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Table of Contents

Chapter 133

Wanda wore an apron and woke up in the morning to prepare breakfast, only to see that Ana Lin had already got up and did it, and she was talking to herself without knowing what she was saying.

“No, it’s nothing.” Ana Lin said to him, not daring to look into his mother’s eyes, “Where is the egg?”

“It’s the refrigerator.” Wanda opened the refrigerator and found that the eggs were gone, and found that they were placed next to the sink, “Isn’t it under your hand?”

“Huh?” When Ana Lin turned his head and saw the egg, she instantly remembered that she had already taken it out. She had tried to divert the topic by accident, but she was somewhat self-defeating. She chuckled, “I forgot.”

Wanda laughed too, as if she understood what she was hiding, but didn’t expose it.

Come over, “I’ll help you, you can tell me what those two little guys like to eat, I will cook them for them.”

“They are not picky eaters.” Ana Lin beat eggs low and prepared to make steamed custard. She lived here for a few days and knew Wanda’s craftsmanship, and most of the dishes she prepared were balanced in nutrition.

No additional preparation is required.

“It’s better not to be picky.” Wanda said.

Children who are picky eaters tend to lack certain substances.

“Yeah.” Ana Lin responded with a smile.

The two of them prepared breakfast together, maybe they knew each other before, and they didn’t feel cramped, they matched well.

At seven o’clock, the originally empty villa gained popularity.

Daniel’s face was not so swollen. It is probably because he was bored in the house. Ida Zhuang dressed him, washed his face, and ran to the living room to find his sister.

He slept deeply last night. He didn’t know when Mommy left or when his sister left. He was left alone in the whole room.

I was disappointed when I woke up.

I feel wronged, he is still injured, how can Mommy go without him?

The little face was not very happy, and sat angrily on the sofa in the living room.

Compared to Daniel’s unhappy, Ruth is very happy.

She grew up and was hugged to sleep by her father for the first time. She was so excited that she didn’t sleep much all night. She didn’t fall asleep until dawn was very sleepy. She was still asleep, her face flushed, and she lay on the pillow. The upper face was sunken in the pillow, only half of his face was exposed, and the pink mouth was slightly open with traces of mucus at the corners of the mouth.

Phillip Zong sat on the edge of the bed, looking at her, frowning in disgust, “still drooling.”

The little guy had no idea that he was disgusted.

There was a smile on his face, like a dream, a good dream, with a small grin and a sweet and greasy call, “Dad.”

Phillip Zong’s expression condensed slightly, stretched out his hand to pinch her face, it may be itchy, the little guy twisted his head, he retracted his hand, thinking, how wonderful you are my daughter.

This doesn’t seem to be a good topic. He got up and went to the bathroom. He came back too late last night, and later was pestered by this little guy. He fell asleep without even taking a shower. His shirt was already wrinkled. Stick to the body.

He got up and went to the bathroom. Soon there was a rushing sound from the bathroom. After a while, he walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist.

The little girl in the bed seemed to sleep soundly.

He glanced at it and slid open the cloakroom door.

The large cloakroom, suits, shirts, cufflinks, belts, neatly placed, hung, no fancy colors, they are all calm and steady colors.

The sound of the sliding door awakened the little girl who was sleeping on the bed. She rubbed her eyes, and found that her father was no longer there, her mouth was flat and she wanted to cry.

Seeing the door of the cloakroom open, she crawled out of the bed quietly, ran to the door of the cloakroom barefoot, and saw Dad inside.

Fortunately, Dad did not leave.

She lay on the side of the door frame, secretly watching.

Phillip Zong was standing in front of the full-length mirror buckling the metal buckle on the belt.

The trousers wrapped his slender legs.

She was naked, with well-defined honey-colored muscles, flowing densely with crystal clear water drops. From her perspective, the dangling ceiling lights and Phillip Zongxin’s long and straight body formed a line, noble and unruly.

