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Chapter 232

“Isn’t that car yours?” Keller Shen took his eyes to Phillip Zong, he noticed something was wrong, and Phillip Zong must have noticed it too.

“Could it be…your dad is here too?” Keller Shen never mentioned Danna, in fact, he also knew that the car was Danna.

But he dared not mention this person easily in front of Phillip Zong.

“You said, what does that woman want to do?” Phillip Zong said suddenly.

The person who never took the initiative to mention Danna, today, took the initiative to mention her.

Because he knew that the person Ana Lin was most likely to meet was Danna. Last time Ana Lin’s clothing store opened, Danna went there and gave Ana Lin bracelets, which she still wears now.

Obviously, when Ana Lin came back to take the child out, it might be just to see her.

Phillip Zong squinted her eyes, what did Danna want to do when approaching Ana Lin? What is the purpose?

“Could it be, want to get close to you from her?” Keller Shen guessed, after all these years Phillip Zong was very indifferent to Danna, “Look, now Miss Lin has given birth to two children for you, whether you love it or not. Loving her, out of responsibility, you are responsible for her. Those two children belong to the Zong family. It is conceivable that your dad must also like her very much. Dannaming knows that you don’t like her, so she took her from Miss Lin and the child The set is close?”

In fact, Keller Shen’s analysis was somewhat reasonable, but he felt that with Ana Lin’s IQ, if Danna was really for this purpose, she could not have been aware of it and took the child to see her.

Moreover, Ana Lin’s attitude towards him has obviously changed this time. If she changes to him because of Danna, then it would be terrible.

What did Danna say to her? What have you done? To change her?

“Speaking of you, the stepmother is also very patient, and the time to marry your dad is not too short. At that time, it was not too old, but you did not have a child. For you…”

Phillip Zong turned to look at him.

What Keller Shen wanted to say got stuck in his throat, and changed his way of speaking. “I heard that many creatures like stepmothers don’t care about their husband’s children, and many are abusive, not to mention. She was not old when she married your dad. She should be able to give birth, but she did not give birth or harmed you. The worst thing she did was to marry your dad shortly after your mom died.”

He had to admit that Danna did not harm him, and Keller Shen’s analysis was somewhat reasonable, but he could not accept it.

If he just accepts it, how can he be worthy of his dead mother?

“Find someone to check if there are any other villages around here.” He must figure out whether Ana Lin was going to see her, and why.

Keller Shen nodded, “I will find someone to investigate.”

On the other side, Ana Lin was sitting in the car and looked back from time to time. She was afraid of being spotted and followed.

Fortunately, this road is very quiet, and there is no car passing by.

Soon after, the car stopped in front of Cheng’s house.

Danna Cheng stood at the door and waited. Seeing them coming, she didn’t immediately greet her. Instead, she stood there and didn’t know how to react. Before seeing two children, Ana Lin didn’t know her identity.

However, it is different now.

“Hey, that grandma is here too.” Ruth took Ana Lin’s hand and said when she saw Danna Cheng.

Ana Lin pulled the two children to stand together, she squatted in front of them and looked at them, “Xiao Xi, Ruth, you have to promise Mommy one thing, OK?”

“What’s the matter?” Daniel asked.

Ana Lin asked them to watch Danna Cheng, and solemnly introduced, “That one is your grandma.”

“I know, we’ve seen it.” Daniel blinked her big black and white eyes, wondering why Mommy would tell him again.

Ana Lin touched the hair of the two of them, “She is your grandmother.”

Phillip Zong’s mother, their grandmother.

She asked the two children to go to Danna Cheng’s place, “Go.”

Daniel heard too much of his mother talking to Ida Zhuang, and knew that this grandma was Phillip Zong’s stepmother, and was not a real grandma at all. However, Mommy must have her reason to say so, so he took his sister’s little hand and moved towards Danna Cheng walked.

Danna Cheng looked at them, her soft eyes instantly became moist. Her son, she hadn’t seen him before he was six years old, but he was not in good spirits and couldn’t remember how he looked when he was six years old. Later, she was better. Phillip Zong also grew up slowly.

She missed his growth, missed, the best time of childhood, she didn’t know when he would walk, when he started to grow teeth, when he would speak, and what did the first sentence say .

She doesn’t know anything, there are too many regrets in this life.

At this moment, watching the two little guys walking towards her, she was a little dazed and heartache.

“Grandma.” It was Ruth who called first, she didn’t have the thoughts of her brother, only knew that Mommy said that this was a grandma, and it must be a grandma.

Her voice was very soft and crisp. With such a mouth, Danna Cheng could not hold back the tears in her eyes. When she fell, she quickly wiped her face, and it was not good to cry in front of the child.

