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Chapter 229

“Why don’t I want to say?” My own son?

How much regret and sadness.

She thought how he could call her a mother.

He was born in the name of Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian, and everyone knows that he is the only heir of the Zong family and the only grandson of the Wen family.

If you change your tune and say that she gave birth to her, what kind of capacity do you have?

Back then, Wen Xian and Zong Qifeng were legal couples. What is she?

What is her son?


No, she can’t.

She can’t let Phillip Zong carry the reputation of being an illegitimate child.

In the future, he wants to inherit the clan’s family business. With such an identity, how should others treat him?

“Moreover, the Zong family and the Wen family can’t fall apart. If you really want to become enemies because of this, you will only lose both.” She looked at Ana Lin and said helplessly, “How do you think I could marry Zong Qifeng?”

It was she who agreed to Foster Wen’s condition to marry the clan.

“Because of Wenxian’s relationship, he has always been very hostile to me. He always feels that it is because of me that his sister and Zong Qifeng have never come together. Finally, they died at a young age. Wenxian’s death was against him. It was a big blow. She knew that I cared about the Cheng family’s ancestry, so she used it to coerce me.”

Foster Wen threatened her that if she wanted to marry Zong Qifeng, she had to let the Xiangyun yarn of the Cheng family disappear in this world and never appear in the world.

Ana Lin understood why there are so few fragrant cloud yarns, and only a small amount is stored in the market.

“The Wen family was not to be underestimated before, but it is still the same now. If you learn it, you don’t need to be fine. If you are discovered, I am afraid…” Her hands trembled involuntarily. What she had experienced before was like yesterday’s things. She would still cringe with fear. Those few years have cast a huge shadow over her life. She knows Foster Wen’s methods, she has experienced it, and she doesn’t want Ana Lin to be targeted by Foster Wen again.

Let alone watch her encounter danger.

“It’s too late, it doesn’t matter if you learn, but don’t show it to others.”

Ana Lin bent over, put her head on her lap, and shook her hands, “You have to believe in Phillip, believe me, although it may be dangerous, we can definitely overcome it. You can stay in Phillip By my side, he didn’t know the affection for the Cheng family’s ancestral business, but, I know, we can also protect the Cheng family’s ancestral business for you, so that it will last forever and not be forgotten.”

“Stupid boy.” Danna Cheng rubbed her hair, “To this day, I hope you, Phillip, and two children will be fine.”

She doesn’t care about anything else, nothing is more important than the safety and health of the family.

Ana Lin didn’t speak any more, but she made up her mind not to let the Cheng family’s ancestors be buried in this way. Now she understands Roberson Cheng’s approach, and she is unwilling to let her ancestors be lost and made such a decision.

“It’s so late, do you want to rest with me?” Danna Cheng asked softly.

Ana Lin nodded and said yes.

She took off her coat and shoes and went to bed with Danna Cheng.

Danna Cheng covered her with a quilt, and Ana Lin turned his head to face her, “The first time I saw you, I felt you were different.”

It was different from the Xiaosan she had seen, and sure enough, it was different.

Danna Cheng stretched out her hand and brushed her forehead, pinning her broken hair behind her ears, “I always wanted to have a daughter.”

Now, her son’s wish has been fulfilled by marrying such a good wife.

Ana Lin smiled, her brows and eyes curled up especially pretty, she acted like a baby to Danna Cheng, “Then you treat me as your daughter and give me all your pets.”

“Here you, I give you all, I gave you all Phillip.” Danna Cheng also smiled, but there was a thin layer of water in his eyes.

“Why would I have a baby k*ss with Phillip?” Ana Lin asked suddenly. She asked Ida Zhuang once, but Ida Zhuang didn’t say. After hearing Danna Cheng’s words, she didn’t say why the marriage was decided in the first place.

“I don’t know. I know it from Zong Qifeng. I asked him why he chose you, but he didn’t say. I think you may be related to Wenxian. Do your parents know her or are relatives? Category.”

Ana Lin fell into deep thought. At the beginning, Ida Zhuang married Randall Lin with all his family property. It is conceivable that there are no other people in the family, let alone heard Ida Zhuang mention the Wen family.

