very peaceful these years? You and Kaifeng are also very good, that’s enough, you have any dissatisfaction, not for you, why would I risk being dismissed? Risk, come to do this?”

Wen Xian stared at Foster Wen for a long time, and finally choked up, “You let her go.”

Foster Wen frowned, “As if you haven’t heard anything today, go back and live your life with unsealing.”

“How can I be ignorant?” Wen Xian blurred her eyes, moved her body, and knelt down from the wheelchair with a bang.

“You are crazy.” Foster Wen came up and helped her up, “Do you want to amputate?!”

Foster Wen was annoyed by Wen Xian’s actions. He had already lost the ability to walk, and wanted to hurt herself for an irrelevant woman?

“I don’t care, you don’t let anyone go, even if I die today, I won’t get up!” Wen Xian’s attitude was hard and strong, and Foster Wen was forced to do nothing.

He squatted in front of Wen Xian, “Why do you want to save that woman, aren’t you afraid that she will destroy you and Zong Qifeng?”

Wen Xian looked at him, “I must save her, because I sent her to Zong Qi’s cover, because I still have Ziyi in my heart, so…”

“So you find a woman to give Zong Qifeng?” Foster Wen’s face changed and changed again, with a funny expression. At this moment, he didn’t know what expression and eyes he would look at her.

“Let it go.” Wen Jin, who hasn’t spoken all the time, said openly. Over the years, he believes that Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng already have feelings, and even if the woman comes out, there is no threat.

Moreover, their children are so old that Zong Qifeng can no longer divorce Wen Xian for a woman.

But Wen Jin didn’t know that the child was not born of Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian at all.

Finally, Foster Wen obeyed his father’s words and told Wen Xian about Guan Chengyu’s place.

“How did you come over those years?” Ana Lin held Danna Cheng’s cold hand tightly.

She could feel Danna Cheng’s body trembling.

“I don’t know, it’s hard to get through. Every day I face the wall, except for the wall or the wall. At that time, I had mental problems and couldn’t recognize people…”

After many years, when Zong Qifeng saw Danna Cheng again, it was in an underground utility room. She had a disheveled hair, because she had not taken care of her for a long time, her hair was as dry and knotted as straw, her eyes were dull and as thin as wood. In the corner, even when the door opened, she didn’t have any waves, as if she knew she couldn’t get out.

Standing at the door of the basement, Wen Xian said to Zong Qifeng, “She didn’t elope with Bai Hongfei at all. It was my brother who caught them, threatened her with Bai Hongfei’s life and gave you the phone call. Over the years, she has been Be locked here.”

Zong Qifeng couldn’t hear the surrounding voices, only one sentence, she didn’t elope with Bai Hongfei back then, but was imprisoned here.

Bai Hongfei was also put back by Wen Xian.

Foster Wen did not keep the two of them together.

Zong Qifeng’s legs were filled with lead, and every step he took was extremely heavy, he almost couldn’t recognize her appearance, where could he see the strong and bright woman.

This is like a puppet that has been tortured and lost its soul.

Except for breathing, even thoughts are gone.

Seeing someone coming in, Danna Cheng shrank into the corner, seeming to be afraid of someone coming.

Zong Qifeng knelt in front of her on one knee, stretched out her hand to lift her hair away from her eyes, Danna Cheng was scared, shaking all over, pushing him, “Don’t touch me.”

Zong Qifeng was pushed a bit, but his posture did not change. He dumbly said, “It’s me.”

Danna Cheng stared at him blankly. After a long time, it seemed as if his shadow appeared in his mind, and when he recognized him, two lines of tears flowed from her eyes.

Zong Qifeng took her into his arms, “I will take you out.”

“At the time I was picked up, my thoughts were chaotic, and I didn’t remember a lot of things. About a year later, I slowly returned to normal. The last time we met, she said I’m sorry. I never met, and later I heard that she was pregnant, and later, it was the news of her death.”

“Does that Phillip Zong have half-brothers and sisters?” Ana Lin instinctively felt that the child in Wen Xian’s belly was Zong Qifeng.

“No, Kaifeng said that the child is not his, I think it should be the man who has been waiting for her.”

Danna Cheng looked at Ana Lin and stretched out her hand to touch her face, “We were married to Kaifeng just one month after she passed away. I have always been worried about this situation. During the years when I was detained, Wen Xian did give a lot to him, so much so that he would not accept my existence until now.”

“Why can’t you tell him?” Ana Lin felt uncomfortable. For many people, most of which was Phillip Zong, his biological mother was right in front of him, but he didn’t know.

If one day he knew that Danna Cheng was his biological mother, how would he deal with the indifference over the years?

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