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Table of Contents

Chapter 130

The night is quiet.

Phillip Zong’s car stopped in front of the villa, the lights went off, and he pushed the car door and walked down.

Passing through the front yard to the door of the villa, he pushed open the tall door, and the living room was lit with a warm yellow night light, quietly, as if all the creatures were already asleep, and there was no sound.

He took off his jacket and threw it on the sofa, pulling his collar and walking towards the room where Daniel slept.

Pushing the door open, the light in the room was still on. Ana Lin was lying on the side of the bed with Ruth in his arms.

Ruth’s eyes were red, as if she had cried, now she is asleep, and occasionally sobbing aggrievedly.

Phillip Zong didn’t come back. She sat on the sofa in the living room and didn’t want to sleep, saying that she would wait for her father to come back.

Ana Lin couldn’t coax her no matter what.

When it was almost 12 o’clock, her sleepy eyelids were fighting, and she was still unwilling to sleep. Ana Lin picked her up and went back to the room. She burst into tears and asked Ana Lin’s father if she didn’t want her anymore.

Ana Lin hugged her, k*ssed her on the cheek, and said, no.

But she did not believe that children who grew up in single-parent families were insecure, and Ruth was the same.

She kept saying a word in Ana Lin’s arms, she was a child without a father.

She cried, Ana Lin cried with her.

Later, she was tired of crying and fell asleep in Ana Lin’s arms.

Ana Lin never let go of her, hugging her to sleep.

Daniel slept in the innermost, wide bed, sleeping on the three of them would not seem crowded, Phillip Zong walked to the bed, he gently took away Ana Lin’s arm around Ruth, and wrapped her arm around his neck Go up, arms crossed her waist and hugged her up.

Ana Lin felt that someone moved herself, she opened her eyes, and when she saw that it was Phillip Zong, she was completely sleepy, “You…”


He stopped with his eyes.

Ana Lin swallowed the words to his lips and let him leave the room holding himself.

Phillip Zong held her upstairs.

“Did you drink?” Ana Lin asked.

The alcohol on his body is very strong, with a touch of perfume.


Ana Lin lowered his eyes, “Who did you drink with?”

Phillip Zong didn’t want to mention Casey He, so he said, “It doesn’t matter who you are.”

Ana Lin smiled, but said nothing.

Phillip Zong noticed her casual smile and asked, “What is the laugh?”

Ana Lin said half-truth and half-truth, “You are a married man, don’t just mess around outside.”

Phillip Zong smiled low and pressed her forehead, “Feed me if I don’t want me to mess around outside.”

While speaking, he opened the door of the second floor room with his foot.

Ana Lin has never entered this room. The light in the bedroom is extremely dim, and mottled shadows are poured on every corner. Compared with the one downstairs, this one is deeper. The main color is black and gray, full of oppression. Sense and aggressiveness.

Ana Lin was put on a large, soft bed by him, her body sank, his body was half leaned down, and his arms propped on her sides.

Looking down at her.

Ana Lin looked uncomfortable and turned his head slightly.

Phillip Zong cracked her head, not allowing her to escape.

“Look at me.” He commanded.

He took her hand and placed it on his heart, touching his skin through the clothes, his voice was low and hoarse, “How do you repay me?”

“Repay-what are you?” Ana Lin was stiff and dared not move.

Fear that he would do something out of control.

His arms softened, the whole person was pressed down, closely fitting her body, buried his head in her neck, and greedily k*ssed her scented hair, neck, earlobes—

The heat he exhaled entangled her in fine pieces, numb and itchy.

She was tight.

He was also forbearing, “I have done everything for you, shouldn’t you repay me?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” Ana Lin pretended to be calm, but the hand on the quilt was already clenched into a fist, and the flat quilt became wrinkled.

He held her earlobe in one mouth, and forcefully agreed, Ana Lin pushed him forcefully, “You are drunk—”

“I’m not drunk, I know exactly what I’m doing.” He bit every word, especially the word I.

The tip of his tongue was ringing on her earlobe, “I asked you to raise the child here. How about you satisfy me?”

Ana Lin’s heart trembled and her body trembled.

Ruth seems to like him very much, but after a short time, she is very dependent.