He pulled the towel on the side and wiped his wet hair and upper body, blocking the little guy’s gaze.

Ruth blinked and couldn’t help sighing, Dad is really handsome.

The figure is also superb.

Thinking of sleeping in his arms last night, his face was flushed, his mouth was grinning, and a row of white teeth was exposed.

She turned quietly, climbed onto the bed, and continued to sleep.


This is Dad’s bed, with his smell on it, she will lie on it for a while.

She buried her face in the quilt, sniffed the breath of father inside, closed her eyes, thinking of the warmth in her father’s arms, and slowly fell asleep again.

Phillip Zong was neatly dressed and found the little girl on the bed still asleep when she came out, but the quilt originally covering her ran under her.

He picked up the little girl, put her under the quilt, and went downstairs to see that she didn’t wake up.

Wanda stood at the top of the stairs and was about to come up and tell him to come down and eat. Seeing him coming down, she said to Ana Lin in the kitchen, “It’s time to eat.”

Ana Lin responded and brought the prepared breakfast to the table.

Daniel stared at the man who stepped down the stairs.

This guilty man, grab his mummy.

He is angry, very angry!

Phillip Zong cast a contemptuous look at him, and who would show him a bad face early in the morning?

“My face doesn’t hurt anymore?”

“It doesn’t hurt!” Daniel snorted coldly, climbed down the sofa and walked towards the dining table. Following Ana Lin, he wanted to watch Mommy today so that he could not make any more money.

Ana Lin looked at his son who was like the tail, “Sit down and eat immediately.”

“You want to sit with me.” Daniel exhorted.

“Okay.” Ana Lin smiled at his son and found that he was not very happy. “Is it because the head hurts and it hurts?”

Daniel wanted to say that it didn’t hurt, but when he saw Phillip Zong coming here, he threw himself into Ana Lin’s arms and acted like a baby, “I have a headache, a headache.”

Ana Lin picked him up, “Let me see.”

“No, just hold me.” Daniel hugged her neck tightly.

Phillip Zong, “…”

There is Ruth at night and Daniel during the day. Do you want him to live?

Daniel also sat in Ana Lin’s arms while eating, and asked Ana Lin to feed him.

This was his most disdain before.

Only Ruth likes such things.

But now he enjoys it very much, it’s better for mommy.

“Ruth hasn’t gotten up yet?” Zhuang Ziyan asked.

“She slept late.” Ana Lin said.

Ida Zhuang nodded, and Ruth cried and looked for Phillip Zong last night. She also knew.

The phone Ana Lin put on the table rang suddenly, and Lena Qin called and told her that the shop had been renovated and that Mrs. William would be there this morning.

“I have booked the hotel, you go to pick up the plane, the nine o’clock flight.”

“I see.” Ana Lin hung up after speaking.

“I’m going to the bathroom.” Daniel wanted to go to the bathroom.

“I’ll take you.”

“No need.” Daniel waved his hand quickly, he was going to be a big one, and he didn’t need mommy to take care of it.

He can wipe his butt.

After Daniel left, Ana Lin lowered his head to eat porridge.

“Are you going out today?” Phillip Zong took the initiative to speak to her. He felt that she seemed to avoid him, and she didn’t take the initiative to say a word to him since she got up.

She hummed.

“Where to go, I will see you off.”

“No, you have to go to the company, I have a car myself.” Ana Lin refused.

Thinking of her own initiative last night, she was ashamed of being idle.

Don’t even dare to face him alone.

Phillip Zong’s eyes twitched, isn’t her car the one he gave her?

Why do you feel like shooting yourself in the foot?

He obviously wanted to be nice to her, how did he hinder him?

After breakfast, Ana Lin deliberately went out later than Phillip Zong, just to stagger the time.

Who knows, she went out and found that Phillip Zong hadn’t left at all, leaning against the car seemed to be waiting for her.

