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Chapter 166

But it shouldn’t be. The appearance of’Ana Lin’ can’t even tell the truth from the fake. How could he spot it in one day?


Casey He didn’t believe that Phillip Zong knew the truth so quickly.

She grinned her mouth full of blood, “Don’t try to frame me.”

She firmly believes that it is impossible for Phillip Zong to discover the truth.

At least not so fast.

Phillip Zong was very silent, Casey He would involuntarily tremble every step he approached. He looked like a demon coming against the light, hiding a terrifying chill.

Casey He wanted to move away from him, but when she moved, every cell in her body screamed pain.

She shivered.

“What do you want?”

Phillip Zong squatted in front of her on one knee and stirred up the strand of hair she was blocking her eyes. “Tell me the truth about where Ana Lin is. Maybe you still have a way to survive.”

Casey He didn’t want to admit that he already knew that the one he found was not Ana Lin, but what he said clearly showed that he knew the one beside him was not the real Ana Lin.

She was tearful and unwilling to say, “What’s so good about Ana Lin? Why do you care about her so much? Because she gave you two children? But without her, I can, even the fake Ana Lin next to you. I can give birth to you a child.”

Phillip Zong frowned, extremely impatient, and his voice became colder, “Tell me, where is she?!”

Casey He looked at him for a long time, and suddenly smiled.

“Since you already know, I don’t hide it from you. Yes, the one next to you is Lin Yuhan, not Ana Lin at all. It is true that Ana Lin has left here with my brother now.”

She laughed more and more crazily, her face was hideous, “I know, you will not let me go this time, it doesn’t matter if I die, the main reason is that I can make you never find Ana Lin, and I will not lose it. Haha—”

Phillip Zong pinched her neck, and her wild laughter immediately got stuck in her throat and turned into a painful sob.

His gaze was fierce, “I am too kind to you, am I?”

Casey He was panicked.

Her slender neck looked like a fragile young shoot in Phillip Zong’s hand, and it broke with a gentle force.

His fingering power was amazing. She had heard from Keller Shen before, and Phillip Zong had also practiced his skills, and his skills were stronger than him. It was because he wanted to inherit the clan enterprise and didn’t stay. If he stays, his current achievements are not low.

She clearly saw murderous intent in Phillip Zong’s eyes, leaning on the cold and hard wall with her back, it was biting cold, and she wanted to die in pain.

Does he love Ana Lin so much?

Casey He felt heartache, and squeezed out two words from her throat with difficulty, “I said–“

Phillip Zong’s strength loosened a little and let her go.

Breathing was free. She lay on the ground and gasped. The dry throat made her cough and spit out blood. Her ten fingers on the ground gathered and clenched into fists.

“Even if you know it, it’s too late. In our plan, when you find the fake Ana Lin, the real Ana Lin has been injected with a drug that disturbs people’s nerves, causing memory loss and being taken away from city B by my brother. , Now this is the time, I am afraid I have already left City B.” She raised her head, looking at Phillip Zong through the hair blocking her eyes, “Our purpose of letting her amnesia is to make her forget everything that happened, she After giving birth to a child, there was you in the world. After amnesia, there is only one person in her world, and that is my brother. They can go to a quiet place and live a peaceful life, like ordinary couples, maybe, now she I’m already lying under my brother’s body, turning the clouds and raining with him, loving to die and live…”

Before she could finish her words, Phillip Zong stunned her with a punch.

His pupils are bloodthirsty, and every word of Casey He stimulates his nerves.

There was blood on his hands, but he didn’t know it, and his hands couldn’t stop shaking.

After a while, he returned sensibly, got up and left the room.

Xiao Liu greeted him immediately, “Team Shen is in the office.”

Phillip Zong’s face was gloomy, “That woman, don’t allow anyone to see, take care of her, don’t have any obvious injuries, just keep your breath.”

“Understood.” Xiao Liu is very transparent, and he is following Keller Shen, very eye-catching, “Zong can rest assured, I will do it well, there is no trace of it.”

Phillip Zong nodded and walked away.


No matter how Keller Shen teased and coaxed, Daniel never laughed. Standing at the table fiddling with the small ornament with the five-star red flag, he held out a finger and kept fiddled with it.

Keller Shen sat on the sofa and checked Baidu. How could he make children happy? The answers he gave were all about buying toys, eating, or amusement parks.

But look at Daniel, much more mature than the average five-year-old.

Those things obviously couldn’t coax him.

“Xiao Xi, don’t worry, we will definitely find your mommy.”

Daniel fiddled with Hongqi’s hand, tears fell in his eyes, and the tears that he had been holding back finally couldn’t help it.