If the literary family is so powerful and has a relationship with the dealer, how could Randall Lin unscrupulously send them abroad?

Ana Lin shook his head, “I have never heard of relatives in the literary family before, and my mother is my mother.”

“Maybe you have fate, don’t think about it, get a good night’s sleep.”

Ana Lin nodded.

This night was the same as usual, very quiet, but Ana Lin never fell asleep.

She stayed up all night, and so did Danna Cheng, just pretending to sleep soundly.

In the morning, Roberson Cheng prepared breakfast in the lobby and brought them toiletries. The two of them washed up before arriving in the lobby.

Roberson Cheng looked at the way they walked in together, and knew that they didn’t talk in vain one day and one night.

Danna Cheng didn’t give him a good face, “Don’t think this is over. If there is really any danger in saying it, don’t blame me for killing my relatives.”

Roberson Cheng knew that she owed her sister, so she didn’t refute her this time, “Okay, sit down and eat, it won’t taste good when it gets cold.”

He greeted Ana Lin, “This is our signature here. It has been closed to you and has no chance to taste it. Today, seize the opportunity to eat more.”

“Okay.” Ana Lin smiled and pushed the soy milk in front of him, “Master also eat more.”

She used to only treat him as a master. Now that she knows his identity, Ana Lin respects him even more.

“After eating, we will go back.” Roberson Cheng said to Ana Lin, and he looked at his sister, “When are you leaving?”

Danna Cheng was a little embarrassed. She slowly chewed the food in her mouth. Roberson Cheng could see through her thoughts at a glance, “Don’t you just want to see the two children? What’s hard to say. The mothers of the children are here. It’s not her. What’s the matter?”

Danna Cheng looked at Roberson Cheng, frowning, “Did Phillip find out? You don’t know how I relate to him.”

“Wait a moment, let the master pick up the children, just say that I miss them, take them here, you can see them.”

“This is a good idea, or my nephew is smart.” Roberson Cheng smiled and gave Danna Cheng a look, “Now, can you eat dinner?”

Danna Cheng pursed her lips and smiled implicitly, with some expectation and a little excitement in her heart. In a blink of an eye, she became a grandmother.

Sometimes it feels like a dream.

But at this moment, the feeling of’the years are quiet and good’ is so real.

In the first half of her life, she had a lot of regrets in her life. I only hope that in the days to come, she will be peaceful and easy-going without ups and downs.

After breakfast, when Roberson Cheng was about to go back to pick up the child, Ana Lin walked out, “I will go back with you.”

“Don’t worry about me?” Roberson Cheng asked back.

Ana Lin shook his head, “No, I’m not going, I’m afraid you can’t pick up people.”

Phillip Zong would definitely not be willing, so he handed the child over to him.

That man, she knew a little bit.

Roberson Cheng pulled the car door, “Get in the car.”

Ana Lin bent over and sat in.

The car passed through the morning mist in the mountains and moved forward slowly.

Because of the fog, the car drove slowly, so some time has passed since they got to the place. They got out of the car and still entered through the back door.

Chapter 230

These days when Ana Lin was’closed’ in the backyard, the two little guys were getting used to the life here. After eating every day, they went to the village to wander around, where the mountains and rivers are beautiful and the air is fresh. They experience as they travel. Rural life here.

Yesterday, Ruth heard from a mother-in-law here that there are wild persimmons on the mountain to the west. This season is ripe. The little girl listened to her heart. She has eaten all fruits, but she hasn’t gone to the mountain to pick it. Hao takes her.

Phillip Zong almost never refuses his daughter’s request, so he took his two children up the mountain with his bodyguard after eating early in the morning, followed by Keller Shen, and Alan Su and Lena Qin stayed to defend the position.

Jenkin Bai didn’t go up the mountain because of leg problems.

Ana Lin came out from the back door, and there was no single figure in the empty front yard. Jenkin Bai went to deal with the company’s affairs. Alan Su was pursuing Lena Qin. At the moment, I don’t know where to pick a handful of wild chrysanthemums, Lena Qin Squatting by the river and washing the clothes of the two children, the river is clear, but it is a bit cold this season, but the conditions here, there is no way to use the washing machine, only hands.