She squatted down and embraced the two children in her arms, “Xiao Xi, Ruth, we haven’t seen each other for a long time.”

Daniel lowered her chin to her shoulders, thinking to herself, it didn’t take long, but seeing that this grandma was fine, he took the initiative to hug her, “We can see each other often in the future.”

Danna Cheng felt warm, and Phillip Zong never let her get close. From her marriage to the Zong family, he was cold and cold towards her.

Now, she is also happy to be able to hug his child.

“Go, I’ll take you to the yard.” Danna Cheng stood up, holding a child in one hand, Ruth looked up at Danna Cheng, “Grandma, is there something delicious in the house?”

“Ruth, are you a bit good?” Why do you want to eat all the time?

Sure enough, it is a foodie.

Danna Cheng smiled and said, “Yes.”

“Today, my father took my brother and me up the mountain. There are a lot of persimmons on the mountain. We picked a lot of persimmons and they were very sweet. We also brought some over.” Ruth said with some pride. She went up the mountain for the first time and picked the fruit by herself. .

Feel interesting and feel very capable.

“Really, is it the persimmon on the West Mountain?” Danna Cheng was a bit surprised. Over the years, she knew Phillip Zong’s temperament very well. She was cold by nature, and she had a passion for career. She did not expect that after becoming a father, she would have changed. .

You can take your child up the mountain.

She thinks this is humane.

Such him is a man of flesh and blood.

She rubbed Ruth’s hair, “Although the persimmons are delicious when they are ripe, you can’t be gluttonous. Eat two at most.”

“Sitting in the car, Mommy said, saying that persimmons are cold, and eating too much is bad for your health, so I really want to eat them, but I only ate three. I still want to eat them, but Mommy won’t give them to me. Also, this persimmon is too small.”

She gestured with her hands, “It’s like an egg, and some are not as big as an egg.”

Ana Lin carried a plastic bag with a few persimmons in it, and walked slowly behind them.

She looked at their backs and raised her lips unknowingly.

Near noon, the fog cleared and the sun was shining warmly.

Danna Cheng talked and laughed with the two children and led them into the yard.

Chapter 233

Roberson Cheng came back first when Ana Lin went up the mountain. In the yard are two thousand square grids made of solid wood with various wood carvings on them.

Daniel’s eyes lit up, let go of Danna Cheng’s hand, walked over, and reached out and took a woodcut dove. The main thing is that the legs, wings, and eyes can move. The feathers on the dove are carefully carved. It will be so lifelike.

“Wow, it’s the first time I saw wood carvings.” Maybe a little boy has a natural nature for toys, and Ruth is a lot more calm. Apart from food and furry puppets, it is difficult for her to have toys that can attract her.

Roberson Cheng has not been married in his life. Since Danna Cheng married into the Zong family, he stayed here. He usually carves wood carvings to pass the time. The wood carvings on these two rows of thousands of squares are all carved by him. From learning to now, Well, he spent a lot of time. Whether it’s flying in the sky, swimming in the water, or running on the ground, he can carve it to life, as if given their souls, they can come alive.

Daniel looked dazzled, and felt that every little animal was very cute and vivid, and each one had to be fiddled with and studied.

When Roberson Cheng saw Daniel happy, he also laughed.

“What’s so fun about that.” Ruth pouted her lips, it seemed that these were all prepared for her brother, she didn’t have any.

The little girl pouted, not very happy.

Ana Lin touched her daughter’s hair and looked up at Danna Cheng, “This kid loves to compare with her brother.”

Danna Cheng smiled, thinking it was the child’s nature, innocent and lively, carefree.

“Oh, did Ruth eat her brother’s jealousy?” Cheng Yu teased her, with a smile on her face and deepening of the wrinkles at the corners of her eyes, but she was also amiable.

Ruth pursed her pink lips, “You have prepared so many fun for brother, I have none.”

“Then what do you like?” Roberson Cheng asked.

Ruth tilted her head and thought, “I like to eat pudding, red bean cake, cantaloupe-flavored chocolate…”

Ruth said a bunch of food.

Ana Lin, “…”

“This kid…” Ana Lin knew that her daughter was a snack food, but she never thought about it, and asked her what toys she liked, and she also wanted to eat.

“The food you said, I don’t have it here, but…” He walked under the sycamore tree growing in the yard. In this weather, the leaves were pale yellow and lush.

Two ropes with the thickness of a whip hang down from the branches. I don’t know what is hanging below, and they are covered with red cloth.

“I also prepared toys for Ruth, but I don’t know if Ruth will like it.”