Mommy is gone, he is worried, scared.


Phillip Zong walked in, and Keller Shen got up from the sofa and sighed, “This kid is too mature.”

I don’t know if it is good or bad.

Phillip Zong cast his eyes on the little figure standing at the table.

He seemed to know that Phillip Zong was coming, he quietly wiped a tear from his eyes, and then turned around pretending to be true, “Are you back?”

“Yeah.” Phillip Zong answered.

“Port, terminal, airport, you send someone to stare at these places.”

As long as he has not left the country, he still has time.

Keller Shen understood Phillip Zong’s intentions and nodded and said, “Don’t worry, I will never let him out, so what are you going to do with Casey He?”

“She doesn’t want to live, I will fulfill her.” He was calm and gentle, as if this life was not worth mentioning in his eyes.

Keller Shen took a breath and said, “I see.”

“I will let Alan Su find you.” Now Alan Su and Yu Doudou come in handy.

After speaking, he waved to Daniel, “We should go now.”

Daniel came over and took the initiative to hold his hand.

Looking at the large and small figures disappearing at the door, Keller Shen walked to the desk and called and arranged for people to investigate various exit points.

Daniel climbed into the car and buckled the seat belt himself, “Can we not go home first?”

Phillip Zong didn’t ask why, so he said, “Okay.”

The car drove away from the detention center, shuttled aimlessly through the street, and finally stopped by a quiet forest.

The car died out.

Daniel hesitated and said, “I think I need to make it clear to you.”

Phillip Zong turned to look at him, “What are you going to say?”

“Whether you like Mommy or not, I like you or not, now we don’t want to be tit-for-tat. Let’s work hard to find Mommy. We will wait until Mommy comes back.”

Until now, Daniel couldn’t be sure, whether this father loves Mommy.

He doesn’t want to hate him now, because he is able to help him find Mommy.

“You are not big, but you think a lot.”

Daniel lowered her eyes, her thick, curled eyelashes trembling lightly.

“Uncle He kept telling me one thing before, my sister and I were replaced by mommy’s life. When my sister and I were still in Mommy’s belly, she had an accident in a car accident and she was injured. Surgery is needed. If you don’t have an operation, you may be disabled for life. If you do, anesthetics will be used. Then my sister and I will be affected and we won’t be able to be born–“

His eyes opened wide, not letting the tears drop down, “She did the operation without anaesthetics to save my sister and me. I don’t know how it hurts. I haven’t experienced it. I just heard that, She passed out from the pain many times and almost died…”

“I have been the only’man’ in my family since I was a child. I want to protect her, love her, so that she will never be hurt again, and will not experience pain.” He sniffed, “I don’t care if the man who will take care of her in the future is me. My dad, as long as he loves my mom, takes care of her, loves her, cherishes her, cares for her, and protects her, I will accept it, and even call him father.”

Daniel expressed his attitude, no matter what Ana Lin chooses in the future, he will understand and accept it.

Even if his father, Phillip Zong couldn’t do what he said, he would not accept it.

His mom must have a very good man to take care of her.

Phillip Zong lowered his forehead on the car window with one hand, his expression was covered by the shadow of the tree, and his expression was submerged, leaving only a vague outline. If you look closely, you will find that his whole body is shaking slightly.

Now there is no words in words that can describe his inner feelings.

That kind of shock, that kind of shock, that kind of unspeakable distress…

I don’t know how long it will take him to speak to Daniel calmly, but his voice is still hoarse, “We should go home.”

Saying that he restarted the car.

“Wait a minute.” Daniel stared at the blood on the back of his hand, “Are you injured?”

“No.” None of the blood on his hands belonged to him.

Daniel was inexplicably relieved, and pulled out a wet wipe from the wet wipe box in front, “I’ll wipe it for you.”

Phillip Zong stretched out his hand, Daniel lowered his head, holding his palm in one hand, and carefully wiping the remaining blood on the back of his hand with the other.

He was very sensible and didn’t ask how he stayed.

Phillip Zong looked at him, his immature face, but not immature at all.

Being mature makes his heart hurt, and that kind of pain erodes his heart and lungs.

Chapter 167

The sun is warmly laid down, without the wildness of summer, hanging in the light blue sky tepidly, like long-wear cotton underwear, soft and warm, wrapping the body, occasionally passing by a cold wind, also Will not feel cold.

The sun was just right, but on a balcony in front of the yard, a woman with scattered black hair was sitting. The windows of the balcony were open, and she could breathe the fresh air at will, but her appearance was very painful. The small balcony was covered with A strong anti-theft window was installed, and she was tied to the house with the door locked. This was the only place she could see outside.