Alan Su secretly stuck his head behind her and handed the flower to her eyes, “Does it smell fragrant?”

Lena Qin glared at him, “Go away, can’t you see that I am doing some laundry?” When she spoke, she turned her gaze to him and sneered, “You sent me chrysanthemums to curse me to death?”

Generally speaking, the flowers this girl hopes to receive most are roses, lilies and the like. She has never seen anyone give chrysanthemums to living people.

Alan Su lowered his head and looked at the little purple and pink chrysanthemums, and blinked his eyes. It was pretty. In the mountains and in this season, there are only this kind of flowers.

“I didn’t want to curse you to death.” Alan Su was wronged, he really didn’t mean that.

Angrily, Alan Su threw a handful of brightly colored small chrysanthemums into the river, plainly adding a bit of color to the river.

“Alan Su, are you going to die?” Lena Qin frowned and pointed to the river. “You throw things in such clear water, don’t you pollute it?”

Alan Su, “…”


Why is he doing nothing right?

This is not harmful garbage, what can a few flowers pollute?

“You pick it up.” Lena Qin glared at him, Alan Su opened his mouth wide and let him fish?

How to fish?

All drifted away with the water.

His eyes fell on her hands inadvertently. Her hands were red because of the cold water. Alan Su went to pull her hands. With this touch, he knew how cold her hands were at the moment. I’ll give you Yanyan.”

Lena Qin struggled, “Don’t change the subject, who will make you stunned.”

Alan Su was standing on the rock by the river. Lena Qin’s movements were too great. His feet slipped and fell into the river. With a loud splash, Lena Qin was also covered with water.

Lena Qin just didn’t want him to do anything to herself, and didn’t want to push him into the river. It was cold in the winter weather.

Alan Su emerged from the river, shivering from the cold, and layer after layer of goose bumps rose. He shouted at Lena Qin, “You want to murder your husband?”

He froze to death.

Lena Qin was guilty at first, but after hearing what he said, her guilt was reduced a lot, “Alan Su, you come here, we are just pretending to be in love, you know? When we go back, we will break up, and we will break up. It’s okay, understand?”

Alan Suyou went ashore. He held his arms with both hands. He found that he was ashore, and it became even colder when the wind blows. Aye!

He covered his nose and mouth, and sniffed, “Lena Qin, you are responsible for taking advantage of me!”

Lena Qin, “…”

“Alan Su, can you still ask for a face?” Lena Qin met for the first time, such a shameless, rascal, and despicable person.

“I do not care……”

“What are you doing?” Ana Lin found them and saw the two of them quarreling, and on a very cold day, Alan Su was soaked, won’t he catch a cold?

Lena Qin and Alan Su turned their heads at the same time and saw Ana Lin standing not far from them, asking in unison, “You are out…”

The two had a tacit understanding. They said the same thing. With their eyes facing each other, Lena Qin first retracted her gaze, and she walked towards Ana Lin, “Sister Lin.”

Ana Lin answered, but didn’t look away from Alan Su, “have you taken a bath in the river?”

Aye! Aye! Alan Su bent over, he was almost frozen to death, take a bath? Is he crazy?

“I’ll go back to the house first.” No, he can’t hold it anymore, or he will catch a cold.

Ana Lin looked at Lena Qin with a questioning look, “Have you quarreled?”

Lena Qin shook her head repeatedly, “No, no, he accidentally stepped on and slipped and fell into the water.”

Ana Lin could tell that Lena Qin had lied, but instead of holding on to this topic, she asked, “Where are Xiao Xi and Ruth?”

“Zong Zong took the mountain to pick persimmons,” Lena Qin replied.

Ana Lin frowned, “What?”

Take it up the mountain?

This is not like Phillip Zong’s style. Although he is in this corner of the corner, he is also very busy, right?

Have time to go up the mountain to pick persimmons?

“Ruth was entangled.” Lena Qin explained that she seemed to see her doubts.

Ana Lin said clearly, her mobile phone is still in the house, and she has to call Phillip Zong to get him back. Danna Cheng is still waiting, she has no time to waste.

