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Chapter 235

“She did bring her two children to see Danna. They seemed to get along well.”

For the Cheng family, such a large house, it is easy to find that the people Keller Shen brought here this time not only have a good hand, but also have a strong ability to detect.

It is easy to figure out where Ana Lin went today.

It’s just that they haven’t seen each other a few times, how can they suddenly get so close?

Keller Shen hasn’t figured this out yet.

“I think this master who can make Xiangyunsha may have something to do with Danna. The thread he pulled…”

Phillip Zong shook his head. He didn’t think that Ana Lin and Danna were close because of this master who can make xiangyun yarn.

“They had contact before, and she gave Ana Lin a jade bracelet, saying it belonged to the Zong family, but I never heard that the Zong family had such a thing.”

Even if the Zong family has such a jade bracelet, shouldn’t it belong to his mother Wenxian? How could it be in Danna’s hands?

“That’s what she deliberately wanted to please Miss Lin and tried to ease the relationship with you. After all, she didn’t have any children herself…” Keller Shen couldn’t think of another reason. Although Danna was a third child, she never abused Zong Jing. Hao, at most, the time to marry into the Zong family is wrong.

Phillip Zong didn’t think it was that simple. Ana Lin’s family was also destroyed by the mistress. Her mother was sent away. She would never have that much tolerance for the mistress, let alone be bribed because of a jade bracelet.

He didn’t want to believe that Ana Lin was someone who could be bought by money.

“You just pretend you don’t know about this.” His face became gloomy for two more minutes under the bright light.

He wanted to see how long Ana Lin could hide from him.

If Ana Lin confessed to him, he would not blame her, let alone be angry with her.

After all, everyone has everyone’s ideas and positions.

He never wanted Ana Lin to stand on his side.

He was angry at Ana Lin’s concealment.

In his view, concealment is mistrust.

Ana Lin doesn’t trust him!

How can you talk about feelings even if you don’t trust his people?

Keller Shen responded and did not dare to say anything. Obviously Phillip Zong was in a bad mood and he did not dare to persuade him. He must have a steelyard in his heart and could think about it.

At this time, Phillip Zong wanted to be alone, but thinking of two children, he had to go back first and Keller Shen to turn off the lights.

They returned the same way.

“I think Miss Lin, maybe there is reason for her to do this. Since ancient times, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have been difficult to get along with. Maybe she wants to have a good relationship with her family?”

Keller Shen still wanted to enlighten him.

This may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Ana Lin might be close to Danna because of him.

Phillip Zong did not peck, he had his considerations, and based on his understanding of Ana Lin, she was definitely not the kind of person who would flatter others.

“Zong, are you interested in chatting?” Jenkin Bai was sitting at the door in a wheelchair, seeming to be waiting for him.

Seeing him and Keller Shen approaching, they spoke.

Phillip Zong gave Keller Shen a look and told him to go first. He wanted to hear what Jenkin Bai was doing.

Keller Shen glanced at Jenkin Bai and stepped into the yard.

Jenkin Bai turned his wheelchair and walked towards the river. The trickling stream, gleaming, seemed to be falling from stars, rising from the surface of the river, spying on the world.

“What does Bai always want to say to me?” Phillip Zong stood with his hands in his pockets and stood by the river, with a hard body reflected in the river.

Jenkin Bai looked at him, his hands clenched tightly. He is also a man of seven feet, but now he can only live on a wheelchair.

It is false to say that there are no waves in the heart.

No one doesn’t care if they are disabled!

“How about I tell Zong on purpose?” Jenkin Bai raised his head.

He doesn’t like to look up at people, but he has to look up.

Phillip Zong’s expression was not worried, and he glanced at him faintly, “Bai always has an interest, I will listen with respect.”

Jenkin Bai looked at the sky, brewing for a while and said, “Presumably, President Zong has also investigated my identity?”

Although it is a question, it is already a certain tone.

Phillip Zong does not deny that he does know Jenkin Bai.

He asked Milton Guan to check it.

Jenkin Bai was an orphan and was adopted by Bai Hongfei. Later, after Bai Hongfei’s death, he accepted Bai’s enterprise.

He was lucky to meet Bai Hongfei.

Otherwise, how could he have today’s identity and status so easily.

Don’t believe that starting from scratch, in this world, if a person does not have any identity background, it is impossible to succeed overnight.

At his age, he won’t have what it is today.