There is a servant here, and only Rios He is left. Since she was caught here, Rios He has never left. Today, I don’t know what it is for, and left here.

On the surface, he believed her amnesia and didn’t give her an injection, but in fact it was not. He hardly allowed her to leave her sight for a second, and let the servants follow her on the toilet.

Just like today, Rios He was not there. She thought she could catch her breath or find a way to leave here, but Rios He locked her in the house.

The only window in this room was this balcony, but it was also sealed, as if she had to turn into a butterfly to escape from here.

Slowly she closed her eyes. If she is not there, will Daniel and Ruth look for her?

Do you miss her?

What are they doing now…

Also, would Phillip Zong worry about her and look for her…

She knew nothing about it.

At this time, the door opened.

Ana Lin immediately opened his eyes, and the expressions of pain and anxiety just disappeared, and he changed into a look of ignorance.

She clenched her hands behind her back and stared at the door.

Rios He was wearing black casual clothes, a peaked cap and black sunglasses. The door opened and he took off his hat and sunglasses.

“Yanyan I’m back.” He put what he had removed from his hand on the table, closed the door and walked towards Ana Lin.

Ana Lin took a step back calmly, pretending to be unhappy, “You go out without taking me, and you have to lock me in the house, and keep saying that you love me. Why do I feel that I am imprisoned?”

Rios He walked over and hugged her, “Fool, I am protecting you. There are too many bad people outside. I am afraid that you will be hurt by others and hurt you when you go out. Don’t you appreciate it?”

As Rios He pinched her nose, bowed her head and k*ssed her forehead…

Ana Lin was stiff and wanted to push him away, but he was afraid that he suspected that she had not lost her memory and gave her an injection.

No matter how disgusted she was, she could only endure, and pretended to be shy and gave him a light push, “I haven’t eaten lunch yet, I am hungry now.”

She was not really hungry, just an excuse to let Rios He let go of herself.

Rios He frowned and glanced at the time, “It’s almost two o’clock, why haven’t you eaten lunch yet?”

Ana Lin lowered his head, and the arc of the corner of his lips made a special mockery, “You locked the door and the servant can’t open it. How can I eat?”

Rios He has forgotten this. In order for Ana Lin not to run away, he doesn’t trust anyone. Even the servants he bought at a high price have reservations. Only he has the key upstairs.

“Angry?” Rios He lifted her chin and asked her to look at herself.

Ana Lin blinked and took the opportunity to vent his unhappiness, “What do you think? Shut me up like a prisoner, and I won’t give me food. It’s you, isn’t it angry?”

Rios He smiled and apologized, “It’s my fault, my negligence, please punish me.”

“I dare not.” Ana Lin lowered his eyes.

“There is nothing to be afraid of, as long as you bring it up, I will definitely be satisfied.” Rios He promised, patting his chest.

She opened her innocent eyes and looked at him expectantly, “Then I want to go out, can you take me?”

“Yes.” Rios He promised, hugging her shoulders, “Before you go out, you have to eat first, let’s go, what do you want to eat, I will let the servant make it for you.”

Ana Lin was so excited that he actually agreed to take her out, so she would have a chance to escape, and said casually, “Udon.”

Rios He walked down the stairs with Ana Lin in his arms, “Aunt Hua, you cook a bowl of udon.”

“Okay.” Aunt Hua was wiping the TV with an apron on her body. Hearing Rios He’s words, she put down the rag and went into the kitchen.

Rios He sat down in front of the sofa with Ana Lin in his arms, picked up a strand of her hair, sniffed and kssed, he was obsessed with the smell of her, her appearance, as long as he stayed with her, he always wanted to hold her , Touch her hair, kss her cheek, etc.

Ana Lin endured the rolling in his stomach and tentatively asked, “Why are you taking me out?”

“Tomorrow.” Rios He squinted at her face by smelling her hair.

Ana Lin lowered her eyes, her long eyelashes trembling slightly, Rios He’s refreshment made her unbelievable, “Really?”

“Really.” Rios He took a deep breath and put her in his arms, “I just went out to arrange this, and I will take you away tomorrow.”

He broke contact with everyone, which was also planned at the time.

If there is contact, there will be traces. Regardless of whether Phillip Zong discovers that Ana Lin at home is fake, he can’t take any risk to let people know that Ana Lin is here.

Going through the normal channels, now whether it is a ticket or an air ticket, ID cards are required. The real-name system makes it easy to expose them. So he prepared a car and did not get on the highway. He left city B from the road below and then went to a county in Sichuan Province. , Where there are many mountains, the traffic is not very developed, and it is far from city B, where you can live for a while temporarily.