The little girl was so excited, she hurried over, “What, what, I want to see.”

“You open it yourself.” Roberson Cheng was a little nervous, afraid that the child would not like the’gift’ he carefully prepared.

Ruth grabbed the red cloth silk and pulled it down. The red cloth fell to the ground. There was a big white goose hanging underneath. The two wings were tied with ropes. A slot was dug out of the body, and a seat with backrest was designed behind.

“I want to sit.” The little girl clutched, “I haven’t been on the big white goose swing.”

Roberson Cheng took her up and sat on a chair made of special materials. The big white goose was carved out of a huge tree root and painted with white paint.

Although it’s not a rare thing, but he did it with great effort.

“The big white goose can fly.” The swing swung lightly, as if the white goose was flying.

Ruth shouted happily, she held the big white goose’s neck, sat on her, and flew into the sky.

Ana Lin and Danna Cheng were sitting on rattan chairs in the yard, with a kettle on the table, both prepared by Roberson Cheng.

Danna Cheng looked at the two children happy, and she was also very happy. It’s not like the bustling and bustling city, the plain color is like brocade, the time is quiet, how can it not be a desirable life.

She looked at Ana Lin, “You see how happy they are. They don’t have a gorgeous appearance and high-tech production. They are so plain and unremarkable, but they have fun.”

Ana Lin looked at the two children and exclaimed, “Yes.”

Seeing the two children happy, the corners of her mouth raised unconsciously.

“When the Zong family arrived in Phillip, it has been a single pass for three generations. The family has a big business, but the people are not prosperous. You see, although it is a big family, there are no people in the family. I know, you must be very hard to give birth to them, but if you can , I think you want another one, I can help you…”

Halfway through, she swallowed again. Phillip Zong would definitely not allow her to take it.

Involuntarily, her expression turned gloomy.

Ana Lin understood what she meant, and also understood how much bitterness was hidden in it, only those who had experienced it could understand.

Last time she said that she could not have a baby, she deliberately deceived Phillip Zong. However, the car accident and the birth of the two of them did hurt her body. The doctor said that it is best not to regenerate. It is difficult to keep her even if she is pregnant. The body is weak.

Even though her relationship with Phillip Zong is easing now, she has never thought about having a baby, but she doesn’t want to refuse Danna Cheng, “I will consider it.”

Danna Cheng sat in the yard where she lived, looking at her grandchildren, daughter-in-law and understanding. She felt that she was lucky and happy.

“I have something to ask you.” Danna Cheng looked at Ana Lin very seriously.

“You say.”

Danna Cheng took her hand and held it in her palm, “I want to ask you to take care of him for me. If he makes a mistake, forgive him once and don’t leave him.”

Ana Lin can’t refuse a mother, she is also a mother herself, she knows how important a child is in a mother’s mind.

She didn’t dare to say too much, and didn’t want to disappoint Danna Cheng, “As long as he doesn’t ask for separation first, I will not leave him.”

For the two children, she would not leave him easily.

Pity the parents of the world.

In the evening, Roberson Cheng prepared a sumptuous meal, all of which are specialties here, and some of them were made according to the preferences of his two children.

“After eating, go back.” Although Danna Cheng was reluctant to give up, she did not dare to keep them for too long, she was afraid that Phillip Zong would doubt it.

Ana Lin originally wanted the two children to get along with Danna Cheng more. She missed the process of Phillip Zong’s growth. She wanted the two children to be close to her to compensate for the lack, but her words also make sense. Phillip Zong is not easy to fool. People, if he finds out, it will be very troublesome.

“When I have a chance next time, I will take them to see you again.” Ana Lin said.

Danna Cheng picks up food for the two children, “I’m afraid I won’t be here next time.” She looked at Ana Lin, “I will go back tomorrow, how about you?”

“I may stay for a few more days.” She was originally interested in Xiangyunsha. Knowing that it was the ancestral business of the Cheng family, she wanted to learn more.

Roberson Cheng hasn’t given her the core yet, so I’m afraid she can’t leave yet.

They are crowded and walk slowly.

In a few days, I couldn’t leave.

After dinner, it was getting dark, and the driver sent Ana Lin and them back.

Danna Cheng told the driver, “Drive slowly.”

“Madam, don’t worry.”

The driver is an old man from the Zong family, and the technology is fine.

Daniel and Ruth squeezed in the car window and waved to Danna Cheng, “Goodbye grandma.”

Danna Cheng also waved, “Goodbye.”

The car drove slowly, Danna Cheng followed, and Roberson Cheng pulled her back, “I can’t see you anymore, can you still keep up with the speed of the car?”