She bit her head and walked over, “Why haven’t you left yet.”

Phillip Zong answered the question, “Are you hiding from me?”

Ana Lin denied, “No.”

He looked at her for two seconds, “No, just come up.”

She drooped her head and whispered, “We don’t seem to go along the way–“

Phillip Zong found her red ears, is she shy?

What are you ashamed of?

What awkward?

Suddenly he remembered that she took the initiative to k*ss him last night.

Phillip Zong took her waist, clasped it into her arms, and leaned her lips over, “You will k*ss a few times. If you get used to it, you won’t be embarrassed.”

Ana Lin, “…”

This person–

“Let’s go quickly.” Ana Lin regretted it very much. He had gotten into the car if he knew it, and would not be teased by him.

Phillip Zong smiled, let go of her, and took the driving seat.

When the car drove to the intersection, a dark shadow suddenly came out and stood in front of the car.

Chapter 134

Phillip Zong stepped on the brakes in time and didn’t hit the person who suddenly appeared.

Rios He stood at the front of the car, staring at Ana Lin for an instant. Sure enough, she and Phillip Zong got on.

Even if he concealed the truth he found out that year, he still failed to prevent her and Phillip Zong from coming together.

He looked sad, “I want to talk to you.”

He appeared too suddenly, Ana Lin was not prepared at all.

Up to now, Ana Lin is consciously avoiding this matter without thinking or asking.

His appearance was telling her that all this happened was a fact, and the big brother in her mind had changed.

Become she doesn’t recognize.

Even scared.

“Get out of the way.” Phillip Zong’s eyes were gloomy and his tone was cold, as if he could shatter a glass of glass.

Rios He did not back down, but stared at Ana Lin, “Yanyan, how many years have we known each other? I admit it, and don’t reject it. This time it is my fault. I am sorry for you, but in all fairness, I treated you well before. ?”

“When I met you, you were a teenage girl. For your brother and mother, you were brave and strong, and sensible, it hurts people, remember?”

Ana Lin clenched her hands, held her breath, and didn’t move. Regarding the past, there were only injuries and pains. The death of her brother was a wound that she couldn’t heal.

“Later you returned to China to get married. Do you know why I would come back? Because of you.” He smiled bitterly. “Later you divorced and got into a car accident. I took you away. Do you remember those dark days? You wanted to keep that. Two children, when they are experiencing pain, who will be by your side to help you take care of your mother and you?”

He counted the bits and pieces he had spent with her before. He has sincerely paid for her, and sincerely liked her.

To love but not to become hate.

“You really have only hatred for me, without any affection?”

“Stop talking.” Ana Lin closed her eyes, and she couldn’t deny what Rios He said.

He has hurt her, and he can’t deny what he has done, how good he has been.

She trembled uncontrollably, “What do you want to say, just say it.”

Now that they have come to this point, there is no retreat, and they cannot go back to the past.

He said this, nothing more than personal affection.

Once he was kind to her.

Rios He smiled. He knew that as long as Ana Lin agreed to his request, everything between them would disappear with smoke.

But he had no retreat, and no retreat.

“Let him go.”

Ana Lin frowned, where did he start?

“What do you mean?” Ana Lin was puzzled.

Rios He looked at Phillip Zong and sneered, “You don’t know, he knows.”

Phillip Zong’s thoughts are trapped in Rios He’s words. Thinking about it carefully, although he has a destiny with Ana Lin, he has only heard of her past and has never participated in it.

He has always rejected knowing her previous things, what she has experienced, and what kind of man she has been through.

At this moment, he had the urge to know.

He leaned back and put his arm on the car window casually. He was very disdainful of Rios He’s approach, “Why, dare to do it, but now I want to use this method to survive?”

“I am willing to take on everything, let Linlin go, let He’s go, what Linlin say is better with you, won’t you be ashamed of her like this?”

Rios He clenched his fists with his hands hanging beside him.