When my daughter grows up, she has never seen her cry so sad, especially the sentence, “I am a child without a father.” It hurt her heart deeply.

Tears slid down the corners of her eyes, hidden in her sideburns.

She said hoarsely, “You speak for words.”

“Forget it.”

He smelled Ana Lin and let go, his fingertips dexterously stripped of her clothes.

Ana Lin shivered.

Phillip Zong put her arms around her, put her on her chest, softly soothed, “Don’t be afraid.”

With just one sentence, Ana Lin was torn apart, hiding the fear in his heart,

Her body was shaking uncontrollably.

Tears soaked his shirt, Phillip Zong looked down at her teary face, his eyes were dark, “I am not a tiger wolf, I ate you, why are you crying?”

Ana Lin sniffed and said stiffly, “I didn’t cry.”

Phillip Zong, “…”

Is his clothes wet and hard?

Phillip Zong gave her tears on her face and said softly, “If you are unwilling, I won’t force–“

Before he finished speaking, he was suddenly k*ssed on his lips.

Ana Lin took the initiative to k*ss him.

the first time.

Phillip Zong was taken aback.

Watching the woman k*ssing him with eyes open.

I can’t help myself.

Soon, the regained Phillip Zong responded enthusiastically, clasping her head, and deepening the k*ss.

The surrounding atmosphere keeps rising, getting hotter and hotter.

Just when Phillip Zong wanted to go further, the door of the room was knocked suddenly.

His movements paused, and his eyes met her.

Her face flushed instantly, as if burned by fire, hot.


The door rang again.

Who is this time?

Phillip Zong frowned, as if he was suddenly interrupted, very reluctant, to know that Ana Lin finally let go.

He is a normal man and has a desire for women.

Bother him like this?


Ana Lin pushed him, “It may be Ruth—”

“Don’t move.” No matter how reluctant to get up, but being interrupted by such a moment, he couldn’t continue. He got up and pulled the quilt over Ana Lin, and then went to open the door.

Ruth stood at the door with her eyes open, red, and her head up. When she saw that it was Phillip Zong, her tears flowed down and said aggrieved, “Dad.”

She sobbed softly, “I thought you didn’t want me anymore.”

Phillip Zong squatted down and stared at her, “I didn’t want you.”

Ruth jumped into his arms and hugged his neck tightly.

The skin is wet and sticky, her tears.

Phillip Zong silently looked at the sky, “You love to cry so much, do you follow your mommy?”

Ana Lin curled up in the quilt, quietly listening to the movement at the door.

Phillip Zong coaxed Ruth so patiently, Ana Lin gently raised the corners of his lips.

Smiled bitterly.

He was willing to give her daughter some warmth, and it was worth it.

Chapter 131

When Casey He woke up, she was naked, and the large bed was messy.

There was no one in the eyes.

She sat up, wrapped her naked body in a quilt, and recalled what happened last night. She used the video of Ana Lin being taken off to bring Phillip Zong here. Originally, she wanted to use the video in exchange for him to spare the He family. But later, before she could talk to him, the two drank wine.

Later she got drunk.

She remembered that she took off the clothes herself.

At that time, she and Phillip Zong were the only two people in the room.

Did Phillip Zong have a relationship with her yesterday?

She is not a child without personnel, she can clearly feel what happened to her body.

A flush of blush crawled on his cheeks.

Did Phillip Zong really change his mind?

She was so excited that she almost jumped up.

She felt like this, Phillip Zong asked her, just last night.

She knows Phillip Zong a little bit. When she knew she was the woman that night, he was really kind to her.

If later, it was not her fake pregnancy car accident that he knew, he wouldn’t hate her either.

Now he wants himself, that is to say, he is willing to be with her again.

She happily lifted the quilt out of the bed and put on her clothes.

He must quickly tell He Wenhuai about this matter. If Phillip Zong is willing to heal with her, will he still hold on to the news?

After getting dressed, she quickly left the hotel.

The car stopped at the door of He’s house. When she got off the car, she saw Milton Guan’s car parked not far away.

Where is Milton Guan coming to?

You know Milton Guan is the person next to Phillip Zong.

He is also someone he trusts very much.

Could it be that he is here to tell the family that she wants to reconcile with Phillip Zong?