When the wind passed, he took Ana Lin away from the country, so that no one could find them again.

He can live with her forever, and in the future can give birth to a child belonging to them.

In this life, he has no regrets.

Ana Lin is like being struck by thunder, he wants to take her out of here?

“I think it’s pretty good here…”

“This is not our home.” Rios He interrupted her.

Aunt Hua brought udon noodles over, “The noodles are ready.”

“Put it on the table.” Rios He said, taking the chopsticks that Aunt Hua handed over to Ana Lin, “Hurry up and eat it, it won’t taste good if it’s lumpy.”

Ana Lin took the chopsticks and didn’t have any appetite, but she still pretended to eat very fragrantly. After eating, her stomach hurts. The noodles are like rocks, smashing into her esophagus and down to her stomach. Never digested.

“Uncomfortable?” Rios He asked.

Ana Lin was holding his abdomen, his face pale, but he said nothing.

“I’ll help you go up and have a rest.” Rios He helped her stand up.

Seeing her very uncomfortable, Aunt Hua suggested, “Would you like to find a doctor to show her?”

Rios He glared at her sideways and warned, “I don’t know if she is uncomfortable? Is it for you to remind?”

No outsider can know this here, and he will never allow strangers to come.

He would not allow any accidents to happen.

Aunt Hua was surprised that she had said too much, and quickly lowered her head.

Ana Lin knew what was going on, probably because of a bad mood and food.

When she returned to the room, she lay on the bed, “Can you let me stay in the house for a while?”

She didn’t call her a doctor. She made this request. Rios He refused again if he didn’t feel good, and said, “Okay, then you have a good rest. I’ll come up later.”

Ana Lin closed his eyes solemnly, not wanting to say a word.

She curled up in the quilt and opened her eyes to watch Rios He lock the door.

She was tired and tired. Rios He also slept here last night, holding her, she hardly slept all night, did not dare to close her eyes, afraid that he would do what he would do if he slept.

At this moment, she was sleepy and her stomach was uncomfortable.

Chapter 168

She lay for a long time and fell asleep without knowing it.

In her sleep, she felt someone hugging her from behind, k*ssing her neck, calling her in her ear.


When Ana Lin thought it was a dream, this murmur instantly made her sober up, suddenly opened her eyes, turned her head, and saw that Rios He’s obsessive expression had not dissipated, and he was looking at her fiercely.

She barely thought, opened the quilt and got out of bed.

Retreat barefoot to the wall and stop when there is nowhere to go.

Rios He didn’t return for two seconds, staring at Ana Lin, “Why are you so excited?”

Ana Lin pretended to be calm and denied, “No, I’m not excited, but I was sleeping well, and suddenly someone…I, I was scared.”

“It’s me, no bad guys, come up and go to bed.” Rios He was naked, waving at Ana Lin warmly.

Ana Lin didn’t move and didn’t respond. In the silence, she could hear the dry noise from her throat. In her dealings with Rios He, she was always so frightened, as if she was holding her head. Her blood swelled, and at this moment, the cold sweat on her body was flowing down her back to her waist.

Rios He stared at her deeply, like probing, but also like temptation, “Why, afraid of me?”

Ana Lin shook her head, “No.” She turned her head and glanced at the balcony, the sky was already dark, only the lights in the room were on, “I slept for the whole afternoon, and I’m not sleepy now. Go to sleep.”

Rios He lifted the quilt and got off the bed and approached her. Ana Lin was nervous and unable to do anything.

Keep crying in my heart, don’t come, don’t come.

Rios He grabbed her slender wrist, “I want to sleep with you.”

“But I’m not sleepy anymore.” Ana Lin was very flustered, and Rios He’s performance let her know what he wanted to do.

The clearer, the more afraid.

“I can’t sleep either, so let’s do something interesting.” He stared at Ana Lin because he had just woke up, and his face was slightly red, his eyes were fiery, “We are lovers, you shouldn’t refuse me.”

This time, Rios He was not as honest as last night. He pulled her into his arms with a strong attitude, held her tightly, and k*ssed her indiscriminately, “Say, I want you today, and you are not allowed to refuse.”

Ana Lin pushed him like crazy, “I don’t want, I don’t want to, you quickly let me go!”

“Why don’t you?” Rios He grabbed her restless hand and showed a fierce look.

Ana Lin trembled all over, and it took a long time to find an excuse, “I, my stomach still hurts and I feel sick…”

“Excuse!” Rios He interrupted her sharply, “Did you not forget it at all?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ana Lin shook his head indiscriminately, struggling to get out of his control.

But the disparity in strength between men and women is so great that she can’t make it.