Just as she was about to go back, Alan Su changed clothes and walked over. Seeing Ana Lin’s appearance in a hurry, he said, “Are you looking for the Chief Sect?”

Before Ana Lin could answer, he said again, “He went up the mountain and was entangled by his precious daughter.”

Alan Su came just right, Ana Lin looked at him and said, “You call him and ask him to bring the child back.”

Alan Su nodded and said yes, he took out his mobile phone and dialed Phillip Zong’s number, “…Hello! The call you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later, Sorry! Thesubscriberyoudialedcannotbeconnected…”

“No connection.” Alan Su hung up, “Maybe the signal in the countryside is not good. I will call again.”

“…Hello! The call you dialed is temporarily unavailable, please call again later, Sorry! Thesubscriberyoudialedcannotbeconnected…”

With the same sentence, he raised his eyes and looked at Ana Lin, “Could it be that the mountain could not receive the signal?”

He was able to make calls outside before, and it was the first time he encountered this situation.

Ana Lin thought for a while, this is also possible, after all, the mountains are high and the forest is dense.

“Which mountain did they go? I’m going to find them.”

“I’ll take you. I don’t know if there are wild boars on this mountain. I will follow you in danger. I can save you. If anything happens to you, Phillip has to strip me.” Alan Su walked over. Lead the way ahead.

Ana Lin wanted to take the two children to Cheng’s house, so he could only follow, but this Alan Su was really glib.

The two of them walked along the rugged path towards the top of the hill to the west.

The path was soaked by night dew and was a bit slippery. Alan Su reminded, “You slow down.”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin watched, and there were vines sticking out, the road was really difficult to walk.

Deep and heavy.

“There are footprints, they should have entered from here.” Alan Su looked at a planted plant at the foot of the mountain and said, “I’ll open the way in front, you follow me.”

After he finished speaking, he followed the footprints. Ana Lin did not immediately follow. She glanced around and saw two small tree forks not far from her, the thickness was just right. She walked over, grabbed the branches and pressed hard. She put it on the ground and tried the height, and then broke it at a height that she thought was appropriate. A ready-made cane would be fine. The ground is wet on the mountain, easy to slip, and there is something to support and stability.

She also broke the other one, and accidentally scratched her hand when she broke it, and a small hole broke in her palm, and she hissed in pain.

Alan Su turned around and saw that she hadn’t come up, touched the blood on her hand, and asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

He hurried over. Maybe he was walking fast, his feet slid sharply, and his body leaned instantly. Fortunately, there was a tree on his right hand. When he was about to fall, he grabbed the tree for support and did not fall.” Damn…”

He was in a panic and let out a long breath.

Ana Lin asked concerned, “Are you okay?”

“It’s okay, what are you doing?” Alan Su stood still and looked at the tree trunk in her hand. So Ana Lin smiled, “You must have never climbed such a mountain. You must have something in your hand. .”

She handed him the trunk.

When she was a child, she and Ida Zhuang were sent abroad because of the lack of money and remote places. She and Ida Zhuang often went to the mountains not far from where they lived to pick fern. The locals didn’t know that they could eat it, but Ida Zhuang knew that There are many cold dishes in domestic bracken, and the fried meat is also delicious.

When you don’t have enough to eat, when you don’t have enough money, everything is delicious as long as you can eat.

Alan Su broke the trunk as Ana Lin did, and then leaned up the mountain.

After about half an hour, Alan Su saw the persimmon tree in front of him. The tree was very tall, and bears red fruits, like a small lantern, hung on the top of the tree. It was very eye-catching in the forest. He saw the persimmon tree. Not far from Phillip Zong and the others, “Little sister-in-law, you see a persimmon tree.”

The corners of Ana Lin’s eyes twitched. Who is his sister-in-law?

What is this called?

“It’s definitely not far from them.” Alan Su didn’t notice Ana Lin’s face.

When I found that Ana Lin hadn’t left, I paid attention to her face. It seemed a little abnormal, “Sister-in-law, what’s wrong with you?”

Both Keller Shen and Phillip Zong are about the same size. Phillip Zong is a bit bigger than him and Keller Shen. Ana Lin is Phillip Zong’s wife, so they should be called sister-in-law.