In his cognition, Phillip Zong is not a good person, and the woman who once followed him is not at all mercy when she closes and closes.

Ana Lin was confused, what happened?

Why doesn’t she know anything?

Phillip Zong sneered and did not respond to Rios He’s words.

The lack of human heart is because she has wiped out his affection for her again and again.

This time stepped on his bottom line.

Some can tolerate, some can’t!

Ana Lin frowned and couldn’t help asking, “What the hell is going on?”

Rios He let her read the news headlines of City B.

In order to understand the confusion, Ana Lin took out his mobile phone to browse the news of the past two days, all about Daniel’s kidnapping that day.

All the spearheads were directed at the He family, saying that they bullied others.

Ana Lin instantly sorted out the ins and outs of the matter.

Daniel said that day that Phillip Zong had deliberately let them take him away.

It turned out to be this game.

Now the reputation of the He family is damaged, so Rios He came to her to ask her to ask Phillip Zong to let the He family go.

Seriously, she didn’t expect Phillip Zong to do this.

Her heart fluctuates.


Ana Lin pushed the car door to get down. Phillip Zong grabbed her hand and seemed to disagree with her getting off the car. Ana Lin smiled at him, “I’ll just talk to him.”

Phillip Zong looked at her for two seconds, then slowly released her hand.

Ana Lin pushed the car door down, walked to him, and looked at the face she knew but was extremely strange. She had known him for so long, but she didn’t understand his heart.

“Did you change, or did I never know you?” Unknowingly, her eyes blushed. “You must think I am ruthless. You know me so much and take care of me so much, but I don’t want to accept you— —Actually, I have thought about being with you, but you don’t know. Your mother has looked for me. She thinks that we are not appropriate and does not want me to be with you. Your sister is very hostile to me, even if I promise you, We are also separated by a lot.”

There was a thin mist in her eyes, which was disappointment to him, “I told you this, not to explain, but I don’t want you to misunderstand that I am a ruthless and unrighteous person. Think, leave a good impression in each other’s hearts, after all, we have existed in each other’s world.”

Rios He frowned and frowned. His mother was looking for her before?

“So you don’t like me, it’s just because of my mother and sister—”

“No.” Ana Lin interrupted him, “I don’t like you. If I don’t have them, I’d like to try with you. It’s to repay you for being kind to me. It’s not like it, let alone love.”

She doesn’t like him, she knows this very well.

The expectation was lost, and Rios He felt sad.

“I promise you.” Ana Lin made a decision.

After speaking, she turned around.

“Wait—” Rios He called to her, “Do you remember—”

“Stop talking.” Ana Lin interrupted him because he wanted to talk about the previous things again.

She didn’t want to listen anymore, everything ended here, the bridge is back to the bridge, the way back is back.

Rios He wanted to tell her the truth impulsively, but after being interrupted, he calmed down, his eyes turned to Phillip Zong, and the corners of his lips curled up, seeming to be mocking and sarcastic.

“Phillip Zong, you don’t end up better than me.” Your own flesh and blood is right in front of you, but you don’t know, is it a kind of sadness?

Phillip Zong was too lazy to bother and started the car.

When the car drove over, Rios He turned his body sideways, and when the window of the car passed by him, he said, “Don’t be stupid to give sincerely. Be blinded by what is right in front of you.”

Ana Lin turned to look at him.

What does he mean?

Chapter 135

She didn’t get an answer, and the car drove away.

Rios He’s words planted a seed of doubt in Ana Lin’s heart for no reason.

Don’t be foolish to give sincerely, be blinded by the good in front of you.

These words clearly refer to Phillip Zong.

Phillip Zong saw her thoughts and sneered.

“What are you laughing at?” She frowned.


Ana Lin blinked without responding, and after a while, he said, “No.”

She didn’t believe it, and she didn’t believe it at all, she always felt that his words had deep meaning.