Danna Cheng looked at the car going away, sighed, did not follow, but looked persistently.

Sitting in the car, Ana Lin hugged the two children, “Xiao Xi, Ruth, Mommy still has things to ask you.”

“What’s the matter?” The two children said almost in unison.

Ana Lin gently touched the faces of the two children, “We are here to see this grandma today, you can’t tell Dad.”

“Why?” Ruth asked this time.

“You just listen to what Mommy said.” Daniel hugged her sister, “We want to listen to what Mommy said, otherwise Mommy will be angry.”

Ruth nodded obediently.

The child coaxes the child well.

After a while, the car stopped on the road in the backyard.

There was a figure hidden in the darkness. Looking at the coming car, Ana Lin pushed the door and got out of the car, and the driver followed him, “The road here is not good, I will send you in.”

Ana Lin refused, “No, you go back, it’s very close.”

She is afraid of attracting attention.

“That’s fine, you be careful.”


Ana Lin hugged her daughter and her son and walked along the path to the backyard.

She sent her two children to the front yard, which had no place to live.

Alan Su, Keller Shen, and Jenkin Bai played cards in the yard. It is estimated that it was a boring country night. After all, they were all people who came out of the city. Going to the countryside without nightlife is naturally boring.

She didn’t see Phillip Zong.

“Xiao Xi Xiaorui is back?” Lena Qin was originally watching them play cards, but when the two children came back, she came over.

“Sister-in-law is back.” Keller Shen put down the card in his hand.

Ana Lin smiled, “Well, you hit you, don’t worry about me.”

“That’s good.” Keller Shen picked up the card again.

“Xiaoya, you help me bring the two of them to Phillip Zong.” Ana Lin wanted to be alone for a while. In just two days, it seemed that a lot of things had happened. She wanted to refresh her thoughts.

The front yard is also safer than the back yard. There are bodyguards in the front yard, and Keller Shen is also a very reliable person. If you want to come to Phillip Zong, you should be in the house, and she can trust Lena Qin.

“Well, I will hand them to Chief Zong.”

Ana Lin smiled at her, turned and closed the door of the backyard. She walked to the door of the room and opened the door. There was no light in the room, and she was too lazy to turn it on. In the dark, she could calm down and think.

When she closed the door, she was suddenly hugged from behind, and her face changed color in an instant, “Who…well…”

Before she could finish her words, she was covered with her mouth.

Her body was firmly imprisoned, unable to move.

She was terrified and wanted to call for help, but the sound she made was sobbing in the palm of the man.

Chapter 234

It may have been imprisoned by Rios He. For such shackles, the blood in her whole body was boiling, and her heart was bumping in her chest as if it was about to fly, she couldn’t help shaking.

“it’s me.”

This voice is Phillip Zong?

She forced her composure and felt the breath of this person carefully.

He k*ssed her on the back of her neck, and buried her in her hair. “What did you do today?”

The familiar voice rang in her ears, and her fearful heart slowly calmed down.

But after listening to what he said, he became nervous again, “I…”

She couldn’t find a suitable explanation for a time.

Phillip Zong’s heart sank, it was obvious that she was hiding something from him.

Ana Lin’s brain turned quickly, and after a few seconds, “I didn’t go anywhere, I just missed them. I took them in the backyard for a day. What’s wrong?”

“No.” Phillip Zong clasped her waist hand, lifted the hem of her dress, and walked in. The meat on her waist was very delicate and slippery, just like the baby’s skin. He thought, as long as he exerts a little force, There may be traces left on it.

“Yanyan, I think…” If it weren’t for the dim light, Ana Lin would definitely find him unnatural, saying fiery words in his mouth, but his eyes didn’t feel too warm.

Ana Lin only felt that her throat was dry, and she opened her mouth and found that her throat was dumb, “I haven’t taken a shower in a few days…”

“I don’t dislike you.” When he spoke, his hand tentatively unbuttoned her pants, Ana Lin’s heartbeat was fierce, but he did not refuse.

She closed her eyes and thought, so be it.

Click, the light in the room suddenly turned on, Phillip Zong let go of her and took a step back.

Seeing her with her eyes closed, willingly, but without any lust.

For the first time, she was willing to hand over herself, but he did not want to move her.

He will be here tonight just to test.

See how much she can change, the bottom line is there.

Before, she only accepted his k*sses, but this time, she did not refuse.

What is it that makes her even accept this?

Did she accept him for external reasons?

Or is it because you love him, like him?

he does not know.

Facing this woman, he had unprecedented fear and fear.

“Are you hiding something from me?”