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became, and the faster she walked.

Pushing open the door, the people of the He family were there. He Wenhuai was sitting in the first place with a pale face, and He Ruixing and Rios He’s faces were not good. Xia Zhenyu sat aside and sobbed softly, not daring to cry.

Casey He didn’t feel the dull and depressing atmosphere at all because of her.

She glanced at Milton Guan, smiled and asked, “Yes, Hao asked you to come?”

Milton Guan missed her gaze and said indifferently, “Yes.”

He and Casey He used to work together, and they had a good impression before. Later, she became the He family, gained identity, and changed people.

He didn’t know what she did, but he knew that Phillip Zong would do so carelessly, she must have gone too far.

Sure enough, Casey He almost laughed out loud.

She walked up to He Wenhuai, “Dad…”


Casey He was beaten with an unstable center of gravity and fell down. She knelt on the ground and couldn’t believe He Wenhuai would hit her suddenly.

She clutched her sorely numb cheek, “Dad, why are you hitting me?”

“Why?” He Wenhuai was out of breath by the incident. The news incidents were not resolved. Now that there is another scandal, he is almost to death.

Also asked why he beat her?

He trembled and pointed at her, “You still have the face to ask why?”

“You must have a reason to hit me, otherwise, I will never forgive you!” Casey He turned to Xia Zhenyu with tears in her eyes.

Xia Zhenyu did not dare to intercede for her.

She turned her gaze to Rios He again. Rios He had red eyes and did not speak for her.

When she returned to He’s house, Xia Zhenyu and Rios He treated her well.

Now that neither of them came out to speak for her, she felt the seriousness.

“Ha ha.”

He Wenhuai’s voice was lower and deeper, like a muffled thunder, “I regret that when you were born, I didn’t choke you to death. Don’t you forgive me?”

His eyes were red, “I need you to forgive me?!”

Casey He shrank, for the first time she saw such a vicious He Wenhuai.

She threw herself at Milton Guan and grabbed his arm. “You tell my dad what you are here for.”

Milton Guan was indifferent and said lightly, “I’ve already said it.”

“My dad knows that I and Phillip Zong are reconciled, why is he still so angry?”

“When did you make peace with Zong?” Milton Guan said coldly.

Maybe the He family didn’t know why Casey He was like this, but he did.

Because she called a lot of Phillip Zong’s name last night.

She regarded the two men as Phillip Zong.

“Last night, I was with Ah Hao, he paid it back, he still—”

“I think you have misunderstood.” Milton Guan interrupted her, and poured her a basin of cold water, “Zong Zong, I was not with you last night.”

“You are talking nonsense, you are talking nonsense!” Casey He sternly, she stood up from the ground and pointed at Milton Guan, “What do you know?”

She recalled that she was in Phillip Zong’s arms last night, and he did not push himself away, even forgetting the pain of the slap, and smiled, “He loves me. We were together last night.”

“Enough!” Rios He couldn’t listen, and couldn’t stand her deceiving herself.

He stepped over and clasped her shoulders, and yelled at her, “You wake up, you have been calculated!”

She looked at Rios He, who was almost collapsed, and asked, “Who has calculated me? What am I going to calculate?”

“How could I give birth to such a stupid daughter like you?” He Wenhuai has never regretted so much. Why did he recognize her in the first place?

I had known that she would bring such a disaster to the He family, and would rather she die outside than let her enter the He family’s door.

Milton Guan came in person and proved Phillip Zong’s attitude.

He Wenhuai knew that these two things combined would really be a disaster for the He family.

If you don’t solve it well, it will really end.

He stood up, there was no air, “This matter, you tell Phillip Zong, I will give him a satisfactory explanation.”

Milton Guan nodded, “Okay, I must tell.”

He Wenhuai sent him out and Milton Guan waved his hand, “He is sensible and stays long.”

Milton Guan immediately Hejia.

At this moment, Casey He seemed to understand things, “Last night, wasn’t Phillip Zong with me?”

She was stupid.

“He calculated me?”

Rios He closed his eyes, “What the hell did you do? Let him hate you so much and destroy you?!”