He found a picture of Bai Hongfei on his phone and showed it to Phillip Zong, “This is my adoptive father, Bai Hongfei.”

Phillip Zong glanced, he was not interested in these, but felt that Jenkin Bai must have a purpose to show him.

“Is it true, he is missing two fingers?”

The little finger and ring finger were cut off.

Phillip Zong narrowed his eyes slightly, “What do you want to say?”

“He was not born with two missing roots, but was chopped off.”

After Jenkin Bai was adopted by Bai Hongfei, he always followed Bai Hongfei to learn to do business. Later, when he grew up, he wondered why this man did not marry a wife and have children, but adopted him.

According to his identity, even if he loses two fingers, it is still very simple to find a woman. There are many women who want to marry him.

Later he discovered that the reason Bai Hongfei didn’t marry was because he had always pretended to be a woman in his heart.

This woman is Danna Cheng.

Later, when he fell ill and was dying, he told Jenkin Bai that he had a regret in this life. He had missed the love of this life.

Jenkin Bai still remembered that he was holding his hand at the time, leaving a last wish when she died, “I know that when she gave birth to a child, we cut the possibility, she said she likes a daughter, I think she will definitely give birth Daughter, in the future, I only hope that you can marry her daughter as a wife and treat her well, as it is to make up for my last wish in this life…”

He has no relationship with Danna Cheng in his life, and hopes that his adopted son will marry Roberson Cheng’s daughter.

The fate of the two has been continued.

The heart tester turned into a straight line with a beep.

Bai Hongfei left such a sentence and died.

He never understood that Danna who Bai Hongfei said gave birth to a child. Where did the child she gave birth to?

After Bai Hongfei’s death, he investigated Danna and found out that she was married to Zong Qifeng and had never given birth to a child in her life.

“Once, my adoptive father was imprisoned for six years, and his hand was chopped off at that time.” Six years have not been short, why was his adoptive father imprisoned in the first place.

And cut his finger cruelly.

The past events seem to be hidden deliberately, and what he can find out is really limited.

He brought Phillip Zong here because he wanted him to investigate this matter.

Bai Hongfei raised him and gave him the entire Bai family. He was grateful for Bai Hongfei’s nurturing grace, and he wanted to avenge his adoptive father.

But he is weak.

At the beginning, the Bai family was not an ordinary family. It was able to imprison him and make it impossible for anyone to find out. One can imagine how terrifying the opponent’s strength is.

Now, he may not be that person’s opponent.

If he guessed correctly, Phillip Zong is likely to be born to Danna Cheng.

Of course, he has no evidence, and he is just speculation now.

Chapter 236

It was really cruel to be imprisoned for six years.

Just why did he tell him?

It seemed that in an instant, he wanted to understand that Jenkin Bai’s purpose in attracting him was related to Bai Hongfei.

Phillip Zong turned his head, his eyes narrowed, in a breathtaking gloom, “President Bai, is this your purpose for attracting me?”

Seen through by Phillip Zong, Jenkin Bai didn’t feel embarrassed or ugly, but laughed out, “Sure enough, I can’t hide Zong Zong, but I think as long as Zong Zong is willing to investigate, there will be great gains.”

“What’s the benefit to me?” Obviously, Phillip Zong didn’t want to drip into this muddy water. If it weren’t for Ana Lin, he wouldn’t stay in such a place at all.

Want to use him?


Jenkin Bai was a bit serious, and it would be impossible to use Phillip Zong to investigate this matter calmly. With Phillip Zong’s cleverness, he would soon be able to see through.

Now, if you want him to be interested in this matter, you can only throw out the bait that interests him.

“My adoptive father, Bai Hongfei, never married, because he lost his first love. At the beginning, he and his first love were married, but later, the two separated. I don’t know exactly because I only knew that his first love was married. Your father, Zong Qifeng.”

“You think, my adoptive father was imprisoned for six years…”

“What do you want to say? Did my father steal your adoptive father’s woman?” Phillip Zong’s face became more and more ugly. He didn’t have a good impression of Danna this woman, and everything that happened now is with her. There are relationships.

This makes him very unhappy.

Jenkin Bai also suspected that Zong Qifeng did the imprisonment of his adoptive father, and he imprisoned him in order to obtain Danna Cheng.

Bai Hongfei’s finger was chopped off, which he used to threaten Danna Cheng. If she didn’t follow, he would continue to hurt, forcing Danna Cheng to be with him.

This is also the explanation of why Bai Hongfei was imprisoned and broke his finger.