Ana Lin slowly opened his eyes, and he was greeted, so cold, without the slightest desire.

She was stunned for a moment, and then quickly realized that he just acted, he was probably not really touching her, but testing her.

He, did he find anything?

“What can I hide from you?” Ana Lin pretended to be calm and had to say that Phillip Zong was so guilty of conscience that she took the initiative to come over and put her arms around his neck, leaning on his chest, but she didn’t dare to look at her. His, “Are you weird, I suddenly promised you?”

The light was glowing with a yellowish halo, coming down from the top of her head in circles, she looked at somewhere without focusing, and said softly, “We have Ruth and Xiao Xi, I want to try with you… “

She said that sincerely.

This man is her first man and the father of her child.

It was her, for the first time that she had a passion for a man.

She didn’t force it, she was willing just now.

Even though Ana Lin said so, Phillip Zong still did not fully believe it because she did not confess what she was doing today.

He lowered his eyes and stared at the jade bracelet on her wrist. He reached out and took her hand and pressed it on his chest, “If you encounter anything, you must tell me, you must believe it. I can solve it for you, not alone.”

He was worried that Ana Lin would be threatened.

To make these strange behaviors.

How he hoped that her change was not because of external reasons, but her heart, and accepted him frankly.

“I have never been so troubled because of a woman.” His tone was a little more mocking, mocking himself.

He doesn’t like himself like this.

“Rest early.” After speaking, he let go of Ana Lin and walked out of the room.

Ana Lin was stunned for a moment. He always liked to pester her before, but today he was not right.

She chased it out, stood at the door, looking at the tall and straight back in the dim light, “Did you encounter something unhappy?”

Phillip Zong didn’t look back, but looked at the empty and rudimentary courtyard, “You said you were in the backyard today, which one of your masters is it?”

Ana Lin discovered that Roberson Cheng had not come back with her.

“The master is out, so he is not there.” She explained quickly.

“Really?” Phillip Zong obviously didn’t believe it.

He hoped she could confess, he hinted so, why did he keep it from him?

Do you not trust him?

But he couldn’t say anything to question her, let alone hurt her.

He never looked back, and stepped out of the backyard.

Ana Lin stood at the door, looking at him like this, his figure had already been buried in the darkness, but she hadn’t looked back yet.

She is not a fool, obviously, he has doubts about her whereabouts.

However, she agreed that Danna Cheng could not tell him.

His identity…

If Danna Cheng gave birth to him publicly, then he is an illegitimate child.

His identity, social status, and such a life experience are bound to be pointed out by others.

Ana Lin felt that if he let him choose by himself, he would rather not have everything now.

Phillip Zong returned to the front yard. The card game was gone. A big brazier was burning in the yard. Lena Qin and Alan Su were roasting sweet potatoes. It was still early, and they couldn’t sleep. There was no place to pass the time.

The two children, squatting by the brazier, kept watching Alan Su’s sweet potatoes buried in the fire, blinking expectant eyes. They found it fun and strange. They were roasting sweet potatoes in the fire for the first time. They were at home before. They are all baked in the oven, there is no such fun.

Keller Shen stood by and looked at them.

“Looking at how happy these two children are, it seems that I have done a good thing to make Zongzong’s children so happy.” Jenkin Bai looked at the man who had just walked out of the backyard and looked at his calm face. Kong said with a smile, “Zong Zong’s complexion doesn’t look very good. Didn’t you see Miss Lin?”

Phillip Zong copied his pockets with both hands and smiled faintly, “I thought women with long tongues refer to women.”

The subtext is that Jenkin Bai is gossiping like a woman.

Jenkin Bai had a look and laughed, “Swearing without dirty words, does Zong always have to cultivate to perfection?”

Phillip Zong didn’t play poor with him, but called Keller Shen, “You come with me.”

Keller Shen knew what he was asking, and patted Alan Su on the shoulder, “You look at the two children, I’ll go out.”

Jenkin Bai didn’t know who it was. Although he didn’t show maliciousness, he still had to beware.

Alan Su knows, “I know.”

The only advantage of a rural night is that the air is fresh, there is no rainy weather, and the sky is full of stars, like a big disk full of jade beads. In big cities, the air is polluted and it is difficult to see the stars.

Stepping on the stars, they walked to the end of the village.

They didn’t speak by the river this time, just in case Jenkin Bai overheard.

Whether this person is good or bad, no one can tell for a while.

However, on the surface, he must have a purpose in quoting Ana Lin.

The head of the village is their car. Phillip Zong turned on the high beam. There was no place to hide in the light, so that they would not be overheard.

“How about the things I asked you to check?”

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