She brewed for a while, “For the news, forget it.”

“Have you figured it out clearly?”

Ana Lin turned his head and looked out of the car window. The scenery that quickly passed by was like the past, and the past cannot be followed.

She said indifferently, “Think clearly.”


She can figure it out by herself, and he will not interfere.

In fact, it’s okay to pay back Rios He’s love and break all the shares.

The cabin suddenly became quiet, the two of them stopped talking, and the atmosphere became subtle.

In the middle, Phillip Zong answered a phone call from Milton Guan.

Said that He Wenhuai went to the company and was waiting for him.

Ana Lin made a decision that he naturally wanted to solve the next thing.

The news matter is not investigated, but the video matter has not been resolved.

He didn’t want the video of Ana Lin being undressed.

The car stopped in front of the Wanyue Group building. Phillip Zong got out of the car and gave the car key to Ana Lin. He confessed, “Go back early.”

Ana Lin took the key and nodded, “Okay.”

Watching him walk into the building, Ana Lin sat in the driving position, started the car and drove to the airport.

She looked down at the time and there was half an hour left, it was just in time.

Not far from the airport, you can see the plane that just took off like a gull bird flying over the sea, rushing into the blue sky.

She parked the car in the parking lot and walked to the airport exit hall.

No matter what time, the airport is always crowded with people, where there are gatherings and parting places, with laughter and parting tears.

Ana Lin’s eyes patrolled the crowd.

“Lin.” Suddenly a familiar voice sounded behind her. She turned around and saw Alan beckoning to her. She was wearing a casual suit, white sneakers, with sleeves on her arms, and a suitcase behind her. .

Mrs. William was standing behind her right, wearing an ivory suit and a complete set of sapphire jewelry, decent and elegant.

Ana Lin smiled and walked over, “I’m late.”

“No, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Allen complained, looking behind her, “Are you alone? Didn’t Daniel come to pick me up?”

“He was hurt a little and didn’t want to leave the house, and he didn’t know you were coming.” Ana Lin didn’t know she was coming back either.

Allen touched her shoulder. “Is it unexpected that I will come?”

“Yeah.” Ana Lin said the truth.

“Not to help you.” She winked at Ana Lin, and Ana Lin understood at a glance that she would come because Mrs. William was afraid that she would be too busy in the country and sent her to help her.

Even if Mrs. William did not send someone over, Ana Lin would not be angry with her.

She can have the current achievements, it is the opportunity that Mrs. William gave her.

“Madam.” Ana Lin had long regarded this woman as his relative.

Mrs. William smiled gracefully, “Let’s go.”

Ana Lin took the initiative to help with the luggage, “The car is outside.”

Ana Lin put the luggage, Allen helped Mrs. William to open the door of the car.

“Lin, how come you have become generous after returning to China?” Allen carefully checked the car’s equipment and found the highest equipment. You must know that Ana Lin is very economical. How could he buy such a luxurious car?

“This is not my car.” Ana Lin said.

She has no spare money to buy a car like this.

Alan started to gossip, leaning over, and said ambiguously, “Then who owns this car? Don’t talk, let me guess.”

Allantogill thought for a while, “Is it from a man, and also from a rich person?”

The color and configuration of this car are very masculine, and the person who borrowed her car is definitely not a woman.

The poor can’t afford such a luxury car.

The result was a rich man who had a good relationship with Ana Lin and could drive her a car.

“Am I right?” Allen asked triumphantly.

Ana Lin deliberately pretended not to hear, “What did you say?”

Allen fry the pan at once, “What are you pretending? You heard it, did you deliberately, why don’t you want to say? You won’t find a man so soon, will you?”

She guessed, “Could it be your son’s father—”

“Ellen, aren’t you tired after having been on the plane for so long? Can you be quiet for a while?” Mrs. William interrupted her.

Allen didn’t know, Mrs. William probably guessed whose car it was, and which man it should be that forced her to return home.