However, he still couldn’t figure out some things. If Zong Qifeng did it, how could he escape the anger of the Wen family?

You know, Zong Qifeng and Wen Xian were husband and wife at the time. Would the Wen family sit idly by when he was so aggressive?

Therefore, there are many reasons for this suspicion that cannot be explained.

“You have never been surprised that your dad married Danna Cheng into the door shortly after your mother died, and your grandfather’s house, the Wen family, never came forward to stop him. Is this normal?”

Regardless of whether it is a big family with a big face or a flat-headed people, who can tolerate the son-in-law marrying another son soon after the death of his daughter, without saying a word?

Anyway, this thing is very strange.

“What are you talking about, Danna Cheng?” A shock of thunder ran across Phillip Zong’s heart.

He has always been alienated and indifferent to Danna, and has never deliberately understood her.

But he still knew her name, and her father introduced her as Danna.

Now Jenkin Bai said, her name is Danna Cheng?

Then why hide the last name?

What’s the secret in this?

Knowing that Jenkin Bai deliberately let him know, that is to use his hand to investigate this matter, but at this moment, he knew it was a use, but he was willing.

If this matter is not clear, I always feel that I am living in a huge conspiracy.

“Zongzong, are you interested in cooperating?” Jenkin Bai once again threw an olive branch.

He noticed the loosening of Phillip Zong.

“It’s true that Zong Zong, I can have today because of my adoptive father. The so-called grace of being dripped by others, when Yongquan reported that his old man has passed away, what I can do is to let people who have hurt him suffer. Punishment, and Zong always wants to clarify the entanglement between Danna Cheng and your father. We work together to figure it out. It’s not difficult. What does Zong think?”

Phillip Zong chuckled, “I want to know, I can figure it out myself, why should I cooperate with you?”

Subtext, Jenkin Bai’s chips are not enough to join him.

Jenkin Bai lowered his head and smiled bitterly, “Zong, I don’t want to suffer a loss at all.”

“I do have a clue in my hand.” Jenkin Bai originally didn’t intend to say it, but now, if he doesn’t say it, I’m afraid Phillip Zong will not join him.

“This master who can make xiangyun yarn is called Roberson Cheng.” It took him a lot of effort to find out.

The Cheng family was glorious before, and later disappeared, and even the Cheng family lived in seclusion in the countryside.

Roberson Cheng, Danna Cheng?

“If I guessed correctly, Miss Lin, I may already know the ins and outs of the matter.” In fact, he used an excuse to deal with official affairs, but he was actually investigating the car that suddenly stopped in the backyard the day.

He knew Roberson Cheng when Roberson Cheng brought Ana Lin to see Roberson Cheng.

Before Phillip Zong knew Roberson Cheng was here.

“Ms. Lin, before returning to pick up the two children, she spent a day and a night in the Cheng’s house, and among them was Danna Cheng.” Jenkin Bai revealed what she had mastered.

Phillip Zong’s hand in his pocket clenched tightly. Is this the reason for Ana Lin’s change of attitude?

She stayed at Cheng’s house for a day and a night. What did Danna Cheng say to her during this period?

“President Bai knows so much?” Phillip Zong remained calm, and decided to cooperate with him in his heart, but he still held it on the face.

Around, he would not let Jenkin Bai have the upper hand.

Jenkin Bai spread his hands, “I know so much. If I knew all about it, I wouldn’t come to Zong Zong for cooperation.”

Phillip Zong thought about it. This matter seems to involve a lot of things. This is Jenkin Bai’s site. Let him investigate this side. He is in charge of City B, working with both ends. It is not difficult to be afraid of the truth.


Ruth ran out and looked for Phillip Zong. When Ana Lin was away, she was used to sleeping in her father’s arms. Lena Qin washed her face and brushed her teeth. When she wanted to change her clothes and go to bed, she had to come to Phillip Zong. , Lena Qin had no choice but to bring her over.

“She doesn’t want to wear clothes.” Lena Qin said helplessly.

Phillip Zong walked over, picked up his daughter, and when he stepped into the yard, he turned his back to Jenkin Bai and said, “I will leave the business to Mr. Bai.”

Jenkin Bai smiled clearly, “That is natural, please rest assured, Zong Zong, I will find out as soon as possible.”

He knew that Phillip Zong had agreed to his cooperation.

This is his site. It is not difficult to find out what happened to the Cheng family.

It’s just a matter of time.