“I–I–” she cried, “it was when we designed Ana Lin that day, I secretly installed a camera in the private room and recorded a video—”

“No wonder Phillip Zong also recorded a video of you and sent it over. There was a reason.”

“What video?” Casey He’s brain was exploded, buzzing.

What video?

Did she last night–

“What video?” He Ruixing pointed to the USB flash drive on the table, “Watch it for yourself. Dad told you to think behind closed doors at home. It’s okay. If you don’t know if you think about it, you just ran out secretly. Phillip Zong.”

He laughed sarcastically, “If he is threatened casually, or a video can be defeated, can he go to this day?”

Casey He’s face was pale.

He Wenhuai was already angrily speechless.

Obviously, Casey He wanted to threaten Phillip Zong, but was rectified by others.

Who is to blame?

Only strange skills are inferior to people.

“Tomorrow, you two will go to see him with me.” If there is room for relaxation in the previous news, then it is dead now.

He sat on a chair with muddy eyes, “Rize, Casey, you have made trouble, the He family can’t even lose your reputation for a hundred years because of you, don’t blame me, just blame you for being too disappointed.”

“Dad, what do you mean, do you want to abandon us?” Casey He couldn’t believe it.

“It’s not that Dad wants to abandon you, it’s that you want to find your own way of death.” He Ruixing interrupted, “You haven’t done anything for the family, but you have enjoyed the glory that the family brings to you. Now you have to do something for the family. Besides, this matter is also because of you.”

Chapter 132

Casey He turned her head and stared at He Ruixing, grinning gloomily, “You wish my second brother and I were dead, so you own the property of the entire family alone, right?”

“At this time, you still don’t know how to repent and are still fighting in the nest?” He Wenhuai didn’t want to be angry, but after listening to her, he couldn’t help it.

He slapped the table hard, slapped, and the ceiling vibrated. He stared at his daughter and gasped for breath, “You should start this matter, and you should end it.”

At this moment He Wenhuai made up his mind.

“Why?” Casey He was not convinced, she was wholeheartedly good for the family, but she didn’t succeed in what she did, is she damned?

“Dad, when you first admitted to me, was it because I was someone close to Phillip Zong, and now that I have no use value, I want to cross the river to demolish the bridge?”

He Wenhuai’s face changed when he was said to have been thinking about it, “Just you, what can I use to take advantage of?”

When Rios He said that she was the lost daughter of the He family, he was hesitant to recognize her. After all, he grew up outside and had no special affection for her.

In large families, there is division of property.

Later, he learned that she had been by Phillip Zong’s side and that Phillip Zong liked her very much, so he would be willing to recognize her and announce her identity to the public.

Who knows, she didn’t help the family at all, but brought so many disasters to the family.

Rios He used to say that he didn’t care about family affairs, but he never caused trouble for the family.

But now following her misbehaving, the whole He family is in trouble.

“Do you know it in your heart!” Casey He only felt that the heart in her chest was broken into countless pieces, and could no longer be put together into a complete look. “Back to the He family, I thought I had a family, and with a family, there would be But I didn’t enjoy the warmth you gave me. When I can use it, it’s good to me. When I don’t use it, I leave it like a shoe. When I’m what I’m beaten with iron, it won’t hurt, right?”

Is it true that the world of the rich is ruthless, with only interests first?

“I don’t want to do it for the family?” she demanded.

“I think, yes, my skills are not as good as others, and my family is in a difficult position, but-don’t you have any dissatisfaction with me?”

“It’s not for you to die. You didn’t commit a capital crime. You just took on what you did. Why are you talking about it?” He Ruixing sneered, “You keep saying that I want to take over the family power, but this family, except for me, Who of you has done your best? Only me, dedicated to honoring parents and managing the company.”

“It’s so nice–“

“Stop talking!” Rios He interrupted Casey He, walked in front of He Wenhuai, knelt down with a bang.

He looked at his father and mother, bent over with his hands on the ground and kowtowed towards them, did not get up, “Parents, it is all my fault. I will bear this alone.”

In an instant, the entire living room became quiet.

Xia Zhenyu wiped away the tears on her face, stretched out her hand to pull her son, choked up, “How can a man kneel with gold under his knee.”

People are all this big.