But even though it should be called that, Ana Lin is six or seven years younger than him, and Ana Lin looks very young, just like a college student who just graduated, she is not the mother of two children at all.

He felt that it was a little inappropriate to call his sister-in-law directly, so he added a small character to the front.

“Who?” Someone came over at this moment.

Chapter 231

It was the bodyguard Phillip Zong brought up the mountain that just said. He saw the visitor Alan Su clearly and said, “Is it me, where is Chief Zong?”

“Inside.” The bodyguard said.

The road here is much easier to walk. The people in front left behind a small dirt road that was not wide. Following the bodyguards who led the way, they crossed the not-high mountain top and saw a persimmon forest. This season, persimmon trees The leaves on the tree have almost fallen off, leaving only the red fruits.

Ana Lin saw her daughter and Phillip Zong under a large persimmon tree. It seemed that her daughter had eaten the persimmons and there was still fruit juice at the corners of her mouth. Phillip Zong was wiping her mouth.

In the past, she felt that Phillip Zong was lucky, at least he was not abandoned by his parents, and the family conditions were good, and he was noticed at birth.

But since she knew that Danna Cheng was his mother, but he didn’t know it at all, she actually felt a little distressed for him.

“Mummy.” Ruth saw Ana Lin first, shouting excitedly, “Mummy, are you here to find me?”

Phillip Zong turned his head and saw the woman standing on the top of the mountain, Yu Liting Tingting, even in the woods with insufficient light, which can attract people’s eyes and make people stop.

How can she come out before the time is up?

Ana Lin walked down. There were a lot of weeds in the persimmon forest. It was much easier than the way up. He walked up to him and looked at his daughter. He wanted to reach out and touch her face, but his hands were too dirty. , He took it back, “Yeah, I really miss Xiaorui so much, so I asked for leave to see Xiaorui.”

“Are you injured?” Phillip Zong saw dry blood on her hand when she just reached out.

Ana Lin looked at the palm of his hand, “It’s okay, a little hurt.”

“Let’s go.” He took Ana Lin’s hand and held his daughter in one hand.

“Mummy, Mummy.” Daniel ran over with two persimmons in her hand.

“Slow down, don’t fall.” Ana Lin explained to his son that the road was not good.

“I’m looking at the road.” Daniel ran to Ana Lin and handed the persimmons to her eyes. The yellow ones are not big and soft, “Mummy, you taste sweet. .”

This persimmon is astringent when it is not ripe, but sweet when it is ripe and soft.

Ana Lin smiled, “Go back and eat again, go back first.”

A lot of time was wasted, she was afraid that Danna Cheng would be anxious.

Daniel nodded and asked, “Then Mommy, can you always be with me?”

Ana Lin’s eyes paused slightly. She raised her head and glanced at Phillip Zong, but she said to her son, “Mommy, there are still some things, and I can come back when the solution is over, but I can take you and me together.”

“Really?” Daniel hugged her leg happily, so she can be with her mother, so happy.

“Mummy, can I be with you too?” Ruth also blinked and asked.

“Of course.” Ruth was happy, smiling, her eyes crooked, bright and beautiful.

“What about me?” Phillip Zong shook her hand and used a little strength. She can carry both of these children. What about him?

Ana Lin slightly turned away his direct gaze, because of his guilty conscience, he dared not look into his eyes, “The master only allowed me to take two with me, so, so…”

“So there is no part for me?”

Phillip Zong’s eyes lightly fell on her red earlobe, which was obviously a manifestation of guilty conscience, and with her dodging eyes, he could be sure that Ana Lin was lying. However, she was not exposed.

“Let’s go.”

Phillip Zong said lightly.

There were bodyguards to open the way, and it didn’t take long for them to descend safely.

Phillip Zong handed her daughter to Lena Qin and pulled Ana Lin back to the room. If before, Ana Lin would not have listened to him so willingly, but now, she doesn’t want to refuse him.

Want to hug him.

Thinking so, she did the same, and went into the room, she took the initiative to wrap her hands around his waist.

Her initiative came so suddenly that it made Phillip Zong stunned for a moment, and her body stiffened for a few seconds. How could her temper change after a few days of learning the craft?