As long as what happened, no matter how long it takes, there will be traces to be found.

“Dad, when will Mommy be back?” Ruth put her arms around his neck, she missed her grandma, and she wanted to go back a little bit.

“Soon.” Phillip Zong touched her head, “Daddy will take you to sleep.”

“President Zong.” Jenkin Bai rolled the wheelchair and followed up, “You are the most generous man I have ever seen.”

“Since ancient times, sons follow their father’s surname, but Zong Zong can let his children follow his wife’s surname, which is a great love.”

After speaking, Jenkin Bai laughed loudly, turned the wheelchair and walked towards his room.

Obviously, what he said was a joke.

Knowing that when Ana Lin gave birth to these two children, Phillip Zong didn’t know, so he followed Ana Lin’s last name.

Speak out deliberately to mock him.

“I want it, it’s very simple. Mr. Bai’s heart is superfluous.” Phillip Zong paused, and then started from scratch. He really didn’t mind that the child followed Ana Lin’s surname with his blood on his left and right. This cannot be changed.

What’s more, if he wants a child with his surname, can he have another child with her?

Jenkin Bai heard the subtext in Phillip Zong’s words, his originally smiling face slowly couldn’t help it.

Chapter 237

The most important material for making xiangyun yarn is not the process of weaving, but the thread for making cloth.

This thread is the key to weaving Xiangyun yarn.

Ana Lin has always thought that the key lies in the technology of weaving, but it is not.

The thread for weaving fragrant cloud yarn is silk, cotton, and milk thread.

The three are combined in a one-to-one ratio to twist a thin thread like hair. This thin thread has three components, so it is not easy to make.

Only with this kind of thread, the scented cloud yarn will be thin and light, and extremely soft, without wrinkling.

Although Roberson Cheng told Ana Lin the key, he decided to go back with Ana Lin.

If the literary family really wants to be held accountable, then rush him.

This is also the result of his discussion with Danna Cheng.

“Didn’t you say that you won’t leave here?” Ana Lin looked at Roberson Cheng incredible.

She knew that if he went to City B with her, if Xiang Yun Sha saw the world, he would definitely be targeted by the Wen family.

“Are you afraid that I am in danger?” Ana Lin knew why he suddenly wanted to go back with himself.

By her own efforts, she is not the opponent of the Wen family at all, but she is not alone.

“I won’t agree.” Ana Lin refused Roberson Cheng to go to City B with her.

“Please believe me. If I am in danger, Phillip Zong will not ignore me. With his means, I believe that he can protect me.” In her subconscious, she has begun to trust and rely on Phillip Zong.

In fact, she herself didn’t know yet, her attitude towards Phillip Zong had changed.

This person seems to be the person in her life, the person she is close to, and she will think of him when encountering things.

Danna Cheng has done enough for Phillip Zong, and now they will take care of her.

“Foster Wen is now at the national level…”

“No matter how ruthless he is, he can’t act on his own nephew, right?” There was another reason why Phillip Zong’s identity was not disclosed at the beginning, because of the influence of the literary family.

If Phillip Zong was born, it was said that Danna Cheng was born, and I don’t know if he can grow up.

“Stop talking, I won’t agree that you go back with me.” Ana Lin’s attitude is very firm.

Roberson Cheng sighed, “I’m old, it makes no difference if I live one more day and one less live.”

No matter what Roberson Cheng said, Ana Lin didn’t let go.

At dawn, Ana Lin packed up some simple daily necessities and packed them into his bag. Instead of saying hello to Roberson Cheng, he left a note and left the backyard alone.

The people in the front yard are almost the same. There are only two little guys who are still in bed. The weather is getting colder day by day. There is no floor heating and air conditioning in the countryside. The two children are hiding in the bed and do not want to come out.

Ana Lin pushed open the door, and the two children hid under the covers and watched cartoons on the tablet. Daniel didn’t want to watch it. He felt naive, but Ruth wanted to watch the animation. He had no choice but to rely on his sister and watch those. Cartoons without nutrition.

Phillip Zong was sitting at the window and was having a video conference with people in the company.

He raised his head when he heard the door pushing, and saw Ana Lin come in with her bag behind her back. She understood that she had completed her craftsmanship career, and it seemed that they should be able to leave here soon.

He explained something, ended the video conference, turned off the computer, and stood up.

“We can go back now.” Ana Lin stood at the door, hesitated before speaking.

“Well, you can dress them, I will tell them outside and let them prepare.” After saying that, Phillip Zong left the room.