“You are my parents. There is nothing to kneel down. You gave birth to me. I didn’t honor you. On the contrary, it was my fault to lick the disaster for the family.” Rios He knelt down, “You tolerate me not to come back abroad. , Do what I like to do, give me financial support, I know that is your love for me, but I-let you down.”

She raised her head and looked at Casey He, “I am ashamed of my younger sister. I lost her when she was a child and suffered outsiders. I will bear her fault for her.”

“Are you sure?” Before He Wenhuai could speak, He Ruixing couldn’t wait to speak, “You bear it? Will Phillip Zong agree?”

“This brother doesn’t bother you.” It’s not that Rios He doesn’t know that He Ruixing has the ambition of monopoly, but he is the boss of the family and does have some ability.

He is unwilling to fight.

He looked at He Ruixing, “What Linlin said is our sister, a female compatriot, flesh and blood, you treat her better, don’t be too harsh, we all have eyes on everything you do for your family, and no one Fight with you.”

“Don’t be sensational.” He Ruixing turned his head, “You should be responsible for what you do. For the younger sister, you don’t need to say this. As long as she looks like a younger sister, I will naturally take care of her.”

“I don’t need you to take care of it.” Casey He looked up, even if she couldn’t protect herself now.

He Wenhuai closed his eyes, and seemed to be a lot older overnight. He looked at the little son who was kneeling at his feet, “This matter cannot be solved by you alone—”

“I have a way, I will bear it alone.” Rios He has already figured out a countermeasure.

Now he only needs a word from He Wenhuai.

Regenerative Qi, but ultimately his own son, really wants to push it out, he is also very heartbroken.

“What kind of evil is this!” He Wen beat his chest with anger.

Xia Zhenyu drew away her tears and succumbed to her husband, “Be careful of my body, it’s my fault, I didn’t have a good son for you.”

The whole family is lifeless.

In the end, He Wenhuai was relieved, this matter must be resolved and someone must take care of it.

He was still a little worried and asked Rios He, “Do you really have a way?”

“Yeah.” Rios He pursed his lips, and Xia Zhenyu pulled him up, “Get up.”

This time and Rize stood up following the strength of his mother.

“Brother.” Casey He knew that Rios He was really good to her, and she regretted that he had forced him to deal with Ana Lin, so that he completely lost the possibility of her, “I’m sorry.”

“Family, I’m sorry for what you say.” Rios He didn’t regret doing that, Ana Lin said that he didn’t love him.

Will never accept it.

If you fight like this once, you can’t get her heart, and you might get her.

It is better than nothing.

He turned upstairs.

He Wenhuai is tired.

“It’s all gone.”


Last night Ana Lin was run away. Ruth woke up. She couldn’t find it everywhere. She found Phillip Zong’s clothes on the sofa in the living room. During the day, she heard from Yu’s mother that Phillip Zong His room was upstairs, so he didn’t even look for Ana Lin, and ran upstairs and knocked on his door.

She stood at the door and looked into the room. There seemed to be someone on the bed, “Daddy, can I sleep with you at night?”

Phillip Zong, “…”

The rims of her eyes were red again, and tears fluttered in her eyes, never falling, she looked very pitiful.

When he turned his head, he saw Ana Lin showing his head, looking at him pleadingly, hoping that he could agree to his daughter’s request.

Phillip Zong was helpless and could only agree. He was afraid that he would reject this little guy, and Ana Lin would reject him in the future.

He endured this night!

Picking up Ruth, “I put your arms to sleep.”

As a result, the two-person world that Phillip Zong imagined fell into disarray and became a three-person world.

It has been seven years since the marriage certificate was issued. He is a legal husband and wife. He has never touched his legal wife.

He thought he was the most miserable husband in the world.

Ana Lin got up very early and didn’t want Ida Zhuang to see her sleeping upstairs last night.

She was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, and when she thought that she had taken the initiative to k*ss Phillip Zong last night, her ears were hot and she was frustrated to death.

How could she take the initiative to k*ss him?

“Impulse is the devil, and impulse is the devil. You are too impulsive. You can’t sell yourself just because you want people to love your daughter.”

“What are you talking to yourself?”

Suddenly a voice came from behind, Ana Lin was startled, she turned around hurriedly.

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