Rios He laughed lowly, gloomily, “I don’t know? Then I tell you, you didn’t forget at all, and deliberately pretended to forget the previous things, so that I would not give you injections. You are here for minutes. I’m thinking about running away, right?!”

“I didn’t, I didn’t.” Her lips trembled, and she looked at him imploringly, “Will you let me go, I’m really uncomfortable…”

“I will make you comfortable!” At this time, Rios He was like a beast. Regardless of Ana Lin’s struggles and prayers, he pushed her down on the bed, and casually tore at her obstructive clothing, Ana Lin struggled desperately ,”Please, you let me go!”

Rios He ignored it. Perhaps Ana Lin’s non-cooperation aroused his desire for conquest in his bones. He became more presumptuous and his actions were rough. Suddenly, Ana Lin felt a cold in his chest and his clothes were torn apart by Rios He roughly. .

“Isn’t a virgin, what kind of reserved?!” Rios He red eyes, staring at her attractive figure, smiled evilly, “I love you so much, you should feel it.”

Her heart broke with a bang, she couldn’t break away from him at all, her expression was overwhelmed by despair, she stopped struggling, not because of giving up, but not giving up, it would only make Rios He even more crazy, and she had no chance to break free.

Ana Lin let it go. Rios He thought she had given up and was willing to cooperate with him. He gently stroked her cheek, “You are a normal woman, do I know you want it too?”

Ana Lin said without saying a word, looking at everything in the house desperately. If Rios He was forced to do it today, she would rather die than live dirty.

In this room, there was nothing but a bed, and she had no tools to die.

Rios He was stunned by desire. Wang did not notice Ana Lin’s thoughts at all. He quickly took off his pants. Taking advantage of his short relaxation when he took off his pants, Ana Lin found the opportunity, and she tried her best to take him Pushing away from her body, she rushed to the door to open the door. She twisted the handle vigorously, quack, quack, but the door was not loose at all, there was not even a gap, she couldn’t open it.

“You can’t run away.” Rios He stood calmly behind her, with only a pair of underwear all over her body. His skin was white, thin, and the gentleness he used to be, no longer there.

Ana Lin hugged herself with her hands to block the scenery in front of her chest. She slowly turned around, looked at him, and finally smiled.

Before, she thought it was her luck to know Rios He, but now she knows that this is her robbery.

She stared at the wall behind Rios He and made up her mind.

Seeing her decisive eyes, Rios He panicked, “Yes…”

Ana Lin didn’t want to hear him say one more word, she was disgusting!

She rushed towards the wall like she was crazy, Rios He wanted to stop her, but she didn’t know where Ana Lin had a brute force, and pushed her away, with a bang, her head hit the wall. , The air is still.

She wanted to open her eyes, but her eyelids were so heavy that she couldn’t lift them up. There was warm liquid flowing down her forehead, and her consciousness was blurred.

Are you dying, she thought to herself.

She is still a little bit reluctant, her child, she hasn’t made arrangements yet, she is gone, will they be bullied, they don’t have a father, and now even she wants to leave them.

It hurts, it hurts.

I can’t bear them.

Her eyes grew darker and darker until she was overwhelmed by darkness. She completely lost all consciousness, and her body fell like a collapsed hill.


Rios He rushed over to catch her fallen body.

Her face was full of blood, and the vivid appearance was not there. Rios He wiped the blood on her face like crazy, “Yanyan, yanyan, don’t scare me, don’t die, I, I won’t force you, wake up .”

She did not respond, her body was like boneless flesh, lying softly in his arms.

The bright red blood stained Rios He’s hands, and he shook her, “Wake up, wake up, Ana Lin, you wake me up!”

Still no one responded.

Rios He tore off the sheets to wrap her body, hugged her and rushed downstairs, “Aunt Hua, Aunt Hua…”

Aunt Hua just lay down and heard Rios He’s hurried voice. She got up from the bed and opened the door. When she walked out, she saw Rios He holding Ana Lin who was full of blood, shocked.

“She, what happened to her.”

But seeing Rios He who was almost naked, he probably understood what happened.

Rios He told her that Ana Lin was her girlfriend.

But she thinks Rios He’s likes are too distorted.

He does not love Ana Lin, but possession. If he really loves her, he will not imprison her and restrict her freedom.

Love someone, shouldn’t she make her happy?

Moreover, she could see that Ana Lin did not love him.

“You go get dressed and I will look at Miss Lin.”

Rios He was so panicked just now that he didn’t put on his clothes. With this look, he couldn’t go to the hospital.

“You look at her.” He gently put Ana Lin on the sofa, then turned and ran upstairs.

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