When passing by Ana Lin, he turned his body sideways and did not touch her.

That day Phillip Zong left the backyard just like that, and an atmosphere of discord was enveloped between the two.

There is a barrier inexplicably.

Ana Lin unknowingly got used to his intimacy, his touch, and his irregular appearance.

Such sudden alienation made her feel a little uncomfortable.

“Mummy.” Ruth was jumping on the bed, wearing a little yellow duck pajamas with a hat on her head, really like a duck jumping, stretched her arms towards Ana Lin, “Mummy hugs hold.”

Ana Lin put down her bag and walked over, hugged her daughter, and then hugged her son, “It’s getting late, I will dress you, we can go back.”

“Really?” Daniel said with a little excitement.

I feel bored after staying here for a long time.

Ana Lin found their clothes, put them on, and replied affirmatively, “Really, Mommy speaks for words.”

The two children clung to her happily, hugging and k*ssing, “I can finally go.”

Ana Lin smiled helplessly, “Is it so bad here?”

Daniel shook his head, “It’s pretty good here, the mountains and rivers are good, the scenery is good, but it’s boring to stay for a long time.”

Ana Lin scratched his little nose, “It’s not big and picky, so the people who live here don’t live anymore?”

“No Mommy, the people who live here have been used to the absence of high-tech environment for a long time. We have stayed in the city. It was strange when we first came here, but after a long time it became boring.”

Ana Lin shook his head and smiled bitterly, this child has such a powerful mouth at a young age.

Got it when you grow up?

“Okay, don’t publicize your big ideas, hurry down and put on shoes.” Ana Lin patted his little butt.

Daniel was a little shy. She hurriedly got out of bed and put on shoes and put on her son. Ana Lin dressed her daughter. The little girl was dishonest, and she had to move around with her clothes. Ana Lin patted her arm gently, “Be honest .”

Ruth was honest for two minutes, and Ana Lin dressed her.

The clothes were put on, washed and cleaned up, it was already an hour later.

At this moment Lena Qin walked in, “I’ll help you get things, we will all pack up, and we can leave by car when we reach the end of the village. The cars are waiting there.”

“Where is my father?” Ruth blinked her big eyes. This child was spoiled by Phillip Zong. She knew who was good to her, so she had become dependent on Phillip Zong.

“Your father is talking to Uncle Shen and Uncle Su. You will see him when you go out.” Lena Qin touched her pigtails and Ana Lin braided her hair. There were no bangs in front of her, and her forehead was full and clean. . Carrying the bag of the fluffy white rabbit she likes on her back, she went out to find Phillip Zong.

Lena Qin smiled, “This kid, really, is getting more and more cute.”

Ana Lin also smiled, but it was a perfunctory smile, still feeling uncomfortable for Phillip Zong’s alienation.

Daniel was still immersed in the excitement that he could leave, and didn’t notice the unnaturalness of Ana Lin at that moment.

Packed up, Ana Lin was holding his son in one hand, and a bag with the children’s clothes in the other. Lena Qin followed them, holding the things of the two children, the things of the two children. At most, there are more of them than some of them.

Seeing them coming out, Phillip Zong stopped talking and stopped talking with Keller Shen and Alan Su. He walked over and took the bag that Ana Lin was holding, “I’ll bring it.”

Ana Lin didn’t let go, so he looked at him, seeming to be angry, he just got alienated in the house.

Phillip Zong was indeed angry with her. She was angry that she knew something, but didn’t tell him.

However, she could not see her suffering and suffering.

The atmosphere was a little subtle for a while, and Ana Lin had no choice but to let go of a few eyes around.

“Let’s go.” Phillip Zong said lightly.

At this time, Daniel finally discovered that the relationship between Ana Lin and Phillip Zong seemed to have changed.

Thinking in my heart, are they awkward?

In the past, Daniel didn’t want Ana Lin to forgive this guilty man easily.

Suddenly, he was very disappointed, not so attached to Ana Lin, and he became scared again.

In his heart, he still hopes that his parents will be together.

Sometimes rejection, sometimes making things difficult, just because Phillip Zong once abandoned.

He wants dad.

No matter how resentful, you can’t give up the blood and family affection. During this time, Phillip Zong was kind to him and his sister. He didn’t feel it at all.

He didn’t want Dad and Mommy to separate.

He grasped Ana Lin’s fingers unknowingly, and he must not let Dad and Mommy separate.

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