However, he enjoyed it.

He lowered his head and kssed her forehead, moved little by little, and kssed the corner of her eyes, with a low voice, “Why, miss me?”

His chest is very strong and warm. He still had reservations for her, but now she wants to open her heart to this man, try to love him and accept him.

Her voice was a little low, and she was dumb, “Yeah.”

He is the father of her child, and he was appointed as a baby k*ss when he was a child.

She once heard a word that fate came like this, a thousand times in the past life, in exchange for a look back in this life, and a thousand times in the past life, in exchange for an encounter in this life.

Phillip Zong felt that she had changed. In the past, no matter how close the two people were, how he took the initiative, she always had such reservations about him.

She is very good like this, he likes it very much, but she is a little uneasy. What makes a person change in a few days?

Who did she meet? what’s up?

What changed her?

Ana Lin raised his head, gently tucked his toes, and k*ssed his lips actively. Phillip Zong had time to savor it before she left.

She acted like a baby at him, “I want to take Xiaorui and Xiaoxi with me for a few days, won’t you disagree, will you?”

Phillip Zong wanted to say; can I say no?

Obviously, no.

Facing the appearance of her little woman, Phillip Zong felt that his heart was warm, beating violently because of this woman. At this moment, he wanted to hug her hard and melt her into his body.

“I can promise you, but…” He came down, his lips swept over her ears gently, and hovered around her neck and earlobes, “You k*ss me again, and I promise you.”

He leaned too close and spoke too ambiguously.

Ana Lin shivered, shaking in his arms involuntarily, Phillip Zong hugged her with the corners of his lips slightly raised. He likes to see her a little shy, but can’t let go of the reserved, so beautiful, so seductive .

“You close your eyes.” Ana Lin lowered his eyes in a very small voice.

The same as the cry of a fly.

Phillip Zong smiled and closed his eyes obediently. He lowered his head and waited for her to “throw in his arms”

Ana Lin closed his eyes, thinking of Danna Cheng who was still waiting for her, and put his lips together, his lips were soft and a little cold.

Just when she was about to withdraw, her head was held, her lips were in a deformed posture, and they were close to his. He stuck out his tongue and k*ssed her deeply.

Ana Lin was afraid that he would never end. Pushing him with his hand, it might be a cut in the palm of his hand. It hurt when he reached the button of his clothes. She hissed, and Phillip Zong lightly said, “Do you hurt you?”

“Hands hurt.” Ana Lin whispered, somewhat resentful.

Her hug was too sudden just now, which made Phillip Zong forget. Her hand was injured. When she said that, Phillip Zong remembered. He went to look at her hand, and the palm seemed to be poked by something, a small hole. There are stains and dry blood.

He frowned. “How can I do it?”

Ana Lin said the truth, “It was poked by a branch.”

Phillip Zong raised his eyes to look at her, wanting to say how to be careless, but when he thought of the branches on the mountain, he didn’t say any more. It was not that a few bodyguards followed, he might not be able to safely bring the two children to the mountain.

“You wait.” He went to call and asked someone to send some disinfectant or something. The conditions here are not good, there is nothing.

Ana Lin was anxious to go to Cheng’s house and held him, “No, I don’t have much time, the master is still waiting for me, I must go back immediately.”

Phillip Zong stared at her, “So anxious?”

Ana Lin nodded, “Yeah.”

Phillip Zong wanted to find out why she suddenly changed her attitude, so he nodded, and got Phillip Zong’s consent, Ana Lin was extremely happy.

However, Phillip Zong was very worried. He liked the appearance of Ana Lin now, but he was a little uneasy. The secret behind her change.

Ana Lin went to the yard to pick up her daughter, took her son, and walked toward the backyard.

As soon as they left, Phillip Zong took Keller Shen and left the wooden house. He followed the path outside the house and copied it to the backyard. He wanted to see what Ana Lin would do when he took the two children to the backyard. He found that Ana Lin didn’t. Stay in the backyard, instead, take them away through the back door of the backyard.

There was a car parked on the side of the road not far away, as if waiting for Ana Lin. The important thing was that he knew the car.

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