Allen curled his lips and patted Ana Lin’s shoulder pain. “Okay, this time it’s on the face of Madam, let you go first.”

“By the way, what’s the plan for today?” Allen didn’t feel tired of flying, but looked very excited.

“Don’t you need to take a break?” Ana Lin glanced at her.

“Not tired.” Allen stretched, “Where is Lena Qin? How come to pick us up with you?”

“She is in the shop.”

“Oh. Then I’ll go too, and get familiar with the environment by the way. Just take your wife to the hotel to rest.”

“Are you sure?” Ana Lin asked.

“I confirm.”

Ana Lin was at the U-shaped intersection in front, turned the front of the car to change direction, and drove towards the shop.

Sending Alan to the store, she and Mrs. William also took a look at the decoration of the store by the way. They were based on the style of the main store. They were very modest and there was nothing wrong with them. Mrs. William was also very satisfied.

ELO is the hard work of her life, even if it is a branch, she does not allow perfunctory.

After the visit, Ana Lin sent her to the hotel to rest.

“Does country Z have days to pay attention?” Mrs. William asked.

Ana Lin nodded, “Yes.”

“Then we have to choose a good day to hold the opening ceremony and follow the customs in the countryside. After all, you are also a national Z.”

“I watched the time, and the day after tomorrow is a good day. It is advisable to move to a new house, open a business, and break the ground.” She looked at the decoration of the shop and looked at the days. Counting the time, it just happened that the decoration of the shop was completed, and that day has arrived.

“You have arrangements.” Mrs. William looked a little tired.

Ana Lin opened the door of the hotel room, put down his luggage, and poured a glass of water for Mrs. William, “You drink some water, take a bath and rest, and we will eat together in the evening.”

“Well, go ahead.”

There are a lot of things to be planned for the opening now, and there is not much time, she has to arrange it before the opening.

Ana Lin left the hotel and went to the store, choosing invitations and decorating the venue.

Ana Lin felt real at this moment after returning home.

Wanyue Group, reception room.

“About the video, don’t worry, I will never let it flow out, it will be completely destroyed.” He Wenhuai came to talk with Phillip Zong himself.

Rios He went back and said that the matter of the video was settled. As long as there is a press conference, he will bear all the responsibilities.

It is impossible to clean up, after all, the situation has evolved too badly, no one will be punished, and the reputation of the He family cannot be restored.

He voluntarily admitted that he had bullied Daniel and was willing to accept punishment.

The police sentenced him to a heavy sentence. The sentence was one year and six months in prison for intentional injury.

It didn’t take so long according to the normal procedure. After all, Daniel was not seriously injured. It was because the network power was too strong. The police were under pressure, and the He family didn’t want to be extravagant, so he simply sentenced it harder, so that those who were concerned about this matter would disappear. Out of breath.

The reputation of the He family was restored. They did not bully others. They are good law-abiding citizens. If they make a mistake, they will be punished, and they will be punished more severely than ordinary people.

Blocked up all your mouths.

“That Linlin’s—” He Wen stopped talking eagerly.

The meaning is clear.

“I see sincerity.” Phillip Zong said indifferently.

Just rely on a mouth?

What about when he is three years old?

Sincerity is seen on the surface, not by lips.

He Wenhuai put the original video on the table, “There is no backup, and there is no software to save, you can rest assured, although the trouble is unpleasant this time, there is still friendship between the two families, how could I turn back.”

Phillip Zong picked it up and looked at it for two seconds, “Don’t worry, as long as the video doesn’t appear, your daughter’s will not appear.”


“Why, can’t you trust me?”

He Wenhuai is embarrassed, this thing is in his hands, isn’t it threatened by him at any time?

This feeling of being threatened by others is not good.

“Of course I have believed it, but, after all, it is related to my daughter’s reputation, and I have to pay attention to it.” He Wenhuai looked like a father at this moment.

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